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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
November 24, 1966     Jewell County Record
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November 24, 1966

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4B ...................................................................... SETv LL COb '2-r" RECORD, MANKATO KANSA:5 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER ]Esbon enjoyed a Halloween[Her granddaughter, Mrs. Don ma Berg, of Manhattan, say-igood-bye to wheel chair and W. S. C. S. worked at clean- and needless to say, all had[meeting. This is l i~tl m [party Saturday evening given ]Reed, husband and children ing she and her husband. Ken- ]crutches. The last results so ing the church this past week a very enjoyable time, On[the attention of th( [i;~] ]by their teachers and wives, ]attended and took Mrs. Love- neth, will be here Monday re,'] far are seelningly the best yet. and Saturday evening Ivan Friday Elven Leece took]of the H.D.U. saf [Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. ]well with theln. She enjoyed a few days visit. [ Teresa and Sheri Woddell, Warren was one of the re- them'to Superior to see the]too. An open well . ]and Mrs. Wiebe They reportla visit with Mr'. and Mrs. Bob Relatives of Mr. Oscar Ross]the two granddaughters of pair carpenter group. The Curt Marrs and Laurencelcently discovered Iltl II, [a very good time. [tiarrooun while there. They gathered Saturday at the heine [Leonard and Arlene Leece are church has purchased a new Leeces and to Bellevdle to [by small children Kearne State Teachers' C1 .~' I, :() , , ( :[ . ] ~ .... ] Odeslsa H. D. U. met with|days: [loween party. Ricky I,eece Mary l:oss, a tea:hm in theJery from her recent illness, vices to he held atthechurch Ball and RichanP Courter[call from Mrs. Del Mildred Porter on Monday ev-[ Most of the miht combining [was one of the childrelt attend Deaf and Dumb Inslitute at |The son of lheir house. 3 year on Sunday, Oct. 9. There is' families, then planned 1) go [John threw a board enl~l.'Porter's home recently ]is done in this area. What isn't ling. Olathe came hnme on Thurs ]old Todd Woddell, is sta'yh~g an oil burning heating stove] to Abilene to see another ]well on which the d( dropped the ceiling in their]is mostly too green. ] Dr. and Mrs. Jon Ayers and day to spend Ill(, weeken(I anrl [at lilt, home ot his aunt, Mrs. in the basement dining roomI cousin, James Nelson, before]her front feet and front room and living rodin [ Mr. and Mrs. Garold Bad |children and Mr. and Mrs. enjoy the birthday dinn('r with [Judy Baker. where hc is ra- to be disoosed of and moved[ visiting another ()ld friend in fLeece succeeded in and they paneled it and also[ger and family were Sunday ]Bruce Ayers and Saunie were everyone present. [l,idly becoming a constant out by anyone who is inter- I Nebraska )n their way home [a rope noose over | oadded a new rug which was]sul)per guests of Ed Clarks. |dimmr guests ol Mr. and Mrs.Mr. and Mrs. Larry Whitney [hn er of the new baby (laugh ested in buying for a small] to Wagner, S. Dak. [and pulling her to a big improvement and lnakes [ ........ |Evan Ayers Sunday noon. and children spent Sun(h v ; f [ter, hh'ika Lyn l, i ~ t ~(' Rod I payment If you are inter- [ N~dle Craft ('lub met on |l,ater, Junior had t t " " " -- " ........ * the house so much more c(nl MI and Mls D ck B,~h.~ ternoo] ~ t 1 1(~ p, [ s MI u~ ~(I Jl(v Btk(tmine st," rr res un of havln ! ..... ] ~= ] ". v. " ' , ".'. ...... . ., : ". [ '.' ~ , ~ ' '" c..d see Edwin Ma P - Friday with Mrs Tena Van ] fort e g for|able and warm. [ ~11~11~ |i~AIl~ [Mr. and Mrs. Bill ~:l'icksou ] and Mrs. Fred Ross. [ Carol Warren re'rived safely ] ident of the church board [ Wev with 5 member's and 4]bus run over the d( Mr,. and Mrs. SamOhertand/ll lHlll Z, i Vlll ]and Miss Connie Pursell or'I A letter fr.m the l,(,n view|in Frankfort, (;ermany, then] Mr. andMrs. Richard Bag- [ guests present 'Guesis were]seemed Queenie" Lillie Patnode were Thursday [ [Superior and Richard Leece ] falnilies report eve'vo~ e ~et |to Stuttgart where 1)ouglas is. [ ley of Superior were Sunday [Mrs Nita Wilson Mrs I au- ]win. dinner~ guests of Wdbur Oberts [ Home Towner ]were Sunday evening supper[ling ahmg fine there', l,e(,,mrd [They arc ill a nice apat'tnlen[ ]evening dinner guests of[ree ~Iettlcr Mrs.'Ediill fiill-] Chat Waren is bl and in the afternoon we took[ Monday, Oct. 31 Halloween[~uests el Mr. and Mrs. Bluce and Allene are lnana aers of]!md Douglas is back in tlain Mrs. Delia Heldt Richardling and Mrs. Carrie Roth-[week for a couple! mere m concoraia mr an eye [this evening and there should [ Ayers. , .... [ two apartment houses, 38 un [ ng i~t fllc~ base after a session [ l.eece and Miss Connie Pur- ]child Mrs. Van Wey won [ painting at the Alb$ apl;mintment. /h- ~-"*~'h ,,e ..... v~,,o ~,.~_~,~ [ ivn's, r~atnerlne warren was [ its in all and a COul)h' of rosy [m the nosp~tal from s nus scl] also called at the Heldt the hostess gift which ing home Esther Whelchel, Faye Bol. [today with the candy and ap-II.~.s~es,s. to }[1(: N,,,,c:l[c Crait [people. Leonar(I i:~; al:~o work |tronble nnd allergies caused]l~me, then went on to the [brought 80 cents. The club ] iMr. and Mrs. Rodtl" e e ler and Lorena Pate m tale a CIU) lames r ~day t M The m r ~lt]l t 1( ( )II(tlU(|IOD (()ill )V he (l,tlnp v~(ath( ~lcll B uce A ers home fol Sun al ' ~ ' " It) es ready for hannv faced 1( v ' . . ~,] ' g " , . ,; . , ' , 11 . ' ...... [ r Y " - [voted to uivo somc money Iker of Longview business and shoppmg trap toldas n', nn o~nin ,~,~. ~,~oU[Incetlng was called to orderlpany who are erecting 't hugelis cold and disagreelhh, I~oodlday evening dinner toward the church furnace roud rents of an ...s..