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December 25, 2003     Jewell County Record
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December 25, 2003

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JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, December 25, 2003 holiday yard decorations are popular, as several yards sport various versions. Warren and Dee Boland, Jewell, chose the snow man. The Boland is located on Highway 14. Dear Santa I have been a good boy this year. I would also like some clay. May I also ~'al1.J Hi my name is Kayla. Have you can'twaitforyoutocome.Iwillleave get some school clothes. Iwouldlikea ndall Elomon ever heard of the Barbie radio? It is a mybackdoorunlocked.Ihaveachim- realpup.Maylgetago-gomywalking (Continued from Page 4A) really neat radio. Would you please ney. Santa I will leave you apples, pup.Iwantarealgerbil.Iwouldliketo bring it to my house for Christmas? cookies, milk. Santa I will leave your get a rabbit in a cage. I would also like Christmas means to me is a Could you also bring me a real Barbie reindeer some bread and cookie abratzdollphone. I am pleased to say s. But I only can think of a video camera with it's own video and crumbs. I will also leave ~ ou some hot I was good. I can't wait for Christmas. The first one is spending time VCR? I would also like it ifyou would chocolate. • I also can't wait for you to come. I will L family. Spending time with faro- bring me the Good Luck Care Bear for Love, leave the front door unlocked for you s very important to me because I Christmas, andaBarbieofSwanLake Joel Broeckelman becauseIhavenochimney.Iwillleave them a lot. The second thing is doll that's almost two feet tall. I want helped by Tiffany Peters cookies for you and your reindeer. I want a new bed. ~mbering that Jesus was born on theCareBear'sCareaLotCastle, too, - mas. We remember this because and I would like new ,-,hoes. The other Dear Santa Cassy Graf very important, and that's what thing I want is a pink game boy ad- MynameisCassy.Ihavetwobroth~,,_.. helped by Alyssa Morrell "- istmas is all about. The third and vanceandtheZeldagameboyadvance ers and five sisters. - " of all is opening presents. I game and I want skates and a scooter. I want a Bratz doll. Also I want a Dear Santa, 'openingpresents.Thesearethings I have been very good this year. I barbieandanoutfittogowithitplease. Howareyourreindeer?Canlplease Christmas means to me. haven't even gotten into trouble. How Ifyouwouldpleasegetmeastuffedcat have a Yo-Yo, rings, bratz doll, long ,pson are Rudolph and Mrs. Clause? I will' I would be happy. Even though I al- sleeve dresses, fingernail polish, a leaveyoucookiesandmilk.Yourrein- ready have a computer I would like watch, small dolls with clothes to go "istmasisaboutgivinggifts, hav- deer can have some too. You can come another. I really want abarbie school with them, a skirt, stuffed animals, fun and being with family and inthefrontdoorbutnotthebackplease, togowiththebarbiedoll.Sincelmight stuffed bear, a barbie doll, hair clips Mom and Dad will get mad. get a doll could I get a barbie bathing and pony tails, a jacket, clothes, books, Koster Kayla Douglas pool. I like to cook so could I get an dress shoes, sandles, shoes, a stuffed easy bake, and to go with it may I get turkey, and a make up kit. ~he angels are watching from helped by SamanthaWunderle some packets of easy bake mixes. I I'vebeengoodthisyear, Santa.I've .re, with all their love. The presents Dear Santa ~~˘ 1 ~ ,, ! f ,Ihnder the tree, and people are busy Hi my name is Joel Broeckelman. ,e, o ~ibee. Stockings were hung, while Santalwouldlikeaskateboard,scooter, ,, mw"~earolers sung. Chiefs uniform, books, Maria party 5, Matthew Peters coat. I would also, like a snowman i decoration, bionical,basketball, $10, ,illiam~lg~hristmas means my whole familYtogether.LienbergerAnd it was Jesus birth• clothes, Harry Potter Potion maker.~~ ~~ / ~~7~#/~'d 2hristmas means to me that I want ~ ......... ............. ~nts forChristmas• .: ~ / Here's hop{ng your ['im Motes .~ /J~ .... ~;.~' Elnkarto IElomont'arg ~ u =- I-- / tr Santa, . , goodness. ~Ii Santa my name is Tarra Ryba. I ....~di~ ~ll~Slr~ ~:~-..~': . it the ella fairy set. I want a barbie "~ ~ ~. I aiso want a barbie wrist watch. I ~~ ~~~~ I ,,I Becky & Kava Loomis want more long and short dresses• mt a pet kitten for Christmas. I am Best wishes and heartfelt thanks I -- ag to name my kitten tigger. I also to our customers and friends. I I~ ,~,~,, ~,lAJ~ • " I1"1~ It moredressshoesandsomeslip- J~)C~ Merry Christmas/ | ~] I lqi~ ;. I want markers for school. I want I ~1 3"ewell, Ken. akeupsetlikemysisterRebekahs. Mayyour holiday bea greattime J&L LIOUORI ant twin water babies with bottles, to reflect and relax. 78~-428-3411 ~ers, and lots of clothes. For my Highway 36 / "-~ hies I want a house, garage, and a We appreciate your continued support k car with stickers to put on the car. • Next to Mankato Texaco .~ ant a plant to. Malcom.Fiying l can't wait till Ch.stmas. Iw"' li . ~'e cookies for you and the reindeers ~ ~ ~ ~ a table by the Christmas tree. I will Sem©e : my mom to make Santa and ~deers cookies for you. I will leave Mankato, Kan. back door open for you Santa. 