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November 24, 2016     Jewell County Record
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November 24, 2016

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Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 47 USPS, NO. 274-940 Price 50 Thursday, November 24, 2016 Conunissioners address fence dispute , I. The$'ewetl Cmmty Board met Mo~- Sheriff Don lacol~ provided an up- Joel Elk|rise gelmral superintendent, ailed to See,in, 3 of Calvin Township ~1~ date on the operations of his office and reported on mad and bridge mainte- and met landowners Richard Home day wi~ oummissio~rs Steve G~rte, Dwight S. Frost and Mark Fleming pre,~nt. Carla J. Waugh, cotmty clerk, was also present. Chris Peter, custodian, said Gtaisman it ~pairing the heating =lad cooling system in the sheriffs office. ate also wen'king on the boiler. The commissioners discussed the is- stms with|he tile floor in ~ basement. Minutes of the Nov. 14 met-ring were approved. disused the phone system for the jaiL Theoa, mmissioners i~viewed almle- meat|umbers 2245 though 2256 and they we~ approved. The commissioners apposved the cereal malt beverage license applica- tion to sell cereal m~lt beverage in original and unopen~ containers a~ not for consumption on the lic~w 's pmmise~ for Billy Fo-sttr, doing bu.si- ~ss as The S~d, nance and discussed personnel, The commissioners reported, road and bridge eonoems. ]Mm Jacobs, sheriff, discussed dis- posal of the old 911 equipment. The commissioners telephoned L.anette Marshall. Ellenz of Ti[~cm, to discuss the dle f~oor in th~ basement of the courthouse. The eomm L~sioners eonveued again after ltmch as relic e viewers. They trey- and family And Joel Kcmmerer, ~pre- seating Jenild Kemmerer, They re- viewed the Kalx, ms Fence Law, leaked at the fence and said they would dis. cuss this mailer with the cotmty attof nay Monday Imd issue a determine|on to both parties, The county clerk was also present. The commissioner~ and county clerk tel |rued to the courthouse al ] :4 . a.m. and the meeting was ~- jmm'~. Mankato Council to seek grant money for projects T'ae Mankato Cizy Colmeil met for their regular monthly meeting Nov. g with Don Kr~ester, mayor, p'esiding. C urmil members Lyle Daurmr, Jim Ross and Citris KIds were present. Council members John Tyler and Marvin Loomis were absent, Dan'ell Miller, city attorney, w$ ~ pmsem. Minutes of 0l Oct 4 meeting were mad ~ approved, sham Jeffery was present to dis- cuss having the old AT&T pay phone rem.azed ~ ttlat a drop box for worn and turn flags could be placed on that comer of the V FW building. Kristi was iastnteted to contact AT&T about re- moving t~ pay phone. Rock Hilk High School shop class wilt be making the drop box for the flags. Tommy F'innell was present to dis- cuss the stage for the park. The council dimcled her to apply for a Dane G. Hmtsen grant for up to $20,000. Jenny Russell was present to di~- cuss walking traits arm cros,walks, Council member Dauner moved and KIds seconded the motion to put a crosswalk across