~s a .......... ~, ..... a . , "~ . p pa Salina_ on.. Thursday. Horwarol ...... to as mucn as me ulhy_. Preszdent. Ruth. Roihc, fild, ~l new win,,~, on the ..... St lohn's .I ('est,. . ,are hugh and h'lrd, to get .... I Mr,. and Mrs C V War-/fund. It was ,sent to the trea- -oz babygirl, b(un ~i I,Ii: ulations On Nov 7 ther( will Bllhng thud place Prize sm shoes We a~ hit 1o~ ( a urda r Ch W rr n x ~, ~t~ ~, l,'ay Seems was hostess to [~ounesqovs dn It i~ ~ onnl []'~m secretary s report was[tlospital in Longv ew T le[the ones for the diet prescrib-[ren took Mrs Ida Ross and [surer of the church Mr [at 3"00 a m Our 25tl edCir.phyak~l OdessaMark Wednesday He Atd Obert .passed Tuesday Thursday. went from his,' .and hwe~er/in lnr ' Kansas returrl Ins " ']atul'e [rnoi~ture ]wind [H~mdv " hlW:e .... " ~ but eaqier m"rnin'~ piles "" in radio sight'-The around " ~ renorts --" A " 4~'" v,:rv " the ~ ' ..... 'le'~tves say house, "~'~: i,,~t[' ~' no ~ ]reunify [holh ]read al u(,isu ,-.. (if, the the and ",.; (s were home ~1 me~ISll, res . approved, discussed, x ~' ~ ~VmtlS and ' " " the repo~'!e.(l|the kinds Sever Sah'ty[grading coin ,' In ' [is [we [ bu '" taking Idlm~ were Humble ,a(~( and on in ..... I,on~vi(,w. Oil another footm,~s bt g and ~'' ~" ~ helper Gas ~(| for M(,rlin \x ' Sta-tl, ~ at . sled :[~';' I!he ~lappreciatin [p(,rs[mal ~ht hy nl, nny i I(~tv I ~.;. the ~tcms ' ' frJt.q}ds merhcal ond~lmn of ' tim are ' ' interest h.ere oftel'ed . stalf . These who[jcct -. for]Mrs of m ' |over ]lcke./,~ Sun d'y " a Delia of the " l hey p' the tree Heldt stopped m. Needle planting ar)und for ( to a Craft dnve lHeldt look pro-tc]nort h~ [safety ]to [Ideas - h~)k ' made and by hazard for ~ Mrs "and each on " in correct Biln,,s our member their ~' ~ Safety[named some" own Re-[,,randchild is]came [grandmother |Delia " Heldt, by _ vet " air She when the m~ hadn ethel il the tl , several in the group were [housin,, ouarters for a mess as already acted tlpOll. l'nls/tion which gave him a hrcatl~-, nave ncen as~tng aoou~ (mr/Club, where they planted ]home and renort at lhe next ]~,'~', ~,',' . ~: tgl~.ne down He v(tutned to ' ~' "~ .... makts us remember to ask in ~ 1 o ~ fa l'l), for which w( tt,ulk 'all s ~ " ~"" ,, d '; ' [(~|' non hnas Rnkina ~hom ~' ' - " '" [ g ,pel m weehend to el " .... , [elm and evergreens last] hta job at Prices Auto at WI-[~.w .... ann - qmro.,'q~ nusq"- th w many people taking the[ (y deer hunting on M( St el you. ]fail and found 7 of the l I [ a chita on Sunday I" ..?: ,_.u ?; ~ ~P .....~,Readers l)'gest have taken ad./'lI~qens with his son T m "5I ' Mr and Mrs Ivan Warren ~trees nlanted were oreen and 11 _ " , ~;: Edith" 'and" Jim' " Saltkfll' ' were [)u,l~i~towmt cmorme.r ,'(Pwoer.~., ..... arounu,~ vantage of tilt, card In" the I)~' Joy u ' freshm', ~' ' ' at' (, hlmbia' ' -h_,tt' .~aturday morning for a ]urowing" ~" in sore of~the past | ........... Ill /UlIM~IUII/II [1|1~ ~ ~ - ~ " I , 13 __ i; released from the Osborne [~hr'o-ah *h, so|do- O- ,.