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November 24, 2016     Jewell County Record
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November 24, 2016

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8B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thuts0ay. Novernl~r 24, ~'~16 II Four Ways from Northbranch By Erma 13~l]ion Tb.ursday evening. Blake, Arm and Selene Davis. Jean Davis and Kim Davis went to McPherson and reel Drew and Danyel Hoffman. Addison, Colt aJ+d Brady for supper. Tt~y then went to Wichita for the night, Friday morning, Blaise, Selene. Jean and Kim attended the naturalization ~mony for Ann as she became a citizen of the United States of America, They re- turned home Friday nighl, Saturday night all had supper at a Red C[ond restaurant along with Alan Da vis. Tt~d and Grant Davis, F,d and Sherri Beam and Tom Shute all of r~ral Esbon, Jeri Shute and LaVaughn Simpstm of Red Cloud and Carl and Peg Meline of Inavale.A cake with. the American flag on il and ice cream v,'ere at~ served to celebrate. Lasl Friday, Glen and Patsy Warner were inv ted to go with their friends. Jim and Lenor Weber of Guide R~ck, m Hatstead, a s they bolh have interests there. On their way they stop{'~ld in Lirtdstmrg as Lenore is of Swedish descent. They looked around and shopped and ate lunch in the Swedish care having Swedish R~xl. Glen, be- ins a veleran, was treated k) his meal, "]'key then continued to Halstead, w here they tou~d an anliqu hardware store. Su interesting, they saw things they I Esbon By Gl,enna Fogo Another week has rolled around and its again time to rack my brain and see ifl have heard any news that would be ~f' interest lo you readers. Ei Lewis, McPherson. arrived in Eslxm Sunday evening. The purprl~ ft~r this mp was tohelp nephew, Shown Faust, finish up his fall harvest. The r~mor mill can ~metime~ lead you astray, but we'll see. t am hearing thai those guys and gals who have heen we:king for Edgar Marihngh have ahtml finished the work of convening the old grocery more into a church, ~he Church of Christ. An all weather aw- ning has been inslath.',d on the west enlranc way. which ,~-ill allow For all weather coming and gtt/ng. The Esb~m communily congratu- lairs lV,~ =ffourown, qanelle Peroutek and |Sn)n,a Rcmen. The girls were crowned co-queem, of the JewelL County 4-H Achievement Program. "raneil alst) received the 4-1-1 "'Dare You Award" at Ihe same program. These girls are an excellem example of Ihe great youths v h(~ colt E.~hon "'h.r)meJ' l as'+ Wednesday was USDA eom- mtalil[es day in E,~bon, Ray and Barb Mitner dn)ve to Belleville lO pick up the items, which this time included vrapefruit juice, th)zen hit,cherries. fin,ten chicken, canned " egetables, ~.' ttFnfl~ InMilnl ptffaltH2,;. dr). I",~an-, alzd cere a.L, l~,all~ a,td [.llJ l-'m~t ok' +.~) t.'haJrnlan hand1Jll~ t)| th1% ptoJ C'. L'rl. loadinp, preparing tile i'x)xes OI t'ot~d ;ntd handin~ Iheln oul ~ere Barb. Ldu Tunlmv I.ro~l. Kily Bells. lmt Beeloll and Joil,i Hiwkt~css J~.~Jln I~L'bk the 11 ~xes ft~= dislrihuli~m in Burroak.-Jh remaining 14 were handed ~ml at E~l~tm. To celebrate an earl " Thank giv- ins+ Carol altd Chug i:ogo. Manhallau. conic to Mankato Friday maiming where Ihey were reel by Gle,lna Fogn and Ihc} all had hmch togelher. No~ I'll tell you. th.ul'~, lh ~ay to, go. Let SL'tmeol|e e [%" ~ ~.K ~,l~ th&t de] t io L~':, Iltt2 L~. [, but mosl td'all k'l .~oln ~me eI.~ rio II,e dishe~. 1)ar?i. I.Vml .qld .' rmLC I-r~q .tt- rP.t ~ at ihe,t l' -~,u ll, vme "I ht, r'.~a~ e'~ riln~, Theft ',1,t} irl I'.~.[~Vlll td.d~. ',hi,IT as lilt", ]elt M, md.~? l'ra~), M~cr, ,+scd. t1.1 i ,~ I'[I p~',l ~,eek w idl i:[arl hna t-~da ~t[,'l"t~. ,hile he huuted the el trq ~ tlc~.'~ Sacred l-k'ar~ 1.',i1'ht,ll, L h.Lf, h Ill Es~"K'ql ~il~ lh%' ,ii< t~l .t HI ]~.~t ;~!. ]k. c~aJ st 'r,)wc ~t]rtda~ at/chin ': [hr, al.',e,~ nlk'hLdcd ;n ~,llu~k .h~'~'~.'r m QIc evenillg. (.'hiu'ch ntL'1111~'[- ~d='.t.]r='. Iho.s I,(Im I:?,h.t~,II Ifl~- {tJ~Lc.d lhc~ klrt~Lrt, gali~m~, It m', .Man k at .~,t ] %~.'