Hishway 36 on the west side of Center Street. Motion passed 3-O. Penny Surmeier was present to ask fora raise. No action was taken. Mid- Kansas w~x pre~nt mdi~u-~s the dty's electric contract. No action was taken. Sheriff J~obs was present to ask that a second one-way street sign be planed on the west sid~ of West Slreet and that the sign on the east ~ide of West Street be updated. The council approved to update the signage. A bid was received frum Mankato Carpel Cteaning to clean the carpet in the liheary; the council approved the bid- A bid was received from PUral~a~y Construction to clean out the box cul- vert under West Madison; it was ap proved. The contract with Chief Dis~sal for trash dislmsal was pre~nted and approved. Discussion was hem about what to .%1 do with grant mont-,/for ~x~mmunity cleatt.up, No action was taken, Discussion was held about replac- ing the table and chairs at the city building. The council will apply for a Dane G, Ha|sen Foum:lation grant for -. the purchase of tables and chairs. The council convened in fmtr ex- ecutive ~.~sions; two were In discuss i~n-elected personnel, no reason was staled [or thelemaining two. No ia.'timt was taken following the closed ses- sions, Following di~ussion alx~m the Mid Kansas electric contract, noaclion w+ .+ taken. Jewell Chamber elects officers; discusses old buildings The Jewell Chamber met last M0n- day with 42 memhers pre.~nt, Iewell Christian Church prepared the meal. Bruce gave the program on City of Jcwell status. Amber Ltxmfis is die new city secrelaW-derL Solar lights will be in~talh:d on new '+Welcome To IeweW" siga~. The Dane Ha|sen grant award of $ I('IJ'K~O was I'L~e~Ved IC purchase old buildings. Suggestions for space im- prtP,-e ment once buildings are removed are welcome and a,ked t~ he ~,~.m I Io the mayor or city ~lftqe. AI'~ d.~cw, sed were plans for a new area at Emermn Lake with lighting, Darrell Bohnert gave the fire de- parlment report with an overview of various eq~ipmem a~ their uses dur- ing fires and emergency situations, Currently there are 24 volunteers. Darrell also reviewed the Wednesday morning pager checks, whistles and tim meeting schedule. Minules of last meeting and the fin~m.-ial report were read and ap- proved Marsha Slate ~purled the n ~[ Blta~mohile will be held Dec. 29 in ]eweS1. Dab Bohnert reported the Christmas Sampler will be held Dec. t 7 at the coramunity career. There will al-,~l he a mad rMly that day. I)eb also regorted on the 2017 Corn Show plan s. The program will be held in the com- munity center; a dance at the school and Eivis and Dolly will probably at- tend the 20t7 program! Civic donations have been add~ Iv the 2(117 budget: discussion on food purcha ,m and preparat ions at fireworks event: d i,~us~ i ncreasing ~it ofcham- her meal and fundrai.~r ideas at Janu- ary meeting. 