785-378-3942 ',yt a by Sara Bauer ~~~~~HD$ 8o, we're letdln~ out theme little d0v=, D & H Aviation ,o ,.. ,-o. -, - -, ,-., Burr Oak, Kan. • 785-647-6831 or 785-647-5111 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Rick Harris j ... Mac's Kwik Stop THANKS w. so,,h s, Mankato, Ken. 66956 FOR YOUR .,=2, FRIENDSHIP got a fire place but a small one. I'll leave you milk and cookies and water and carrots for the reindeer. I like you. I hope you have a safe trip and don't wreck. Heather Eaton helped by Sami Dean Dear Santa My name is Trevor Duvall and would you happen to have video games for a play station. For Christmas I want a dog, but if you can't get it I would rather have clothes. Next I would want to have a gameboy and some games with it. The last thing I want is some wrestling action figures with the ring. For my Mom I want to get a new computer for her room. Santa, I've been good this Christ- mas and I can't wait for you to come. I would leave the front door unlocked because I don't have a chimney. I will leave some cookies and milk for you and your reindeer on the table in the living room for you. Yours truly, Trevor Duvall helped by Miles Bauer Dear Santa; Hi! My name is Samuel. How are you doing. I want a GI Joe man, a remote control car, some videos. I would also want a bike, a building set, some video games for my nintendo 64, a K-State sweatshirt, a GI Joe jeep, some new shoes. Also a remote control monster truck, some books, a new watch, some coloring books, some play money, also a maria video game for nintendo 64, a monster truck gameboy game, a pokemon game for my game boy, some K-State sleeping pants, a light up snow man. A John Deere train to go around the Christmas Tree, some clothes, a scooby doe movie. A John Deere frisbee, a K-State football helment, a basketball goal. Also a gameboy ad- vance, a Mankato helment, a big screen tv, a CD, some fake teeth, a basketball, and a pair of K-State socks. I've been really good. I will leave you some cookies. I will leave my back door unlocked. I will ,also leave you a coke. I can't wait to get a letter back. Yours truly, Samuel Flinn helped by James Ross Dear Santa: My name is Mary. How are your reindeer and how are your presents coming? Could you bring me a bratz doll head to do it's hair and makeup on? I want one with blond hair. You can find it in Salina at the mall. I'm collecting bratz doll heads and the dolls and barbies. I want the lion king, stuffed animal lions, lots of barbies with lots of clothes. I want a kitty that is orange. I want lots of games. A video game, a play station II and I want some make up. I also want some puppies. I want some glass jars with designs on it. Lots of play bratz. And some collectible barbies. Collectible puppies and kittys. And I want a collectible bunny. I want a stuffed animal reindeer that is col- lectible. I will leave you cookies, ice cream and some cake. I Will leave your rein- deer some nuts and hay. You can use your special key to get in becuase my mom locks the door. I've been very good. Mary McMichaei helped by Kylene Cosand, HARVEST I GOOD TIDINGS I liat ofpeople we'd like to of thank this year! It's always a pleasure seeing you, Merry Christmas/ Steve's Total Service dewell, Kan. 785-428-3328 Merry Christmas and sincere thanks to our customers and friends this holiday season. Merry Christmas/ Midway Co-op Elevator Mankato, Kan. 66956 785-378-3116 and Midway Co-op Service Station Mankato, Kan. 66956 785-378-3233 When we recall all the faces we've come to know. It puts a smile on oursl Have a great holldayl Merry Christmas _ - ...... Happy New YeaH of the season c~'e all over touJn, and u~'d like to th~nk you for coming oroundt Sinclair Station BOHNERT WELDING LEe Mankato, Kan. 66956 785-378-3945 Jewell, Kan. Pioneer Seed.Representative 785-428-3238~ i Dear Santa: Hi Santa. How is your reindeer'? My name is Sidney Garrett. I'm going to leave you cookies and milk. How have you been doing? I've been good this year. I'll leave you a picture. For Christmas I want a scooter, clothes, candy, and money.~l/~vduld like a computer. I would like a stuffed bear and I don't care what color it is. A pair of tennis shoes and a jacket would be good for me. Makeup is something I would like to get. I would like to also have a fish lamp and bracelets. Some books so I can read more. A hat and some gloves so I don't get cold this winter. A softball bat, a glove, and a softball. What kind of cookies would :+ you like me to leave you? What kind of food would your reindeer like? I was wondering if you could also bring me a sponge Bob TV. A sponge Bob sweatpants with sponge Bob on the back of them and a sponge Bob shirt with sponge Bob on the front. Can you leave a picture of you, your reindeer, and your elfs for ~e? A sponge Bob watch is another thing I want. Good bye, Santa. I can't wait until you come: Sidney Garrett helped by t ucinda Christie Dear Santa My name is Tyler Shadduck. For Christmas I would like ablue drum set. A' GI Joe training center for my G1 Joes. I would like a big remote con- trolled hummer. Also, a whole bunch of Gl Joe; weapons, and alol of G1Joes that come with GI Joe vehicles. A Battleship set, don't forget a bunk bed for my room. A Kinex rollercoa~ter. I Would like a new football, also a micro machine super stunt city. (Continued from Page 6A) • • P~erry Christmas and many thanks for p~aylng a key role in our success this year. Farmers Union Co-op Mankat° Wel ding Guide Rock N"b. Mankato, Kan. 66956 402.257.2~', : , , 785-378-3949 I iina.t.e betts., I " -jingte beUs l / May your holiday season find you laughing oil the woy. / / we re really grateful for your business. / I .Merry Christ?as and HapPy New YearI I ' ROy Bradshaw Betty Bradshaw Mary Reiter I | Bradshaw Insurance Agency| L= ~ 117E. Jefferson Mankato, Kan. 66956 • 785-378-3212 Merry Christmas from Jason, BillL Rod W., Mike S., Willis, Joe, Rod G., Mykel P., Mitch, Jeff& Darwin Jewell Implement Co. Jewell, Karl. * 1-877-428-3261