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November 24, 2016     Jewell County Record
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November 24, 2016

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4B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thum~y, Novern~r L'-'~. 2016 T tt ;ewe. sy Hoidren Darrell, Juretla. Jel'fery and Kindra Anderson brought supper to J' an K m ~w h~m's reside nee zo L~el vbrate J emd a,td Nancy And, etsozf s .'ffXh weddir~g :,nniversarv Nov.5 Rosina Anderson also atte~=Jcd the supper. AnL~ Arasmith was homtred will) a birUiday pan), hy the n~millg kot'i'J.~ driakecs. Inthe aftent~xal at the ~'tx)p Roy Arasntith ht~ghl stme of his d liciou~ donuts f~r the group. ]n the evening she and Roy were supper guest of Jaso, and Biili Araslrfith [o al~ celebrate her birthday, 5huron Tullar was Itostess for the [.adies Card CLub Thursday evening. Arleta Carlton was taken to the Mitchell County Hospital hy ambu. I~n Saturday. Word was received Saturday oflhe death of 2ackie Pa~as (formerly ~t" Jamestown) now of q'ex~- J~'kie is the mother of D~ Mallory ~d the sister of Marciu, Knarr. ] eaora and Don Dan ie Ison "and Lo:a Martin, Belleville. and Susie McCarty ~ent oI~ a bus trip t~ Bt"~lt,~'3:ll, Mo. Thuy attended several shows. The United Methodist chicken din- nerand bazzar was held at the Cunnnu- nity Celner Sunday. Me,nbers of the CWF of the Chris- dan Church had breakfa~l S0.turflay at the HeBrews Care in Glen Eider. l,uke and Dacus Kruciak. Red CIoIId, Neb culled tm Mary Shelion. The Jeff Bourb~m l~tzzilv was hem for thu weekend visiting Jewe~i rela- live.~. Bob and Nadine Chantpli,t I',ostc~d I11t~-M oftlwir families at their home at Sahctha for -',it earl)' "l'hauksgiving ,=bst'rx':ltlCe Tltuse attending included the family uf Bob and Nadine. the family of'Les and Elaille. Becky and Mike, alld l)urlene' Tholnpson. Most ~l'Rotx'rla Chalnplin's fu Inily was also [5A,'sent. They rel~rted having had a great time together. itch mit.ea Continued from page 3 underneath a pin OaR+ orget into pin eak leaves on the ground," he said. "Wh ~ the pct~ come inside 1he hmtge. they ~uggle with their humans and pugs on the itch miles/+ Once the miles have fcqznd a h ,mlan ho~. tl~ Rdfing and a~cia'(ed rash can go on a.s long as two w~qks, Cloyd mid there arc way~ Io reduce your risk of COifing-ling oak leaf it ~ mites. "It's easy to tell people to just avoid pin oak trees from midsu;nn'mr. until all the leaves drop off. hut that's ant very realistic, So if you're going outside to rake leaves, wear long sleeves, long pants, a hat and r0bber gloves. Bathe yours,elF ~d WeL~ your clothes as .~Km as y~,u're ~kme.'" Keeping pets clean and groomed is anoth~ way 1o reduce the risk O[CUIt" tr.'tctlng -ok leaf itch mites. Cloyd ,aid ~t;~l'tle Kall%;i:t|", art,* ]L][)klll~ L'XpkI t" antis tov, ard the I,r~t tlaed Ircezv Io e radica~e the o~k leaf itch m tie rd i~|hl,;I- tLms; Cloyd said that's not a safe bet. +qns cts and mites ate a Iol sm0aXer ~ people think." I1 added. "A ha.