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November 24, 2016     Jewell County Record
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November 24, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, November 24, 2016 1 Public Notices i o e o o - .-.---~. - =. CFir~t pabli.rhed November 17, 2016 in the Jcwell Caunty Record) Nolio~ o1' ]t~nK On Petition For ~ Settlement Of F .~te In the Disll"iCl Court of Jcwell Coumy+ Kanse~s Probate Division in the Matte]" of the Estate of C nrtis J ffery, sometimes known as C.rtis No, 11-IPR-16 State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned: You are hereby notified that on November 14, 2016, a petition was filed in this Court byMarilynJ+feffery, Executrix of the Estate of CttffisJeffery, deceased, requ=esting Final ~ttlement of Eamte. You are hereby rcqu !red to file your wt'itten defenses thereto on of before 9th day of December, 2016, aft |0:00 o'clock a.m.+ of thai day, in the above court, in the city of M~nkato, in such county and state, at which time such cause will he heard. Should you fail therein, jwJg~t and decree will be entered in due course on that peti- t!fro, Marilyn J. Jaffa!y, Pc!ironer Justin Fen'ell Kansas Supreme Court 2201 3 Brewer Law Firm, L.L.C. 613 Washinglon Street P,O, Box 549 Com:ordia. Kansas 6690t-0549 Telephone: (785) 7.43-3790 Fax: (785) 243-5018, sblati[ys@atcnet Attorneys for Fetilioner ZNEZ 46-3 Mankato II Batch and Betty Thompson were receni[ly in Pre, tt to visit the Richard '[+hompson family. While they ,ere in Pratt they watched Riley play in a middle .'~'hool b~kelball game and also wai[ched a ~h,t:ml mu~Jcal. "'The Music Man.'~ Leaving Prai[L ;hey I[rav. clad to Kansa.s City where they watched their granddaughter. Si[ephanie Karat. ~n a cheer competition. Sai[tnrday dinrter g ueni[~, al Ibe home , rBill ~d Verla R~e were Hanrell Rt~e and Pare Gripe. Republic.h~h. Adas~ and Will Rt~', Ma,hattan. The last of ~he titwd ~,eek nn No. vembeT and I[hc beginning of n~ fourth week i~, nel'nindini; the I<~'als 1hat the nice fall weal[her here in Kan,-'ns c~mld he con,ling I[o a ch,l~. Monday saw almost avert'one wcauring coats pu'cLed up at(maya their necks to block OLUt the chilled air, Woutd be nice before win- ter sei[11es in m receive a gtmd old s~mking rai~ m help everyi[h ing make it through to ~pfing. Kcnny a.d Mariiyn l.yuehl xlaycd the v, ceLcrid iq K~m,a~ ('ky visiting their tl:la.~hlcr. ~%'~in,L]~ Ho~a~d. ~ ho i, ,= the Jltt~,pn,nl ~allh ~in.tl nncningnli, Matihll i+.'i~pil+.'cI .~hL" i~, t]+.HII L' .~ huI t%'i[i[ i, ( "] lla ' k .tll~.l |lq %h .~ |. q+h } al kl ~I id n~ "l't~bin I"riescu and ('; rl M I [argue, ('en,ltral City. vkitcJ Sire- day ;|l'i[err~xm with Freddie Murphy. 11~ Nels||n busied Thanksgiving d inner.'