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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
December 22, 1966     Jewell County Record
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December 22, 1966

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: ,: :! >ii/J i:j /ii: ,i y j;F DECEMBER 22, 1966 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO KANSAS , in Jewell Co. tees, creditors and assigns t(First I'ublished in Jewell Co. I other persons who are orthe proportion or part thereofON'PETITION FOR both real and personal, owned ,: Fhursday Nov. 24 of such of the defendants [Record Thursday, Dec. 8,[ may be conce,'ned, De- to which each is entitled and . PROBATE OF FOREIGN . by the decedent at the time of Northwestern :~: 19(;6) 5t as are existing, dissolved [ 1966) 3t I fendants, distribute and assign to them PROBATED WILL his death; and you are hereby Insurance Co. E DISTRICT COURT or dormant corporations;[IN THE PROBATE COURT ] NOTICE in accordance with the will of The State of Kansas to r(quircd to file your written JACK W SE the. ~V El+l, COUNTY, tim unknown hews, execs-[,')P' ,JEWELL COUNTY, ] By virtue ef an Order of Samuel Louder, deceased; and All Persons Concerned: defenses thereto nn or before Snecial A', ,~0nt' t$ tot.s, administrators. (h' ]KANSAS }Sale to me directed and de you are hereby required to You are hereby notified that I)ecember 30 1966 at 10 00 Jewell Katm - l tr L. Appleby and visees, trustees, creditors, ] In the Matter of the Estate]livered issued out of the Dis- file your written defenses a petition ha~ been filed in o'clock a. m of said day, in ' " 42tf "~ Full(,['. lqaintiffs,successors and assigns of lot Sarah Jane Russell, a mL ]trict Court of Jewell County, thereto on or before the 30th stud court by Citiz(ns & South- s~ id court in the city of Ma ~ Z,=, crn Natmnal Bank o[ Atlanta kate m Jewell County Kin- vs. such defendants as are or luor. [Kansas, in the above entitled d~w of December, 1966, at ten , I ~ ..... L Frances Applebv; were partners or in I);,r{[ NOTICE OF HEARING [suit, wherein Marcia Verhnge, o'clock A. M., on said day, in Herbert H. Nussbaum and A. isis. ,-H which tune and place ~~:.~i:~::: ills l,(,igh Appleby; nership; the unknown ]T.~o S|ate of Kansas 1o [is plaintiff and Mart Verhage, said court, in the City of Man- A. Bkm~ as (h) lqx(,cutors, of ,,mid cause will be heard. " I!': on i.eyn,dds Appleby;guardians; ~eonserv,i,,r~ fall Persons Concerned: land others a~ Binned abovekate, Kansas, at which time the Last Will and Testament Should you fail therein, judg U~|L-wli~or~ I~'[|1[~ L. Ai)lfleby; Ethel and truhtees of such ()f the J Yell ar(, hereby notified that[are defendants, I will on Jan- and place said cause will be of Blanche F. Kalmon de meEt m;d decree will be enter- |[i~F.~rU][~]~ IriS[ .~[4J y Y; l)(mna Seavey; above named (h'fcn(hml~ [a petition has been filed inluarv 17, 1967 at 2:00 o*ch)cl~ heard. Should you fail therein, ceased, praying for the a(hnis- cd in due course upon stud pc- . ~dine Lorinmr; Eloise as are minors or are in ] ~aid court by tlelen L. Russell [p. m. at the front door of the judgment and decree will be sion to t)robate of the Will of litton. Witness my hand in the Bond~ A}m*~ ii l; l(enneth Fuller; anywise under le!ml (li~[as conservator of Sarah Jane[courthouse in the City of Man entered in due course uponBhmche F. Kalmon d(ceas(d, citv of Mankato, m stud county the unknown heirs, ex-ability; and all other per- [l~u~:~;(,ll. a minor, asking for [kate, Jcwcll County, Kansas, said petition dated A)ril 22 1957 said Will an(i stale this 5th day of De- MAnkmfn T~'n~a,- having been duly admitted tocomber. 