2017 officers were elected as f~l|. lows: Becky Loamis,preside,~t;Darrell Bohncrt. vice president; Deanna Free- man, secretary; Frank Shehon, rata- Surer, Pastor Jim R{oe asked for e~xm ifformation to be given to him sc he can get it on Channet 12 as .soon as possible. The next meeting will be I~ld at 6;30 p.m. vn Mtmday, Jan, 9, with the J-Ja~s preparing the meal, Rock Hills elementary students talk turkey Abigail Pumphrey- cmchers and cheese and strawberry and chocolale ice cream. Juyce Whit~on- pm11pkin pie wi~h coal whip. Keeg~,l H,~l[,:rich- ice cream. Auhro.' I)tmn. tntkc.y. Jacob Hu.~ell~m- gingerbread nl~|l ,*ith Ih~sting and spnnklc and helt~ htttl~ffl, Kinderllarten Cathy Dauner, teacher Wllat do you like to eat at Thank,~. giving? AlynzaAlvord- turkey,stuffingand potatoe s. Cbetesh Atkin~- che, colate cookies I I)~tl MO|11 makes and gold Wa|mart for |until Claire Babson- fried fi ~. Mylvs C, fil.probably white choco- lot*.' ~-Mp Hcrshey's bar. .Mak in na Cros~,- cheese halls, chips, Inca. and cheese pizza. M;e, on Faulkner- baked chicken. w here milk, hr~coli w ith ranch, choct~ I ate c<~t~kie. Blaine Frost- turkey meat and tur- key ham. Jacob Harkness- chocolate ice L'DJam. N~xah Murray- chicken meat+ apple pie. ham. Bentley Neilson-Rugg- cht~lOlate chip tx vokies, barbecue chips, Bracken Shutda- turkey and ranch dip to dip it in. Luke Simmelink- fried fish, Allison Underwood- lttrkey, mashed potatoes. Kinde~arten Jan|ca MeMillan. teacller Whal do you like to eat m Thanks- giving? G~eta Ayets- chicken and mashed potatoes that Mum makes. Waysen edison- rtm~;led chickcrL Abigail [X:ichen- c~x~kies and beef Jord)mn Dyke- m~t~hed l~ltatoes. Karley Garsl- turkey, apple pie thai grandma Darlene makes. Nolan Harris- turkey, cht~'olate o~kies Kayiee Jacobs- pumpkin pie welh cool whip in the N.)wl a~ld can. Jord an Mc Darnel- flied c~'ticken and tl~e t'hicken leg. Morgan McM~ins- tt,rkey. Lanren Nolan- turkey. Rich ic Re iter- ch<~:~ d ate c hip t-uok- ie~, |hut grat+;Ima Gillv +nakc.~. Dalton Strnad- ntt~.l,n c,Jkc tier des- sen that grandma Linda make, and chL~'u late c UlX'a ke~. First grade DeeAnn Beam, teacher What is your favorite thing to eat at Th~lksgiving? Emma Alvord- turkey, pizza with double ch~. Wavlct~ Aunt- turke~, m a,~he~ ~ita- Ed. now: We rlshed USD 107 el- emeritaO, school and asked saddem.~ about Tfmnk,~glvb~g. Following ore snow of their answers. Pro-school Deanna Underwoxt-teaeher What is your favorite thing m eat at Thanksgiving ti me? (morning class} Trinity Scott- turkey. Cole Fultz- [x~psicles, Evan Grout- tuck ~- R)'leigh McCary- macaroni and chee~.'. Hem) Walker- hut dog', Solrye Sm|th. tvrke~. t lk ',V,dkc~- It,~x &~gs. Da~,td Harkne~ h,rke). O]t~lJ Xli'a~Lll~e[ ,at~dwLd~. ~tth grape jell). q dl [eTIIt'h.1]l ~'J~.l~,~, i [.ace) (.'l'ir p- hi.rhea, r~la4Wd [~.vla- 1LK'S. gta~-', aud pt.ttlq~klrt pie Joseph Sins ton. 1 hkc I~umpk|n px :| h~t mill+ '~ hlpr~d cteall~. U,v,e.x Roth, hlld pt,~~, v.Jth bullet Alexander l)a~ t~- meat v, |~h du~ krn head. ~ aml]a alto ~, ll~*~lat l+C creatn. apple, heed ~ ,rh ci~u,'o[ate, a~d then stra ~berry and cho olat*.: ;c 'teal|. Hut|set Ro ~- chtw=rlate pie. ,a- |ilia and chocolaxe ICe c-team. Rylan Johttson- cltt~.'~late pie wtlh t-'t ml whip- The end of fall harws~ signals the beginning of the 13el|day season, This season's mo~ . tale w .to.