*;.'qurd;Jy i,lichl. Her g~sL, ~ere Eric Nelson al,nJ Am-'lnda Wulker. Auhry Walker. Todd uutl Lir, a Goodheuri[+ {lien E,~der: Faye Gt~alheart. Belok: Kendall und S:mdy Nelx~m. Jarud and Trichu bielson. I~mc Nel ~rn. Jason Ncl:~tr;I and H;dey 1"h- * 1+[:111'<;o11. Clone (';Irl'Itrl,l. I; l.+il. ~a~ ;. ~.i.~ilor ;rod din,lner gue~l of ['n:mk and N;~linc R;ailnha~'k. I.;;~i[ 'l'h~.irml,t.', .Jt':.m AnH k~,'llii:ikei" "d, Clll ILl Ihe tl~h+r iII I|t'h~II Ior ;ll'l t'illdrlr,tI "~Iiq~[ I[I h|:! bJck ;%hu,n /.ndinh,= ,la~cd I.=.q x~cvkcml il,l II " h.t~,: pil,d. ;SillE,;l h.i~. Ik'en h, Htt a v. eck ,P, of .%1tq,b.l~,k ~, Lklltl rc'[~ wled ~lle k~ SI 'lln Kuhhnn mn .tnd Aud~ MlIler .~l~l,lycd Ihc v, eekcl~,d Irl ( "n,~] I,C~ qdl.n h.l,'ip. i~g II~d~-~ ~i',leL IX'bhc Kc~=rqn. ~t'l read} for her -'~lLluhorl l;~sl 't'~'~'dl'lC>dd.'=,~!llet'n l.q'nckn~B. t't~utll;.Lii,tS. ~ l: ilt'i,l l'~,'r ~i,d;(r, AJ.itJtrc'~ |)izn1'l, Ind !';and,t} -xruhL"5 w,CCql~Tkt. nicd Rick ~+nd .~h~'d,I l)l,:lliidlI'ti I~ ,%u- rm-ri, ir for zt I[lli td ,:tEd t'~ILnlTh ~r.ldC h,l~- kelh;dl g;~rrlc to v. atch I)+lyl'~e ('lark play. l).;t'=,fle in Aiidr,:~-n/:rc;tl-grar~d- ~on and Rick and She!In'> gtai%Ixon. l~-'l l+;t.vIIe. F,t.~,l'li-lin'.a,i ~.iP+ii+ 'ti Andn:y Atildre~, I')iall5.tdltl B~tIV [lt'vker ;l~l Mar) l~~ell h~'Ce[ hratt:" Mary'~ hinh. d=,~. Sund,|~ iifla,~ mid Brandon H~dlcrnch t'lo~ted lll~n~k~gi~ ine dinner ~ntl biahd:t.~ [eleh~ahnlg bir[hd.'Lvs ~eTe i|f:ttltiOI1 ul-ld KalhV JeF~,~en. (J uc~,h ~ ere ('arl Jan ~en. SI[ U~LI~ Jan nt:-n. Br, in,ldi jetinen. V ic~lila" ('+.kl,lleran Snell. Wtt'l,lila: Shirley Rad~dph, Til'- I-~ny and Br.+,ndon's clfildren. Kecgull, Ryan and Allyxoa Ilollerich. Satur- day. l] r;mdi arid ('~.lHlen~.n I'1 ~," Told the M'~akuh~ ,tirporl, I~cfore leaving. Br:lrldi and Camcran gave Kathy ~nd Kecgan ;, i'~l;.Lne Ode a0ound Je~ell (7 ~unly~ "The ftmdamenta] !de.of modem capi- talism is not the right ofth~ individual Io possess and enjoy what he hasearae~ but the thesis that the exercise of this right a~lounds to the g .ne, ral good." Ralph Barton Perry Payne Pasture Clearing Pasture tree clearing Post hole drilling General dirt or lot work Snow remo~l Rod y + I l lip ~; HUGS[ Cathy Dnunec teacher of one of l~e Kindergarten classes a~ Roc~ Hills has t3 s~t~len|s in her class room this year JeweH Co. Memories Continaed from page 4 November 21, 1996 Triple murder suspect Alan Whii[t' would Ix" returned to Jewei~ Couni[y to P~e p~hai[ion v iolai[ion el;argos. Jewell CoLtntv a ~thorii[ie s alst+ ,+,anted toques- lion ~t]llitC about[ the death of Mabel Sweet, 78. White and another couple re porledly h,lulld Mrs. Sweei['sremains kn liter farnl home and ~leaed I[he au- I[htWili~S in7 her death. Thep. Wllite Wel|l[ missing Ibr several months before he- il+g arrested in the ansi[on area. ()eidra Boyles. Skylar Ftasier+ Cl:tirc Muhhlum, Nicule Mohhn;ln. J:lynnne hair, Ca~sle Heal,J, Hale,' Wil- ~)n. M :lckenzie Manniii[g and A hi;laura Diclt[ ,~vco~ lllell,lhel"~ ofi[l;e WhiteR~-k I{igh Sclu~3l alt school play ca st, A retir'ets~nlt par~y hoaoted Joan Wa uL-q; at Ihecuu~ho~$emeei[ing R-IOta, Mist and ice gave ~v;ly It) beavy raiu ~ I~tch drenched Jewe[I Counny. Rain- t;,ll U)lal, v.ere as high as ~ix im.'hcs. .