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November 5, 1970     Jewell County Record
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November 5, 1970

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No bread! .~,, W~are ~ I get strength to diet "~'~" if I ~ ~ eat bread? Remember r~ay get you children, be good ,to your Papa. YOu kn,0tw is Let him e~t w~tever he wan~, you there. Don' do .to him what the doctor ' Is doln~ to me. VISR my grave Q~a World with at least once a year. I tried to be a good mo~" .to you'." 'qnterminfled with the odor @/~)od I remember the odor of Mama'a body-- the odor of h~-d work, the ummtura~ odor of you~. flesh ~ old before Rs time." "OUT great appredati~ of ,1~tma's coo~mg derived, I am s~re, from the ~a~t tlm~ we had too rich a~peti.tes for ~ poor. We coul~ make sparks fly oft a lmkfe and fork and say 'Ma, ~'Yn btmg~'. Manta would say 'C~x~d, good, it's a sign of ,hea.~th ff you're buaff~.' We not conceive of bad food." "We did not need meat tenderizers. Our htm~-boned teeth noted tenderize nmrb~es. We a~so knew wh~t every pore" kid knows, th.~t ff you ea slow- ly you e~t .less.. espedall~ If yo~ are a m~ 0~ a large Before ~tur~iy qaue~d.ay and Wednesday were very busy days for ~a,ry and Ye Scribe. The Sixth Distribt Fadevat2m Of Women's Clubs met in ~an~sto-- l~ary had charge Of publicity, sendin~g ou~ ag press releases. Ye Scribe is just a "has been", the o~dest tl~n,g past~prestden~ of our or- ganization, so don't h,ave to work a~y, )u~ rec~ve "~our- t~y" tickets to ~ fun.c~ions-- Committee meetings and b~ard nmetirtgs oc~up,ied pa,rt of the t}me Tuesday. Th,e four J:eweH County clips, Ex.ceisior CIr, Burr Oak, Progressive Study CLub, Rand~all, Af~en'a J~aier Ol~b, Formoso, and Y~odern Minerva OtUb, ~an,l~a,to. "wer~ hosts. Mer~bers of ea~ club oont~LImted rrmc~ to She ~cce~ of ~he meeting. ~an~" busir~ess and professional men and wo. men added ma~y favom to the "g~ocb" b'sgs" wh, tch were ~Iven to each de]Legate and gttest, I am not trying to give e report of the oom~ention. The ~fgcia~ t'e~ovt was given tn the Record is'st week -- just some of the extras .... ~etty Marabous. president, gave a b~et lunch- son for a few friends in her beadquar~ers at the Dre,am~iner Y~otol T~e~day noon. We ba~e no room to mention a~l the dts~ tract officers a~,d toeal c~tr- men. We believe Be~ .l~a~a~otm. dig~rict president, ~d Libbie Cr~ a~ LueDa Yasmer, ~,~ir~an and co~c~air- man of the Jewetl County group. planned and carried out one o~ the best .d~strk~ co~z~tions we have attended .... As I grow "older" ,(~ot o~d) I find ad- van.tables. Ye Scribe received, a surprise; j~t beifare ad.t0~ra- meat the president, ~tty ~aim- Ions, ~-esentssd me with a "~ta-. rich" which read: "~ reeogn~- tion and grateful ~pr~c~ation to Mrs. Frank Boyd for sixty- t~vo year~ of distinguished ser-, tom. the doc- of the hu. ~aoe hotmed ~e (~ike the in) h~d to or the WJle~,, E~,ther Queen, Jermie O1, son, and Mrs. G,'.enn Bennett. 