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Jewell County Record
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November 14, 2019     Jewell County Record
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November 14, 2019

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Ruth ~';i~ ~ ntcmh ,~-of Montntne ('om- mullil) Chlh and Farm Bureau, Sh,: ~ rvcd un t~ eh:vl{lm h~|ard and ~a.~ a ~-ri~er t;or Ih .Icl,veH { '~Ul]t.~ EL'cord. She ,:trio red er~x'hcdrit.', quiLling. gOlri~ 10.auclio-rJ.~;. 4clvlng I'D-F hc, r~nlt~d- children and most ef ;ill iinlC ',Vii)| her famlh, friends and c.~p~cialL) kcr g~:~1-~m.=t ~nmdchiMicn. ,S~ is ~urv ivcd h>. her ~hn.'," dau~h- h:r'4 t;IftCt Wilcox (David), Ih loil: B [I? Mcisl Bid L Hayv, Mar) ["=~1,~1tl. Ipdk'pcader~'c. Me : daughlcr.llT.-I;.i~.l, %t'rgall|l~' HoldroL MarLkalw ;I hrc, Ih~r. |lush ,la~-uh~, Ar~ adii. (J'olo.- IV.o "~i~ Ier-ill.I ~v % J .'ili J~:K.'(lhh. l"iir, " ~,1~,1, Ari~,- a l'l,'d J 3n~ " J ~ 'ob~'; ~a,~tleMo'~llL I {}~r-dlld- t.'ltLIdli2II. 21 l. rCat l]r',lndchil,jr~ '=~ ;IIRI [our grc,~,l-gr ,'at ~randchi~dren. hu~i~'md, lid ~ m: ~ ~t. Waller Itoldr~lr pal~.'n[s: ~=real.g~alrdchild. ['itt-ryl (':ff- r~ *llf, er:. IWo hrolhcr~. (; '~,tge :li]d I,~.'o Ja ~hn; l~O SlML'r~. I L- R~,~c .%hcLdIU.ll alid l.el,i Hod~:ai liallI~ ;.iTcr~ for Rulh'-, ~,~'r~ =co ~erc .Te41Itlt r ~HllrlP, ~tl, i'~i~l} Wdcm lldh Wot~Lcller. Brian Mc'i Rox;mnc K~lllt)tinau, '~t '~l,'k~'L.-,;~. I lo]dr lL ('n'sl:lt V;i~'ura. Dehnl F~lsoln. Sus;l~l I:o[m~m ~nd Eric Fol~0m. Ik'r funeral ~ ;l~ Yrkla ~, N~, M. al Mdb) Munuarv. Maekal{~i 'klilj'~ P;i~- for Robert (';i'rlwrighl ol ficiatin;. Bmi:d followed in the Plc;,n~utt Vk'~ ('L" l'it~ter) M~)nl [r()[~, 'v' isital ion was "llmrsda v. Snhn|lon V~lltb HoH~L' in ;;,; o! hu' tun .tal holt f"i~r ~mlill c.ndulclrC~.~. ini~ ~s ~ II ,nlclbylllOP[m.l;.ir) .COi|l. Jack Smith ]~ck Lorcn Snuth. ,~(~. ~d I up~-ka, He wastxarn I'cl~ "(}. I ;.'4.1 nl But- I'~1o. Kan the" ~i,l]l ~i It;hi) ('al~ II]I and |q.lm Aull lSI4htllt|l gnllth 11 g,l~ graduate of Fred~ml, J-ll~, Sch,~L~L FiL%lonia. HC wried i~i the t S .~d-rn~ during the Kor ,al V~ J~ ,rod ~ as Ihmo;- ;~hf} dl~'h~g='d ~rl .%pril I ~ 1~55 ,tack ntarta~cd xark~u.~ co-=~p~ ni l-,IrTlllaI'Id h~du~Tt ic, .lack m~rlr~d Jo %.n|t l:~tu'+ ,~n M;l.', "~). 1955. in Fri:d[~t]li.i '1"O [J'l]~, Ul'llOli h~u ,hlhJr~ ~'r~ ht~tl l'he~ I.~.l di~or~ ~ He married Marli.~n J,~ ()thor ',url~l'~Ir L~.'Iud~: 't'OU! chnl- " h'c~. ~=~?i#l) '; ~i,~-k~'fta I ~r'r~#lh. FrdnLt,rl 1.aur~ St'hUh l.a~ rcnc~. J ~l I.M,i]l ~l B~Lhnh.-~e~. t)~erhn~o], aTld ~I'IILI 4n1~flL ]Or~r'k.l ILl~,~n6Lhlld~clt. [I 1 ~lrC:Iit ~IlIi[l~'i~'t[IJl'I'tlI" II~l~'lII "=~l' ,h, ,hoe; ~ll'~Jtl lJli*tz/i. Ic,]'~.'ka J (II.~- i )u,l~ ",K.~{u-, I .a l,lilL. I. 'pL'kJ II%1 lhql~ .%Ic~,IX',kcr ~.1,111hal{41~ ,'l-"i'll wlCl'~ ~l.llt~i~.hI,1&~-l~ .il~d .~ ~I:I" '~L'.~ . HIR, NG NOW W HIR t VG Wt ! DFR,q Apply at 1040 Rd. 5300, Deshler, NE or online at https:/lwww, reinke.com gnandd;t~ighlvr lie *,e, preceded in dealh h~ hb, pu.r 'nl~: ~d:~aghte r, Karla L.~nd:a ~r~;it- l!i~ndson+ Quinlon Schultcr: and ~ib- ling.~, fire Smith. Joan Seanh, Dick 5nllth ~i~ ,latkJe "rhamcn, Jack ~mjeytd hi intc whh tamiiy, !lttuntfing family s~rth'lg ~enls, l'~ '- mg umer~ and playin~ tzanlcs. ~Sl~- Clatly Pitch. Vinl~;J, liOn '~,'ILs Suriday, at Dt~s- Crc- II]alitms and FunuraN. Soulh'~esl Chal~l. l'u~-ka The I-~mily i'eceivcd #i~ildx ,Mum day-. at the fixncral hon~ wilh the nor- vice t~ginning ;it I0 a.m. irilel-rrlt.ini w,th military hont~ts Etllowed at .%11. ~or~ Cemek'ry, Towk;i. Memorial conlrihutiull~ mat hc Illad I0 th~ A1~heimet As~x'iation. 3~25 SW 291h St Suite ID2. Topeka. Kan. 6(~14. "re h.-;.ivc a ~.l'k~ -lal I ~ ~e) -- w v~ ~ .Dl~,crt4~,k,l.com. -- 2x2 Storage 4 Rent in Nelson 402-469-2085 Featured Homes irr]{t N (oil~nlerci<'il Ave, Stipcrit~r. NE 6897~ s90,000 ill "u i.