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November 3, 1966     Jewell County Record
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November 3, 1966

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OCTOBER 27, 1968 3EWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS p~ OF KANSAf Si nlss on of PropO~ @utl al Amendment at ' 8, 1966, General Elecflotl t to Art c e 14, Sect on 1 of rltutl)n and in compliance t Concurrent Resolullon N~, ted by' the legislature on 1966, a proposilion will be to the Voters at the Novel- S, General Election for their Or rc;ectlon to amend aH of t Qf the ConMifullon aS |gb. "fide 6.--F DUCATIO/~ [on 1. Schools and" re* nstitufions and activities. fislature shall provide fop Hal, educational, voca* ncl Sc|entif c mprovementl iblishing and mainlalnin~ Schools, educational insti- tad related activities whicil Organized and changed in nher as may be provided, 2. State board Of edueae L state board of regents. legislahJre shall provide tale board of educatiort ~Sll have general super- Public schools, educa- Stltutions and a the edu* interests of the elate, ducational functions dolce t law to the state board Its. The state board at t shall perform such other ; may be provided by aW. 'he legislature shall pro- m state beard of regente ts control and suPervlsiott : institutions of higher , Public institutions of Ucatlon shall include unto end coIleges grantingl eale or postbaccalauo ,rees and such other in,, and educational interests' • * provided by law. The d of regents shall per- other d'ulies as may bo by law. . .. ~Y municipal Universlt~ Perated, supervised and as provided by law. Members of state UCation and state board ;. (el There shall be ~ers of the state board tlon wllh overlapplngl :he legislature may pro* ~e legislature shall make for ten member dis- :h comprised of four senaturial districts. rs c,f each member dls- elect one person re., ~e district as a member 0ard. The legislature ;eribe the manner In Sncies occurr ng on the II be filled. ._ state board of regent= nine members, wittl g terms as the legiso Y pres~:ribe, Membere P~:~int( d by the govero ct to confirmation b~ . Dne member s all be frtm e ~ch congre sional th 1he remaining mere,, be filled. itat, ~ boar nir e reel ter ~S as pn s~:ribe, ~in ed by 1( confi , One member shall be, from each congressional th 1he remaining mere,, nted at large, however, embers shall r'es lrtside I11 COunty at the time of P0intment. Vacancies on the board shall be appointment by the gaY* Provided by law. ;Ubsequent redistr[ctln~ i~isqualify any member oerd from service for nder of his term. Any" >f either board may bQ, tram office tor cags@ g4B ~r0vided by law, 4. Commissioner of edu~ The stale board of educa- I appoint a commissioner ltl0n who shall serve at Sure of the board as ILS -= Officer. S. Local public sehoovs. 'Ublic schools under the supervision of the state education shall be main- -'ycleped and operated by elected boards. When :1 by law, such board= ~e and carry out agree= ir cooperative operation nistration of educational Under the general suitor- the state board of educae Uch agreements shall be limitation, change n by the legislature. Finance. (a) The leg|e= Y levy o permanent tax sa and benefit of t~tata of higher educatiolt 'lion among and appro. Same to the several In~ Which levy, appotr Io~ eppropr at on shall con~ ~1 changed by statute. ~PPropr at on and other 'or finance of institutions educallon may bo made lislature. L_ e legislature shall ma~. ~r0visiol~ for finance et Itional interests of tha PUilion shall be cherged at any publl¢ PUpils required by law SUch school, except such SUpplemental charges as Ulhorized by law. The may authorize the state to establish tul- 'an,j charges at Inet~ its supervision. religious sect or sechl any part of the pub, anal funds. Saving clause. (a} All at the time of tl~ this amendment and therewith shall remain force and effect untl| r reneated by the leQle= laws inconsistent wlt~ unless sooner re- amended to conforrR r~endment, shall remallt and effect gntll July any ethel" the constitution t$ no state superintend,, Instruction