'l~he Mary Circle o~f the WJS.C.S. took ch,arge of the kitchen and waiting on 0a,~,:es as f~tlc,ws: Mrs.. Bcb Switzer, ~,li'ce Selt- h.orn, Jennie O, Is~on, Esther Queen, ~rs. Byron (Ve.'.*d,a~ Grout, ~u*cy Wiley, Grace Ben- nett, Mrs. M.ildr:ed Grout, Mrs. Mi:nnie Robin, Lillian Gillialm, ,Mrs. A. T. Krander, Mrs. For- res.t Col,son. E. E. Col son, and Trey. and Mrs. Ca~:icote. Mrs. H:arry Smith was cashier. Oth- ers seen were Ella Colson, Doris .McOa,mman, Gertrude Hewer& Nylon Berg, Mrs. Marble Bweet, Mrs. Faye Anderson, Mrs. Ar- lene Fearin'g, M:r. and Mrs. Ra,ymond Nichols, Mrs. ~Russe~l VCalker, Mr. and Mrs. Claude 3~Ckson. Mrs. Edith Oat, Mr. JEWE~.~ COUNTY RECORD Thursday, November 5, 1970 Page I - Section 2 CountyHospital at Election Hospita[ o Uvestock, Returns 12 il nation omm:ss,on Company The ~nofftcia] complete ~,~: .... Oct. 28: Mrs. FJ~ne Stafford, turns, in 'I~uesda,y's General F~moso. l~lection showed the follawin,g Oot. 27: ~r. Jay ~, results in the four contested M}anlmto. ~=ces in Jewel~l County: Mac- Nov. 1: Mm. Alma Tyler, ford Hol,ly (D) defecated the ..V/ankato; Mx. Wi~ Zada, ,inct~rnbent ,eounty attorney. ~a.'~a~. ,Robert H. Meyer (R) l~ to Lm~ Term Care- ~290. Jack Bradr, lck (R), pre- Oct. 28: Mr. (~tar~s Nichols, sen~ probate judge ddeated Manlmto. J~hn 'W. Ross ~D) by a vote df 2~D2 to ~. Sher~i~f Don Acuto'-- Heskett (D) won from W~lliam OCt. 28: Troy Dewey, Man- ~a~ey (.R) by a vote o~ 199~ k~o. A. T. Kramer, Melvin Kindler, to 702. In the first commission- Oet. 27: Mr. ~ Hanson, Elsie Hc0ker, Sue Green, Letrha el" distrk't, L~le Jackson (R~ l~anlcato. Fer~us~n, Pa, uline Menhusen. won 'from Jim Ciawson (D~ by Oct. 28: ,M~'. Charles Nlc2to~, C~ristie L~wis, and ~rs. Kent a vote af S26 to 388. l~an~tto. 'SLaughter. Statewide, ..R~hert Docking Oet. 29: Mrs. E~dne StatEard, I ~anied Mary and mywon the governor's race. The Formoso; Mr, NeweSt Davis, BOss to Manhattan Friday to Democrat governor, in a bid Mankato; Mr J~ E~er~, attend a meeting af ~he Endow- for a third te~m, defeated the M~nkato. meat ~A, ssociation, and reo~ained Rel~blLcan .can@ldate, Kent. , for ~e ,ootbal~ game ~aturd.. l~rlz~e, by a large ma,.in. He :'ou-'ouse . nn Before t~e game we visited was leading by over 90,oog with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Grout, early Wednesday mornin. ~. Jr. and daughter, Diane, and Jewel~ County, Frizzelilhad 1. up"ap 'ngs Mike Simon, and Dr. and W~rs. votes to 1096 for Decking. ,en 1~id~ard Mk~In~Ire and ~amd~" of ~n S~tfltz (R) and Richard Hastings, Nebraska. 