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December 15, 2016     Jewell County Record
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December 15, 2016

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3A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 'Thursday, December 15, 2016 w~ 1 /. I m I "My dad had already started mov- all bids for the 2007 Chevrolet lmpala. .... ~ Caring for holiday length 12 hours or longer, bnn,lar to rnenasnlp naeats ing his equipment back in," Richard Motion passed unanimously,from a wooden train with lights inside uuick bread as a ~ift from-the Jewell tlae poinsettia, this extended dark pe- said. "We hauled it back out again and Chairman Greene opened the fol- ,i. .... ; .... a ... .:..~Z ,~... -.i ?;,,,t: " plants after holidays - 19 ....... - ..... ......... ,,o..u nod can be forced by covenng with a ..... -23 . let her use lt. Thls demonstrated there lowmgsealedb,dsforthe2004PonUac downillasnaeelhatigafannlainintha- Kri~ti ~'ottor inetn~mon'tai in~tTa,o " By Jenae ayan, dark cloth or cardboard box for at least Monday - baked ham, scalloped wasademandforsuchfacilities.'q'hat Bonneville: Bret Kingan, Lincoln, .... " tatoes n " o =aa|~ ~tta ol~/~ L~I gt itJ~l~Jit dl.--Ol 111~11 o~.~li~Ul, IiLt~ Post Rock Extension District 12 hours each day. Christmas cactus po , glee beans, Mandarin or- first year we hosted five or six wed- Kan., $776.79; Ervm Underwood, .. ....... :-~ ............................. .~--.-. - needs at " an es . ,~ . ul~;VK;ly DI[.IUWdlK iUlU nudge, oeennameamer~ortnwest~avv,.8out- If you received a poinsettia or least 25 consecutzve longg e . . .... drags or receptions, Richard sa,d. Mankato, $2,520; Cynthm Becker, In a broad exnan~e tff oraq:~ tu,*,~ etan,,'llno I-lioh ~t-ht.,cd "lk/lhei~ 17rh,c-a Christmas cactus as a gift, purchased nights to initiate flowering, so mid _ tuesday - cavatmh hma beans, Suffice it to say, David never ~,ot his Mankato, $1,695 79 Dwi~,ht S Frost ...... ..... "'~-.T7 ~ ,e~ ....... 7""=7"q'-9" ~;7:""." ...... 7 ~,.,....- " fruited Jell 0 arlic bread . o ,o** u, ,guts ano neta was sur- tor. bne nas taugm lnstrumen music checkinghe for yourself,them outrafteraretheCnsideringholidays, ISep;enmbghetrs.l~t~agdantla~littoSnat~'tn~: Wedn~tUay~ sloppy joes on bun, ma~ll~n~:shee~:lofb~pularity for wed- mVpe~t ~d M~rkfFl:2,~g ~ComndE~-v~ ~ ~lcU~en~! l~el~d~ato~lo~ee~S'dLigthv~e %d ,c~llseg~ ~e~S~i~t ath~d~ for~e past when they might go on sale, you may to 10 weeks for the flowers to develop potato salad, marinated green beans, din~ dances, the Corbins called their Underwood for the 2004 Pontiac .... g . . _ ~. o. e _ y a ~ ~ o a.n.as .taKen .me want to consider keeping the plant af- and bloom rosy pears, cookie, facility the Boot Scootin' Barn De Bonneville new patty'as s yncnrontzea to ~nnst- ~ana to,several I~ge crees mc[umng Thursda - tater tot casserole s in . . - " . . mascaroJs.maotaerueereaturedonly r asnvine, uallas, r ansascitya.ndoth- ter the holidays have passed. With Hopefully you can enjoy your fes- , ....Y ..... , p- mand conunued to grow, but one bride Shannon Meier, ambulance dlrec- red whit,~ and hh,~ I;,,h* art larlc, r tn *,=a,-hi,',~ ";," la,~l,-,i, ~h,= proper care, these plants can be main- tive holiday plants for many months or acn.Je,-ocage, rresntrmt. . was put off by the term "bam." "She tor, reviewed the activity report for ~, ~;~,;~-,~.,~-~.