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December 22, 1966     Jewell County Record
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December 22, 1966

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i: t: DECEMBER 22, 1966 F. W. BOYD, JR., Editor Mrs. Frank Boyd, Associate Editor "Any good thing that 1 can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now and b~,,,,,t, tJ,, not defer it for I shall no! PRESS SERVlCS, iNC. pass this way again." Jeck|on, Topeka, Kan. 6660| Second Class Postage Paid at the Post Office, Man- N A t [ D IT O R ! A I kate, Kansas [ A ~3 C~ TIJ~ ] Subscriptions: J kJ --T I $3 00 per year in Jewel] !~~ I County and surrounding: lewell County Record [counties (Smith, Osborne, Kansas 66956 ]Mitchell, Cloud, Republic /cunties in Kansas, and Nuckolls and Webster coun- of Jewell County" ~IE BOYD FAMILY and Publishers ties in Nebraska. $4.00 a year elsewhere. Subscribers are asked to notify this office at once when they have a change el address. FOR HOME FOLKS M. A. B. runs through my Will not let me rest. Wrote tile I. Q. for the wrote the I. Q. Test? -MAB- to be tolerant--learn to one's sell' -then you accept anyone. --Dan Hid- (01d philosopher/. -MAB- Wise man is like a pin. keeps him from going far. --Modern Maturity. -MAB- all admit that we have little faults--we expect ones to be overlooked. -MAB- week, my family and helped me celebrate 90th birthday. They have happy years. Looking over the highway of life traveled the past 90 I find the road has been though rough at As a girl I went through unsureness (I was so My upper teeth pro and my upper" lip not cover them. I had learned that all tomorrows unknown--and that life always be a coming My father was a philo- He taught me to think thoughts, saying: "The person; Ls the person thinks the mo~t happy ~He~ also reminded keep beautiful pictures alls of my mind al- my mind was the ~hrough which I would world. He used to say: over the top of things '.h threaten to engulf you." thoroughfare of life is Open road to everyone. my husband took me, ~nsumptive woman for a he was getting a meager We traveled the narrow, road together, having to the path, in and out, markers. (So little was about Consumption, then.) iVESTOCK AUCTION MARKETS :30 A.M. & 11:40 A.M. I was weary, my hus- carried me, encouraged kept looking up, reach- 0ut--now and then we see the sun peeping through the clouds, Finally my lungs were healed, and Ihe sun shone every day. We went through it,air years Hlld fat years, shared good years and bad years, spent many years in tire friendliest town in the world, flow lucky we were. Suddenly life stopl)ed for me. Without a word of warning, my partner was called. The great Nurse, Death, took him by the hand and said silently: "Come, child of earth, it is tilne for you to go home, Night is com- ing, it is your bedtime, lie down and rest." And he went. Mercifully, God numl)ed my senses for a time. Then I be- gan to question: "Can l go on?" It was then I heard my partner's voice saying: "Carry on! The Boyd Family of News- paper Folks have work to do. Keep on building communities. You will not pass tiffs way again. Carry the torch high, helping others see the way." Of course I shed many tears, but a wise father had taught me to "keep my tears on the inside". And 1 had lhe love and understanding of my sons and daughters and their fan> flies and many friends. They eased my loneliness and light- ened my sorrow. The heart is no longer all-despairing. I have courage to face life alone. I am glad l had my partner as long as. I did. Nothing can in terfere with ','going when the time conies". Fur a time I wanted to go with my children wherever they went. Perhaps hoping to "suck the vigor of youth from their vitality. It can't be done. Gradually, it dawned on me that my sons and their fam- ilies were complete without me. Yes, I know I was always wanted, but not needed. There is such a difference between wanted and needed. Women like to be needed. I have ae cepted the fact that my ehib dren's lives, like the ever- widening stream, have left the narow cove of mine behind. I have overcome the feeling of not being needed-slmken it off lik( a disea 'dud garment. I have lost myself in my work and my "memories". It has THERE WILL BE NO SALE THIS WEEK, DEC. 23 AT THE LIVESTOCK COMM. CO,. THERE WILL BE A SALE ON FRIDAY, DEC. 30 BUFFALO ROAM STEAK HOUSE OPEN CHRISTMAS EVE 5-10 P.M. OPEN LATE NEW YEAR'S EVE 6 P.M.-l:30 A.M. For Reservations Call FR 8-3971 Hours 5-10 P.M. Weekdays; 11:30 A.M.