'A~o met Rome (~)) were wa~ing a rea4 A~n~rding o Ny~a Be~, Bob ~oyd and wife, Diane, and close race ,for It. g~0~. Slmltz exec~th~e secre~a~ for the s~ l~me..h with them. A~fter the had sma/l lead. Verne Miller J~well Cotmty dra~ baalS, the we met Frances and Jim () won the attor,ney genera,O's ~s~ing bare enlisted: Peter I.~gbaeK and we stopped at the ra'ce from .Richard Seaton (R~. J~alm Cardel, Army; .'~rAcha~ Athletic Dorn~tory. Had a visit The rest of the Rept~blican can- ~on Hurd, Air Force; and with RuseeR Longs and ~han- dida~es won on the state leve~. Daniel Ray S~ate, Air Fm'ce. non ~M~mar, who was spendin~ In Jewell County, the Repub- :mr~tere ~v21 be an indsct~on the weekend ,with Pa~ssell ~ IS'can one,dates led on all the carl far one on November 9th. lives at the dormitory. He seem- ~ate races. ed real happY. Had time to visit Cong. Heath Sebeliu's was re- Jadletal Cases: with our ~ilkken and @rand~ elected. In Jewel,i County, ~d Dynn Scarraw, speeding, c~ildren and ate together at Sebe~i~s fR) d~feated Wil~iam $14.00 and c~sts. Sdheu's before coning home,. J'e~lison (D) 1735 votes to ~7. Doug/as R. Frasier, driving I-~ ~o see ~ next, f~tu~.. The Re,cans won &mr. con- obstructed ~fision, $10.00 p~ression:al seats, la distric~ ~., ~nd costs. Cong. Maze was t~set by IN'. Dennis D. DFe, d.riv~ at ~$PIRATION Ray . nSght ~vithout li~h~, $10.00 By: MUUce~ Statewide. t~e vote on amend- c0~ts. merit number one is yew dose. Orrt.n L. ~ov~well, driving tm- "0 ~ and see that the T~e "no" vote had a sl~4~t l~d sofe w~hide, $30.00 and costs. Lord is .good: blessed Is ~te early Wednesd~ morning, in David A. Reents, D~F:I, fined man ~ tnrste~ in Him." JeweU County, the "no" vote ~00.00 and costs and seatem:ed (Ps. 84:8.) & few years ~a~ there ~tp. peared a new~ accoun~ of a So~tbern girl of sixteen, the ~.ter of a poor ~armer, who had m'mda her ~a~" to Memphis, w~e, for the first .time in hor life, she saw suc~ ~ as elec~ri~ lig~Rs, tro~e~ cm's, pictures and ~adio. She ~as described as intef~gent but bad never heard of lead~ world characters. ~ed Ameri~ to moralize a bit. The cotmtry was astonish- ed W~n discoveri~ a gir~ ig- n~ant ,about radios, olectr~ Rg~ts arid ~o~ley e.m's, b~t is not led at seeing miRtons of bays and girls ~,narant attack Cod and their aw~ so~a, One A~ner~an ,gill did not know who Hitler was. Tha~ is simply amazing, l~i~lions of American ~ir~s -- ~nd boys, do n~t ~v W~o Chri~ is. That IS not amazin,g ~t at1 in this so-ca~d C~'ifdan r~tlon. ~da IS sam~t~n= to t~k about, IS it not? "Lord of ~ beings, throned tAoc~d~g to Richard Dia- mond, ~nd~wnent Ass~cl.atlon Treasur,~r, the {ollc.wi;ag contri- butions l~ve been received dur. in~ ~e past ~esk ~or the Jew~1 Cou~ H~pitat: ThrEt @~tap $ m.'~ Dr, Spencer Memaria~ 6,00 ~li~oed Mttrphy Memoriall 8,00 L. R. C~and,ler ~norial :[00.00 Feed Guniicks MemorLa~ I,'1.00 We sold ,1075 bead this week on a good market. S0me oatfle weee higher and sonw were lower, If YOu ~ selling, some people mig~ think they were lower on some oon.