%'. .-, 3o4 E 12ih St. Superior. NE 68478 69,500 13()6 StlIffisC (ircl SilpCl'i~lr, Nt-~ 6H97,~ *469,000 "-I~-- ~ ,i l- 28() I- t.~t SI. Nels,m. NE 681)61 *62,500 ltl~': Sidney Price+ (402) 879-1869 sidneyprice.kw,com kw facebook.com/sidneythereaRor "[",i i , ~ L FIIII J Thul-50~y. N~vembet 14, 2019 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7B i~ iIiiiI II . i The youngesi in the field at Corn P,cklng Days was Isaac Ko~ps Down~ HiS gtandlather. Calvin Bohnerl, ~s one el the organizers of Ihe event which was held Salutday and SLinday t~ear Jewell Photo by Kerma Crouse. dohn Keeps, Downs. brings In a load el corn during Corn Picking Days held at Jowetl on SalurdBy and Sun0ay Andrew Herrema, his grandson from 0enver. Cole. rides with him Phole by Karma Crease If~lt-. txlLIhr~- Lb5 deg~'~'s t:, and Ilnce tilc nical It~ wrapt~>d till d~t iltll t ;,i%e c~.l,t'Ikl.'d Item to cuol dm~ tl Oit ti'W 7Otllll~'f. (Jn lhc c(~kcr i~ hirii~g ~ ~ lltl. place lefhi% ~.'1'~, In 4"rxLLkm g'L)lllallt- l'n ,ind fTlrl~elatL+ l-lie qo~ vt~oker ~hobLd h~' I iIled no mor~ Ih;ul Eft 1tiLL hccau~c a~l o~crly I~11 c~k~'r ~ ill hem I~M t~ ,lm~]), For hcsl qu,'dll). ItUl ~ g tJ~k,~ i[~ tb.c ,Io'~ cl~ok~-r I Irq IIIl.'ll IIICL|I II~%i{li,*.C l. '2~t'l;.IhlL'~ cOOk ~,It~'~,% L'I'. 'l~ IhC IIIl%il 1~ c'Oi.~111t2 ~c~I~1 ltic u.r# t~, JIJi ille lid ht,tlal.m~, thlb t~lfl kl )IA It!.lWll lily i.'lll)kln~ pm'ilLCYh h% ~'LILEil)~ the iitK-r~)~d t~'tmirlIL'f~ilmLiF#2 ll% ~r'llqll y( Itl tK'II.L"~ = " t)IL" lili,';~ J II dt int'. l:tl~-i,'k ~11"1i a Il~d Ihernt~,l~leter ii~ t-~ hLLle, rOLL~I4 ~huuld cli ck in ;ii 14.'~ lu INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE MECHANIC Utility Manager Due lO retiremenl, the City of Superior seeks a Utility Manager. Under the broad guidance of the Mayor and City Council. directs and manages lhe Electric, Gas, Wastewater and Water Ulility Depadments. and the Cily Slreel Deparlmenl Ensures compliance with stale and tederai statutes a~d regulations to provide routme~ safe operallon Ol the utility and sheet systems [or the conveyance el utililies and transportaiion of the public. Ellectively represen|s the Cily to local, slate and ledera~ govemmenlal agencies, communily groups, various b~sinesses, professional, and regulatory organizations, and citizens The ideal candidate has knowledge and ~nderstanding of uliiity syslems and trealmenl, paving and street repair, engineerin9 and design of ~oadways, waterways and ,tility systems, management pnnciples including personnel managemenl an~ wonk{orce conlrol and budgel and principles el ul~lity linancing, including utility rate structures Able lo read and understand plans and speciticalions, and meets and bounds determinaiions. The candidate should easity convey knowledge to olhers through good writlen and oral communicalion, have a high degree of organizational skills and be sell. molivated and sell-directed to plan, organize, direct, arid set work objectives A Bachelor's Degree in public administration,engineering,engineering tech~ologry, environmental science or related techn4cal field, and three years' experience is desired; or the equivalenl of 5 years or more experience i~ municipal utilities~ city streeis, city government, or systems and system problem solving. Send cover lacier, resume and completed application to: Cily Cterk. City ot Superior, PO Box 160, Supenor. NE 68978 Or email to jdiehl@cityofsupefier.net. Applications are available on lhe City's webeile wy,r,N. . it3r ~r i or, n~. Salary is dependen| on qualifications. Position will remain open until filled. First applicaiion review will De 1he week of December 2, 2019 City of Superior is an equal opportunity employer. All applications witl be considered. 44. 4C