-8 P.M. Sunday; Closed Tuesday. will be closed Dec. 25-26-27 and Jan. 1-2-3 Phone Night or Day: FR 8-3211 Mankato, Kansas 'been said: "God gave us mem- ories so we could have roses in I)ecemher." I have great arm loads of nlelllories and clutch them tigl]t when lone- liness threatens to engulf me. ,lust a few days ago, when a Iri(,n(t said to me: "In your r it() 5'(~|~['S 1 know you have had many hard thinFs Io bear." 1 exl)hHned to my friend that Mr, Boy(I and I had an under; standing. If anything unplea-: s~ln{ h;~l)l)ened, ',~(. u otdd ptl! it in (he attic of our minds. Io('k ttm door and throw away the key. T/ten ke('l) bright all !the pleasant hal)l)eninKs. So work and travel are my only sah'aii(ms keel) ~oing so fast, you don't have time to think. I have h,arned that life consists , not in the Sl)ace (If it, but in its use. 1 h)ok upon my years as a trust handed me for teml)orary keeping. I have learned that when a wo- nlHn loves a InHn w]lo has gone on I]efore, sire can live a long anti salisl,,ing life, but lhere is no end to the grieving. In l,iule you learn to live with it., When or where I shall sluff off this mortal hody is in God's hands. We are not supposed to ask the nHlIHIt'r iu which we shall leave this earth. Of course, if it were nly l)ower to choose, I would like to go while I was at w()rk knowing that others would carry on that which 1 could no longer finish hol)ing that at least l)al't of frly work was worth carrying on. I am reminded that dcath is not the enemy of life, but its friend. We wonder why any- thing so natm'al, so universal as death should be designated as the enemy of mankind. Will- iam Penn said: "The truest end of life is the knowledge that life never ends. It is no more than turning from life to eternity." It is magnificent to grow old il we keep youog in spirit. Time has stolen the roses from my ('heeks, turned my hair to silver, taken some of the spar- kle from my eyes. But time is my ally. Time has chiseled some of the hon]ely features of my childhood into more synlmetry, I am in perfect health, no ;-lehes or paillS extract my vitamins from Kansas sun- shine and wholesome food. Wake each morning after eight hours of dreamh'ss sleep and find myself in possession of a new day-new worlds to conquer, new adventures, i greet each morning. "Good morning, New Day., The'Lord made it, may I use it wisely." God willing, I will C0ntinue to read, exchange my thoughtsl With my friends; watch the ntental and emotional antics of my fellowmen; see the beauty of the clouds, the leaf, the landscape and the crops; mar- vel at the stars on a clear night; continue to work as my strength will permit; and thank God, who made and, JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKAfO, KANSAS ,, ,r : loves us all, for the privilege. No, I am not unhappy. I have lived long and seen much, that is all. I have gar- nered my full share of happi- ness-have added many miles to my speedometer. Rich stores of memory are mine. tfaving had eontat't ~ith things and people warmed my hands at the fire of life, I have watched my children, my grandchildren, and now n]y grea~ grandchildren grow tip ahout me. I might envy them if 1 had not had such a good time. I realize they It;lye serious problems to solve. (Problems that we oldsters have failed to solve.) But they will solve them in their' own way in their own time. [ wish l could run fast enough tu hell) them will] these problems. At least l can stand on the side lines, and cheer them and wish them "God Speed". Ye Scribe had inissed heing on Mankato MS most of the time for a number of weeks, not because I want to, but cir- cumstances interfered, But l have missed seeing all of you ii]llin streeters. - I had a stir prise visit with my son, Me- Dill, from Phillipsburg. - Bob Fraass brought "Pepper" to me, after he fixed the starter and I went up town rather' early. - First lady [ saw was Miss Helen Stafford. - Visited a moment with Rhonda Coff- man and Alene Kramer. - Met Cheryl and Cindy Halstead and visited with them. Cheryl had just returned from I,awrence, where she is a student at KU. Sire told me that she had been in psychology class with My Betty Boyd. - Stopped to see Gene and Josephine Tyler. Gene didn't start "picking" on me, for he knew my good friend, Ada ttills, would take my part. - Ada asked me to go to dinner with her and her family. We went to the Buffalo Roam Steak House, and Katie Jaeobs waited on us in her usual efieient manner. Marie Morris was at the cashier's desk. Mrs. Hills had at her table Mr. and Mrs. Bud ttills and Donna, Mr. and Mrs. War- ren Hills (her niece and ne- phew from Colby), Bill Ramey and Ye Scribe. - Others we visited with Jim and Lof etta Wilson, Clarence Beck and Ralph Waugh, A group of about 70 REA pricers, em- p!oyees, etc. Were having a ~nnet~ party in, the party room: ,~ After .going back up ~0wn,'~" st0pped at Roy's Gift Shop.