~men,ts; but ff they w~Rtld figure up the dellam par head, ~ dot~bt ff tl~ey won~ like to buy then tar that price. q.,eo Wlas1Ow of Burr Oak had i~ a ~oad of C~tves; 5 of his Black Steers wei~ag 4~ ]bs. had. the majorRy in every taws- to ~0 da~'s in :~ail. ship. ~n the 24 precincts report- ~rId A. Reents, courtt o~e, ing i,n the ~raph below, the reckless dr~v~g, and co,unt two, "no" majority was around 109O ~ai.ture to stap for right light v~tes in this county. Amend. and siren an car. Fined me~s 2 arid 3 c~rried state. $S0.9O on ~oun't one and $~.00 wide. In the race for trustee in on count two and co~ts. Stoven D. Walker, carele~ Center Township, Clarence d~h,~g, $25.00 and costs. ,~ (.R) won 574 votes to 257 Ricky D. LehE~g, no ,license over Gable C~istman (D). M~. I~e, ,S.00 and costs. Bl'a~ l~ad 1~8 votes in Etmt CenCer and 206 in West Center. Dr. Lee S. Greene. head of ~r. Cristman had 176 votes in the P~litica~l Science Dept. oT East Center and 81 in West the Unive~si~ o~f Tennessee. Center.. I,~nox~ille, visited his mo~.her~ ,Rap. ,l~x ~aagea in the 9~th Mrs. Margaret Greene, and sis- ~i#trict and Rap. Arden Dim.- ~er, Mrs. Opal Dacnb. He pl,ayed dor~f in tim t1~0h 'dOgtrot were the pLan,o for Mrs. Bernice ~ Scott arid his mother, Mrs. The incomplet~ returns .are Greene, at the Jewe~,l C~unty Shew~ below; Hospital. ~. Zrl ~tar, ~ re~en~y a~m', ~mdorweat su~ery ~ San A~. T~F ~lary flames from mm ~nd ~l~, ~s, wo~d e~by he~r- #tsr; Center ~md sou~ of ~v~'~, ~re ~ ~am his nmn~ fr~etck th~ ~'ea. His ~ddress is: ~l Yet to each ~ovi~g heart how S~d~r, ~be~mon H~ital, R~om nea~l" No. ~, 9 ~. t&~I~1~, ~a ~ Wende~ ~ A~#elo, ~ex~s ~S~I. | ~ace ~Bu~ll CaP,yes weighing 200 Ibs. ,for $39.25 wRh 8 Heifer Mates .weighing 553 ~s. seRin~ for $33.~. Earl D. R~_ard of NorthbranCh sold ~ head wi~ 7 of his White2ace Hei:fers ~t 334 l~. se]lJn~ for $~4.(~). E1ton Gflle~t of B~rr Oak ~,~d Blla,ck Steers weighing 400 ~. for $.W.~. Lona'le ~ae@art of Esb~n so}d 88 Wrhlte~a~e Stee~s weighs .rig a tittle over 800 lbs. for $29.9O. E~gene 'Rel~rt of $146.~ Stm~hine Circle Ctub made flannel bed pads and re. paired ,garments. T~ M;saim~o Junior X'a~s decorated the H~sptt~ - t,,rc UnR ~ Halleweea and brought treats to be given ~ patlent~ on Ha,~w~en ,night. MH~mte L~om~ Ch~ Membecs Are SoUeKl~ Foe Boy ~k-~uts .This week members of the Lions Cktb are solidi- lag ,for .'the B~y Scouts. The olub sponsors this fine ovF~- i~ation in Ma,nkato. (,~ITNC) ~SS J~mea~ -- N~vy Petty OP~icer First Class Jerry L. ,Rose, son of Mr. and M~s. LaRoy Rose of Route 4, Man~ato, Ken., was named '~r~ite Hat of the year" aboard an~p~'ibiaus transport dock ship ~f J~meau at ~ Beach, Mr. and