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December 25, 2003     Jewell County Record
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December 25, 2003

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I aman rtj (Continued from Page 5A) Santa, I have been good all year. I can not wait until Christmas. I will leave you cookies, milk, and gum. I will leave your reindeer some carrots. P.S. I would als61ike a big screen TV, but it has to be 12 foot. A new pencil box, and a lot of animals. Don't forget a Harry Potter Potion set, and a experi- ment set. and bionicals, some roller blades every single one! Also a big stuffed bear bigger than my dad. I would like a DVD player, and a VCR player with a lot of movies. Your friend, Tyler Shadduck helped by Breanna Webb White Reek P.ehool Students share Christmas ideas Fourth and fifth grade students at White Rock Elementary School share memories and thoughts about Christ- mas Travis Boyles One year I got the wrong gift for Christmas. The gift was wrapped in pink paper with a big fluffy bow. I wondered what was in a pink package. Beneath the tissue paper was a doll! When I picked up the doll it said "mamma"! Then I looked at my sister and she had a gameboy. My sister and I decided to switch. We were both happier with the gift we were supposed to get. I will always remember that Christmas, but I hope I never get a doll again. Jennifer Bryant One upon a time there was a place called Christmas Town. Christmas Town had elves, reindeer, and Santa. Elves worked really hard on the toys. Elves were little people who made the toys for Santa. Reindeer pulled Santa' s sleigh on Christmas Eve. There were light reindeer in light stalls at Christ- mas Town. Santa ts a holly, jolly old man. He lives with Mrs. Claus in their gingerbread house. Elves, reindeer and Santa live in Christmas Town. I wish I could visit Christmas Town, but I can't. William Burgess Christmas with my family is great. Having everybody home is a joyous time. These are three things that make me happy about Christmas, our own Christmas tree, family dinner, and Christmas Mass. Our Christmas tree is right in our window. Our tree has an angel on the top. Every Christmas we have a family dinner. The food is delicious. When we go to Mass every- thing is quiet, We get to hold candles. I wish Christmas was every day so I could get a Christmas tree. have a family dinner, and go. to Mass. But then!!! I'd get tired of it. Kevin Garman Clueless, is a way of life at Christ- mas. I never know what is going on. When I try to figure out what gifts 1 am getting I shake presents, ask questions, and secretly unwrap, gifts from under the tree. No one is suspicious if you shake a present. They only say 'put it down' ! I pick up a box, I go to Erin and ask "what is in this?" No one ever gives me a clue. My family is clueless at 3 a.m. when I am secretly unwrap- ping presents. I tape them all back together and they are still clueless. Years have past, the presents look the same and I am still clueless. I still shake presents, and ask questions, but I don't secretly unwrap because they can tell somehow. Jessica Hancock The best part about wimer is snow, Christmas and school. Winter is my favorite time of the year. Snow makes me very very cold and rosy. When it snows a lot, you get out of school. Christmas is very cool because every- body is together with their family. You get neat presents to share with your family. School is fabulous because you get to do awesome Christmas projects in Dec. Winter is very awe- some because of snow, Christmas, arid school. This makes my life sweel! Katie Hesting Do you smile at Christmas? The three things that make me smile at Christmas are family, nativities and lights. Family is my most taw)rite smile at Christmas. Family just puts a big smile on your face when the walk in from the frosty snow and give you a warm hug. At Christmas all the nativi- ties tell us to smile. Nativi:ics always remind me of Jesus. One of the best smiles about Christmas is the lights on peoples homes. These are my three favorite smiles about Christmas. Christmas--it's just too fun! So put a smile on and enjoy. Reran Jefl'ery I love Christmas because of the pretty decorations. Candy canes, Christmas trees and Christmas lights are my favorite Christmas decorations. Candy canes are the thing I like most on the tree. Candy canes look