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November 14, 2019     Jewell County Record
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November 14, 2019

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4B 1~E SUPERFOR EXPRESS Bill Scheef retires after 30 years coaching basketball Bill S[.'h f l'~d baskelhJII coach in Ih ccnq.ral ;rod norlh ~:n~z-al a.reasaJ~" Kull~s includes s~.- hot~l,s al Ic~eJI. B~:nrlin~vn-Te~ o~ al~ N~- br;,~ka { Sterlizl~.l l; Ir Illc p:.t.~| ]I) yea.rs }i~ am~,urE~.~ h 's stcppmp away from ha>ketL',all. S~t1 1'. step.~ hack I'nm~ a ~i) )-ear head ~-oaclfi~Le ~cm, r~ w{th a ca~'r w~'ord of 38"~ - 224 ovendl rccoed. ,l', a Ilcad coach. 1",~1 l['.% lime. I.ilc kc~'Ps ',~11 h;.~l]Pellltl~ 3rLd ~L>U ha.v| ' I,L~. Jc,l m lib Ih~;'~.c nlli~atioii~, when Ihev ,Ir i.g: I il~. c h;[d II'le pr]". ile~e.rrfl' )ac.h- ili~r hilt ~ul~.ta.ridhi~ athlcte~ mhL'h ;]:l;Ikes oa~.'hm~: fire x'~, .Lliid ,L:.'.~ h.'~,s u'~pli '~tcd," ,~aid .~h.'.:e|, ~.% h ,l asked lo dk.~ u ss his c',~a.~ 'h itt~ h~hl~hc, he ~cIId, "'[ h;l~. so ril;m~, hL,~ <,a~'hm~ :dJ ~g m} chdUren. L]~" ~,J~ 'j,-'~.'ll, ril fire ~|:,ru" h;e,kelh:IIl i-~lLJI I~.JI11~'ill, ~.'~NH.'liifl ~ in) ni~-rl ~I}~.'IIIHII~h~HJ ~lld. ;l~'4iJl';I IlillI ~,~'h~.'71 in~ b,r:,idi.-hlldr irl ~,~ 11~.~ pl;i} u'd :it I J~,~ 'k tldI,L t'~=r ;~n? ~;Irh, Ih;.~.l is ;i I' ]flJl- II1~ L.".;J.l r.'l. 1 ir,L~hC ;irk' I;'lLk'.i, 'd [h T11'Lr-,I J'lllt " ~,t.'liL'il ;:L~,L ,I ~J he had an} r~'~rd { "~:l~.h ~Ctl~.'~'I" ~.lak'd. "'."~Ol rcali~ re. ~rll lh~.' J;l~,i. t~. ~ r.'.'ii%. %~,",2 )u:,l. u'ouid 1|, ~,i~ I~ ,r ~ II,it~-~ er Tkl[l'.rl, l:li ~el lilt}~,' [L'-'lll'is o~l:r the IILJIrl[). I tt;l~,'U high e'~f~.%'l,l- Ih;,t i diJ[I"r mk'el tht~e L-,r~ [ itiOli~. '" Ih,k" I'L'a.C hili~ cd" Ihu" ~iiil]e :lt]d v~iLh.'jH)l~ ~1 ~.;llllk' I'~l~!.n :~m h~e?her dl.lrlr~ IIL~: ~.v k. I kllo~,~, i ~), Ill till' ' ]'l,L'l[fl~ .~li'~]ur~d all Ihc L'lt-'ir-'lC!. l' ~1i Ihk' '-';iln~.% 1he ~.-~I~LCtl~." ~,~1"1'! ];11' ,IT]~J [hk" ",h~J tk"~ Ijl~.hl Ih.[I'~ f'~il.r~l'll ~lrltJ i'tpJ|lllllllfl]l e I'llk'lln- ('n.'ll' Ih,lll ~.L.'ll'.k." ' ljla~Irll%r ' ~-I ~,l|al ~,~. u. il " II1~ IJl~ ~,LF LJ~I J II;IS i'~ ~, hle,ncd Ih,' ~.~.l'~. I 'e, tll d IJilllk'll~ II]~,~, Ita,ur i r l.|[hlli~,lllp~, frill [.!ht~'r~i:llkl that nl} hh.' h.ll', l~' n ~.~~ltII .[I I-L~ II;1", HI~ Illl~: I'k-Illr'['~. IIII LI " ('ll<~u'h %~llk'el. ~Ju=~L' head c,~ach- ~ffl'~' -'tllid l~L~s ." l~[ixku'll'~tl] le,a.lllll~. I'rt)lllI r~'J;.llln (~, it~,l~. ." lip lift h~i iillik" ;.1~, |l Ik']:il~.'s I~ ~iii~, cli|Idllk'lll, ~rflllld~.-JIdthk-~T 1 i liu,~a, ~1Jil~,~'~tllli~ .lllld .i colitis, ~I~h.'~. % 'hL%'l ,ils l nt;Lih.' j lll~,lr be kl~.|u'Ml"t Ioe~k hlr ~.llrd h~ it1|- II1I'% ~.' uIll the III~1~11 I'~,t~i I~lll II~)llk', Eh,l[ lllllllll}~ rile I1)L,L~ lhu ',I.lllItlh II ~c:.