~.- .......... 7.o.L.;_,,_. ,,,__,~,,._..,~ ..... p,~, o,,~ v n camel Friday- roast turkey m ~ - l.~..~cl tha, nlnr.,~ h.t oh,=, ,~oo .... A .~ I-...-.- Nlc~vomhor /O,~i,~r o.A *h= ..,~.....~;o -1, ..,u.=.ua~; uam ~.uuEEcU arounfl oegan net teal:Ring career at Jeweu . mined and encouraged to bloom again ~ears t ......... .,,aslaed v--ta ,v.~.. -... v .................... ~',~- ................................... - its track w ...... " " toes dressin fund" . .... zth sparkhng hghts m every High School followmggraduatiOn from next season. ~l'a~, aaa~-~ gl'~m~| . , g, led carrots, cran- wasastmkyplacefullofanlmals, even s,oners held an executwe session no window Santawa~nm~a=nttnen~alrtn Mnrl'hw,~et l~;ccnnrl qt~,t,= lln;..... it,, ~ ~l~,~,a oerrv annlesauce -urn-kin crunch ,1...---i..,--- ,- ........... : .... ,__ -- r ........ ................................... :. Poinsettias -.,, -- -- , -- ;-arr , v e u,~,u~a u~e~e has never neen lIVeStOCK a~UUll t,t~, a,erwaru, the ,.had.o.. .i-i.......i. ,,. ...... a_ _~ o,. ..... ~ - - - ,o.a.~ i~...- cake in th,, . . . . ,,--,-~,. ,.uu~, muusanus ol aue cameo a master ~ u,.s,,~ .u., ., Temperature and soil moisture are UU ~CllOlal~Jli ere, Richard sa~d. The decided JoelElklns, general superintendent, le thr .... ,~ ..... P ._ Meals delivered by Catholicto rethink the nameY re-dried on roan ~,a h,~a .... ;.,,=peopJ . on.ged the park, each group Kansas State Un~verslty_ KnsUandher key for maintaining a poinsettia. They lymr marr, rormoso, son or J om : _ . _ y "- "-?'-. .... s ....... ,~- coma enjoy the beauty and meander as husband, Phil, live north" of Randall do not like to be too dry or too wet. Soil andSherrvMarr wasawardedatl 000Church. Meanwhile, the county was gomg ,ance. The commissioners reported eachchose uaith thair t .... rl .... ht,re Thai.... ' ~a*j , ~ ' throu .... ~ . vv~aa Laa~.aA LvV~ ~.IU, U.~ItAL~.,IO. ~lll~.ll ,~UII . should be kept moist but not soggy. gh the process ofassl m street road and budge concerns HampelOfl-MobflDelvacScbolarship xra11,, , ........ gn g ....... " . . . attends KU - ; Water when the soil is dry to the touch throu~hthe Kansas LivestockFounda- ~" ~a~,~u w~um~, &- ~ aa~t~ names ann o~scontmumg rurm routes. ~xnom Koss discussed a oox nrioge .... r:h;,~ p~, ....... ,h,~, ..... in, or when you lifl up the pot and it feels tion(~LLF).Thescholarshipwaspre- 1DO1Dular destination Because of the history of the Fulton on Diamond goad needing repairs near Randall for~e'fftJ'o'l~,'selem~n~a~,~r'~'~'~ i lighter than it should. Proper drainage sented at the Kansas Livestock Asso- ~',~,7 m,~,,I,al=,,, ,~ .... family as early settlers, the adjacent nisproperty in Jackson Township. By Fawna Barrett last weel~ .: v -,~ ..... is important, lfthepoinsettiacameina ~a w~at~u.lt ~, a~ut~Jt~ road was ham r~agesnrai, L~reamfinerMotel, ais- " ..... cmtmn(KLA)annualconvenUon, Nov. . . . ~ . . ed Fulton Road. The ...... ... Fawna Barrett stayed.