beauti- ful on the tree. My Christmas tree is the thing I like most at home. The Christmas tree lights'up the whole house. Christmas lights are wonderful to see. Christmas lights are really beautiful outside at night. I love Christ- ma~ and I'm glad we do not celebrate Christmas in the summer. Cortney Kuhimann SantaClaus isthe nicest guy. When I'm asleep he brings presents to me and puts them under the tree. I creep to the living room and I open my presents while my morn is just waking up. I like to open presents with my morn. My morn went to my stocking and gave it to me. I looked in my stocking. I had a bouncy ball, pony tails, clippies, and a lot of candy. Singing carols with my family is fun. Singing carols is my favorite thing I like to do at Christmas Sean Mohlman This is the story of the [~arm Animal Christmas. The characters are Padre, Blaze, and Welter. Blaze and Padre are horses, while Welter is a dog. Blaze and Welter were singing Jingle Bells. Padre was eating hay in the comer of the barn. Padre hated Christmas. Ev- ery year Blaze and Welter tried to convince him Christmas is great. It never worked! This time it had to work. Welter said "I guess you' 11 miss a game of snowball war". "No I wen't!", said Padre. Blaze said "you have to to have the Christmas spirit". "iff 11 try" said Padre. That is how Padre got the Christmas spirit. Allison Thompson Do you ever wonder what you re- ally want fl)r Christmas? A tree, some snow, and everybody home are what I want for Christmas. Something that I love to have every Christmas is a tree. The reason I want a tree is because it is where people gather. For Christmas I want it to snow. Snow is like the icing on the cake and it is so rich with fun. The thing 1 want most for Christmas is everybody home. When everybody is home you forget about toys because the best gift of all is your family. I'll wonder what you'll want for Christ- mas? With all my might I wish a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. l,indy Broeckelman Would you like to give the world three Christmas Wishes? If I could give the world three wishes they would be for everyone to have a Christmas with their family, to have a warm house, and to have one thing they want. The first thing I want everyone to have is a Christmas with their thmily. I think everyone should have a Christmas with their family. The second thing I want everyone to have is a warm house. Some kids don't have a warm house to have Christmas in. The third thing is to Imve one thing they want. Everybody wants one thing. These are my three Christmas wishes. I am lucky my three wishes just nfight come true. 'Eden J. Diehl What would yofl'~iVe the world if you could? I know what I would give shelter, a smile, and food. One thing I would give the world is shelter. I would give the world shelter because not everyone in the world has a home. I would also like to give the world a smile. Everyone needs a smile to cheer them up! One more thing the world really needs is food. Some people starve because they don't have enough food. Do you know what you would give the world? If all of the world had shelter, a smile, food and just a dash of love, we would be perfect. Ivy Diehl Have you ever had a Squirre/y Christmas? You have to have sqmr- rels, chipmunks, and acorns. The squir- rels chatter about Christmas all year. You should just hear them "eeek, I really .can't believe it's 364 days till Christmas! eek!" Acorns are the best part. They have squirrel crackers, they can't live without them! Now you can have a Squirrely Christmas all by your- self! Just remember, don't let chip- munks, "364 days, eek! 364 days, eeck!" Megan Frost My parents think I am an angel. My present to them will be my trying to earn my halo. Setting the table isn't my favorite but I want my halo. Clean- ing my room is not fun. Cleaning my room could take four hours, but I want my halo. Not to fight with my brother is impossible. A magic genie would have to grant this wish. If that will get me my halo faster I'll try. I'll have to be the magic genie. My parents think I am an angel so please don't tell them differently. /~ ,e' Trevor Marihugh For Christmas I would like to give the world some wishes. IfI could give the world three Christmas wishes, I would give it peace, life, and no woes. First I would give the world peace. Peace would keep our country free and stop people from