~,i,~o gest - Buckle} our Safety [C(,lh,ge in Lou~.wi,.w. a, ( en ,,,,ekcl~d tm ) to Wheaten [hot summer The Club plans [ ~ ~ ~ A J~ ~ hospital Saturday. ]i')f w'in(iow'h~s'~ver/d~scou'~'~ Belt"? It has been printed in |joying her wor there, plus :l Milm. 1o visit h'an's aunt, Mrs. [to enlarge on their project| ~r--u L~ ]l]~ mr 1 L~ :;' My mother was released l[~q., ,~rfo,.t 'on ~hes- nos~ several issues of this inaga [days a wee~ teaH ng d n~c ~.~ .l-hn Kinsey. and family. Tt ey [with the advice of the Park | ~ ~ U ~ ~ lit - from the hosp tal on Wed~es.,~/,, w,~,~, n,,,, .......... h, zme to be cut out ,nd pasted [lessons to ,| I,m) ls in ~er ,xpc' ,, ~(,t honw to(ay [Board The trees and im-[ I I L_ I[ Ilkff L.L_ ill== }ii day and is doing as well as ]uu ox(ollont ro~nlt~ i m front on tile dash el your]studio built on to their heine Mr. Chl '(l Smlnons and rovements made at this[ ~'"~ ' . as .x .......... es ..... n con- . . '. ' , , , P - she can .... ,, , ....... ('ar where it is seen each tim(, Iby I er father This is her 4tt brot ~e ' John Smmmns called }nart cular shelter house are [ . ironing u1cm Wltn ~lnuane " '. ' " ' ' ; z ' " . r . . A special C.T.M. meeting spray also you get behind the wheel./year giving dancing lessons ;ll theC. \.. Warren honwSurl-/il~ memory of the White[ 1966 ]',EI~ AIR 4-Door Sedan, V-8, Auto., ~' was_.called, ,.Thursday. evening ' Mrs.'. I~('~'n". ,,, ,~ Marr to"ku h-r~ There.o.. was., .the_ usual, hostess, vIwili('h is. ~g v 3,'~ ~er ,'! n ('e i ~- ( Iv. 1)__.M, only, to find us, ab-. I/Rck Pioneer. Mothe-s. of the || illllti"'~='l I'lal'~~l[|lL.| y.,|~ .... JTI||A~" to disCUSS startLng a Teen aunt Mrs Bessie Bovce to glIt mr the clun memoer draw- ]come for college.Charlilv,, senl. We are sorry anti sin [White Rock Valley. J Town in Es on for the h h ..... - ' ing the correctnumber I[ who ' s th cere v say "(dine '~gain eou- - o I? g Neson Tuesday afternoon to ] wa. tecentt,~ electet e . ,', ' , [ M Raymond ant: Roy[ l(U.'~- ~.D~I ~, A ~...... ~,,,1.. v ~ A-,to * .... ~ ...... * , , ,,, , ./|~,) SlTI1 lla~l 'it'l/U~| ~I~,~[|[[ll, I///"', ~[[I D9 athool students. Rev Bose visit in the Lnv Dnvld~nn ~as drawn by Mrs. Ida Ross|state presudent of Wa~:hm~ton ,~,ins . [Barnard, twln brothers and [ ....... .. fl'om Mankato was mcst ........... " ............ and brought 70~' to add to our Ilo M is Mi~s Patly Rogelsof Best l'l$, rat]dry Alr '"~ ' "" g ~'" home ' . " / me a eer's Clu).' for the :." ', ." - ]who are cousins of the [ - ' al~,.~r and h.e was ~:ery in: Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bagley!reasury for hu~'mg g!fts or|377 ehlhs )n the state wflh a ~.'wk: Nc.'br.,~ias' a week end{Leeces came last week for a] ................... o.,_,.._ ,. o_., o,1 :! ~r.e~.ung.ana.mmrmatlve andof Superior were Sunday din- r.lowers tor mem,)ers wno are |membersh,p of alm(,,;t 60[)0 au(,sl (f ne]" ~r,!,mpa, rents2 ~vlr. [short visit. They spent[ in,.) b_Hr~v~ H ~Hmor enan, i) byn., o~ ~-~ lle}l~ffl Wltrl laeas and sugges- '-(r ;'u"s~s " ~henuentinIf]. ~ styLe snow was nero mr|women finds the door bell an(~ ~vlrs. (;nester van ~vwter. :Thursday and Fri,~,, ni ,hten q,,.,,,o .I'i .