or count,/ of p~blic Instruo- after January state perpefua| school part 1hereof may be ~nd invested as provided part thereof both as to Income, to the euPo Public schools super~ state board Of ed~ Certify that the foregol~l Copy of the prepose@ to the Constitution of the. contained In House olution No, 505 edoptNI ~ecial Session Of the original of wh|¢.h IS ill M. SHANAHAN~ ¢ecrelary of Stll~ in Jewell Co. Thursday, Oct. 27, ~lI~ 1966) 3t I~ROBATE COURT OF JEWELL COUNTY J ATTEST: Byron Rogers, lation thereof, KANSAS I (Seal) Probate Judge BE IT ORDAINED BY THE In the Matter of the Estate I_____._ ~ GOVERNING BODY OF THE of Nita E. Fair, Deceased. I(/eir'st Published in Jewell Co. CITY OF ESBON, KANSAS: NOTICE OF APPOINTMENTI i l~('cor(I, Thursday, Oct. 27, Section 1. That a, ny person, TIiET() TttESTATEcREDITORs,OF KANSAStII,:II,,S, II • 1966: 3t .......... firm or corporation desiring a SHERIFF S NOTICE connection with the municipal I)EVISEES AND LEGATEI~ I)uhlie Notice is hereby giv- water system of this city shall OF SAID I)ECEDENT AND [ ALL O'I'It~]RS CONCI']IcNEI): (,l~ un(h,r Arti('le 2, 11t' Chapter pay a l'ce of $25.00, said fee to 17 of 19,19 G. S. of Kansas l)rovide for the folh)wing: You ar(. notified that the thHt, ;! certain party in this 2 corl)oration stops undersigned were al)l)°inte(llcounty ilas taken tip a stray 1 gooseneck l curb box and qualified as executors ol'[ani.lal: 1 shutoff and m(ter the will of the above named[ 1 - Yearling Bull decedent on Octoh('r 21, 19(;(;: ] 1 - Yearling tleifer Section 2. That the,, cost of that letters tcstanl('nl;H'y The nwner of the same may the original installation of all have been granted t()lh(,mn ,,sI,,,,,kf, ('laim at my office as plumhing hetween the main sUChmust executOrSexhibit youran(I (hat you[I CIIAI~LES R. MUR, RAY, tained by the consumer, and (icln;intlsll)ro\'i(led J)y Law. and any service devices lnain against said estate within lilac Sh( rift of Jewell all extensions hereafter lnade months from the dah, nf the] County, l(ansas, to such services, as well as first publication hereof, nr I)(' all repairs to the same, shall forever barre(I. ] FORREST R. FAIR j(Virst l)ublished in Jewell Co. be boi'ne entirely by the con- and l¢ccorfl, Thursday, Oct. 27, sumer. If authorized officials of the water department of RODERICK E. WELTMEIL J 1966) 3t t,his city find that repair of Executors J ROAD NOTICE ATTEST: Byron RtlFc, rs To All Persons Concerned: necessary,Service pipeSsuchandrepairdeviCeSshalliS (Seal) Probate ,hldge j l)u]'suant to the order of the be made promptly or the city Weltmer, Weltm~r & Wellnler, ]tlnard of County Commission- ers, yf)t~ are hereby notified will discontinue service until Attorncy~:xc'(utors Itimt on Nf)vemher 21, 1966, at such time as they are made. I 10:00 ()'Clock A. M. in the off- Section 3. That for the put- (First Published in Jcwell Co. [ice of the said Board in the pose of reading meters, duly Record, Thursday, Oct. 20, [courth()u.~;e at Mankato, Kan- authorized employees of the 1966) 31 leas. said Board will make an water department of this city IN THE PROBATE COURT[twder vacatirlg the following may legally enter upon any OF JEWELL COUNTY, ld(.scrihed road: premises at any reasonable KANSAS I Beginning at the NE Cot- hour. In the Matter of the Estate of J nor of Section No. 12 - TTS Section 4. That in case any Bertha Hall Johnson Green-I ~ R9W Walnut Township meter shall atop. or be in- berg, Deceased. J Jewell County, Thence accessible on day of reading, Case No. 50S7J west % mih'. the water superintendent 1nay NOTICE OF APPOINTMENTland that at said time and estimate the monthly bill for OF EXECUTOR ] place, any and all persons water to be basect on'the aver- TO TH~C2P2~Ii;O2SLH)~IILS. [llnving ob,iections to such an theage precedingqUantity consun,ed12 months.dUring DEVIS ~ . " ",; ~SJorder shlmld appear and show Section 5. That the quantity OF BERTHA HALL JOtlN-l('ause why such order vacat- SON GREENBERG, deceased, [ ing the above described road of water recorded by the meter AND ALL OTHERS C()N-lshould not be made. shall be conclusive evidence, CERNED: " l)ah, d at