~ several da,vs foil wrap, you need to remove the wrap 30, m W~chita Marr was one of 26 By Run Wilson Corbms deczded to name their olace cussed tlae posslmmy ol motel guests It's 15 dens this Tuesday Dec with Ferris and Susan Barrett Tho oryoumustpokeholesinthebottomof students awarded a grand total of "Bootscootin' " The term brings to Fulton Valley Farms. Today, Fulton sm.gpart.orcunty. Propertytr ,a~.,ck 13. women attended Gracie and Gabe the foil to allow excess water to drain. " . parking. Jne commlsszoners aSKed mat " - , $27,100 .mschol .a~shzpsthroughKLF. mind a fun country line dance, but Vall.ey Farms has become a.beautlful ~ .~; ...... :.. :,1. ,r ..........AtRandallCommunltyChurch, the Gerlach sdaycareChristmasprogram Poinsettias are native to Mexico. MarK. is a junior at Kansas State there' s also a rural Kansas family who oestmatmn ror rural weddings and wa~/,~t~u~ ~v~^~a~...~,sl,i.a_ advent candles were lit by Bonnie (they are Fawna's great-grahdchil- They prefer warmer temperatures, Umvers~tymajoringinagronomy.Prior began with a boot scootin' barn and mo~. _ a dec'isi'on.~ .... ...... c. mcywmma~c Houghton, theirson, Hank, andHarmah dren). Saturday, all had supper with tractive color throughout the rest of theering the poinsettia with a cardboardnthing lower than 60 degrees. Ide- sav]ortOHave a hle g~dweekand emernh~r." . .'~ ~ ~_.transferringTh~s ~s thetO K-State,most ~m heortantattendedfft ---- -. e,.,,-,- -,- ,, -,-,-,--,s ,,.,~v,,,,..Sheaskgrew theirz enterprise into a remarkable, non Wilson is director of the Huck Jnecommlss,oners teJepnoneaJosn'~" " ........ 1"~* Kummer, Esther and Emma. It should I istieally graphic sequencesofwatvio.Kelsie Luney and family." " The gals] ally, poinsettias should be kept be- Cloud County Community College, agritourism enterprise. BoydNational Institute for Rural De- Erb -ro:ect mann ..... be noted there will be a worship ser- including Gracie toured the Illumina- tween 65 and 70 degrees during the where he served on the crops judging DavidCorbin is the fifth generation velopment at Kansas State University. . ,, p. ,j ~ .. ger for ~ssocmtea vice Christmas morning at the regular tion of Botanica along.withthousands msumnon to o,scuss ms recommen day and 60 and 65 degrees at night to team and the soils judging team. He owner of Fulton Valley Farms in But- ' " time of 9 a.m. of other people. Sunda'y,the highl/gtit " prolong their growth, also was a member of the Collegiate ler County. David and Betty's son, Commissioners dations for the floor. Chris Petet was The now Dr. Lucas Kent graduated was Haley Barrett's "gr/~dhahon from i Poinsettias are difficult to get to FarmBureanandCollegiateFFA.Marc Richard, told me about it .... ., present for the discussion The corn- with a degree in chiropractics last Sat- Wichita State UniverSit~ with a degree : re'lower in the average home condi- continues to help with his family's Their ancestors came from Ohio rewtew . emea DIGS missioners telephoned Lanette urday in Kansas City. Among those in business. She will begin training as tions. If you like a challenge, here are livestock and farming operation, and settled here in 1863. The maternal ~'~. lhaml~lh d-~- ~ Marshall, Ellenz of Tipton, to sched- attending were his wife, Kurd, sons, office manager of a medical clinic in the steps: Decrease watering when the This scholarship is awarded to any side of the family was named Fulton, ,,v,, .~,,, ,~.~,~ ~'k'"" ~'.