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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
November 24, 1966     Jewell County Record
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November 24, 1966

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r' 4B ................................................................................ 5EWELL COUN" ' RECORD, iViANKATO KANSA2 THURSDAY NOVEMBER ik ! Esbon enjoyed a Halloween [Her granddaughter, Mrs. Don[ ma Berg of Manhattan say-I good-bye to wheel chair and [W. S. C. S. worked at clean-[ and needless to say, all had[ meeting. This is ! ~ party Saturday evening given [ Reed, husband and children ]ing she and her husband Ken- ] crutches. The last results so ]ing the church this past week] a very enjoyable time On [ the attention of the iF ii by their teachers and wives, [ attended and took Mrs. Lovt~-[neth, will be here Monday fe,'[far are seemingly the best yet. [and Saturday evening Ivan]Friday Elven Leece took]of the H.DU. saf( Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr.]well with them. She enjoycd]o I'o w days visit. [ Teresa and Sheri Wod(iell,[Warren was one of the re-]them'tn Superior to see the]too. An open well IL and Mrs. Wiebe. They report[a visit with Mr'. and Mrs. F;ob[ R~latives of Mr. Oscar Ros~[the two granddaughters of/pair carpenter group The]Curt Marrs and Laurence]cently discovered ~d hi I a very good time. /ltarrooun while there. 'they l gathered Saturday at thc home/Leonard and Arlene Leeee are/church has purchased a new/Leeces and to Belleville to Iby small children q ,] I Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keller[formerly lived in Lovewell. ]of his sisU, r. Mrs. Anna (;rah-[staying with them for a short[gas furnace which will be[see Mrs. Dean Leece. The]pet Labrador dog l Mrs. Wilbur Obert were Sunday dinner guests of] Mr. and Mrs. Bert Diamond]am in \Vehber for a family]time and going to schl,ol while[among the things obtained]twins (they :ire almost 70)]to Junior Leeee fell Fd Clarks, helping Debbie anti [entertained a group of chil ]dinner in hiram' of ()scar s 85ti~ [their mother Mrs. Gloria Wod [for the betterment of the ]left Saturday morning for [and Bruce Ayers a (Thuraday, Oct. 27) Shelly celebrate their birth-|dren Sunday evening at a llal |l)irlhday. llis rhuv.'~htm', Miss]dell, ix making a fine recur ~church in dedication ser-[Salina to visil the Dwayne lard Leece respond Odessa H. D. U. met with days. [loween party. Hiekv l,eece|Marv Ross, a teachor in the/err from her recent illness [ vices to be held at lhe church [Ball and Richard Courter~call from Mrs. Dells Mildred Porter on Monday ev- IVlost of the milo combining [was one of the chihh'e'n attend ]l)oa[' and l)umb lnstitut(, at [2'1;o son or their house. 3 year ](m "~'~unday, Oct. 9 There is [fomilies, then l)lanned t() go !,]ohn threw a board i ening. Potter's home recently is done in this area. What isn't ling. , |()lathe came home on Thm's /old Todd Woddcll, is sta'yinh~ [ an oil burning heaiing stove It() Abilene to see another well on which the do| dropped the ceiling in their is mostly too green. J Dr. and Mrs. Jon Ay~rs and/day to spend the wcekend and ]at the home of his aunt, Mrs. ]in the basement dining room [cousin, James Nelson, before her front feet and ] front room and living room Mr. and Mrs. Garold Bad-]children and Mr. and Mrs./enjny the birthday dinner with [.ludv Baker. where he is ra ]to be disposed of and moved [visiting another old friend in Leece succeeded in f and they paneled it and also get and family were Sunday [Bruce Ayers and Saunie were [exerynne l)resenl. [pidly becoming a constant |out by anyone who is inter-[Nebraska on their way home a rope noose over ht oadded a new rug which was supper guests of Ed Clarks. [dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. [ Mr. an(1 Mrs. Larry Whitnev [liner or the new bal)y (I;It{gh Jested in buying for a small [to Wagner, S. Dak. and pulling her to a big improvement and makes ............... |Even Ayers Sunday n,)on. [and chihh'en spent Sun(h,v ai" It(,,', E,'ika l,ynn, in the t~od [payment If you are inter- [ Needle Craft Club met on i,ater, Junior had th the house so mucil more eom- tim [ Mr. and Mrs. l)ick tlagley, ]ternoon with her )ar('t~ls M [m'v and ,Judy Bake" mine. [est-d see Edwin Marr pres- ]Fridav with Mrs" Tena Van fortune of having a fortable and warm. ~lflfll~ I~&llfll ]Mr. and Mrs. Bill i,l'mkson [and Mrs. l:re(t I{o:~s. [ Carol Warren arrived safely [ident of the church board. [Wev with 5 members and 4 bus run over the do[ Mr, and Mrs. Sam Obert anti I IUIII~ I~l[II [and Miss Connie Pursell or'] i letter from the l,on,~view[in Vrankfort. Germany. then/ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bag-Iguests present. Guests were seemed "Queenie" LiUie Patnode were Thursday [Superinr and Rieh.ard Leeee [families report everyom, ~ei ]to Stuttgmlt where l)oug]as is. [ley of Superior were Sunday [ Mrs. Niia Wilson, Mrs. Lau-l win. dinner guests of Wilbur Ot)ertsHome Towner ]were Sunday evening supper [ting ahmg fine there, l,(,omH'd [They arc m i} nice apartment ]evening dinner guests of [ ree Mettler, Mrs. Edith Bill- ] Chat Waren is bul and m the afternoon we tookMonday, Oct 31---ttalloween [guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Bruce ]and Arlene are manavers of[!md l)l,uglas ~s back in train [Mrs. Delia Heldt. Richard] ng and Mrs. Carrie Ruth-[week for a couple mere to uoncoraia u)r an eye this evenin,* and there should [i~yers. [two apartmtnt ho/ses 3~ t n [ins m the base after a session [l.eece and Miss Connie Pur- ]child Mrs Van Wry won rminting at the Albel appointment. ' ~'- ~,,~,,,h e -'orv;'~o "'"'~a] Mis. Katherine Warren was]ts m all and a couple ol husy]in the hospital lrom s nusls;ell also called at the Heldt the hostess rift wh ch in~, home ,e a ,,a~c ,. c ..,e,. ,.aK~u , , , ~. . , . ~ g . , Esther Whelche~, Faye Bol- today with the candy and ap-[hos!ess to tht;. Needle Craft [!)eople. la'onard i:q ah,o \york [!rou!)]e ~Ind aller~(~s ca?se!t [home, then went on to the]brought 80 cents. The club Mr. and Mrs. lodn :let and borena rate m~te z [..~.." ..... A..r... ~ ......... f ..... alUUt) mines r'rm~y L lvJ 'tmling ~ith the ('ons%ruclion ('dill U)Y le (~ np weat~e" wnicn/Bruce Ayers home for Sun-lvoted to dive some monev]ker of Lonuview al . l-)lt~,5 I t~tl~.y lot i~tlJIJ~ ltlk.~.~ i ~ , f , , , ~ . ' , . , , , , . . D j ~ business and shopping trap to]kids, lt's an evening we look [!nee:int. ~vas called to otd(\r [pany who are eroctmg a huge ]is(old a,~t (t.~sag~ec,fl)k,. Food ]day evemng droner. ]toward the church furnace[proud parents of an a SaJtna on Thursday [ r, ....... a , .......... ~ ~ tho ]by ~ resment l~uth t~omcnuo. [new wing on the St .John's [costs are mgn and hard to get [ Mrx and Mrs. C. V War- I fund It was sent to the trea- [ oz baby uirl born 9 Fay Seems was hostess tO],oun,,sters do It is a pool ]The secretarys report waslIIospital m l,ongv 'w 'rle[the ones ll)~ the (het Inesc~h [ren took Mrs Ida Ross and]surer of ih'e church Mr lat'g'00a Our '~sta ' Odessa Aid Thursday. [("l~,udv mornin~ a 40' ten(~er'[read anti approved. Safety]grading and footings h,r lhis[ed by the medical staff forlMrs. Delia Heldt for a drive]Heldt by Mrs Billin~,s Re'[ ran'dchil'd She hadn't Mark Obert went for his]am~.e~earier ~ A veev l~'~ht[measures of various kinds in]building were bein~ laid while]~ho allergy contlilinn. These[Sundas, p. m. around the]port 'made on our~Safety]named yet when the phya~al Tuesday and return ]wind but radiu reports say no Ibth,th~ home and t!