--~he first, time I have been in Since they moved to the west side of the street. Seldom have I seen such an attractive display of a variety of gifts and staples. The mir- i rors from the Hale Drug Store have been used to the best ad- vantage, acting as reflectors to show the colored glassware Let's sing songs of ioy. off to the best advantage. - Visited with Mr. and Mrs, Bob l,ove and daughters, Joyee and Patti. - Stopped to see two lovely little girls, Chrysti and Tressa Marie Peterson. They were looking at TV in the front window of L. & B. Elec- tric. Tht' l)ictt||'t's were lighl,ed= hy a gas log in the window. - AI, th)ogoorts Store, l saw Mrs. i George Jensen and Mrs. Larry I)iantond, who was with her father, Gerald t,'isher. Had a nice visit with Neff Hunt- ~inger. First tinte 1 rc)nember Ne/l was some quarter of a century ago. The Boyds had locked the door of their car with the ]';.t'ys inside. Nell took some kind of a wire and reach- (,(I in and got the keys. The lluntsingers are friendly, help- ful I)eol)le. Nell's son, John, was with hint. Ned told Ye Serihe that he had some niee l black boards, which had been in seboo/ houst,s. They are of diferent sizes and in good con dillon. Ite will (hmah, then] to any church organization who wants them. Stanley Mahaffy was checkout man at Boo- gaart's. I saw Clytle /,~et,d as I was starting home early, - See you next S;llur(hly night. Before Saturday Night Mrs. Wayne lh'oecl~eh-nan of Esbon visited us Monday. She was aeompanied hy her two fine sons, Mark and Michael. Her motht,r. Mrs, Clare I.,anlb, was wilh her daughter, and was helping car(, for the boys. - Pardon me for talking about my 90th hirthday again but I will never have another 90th birthday for the Alexander family Bible says I w~s born Dec. 13, 1876. All last week I was celehrating.'My Boss and Mary have been spoiling me beyond recognition, and my friends have showered me with messages and gifts. More than 100 birthday cards, telegrams, telephone calls, visits, flowers, ~)otted plants, cut flowers, cor- sages and other gifts. And what a family! My two fine sons, McDill and Frank, Jr., and my two equally fineI daughters, Marie and Mary,' ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren showered me with gifts and attention, i - My sister, Winifred, brought me a rel)roduetion of a beau tiful large vase of our mother's which graced our piano for' years. - I could not forget my young friends. I was very hap py when the Girl Scouts brought a pretty dish filled with delicious fresh fruit. The girls who hruught this gift were Paula Rightmeier, Ca.role Blair, Susan ttarder and I)i ane Grout. They sang "tlappy Birthday" to me. I was again happy when a fine high school senior, Mike Graut, came and hrought me a lovely brooch. Mike was my traveling com- panion while we were working on the Kansas Health survey, sponsored by the State Board of Hea/th. - Mrs. A. T. Kramer stopped and brought goodies from P, E. O. Sisterhood. The Minerw] Club sent me a box of cookies. Ft, tluachuca, Ariz. (AllT NC) ....... Army Priwttes l)anny L., 20, and RoherL E. ,lohnson, 18, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Don aid E. Johnson, Randall, Kan. completed a light vehicle dri- ver course at Ft. liuachuca, Ariz., Dec. 14. During the five-week course, they were trained in the oper ation and maintenance of mil- itary vehicles up to and in- cluding the two and one-halL ton truck. Instructmn was al- so given in the operation of the internal combustion en- gine and chassis assembly. SALE RINf iii COME IN AND GET IN ON OUR Y.E.S. SALE 2 - 1966 BEL AIR 4-Door Sedans, V-8, PG, PS and AC. Priced right. 2 - 1966 CttEVELLE Malibu 4-Door Sedans. V-8, PG. Lots of New Car Warranty left. 1965 (HEV. It 4-Door Sedan, 6 Cy., Stand. Trans. 2 - 1964 IMPALA 4-Door Sedans. V-8, PG, and AC. 1963 ()IA)S 88 4-Door Sedan, full power and AC. 1964 CIIEVELLE Malibu 4-Door Sedan, V-8 and PG. 1963 FORD Galaxie 500 4-Doo.r Sedan, V-8, AT. '1 1963 FAI,CON Ranchero, 6 (,y., Auto. Trans. 1963 BISCAYNE 4-])oor Sedan, V-8, Stand. Trans. and Overdrive. 1961 IMPALA Sport Sedan, V-8 and AT. 1960 IMPAI,A Sport Sedan, 6 Cyl., Stand. Trans. 1959 IMI'ALA Sport Sedan, V-8, AT, I'S, I'lL C()MI IN AND SEE US FOIt TItE BUY OF TttE YEAR MANKAT0, KANSAS Phone FR 8-3471 GMAC and Bank Financing I II I I I I PAGB IB IHH i till / Mankato FRIDAY - SATURI)AY - SUNDAY ' I,' 23- I)E( ,;!1 I,R 2'1 - 25 Starting at 7:30 p. m. HAY00.. ....... TECHNICO Dean JONES Suzanne PLESHETTE WJ LT D goes toi the ; ? ') i ii II ,, I .) il~lll i IVE SEND YOU OUR W~ARaIEST ::! FOR A tL4PI'Y, LONG TO BE I~~~,: ~::! :: C11RISTMAS .... , ? ? S: I II IL ; ---~==:~:Z? Just in case Santa ls : , i! busy to get by--- We're us;ng thil meal ! *:, to say thank yau. !L, -::Li :,~ L, :(, 2~ L L/: : e /) ~F ....... ? WE WILL BE OPEN THURSDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINGS, I EC. 22-23 I