~ o ule an appointment and discuss op- Jacob and Noah, his mother, Diane Wichita, where she is working part- i poinsettia begins to drop its leaves. In student entering their junior or senior related to the Robert Fulton, who in- the Jewell t~ounty Board met Mort- tions for the basement tile floor issues Kent, his sister, Sue, and in-laws, Bob time now and will continue to Work April, cut the flowering stems back to year at K-State or Fort Hays State vented the steamboat. A Fulton mar- dayw!thcommissionersSteveGree.ne, The commissioners reviewed the and Mary Ann Kibbe, andChrisKibbe, training horses at Meadowci'eek Farms " about six inches long. It may also need University and pursuing a degree in riedaCorbinandthefarmcontinuedto t~wlgnt 5. vrost and ,Mark Fleming employment agreement for Anna Por- Karas aunt, Marilyn, and Tom It's crazy that this month is half- to be repotted. At this time, resume agronomy, agribusiness or agriculture grow. present L:ana a. waugn, county c JerK, ter as interim JewellCounty Avvraiser. Niemeyer, met them at their home af- over and 2016 will soon end. Time normal watering and fertilizing and economics. Preference is given to up- The farm is located south ofwas present Porter said she reviewed th'e'a~,ree- ter the ceremonies and had prepared flies! place the plant in a well lit area (but not plicants with a career goal of being Towanda, west of El Dorado, north of , .An.gela Murray, h~l~ department ment and signed it. The commission- the celebration meal, planned by Kara. :: in direct sun). Keep plants pruned " Y g g " " g g ast of the rural commu- .. ......... ers approved the agreement e Supper Club met with Bob and I,, ., ,,, actlvel en a ed in a farmln or Au usta and e aummlstrator, nan sealed ores for me Th i throughout the growing season to pre- feedyard enterprise, nityofBenton, population 821 people, zuu/ Lnevrolet lmpata and 2004 .- Loin Abram last Wednesday for a co- l~..~ourtllOU.qla I~olh/~ : vent them from becoming "leggy." Now, that's rural. Pontiac Bonneville. Chairman Greene Yanorallla operative supper. All members were .... _ "-- "" "Y Y Plants can be kept outside in a shady ~. _ David Corbin lives in a home his opened the followmg sealed bids for By Fawna Barrett present, jeweu ~ounty ; area once the overnight iemperatures I |l~lrt~t['eh ........ ancestors built in 1880. He met and .me 2007 Chevrolet Impala: Chicago Entering under a row of white lit Merlin and Carolyn Dixon, Corn- Aeeident~ remain~ibove60degrees, but will need ,,.~.,.,.,][.,~.~z= ayracaara vemage married Betty, acitygirlfromWichita. Motors Inc., Chicago, I11., $707; Bret arches, neople saw a world of ma~ic ing, Iowa, stayed the weekend with Dec 1 at at~nr,~m~'t~lv ~ .... to be brought in on cooler nights and Greeters .qnndav worn tha, 1~..... I, She moved to the farm and observed Kingan, Lincoln, Kan., $576.79; and and color backerounded bv music "I~he their daughter, Kristi, and Phil Vetter K la fl 5 mile grrthfrn'"~a'~Rd "l~h~,~ " when the temperatures cool down in and~;"'~%-Z'===SS'''/-~L~:"7~,-,,,,,,--,,,~.~.uy,,ta..