- ' %.~ LIJL I~-L'L l),~Ii: irK, ,aI,L iJ,c II~ILLV~| I~I.L~L~ |11 II~ II .Uk" ~'~,rl ~:~I Ii,l lh[i u" ~%li~i II] .J lllJ3;~c ,r .~dcJl IHL,i'.I] ~IJ~I', llk.1111L, illl lJi~.'Lr ll~'5lll,lilt~ . I Th~rsdl~y. November 14. 20"~9 L I W Ger~l~ McAloe (left) and Bill Roe accepl metal silhouettes at the Rock Hdls Veterans Day program, hetd Monday Monday. the ROCk Hil;s H~gh an0 elementary schools presented a program for wterans ot all britches of the mllllt~ry They gave a speOal lrlb~e to lwO dewell COLJnly WW I1 velerans stlli living They are i~y[e "Hooley" AIcorn an~ Arlhuf -Rill" tango Alcorn was induced into tt~e Army in Jan 1944 a~ ?he age ~1 1~ tango enlisted =nt~ the Army in Oc[ 1941 Lange ~ust celebrated rllS 10011~ 1311rlh~ay on Nov t el Ibis year Langes brother Ray. WhO was drilled into the Army and sent 1o Korea ,n t 950. was presenl tot the ceremony Posting ol the colors and trig saJute was presented by lhe Boy Scoul Troop #46 The VFW 7380 auXiFlary presented the winners of =he ~en essay contest and the winter "daclyn Yelken" o[ Ihe vo,ce of Democracy contest S~uI Troop #46 rg|lred the coloes and a~l who attended were inv,ted to the commons area for coffee and food items Served by the FBLA and FFA members Arthur Alwn {Bdll Lange Celrl.', .CC':I his 10011~ birthday on ~.'o~ .+ r]~, ;!.-.~ by Kerma CrOL.ISe i Wlllllers el the local VFW Patriot Perl Essay contesl a~e (f~om tell} Peylon Za(jlna. Trlnlly Rulhstro~ Abbey Schleifer. Cody Clear,/and Ell Vance I I Rock Hills FBLA Salutes Jewell County Small Businesses Ji- I I i IIII Friday, Nov. 15 American Enterprise Day over 28 m li n Small businesses in the U.S. keep our market economy strong I I '1 Jewel] i.dJ r "J hi," %tIlIii| II111~ {/;lit&" 1)ri~c L,~ok ~ILLk ~ I;llq ~.~. k~'nld. II ~:i'~ t 1~,~ ~1 II!h.'tC ',~.l,'lr " I.I~'LLI ~,L'|lkIi~lllilr|', ~itl %HIiIHLIII|tk i'Jllt111J~ Iiik|ll~ lhi1~ 13] 11:11.I *LI I~,M ~'i ~ii|II~ ,INLI 'I hciiik,i ~hclh'il ,||~'I~I~' l lnur$Oay. November 14. 2019 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD 4A .=i .~lr'ar': r f'i.', ,~ ~'~ i . "lI'-!r" ;l':l:~!r :.]~ i"~ his lO0th blflhc~a~' On ~OV 1 +.le 3 3 t) :: r r I ' F,*I:~r 5 P,::l I.' "LJ`'+, K .3I" ~ '~ ~- '~:;*~;'t " i ) L~'tr'%[~ ',~ Jr,L~.'E 1O Paul allld Jessie. ,MeN alar '. ,','~m: '~.e '~.~'1- ~ ~-"~,:" I a~ -'J~'= :" J'~ - ~'C"l-IF|' ~' :.'1'"~1 his pa~ents and Bill moved Io Je .~-~l' .: ]'% ~,~ ~.?= '~ --.~ ',~ f. g'.~".~:: k.nri tnr his Dad and o~hers ~t~ !lm.~ ';.vr'" ";r ," L'T? " " ,4" i! ,; ~-.~ 4'd, !P:=d:',-1r}eAtrny In,via|of 1942 ~I~ - ::1~ :.i"b~;],:~'u'l ::, ,IT ~,^ 'i;da.l,~ )"-,'i .". T'ld' i'orll', ~ llOmOl'l islands anC~ sere'e4 " ~ i~,i I~'~ j:l ] t 3~ ".J. 3 'I'L?I'IT",~ ; ~ "~I ",' ';Ij~lll;'~1"l['~,lTle II1 1946 hewentTowat)~ ~,I' I~ K "3'' C'a:" " ;'--~U L'Tt'"',=':T ";~ 2r/]i" :';[~:'. r[EITiOrl ~'IQrTI~ where irl I'.s travels I-rP me! ?J ', li~:,] ,t;|.