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Jewell County Record
Superior, Nebraska
November 5, 1970     Jewell County Record
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November 5, 1970

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l JEWF_L~ COUNTY. 'P~rsd~.y, Nevem?oer 5, 1970 Page 4 - Section 2 Burr Oak Mr. and ~rs. D~llas Cal&vel, t. The ~' and Mrs'~ K~has arc Mrs. Forrest Howard v~s~.tixtg in the .Celd,wel~ home week Mrs. VeJma WiL~on and Mrs. ,Wade and Wray Alexander Lam'a P~yne Of Superior, Mr. of Mmflmto were Sund~y over- Mrs. Harve Decker ~ night guests of Mrs. F~orence Mrs. ~ennie Gu,~her and Tam- Alexander. era wore Thursday dinner .~s. Earl Garman accernpan- @trusts a~ Mr. and ~rs. Derald ted Mrs. G~ry German to To. Decker in honor of Lela's birth, peka on .Wednesday ~here she d~. visited Mrs. Jim Norton a~td 'Me..a~ Mrs. Gary Dillon and Gra~e Stanton. Mrs. Gary Gar- An@be Of .M~m~, Mr and Mrs. E. L. Loomls of Gien~ E~rn, .Ill., Mms. Dora Kulms of Des Moines, la., '.and Mr. and MrS. '.M~e Caldwel~ were Sun. man we~t to ~Kan~as City ~o be with her mother, Mrs. Geerge Cordel, ,who tmderw~nt surgery on Tl~ursday morning. Mrs. Earl German was a Tht~rsday evening visitor d Mx. and Mrs. Kenneth K~10~p and Ifa,mi~y. ,Mrs. KJ,pp was the ~ormer Velma Sumner c;f ~urr Oak. Mr. and Mrs. O~vi,lle Tat.urn and The~ma of B arn,a.rd and Bdb Beckham of M~:nhatta.n were Sunday dirmer g~ests of Mr~ and Mrs. Lester ~sch and Dean. Used Cars 1965 Olds 4-Door with power and air 1966 Chevrolet 2-Door with Power 1965 Pontiac 4-Door with power and air 1960 Plymouth 4-Door with air 1962 GMC Ton Pickup 2 - Older Chevrolet Pickups WAUGH OIL & GAS CO., INC. COLOR PORTRAIT I I Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Bender ~Marvin Detloff of Grand Is- home on Sunday ev~. ~ce!~rated their 67th .weddi,n.g land, Nebr. and Mike Plait, stu- .Mrs. Owi~l~ Hamer and L~s. GLANCES Grain must be c~ec~ /or mmiversary o~ Oct. ~th. Those dents at ~t. ~ays State Colleq~e, ~ton W,a~cer vcerR Friday WITH cO~l~tiOll at ~ Oltce every present for. the occasion were: were weekend gaests Of Mr, ~ coffee guests d Mrs. MARY P'RANIFA week to prevent losses ds~e to Mr. and ~'V~rs r Ray~nond ~a.lty and Mm. Bud PlaSt. Mrs. Net- ~ Brae, don. ws~ds and insect In--on. and Mrs. J~n Gate= : : Oommord~l storage instal- and Mr and Mrs. Don ~alty tie Johnson was a dinne~ guest wer~K~'Frlday e~maing visitors of and family of Sco~t,.~,h~,u,~L Nab.: on Sunday. . ~ rely on ~ tem- .,Mr. and Mrs..Don Maha~ffy, Mr and Mrs. Verlin Pa,M o,f Me. and Mrs. Forest Foster. perature i,ndleai~g systems to Mrs. Dale M~h'a.ffy, ~rs. ,Viola Red Cloud and Mrs. O:lie Moon Mx. and M~s. BiU Kield a~l detect the reinsure r~es Ma~xa~y, Mrs. Gea,lie ~l~ylock, were Sunday dinner guests of farr~y ~vere ,Friday evening vie- tlmt signal the start of ~erOt and Mrs. Agnes Z~dina ~f ,Man- Mrs Zetma Paul. Mr. and ~rs. Rors Of Mr. and Mrs. Hen~" m' mold ~e. Superior, kate; Mr. and Mrs. D~Ck Stei,n- Howard Larsen of near Superier H~skett. ~ow can ~arm bins be checked er and ~amily c~f ~.uh~er, ~,ans.; were aRernoon ca,ller~. ,1Kr. and M~. Reeve Ha~K~ fox c~mdition Of grain? Pho~ spent Satarda~ and Suaday t~ ,Use a thermmneter probe. In- Mr and *Mrs. Ra~y~nond Garton Mr. and Mrs. Russe~ Lewis Kmxs~ C~, Me. ~here the0v se~ the ~ ia sever~ loon- of ~e'aber; Mrs. ~ryce O0dd spent Wedneed~y ~terno~n in visRed Mr. and Mrs. 