|her and abundant crop yieMs left US thankful |or the simple pleasureS as the hofltiay season begms wtth Thanksgtv|ng. toes. gi'a vy, macaroni ,~ud cheese, let- tl,tC~-. Layn Badger- turkey. Rylee Dural- dollar knots that people buy in the slore Griffe,t Dunstan- tt,rkey. Ardhia Faulkner- pumpkin pie Morn makes with cool whip and a spoon. Tristan Gxtinnip- turkey, pumpkin double pie Mum makes homemade, Mail| O,~t- baked chicken leg Samara Reyr~olds-cho olate chip '(x~kies grandma Mary makes. Care|y| Rothchild- turkey, mashed pota|t'~'.S, corn t)n COb. Karah Wagner- turkey. S lephe n~.e Whilom- ~tpple pie Me m and Dad make. First grade A~huon Cates What is your fa vorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving? Leighlev. Ault- lurkey sandwich. Merissa Coleman- chicken and I'm thankful for the pilgrims. Aerilyo Davis- turkey, pu mpkin pie, mashed potatoes, gravy that Mum and Grandma make. Zakao" Dean- turkey, watermekm. mashc'd Imtattms. and gravy, Sadie Greene- tt~rkey b.'olan Grout- chicken strips, Brynlee Manning- ham. Savannah Mitche/i- turkey, chicken s~ndv, ich, apple pie. Owen Mizner- pumpkin pie. Laney Moser- corn and chicken. Ally~n Peer-Ruddy- strawberry JelI-O and whipped cream. Kaylan Slayton- turkey. (W, in Wink- turkey. Second grade Belinda Jc ffery, teacher Im coming to your house li)r Thanksgiving dinner what will yon fix me to ear? Jayc,e Cady- turkey, deviled eggs, pasta ~alad+ pumpkin pie with emil whip. ZanderChristmann- o~en baked mr- key and then slice it. Noah "Eakins- stuffing and sliced turkey. Maddis Faulkrer-deviledeg gs, tur- key. Ixtcon Chace Fogo- cow leg arm cook it in Ihe o~en if too big cook un the grill. that'.s weird, maybe tur[ey. Blake Full z- tutkcy, chicken, pump- kin pie with tim spoon kind cool whip. Morgan Hoselton- turkey, ham, cranberry Jello. Htmler loan- sliced ttu-key. . Justin Luong-a big turkey and cook" it eigh~ minutes. Max McMains- turkey, lettuce salad, spicy hot sauce. Noah Mitchell- sliced turkey, blue cranberry's, and deviled eggs. Kylie Nolo|- lurkey, mashed pota- noes, pumpkin pie with cool whip. Trolly Rice- spaghetti with meat- halls and cl,ecse. Corttint~ d to page 3 This is ~e Thanksgiving bulleHn boa~ in Belinda Jeffery's second geade classroom at Rock Hi[is Elementary School. Jeffary has 19 students this year. == Rock Ht[hs students collabor~e to make sou,sunni butqetin boards in each of the cMss~ooms Above is ~e Thanksgiving bulletin bo~d in Ja~ice McMiffan's ~n~,~rgar~en class, which has 13 students Plans made to open new First National Bank in Jewell And other JeweU County Memories Noventber, 1886 Plato, l~,erc It1 i}[l~'|'l Ihc FiN Na- tion,d 19a|~k al Je~ ll I'~ Dcoeml+e| I ltUt Ihe b~tnk', i 'ur~,l|6 ~ v~:t n.ol e%- peeled Io ~|~i~e for alx+t|l a nxu)th- JL,e i]~g~ol| ~Cill tO Mi~*t,t,r~ to ht,y ~, .k:an'lo;Id ~t nnlles. ]:rank Furey gin a I~arful k]~.k ~nthe head from a hor~c, l . P. Smith goL a kick -~ It1 shin anti So$1y Knarr fell t'ro~t z scali~dd, all on the .