1966. ors, administrators,sons who are or may be[an order of the court directingloffer for sale at public auction SAMUEL ROLAND LOUDER, ' - ....... , ,-,,--,m~ Sees, trustees, credi- concerned; I)efendanls. ] :aid co~mervator to sell at prL[and sell for not less than two- Petitioner probate on the 4[h day of May ELLEN WILLIAMS, i[I and assigns of IIenry NOTICE OF SUIT [vnle aale the following des-[thirds of its appraised value Manford Holly, 1964 by tim Court ofOrdinary I)e(itioner. ~, , ~,iiiTi,i i, .~r, d(,('(,a:;ed. The State of Kansas to the I(', il,c(l r(,;,l property of said~to the highest t)idder, for cash, Mankato, Kansas, in Dougherty County. in the, By: Robert It. M(3er, ~ ,,~ Case No. 8189Defendants Above Named and ]con~e)'vatee in Jewell County, |each of the folh)wing tracts of Attorney for Petitioner. State of Georgia and that duly lier AIJ:orney WATC~ n~DatsaM ['ICE OF SHERIFF'S Designated and All Other ]l'(,',n:;a'~: [real property in Jewell County, ATTEST: Byron Rogers, authenticated cop es of st c~ ATTEST: Byron Rogers, CLO(:K ~'~'D~'~ LE IN PARTITION Persons Who Are or' May BeI An undivided one-half intci'-~Kansas: " (Seal) Probate Judge Will and Order are filed with (Seal) P;'obute ,lud:~e .IEWI~',~vKRL~p~r~ ACTION Concerned: [e~4 in: ~PARCEL NO. 1. , sad petition /l(I for tm a) - :-.':'8"" ..... ~.q'~'~ ........ ' ..... we on engravm~:' .... is h(wehy given that You are hereby notified that I North IIalf of Northwest ] The Southeast Quarter (First Published in Jewell Co. pointment of Kcitb W Sprouse ,~.__._~ ..... ., :, and bv virtue of an Or- a petition has been filed in the] (},m,'ler (N!5 of NW'/;), ] (SEV,) of Section TwentyRecord, Thursday, Dec. 15,as tore~gn executor of said NELSON JEWELRY ........ Sale i/~,;ut,d I)y the Clerk District Court of ,h,woll (~out~ ] Northwest Quarter of [ (20), Townslfip Four (4) 19lili) at Will, and you are hereby re- WOULD YOU Dist,.i(,t Court of Jewell ty, Kansas hy George It. Pic ] N,)rlh~,:,st 0uarter (NWV4 ] South, Range Ten (10) IN THE PROBATE COURT quired to file your written de I Like to have a party and Mankato, Kansas I. Kansas, in a certa~h kerill and Pollyl)(,lh, I)ickeriH [ of NE'.',), South Half of I West of the 6th P. M., in ()F JEWELL COUNTY, lenses thereto on or before theI invite your friends, but III II I" '" ' ' ( - "i h i ii i i IJLILAL iPen(ling in said court, asking for judgment that l N(nthea~t Quarter (S!/~ of I Jewell County, Kansas, ex- KANSAS 4 day of January. 1967, .tI tight money aBe n g .......... i ~_: :: }40. P189, wherein the plaintiffs, as .ioint tenants, are [ NE',) and Southeast Quar- [ eept two tracts of land In the Matter of the Estate 10:30 o'clock A M of said prices stop you? Have " day in ~a (t court n [ ~e C t~ Hennv Penny Chicken, ! ...... t above named are re- the owners in fee simple ,,f] lot (qE",), all in Section I described as follows: Be- of Martin A Johnson, Deceas- of ~Ian~tto, in lewell Comity serve(l family style, at [ DR. J. R. SPENCER rely plaintiffs and de- the folh)wing de~('rihed real[ Thirty (30), Township Two l ginning at the Southeasted. tSandto me, theunderproperty in Jewcll Couniy.