~ ~.; ?,;~ ,;,~ ~-~ ~t i~rl .11 ~ '.%,~Irr~:~.ll ~lll ~rld PI-WIrS we,~. rllarricP. '-1 :-- ; %:- ~ -~,ll~ ~.:,c-~ l:v .~>1~]:~,~1',?~1 ~ ~ (~:ir5 This a [flip[fie ~0 a ~te~l ve1~q ~, ~ ," r.l-I~'':~ i t'~, "~h=' ;'-~,ll L.lr "~,l'}lJt ~cr~ll.~P, Sl~'r~ at"]d phC~OS ~y Lyrldell ~,;]"--~ ,L .~IIIII l~[llJ] l,i) p:Ill'l} hi" lh~'ll ' 'l:illd -,'11 Ili-l.l~.l, ~.lllIi.til "~II',I',[~IH"J 11 Iliu' I)~]JJJll~nt~LIl:2 I[.'lqli'l[r%,lllil'l I~l.I ~.ILLI|. ~I,L% k'~- ~'11111~~ ['II,~II,C IX'b (]Illi~.'lh. ~,Lllu'~, IlJlnl~ ;cUd 'hl! II,illll I llJlii[ ,llL~.'H~.JCd 1tl,2 Iilllu'llal h ,r R.lh I Ie,ldlc~ .ir liP.' M[ JIL~ I ullcr, d ~lilllh. LM "~-l~Hik,li~K J~H.I.II~ .lll~,'1~i~lq~ rU[h. ~'lk"IliJI]~ lll,~rrl ~,1,~i11~11,~.' llc.I .1! Ih~' R.c~|d~.'iil (,~h; ('CH~k'I. Ilcl ll, %I 1% {] I~HII ~.t~Is ~I .I,'~t~IIL (-,ILIIIII% I]~-'k~,l'ial%'r 'l~l|'LI.;'hlll'[Ic|il Jl'l Ill.Jet~, ~.~.'.ll~ k".l|[lli'-r [tl~" ~T~|i|l~l~kI I~I~l~ ~hc ~ .L~ [I~" Illlqtll~.'l ,'l |~ILII ~ ]|i~.ll~,'l~i-I ~.~l|l, lllic I,flC ~,~, .i Jr I I~ iI, li-~I I~. ,i11~ I I rll~'C d.lLl:- h ~cl "q.ll~ |,[ ~ll. ILL~ klri-.ilh,~- l,llliJ~ %~ I], LI~ I'~1~1,--t uL~c In %l~|llil~.LIL' I.t%| I LJ['~ d.} %c~ ljI III,HI lhc Ic:~c]l .uc.~ .~L | 'Ll,I~.'~L~lliu' J-~.l~d,|rL I H c~i/k'rr - ~, ,lfl, hill il. FlrSl place Voice ~ Democracy winner Jaclyn Yelker~ receives her award (rein VFW Auxiliary sch01arsh]p ch(~lrf'r~an Phylfi$ Cllrl~lle Y'elkerl enlry wllll go On (o dlslrlct cornpe?|tK]n ,IIc,el ,irl %.Jl~'li|LI.k %klkL'[iLI ~i] iI', i.'i|l| IHI. h Ih;il lh+: i,iir~, iril.lVl, il.hl I~L~I r~ll,- ~ ~.|l d,I.~IL 'ILILJ L i',l-,i -Itllrtcrtll .iHttlP~l~lill ',',|H hk" =lp~-lttJlLtlli,-,I it! tIIh :1 11 'll, l,iiillttCtt[, ':.'d.l', Ihlle' d,p. I i~l I i~rrI II.ll.lllC .i JL o. itl Ld. ~.I 1~-.3.1. It~%td,',l.I II,t1:l .IL'%'= 'II h, I, li'ii.I h-.:Ill, th! tl;l< "ka:tltl,ll~ F~',V,L.lr ill I:ik' Ii lil,L 1 Ilii. J' %1,'111,]]'-I ( '1;~41 ~'1~ [ |1.' ] I Ilir;l~. I ~Hl~.ld "~]~ l~|~,ldl 1 H]k'lil I%'J - ~ Ill K' ,l:r'~ li;iii~ thL'll |t i,-~l i/hl~ kl.'ll ~lplllili'r ~l|i|iL I r ill hII I pin ill rll~- .r<.l, ~.ll ~ l illlrll|illl[~ ~ cJ~[cl. ~LIJI~JI~ I ]|~.' I t111~11,|11 { "llk,J~[I ( %%] I]l,I~III b,'l, .ll ~l [II Ill~l~II ill,J ~IL" ~. I Ihl ~, ~1%dl L~I ~iI I~.~l I'l~Jl~ Ih ~kLl~llli'll~llli Ill|Ll[~b~ I ,',dll ql.'J %l.'~l Ill J cllc~ Ill Ill| ~ql|ll~ h i~lld I~IL'|[ Ill~-~Ir~llII [~ ~l~I IL ~lt~I ~.l,l~ ~l ~ I~[~.'i~lal~ Ii~l ~' I~IL~III~ I~,'I.'I1 I {" II I~]%~I ~i]% i~C "q.:LJ I% ,~,~ J~'~ ~.~ :icrl -li~- .iIl, I IK'I I| ICli~I', 1~ ,~.', Ird li! ~ " Ilh ~[,II,| I |oq.~ K,-JII|I~ .rod Ri~hcl t'l~|i~ ~ llrhlII.I.~ lhc} ~LL~.'L]~l I.indI.t|