~I,'IL) I t~.LI'[~ t~l' the Ct~.l.tl,lty I'~C,12i~,',t.'d at ] .t" l I'is, t" ii%cllt"~. Ihc %lanka|~ IlL~h School all- ~ch,d pl,y c;,t in,:]ude~ Palrtc'k I la.r'lwr. "l":lr,I .~,r='a.r't'|S~X', Mall Si[c~'ar~, Chad M~lev. Am:rod, L~md~ Hilurv W.JI~AiP1. JL-~'einiah Wehh, Nanei[t~, I)un~suln. :rod Sara Stu~5 'f Ntwember, 1996 The Jewell l~dy~ai[s finisltetl thinl in the slate l A volleyball I[ournamenl he~d at l~y~, T~e Mankai[o Fire Del~rllr~eBi was called when a smouldering mattress caught a Chief Disposal trash truck on tim. About 2,000 gallons of water wen: required to control t]'~c tim, By a margin t~f only 13 vo~es gen- era| elc'cliOll ~tCrs approved a plan alk~wmg t~nc d,l 'drt 'l.wldC K%'lIOn Ot Mal,lkai[t; ~'ht~l board rl~mhers. Novemhcr 9~ 2104)6 Meml~rs of the six Jewell Coualy 4-H Clubs w,e~e homi~l at the annual ach~,evemelll pr~e.raLn, Clubs incl uded the Formoso" V~fjlling Workers, |the Jewell Gemstones+ Mankato Eager Benchers, Southeasl Coyotes, Webl~r Wide-Awake and Whitemo'and Build- ers, I~ aths holed in elm.t,'d those o f Ot~t I Lamb, Ralph Maag, Donald Switzer and Lmne Wood. New carpet and different theatre ~eats were being installed at the Jewell High School. Jewel[ Courtly w0ters approved the establishment of the Burr Oak Lihrar~ District with 139 votes for and 37 against, Steve GJn~ne was eie~led to the ~unty boar, t. Slan Colson. chose not I[o seek anol.ber term on the boanL November !3, 2006 The White Rock Acadetny at Esbon ,'as ready arid waiting for the sludenL~ to arrive. The Rt, key F:lmih' nnade a sectmd $ I 0.000 donalitm ~o tile Jewell County Hislorical S~.'icty. Laura Murphy celebrated her 90th binhday with an o[~n I,louse he~d at the Mankato Senit~r Ceqtcr. Annual conference helps commtmlt foundations grow By Ron Wilson "The p~wer of mogether." That's a powerful phrase. It was a powerful theme Jura conference in Kansa.s which allracled people f~m acro~ the na- tion. This annual conference is helping build capacity of community fouada- lions which assist Kausans and other~ to leave a legacy ~ make their commu- nities better. I- Svei[I aaa H attics i exec ~i[1%"e 6~rec- !or of the Kansas Aspic!aft!on of Com. munity Foundat ions. She e~p[aJned',hat ~.~nlnlunity foundations are commu- nity-based non-profit philanthropic instil[Lotions which receive funds from various dono~ for charitable invest- ments in their communities. There are cm'n:atly 87 communily foundation members of KACF " The Kansas Assoeiatitm of Community Foundations+ They're found in the si[ale'.