[ (2)Souih. lCangeSeven (7) I corner of the Southeast NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT Kansas. a! whc~ 1 m a~(il $1.25 a person at the [ li),~ntl~, "Sheriff of said County Kansas: [ West, I Quarter of said Seetior/The State of Kansas to theplace ........ sqid cause will be heard j (,orreli (,lub Re . I v"ffice Hours: a:au"-" tO-Nee'" ' ~, I w I of'er for sale Lots Twelve (12) to Twen- |aml v,u are hereby required[ Twenty, running thence Creditors, Heirs, Devisees and Should you fail therein. }udg Also US Broiled SteaKs ] Afternoon hv ..... flic au(t m and sell to ty4wo (22), bolh inclusive, it() f e w)ur written defenses | west 20 rods. thence nor[ ~ Legatees of Said Decedent and meEt and decree wi 1 )e enler- and Shrimp ..... --~ -rr .... ---,,-- 'i best bidder, for cash in all in Block Fifteen (15) /,he,(.l,, ('m or before December/ 48 rods, thence east 20 All Others Concerned: ed in due course upon said pe -~- i vlanKaLo, ~ansas ~t the East front doorin Bishop's Addition to |:I0, 19(;G, at 10:00 A. M. of said[ rods, thenee south 48 rodsYou are notified that the um tition WARM ROOMS - by day, II IIII I I I ~ourhouse in the City City of Mankato, [day in said c(mrt in the City[ to place of beginning and dersigned was appointed andCITIZENS ,% SOt!'rIIEtcNIweek or month. Room by I~ .... ikato in said County on and astdng the court to: de ]of 'Mankato, Kansas, at which/ one acre lying in a square qualified as executor of the NATIONAL BANK Imonth, $2g.00 and $30.00 ' I lth day of l)ecember, termine the descent of the [:ira(, and place said eau,m will I form commencing 20 rods will of the above named de- ' HERBI!iIVP I1 NUSSBAUM Iwith maid service at I = ...... ! tt 10:00 o'ch)ck A. M., above described real prol)Orly [I)e heard. Should you fail | west of the southeast cot'- eedent on December 12, 1966: A. A SLUM (orrell Hote Dr. Dale A. Stew 1, day, the f,)lh,wing de-lthrough the estates (,1' all of/~t,e,.,,i,,, judgment and decree[ her of the Southeast Quar- that letters testamentary have Pet[ o ers. _ O tometrist : .... ' real (,stale situated in the above named (k.v(,d,'n|~: /will be entered in due course] ter of said Section Twenty been granted to her as such. ~ ] P I I I 1202 N. Mill County Kansas, to-wit: , determine the adverse claims |upon ~aid petition. | and subject to a water executor; and that you must (First Published in Jewdl Co. ] 3 doors North of ~kl}t Northeast Quarter of each of the defendants i~)| tIELI~N L RUSSELL / right easement in favor of ~) of Section Eight any estate or interest therein; / ,,~ conservator of Sarah / Jewell County, Kansas, exhibit your demands against L-Lecord Thursday l)ec.I ][~]~||T~ [ Theatre said estate within nine months , lm;6) at I Ul llr.Y I Phone 262, Township Three (3) I quiet plaintiffs' tith,, as joim / Jane Russell, a minor, / dated January 17, 1935 from the date of the first pub- IN THE ~ REBATE COIJRT arrf~a~var~ w~ I h R q Six 6 West tenants to stud re,d pt()I)(~i~, I'll tlonel I ant, ," (') . " ", ' " ' "".'1 '' ". ] and recorded in Book 12 lice[ion hereof, or be,forever OF JEWELL COUNTY blli ll% 112! I ., ~e 6th P. M., Jewell against all of the defend;ml~: /Wellmer, Weltmer i Misc. page 292, and also barred. KANSAS ,, " 'J.PJ' ""~: I !ty, Kansas, I forever bar and exclude all / & Weltmer, , I subject to easement con- BESSIE J. JOHNSON, ...... In th( Melter....:.... of the WADDELL & REED, lale to be without the l the defendants and all I),'rs,)n.~ I Attorneys for P(titioner. I cerning water rights in fa- Executor ot wa,ter wnilams n~so Known I~C t