Mankato, Kansas, both to the city and consumer, You and each of you will on ()ctober 24, 1966. as to the quantity to compute take m)tice that on the 5th ALVIN C. FALL, ,JR., the cost to the consumer. day of October, 1966, James County Clerk Section 6. That no allowance Gray was appointed Executor (Seal) of the Will of Bcrtha Hall --._- Johnson Grcenberg, deceased (First Published in Jewell Co. and duly qualified as such Ex lgecord, Thursday, Oct. 20, ceutor and Letters Teslanum- 19(i6) 3t tary were issued to him on IN TIlE PROBATE COURT October 5, 1966, bv the Prn OR JEWELL COUNTY, bate Court of Jew'ell County, KANSAS Kansas. l~ the. Matter of the Estate All parties interested in i)f Earl R. ttillman, Deceased. said estate will take notice NOTICE OF HEARING and govern themselves ac The State of Kansas to cordingly. All ere(liters are All Persons Concerned: notified to exhibit their de- You are hereby notified that mands against the said es- a petition has been filed in tate within nine months froln said Court by Elden Johanek the date of the first publica and Betty Johanek praying tton of this notice as provided ['or, issuance of letters of ad- by law, and if their demands ministration to Cecil Hillman, are not thus exhibited they and that said estate be admin- shall be forever barred, istered in manner provided by JAMBS GRAY, law, and you are hereby re- Executor of the Will of quired tf) file your written de- Bertha ttall Johnson tenses thereto on or before , Greenberg ' November 14, 1966 at 1:30 Blair, Matlack, Rogg, Foote o'clock p. m., of said day, in & Lambdin said court, in the City of Man- Attorneys for Executor kate, Kansas, at which time and phlce said cause will be (First Published in Jewel! Co. heard. Should you fail therein, Record, Thursday, Oct. 20, iudglncnt and decree will be 1966) 3t (,ntered in due course upon IN TttE PROBATE COURT said petition. Witness my hand OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Clarence W..Nebel, Deceas : ed. NOTICE OF HEARING STATE OF KANSAS, JEWELL COUNTY, ss: The State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Warren I,. Nebel praying for the admission to record and probate of the last will and testament of Clarence W. Nebel, deceased, nnd the issuance of letters testamen- tary thereon, and you are here by required to file your writ- ten defenses thereto on or be fore the 14th day of Novem- ber, 1966 at 10:00 o'ch)ek, a. m., of said day in said court, in the city of Mankato, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in duc course upon said petition. Wit hess my hand in the city of Mankato, Kansas, in said" county and state this 18th (lay of October, 1966. WARREN L. NEBEL, Petitioner By: Robert H. Meyer, His Attorney CATTLE • SHORT ON ALFALFA HAY? rl WE OFFER ALFALFA PELLETS BLENDED WITH MOLASSES One ton will replace 2 ton haled hay. No Waste - Easy To Handle - Better Gains - Lower Feed Costs Contact MILLING IND., Fairbury, Nebr. HOlY/ OF SUR-GA|N FEEDS Ph. 729-6145 in the City of Mankato, in said county nnd state this 18th day of October, 1966. ELDEN JOHANEK and BETTY JOHANEK, Petitioners By: Robert H. Meyer, Their Attorney ATTEST: Byron Rogers (Seal) Probate Judge (First PuNished in Jewell Co. Record, Thursday, Oet. 20, 1966) 3t IN TttE PROBATE COURT OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Grace L. Kiser, deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL The State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Gerald I. Kier and Ruth C. Kier asking for the admission to probate of (he will nf Grace L. Kiser, dated October 4, 1966, which will is filed with said petition, and for the appointment of Gerald I. Kier as executor of said will; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before November 14, 1966, at 10:00 A. M. of said day, in said court, in the City of Mankato Kansas, at which time and place said cause will .be heard. Should you fail therein, judg- nlent and decree will be enter- ed in due course upon said pe- tition. GERALD I. KIER RUTH C. KIER Weltmer, Weltmer & Weltmer, Attorneys for Petitioner ATTEST: Byron Rogers, (Seal) Probate Judge (First Published