~ ,L, enms'i"~:" that David, like. other farmers, was xousef Dabbagh,. .Island Lake, I11., beautiful ,~ardensofBotan~ic, Wichita, and family. Saturday, all attended the W'-e'ts gate, .................. Mankato, drlvmg"" .......... a-2015 the fall Stop pruning in mid Septem- and ~oM, v ..... Y constantly checking the markets to see $868. The commissioners and Murray had been transformed into a briehtlv lit KMEA honor band at Hays, where r~odoe ni,-U,,,~,~,,,~a r,,, ~'~i,, c',,~,~r ber and new flower buds should begin Pa"ssa: e'~Su""nd'~a mornin was how prices were doing. She became discussedthebids.SteveGreenemoved fairyland. Stringsoflightsclim~ed~the Brooke and Abbie were participating. F"a~i~lv,r'~a~ne~,"o'~wass~u'~bo'u'n~ i forming in October. Poinsettias are Thessalogians s.~ y to q'hotg~, c,,-I intrigueaanclultimatelysetupherown and Mark Flemmg seconded ,o reject trees and their branches Music ran~ (ShristinaandChrisMcDaniel, Jade when a deer ran~in'tn thodriv~r'~ ~irlo " encouraged to flower under long night day morning was Jesus Come Liken brkuer;gef~ed~a~iedr J~i~te c~etifinr~. .... . .... ~lldfB~y~qSvtaYaed VtheettWrykend =t~ door~ 7I~e ctamage was,-to the front i conditions. This can be forced, by cov- " in to farm ( V,ckleFenner Sunday thefamdy gath Thief in the Night Passage SundayP Y - . . , . quarter panel and driver s door. Acci- even, g Rock HIlIS B JE a "ng was Genesis 1:~ Thomo ccer.s __ ,_" ....... " dentin estigatedbyJacobs - : box (or other light-tight cover) from 5 Sunday ev~nl".... 7rho ~o;,~ ..r for years, the market reports ti'om ....... eked to cerebrate r~evaoa s ainnaay Dec 3 at annrnxim'atolv'R:9o ~ m p.m. until 8 a.m. starting in October ~ ...... ~, ............. ,,, . ~ . o . . ,-,~ ........... j ............ Abraham Corbm Investments were a fixture on and also had thetr Christmas Others on US36 25 f ....~ 'o-?,~ t,.~ until after Thanksgiving. Once the We had a dandy snow radio stations across Kansas. In2016, board clerk s resignation present were Elaine and DZ Peters BrettGrauerhto~zt,~el~tf~l~d~nving~ flower buds are well formed, you can " the Corbins retired and sold that busi and their family, Nancy and Bill Buser 2 2 v .... : ..... vv--=----.a ness - The Rock Hills School Board met 2017-2018 schoolcalendar, whichbe- and their famiiv, PhilandKristiVetter 00 Che roletp~ckup, was .travehng resume normal lighting conditions, zxguaaa~xay uJtlutI.u~ ~v;a o~ ......... a .:-.. -..... t.t:_ Monday in regular session. Those gins with alicensedprofessionalwork- and ,,iris and ~e Dixom west on.Hwy. 36. A.deer moving from EvenifyouchoosenottokeepyourMethodist Church present were Lori Yelken, Brenden dayonAug. 21.Theproposedfirstday B~nnienouohtonsta~,ed.qamrd~v ~esou~!tlaen,rtlaranutin~rrntf poinsettia all year, the brightly colored ................ ~,,~-A~,a~,~"~,~"~o~'~.,~.~..'i~":~ Wirth, Todd Mauerhan, Ervin for students would be Aug 24andthe andoverniohtw~ththol-l~nk~/~mm~ o.rauernoJz anti ne coum notavoid bracts that poinsettias are known for raarmony united ivlemoulst Lnurcn .~=~ ~u~u ua~.~t wan g.Lg.~tg.U tO Ulg;. atatg; Underwood Megan Badger Bobl last day for students would be Ma" 22 " = ...................... . hitting the deer. Accident Investigated can keep their color for many weeks met this cold winter mornin~z be~zin- legislature. He served two years m the ...... - ....... ', ......... Y. family. They attended the Old Mill by Vance after the holidays and still provide at- ning with welcome and announcements House, 12 years in the Kansas Senate rogo, t~,~m,~ox, ~,aa~ne.