~;tnte day. November 27, 1896 Jer~me Beny ~IU~ at Jim Mizener's plane, slancr~tl~.:tt t~~e well walering h is hoz~e. The hr[dle rein slipped tr, r a career ~|r ihe well pl q f~r|n and as the h,~e flied Io lift it.~ hettd and t'ound il.', ~F I~sl it atl0mr~zed to jerk away. In dot s~, the h~|| ',c pulled over the well l|,~t| ~e, pl affc=rn] and everyth ing. Jertu ne had htfld ~lf the hitct| rein arid Ihe same lun[Je ,d' dw l~or ~ ~t,;|t unco~en:d Ihc well j.crked him fiwward :|nd. into tile Ixell he ~enl, he~d t'~:t llk~st, ]he aeJ/ ~, a~, t8 IW| deep at~d when a Iinle ~:irl ~A ~|t~ ~1~+~ Id ~|,L':lrh)" tot& ill tire Sllliali4~ll, ,lee t~:.m to ,~cre:|m IL~r hell~ Mr. ,~,'h~Cl'tL'r k~l~. IR';W hLcq h, tht* lilnL' tic he,| -lied lt|t~ ~ 11, Jet, ~i|lC % il~ t."t111111'L~ .i~th I'~ ~'k'~. ,t,~k ed. d.q~p. H'.~ ,ll|d ~','illl xLl I1 ~.~ ],x,k 1 .LI.~| lift, ,H~,d ~.IMLHn~-I'LHI Ii'[ ,ql IlL~- l t,:c .~ J,qMkt rltL~'~l ]14~c had jaM .~ltc: the " h,h: ~2ot lt~nmgb, t~ |tl'l [li:131. h~ ;= turkv} "-]|'L~'ot al }:i~rllll)~) aqd hlItu~'tll lltPlllt' IO ILir~w~. ~"~llk", dO, tht.'Y~," ~,~. ouldn't I'.2, ~|l~." child lefl .d b.'r Ihc l io.t term t,f ~ h, ad. I'rt+~ p.'cn~, t-~r a J .'~ e~L ( ~t||t ly peaC h crop m I.~t}~ ~lcre 110| g,cv.xJ. It w:-, th,~u~:h~ 11| ',el I;t]1 lind punhed Ihc T~C-'wli bttd~. *.~LII ~,0 far th;l t]| y '.~.~,~uld ,1+~t ~,Un". kit" Ih ~x inter [rccze, Fha|~k',~i~ in~2 ~crvice w~|s held at the ltapli,I church bml, O. Lafrer. Dr. We,sobieski. Will H|vely. Fraqk Rug~lc'~, N~t Kre;|mcr. Jim Ke]sey, Bill~ Ed~ ards. M tit P, anht|kmvew, Ben Mus,~.'r anti lcmnne Berry did nat ~aI Ic=~d The editor did excuse Mr. Berry. S;,id he ~as still do,' [|ig his tit)thee after ~:lle mwxpec~ed duakin~ in ;, welt. ('~m Mt,m,v dragged out :1 dead hor~c. It wa.x ti|ought cane [|ay i"K'[n~ U,~L'd ~y- l'~L'tJ ",'t,a~ ~.s.[x~nsihl fi)r Ihe dcalh of a uluulllx, r of h,I.'tl~d~'S, A nice warm rain was followed by a cold w;,ve and a skil)' of sn~w. Tile editor said the pOslmaster It~lked as II~+t~gh he Inad been letting the I'~y~ play I'~x~tbat1 wilh hLs Itead. A lot of turkey plucker~ were era- pttbCd Ily ~. Jewell gr~cet-y slore ill ~dl.:mce ol the Thank~gi vin~ holiday. Bel,~it and Jcwen L'nly Itvolhv,[I team~, were to play "rhanks.gilcintg D:,y t~ul the f'Ji~ and t:crld Woollier upset their pimps- Mr Zinnremmn met with a great IlliSti+o.Ut~ %l'lten site I'c]l O:ll an icy w~dk ~nd haxI Iu. have "r,th of her arlliS ~laced ill splint-~. "l)ms she ~'as n,~l ~h[e to feed I~c~ell'. I-le~" beck wa~ also hun qt, R~ seriously. The I~rs! nlgl~l al~er the Ch~, Nixort's buggy upsc~ Sa~ur- day aighl giving himself and a girl a Lumblc. The buggy was said IO he im- paired. Randall grain huyer~ were paying 16. ccn|s a bu~]ml for com. Twenty-five corn huskcrs with teams and waguns v+ere relXnm-xt work- inn on one raml~ in the Star commu- nily. Orville Hours learn rim away and b~ke up his wagon real bad. fallshecould n,c=t be undresstxl and had I~| sit in achair. It was Lho~ght it wuuld Ix' sevcrdl week ~ betbre she had the use,if her hands. Fonunalely he had I~aliy trietnds wh, were willing to help her, 1~ o lltuu~and hushel,~ of p,olaltle~i ~.