in Jewel1 Co. Record, Thursday, Nov. 3, 1966) 3t ORDINANCE NO. 116 An Ordinance prescribing Rules and Regulations for the Administration of the Munici- pal Water System of the City e[ Esban, Kansas, and pre- scribing penalties for the vie- under any circumstances shall be made' for water used, lost or wasted,, through leaks, care- lessness, neglect or otherwise, after the same has passed through the meter. Section 7. That th(. consumer shall be responsible for the care of any meter installed up- on his service connection for any accidental or willful brcakage~' or damage thereto, whether by his own act o1" that of others not in the em- ploy of the city. Consumer shall promptly notify the superintendent of the water department, who shall have the necessary repairs made and charge the cost of the same to the consumer. Section 8. That prior to the time the water is turned on at any residence property occu- pied by him, the tenant con- sumer desiring service shall deposit with the water collec- tion agency the~ sum of $5.00 and said deposit shall be re- turned less any amount then due the city for services ren- dered, upon the discontinuance of service. Section 9. That the city hereby reserves the right to discontinue service to any or all consumers of the munici- pal water system without no- tice when the same is neces- sary in the repair of said system, or any part thereof or for the non-payment of water rents after the fifteenth of the month, after same has become due; and when water service has been discontinued for non-payment of rent, it shall not be resumed except upon the payment of the water rent past due, together with any penalties accrued thereon and a fee of two dollars ($2.00) for turning the water on and which sum shall be paid at the time of paying the back water bill and penalties. The City of Esbon shall not' be liable for any damage by rea- son of the breakage of any pipes or pipe or service cocks or by reason of the stoppage of water in the mains. Section 10. That all bills for water shall be due on the 10th day of each fiaonth for service rendered during the preceding month. Section 9 shall apply in event of non-payment after the 15th of the month in which due. A penalty of fifty cents (50¢) shall be added to the bill if not paid by the 10th of the month in which due. Section 11. That when a con- sumer has requested removal of a water meter, a fee of $1~.00 shall be paid for the re-installation of same. A $5.00 fee shall apply for basement meter re-installation. Section 12. That meter rates for water shall be according to the quantities used as fol- lows: The first 1000 galtons at $2.50 (Minimum Bill: includes meter rent) The next 2000 gallons at $1,80 per 1000 gal. All over 3000 gallons at $1.20 per 1000 gal. Section 13. That by this ordi- nance all other ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Section 14. That this ordi- nance shall take effect from and after December 1, 1966, and upon its publication once in the Jewell County Record, the official city paper. Passed by the Governing Body and approved by the Mayor on October 28, 1966. CARL L. SAPP, Acting Mayor of the City of Esbon, Jewell County, Kansas ATTEST: T. R. Smith, (Seal) City Clerk (First Published in Jewell Co. Record, Thursday, Oct. 20, 1966) 3t STATE OF KANSAS, JEWELL COUNTY, ss: IN TttE PROBATE COURT OF SAID COUNTY AND STATE In the Matter of the Estate of Joseh P. Peugh a/k/a ,l. P. Peugh, deceased. Case No. 5071 NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Joe Hamilton, nephew and heir at law of Joseph P. Peugh a/k/a J. P. Peugh, deceased, praying for the apointment of an admin- istrator of the estate of Joseph P. Peugh a/k/a J. P. Peugh, deceased, and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 14th day of November, 1966, at 10:0() o'clock A. M.. of said day, in said court, in the City of Mankato, in said county and state, at which time,, said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judg- ment and decree will be en- tered in due course upon said petition. JOE HAMILTON, Petitioner Manford Holly, Mankato, Kansas Attorney for Petitioner. ATTEST: Byron