~m~n, aam J.nere wou~om so oe a ficense~a prores, Christmas in Lindsborg where lots of -~ ....... " , , .......... lvleyers, tsoo Kousn, ~lalne tsowers, slonal worKday on ~vlay z3 I ne aoara activities took lace Hank t morning's pianist/accompanist was mentozr~evenue. Delores ^"-~e ............... " ~. , . ghts, too.Early [ ~lqM~ alaUl~a~alapt~ ~] by today's lay pastor, Rod Rose This ann worteo stx years for me Lmpart- . . . . " " " p . ook his winter. - _ ,,, Troy Waymaster, Clay Aurand and contmued their discussion from the mothertoCoronadoHei . - --- - - -. . ,--,,,,~ tw.. ~ovcmoei meetingregaruln~ classRunaav marnino they clra o Christmas cactus uavlu aria t ett naO two sons WhO .... .......... v back to Joann Davis Acolyte was Karle]gh Y - - . - ...... ....... ........ MeganBadger, thtrd graded teacher, s]zes for 2017-2018 at Rock Hflls El- Randall to attend church and visit a bit I ~lr-" IRf-NIl~K ] While cactus is in the name, the L~aVls.Lnlmren smessageoy r~oar~ose were actave m farmmg and 4-H. Rich- discussed alternative classroom seat- ementary. BobiFogo moved, seconded lomzer I m4a~,, ~h,,a~,, ~,,na,,,, I Christmas cactus is not the kind of was a sp~. ~aJ video or a. group ot ard served on the.livestock judging .ink with the board. The district re- by Ervin Underwood, to split the el- J N~cy and Bill Buser,elebrated.,~0tu'u.~.~_' ou.u~y | c~~..ala stand the heat of acmmren s mte.rpretauon ot ttae Arm o~ . team at Butler C~ Community /ceived a $1,500grant from theDane G. :ementaIT'library.~ib ~fiaif tomake an- -'C~istmas with their fam~i~' Sunday'" :']~~'.IB.* 7/:30.p,m. | b~~rtsun v~]~e/'y-i]itie-wa-Jesus. Each child received an orna- Collegea/aiahwon~l~olaalctian~, iHanser~Founda~ioafor,thispm73ose. ~ other classroom, pdnding,fire marshal ~ev~nih" ~ | =~ " _ s~ ~'_ ~ ".___~ I ter. T66miSch sunlight can result in the ment,commemo~rmg me season spionships while he was there. State legislators Elaine Bowers, approval for constructing a wall Mo- ,~ ~,L.m ..... a r~=,,;~ i" .... , | II~(~l~saw I R I leavesturningyellow.Commonhouse- miracle or Jesus. rastor oerry ~narp Thencamethetimeh;o~..,.a, ....... -~_....~, ........... ~.-, .... . .... " -,, ,-.,.,~,,,,~ ................... - ~ ~ ,--, ,- ........ .,o o,,..,,., vvayma~tc~muLlay,~uranowere non passed 3-u .... -,-- ,,-,,--. ........ I ma._. -- -_ _ hold temperatures are usually fine. The perrormeo a vocal SOlO Love rias a oettino married The weddin" was to ; ...... n ...... .~ .1: ...... _1 .,_ ...... . ..... tenucu me rtr.c va.cy r'4cmcmmy I ahl~|4qB~ ...... soil should be kept constantly moist ,, , . . ~ ~ ~ Ill attg;tlUgUIg.U drill LilSCUb~eU UIC up- ~renoen wirm moveu, seconueu . sms~ Heartbeat Today s scripture readmg be held in a small I ....... School program last Tuesday evenmg. . " but not waterlogged. Watering when " - ocalchurch, butthe commgleg,slauvesess,onwlthboard byLorlYelken, toentermtoexecut,ve Saturda", Beck" Novaktook her I H=TRi=e~is=ektmordinatv ] the soil is dry to the touch should be ~a~melefrg~esL]~ika~y,ls'4~rSenWhl~_ ~nept~(~ke~lLwmz~dnfotrb~genenugh~ me~b~i?Coxdistrict" ~, sess, on todlscuss..mattersaffecting grandson, Riley Jackson, outforlnnch I ~0~s';n~;~ I