worrying about our country. I would give the world life without all of the killing~ I would give the world no more wars. T~.stop all of the people from dieing I th]'nk peace, life, and no wars would make a good Christmas all over the world. Landon Reed These are the customs that we have at,0~ou~ Three things we do at my home ~e"~u~ up a Cliristmas tree, make Christmas bread, and give presents. We put up a Christmas tree right after ring presents. I open some on Christ- mas Eve and Christmas day. We have fun on Christmas day seeing family. Lindsey Underwood My grandma is an elderly lady. Some of the th~ngs I like to do for my grandma are give her goodies, run er- rands, and help her get around. My grandma's favorite goodie is funnel cake. She thinks the State Fair ones are good. Running errands for my grandma is fun. I can run errands like getting her mall. I can help my grandma get around. I can help her get around by shoveling the snow. These are errands I like to do for my grandma. Ionia (Items from Last Week) The Jewell Junior-Senior. High School Christmas musical program was Monday night. Vocal and instrumental music students participated. Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Cockroft, Ann Colson, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronewoller and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Duskies and family all attended the program. . The Kids for Christ group presented their Christmas plays Sunday night at the Jewell Trinity Church. Dale Simmelink and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Meyer, Mr. and Mrs Daryl Cockroft and Bret Simmelink attended the program. Dale Simmelink and family and Bret Simmelink went to Salina Satur- day for the Simmelink Family Christ- mas season gathering. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Fedde went to Rodges, Ark., Tuesday to visit with Roger's brother, Ernest, and his sister, Lois. Ernest and Vera Fedde joined them in Branson, Me., and attended some shows. Laura Fricker gave the message and served communion at church Sunday. Marci Simmelink lit the Advent candles. It was decided to hold a Christ- mas Eve service at 5 p.m. Marci Simmelink will be in charge of the service. The church held a soup supper Dec. 20. The Christmas program followed with treats. Curt Shoemaker returned after a week in Florida and Georgia doing business for the sales department of Icon Industries, Beloit. His flight ended in Wichita on Saturday morning so he had lunch and visited with his daugh- ter, Danelle, before dri ,'ing home. The Limestone Valley Women's Club Christmas potluck supper was well attended. Karen Boden coordi- nated a funtime in the exchange of grab bag gifts. On Saturday Chase and Gerit Wagner were circling the neighbor- hood on a sled, pulled by a four-wheeler with their parents, Leon and Karla do- ing the piloting. The older adults en- l.'oyed watching the young people en- joy the snow. Thursday, December 25, 2003 JEWELL COUNTY Republic By Mrs. Alvin Petersen New books at the Rae Hobson Me- morial Library are "Safe Harbors" Danielle Steele and Irish Born by Norah Roberts. The new movies are "The Lizzie McGuire Movie; Bruce Al- mighty; Spy Kids 2: Santa Clause 2: George of the Jungle 2; Meet the par- ents; Maid in Manhattan; Cowboy Up; Air Band Seventh Inning Fetch and Anne of Green Gables. Betty Bouray, Florence Elliott, Nadine Adams and Pat Dinning met at the home of Shirley Johnson for their Depot Market Christmas Party with a brunch and gift exchange and a special gift of poinsettias from Dan Kuhn. Calvin and Oleta Hobson visited Harold and Anita Wagner, Auburn, Neb. for an early Christmas with them. Mr. and Mrs. Dana Johnson stayed several days in Wichita with the Wayne Johnsons. Marge Baxa entertained MNO Bridge Club. Jessica Kirkland was a Saturday overnight,guest of Bob and Shirley Gunn. Belinda Myers was a Sunday dinner guest. Carol Levendofsky visited Virginia Petersen. Marlin and Judy Smith da3 Smith. Ward and Ilene evening guests of Sonny Payne, Aurora, Neb. Glenn and Aurand attended the funeral f Lee Perry at Glenna Brown was attending the birthday party Iona Tuley. It was hosted b, ters. Meeting in Manhattan to received a degree in science ing were Kent and Ila Swartz Susan Kueker, Concordia Judith Keuker, Belleville, Amy Swartz, Olathe, Coeley, Oklahoma Cit, reception afterwards. Glennat Jana Chase and Vera with