~ largest cities, communnties like Manhattan, and ~'en natal places s,lnch as Kensington, populatnon 51F,+ a,d Sylvan Grove. population 3 i 9 pet+pie. Now, that's rural, [n 2015, KACF members held $3. I billion in a ~t ~ and invested $393 million in their local communities -- in just one yeart Such foundations are especially !m- purl, at due to the pending interge+ nerational U~msfer of wealth in Kan- .%3 S. '+An estimated $79 hill!on ofesteles and b'gacies will transfer from one generation ~;o the next by the year 2020, according to Wichita State Universily res,arch commissioned by KACF ~nd the Kansas Heahh Foundalinn++' Svei[laJ~a ~id. [n responme, KACF a~plc,J an ini- liuiive called K~ep 5 in ~nnsas The concept i~ that five percenlof the va~ue of these estai[es could be preserved in community foundations for the benefit of those communities and their citi- zens. Thal would generate $4 bi|]inn in ruminantly endowmems to benefit Ka~,~ns in perpetuity. Lewy Body Dementia? - Parkinson's Disease Dementia? Suffer From Visual Hallucinations? Been hearing or seeing things that are not actually present? Yo~ mey qualify for a reseaKh study that iS evaluating the safety and effecldvene~ of a new invesfi~tional medication that may help to reduce the symptoms of Lewy Body Dememla ot Parkinson's Disease Dementia if: * You are aged 50- 8S years with a diagnosis of Dementia with Lewy Bodies * You suffer from visual hallucinations that occur on more days than not Medications you take have been on a consistent dqse for at least 4 weeks For More Information, Please Contact Rowe Neuro[0w Institute, Dr. Vernon Rowe or i.eigh Kreshal at (913) 827-4262 ll This week's report from Mankato Livestock, Inc. Friday, Nov. 18 15 BIk Heifers 493 139,00 24 BIk Steers 609 137,25 ~9 BIk Heifers 43,8 137 C0 15 Char SteePs 682 137.00 15 Mix Heifers 735 127.00 17 BIk Steers 569 137,00 15 MIX Heifers 648 1'25.50 26 BIk Steers 695 '[36,50 18 Mix Heifers 651 125,50 68 Mix Steers 781 134.00 15 BIk Heifers 68~ 124.00 "~5 BIk Sleeps 600 133,75 25 Mix Heife~ 594 123.'/'5 22 BIk Sleem 63~) 131,0,{3 15 BIk Heifers 674 122.25 20 Mix Steers 017 131.~0 34 Mix Heifers 747 ~22.00 15 BIk Steers 645 130-00 18 BIk Heifers 606 119.00 1.5 Mix Steers 673 128.75 19 M~x Heifers 660 115.00 54 Mix Steers 872 128.60 17 BIk Steers 522 153,00 19 Mix Steers 630 128.00 15 Mix Steers 614 144.50 19 Btk Sleets 723 128 00 30 BIk Steers 616 142.75 17 Mix Steers 675 127.50 28 Mix Steers 628 141.00 39 M~ Steers 868 126.00 48 Mix SteePs 655 138,01) 17 Mix Steeps 710 125.00 22 BIk Steers 599 138,0~ 20 Mix Steers 920 12500 105 Mix Steers 834 137.75 16 Mix Steers 7gO 123.50 Consigned for Friday, Hov. 25 50 BIk Fall