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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
December 26, 1963     Jewell County Record
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December 26, 1963

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December 12, 1963 Jewe~ Co. Record, Mankato, lJ, ANNUAL REPORT OF (Beginning of Year) 143.54 Total Expenditures t Cemetery Fund TREASURI~ County Treasurer 28.84 De6ucted 164.05 Treasurer's Book Balaace township auditing board of County Treasurer 11.83 Treasurer's Book Balance (Begi ~nn~g of Year) 99.48 Township in $ewell Total Receipts 184.21 (End of Year) 167.36 Comity Treasurer 46.71 Kansas. Total Expenditures County Treasurer 19.07 underMgncd. Town~ip Deducted 32.85 Fire Fund Treasurer's Book Balance Term Receipts 165.26 of Limestone Town~'dp, Tr:asurer's B3ek l~alanee (Beginning of Year) 26.36 Total Expend'itures the following repolx of tend of Year) 151.36 County Treasurer 452.99 Deducted 35.00 Expendi~res and In- General Fund County Treasurer 177.85 Treasurer's Bo~k Ba~ce for the year ending Treasurer's Book Bal~aee Total Receipts 657.20 (End of Year) 130.26 31. A. D. 1963. (Beginnimg of Year) 276.65 Total Expenditures RECONCILEMENT BANK RECEIPTS i County Treasurer 45.32 I Deducted 629.00 Prairie DogACCOUNT Dog Fund , Coumy Treasurer 9.44 Treasurer's Book B~Lance Treasurer's Book Balance Book I~lance i Total Receipts 331.41 (End of Year) 28.20 (End of Year) 151.36 General Fund Treasurer's Book Ba ,lance .. ~ (End of Year) 167.36 Fire Fund , , , I ~l Treasurer's Book Bal,arme , : . (End cf Year) 28.20 ~ .., Cemetery Fund '" ' . Treasurer's Book Balance ] (End cf Year/ 130.26 --- __ Dank B~lance (End of --- --= -~=-:~:-~= ==: " , : Year) 477.18 C;tristmas EXPENDITURES ~::- _s= Prairie Dog Fund - -_ ] Wagner Drug, Poison 30.00 : -- Total E~penditures 32.85 -__-- ] General Fund Candles -~ Bkner A4exander, meeting 8.00 -~ Don Siemc.n. meet~ing 8.00 =- . Che~ Harrson meeting 8.00 - 'Dodsworth Print. Go.. books 91.25 I Elmer Alexander. Meeting 4.00 Don" Sieenon. meeting 4.00 May your house be bright with the glow of ,Ohet Hanson, meeting 4.00 -~- ~ I :Elmer Alexander, meeting 4.00 : =-= Christmas candles. May your candles glow ~ i Don Siemon. meetin~ 4.00 =_ __2__ bright and warm throughout the Season... iClhet Hanson. meetin,g 4.00 - ---~-:=- may the year ahead be filled with wondrous Total E~penditures 164.05 :=_: ..... Fire Fund ~=~ .... memories and joy. C~ty of Manka, to, Fire ~--~- ::~ ' Coatr~-'t 629.00 2-:~:~- ~ I Total ExpendiCures 629.00 ~:-:--=--= Cemetery F.nd ~:-~&___=2~= L.A. Goun, tryman, mowing 35.00 ..... --~ To~l Expendi.tures 35.00 ___ __~ } State of Kansas Jewell County, i ss'I DO SOLEh,~NLY SWEA~R. I That the within and foregoiiag is fin a.