Rogers, (Seal) Probate Judge (First Published in Jewell Co. Record,. Thursday, Oct. 27, 1966) 3t IN THE PROBATE COURT OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of L. H. Stedman, also known as Lawrence H. Stedman, De- ceased. NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas te All Persons Concerned : You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Alcie E. Sted- man, executrix of the will of L. H. Stedman, also known as Lawrence H. Stedman, de- ceased, praying for settlement and allowance of the execu- trix' final account and final settlement of said estate, in- cluding the allowance of fees and costs of probating said will, for a decree ordering dis- tribution; for construction of :he will of said decedent; for final discharge of the execu- ,rix from her trust; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before November 18, 1966 at 10:00 o'clock a. m., of said day, in said Court, in the City of Mankato, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due :course upon said petition. Wit- ness my hand in the City of i Mankato, in said County and State, this 25th day of Octo- ber, 1966. ALCIE E. STEDMAN, Petitioner By: Robert H. Meyer, Her Attorney ATTEST: Byron Rogers, (Seal) Probate Judge w (First Published in Jewell Co. Record, Thursday, Nov, 3, 1966) 31 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF JEWELL COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph B. Purcell, Deceas- ed. NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to All Parsons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been" filed in said Court by Bertha A. Pur- cell, executrix of the will of in the City of Mankato, in said [ County and State, this 31st dayI l~lo~Ice~'rA'fl~ot Submission O~lt ~lkli[lltSof Propoelll" Northwestern Mutual, Life of October, 1966. I Canstltutlonat Amendment S I November 8, 1966, General Electloe~uI'alI~O C~ i;~,' Pursuant to Article ]4, SeotloII 1 JACK W. SEA S BERTHA A. PURCE1.L, Exeeutrix Ii Ofwiththe SenateC°nstituti°nconcurrent°nd in ¢nmpllanceResolutfolt Spe |a] Agent ' : By: Robert H. Meyer, J NO, 2, adopted by 1he legislature oft Jewell, Kans. - HA 8-3481) Her Attorney [March I, 1966, a proposition wlll ba subm tted 1o Ihe voters at the Novew~ 42tf ' , ATTEST: Bvrott ]~Off,(H'S, ber 8, 1956, General Election for L thor approval or r*c,o. ,o .,d • (Seal) 1)Pob;|tt, .](111~(, stHufionSecti°n 11estOfollows:Article 1| at tl~ ¢~1- ,, h ,,, ,~ "5e¢. 11. In enacting an~ t~W LI llll ,.,il -[[~ " Primary Youth ] .nderse:t,o..o:,.'.ar"c'o'l.tfoeglsloh,r , may at .., IANNRD ular, budget or s.pecial se.ssion ¢~e= ' Oct. 2(;, the firs( nn(I sac°ridIotne=w=setine incOmeadoptby byreterenCereferencetO ell°P gra(|ers of the Christi:in or any part of the laws of thl • I Bonded -'-Jcmr Church had a ('()Mun~c [[;lilo and,Unltedprospectively*States as theYes thenthey exlstmay ween party. The ~l'Otlp p;IP;/d I thereafter be amended or on* lions or modlficalions es th" Mankato, Kaasu ed (IowI/ tO~.\rn. ~\1 Cq. (]'~Cr/11 [ acted, with such exceptions, eddl- Naylol' and N~nl('y s~,r~ c(I (qlp J thereafterlegislature maYat anydeterminesuch thenlegisle=or IIII and :* sponsl)|'s L, ll'S. V(,t'l,i)|l , ~:~e ll" ;; Halnilton, Rulh ]lull~t'P all(ll current Resolution No. 2 adopted by WATCH REPAIRING Mrs. Navh)r. Prin~arv Youth of Kansas contained in Senate Con- : phtyed @ilch ;111(1 (';if, (;ho'qs J lho 1966 Special Session of the legi~ tature, the original of whlch IS ~S CLOCK REPAIRING Blowout, Pass the lh'nd, l,'or [ tile I~ my office. JEWELRY REPAIRING tune Telling aim I/(,ar(I a I EL,WILL M. SHANAHA~f~ (Seal) Secretary of 6teNb We do engraving , ghOStwas onSt°rY',11(' kin(IThe(11' l~ihlema,~k aless'ln lper I - NELSON son wears daily h;ll)t)V or tm ] ..