~d freeze is not always harltaful to them beeaus, they have means Old, twin- toting. What we re, ally need is an ex- tended periodof cold we.a~er to lower the soil temlmratur* where the oak leaf itch mitts may be located. "But a ham freeze fo|1owed by two or th~e days of unusually warm weather? They'l going to come back up"+ Jewell Co. Memories Contin0ed from page l off. allowing the team to turn dt spring wagor~ovcr, throwing bunt Wilbcr and Gox'ge out. The team was stopped by Mrs. Eyrick, S. A. W lstead broke ahou, t 3/4 of an acre of v~-u land along the cn:ek last spring and planted it in potatc~s, [a the fall he sum the potatoe,~ for $75 and still has Ices for his own age. L.C. and G~D. Bowleg plumed Io go to Wisconsin after a tar load of good HoIsteM heifers. Errmst Van Wry had qMte a serious runaway while driving to Suttday school. 'r~ tongue canto down "mad frightened the team. The buggy was demolished and Ernest badly bruised. Feed, Kuken had prepared the foun- dation for a new garage, The Ionia ODD Fellows wex paint- ing and rmpedng the room beneath their hall with plans for it to become a rest v ,om for the ladies. Novtm~r 24, 1916 The Crandall drug store was spon- soring Victnfla c0n crts in the room under Jcwelrs Far'st National Bank. 1'he McGaugh & Carpenter slO~ was 'x,h, enising "wool tk~t hose for misses and children." A gtmd many people were discomnloded when the electric cur- rent went off. but the printing office was. laid out fiat. Burr Oak Weather L,l=rff G|Wttt, NOAA obse~er Pr~'Ipit=tion This week 0.0.5 In October O. 16 Thus far in November 0,76 "remp,er~iures D~? hu#=~ ,ma II~(-~ Nov. 2 73 50 Nov. 3 67 36 Nov 4 74 35 Nov. 5 75 35 Nov. 6 69 39 Nov. 7 69 50 Nov. 8 .$5 40 Nov. 9 5? 27 Nov 10 59 27 Nov. I I 67 33 Nov. 12 56 22 Nov. 13 .5.5 2 I, Nov. 14 65 32 Nov. 15 68 3.3 No~. 16 70 32 No~. 17 81 42 No~ 18 51 34 Nov. 19 42 19 Not, 20 44 t9 No~,'. 21 50 23 Nov. 22 255 28 We Will Be CLOSED For Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday : Nov. 24 and 25 o' il We Will Be OPEN Saturday, Nov. 26 from 9 a.m. to Noon Mankato ProNssional Pharmaw : Ce te " ; ~.I~ ~ i*I.~, I I i" i I [ II" -~,~, ,-, , ,: WYNTON MARSALIS ( : DEC 3 r,-, , .': ,: ;q[t~i.-.: [.1 lJ 3S:- LL. m ::Jazz up and kick-offyout Holidays- Amazing! T/~,~!!~ USD #107 School Calendar DECEMBER NOVEMBER SPECIAL UPCOMING EVENTS 4 p.m. Dec. 22-31: No %h0ol """- 4 "CN 3,-, hum Fr e: i~m rl:t[~'noKt ~ c,;ttL[ co a ,: 1 800 287 8495 m ~structures.com SERVING: We have offices ]n Bel0it, 13elleville, C~cor~[a and Glen Elder Gavin'g Groce~ udvenised bulk Oau~ tbr sale at :5 cents a pound, Instant PoMUlll Wag "advertised as the drug- free, nouri siting and comtbrl. ing cereal drink and :! substitute forum IleSC irritaLing coftL~e and tea olin served tbr breakf'ast. A )X[t LI I~$ rnan senteneedto 160 days in jail ~ot even with hisjailers by using all that lime to learn how to play the fiddle. The Os~rne County Fa=r~r said Jewell City had the finest cemetery in Kansas. An aulomobi[e and mule team oal- laded in Cloud County. The wagon tongue wenl through the wit~lshield and killed a young girl riding in the auto and the auto killed a mule- The Kier Cash Grocery Store at Mmakato advertisefl for sale a nice as- sortmentcf chinaware and a small sup- ply of solid cabbage at $3 a head. A Jew ll City football player accu- mulated a few mislbrtunes inthe game with Esbon illcluding the ~on'ow of defeat, thee cracked r~bs and the loss of his