~e tom ]we were m I,ongvu,w. ~U,'rhn I!)erslmdl jt(,ms ,~o offe~ed in [lcke. they stopped to look [ideas and each n~ember is]came by air mall tO: ed. Wednesday fr(!m Kansas l r,o,sture in sight. The leaves [munHy were o st ussoo ~evor ]ix taking on anot t,r ~t']l t,' at apt)re(rattan o.! l e t~terest of lover the tree planting pro-/to look for and correct snme|Delia Heldt, the other City He passed us howex(," n ~ , ilosnrrmnd|hoi ....... [a of the me sires reported[tin Humble Oil and (~ SII e nmy ,t,~ts hc'e who[iect of the Needle Craft[nfa~v hnTnrd in fhoir nwn[f, rn dmother " . . ...... [ 1 II~e p .~," ........ ~ ...... o_s ...... ,... _ ..... , -, ..... . ........ ~ ..,.~.._ ................ ..~_an ........... . several in the group were [huus na nuartors for n moss [as mreaoy aeteo upon. lnlS ition whieh gave him a brc;tth- nave neon asku~g at)out our [Club where they planted [home and ren()rt at the next [N':.N" \'.' turned down. He retu,'ned tO lof '.uS bu s- 'Raking" t'h2ml makes us remember to ask ]ins spell one w(,elentl t,)('n-[family for which we thank all]elms and evergreens last] '- '"" his job at Prices Auto at Wi [away '~md a'ihorough~dusti'ng[tlw many people taking the[j(,y deer hunting ,,n Mt. St. [of you. [fall and found 7 of the 11 | CMta on SundaV / ....... " . ~ Readers D gcsl have t taen ad ] llelens -,ith h s son '1'o ~ N'u I Mr a ~(t Mrs Ivan Warren/trees nlanted were ~,reen and l , " /With cnlorlue powoer arouno l , I" ' "* '' , .... , ~, '" i . r ~, Edith and ,Jim Saltkill were [outside of foundatio ~ and Ivantage ol lhc card m the I)~ [cy u freshmm~ at Cohm~hia [ lelt , aturday mormnI~ lor a [growing in spite of the past [ A re!cooed from the Osborue]th~)iiu~i~ the screen on outside[test -"Buckle Your SafetYlC(fllcge in l,ongvh.w, and (,n[w('('kcnd trip to Wheaton,[hot summer. The Club plans| ,~m II Ill ,A~ ~ll~l bus ira1 Saturda '~ B( t ~ It has been prmt(d ) i)~ln I I WO S Mlml ( ) x. lSlt IX, I S ,lutlt M~s to enlar e o h ~ ro ect .P Y' |of w ndow has a very diseour-Ir" :, ' ' " , , , ' I'i 'r ' I ~ (' ' '' ~ t ,ere. plu.' 3 ]' "" '" :'. ,. '.'. [1 g n t e'r p I " ) ~-" U I- I Jr 1.] [ '1 | L_. [~ ~11 .; mother wasreleased |aging effect on these nests [sevcrm issues Ol this maga ]days ;t "q.'eok ttachillg (lall( ing ['J~mn ~xmsey, anu lam [atth('C.V. Warren home Sun-lin memory of the Whtel 19/;/; BEI, AIR 4-Door Sedan, V-8, Auto.,I ,1Jlly t~ , . ' ) .. was called Thursday evening [ Mr~ l nnnn Mart, taak hov [There was the usua hostess [~vil ch s g v n- her '1 ~ ce ] ~x' l M. only to I ~d us ab- [Rock Pioneer Mothers ,)f the [ ,,,A t~,,,,~ ..... AI,. ; : to dlseuss starting a Teen Jaunt Mrs Bessie Bovce to [gnt lot me ClUb nl(,nlnel oraw ]come for col](,ge. Charlin(,, I St,hi. we are sorry ano sm [ White Rock Valley. I Town in Esl?on for the high[ Nelson T'uesdav' afternoon to Iing the correct number. It [who was recently eh, ctt,d the ce,'oly say "Come again, cou I Mr. Raymond and Roy[ 1~I~, I~/U~,~t A A I~,,,~,. ~,~,lnn V R Alr|n. se, h~i students, Rev. Rosel,~; ~ ,~;,, ~t,,,, O~,,~,~o,,,,{was drawn by M,s. Ida Rosslstate president ~f Wa~hi, gton[y,''~s''-]Barnard twin brothers, and[ ....... :.~,, .Q,,,~ ,-.,,,,: ........ , ---.., ....... , from Mankato was gl~st and brought 70d to ~dd to our lip ] I M~ss Pall\ Rogers of Bust I I II, I a([orv Alr ' ': g "" [home [a ' ~ [l me ~]a(el"S C]u)s for |lie] . , , .z ,. "-[who are Cousins of theI at~aker and he was very in- Mr" and Mrs Dick Baalev [treasury for buying gifts or [377 eluhs in the state with a [ wick, Nehr. was a weekend [ Leeces came last week for a _ _ , ...., . .... teresti~g and infrmative'andlfi Superior were Sunday wers for 2e,nt,ers who are]me,nhership of ahn. ;t ,000[ u,,st ,,f her ~,'a,,dp,,rents, iVh'.]short visit They spent] 196;) CIIEVY II 4-1)oor Seaan, I) t;yl., Nta' helpflll with ideas and