C~lving Cows, 4-8 Yeats 015; 40 Mix ~ ~Mng ~, Youn~ ~o 01d: 60 Mix Sleets, 82~; 20 BIk Cows, 5-7 Years Old, Sp~rmmun~ty foun- daliom, in rural small urban, and sub- ~rbau set~in~ ;uzd off~ tecknical, praci[ical, down 4~-earth sc~ions t~ ad- dress challenge~ faced by community fcnundalions,'" Svella~a +aid. One track n fconference ~ssions is for ne~ b~ratd members and, founda- tton staff, ~hile aa advanced track is offered for mote experienced parlici- pant[s, There i~ also a focus on cmerg- lug opImzaunttie~ h~r community foun- d, rictus. [n 2016, Ihc welt-established Kan- -~as c~rnl-erence wa ~ held for the first lime a-~ a n~tional conference for Lzrow- ing colnmtmity founc~utions, Hosted in With!In. the theme ,~'as '"["he Power of Together," The conference was a re- sounding success, atttacling 280 par- licipanls from 29 statc~. '"~is conference has been a true tesi[amenl tc,l Ike Power of Tog ker.'" S',~lana said, "KACF Board, confer- ertce supporters, expel! and vo]tm- tears, as well as ~he national advisory group, all worked IOselhet-to make it a Sll~ces$." Parlicip~nt comments inel uded: '1 learned about a cull[lag-edge idea and did|'1 even have to drive ouL of state.'" I have been to many conferences anti the conference in Wit.him was by far the most u.~ful.'+ "~KACF's work is all ahoui[ people Thur~ay. Novoml)0r 24,201~ who care abotst the future of their corn* m0nities,"Svetlana said. "We celebrate tki s d~tring National Community Foun- d,lion Week (Nov. 12-1gX and Na- tionaL Phi[anth,opy Day on Nov. 15. I invite everyone to conrad'+ their ~ocal community fonndatioa. You have the power to leave a legacy in your com- munhy.'" R~ Wils~ is director +if the Hack Bo)~l Natio+tal hrstincte for Rl+rol De- vdapmeat at J~zH ~as State Uni,rersity. Innovative fxrl atlon company founded /n rural Kansas By Run Wilson In south Texas. where new irriga- tion ledmology is being ir~;tal|ed in a cotton field, the owners are excite& because Jt is estimated the technology can sa~ up tohalfdreir water use. The s~urce of this technology is an innova- rive business in rural Kansas. Monty Teeter is president of Teeter Irrigai[itm in Ulysses+ The Toe~er gatnd- parents homesteaded in s~uthwesl Kan.~s in 19(]6. Monty went TO a ntra[ school in nearhy Moscow. populai[ion 243 people. When he was 16+ he ntei[ a gtrl named Becky and Iheir relationship grew. His career began with an irriga- tion pipe company in Ulysses He mar- tied Becky. Later, they moved to the nearby town of Joh/lsolt as he ad ~anccd w !thin the company~ but he dido'it ~ ant to re|eeale out of stale. Instead, from his garage nn 1977. he began his own hnsine~ called Teet:r lrrigadt~n Sales. "'Tl~re was a short age of people whocould workon irrlg azltm systems," Monty said. "People ~ ~tdd wait sevt~rat days Io gel a