~l respects a full and true ac- . count of adl the moneys received ] by. me and expended together vitth j the ir~debtedness of said TowP~sh~p, . during the full l~eaiod of the year tending December 31. A. D. 1963 ' and for the full t~me f6]~ which I ~~---- should make such statement So - hel~ me God ~ignecl: Dona, ld Siemon, Township Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 20 day of December, A. D. 1963. Subsc~bed and swmm to before me, this 20 day of December, A. Ek, ner /Memander, Town~ip~ S&LEM NOTES By Ray Myers v0___ _ -,_. o, .. ._. Lovely Girl One time, ~isi~ir~g the old NlM3~ radio station at C~W " ...... ' Center,,, Nebr., the eme~tamer" Queen of ~he ,Air" spo~ed Mrs. First National Bank MOBILTII~" k the spMt of Chrlstm=s .t "We send our NEWELL'S MOBIL SERVICE . _- _ -- ___ ._ - ~f Testo~Lal~.proved effective through many severe tg ] winters, DE-ICER is back again to prevent gas line freeze! It's now yours in both AMERICAN Brand / Gasolines at no extra cost! [ Joy reign in the t~P~ more ~rom and ~ou gt~ it/ /I your home / I honor of Him Se V this day celebrate, rvlce i *Wagon Ser ce'Pb, 8 - 3129 Scribe and this writer in the am- phitheater. Between n~mbers ~e songts~er w0~uld come and sit be- tween us - n~t by one. A like~ble. talented young lady, she was l~auline (Fern) Eisemhut. a former Stmday school class student of Myers, then with the little ~ots at Salem. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eisenhut. He was a black- smith and his old sho~ building was recently s~ld through the auetio.n of Paul and Ora Hii, ls. The mother, Lottie, was a handy lady and could do anything - even to news wri%ing. Both di,%t a few years ago. As to the Queen of the Air" she married a banker and wen,t to St. Joseph, Mo. She continued her activity as an emer- tainer for awhile and then dis- continued it to oare for her fam- ily. We were accompanied to Clay Center by the ~ate E,lmer Simons and Mrs. S~mons who now lives in Lineol, n, Nebr. Cougins will work, unknown to each other ~t l~he time of beginn- ing, 1700 mi,les from borne - and home was near here. They are Joe Pixler and Marion Mizner. both growing up near by. Joe, a car- penner crew fcren~,~n, bedpan work on am immense pl~ojec~ a~ Los Banes. Calif. Then just recently, ~l~izner began work on the project at the s~me town. How- ever, ~t is ,believed they are wWn d~fferen~ construction ere~rs on dif- fere~ parts of the work, "Wasp Stings "Little Bessie" ,Salem Notes 1907: "Little Bes- sie Sanderson." as our notes term- ed a yotmg mid~ 56 years ago, "htad an ermotmter Wi~h a wasp. A,lthough losing in the battle, the ~'ny lady did not cor~lai~ much. She ~old her mother Mrs. John Sanderson. 'Tirol wasp is not nice in its playing. He carries a sand- bur'." LLttle Bessie grew u~ and c~,n~. I~ was taken after picldr~ only a part of the f~owers *aken from his many peony hilts last Decoration. The fk~wers, aH doubles and nicely arranged by his sisters, it made a marvelous ar- ray of beauty. The sisters, Mrs. Ona Walker and Mrs. Roy Good. and huNed in ~he looa.l cemetery. Wifla several of the brothers and sisters living close by. fhe hrother" and wife, Mr. and Mrs. George Sanderson. live on wha~ they term ~he home place. We4nesday morning, mid also on other friends. The Chesebro Club held their" Ohrsitmas meeting Thursday af~er- rm~n with ,Mrs. Vivian Payne, with all the members present but four. This being our Chris~as meeting, we ltried o guess who our Mys.ery Sisters were. There were a lot of ,living at Clay Cen,ter. Kansas, ch~se this time. just ahead of surprises. We drew for new Mys- " B ~ery Sisters. Mrs. Ira L~a. Pa e CXar~stanas, to send to c~b. No one . . char e - ,~h ~e appreci~es them rrmre and gn'o~s ,~1~ .