paycheck utt!il nmur ~ time to toggle him up ag:un. Christmas wascoming at the rate of 7 days a week. November 2, 1926 A mckl~s hunter was said to have skit the Republic County stork, but Ihe Jewell county stork w~ still on the job so tlmm was much 1o be thankful for even if tke corn crop didn't amonHI to nltil~h. Two men drove up to the Met? Packing Plant at Mankato a little after 7 a.m, Wanting to sell 50 chickens. Aft~ the safe was completed, Melvin J ~k-xon.a plant employee, nolified the sheriff and the Iwo stca~gers were ar- msled downtown, it was learned the chickens had bee~ sto)ot earlier that day fron~ a R lxthiic COtUity runner. After2Oyears, Je t~ll o:mmty elecmd a Republic:an sheriff, Bank robbers entered the Farmers State Bank at Cuba. lunneled into the vault and bit w the d~m~r offa sat'~ in the lobby and escaped With $600 woflk of silva, Two men wcm sleeping in a barber shop adjoining the bank and heard die two explosions but since the only exit from the barbcr shop was in view of the lank, the J~n did not td~3l in tl~ alarm until the saw the tI,L" IxLrg|ars leave. Fire destmyecl dm derrick, engine m'M equipment at the Murdock oil test well bcLween Janlestown and Concord~a, a driller was allempting to thaw oul an oil fed pipe. when a blm, e spread along the Nix', reached an 0il storage lank and s~ttm spread to the derrick, the derrick fell five minutes lal~. The w~ll was down mum than 3,000 feel. It had n01 been de'~'nniutd in the drilling would continue. How- ever, a new derrick would need be erected to salvuge $2(I.(KX) wt~rth of casing that remained in the hole. [t was ore~ Of aL Ita-~l four Lest we11~ being drilled that fall. Masters Shun Shop guaranteed the effectiveness of patc lt work applicxl to gum boots and overshoes. November 19, 1926 A soaking rain which ng, asurcd from one and a hair ~o two inches fell Salu~y night. For the first tin~ in three years the wheat crop was going into winter with a *- quate moisture, Jewell's Peek News Agency was observing the 201h anniversary of tl~ AShl~n Cotes' Rusk Hills first grade agency's fimnding in the pus1 ottice lobby, The business was said to be a drawing card for the communily. Mi-~s Blanche Solorra~n was b~ard- ing at the John Casit hoIll .qt as to be close to her school izl cold or stormy weather, M~. and Mrs. C~arles Dav~s and M;'. ;utd Mrs. Allan CrawL'oral drove t~p to GtnJe Rt~k to visit Ih Indian burial grtmnds. Ezru l"oplit f wasdigging 10 find the conttr stones prior ~n t'~nc ing Iris farm. E. A. Alcom of Ihe |onia commu- nity was offtrlttg a $ IO reward for Ilte return of his ct~n dog stolell earlier in November, The dog ~.x. a, said to ~ b~d aFmut scratching its neck. The long dry. weather lind lulled a lot et'mozori sts into ear lessuess. When DeAnn Beam {inslrt~or) and her 12 lirst grade students al ROCk Hills Elementary created this bulletin board. There are 21 "~usy Bees" enrolled in morning and afternoon Presch~] al Rock Hills Elerne~tar~, 1his SChO~ rear wilh leacher Deanne Underwood and assistanl Pare Gam'~an MANKATO ~'~ Rock Hills School Weekly Sports Preview Dec. J Jmiior t ligll Ba. h't ball L. Lakeside at ~-~O~e.