service caLL completed.'" So. Monty responded to thir, nt ~,tl He would haul equipnnem, fix ge;ir- boxes, or do whatever i( I(x~k to make the customer" s irrigation sysi[c m "~'t r rk As his business grew, Teeter [n'~gat eOl'~ became a dealer to sell irriganion pn~- ors, pumps and eguipmenl Today, Teeter [trig,ilion empIo v~, ~(mle l(Y3 people in seven Iocationr, a~,l~ ~ Kan~s and Colorado. ~clLing Valley htand i~gati0n 4oiDmcnt and more. Over lime. crop wale~ng u~cthtyJ% ha~'e changed t'n+m il~d inigai[x~m to center pivot sy~t ms Io driP i!rTigi.lliOl,l, with accompanying gain ia walet,:oH. 2.016 TAX DI$1'RICT LEVIES. JI~WI~LL cOuNTY, I/3~,tSA.R THE SUPERIOR EXPRE~ 5B servation+ However+ the cost and hassle of using drip irrigai[inn systems has heea a eaten'era. Monty intagined a way of adding tubing to pivot irrigab.on systeJus so that the tubes could be &agged al ~.tLrmmd level dispensing the waler di- y at the base of the pkmt near the tools. He eneotLr~ged some of his cus- tomers +o fly it, but no one did. '+I bought 320 acres of farm ground witha tow 200 gut)on-per-minute well, went out and tried it myself." Monty said. As he perfected the system, he found it cotdd save 20 to 50 percent of the water which had previously been used. at a fraction of the cost of install- ing tradil~naldripirrigation.He knows fiPSl-~and that il works. The product is called Dragon-Line. offered by Teeter [rogation with the slogan "Ttans forming Pivol lmgat~.on with Drip Technology." The company's over, it statement of pur- I~Se is: "Making ever7 d~+p o[ wa~er count" Totter ln'igati,n i-~ selling its products coast to coast, J-lrt}~ Wash- ington t(~ G orgia~ M~mly Teeter has been ~trg n i/ed as an innovai[ive leader in,l the indu.~i[ry. Becky had I~,en at hi~ ~id I[hrt~ugh the ~hole jou~ y, but then her health slanCx] t~ detenorale. Ultimat;.ly ,;h~ ~as dta~no,;L~| ~.ith prlon dl~a~e, an In~tli!-d~l.r '. BC.|%V~.'rgHa~21(~.~% ~:~ne-in-a- mB[liol; b~ai+:] coa~tttoI1. Even V, llh her own i~ allh ehallet~ge~ he ~ ,aid. ,up- CinT, e. ~h ,~,uld ,end Lhen'~ a card ~1 cnvou4-~.%[eU+Clll,'" Monty :,a~d 'She After *!it d~ed ~n 21)171. Ulore lthat~ I,~ KX~ ~o~[e carny LP her ilJnera], MO[:ll.~ I~ aJ~<+ a n1~.n o| I'dilhl. Per- Cei+. Lli~ a aI,L'c'd i:oi IttPJ|I.'~ it~inLMr)-, he v, ;:.~ orte ot I~t~ VL ho ~'OLlI~.ded 1he ~nuth- ~v,~t Kau~a', t'haPle~ ot Son, otThna- ~ic r ~ Itt~ i~ c"11', men m gather for praise and ~lt",hct' ,+H lh<: l ir~.l l'hur~day nf ,P.~lch nlUql|[~. ".~"~, dream J~, that 2I) mttll~m nw~t ~ot=id gai[her for fcHt~w- nh]p each nu:rllh ~cro,;~ th*.' nali~m to men,l tcoul Chris|.'" .Mout~ ~and. I-h~ fu~th Ita~ a]'~ encouraged him /k~ ~t~. k i~t~ r 1~ ~ly~, ~ ~ ,i1~, and Cn ~'ll'~.'rve v, ater. "'We I~rmL: prectnion ~ ab.'dllg Io pr~'ClSlOR uL2(ictlllure,'" Mt~nlv ~.al(.i. "LDrag<,n-l.ine i~. the m<,Sl ptec'l~,e way of watering, tha~ has heen delivered to d,3te," COI.J~TY LEVY II~u~,SE D ON A VAI.UATION (~T $'5.