'Max Ha~- tions about equa~ spaced ~rorn of Esbon; ,Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Be~ov~e visiting Mrs. Jolm klns and girls. They visited Mr. ~: each o~er and about ba~ w~y Bender Of Lakeside, Ca'lff.; Mr. ~a~m. M~. Gleason has been and .M~s..F1oFd ~ ~t 'I betnveen the sides of the bin and /Mrs. V. L. ~okins ~f In- ~ to ~e Long Terra Care lea Plata, M~. on MondaF and and its center. de@endenee, ~a.; Mrs. ,Ida ~en- ~@ the hospital ' 21uesdey. ~ the probe to at least der, Mr and Mrs. Verl~n Z~r- " Mrs. J~ke McDonael was a Mr. and Mms, Veto Morrls o~ three di~erett depths and make Your miller and .family,,~.end, .Mr. and ~tmd~y supper guest of Mrs. PKirbur~, Nebr. and Lama An- By Mary Fren~s Hotdren ~,~ ~at the area directly ~. R~bert Zurmi,!ler and baby Lv~ie ~d~rers. below the ',,~g S~otlt iS c~leq~ Shop Of Stover, Me.; Mr end Mrs. LF~mette MdKeow~ of Su~er- dorson were Stmday a~temo~ Jewell County Home visitors Of Mr. ~ IMp. HoW- Economics Agent ed. This area is more apt to eoru~ Lee ,B4~e and family ~f Ka~as tar spent from Wednesday eve. erd Cole d Esbon. have broken kernels and cha~ City; Mr and Mrs. Jerry ~ta~f- nlng until Saturday even~g in Mr. end Mrs. Jason louder- ~- ~ iS an oasis for molds l~0~ Shop ford and ~amily of CcurE~d: ~he D~vld Demm-ay home. rr~k of S~perior, .l~r. ~ Fried C~cke~ and insects, O_pemtor - Geor, ge Bender and son, Jim, ,Mr. and Mm Vera Morris of l~in Neff of Beloit, and Mr "Fit for a king" is a choice ~ probe nmst stay in l~l'ace of ~, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. F~ddmi~, Nebr. were Stmday and Mrs. W E. ~ernbow were description d chicken. ~or sever~1 minutes so .that it Closed M~ard Coast and daughter of at~ternooa visi~rs of Lama An- Sunday dinner g,,msts of Mrs. Whether th~s popular pouitv~ reaches the tempe~a.ture of the Glade, Kans.; Mrs. M~rence derson Mrs. Be~ah Reaga~ Ida 1~. . is served ~oaste.d whale, as surrounding groin Headley and Mr. and Mrs. Per- and ~or'jorie Porter of Leba- Mrs. Mike Ctaldwe~ and Mre. lef0)ver cooked s~k~es or in $1is- ~Fnen remove it and read the ry E~tand~ ~Mr. and Mrs. ~..~.. Bonbaw non a~o c~l:led in the aRernoon. Ourti~ Jefit~ry and ~ were telling, crispy - fried parts, ~ature imvnediate~y, re- Keith Pair was a ~ a~- callers at- the Roy l~-~ you'tl find it a hmiP~' ~avorite. men2)ering ~a~ the thermmr,- were Wednesday evening visit- temoon vi~itor of Mrs. Bern borne the past week. Any type d h'ied chicken is eter will respond ~ to cold ors at Lebanon of Mrs. E,l~a Pair. Ci~ty, SonFa, J~da and tm~a~y a meal,time sell - out, air on ~ da~ -- or use Win~ow and her ~ter, Mrs. ,Mr. and Mrs. Ira ~oweU spent Danita F~anco soen~ ~om ~tm~- says the U.~. Department af a d~rect-~eading thermocouple E~ffie M~Dowell of Jentry, ,Ark. ~atm-@a~ in ~Fs where the~ ~y tmffi Thursday eveni1~ i~ ~grioulture. S0~e~i.mes R's fun, probe. Write dow~ the readings. Mr and Mrs. Duane CockroO. risked Mr and ~'s. [~aVon the Dottles Gfllett l-~t~e, though to vary the c~atlng used A few degrees af variation is Of Concordia, Mr. and Mrs. Pow~ mid ~amily. They were Of for the "Cripsy" e~riors, not mmm~. Dory1 Cockro~ a~d Darwin Saturday overnight ~ Sunday Veteran' Day 1~ To keep the coa,ting on the ,If one probe location b~ts a Mutual Hebron, Mr ~ Mrs. Mitchie @uests of Mr and ~L~s. RaSp~ At Burr Oak ~ disjointed chi'cken pieces tempe~'~re read~tg that is 10 Woerner, A~nold a~d ~iche~e S~liday ~t Cimarron. Mr. and ~ throughout the cook,ing period, or more degrees higher than a STAN & were Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. Wende]~ ~nowbavger a~d The ~m~eri'ca~t Le.