enough. Give the Christmas cactus a gel Gabnelle ....... s mformatmn lven to dectded to have tecnnoJogy co- students. Jarenaen wan moveu, sec- anddid some fun thin-s~ as areward for I Garf~ld() who~awa-durin0-, g (he ] g " theweddingreception ordinator, was in attendance to present onded by Lori Yelken, to enter into hi -ood-radesthis-astmonth I n,aw_a e I little bit of fertilizer every other week her,, all nations wll/call me blessed . right them on the farm. .....'the quarterly technology report to the executive sessiontodiscussnonelected sg^~;.,~,..~o:.~pu~x,~m.~ ..... . | 0~W.Wl!, sav~/.~ men I during the spring into late summer. ~xou s sermon orougnt awareness to us "l e orbins had a Ouonset hut hnard ........ 1 ..... ,... I wi0 outtidnaorearrvin0a0un. Hewas I Blooming will normally cease in late in recognizing that we are to share the which had been built ~n 19~51 andus'~ ~'Facilities director Bob Roush dis- afternoon and brought her a loaf Of. [ ~dier~ ~/11 to I winter to early spring, but you should news .......... of Jesus our Saviour and to hsten forhay storage. They figured they could cussedmaintenancewiththeboard.The Underwood,~ to accept the resignation~ ,. ~O~aweapo6,ht I continue to keep the plants moist and ann ,de aware or ~oo s voice speaKmg clean it up and then use it for machin- board reviewed anddiscussedthetrans- of Lynette R Bartlev as clerk of the ~ - | ~v~l lhat wfiiletfie war~wa~ ] fertilized until fall. tous., e st r ....... " " " " '" To encourage Christmas cactus to ........... _ry o age after the weddmg. The floor .portauon report, which mcludes mile- board ot educauon, effectwe Friday. II ~a , II I juslif~d,~llingwasneverlhelesswrong. ] -. lnl, sweeK s calenuar lnc.m(]es: ~at. of the Quonset was half dirt and half age, fuel and repairs for November. Motion passed 5-0. tW_~l~ I~_~IPII~ alkil~' I AS an armymedic, he singlehandedly ] rebloom, cease fertilizing in later sum- ~ec.. l/ o p.m. supper.wire / p.m. concrete, sotheycleaned4toutand|aid The board opened bids on the farm Brenden Wirth moved, seconded[I ~ wu.=. ww. II | evacuatedthe w0undedfrom behind | merorfailanddecreasewatering. Only ~nr,s!masprogramationmUMC; Sun= anew eight-inch concrete floor. lease, postedfortwoconsecutivewecks by Lori Yelken to enter into executive II ~,~ I~a~ i I enemylines~hileferidingto ] provide enough water to prevent the L~ec. J,~.~3 p.m. soup supper w]tta 0!30 We bought tables and chairs from in the official publication, received by session to discuss matters affecting a 1 /~ ~.. ~ II | soldiersandwasw0unded byagrenade ] stems from shriveling to force the buds p.m. lne J, exans", go.~spel staging thechurch, asked people to bring lawn the deadline. One bid was received student II , ~ . 1 | ~rs. 0ooswast rsl--I to form. If you have had a Christmas groupatJewe~l~nnstmn~nurcn;wed chairs and set u rt a " " " ' ' ' ........... - , p po - -potties, R~- fromAdamBadgerfor$63.17peracre The next regular meeting of the 1 ~-/j~]~ 1 | eonsdenliousobject0rtoevereamthe I cactus for several years, or noticed it ~ec. 21, v:Ju a.m. ~aran LvcJe, lOl~ chard said. The reception was a suc- forthe5.15 acres of real estate. The bid Rock Hills Board of Education will be 1 . slL~'~ I . | Co~mssional Medal of Honor. I did not bloom well the year before, it ~Oe~iede by Cheer Basl~et assembly ana cess. . was appr0ved unanimously" atlp.m, onJan. B in the distri.ct office I I I P, at~Rforintensel~r010ngedreal-I may be time to re-pot it. These plants ry. Then a couple of weeks later, a The board discussed the proposed in Mankato. 