the Justin Emmet loit. Visitors of the Rodie and Mariah Sjolander dren. James and Carol Virgi From Deanna's Desk By Deanna Sw.eat, Jewell County Extension Agent Ah; the holidays, complete with the aroma of turkey, stuffing, gravy, rolls and pies, it's enough LQ make one throw caution to the wind and overindulge But for people with diabetes, particu- larly, that' s a risky proposition. A com- mon and serious health condition, dia- betes must be watched each day of the year, including during the holidays. Mary Meek Higgins, a human nu- trition specialist with Kansas State University Research and Extension, is also a certified diabetes educator. She said diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels if uncontrolled. The disease results from a defect in the body's ability to produce or use insu- lin. Insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, helps convert food into en- ergy. Two out of 25 adults age 20 and older have diabetes. As estimated 17 million Americans have diabetes, but as many as one third of those who do, nearly six million, do not know it. A simple inexpensive blood test can confirm the diagnosis or rule it out. Early warning signs include the need to urinate often, blurred vision, exces- sive thirst, itching, a slow healing wound or nausea. These symptoms often go unnoticed or are ignored. Over times high blood sugar levels can dam- age blood vessels, which can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure or blindness. tion sizes of certain foods, blood sugar levels and ten throughout the ty requirements in ing diabetes. Aim for balancing physical activity to gain weight. As a host at ties, do not pressure guests tc dulge-on food if they eat j~ portion. Select foods, nuts, pretzels or a fresh ve to be enjoyed whenever eat. Plan the menu using thumb 1/4 to foods, and 2/3 to 3/4 of the! a buffet rather than a guests can choose control the portion size Serve a variety of sugar ages, including water and oil, cream items. Provide fat free sour cream, mayonnaise, ings or low sugar low fat lute artificial sweeteners for of the sugar used in recipes. Using artifici~ crease the carbohy food, allowing your guests t carboh) Invite guests to bring favorite dessert to share the world. I would give the world Thanksgiving. We put on beads, lights, People with diabetes G m I~ll ~'dil'~~~ S~ON and ore aments My grand mamakes us Buy ladders, extension cords, and Holiday Eating Tips---- ~.--, 6he" ......... sin c m are advised to fill most of /. -, some Christmas bread. It is pink with garden hoses longer than you think ronowlngmeseupsanau g "()in- with vegetables whole " s unsweetenea lruitS, lm HAVE A nuts and tastes marvelous. I like get- you 11 need. mort sense will help when mak g " " ~ '" w .... chotces for hohday meals and snack ......... Follow usual eating schedule and t,onsorpwIatdal~proa~. space meals and snacks regular y JOLLY GOOD 1 in protem rooa, ana ery sm ' " ifany,ofalcoholcontaining stead of skipping meals. Eat small per high sugar foods. Shirts. Caps. Jac'ke'-t's": Banners- Sign~ ~ ~i:!i!~) May your holiday bring you . l~u--r'ior Publishing Coml~ Round-the-clock fun... 148 East Third, Superior, Neb. 1-800-359-2120 From your waking hour i~yi:iO ~ 'Til the day is done; ~ ~,~ ~e, Than r givi And when at last the year us so is through, ,21~ice~ebrate Remember we loved : MERRY CHRISTMAS [~ (~~.~ i~/@~a,~ every minute from PIERCE ELECTRONICS Merry Chris Of serving you! and Happy New Year/ ~ Jewell, Kan. Mankato Lumber ROLLING HILLS I JI i Wehope thatth~sonresoundSlove, joyandpeaceforall.with much and B te w GOunrks I ]~)L We aregratefulforyoorpatronage. ome Cen r Randall Farmer ,,TE. Main.Mankato, Kan. [III~ Co-op Union .o May good times come naturally this holiday ill[ ~ 1 ~ you e Randall ,. :,, Kackley ~;, Jewell J 4 .M?rry Christmas i Cat are del~odtt;o;~t~n ~hoee~ThtfCosher'y2d~d:~e~aY you shareI ~! / ' titu e "m f us /.eraSer,_---s, - COMFORT&JOY ~.....fa Here s hoping Snare delivers everything you've wanted this holiday season. Thanks, friends! Rod Weltmer, Kevin Phillips, Elaine Heskett, Janis McDill Kleppinger Funeral Home Jewell, Kan. 785-428-3221 We really appreciate your patronage and wish you all a joyous holiday season. Thanks, folks! Merry Christmas! Cunningham Cable 1-800-287-8495 and Alice Kinsey Weltmer Law Office Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3172