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November 25, 1992     Jewell County Record
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November 25, 1992

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November 25, 1992 - ~ Je~ll CeHty ]Post - 3 to the Editor Dole has felt it necessary to that the 43 percent of the does not constitute a and that he, Bob Dole, in- bto represent the other 57 percent. and utter nonsensel Just be- me and the gatepost, Bob, of the popular vote was cast the GOP presidential candi- is a -andate2 However, point, you were reelected to I in the United States not 57 percent, but all commentary that no sooner decided than the paxtisan starts all over again. The we Just elected are already for reelectionl Hills, George Bush's Trade is doing her best to trade war with the European of Nations. I can't believe doing this during the waning duck presidencyt While no doubt good reason to de- Associated Press reported that in an effort to prevent the school report cards in are now carrying the "Under no circumstances ga- especially physical." Do this? Do you agree with Is it child abuse to take away a privileges when he makes bad in school? Better watch what k~] when you see a report card. speaking is negative action, think the children's advo- are getting a little extreme? Last headlines screamed of 2.5 reports of child abuse. Well, children who lose privileges will be screaming that the ,a " mand a level playing field in our trade with Europe, with whom we have had a modest trade surplus until very re- cently, there is certainly more reason to demand a level playing field with Japan who has been eating our lunch for years now, leaving us with lltfle more than crumbs. Why the double standard? Prominent officials of the Reagan/ Bush administration are said to be conducting a campaign to disparage and discredit our newly elected presi- dent among their counterparts at home and 'abroad. Not only is such behavior contemptible, it could have grave con- sequences for our country and the world at large. Clearly, all these efforts to undercut and obstruct our new president have 0nly one aim--to make him fail so that the GOP can regain the White House in 1996. One can only hope that the folly of such behavior will soon become apparent to the perpetrators so that irrepm-able harm to the country which we love and cherish can be averted. They are playing reckless games with our future. Robert R. Cook Manhattan epidemic of child abuse is over three milion a year. You know, there are a few thousand children in this country who are really being abused and desperately need help. But our child protection system Is wasting most of its time investigat- ing trivial reports and trying to regu- late the child-rearing practices of mil- lions of parents. Child abuse isn't getting worse. The only reason that the numbers are ris- ing is that the standards keep chang- ing. Parents beware, youX, e lost many of your rights. Don't wait for a child protection worker to come to your door. Contact your state and federal law- makers and tell them to allow you to raise your children as you see fit. Didn't they all agree last summer that par- ents should raise children, not the state? Lind8 Msrtinez Garden City, KS fresh, clear morning revealed a of snow and how pretty it first The dead leaves and other ~that was shifted to and fro by the covered by brilliant white. across the cold mass paw upon reaching a clapped their hands and snow so school would be off. Farmers sighed again, If they milo in the fields. Moms and wondered how to r all theThanks- ~'Olhpany. Others wondered how 'will be homebound or if family the holidays. but it brings a multi- to each person. Letters Welcome The Jewell County Post welcomes letters to the editor from responsible groups and individuals, Letters must be signed and include the writer's ad- dress and telephone number. Anony- mous letters or those signed with ini- tials will not be printed. The ~ewell County Post reserves the right to edit all letters and delete anylibelous m_aterial or phrasing that is in poor taste. Letters should be at the office by Monday noon of the week in which the writer wants his letter to appear. All letters become property of the Jewell County Post and will not be returned. FARM CREDIT WELCOMES SHOPPERS competitive marketplace, more and more people "shop" for the all-around loan. At Farm Credit, we understand that. That's why we you to come in and shop with us. confident that after you've talked to us, you'll find we're the one answers your needs. by and see Jim Garwood and Terry Chancy, our Farm Credit loan in Concordia. Farm Credit Services 904 Broadway - Concordia or call 243-4689 Toll Free 1-800-783-4689 Field Offices at: Farm Bureau Offices Beloit - I st & 3rd Tuesday, 1-3 p.m. Mankato - 2nd & 4th Friday, 1-3 p.m. F.Aitorlal Comment Margaret's Memos comm= ttS ood ank OneoftheJoysofbeinganewspaper or CotmtU ood mtk editor is that sometimes the marl brings interesting items llke an article some- one saved from past eras. This time, it was an article tiffed "The Six Quy Broth- ers of Mankato All in Army." It is a newspaper clipping from the Jewell County Record of Thursday, August 10, 1943. E. E. Hayes of Cane Hill, AR, sent it in. Hayes attended school at Formoso with some of the Quy family. The article related how Newell, Ken- neth, Quinton, Vernon, Harvey and Glenn Quy were all in the Army at the same time. Three were overseas at the same time and ony one of the "boys" had yet to get his first promotion. Another interesting tidbit from the same era--as Alice was typing the Re- member Whencohunn, an article caught my eye. The article was asking home- makers to drain the grease off the Thanksgiving turkey and send it to the government. They used It to make glyc- erin for gun powder. Wow, talk about recyclingt At a recent meeting, the minutes of the Thrift Shop were read and a com- ment on the food bank was made. It stated that people in one town were us- ing the food bank too mu ch and that'the ministers in that town should take care of their own. Forgive me ffl misunderstand, but I was led to beiieve it was a Jewell County Food Bank with contributions coming from all parts of the county for all needy, regardless of where they live, whether in this county or people pass- ing through that encounter difficulties. Do the people who work in the Thrift Shop come from only one town? The Thrift Shop seems to be one of the larg- est sources oflncome for the Food Bank. On the flip side, the comment was made that some families want only name brands of food, not the generic kind. I would hope the person in charge of distribution would personally escort such people to the front door empty- handed and explain that the Food Bank is for those who are hungry. Fawna Barrett What Value in Theater? Part Three This is the last article in a series of articles about the value that theater might have to Jewell County people. The first article demonstrated that theater has value by providing another form of entertainment. The second ar- ticle showed that theater is even more valuable for its ability to touch the hearts and lives of people. Theater Touches People Why is art considered valuable? We hear of paintings being auctioned for millions-of dollars and wonder why someone would pay so much for a pic- ture. Why have museums--whole build- ings built Just to display art? Art is valuable because of its ability to com- municate the artist's personality, mes- sage, and feelings. Consider the power of music for example. We can sing hymns of praise and prayer; we can dance; we can have our spirits lifted by "happy music" and can cry along with "the blues;" we can declare the wonders of our love. Who can listen to the William Tell Overture and not imagine William Tell (or, more likely, the Lone Ranger) riding his powerful steed? How many of us re- kindle our love for country when we hear our national anthem? Life without music would be unbearably dreary because music, a form of art, is a very powerful way for us to share our feel- ings and ourselves. Theater, another form of art, also has the ability to affect our feelings and ourselves. Don't we watch certain movies or television shows because we want to feel good? Dont certain other movies or television shows cause us to feel fright- ened, or heroic, or even angry? We enjoy these forms of theater because they produce these feelings in us. As we love music, we prize these forms of theater because of what they do for us and in US. Finally, and most importantly, itmust be said that theater is always about people. The setting may be a distant planet in the far future or a falry-tale land in the past, the characters may be imaginary, may be real, or may even be strange creatures, but theater always has something to say about the hopes, the dreams, the desires, the glories and the failings of people. Theater is most valuable to us because it teaches us to look at ourselves and each other and to grow, even if only a little, in our under- standing and appreciation of each other. We, the Jewell County Players, are grateful for the opportunity to bring theater to Jewell County and are thank- ful for the responses and the support you have returned to us. We hope we have served you well, and we look for- ward to continuing this mutuallybene- flcial relationship for many years to come.