~-.5.~.B.~.5 ALL LEVLE$ ARE E~PRESSE0 IN M, LL(; PER DO~.LAR OR DOI.LAR5 PER $~0C, D OF vALIJATrON COMPARIS~,I ;~,tlS, TO ~16 I.~VIE$: 2015 2016 I DtSTR~T VALUATION LEVY L E "~ l~!~ ~r~ I -I 0o COUNTY 53,55B.9~5 t159571 114.0611 -1.~36 crrlES; B~rr Oak E~ Fotn3,o~o !emil Mankalo 3.124,052 RandaU Wel~t~ 27.283 25 5 95 -!.6 e.B 2~ 706 23 46S 0 7~0 7.3 . 7 32 .7+=.236 0 5~ ,59.418 59.419 0 001 55741 60 953 5.212 ~,627 99 649 0,022 +:.0-ffEnSTON O+ST I . L+701 2=!]0i ;.+70+ -0,~,+9 I ~F~EHT ~ LIB I 2 t721 2 1621 2.1721 0.010 IJw co Llel~RY 1 7,4~,309/ 2.2-0~'|- 2 13:~j .~0741 ~ous Er~ Spec S~'~ CreES c-~ Li~ary Weed E~etll L lW ~l.i'~l TOI~I s En{or Malnl K,SA# Burr O~k Esix~n Foenlos~ ~l~ M~t~ka( RandaJt W~ TOWNSHIP Gun. KSA# ?c~1~62 Allen 1 520 AIl~s .613 Brow~scrk .326 Buffalo 299 EhJ,t~ O~k4 216 C ~vm .564 Center . ~ 08 Ervln~ 1 475 ]~sb@n 2 761 Grar~t 967 bl ~r n t~.o~ 1.360 H~ln1~d 2.233 H~m~0o0 000 tn, r~i~ .5g?: !'arks, on.1~0 Lqrt~esl~e.473 Mullah, .230 Odessa 791 Prairie .515 R,chlan~ .0<30 ~incL~r OflO Walnul 2.542 W .aslmgtn . 1.940 Whitemr~ 000 12- 12-16, 2- t2-16,1Q? 2.t31~ 101a 1C2 110B [2b 5~1--- r - -i [ l I 2~J.Smi I I I I 5~ ln?l 231191 I t 1 J74.236 I+? ~+m+l 6~+tJ I I I I m4t9 1 4ml - I 09m I ~? 0~1 7 6~1 I [ 1 I ~J,~9 ! 00ol I I [ I -I- CEMETERY C, er~ 15- K~a~ I(3',5 A?/3ens 935 Center 2 757 Faqr,~e~N 1 314 t .o~ia 1 C29 J~elt 1 164 Lm~rc--,I Hdl~' 5-24 P~eas,=-]nl Pr~rte 97-5 R.o~n~und 1 ~3!=3 51~r 1 C/8 'Jnm. a:+t~ Wailaoe 7~ #t2 Cenn D,st1 ?:~2 FIRE Gen K~P-,# 19- 361~ Hardyy i re 2 7.23 Supe~o,F 2.442 ~,ewell Co ~' O~'g Burr Oak 3 9.9~ Fo~mos~ Fire Dis!/~ .4 0~ 1 UNIFIED General S~ J SCHOOL ValuatiOr~ Gun. ~u~op Cal~lal BonU & nl T~ml KSA~ USO ~07 uSD 237 USD 2?3 USD 333 USD 426 USD 1Q9 72- 12- 72-6435 72-880"~ 10-113 6431 . ~aj 0 :+i:I-;=,I I ]+2;;: ~ ~.544.03~ "20 0'00 16 470 7.99~ 44.4r~ :],9~ ~?<~31 m]01 :+.~I~I 14e.m+2 ~11-~1~ 1 226771 ~71 I I~ 674 ~3 6s~1~00001 ~o3aOl 7 ~1 1 147.37.6 ISTA'1~ LEVIES ,~1~ I e G.en~ral ~aur a t~ Buil~r,9 ~tale In~iLulk~ns I~tll~l~J~j TolaJ KSA# LEVY I 17 + 4 1 . 0o I I 1.5OO GOUNTY LEVIE~I KS.~ LEVY ~-~en~ral 79.1946 2.3 1.~.4 Road at'C Bt~ 66-5,101 36 909 SpUta ~rt~ ss.s~ I 0OO Hl~lln 6S.20a 2 979 ,A~, a[s~r'S Cos1 19.4.'~ 2.2C5 Noxmus We~l 2.13tB ~.3BG Amburan~ 65~ 113 4 89~ Hoc~i~l Maintenance 1 ~.46Q6 12.000 Ernl01oyes .~enls I 2~16.102 .29.516 & In+,ereSl 10-113- .-000 Total It +g4 ~,B1 IJew~ Cp L+ta~'DistPie-t#t --It2-124z I 2.133J Special ~5sess,q'mnts and intangible te~es are in addition Io I[tm abo~u levies. I do heraby r.~rlil,I that I[1"1~ nbov~ is, l]rue end co~rect Statement of ~+tx levius of the vitriols l~x~ng egstric~S of --' J~li C<~r.nt~, l(unr, as. //