~ ~'r~ o~Ikcd ill Rt~ks County whL'll a rohhish fire goL Lot-or'control and :.u~ht the hay oli I~re which 'rlad been piled ~wer iI~e'ptltato ce~l:tr Io keep tl~ F~tal~,t's lr<|n+ freezi|+g- A mort~.age c~mlpan) tY.~reulo,~d ua the Ream~vi]le Adventist chu~'h, "1-1| Republic Ci|y Ne~ s wa~ t;tlr sale. Ihu owner havinE purcha.s+Jd the Kan~,m N '~ ~palx'r at C"~nc~rdia. "l"he I ,cpubln~- City Nov.> had ~e|~ a Re- poblical| IleWs]~p<.-r and the Kant-san a Populis~ p;twr. Rt, adcrsv, onden.'d ir Ihe editor lvus gt)ing Co cIRillg ltis Ixflitics. November 23, 1906 The Athens merchants h-ad fo~l~d a IrtnM aiid wuuld IroS[ all ihe farmers u~ltil their cott~ was harvested. A pretty wedding tt3ok place at the 'home of Mr. and Mrs. Elias Dale, thnx and ;| half nniles ,~malleust t)[ Rnndall ~ h,:,l Edna I)alc and Waher C~rJanier ~t, rc |n;.|rr[ed, A~x)nt 40 gUeStS were presenq In witness Ihe evening wed- dittg. Wm. Zipse had bou,2.ht b80 rtKl~ tff v,~vcn-wir aud planned to fence his cnlire I'arltl. Wiley Aicorn wa sexhibitingtme of his hr cch-loading sllLaguns a,vJ after the exhibil was over there was a hole in the wall a houl the ~,ize~l'a dinner plate. November III. 1916 J. W. Kyle and C- !! I|arness plannuxt to td'fer ~~r ~ale at Mankam tm Nov. 15 fi>rly bu'ad ofpnrebrcd I~.flatid China [xmr~ and g,lts and 2(~ head of high grade Durham cow.s and I'xil~rs. There were several ca~ olchicken pox throughout Jewell Count)'. To help with Ihe selection of w,iter unck:r~ear Logger's Clolhing Company had ii]lcd the qor '-~ wcsl wind, uw with raany different kind ; ||chiding the IX%t know nnake.% Mtl,~ing and ]-]aLcli One- Btntton. While workers were blasllng t~u[ a school cistern near Glen Elder, a ID- year-old girl was slruck by u 11)'nag rock and kilh:d. With winter coming a mackma~ coat w~, said U.! ix." a gocX!, i|WCSlnlen[. Folks used to I' ~ed buttermi& to the pigs but wifli bULtermitk selling f~+r 5 cents ~ quart that h;td s opIx'd- The boys can sun: ttr play I'L~tl~|ll when |1 is km dark t|~ saw V.LXKI. TI~ ~barn located on |be Dislrt~l 56, school gru.nds bnrned Monday al'tce- noo~ Children had t~dder= Ihrech.r~es 1o school that day and Ictt them in the barn. Two wc,'e burned to dead| altd third was not expected tv sure,re The I~nics were favorites and wiIl be greatly missed. The origin of the fire was unknown since none of the chil- dre~ had been near the hant smcc mtx"n- rag, A xmerele floor docsa+l give lira rats a fair shake. Ramey Lautmnhiser said. "'my hig tr, e is g+etting belier but my little t(~ is W. C. Bmcker was hatching while Mrs. Brucker was away visiting ~ela- tires in the austere states. Geo~ Arasmith's leant became scared when meeting the road grading tractor and Ihe neckyoke couer came Cominue~ I(i page 4 Local weather High a ~ luw Ic~liix'~ Nov. 13 57 26 Nov. 14 6"/ 32 Nov. 15 69 35 Nov. 16 73 ~2 Nov, I "/ ?,1 42 Nov. 18 .51 32 Nov. 19 42 19 Kenny Gorse, Jewell wealhet oh- server, reported .tH of precipitat itm for the v,~k. Betty Backer. Ma~kato weather ob- ~rver. reported .I)5 < ~f prec i pita~ ion r< ~r tl~e week.