~gao~'~eal~g~_~ them better tbmn Bob. i p.~,~ ~ .... ~%u.~.~., e~,,.~,,,- ~w~O I~v |T.det. ~ev~ntv i Der IroTcl a dOY~Ay ~e~i'at~t ~. ~,,-,,,,~a ........ ~,~. ~ ,~_,, ...... A lovely lunch m keep,r~g wi~h t~e banner --- t the Smit- C t Christmas sea ~ served by His~r-~mgs~ieL': ~vimnc~a, ~aY the 'hostess. Our nex~ meeting w~l w--" Bel&,n el; ~* .... li *-,~ be Jan. 9 with E~iza~beth Staeaha~. ....................... - "- -- Mrs Eu en Du~.._n [~r~g in when Rex volunteered { ~; ~ . . ' }'g ne _ ,: , "Rut I rldttn'~ ~r~o if" It xtro~ .h~n allcl :ooys were n~s~ m ~'ugenes } ............ ~ ...... = "" ~O='~*" ' or ' s i~t ,,~ ~n.~,,,, h. ]~..~ ~,.~. ,~.., relatives f G~riStrrm on Sund~y, Iof being 70 years okl to be ac- Dec. 15, %v~$h ~he .f~owia~ pces- Ir, r~wl~r~,ed n~ n ~n,~in] .~,,,~ en~t: ~qlr. and ~IVfrs. Floyd Dunst~n ,~ ............ am:10hve June of Courtland, ~%~r. 1.'1"10 eOgrl~illbtee OOI%Ct=KI~I ~-le one ..... . , - ..,.~_~ Ida}. It developed, too of the ones arm avirs, ram ~m,mr ana cm,,t~e, [,-resent 14 were over 80 ~ ~.~ of St. Paul, Nebr., ~.r. and Mrs. jwere over 70. Trailimg akm, g were Lee C~%og~er and fami,,y efaW~2 the mare - ~n-~*ers under 70 Tlela .tNeDr anQ ,~'ylr. an(l ,a~IPs. m~,,=, ~h,-i~*~ f,~ivitv ...... ; R y~no~d Dunsmn arid sons of h~ A.--mO,~, in q~;th Cenqce," ~,,a t.,omenouv~, a~eo. ........... ~ ............ We h e that ever one h~d several from here attended. AI-.. o~e fl. ory ?2% }9 a "~-,,,~ ~ .~-~d blust,~,-,, da,, merry ~nrtsmaas, ana mat ~'xey ..... %~n~ ~,~'~ "b,,,='~ :',~ ~' wi}l ~so have a Happy and Pros- mRees may feel well repaid for perous New Year. the large attendance, fine enter- t~Jra'ne~.t, music and other special features. Illness is still pl~g~ing the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Maydew. Their cl~ugl~ter, Miss Edra, for a considerable time, has been~ in and out of hospitals severalI ",times. The l'ast v~as for a long] stretch at the Medical Cer~ter at l Kansas City. The m~er remained I to be with the daughter M1 thatI time and Kermit plied back and l forth a few tr~ps. Still not as well| as we. wo~d l,ike to report, the4 wis~ m more improvement may be announced soon. faught several terms cff s~ol ............... here and near by. Marrying, she is ~rEST MA RSH new Mrs. Bi~l Thomas and lives- with her husband in Okmulgee, 3y ~:S. rACHEL Ct~AWFOBI! Okla. The paren~ts are both gone /Mr. and .1VIrs. Rober~ Howland sper,at ,Tuesday with his mother, ~VIrs. ~Gaude ,I-tow,l,and. ,Mr. and ~,irs. Guy P~obbirs left We4nesday ~or Arizona and Cali- f~nia. They ~ spend Christmas with ,Mr. Robbins' gm.ndson and Flowers Contrast To Weather ~ily 'in Hollywood, C~lif. They At a time when ,~emnometers w~ll also visit his son, Lyle Rob- were hovering from zero to 10 de- bit~s and ~amily, in Ca4,ifornia, and grees below lest week, Bob Wad- M_vs. l~bbi,ns' son and family in dle showed a picture which made Axizorm. They plan, to be gone a s~ar~ contrast to weather. It a.bout ~wo months. was a l~ieture showi~_g el