~ tth ( 'r ~. tee parishes. Eshorl", rle~, ',l bl)~-lltr,?~.', |~ e+hL'l'V the cro~d ~.i~ Fr)d,Q ,~ KI)I a re,air shup. had .in ~,i~',l tu,~,~: 4rid m~ acd ~ vefyo,le Io c'crltle arid shift c- lar,lt~, ch~px a,~.d (Ul'K'akL*~ ~llli them Frld~). lone ~h,pl ~ wc,t ~ ah ,lit." terribLe ill) tJl~lnd al'td di,x to Coa]~2ate. Okla Io help h+.'t t2rc;ll- granddaughter Rathe N ~,N.'rQ ~.el- ebrac hirthda~ N~i. I. Tile fir~,t pan of last v, ek. Beverl) and Dwighl From w 'r n) Ihc Kansas City inca to aetend the annual KAC This was Dwight'.', la I tune he ~ dl attend the Kansas Association ol~,'<,tlt~- lie-, t~t:tc~tlt)g as yot{ all kJt,v, lie de- clded not bl run for reelection to the county commissitm this year. ~ ,~ill be relirin~ from that job in Junuaf)'. A~ ~a~t u, eek went alolzg the lenl- perature dropped. Daring the day lime Friday ~;he wind blew exlremely hard l'l~)lll Ihe north, Apparently blowing in the cold we~,llm r as during the nigh t the lemperature readingdropIx~tdow n into the tee~,~, F~day '~' ning ~ verly and Dwight Frost attemled the h~ve~;t meal aL O1- ire Hill Cluirch. O Lord. the earth has again given us plenty, the soil w~ prepared, ,~'eds were planted and You. O Lord, have given its a lx~untiful harvesl, we have gathered in the fruits of earth and we give thanks to y0u, 0 Lord, for all you haveblessedm with, Amen, Rod Rose, associate pastor, was greeted at the door of the Esbon United Methodist Church by Roger Underwood a ~ he did everyone else that came to worship. Lily and Claire Walker assisted by their amber, Beth, were the acolytes. Jarte| Kriley was at tie piano. Guests of the morning were Levi White, Marlene ard Ten'y Walker ~d Wanda had ~'~ver seen and didn't knoS~' ~'Eal were used for, They wished they had asked. Then they hunted forthe hospi- tal where Patsy's dad wa~ at ale time a patient and her stepmother a nurse. It was sad ?o see this lovely five xlory hospital vacam "l'l,ey drove up k, Coronado Heigllt,~ aud the road wa~ terrih]e, but Ihey ,erc Ih,'lnkfnl Ihey had a go~gt drivel [l wa, a Iove].~, interesling and relaxing trip. Last weekend. Sam and Alycc Gillett went to Valley Center t~+ visn ~'olL Victoria. Makayla and Code L'Ecuyet in their new home. Salutda~- Jan, Carrie. Andrew and Jacob Bonebrake joined them for the day. They a'q celebrated Andrew's l lth birthday by going out to eat. The Bonebrakes had to head back to To- peka for a party that night. Sunday Sam and Alycejoined the L'Ecuyersat Rivertawn Christian Chmch for ser- vices, The pastor from this church con- ducted prayers with Scott's Valley Center football team this ~a.mn. On Ibeir way home the Gillet~ stopped in BenninLztun It) visit with David and Autumn Gillett and family. Thisweekend Sam andAlyoe drove Io Minnesola on Friday, That nighl they went to the musical at the Prior Lake High School, Their granddaugh- Thummel's granddaughter and chil- dren. AtI the children gathered in front ~f Rod. He asked them what was com- ing in three or four days Then asked whal each of them would give thanks fur. One thing shouM be thanks to God. Wande had the day's special. She read an article that was reeeally printed in the Salina Journal. The clipping wax wrilten by a woman who had suffered many tri~Is and stil| could celebrate life. Rod wa.s so impressed with the ptece that he asked to take it to his new churches. R~vJ was presented a thank you em,'e k)pe fn)m she men,bets of this church. He then read scripture f~om P~alm 95, Psalm lOOand Luke I ."Giv- ing Thanks tu Him" was his sern,on lille. What a day Thanksgiving has always been. Always slandem the right ~itlc. which is usually suplxlsed to be the got,t side. If the holy spirit coines into your afind accepl it, aclonit.Gale Burgess and Lnne Underwoml were the usher:, and Lane assisted in ~rving ti~ communion elements which had been preparLXt by Lila Frost. Juy~ and uoncerns mainly were that members were enjoying their many visitors but al.