~'|s $4,OOOCASH Newspeper sponsored Local shopping survey Enter to wfn now, go to: www.pulsepotl,com (800) 735-991 4 30X40X10 $24,000* To r~e,~a~ a st~ ~F m~ ssag~ ~orn ~n~ villi B00-074-6988 Thu~ay, November 24, L-'-'~16 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 4A i SluOents iS composed ol 14 studenls. it raiucd Lhey ~.VeP~l'l't abl to navigate the mud. W ill Het~dd~ and Arthur Smi[It were to Jumestown and purchas~ milk cows for Ihelns~l~.'es. Mr. Hendrix bot~ght two and Mr, Smitlz bought one, A Ix~x supper and p~0gram w as held Nov. 23 at the Moniter.~'hool. James Widrig supplied Lh Wtstent Home and S~ar districts with a Ioadof cobs api *.'e for kindlktg. For the thiM time, Henry Flian's barn was mruck by tighlnmg. ] iis hou.~' ilad alst~ been slrtlck once. [It the ca~ of State vs. Wade. Ih jury. was unable to reach a verd~cl wilh regard to ~he Wade-Roberls sh~tin~ aH'a~ at Mankato. November 12, 1936 Clarer~ce Peatti was busy Iixin~J the trailer lit which he uwJ Mrs. Pc~attie pt~umcd lo travel with daring tile win- lea. Mrs. Peatti had a lhmut condition which didn't sta~d tt~ Kansas winter sotkey planliLXi robe in Arizona fur the winter, '['hey had lt~layJ tIUt their cow and chickens for the winler. Thud Laughmy was skort ore walcr so he decided to did a hie cislem and mn water from the barn nmf inlo it. When dowll Io the proper depth he struck a slrong vein of waltr and I umtd the cisto-~ iron a well. J. Ir. HaM, former newspaper pub- lisher aL Formo~o, Mankato attd Ostwm~. died Perhaps die most unlzsual freight ever received at the Burr Oak Depot had been unloaded. A live bear c~ab. aJxtu! half g~wn. arrived ia a heav~ slat crate with an o['~n side c'ovee~d with s~ng wire netLing The cub, a Canadian brown bear. was shipped hy an animal dealer in Camden. N, J to Veto LamLey. a Norlhhram'h curio deah~r. Though packed ~S'tltl plenty of fe~d, the bear was tn a ~tlrly m~al wtmn il arrived ht J ',~'eil Connty High feed L'VOS[S wcrc en ~mraging k~cal turkey raiser~ to sell their flocks. Though it was curly N,wei~her, Clyde Bowels had I~en thn:sl~ing oats for Gent Ey~hner amJ John Dtvel. Randaff Cles.clalld d Id the ~;ll~l c~ at the Arthur Skinne farm, wltiIe tlw Skinners we~ visitin~ in Hutchin~,). A pack of stray dogs attacked one of Will McCorkle's good milk cows i and almost killed her. T'ltty ,:hewed her head. forequarters areJ bag. Noveml~r 26, 193~ Burr Blaylock h',zd r ol~l~ed his watch and jewelry repair shop lr R:a(ed at the head of stairs i~ tile First N;i- tional Bank at Jew lL The McKinqey 240-at,'rc I~rf=, ir~ Allen Township was sold in Albert Prather tbr $8,CO0. A Belleville nt~ was *lih.%j S t,l~.~'2 for reckless driving whik' under Ib.c hlflUell,Ce of liquor. The i~m-of- ntrY was n~t',ed |o the E,L, Peters oil slation 2.5 miles ea,t of Mankalo, Those in charge were C, R. Page, Ar~ Mann and W. S. ltoag. As there was no corn lo husk. W(I~ cltoppin g was g~fi~g on all over Jewell County. The play given hy the M~mtrose Cull'hi;unity Club at the iugh ,~'hool b~ilding was well rendered- The pn~- reeds went tot a community Christ- illla~ treat, Mrs, Millord Hale of Mankato was a guest when t~ Custer Comnmnity Club rr~t. Members lyed a comfiwler. Mrs. God. Kaad planned to host the nc.~t club nttethtg, 1"he lirst Randall ba.~kett~tt galn ul ~he season wag sehedulvd with Katk~ey Hi#t ~h~ol. PWA workerg were rocking the Sunf]o'~.