Mrs. C~arles Le~ffin~g. wel*l of Billings, M~nt. have been visitin,g their cousins, Earl and Stell.a Mon~g, omery, and other relatives. A po~uok din- her was he~d at the C~mrrmnJ:ty Bui, ldir~g on Sunday for them. Those preLsen~t were: Ea.rl and Stel~a Montgumery; Mr. and Mrs. Le,wis Yancey, Hebron. Nebr.; Mrs. Ercel S~taley and L~oraine, Fairb,ury, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. John Mont4~omery, ~r. and ~rs. Leroy H~k,ins and Susan. NLr. and Mrs. Bill Doan and Billy, Mr. and ~rs. Robert Al,tg~od, Cindy', Davey and Lori, Mr. and Mrs. ~a~in Mor~gamery, Cathy, Kel'Iy and Scot. Mr. and Mrs. Dean l~ddte and Sandy, all of Su~per- jor, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. R~ch- ard ,Montgomery, Lester, Roy and Brenda af Gtfide Rock: Mr. and Mes. Ed ~n*@0~,ary, M~kato; Mr. ai~d .Mrs. Joe Day~e, Beckie, D~arre~ and P~onda: and the honored ~ue~ts, Mr. and Mrs. Cl~aEes ~finL, welq. Mrs. ,K~thie Tyrol.1 and C~rey A~an ha~e mo~ed into the s01d for $,~4.40; 6 Heifer Mates sold for $30.40. Don Dooley of Ete4oit sold g Wldtdace Calve~ weighln~ ~4~ Ibs. for ~.2~. H. B. Van de Riet of C~w'ker Cit~ ~old 8 Bta~:k Heft. era 487 lbs, `for ~.10. Glen Kinchel0e of Ionia seld 20 head wi~h .i0 of his W~itoface Hel~rs we~hing 441 ~bs. setIl~g far $30.70, ~nd 6 ,WhRda~e Steers weighing ~ lhs. sold for $32.40. Dayle ~,ioam of Ma~- ka~ sold 5 Whiteface ~-Ie~ers eei~hln~ 695 Ibs. for $Z7.90. Keam~er & F,d of Beloit had ~n a good string with ~0 Of their W~iq~eface S@ringer Co~ws sel~i,ng for $285.00. Arnle Wells of ~elle- v~e sold 60 head with 5 of his .V~'aiteface Steers weighing ~4 ~bs. se1~ling ,f0r $37.~0, and 5 W~hRef.ace Steers wei~hin,g 465 ~bs. selling ~r $54.80 and 8 P~e~fer ~ates s~l'ling ~or $31.10. Verl Ray and Ethd Thomas of Esbon sold 32 head with 11 W~hiteface Heifers weighing 400 lbs. sellmg `for $3,3.20, and 3 of their Black W~'it~ace Steers weighi,g 332 Ibs. se.}lin~ for $39.25. W. Way of B~IoR sold 10 Whiteface Heifers weighing 834 s. ~ar $34.00. Mrs. L. E. La- Dew of ~ankato s~ki 7 White. A~r. and .~'s. Harold 0r~ven o~ North Glenn, Colorado visRed frien.d~ ~md ~e~.a,tives in Man~a- to ~ast ~eek. The~- stopped at the Record 6~ice ~ednesda~v, October ~8 .and s~scr~bed to the .Record for the eomin,g year. Harold is the ~ssistant foreman f~r a l~,r@ Wareho~tse and Tram.sit Co. Mrs. Owen works for K--Mart. Their yoangest son, Steve, is a senior in hash schod. The ,~hree older r.hfldran ave married. Ha,rdd. who has two children, ~vorks ~or the Art~ erican Tobacco Co, Teresa works `for ,a creriit bureau in ~me~i~@ton, C~or~o. Her bus- band is ~e parts ma~a,ger in a 'large GM car agency. Ann works/or ~ol~nont Paper Co., Oeavar. ~te IS marrisd and they' ha~e one son. Her hu~. band is a~md~g the Uni~ersi~, of Colorado at Bo~Idar, COlo. crest Apartments at Hays. Her Mr. and Mrs. Vern Holl,ar. husband. Sgt. Vance Tyre~l, Pampa, Tax., 'are here visiting will be returnin,g from Vista,am her sisters. 