1 I~lliU : 1 islieally graphic sequences of war rio- ! can also be moved outside to a shady location during the summer months, to sr~read-theS~o-~clnewso'ffJ~esus'."our ~ma~n~ca21~e~l~rW?,,~w~a2solkmg ~"-,~,''N ~ ~~~ ~ | lenceincludinggrislybl0odyimages_ The cool nights in the 50 to 55 degree . P g ed'ftheycouldrenttheCorbins ~'~//~"~ 1 711_g._qTfl.ll~fln ! ] Mankato, Kan.- 785-378-3172 range help encourage the Christmas cactus to rebloom as well. you can give th,s Christmas! barn and the family agreed. ~ . ~ ~]~/~,/~.,~ / / ~., ..... - .... ! [ ................. 7 .......... ~,~ Christmas cactus requires a night 'I WO~]d li ko t()th ff~ ~ i, !' ~/~-.,~_ _.._~__ ~ A i! = f .... '~' 1 ,, Please join us fof a :;i ! y y CHRISTMAS EVE SERVrCE M ssion ever one for our cards, ' "V Thr,ft Shop -.E. Saturday, Dec, 24, Mankato, Kan. - 1 y g ry [ [ Wc ia'pltlerdcONawlll heehWt nagPaPgii gw a iYgO [ ] ,n h r5 p.m. 1 Will Be OPEN J ssincence rnmy surgery.sur e . u! " dy Un o C u chofHar Regular Hours: [ Rose Damon .... I [ ntranceof flue- ._ [ [ (The white Church at the comer of: / : Dec. 16 and 17 Dec. 23 and 24 I1 I :ZZ G=7e' ;?2 7 I / / Dec. 30 and 31 = '--' r Q1 an. Brooks and Market Streets, - Hardy, Neb.) . . ! .... ,y .----. ..... .., - ! / Acandlelightseroice I ax__ . __ ! I 1vie unrtsrmas Baektoro#u/ar I would like to thank everyone for [ from 9 a.m. - 3 n.m. [ / withmusic, readings and I i try . . '[ / a messa e celebra From the Con re ation ot the " " "" - I ..... "- ..... I I g tingthe [ g g I/ schedu/e /n January car(Is, phone cans, prayers ann I Free will donation. I I Birth of ]esus Christ [ The Union Church of Har dy I | 4 " " ' ' m ...... .... ..... )" k Merry Christmas visits during my stay in the hospaal, . ..... i . JeweU ch i rl~ t ; Thank you so much . " M|stletoe Madness 1 ! ISt FREE MOVIE. ROAD RA III Frank D emart S II!11 LLY- : i o,/y) SCAVENGER HUNT Saturday, Dec. 17, 2 p.m. "The Texans" Saturday, Dec. 17 2 p.m. The Life Of Pets The Secret Life of Pets is an ani- mated comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day. Mankato Chamber will be working concession stand giving out free popcorn and water. Chamber Bucks w/nners w/// be announced at L'45 p.m. Need not be present to w/n. Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3172 will be performing "Reason For The Season" CONCERT Saturday, Dec. 18 Soup Supper- 5 p.m. Concert - 6:30 p.m. Jewell Christian Church Jewell, Kan. Public Invited Free Will Donation ~16 Saturd, sta~/,a~l/.7, 6:30 p.m_ r Jewell Community Center, Jewell, Kan. Come andjo/n Cash prize awarded //7 the fun/ Refreshments *20 entry fee w///be served per vehicle after the ra//y Sponsored by Jewell Chamber of Commerce At the Jewell Community Center JeweU, Kan. Enjoy samples of'. RoU Ups, Chip and Dips, Cheesecakes, Homemade Candy, Holiday Drinks and much more Visit with Santa at 3 p.m. Christmas prize drawing for all ages will be held after Santa's visit Sponsored by lewell Chamber of Commerce