~ the birthday song wa,~ sung for Beth. Fellowship followed. "'Now Thank We All Our God." Slaying the w,~ekend with grandma and grandda& Lfla and Iohn Frosl, ~ ere C<)lin and Levi White. Belie ville. Colin had in mind to do ~mle Ituntil~,g ~x hid, he did. }'t, tll tiidn'l h;ivc Ion i,ttiell ril~ k .IT le,~,T ~11 Satttrda.~. ter, Alli~,n Gille|t, was in it. It was Beauty and the Beast. Saturday at ntam they ux+k Marcia and Allison Gillett and Deuni Susan, Bramlon, Eli and ~()phill Oistm ~=ut t+J eat. They were celebrating the birthdays of Sophiu, Brandon and All=son. Then Sam and Alyce ~,em to lwo ha~ketb~tll games Bzandon played in. "lhi is a traveling leanl .r,2oflMMlng (If select 81h. graders |-nnn Lakeville North. Sunday morn- ins they went to Holy l'rinily UMC with Marcia and Allison and heard them sing with the choir. In the arlee- n=sin they attended another perfor- inance of the musical and then went to vLsit the Olsons in their new home in t.akeville, which they ju-,t moved into three days before. Kevin and Cindy McNichols of Vista, CaliL. and Joyce McNichols were last Tuesday evening visitors in the home of John and Erma Dillon. The Cat/fomia MciNichols IeR last Wednesday to visit relatives in Kans~ City and then to Texas for more visit- ing before heading home. Saturday evening several ,of the younger generation who grew up in this area gathered in Mankato tbr din- ner and a lime of visiting with Lan-y and Nancy Winslow who are vixitLng in the area. Pastor Jan Harkae~s welcomed each one to the Sunday morning worship serviceat Nonhhram'h Friends Cimrch. followed by givingannouncemenlsand noting numerous prayer concerns. Musicians were Rosetta Jeffery and Lexl JefFety. The congregation sang '+Happv Bird~day" to Sherri .teffery ~ince it wa ,~ he=- bi~day. Serving as ushers were Brad Je fiery, Walt Willilts and Kelly McNich01s. Ro.~etta'soffer- tory was a pica arrangement of"Let Us Break Br~ad Together." Pastor Jon's sermon was taken from Ecclesiastes 1, contin aing on with the lifeof Solomon. Ye ~.-dbe was doing kitchen duty sn raised the rest of the service. Wanda Warner, in behalf of the church folk, presented ton and Emily with whal we call a "'l~U nding,'" which is pte~nLing them wilh many "punds'" of food. Following the service the annual Thanksgiving dinner wa.~ enjoyed. Larry and Nancy Winslow of Or- egon and Ke=~ and Susan Wamer were Sunday evening visitors of Gien and Pats, Warner. [~t) y<,tl realize the value of ? To realize the vaTue of a sister or brolher.ask s,)lnt~>ne w h=, doesn't have one. To realize the vahle of K Lvear-,;, ask a newly div<~'Ced temple. To realize Ihe vahle of four years. ask a #raduate~ To rea'~iee the value of one yea.r, ask a student who has failed a final exam. To realize the value of nine months. ask a mother who h~ ~ given birth to a stilllx~m. To realize Ihe value of one mtmLIl, ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby. '['o realize Ihe value of OP. week. a',k the: etiilt)r of a weekly new puper "lt, reailze the value of one tnh|uLe, ask a person who has Ittigsed the train. bus or plane. "l-o realize the value of one second, | INVITATION FOR BIDS The Beard of Educalion of U.S.D. t07 is accepting bids ~or a erie year lease on 1he following described farm real estate: All that part of the Sou#3east Ouarter (SE1/4) of Section Fifteen (15), Township Three (3} So~th. Range Eight (8) West of the 6~ P.M Jewell County. Kat~sas, more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING al a point eight (8) rods South of the Nodhwesl corner o[ said SE1/4 of Section 15; r~nning thence East 20 rods; thence South 52 rods; thence West 20 roast tt~ence North ,52 rods to the place of beginnir~g, To be considered, bids must be ir~ writing and submitted to the US D 107 Board Otfice at 109 E. Main SlreeL Mankato, Kansas 66956 The bids mus~ be for a stated amount for the 2017 c~op year. Re~t wile be payable May 1, 2017. B=ds must be received by Friday, December, 9, 2016, al noon at the US.D, 107 Office, to be considered, 8iris wirl be opened at the December 12, 2016, Board of E ~ucalior~ meeting. The Board of Education reserves 1he right to reject any and all bids. 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