~on and it's best to rali the pieces in reading from a sim~ar probe a Mr. and Mrs Arthur Cockr0ft boys of Kinsley, Mr. and Mrs. AXLx'~a~_ wifl sponsor a Vet- seasoned flour first. For each few feet a~ay, you may have and Janice Mr. and Mrs. F.xich R~mfie ~m,ns and ~a,mily of ESBON, emns Day program ~t the Bv~.r two pounds df ready - to - coo~ a bet spot scanted. Penner and Mrs. Mamie Cock- Cima~ron, and Mr. end .Mrs. Oak {I-I~gh School on November chicken, a~ow cup flour, I ~, sampling probe shou~ be ea~e~s.rR Of ~V~ankato were a~ternoon Ca~l ~okins and ~amily Of Sub- tl, .1@70, at ,11:00 a.m Them teaspoon s~R and a d, ash of used on that spot so you can Mr. a~l Mrs. ICloyd Myers lette were Stmday visitors et ~ be a firm e~tled "~is pepper. Then dip the pieces in- see whether or not insects er the s~i~y home Dr. Dale We Love." Everyone is to a mixture Of 1 egg and ~ maids are at work. The activ. planned ~nd ~arried out a s~r- Mr. and Mrs. Benny ~einert, izwited to join us on this day to tarns o.[ water, bee,ten to- ity of insects wi,U generate heat l~'ise bivth,chy part~ on Th .ors- Kevin, ,I~renda and Sheila were rernen2mr our veterans [ram ge~er ~mti~ tvothy. Next rot~ and moisture. This favors more 1202 day evening to remind Mrs. Friday evening visitors @f Mr. World War ~, ,Wo~ld W~" ,II, i~to one of these crtwnb coat- inseet activity and can t~gev lta.rve Decker of her ? birth- a~d Mrs. Fred Sa,nder~n. 3 doors day. Other guests were Mr. and ~Veroe ~Pixler had a hem-t the Korean conflict, and now ings: mold ~, which restfl~ in Mrs. ~m'en.oe Meeker and Mr. -~a-'- \ ........ Vieh,~m. -- cup packaged dried Spoiled. g~ai~.. .......... ~ ~ o~ ~amr~ay morning Phon~ 262, an~ .ira's. ~ar~ ,La~ue o~ L~an- ~ ~.,, ............. Veterans eU.gible for member, bread ~ Where can one purd~ase these " " "" " d "" Gle~n ~en while he wa~ x,~wus~ u~a x~c~s cam, sx.r-an ~rs.. " in friar ............. ~ in the American Legion -- oup pa'ckaged dried prebes? Check with your 19cai m~., .~n~. ,Ivtr. aa.a .,~zrs. ~,an. vices were held T~lesda,y a~fter- a~e those men who setwed thei,r bread cma'2~ and c~p @rated de~a~or manager. He sttould Remer. "l'ne evonmg ~vas spem ~oon with buri'~l in the B~x eomttry from kpr~1 6, a817 - Paranesan cheese be able to gh, e'you a de~er's p1ay~ ca~[s a~ter w~hich [ovei~ Oak Cemetery. N~r Ill, ~916 during ,Warld -- I cup cntshed corn filakes name and address or even or- Dr. Jo~ul re@r~ts, b~oug~t by the Mr. and Mrs. Carold Va~ War I; .[roan ~ecember 7, ~194~1 - "-- I c~p crttshed corn flakes der one for ~ou. Oosts are in g~, wem~., ser~. . .. ~cho'iack spent Saturday in Has- Septexnber ~, 1945 dm~ing World and I/4 cup orated Cheddar ~e $20 range for thermcaneter Optometric' Mr..ana ~rs ~ee,ve via~v~zns ....... ~ ............ Wlar H; and from J~me ~i, 1950 cheese probes and in the $90 r~mge ...... ~s ce~vm'aung metr we