~r trail running north of Thisis their buliet]~ board. Lovew ll past the Fairview Cemetery+ The rock was being u, kea from the hi1'~s south of where Andy VanMeter Noveni~-r 22, 1956 Appn,ximately thn:e inches ol's now Icll ,hi Tue day attd brought, 12 inches cJ.t" IllUCh needed inoistxtre. Prior to the sno~. the soil was ~sted dad the fall ~.o' x 11 witeat had no1 ozz~ up. Aplw~xnuat ly 600 .~ewcll County 4. I I member~ he{r guests, leaders an0 i'~,~l~ a~ nded the annual achie,' - nlent h~nquet held at the Man kato Hi[zh Sch~1 Mrs. ('hrb, sie Ahren~ "~cad the e nnq'Lxhl 'ing. David Stt,'HZ I Jr, prrsi ~Jcnl of tl~'~' 4-It ('o~ncii. presided o~,:r |he tl~C[ie'L~, Nn~ember 8, tg~ A repre~atative of the S~.'iat .%- curi(y Administrath|n w~,~ a the court- ho~-w in Mankato from 8 to 12 ~i~lr tlm~ who mighl have business with him. A new te|evisiun SOl wen1 inttt the home of Mr. awl Mrs, Ira Schindler, It was git'l front their ~on, Dale. and daughter. Mrs Neil Arasmith. The Soulhwesttra Bcll Tclephtmc Company was offering to sell the company's &,met office building in Jewell. Hnwever, the air conditioners which had ~r~ed the building were not included in the offer- Bids were being ~' epled hy Frank K;,s~inger. the company's agenl al Mankato. Sylvia Mohler was again h~trvhlg as nigkt operator at the 1-'Orllm ~ tdc- p~on office. Mrs. Marvin Boyd Ion, who had becn the night operator, had moved to Oregort. ARer mote titan 20 years+ Glenn Hale retired as the Mankato IXtstmas- for. Before becoming rax~tmaster, l~ had been involved in newspaper work, F~'st at Formoso and then a! Mattkato, The new mad leading south olE[ of Switzgr" s Gap was rmarly finished. The o[droad wasalways bad iawet weather. Novemb 4, 19"/6 The F;sbon Bicentennial celebra- tion held Oct, 31.) drew 132 parade entdes. MaP/ Obcrt was ~onorcd as flacon, and Cha[tie l:rt)sl as king. L~mlhy Stalltlcrwick won the cash drawn;g IxldaLlhe Mankalo Bc~gaa~.~, stt~.re. Pic|nrcd m Ihc new gift shop dc- partmenl of Mankato Professional Pharmacy were clerks Shirley Wood and Mcrna Kecler along with Lyle Dauner. sto~ manager. Mankato High Schc~t fomhall pic- tures puhlishe~ in this issue of "['hc Rt.x.xwd were taken hy Gary Htskel, Novenll~.r I ~L 1976 A Ix,noble huiidi%, wa moved to MallJ~alo tO ~er~ as a br41;~'lt allice Of i;a.rlu i.'. ('r ~[:L I rni~.l. lh~ Burr ()ok PRli)I- ('olnmitlec relocated tt, old fin.'hot,~e bell to Ihe ~.o[tlllnlHHy'~ IIIL~li-lt;,Ir~. '[he We~t Walltut f'- It. Lr.chlb~let at the It, qtte ~*f Mrs. Sheridan Sell, The lt;Ir|ls,m I'. I[. L]. club II~et al the humc ,f Mrs. I)ow Stal]SbelT)', The 'l'mNn and Couulrv E.H.U. club ,~t al the Im,ne -f (k'~Ty Rhoe. The Jewell Taster-Freeze held a 2 t ,' i suudae sale la fore closing for ii~r ~'a ~t)n Oil Nov. "~/. Murray Real [: state udve~ised 26 vat:mr cit~' Mrs fi~r sale. 31~e lozs were said 1o. he suil:lble for :l n'L'W huln or tr-'tilcc or they could Ix Uhl'd for live- The carpet rag sewing, plan,ted for Mary Katherine Cobh's huln was postlxmed until after Ih first of the year. Mrs, Clarence Jensby I'~porlPd the weather with sil)glc digit lows Ir,~d been unusually cold. Conlinued to page .5 SOCIAL SECURITY' DISABILITY Beloit Special Education Cooperative