'Mrs. Marg, avet around Nov. 1,1. Mrs. ~yre~ Greene and Mrs. W[l'liem Steph- will ~gain be employbd at Tr~v. ens of M, an.kato, and hm sister enol Laboratories, &he. Mrs. Frank Me, Carry o~ Esbon. Man,rose sold ~0 head w~th 8 af his Whiteface Steers weighing ~4 ltm. setli, ng far Sm.~ ~ad ? W~Re.faee HeKers weighi~ 400 Rm. `for ~4.20. ~B,ob Burk of ;on- ia had in a load with 4 of his track Whiteface ~e~fers w,ei~'~. lng 50O lbs. selling ,for $~9.60. Russell and ~on Walker of l~an~ato sold 10 B~ack W~i~. fa~e Steers wei~h'in~ ~ ~tb~. for $36.00. Ed and Will Deake of Beloit sold m V,~t~ Steers weighing 76S It~. far $29.9o. Clyde Gentry of Glasco sold I~0 head with 35 at his W,~Reface Steers w~i~hi.,tg M7 Ibs. selling ~or $~I.~ and SO Ibs. se~ing ,for $~I.S0. Bob and C~erm Love of IV[~nkato sold g Whiteface Steers weighing ibs. for $32.~0. Keith Conn, trcm down on the l~ars~, sold ~1 head ~ith 8 of his W1~it.~,~ Steers ,weig~i~g 7~S Ib~. s~ for $~.~. ~ruce blk~an of Simpson sold st head 15 WhReface Steers weighing ,~bs. segi'ng ,for $32.80; 19 Heifer Ma~es weighed ottt ,for SS=.~. Earl Si~by of Esbon sold 28 head with 5 of his ~ ~Phite- .face ,Steers weLghle#g 4~1 ,lbs. se~Ung for $56.~0 and S I-ioLeer Mates sold ~or $31.S0. ~eC~intoek of Simpson bad in I~ Steers wRh 7~ ~~tR~ Steers weighing 6~ Ibs. sell~ for ~1.9o and ~7 B~a~k Whit~- ~ace Steers ~veig~ 7S~ ~. s~l%i~g ~or $~1.!10. and ~ ~Wldt~- face Steers ~voi~h4z~ 7~0 ]bs. seIRn~ for $~Z.~0. Dale M~ of Ma~kato sold 7 W~Lt~ Steers weIWhi~g 746 Ibs. far $50.10. Cart Neison of H~rd~r, N~r. sold 29 bead with m of his ~ a~l B1~k faee Steers weig~h~ 800 ]l~. ~e~li~.g for $~.~. Way~ of E~hon had in a Load with 4 ~teface Steers weighing '~ ~s. sel,ling for ~m.~O. Don man of Glasc~ sold S ~ofaee Steers ~ 4~0 ~. ~or $~4.9o. ~ws so~d most~ feom $17.6o to $20.50. We ~old a lot of P~ ~IS.~ to $m.25. you ~ve ~ivest(X~ to c~dl us. We 1rove the tmyem for ,your stock. you in the auction t~rid;w. YA/L M~ BO~ mArC MaNtaS. Ir~mms 1970 Unofficial Jewell County General Election Results COMMISSIONER IST DISTRICT JACKSON AHSON (DA COUNTY ATTORNEY MEYER HOLLY (D) PROBATE JUDGE BRADRICK (R) ROSS (D) SHERIFF ~Y___(R_I :~[ESKETT (D) GOVERNOR FRIZZE_LL LT. GOV. ROME (D) SHULTZ (R) CONGRESsMAN, 1ST DIST~ vice to the community and the JELLISON (D) na~tion." signed by Mrs. F~a.rle A. Broken, presidextt of Ge~ra~i SEBELIUS (R) of W, omen's C:~bs. F:riday I attended a "Tasting ATFORNEY GENERAL Bee" at the Um~i Methodist @mmch. From the way people devoured tbe de~ food it should be ea~led a "st~If~I~': bee. Those who sot at n~. ta~ AMENDMENT NO. 1 were: Be~e (~'a~ford, Mi~s Clara Gates, Hale, At~ioe "NO" "yEs~