~ons. To set the records }~eece~f~amily,"" ~'~ entertainment in which some [ringing most or the time and Mrs. Shirley l,eece and the [at the ~Elven Leec~ home.[ ...... Straight this is strictly for our M~-' and M,,~ C v w~,-,-e,, weird looking dresses and an Iher typewriter not h'winff Frank Korbelik orcheslra I Mrs Elven I_~ece called the l ~a~:r,~ lluffld~'q~, l~AlOrl~ /I 1~,,~,,~. t~,,~,,lo,,= 111 | 'li' .high students to have a place dr, u,.,, ..................... |,1 Rollovillo Sundnv P cnent hats appeared. In the/much time to cool tiff.' " "She group drove lo Haslmgs' Salur ]cousins" near here in for an [ a,,,,,, |/IJl,lii'A.......... .'/il~,./ 'lt'|P.. .......... , i.e . f6i;'recreation and fu~ and not ..... ~" ......... ~ .... .'" ..... first group Mrs. Ida Ross plac- {\~as hap y to be cdltd io her (av nig.ht to play at a gather- [evening of visitin~ and re ] J%IlIO., Sllll has 1at|dry warranty ii: M. to attend the antique ex- . , , -P ...... ' .. - .. - intende~ to run competition to hibit held in the Nationaled first. Mrs. Leone ']ophff.[doctor's ofl'iee a week ago last mg there. [frcshments.They were Mr.[ ,, , _ _ - ,, ,,, ~, _ '~ aa one or be a busm(ss second and Mrs Delia IIcldt T s ( I . s 19{)) BEL AIR 2 Door Ne{lall, v b, AU[O 9 i; ' . .... '" ~'' Guard Armory building there ~'. ,'. " ~ ue. da5 t) have t tc last ca:t Monday, Sept 26--Cool land Mrs. Raymond Leece,] , , " " ' ~!,~ or ~'i0n~ making project. It's It Was well worth anyone'smird. In the second group [removed from her limb and and cloudy all day and at]Mr, and Mrs. Ivan Warren,[ Factory Air tO I~.~aored by the parents time to see the many hun- Mrs. Ruth Rothchild, hrstlheing told she ('an n(iw use time~ light mist fell. The cx-IMr, and Mrs. Quentin Leecel and a :board of teenagers and (h'e~is of ~articles show~n We place. Mrs.Tena Van Wey [her limb gradually as ,~;oon as trem'e chill Sunday morning [and son, Ricky, Mr. and Mrs. I 196,1 IMPALA 4-1)oor Sedan V-8 Auto.- ;~i parenta to make rules and reg enioyed a nice 'visit with a was second and Mrs. Edith [she was fitted wi~h the neces- was a real change after the]Dwight Marr and Mr. and] ~r), ~, ' ' ' - " r mee;m and iZl favo 'ite niece of the family, money' fo, the pla w nt 'Y .'. ' py ' " heat )f St y p. m. and[M s. at a e . It had] be anothe ' g Mrs Art Asne ren of Burr " ~ ~ ' :., ther and hope this last surgery night [been quite some t me since l ............. ,, . , " s interested lan to at ..... into the club t easury ('lub x wn'AnA n-nmor ecmn, um., ~n :[ - P '' Oak who with her husband .... ,~ ~.