sugges ,st~ nf tho Ouonqn [ill. A stym :now wa,' )eld for ]~omen finds the door bell land Mrs. ('wster Van Meter ~Thursdav and Friday nights Tran~ , uer gut," ...... ,,~ .... ' . . , ' . ' - -- ........... lions. To set the records [ [ eeee fanfilv ]entertainment in which some [ringing most of the time and] Mrs. Sh~lh'y l,ecce and the ]at the Elven Leece home. ] atraight this is strictly for our] ~MI" and lVlrs C V Warren[weird hloking dresses and an [her typewriter not having Vrank Korhelik orchestra [Mrs EIven L~ece called the] leer, ~u~,~w nar~ ~ no,,,. ~eaan 6 high Students to h~ ve a p ace [drove to Bellex'ille Sunda-" P Icient hats appeared. In the [mueh "time to co)l off She ~roup drove to Hastings Satur I cousins near here in for an l ...... " "'~ .... ~*~ .-"~:"~',,"'," ...... ', f~r recreation and fun and not I M to attend the antioue ex~ Ifirst group Mrs. Ida Ross plat- I~'as aappv to be called t ) her day night to play at a gather- ]evening of v siting and re- I Auto., slfll has ~actory warranty intended to run competition to ['1 bit held in the I~ational [ed first, Mrs. Leona Topliff, ]deetor's Office a wt,ek ago last]ins there. I freshments. They were Mr. I - a .business[Guard Armory building there, l~c:2d ;~ndhMerSsecDotnl~a t~;lu(tt']Tuesday to have the last ('asti Monday, Sept. 26ICoolland Mrs. Raymond Leece,] 1905 REL AIR 2-Door Sedau, V-8, Auto.,I or m0ne making project itsllt was well worth anyone'slu " '- . g P [removed l'rom her linlb andland cloudy all day and at]Mr, and Mrs. Ivan Warren,[ l, actory Air to be~pansored by the parents]time tn see the many hun- IMrs' Ruth Rothch~ld, hrst Ibeing told she ran now useltimes light mist fell. The ex- IMr. and Mrs. Quentin Leece] ,, and aboard of teenagers and |(ll~(is of articles shown We ]place, ~virs. rena van wey ]her l nb gradu' y Is ~oon is treme chill Sunday morning land son, Ricky Mr and Mrs ] 1964 IMPALA 4 Door Sedan V-8 Auto- r , ~ .... was second and Mrs Fdith ' ' ' , " " " ' ' " parentatmakerulesandreg|enio,,ed a nice visit with a]~ " " ' " ,'., [she was fitted with the nee(,s-[was a real change after the]Dwight Marr and Mr. and[ t) :' ulations. On Nov. 7 there will [fa~"oriie niece of the family ]Billing, third place. Prize Nary shoes. We 11,'(, ha)py for heat of Saturdav p. m. and ]Mrs. Chat Warren. It had[ * IL AC , another meeting and all]Mrs. Art Asne~ren of Burr [.money for the platings went ]her and hope this last surgery, ]night. - ]been quite some time since I ..................... p~ns: interested plan. to at,-J Oak. who writ~ her husband. Jirmto. the club. treasury. Club. her fifth one, will be ~ last. . Several members of the [ this. grout)_ had been together[ l'm/t IV 'ALA / -I oor. eoan, auto., teed and.there wi!l belotS[help to make up the group[en.;Iyed hawng Mrs;,,,Eihthl , [ ]~actory Anr n t rmnng ana mrs wmureo more to tam over. lr you oo ' [ sponsoring these exhibits. [.. . , " .., I ........... ........ I [ want it, come and voice your [ Rows of booths filled the build_ [ bmms as.guests. ~ne :,i .... [ 1963 OLDS 88, V-8, Auto., PS, PB, AC, oninton' It is just in the plan I ' ~,_ ~ :~ .... I meeting wm oe wim lvirs uel- I : :: ...... : .~ I .... " ' want]tings,rag wire exnloltors from has- ' " ...... ~= '~::': DI:VIVA1 ~l~DVIf~ [ l~oor ~e(lan a!ng stages now andwe tloldredge. Nebr., al! angles looKeo Into. mrs.[ita Abilene Manhattan andl ~ ~" .. .~ _ . ~] ~(~]l~i:~ : 4~l-V1 V~h dll~l~,l[ l~a-~lp I ~ac.~ t~oat a a .... H,,.a ,!,,,,, Seaa. V ~-'~ ................. ~- .... 1various otner towns in txan- I ~ ...... o I : : :::.,:i~:::~(,~:::::!t I . d ent~l we!rome any callsL,~as. ~any of the articles were] trom ner aaugnter. ~wrs. r~or-[ WESLEYAN METtIODIST CttURCH [ Auto. Or s~~'~and:,~Iso,~t~ ....... :, ' ....... :~ "::~~:: : , or sale, but we did not in- -- : , ,~.~:~!~