~ ,-.,, [her fifth one. will be a last Several members of the[th~s group had been togetherI ' . .... tei~[ a~d there will be lots help to make up the group en.loyeo navm~. Mrs. 12,tilth], , , , I factory Air ,mo~e tO ~alk over. If you don't snonsorin~ these exhibits Billing and Mrs. Winifred [ ,, [ iil want it, come and voice your ~tows of booths fiiled the buil'd~ Smies as guests. The next l : : :,:: %". ~'~i" ~: .... i ~ [ 1963 OLDS 88, V-8, Auto., PS, PB, A( 'F opial~ri"It is just in the plan- , ' ......... o .. meeting will be with Mrs Del- " : ::: ~ t I ' ., ,~ "~. lng wILn exnmlmrs irom has-. , r. .... : : l)oor '! .ni ngst.t~es flow and we want tings, tlnldredge, Nebr.. Wich- m HeldtN~:v.'25.~i,t 2:00. P.M. : :,~I DI:VIVAI I[i::DVIfI:I~ I ,.,e,,,n iii! atl angles soo~e(~ into. Mrs. ita Abilene. Manhattan and Mrs, welm nemt recewea a ' ;::; ~':.~/~'~ :i ] '[l~l-VlV~II~lnl 41~l--II~Vl~ll--~l~ [ In~ II~rDAI A I "ll~a,~. I]'.,~.,1 rl~,n (~laA,aM , .... on call S nd m nin . ~* '. .... .,,,,,t ~,~.a.z*a~,. '*'*.oo. *aa~u .v ~,,-u...*. :~rena:.,.Pate, C.T.M. s prest- ,,~,,,~ n,he, tnt~n~ in I~an-ph e u ay or g ......:. ...... ':, , ::,] [ lit , ~i:i d~n{~il!_welcome" any calls ~]~';:"~i~anb,"()'f-th'e'articies were from her daughter, Mrs. Nor- ~ ~ ~:;:@~7':!:~;i~ WESLEYAN METtIODIST CHURCH [ Auto. or ~s~ana...msooW6~ ~oz; sale but we did not in- - -' .~~ ~{i~~: ~ ' ii[ [ all those interested to come dulge in' purchases as we are ,;: Mankato, Kansas [ 1960 MERCURY 4-Door ltard Top Sed ~iill, : al~ help. The youth of our not inclined in that direction. :i ~i~' i~ [ V-8, Auto, PS, PB a~nmtmity are the most vital After the show we went to ~ |'~-" -, I I ~1~:~::;~: ,~;~ i " lind precious crop we raise D ..... NOV 23 - DEC 4 [' ,._, ,.^; .... n:.' see Mrs. ean Leece the -'. _'__ .', " :. " " [ 1960 IMPALA 4-Door Hard Top Sedan, ~ =, ~,~e ~-a~ u,m, .~ua a~ WiP'"ekRest Home Found --- .... - "- '~- : ~~-: ': : ~ - .......... ;, 7 a0 15 } 1960 B AIR 4-l)oorSedan, 6 Cyi., t [~ :~day for' the fiow~r~ they waMsr~ Glnd~e Dv~ito;f aJ:t~le1 Trans. I, : frlends ~ v, lven t, eece home. WE INVITE YOU - YOU INVITE OTHERS 1960 CORVAIR 4-Door Sedan, Auto. T: X~eivt~i from the church and ~. " " . Y ~ - - -- - -'- ---- - - - 2uelle and ~Dennis Clark A couple of students from lqk~ ~~ A~re- 'nd Ronnie Young at' Y , ......... WE STILL IIAVE l NEW 1966 IMP/ i Y W 1~ llUCKiey, l'astor , teaded the Feed Buck Sale at , ......... h r m,e'P" ... , I CItEVEI,I E, AND 1 CORVAIR, PL1 ),f} "WCl~lege called~unoayOn rMrs'mAltam Love-ca Rev and Mrs Gary Sprtggs, " " r e Saturda " ' Evangens s. 'eebles, Ohio ( ' ' e n Y ...... i 1 ~1~r~l-n|P-- , , ,, 1 )66 I)EMOS I OR SALE AT RED '" "~ ...... E'h 1Them news concerning me r c ass- ___ , ' rtasl~t~'~'IS;;:~Yotlnt~;l~lan fix- ~a~e'etD:l~zid Lovewell, who is CHAIN SAW , PRICES. :edOdessa's booth at Craft Day "'s Alta Lovewell had se ~ '~ ~ -- ' "" .:~#..~:t~n:mmy~aclBUMd:btle,' F;~anlld~r~ndSaMdr" ~Ind~ar:" ' M;~" - dlrett~~ ~, .~.__.,., __ .. j ..~ ~li .~ye~ to bringthe things , .onlylSp0unds 7~_'~'~. *1 ~'" ": ~'::"e 'Marble of Formoso come for less 0,ran c.in T rlt I I r I1 (" / :"~ " ............ :" "-n"~ "-n;o'' lunch a fells ~rees up to 3 ~[~-%~t~t.~Y-%~N Ca~l Blaekwood spent the .L , ; , ,- in diameter IJ~.,~k./~- "~.-X\~ [ B 1 [ 1 1 1 1 i d auut u v,a~u a ~ t- ~ 'Y feet n d,ameter "=.~.~ ~ul,h ~" ....t ~rs ,w,m her ,as~ Sunoay P. M. a alt.;osition- 'Y-~4~-"~ |[ | n ~ U ~ I~ ._~ , ~,~': - ............... Mrs Lovewell had the plea-cutting Ill ' e,~ r, ~ " cuts eve w th -:'~ -" ~,~' """ Y" 'ure of enjoying a Fellowshzp ground ~- ~ " " i ~ ~M~{~tad ~Mrs Wilbur Ober( ;~ ", ........ 196a CHEV Fleetmde Pickup, Vz Ton, 6 r : ' ' " " ~upper a~ me ~avent unurcn ; ~ ' were unday din- in Belleville Saturday night. $|' enewful/line.f..H.mel!tec in$|w$ ]~ ,,' and 4-Speed, 11,000 Actual iles : rapt ~g~s" Ot ~am unerts. .- ,o, = ,,~. -.',,.-=,,o.,--. ' ' "" ':' 'rbe Westbranch Card arty IERRY'S STANDARD 1963 (HEV Stepmde Ton, 6 Cyi., WIll be postponed until Nov. ~ "~ ' ' i; :,|:~d~e tO conflicts for the hos- SERVICE ( lean :then, iL~d Mrs. Ed Clark and Mrs. George the Beloit hospital WEATHER 7:05 A.M. : ; ; e ening. :. ::The ~Tth and 8th grades of ::,;' ? r !! :I ~i! ! r '~ ' NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY ~ r Smith (ente , Kansas 3O Music By D/CK W/CKMAN And His Orchestra of Lincoln, Nebraska %[(: : JET PROCEEDS WILL BE USED FOR i ii~': FIREMEN'S INSURANCE FUND! ..... / _ i~ [[i:: : Highway 36 - Mankato ~IEW tiny Heerin~ evice ?estormr Your Und ffandin ! Ideal for NERVE DEAFNESSI IVeer the tiny new Telex ELECTRON E&R In your ear .c.enat and again enjo~ ;lear unoerstanaing ena good hoann~. rhls super.miniature, device Is self, ] contained with no tu~es, cora$ o u rnonosnolds ~to attract attention, ELECTRON EAR restores your ml~ esourance, makes you look youngm snd feel younger because it is se nconsp cuous. You hear with extra clarity bec~us~ the tiny speaker is deep in the e al canal close tO your eerdrum, casit) plsced in the ear oe romoved at a moments notiC~ Ask for your area represent- ative, Mr. L. W. Garmau from Phillipsburg at the Correll Hotel in Mankato on Thursday, Dec. 1, 1966. He will be there from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30. If you can't come in just call for information, or write to ;,:-;;;,5 :'/i?, 1960 GM(' V-6, Short Narrow Box, 1958 [tIC Ton, 6 Cyl., 4-Speed, Fold Racks 1957 CtIEV. !/2 Ton, 6 Cyl., 4.Speed, Narrow Box t "60" WE t AVF, 1 NEW 1967 SERII 2 TON TRUCK IN STOCK hagady n the kitchen, workshop or anywhere. Wall-mounted extension telephone ire great space-savers (save you tiu:e and steps, too). And they come iv lelightful colors to compliment a .v Cost a lot? No. Nowadays you have two phones for just a fiacL .m more than one, SOUTHWESTERN BELL MANKATO, KANSAS Phone FR 8-3471 GMAC and Bank Finaneing .... "/ :/ '(;7:.: -, ;