- -._.._Mankata, Kansas : happy. The past two lnnnlhs] STA~E O~ KANSAS the group has received a l,,:,,I HottCe¢onstitutionalOf SubmisslOnAmendmentOf ProlN~m~at i I thor on Indian hea(hircss for J November 8, 1966, General Election L Pu~uant fo Article 14, Seetron 11 attendance and a lunih,,r for[ i (: bringing the Bible. l'mn l)ia tance0f thewifhConstitutiOnHouse Concurrentend In Resolu.c°mpll" [ DR. J. R. SPENCER : mend attd Mildred lh:lb(,r~ I ,to. No. ~0,. adopted by the le~isla* ! Dentist . tim most feathers. En~.h ln(li ] lure on March 1, 1966, a proposllion Will be subminecf fo the roars et the November 8, 1966, General Eleo. an to()k his wad( '(,,;~ m:,[ i Office Hours: 8:30 tQ NoO~ ition tar 1heir approval or rele¢flon Afternoon by appolntm t .... after the party. to emend Section 2S of Article 2 gl~ the Constitution as followa! Mankato, Kansas , "Sec. 25. All sessions Of the Sunshine Circle Club t legislature shall be held at 1he state Cel~Ital, and beglnnlno with II Iii1[ li[I the yeaP 1967, regular sesslons The Sunshint, Circh, ('hlb .ha,, be he,d ..noa,,y. com- Otl lrnencing on the second Tuareg' met wJth Esther lhul~es ef January at each year, Oct. 26 with 13 ,nembe,'s l'r"I $~ons'*Thehe,ddUrati°nln even-numbered°t regUkWyeareSe~ Dr. Dale A. Stewart sent and one ~LiC~d, Tr;i('Jo[ shall not exceed sixty calendar' Wiley. The busim,ss m(,e~in~,~ I eays. Such seaslons may be exo Optometrist .... landed beyond slxty calendar dayl was called to order by ore' by an affirmative vote Of two- 1202 N. Mill thlrda of the membere ~ le 3 doors North of Belolt vice-president, Esther Hedges. each house. We are each to 1)rim~ a 19 "ellis, lot~ a~ concurrentI Theatre . resolutions under cons|defoe[on by' inch sqna,'e c,'azv quill I)h,ck the legislature upon edlournment t Phone 262, Beirut, Ken, to the nexl, n/eelinff Names ef a regular session held irl all add-numbered year may be corl- ! I I [ I II L[llll '' ~ i were drawtl for (;[iris|re;is. aldered at the next succeedln~ regular session held In ell even* ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. ~ Agnes roeeJve(t a wed,tJog ;in aumbered year, as If there ba¢l "1111[I 19 /5; In niversary gift S (I | May been no such edlournment." ~ s ) ' I hereby ~r1|~ that the fOCeg0[~l guessed the ~4ues," })( x. C]ar~lII a trua copy of ttm Wopoa~l Hancock had the ('ontests andamendment ~. the Const~a~Jon..~_ Dr. John J. Patze! ..... rne .state or Kansas ¢on ameg m they were won by Lisle Za(ll House Concur'rent Resolution fie, 5041 Optometric Eye Specialta2 . . ~q, . adopted by the 1966 Spe¢lel Sel$ na, Pat Hunte~ and ~da Ma~ ............ ~- ld* • 1 , ',, I ~ me leglsraTure, rne orlgl/t~l ,~,ter a love, v ,unch we al,, .Id~kontilelnmyo.tc~. Smith Center, Kan adjourned to ",,1(,,,1 with Pat ! ISeal) I~tWl~ecrt~etaS~A~m,~ Hunter on Nov. 19. I ..... --- .... ls,e Zadina. ,ec I Mr. and Mrs. f,ol'en wolfeI WAIUTITI AUTOMATIC r and daughter, Barbara, lert[ l[/llllllhl/ for Wichila where lhev will Coin Operated :" spend a few days with a'no|hm" TREE TRIMMING, WASHERS & DRYERS:' : daughter and fiimily. CLEARING, ETC. A convenient way towash ..... NORMAN PLETCHER Open 24 hours per day Seven days a Week ' ~J~n]rTI n ynu I Phone FRontier 8-3678 MANKATO ,, v ....... . I Call Collect Like to have a party ana ' Phone FR 8-99 6: : : invite your friends, but I tight money_ and hi~h, ..... prices stop you? Have _ ~ ,~ Henny Penny Chicken, . !: served family style, at[l~I/~.~ R fnrn... Dr. MerwmPete .... $1.25 a person at the Doctor of Dental : Correll Club Room ouncl 30 I'UlI 8:oo a. m. to S:00 r !' : Also US Broiled Steaks g~, &'~___ ~_ 'r....I Monday Through ~ ::, and Shrimp tiluarl ou/fUll First Door South : WARM RO--~S - by day, ~ Drug Store ~ .... week or month. Room !iy [~~ Phones: Office FR 8"~i month, $25.00 and $30.00 Residence FR 8,37515 ~ ...... with maid service at Closed Wednesday Correll Hotel II, I UNITED RJNDS, INC. WADDELL & REED, Inc. Mutual Fund Shares STANLEY MARR ESBON, KANSAS I IIIIII \ RANClIEBS! UP BiG SAVIH 3 ON CAR IHSURAHgE Joseph B. Purcell, deceased .... -. - praying for settlement and,IJ~Y~°~;reat~l°e~K~)ga°S~Dce~c?~ i ' ~"~ " '- allowance of the executr x .......... final account and final settle-I J'D~'q 1:O ~U~:lwSC~?.~.[a~r( ment of said estate, including J~afr~l']~st claim service[ toe the allowance of fees and costsIra ' of probating said will, for a --available wherever lot drive. No wonder mor~ i:armers and ranchers in ~ure their cars and truck,. ~ith State Farm than wit~ any other corn- panY. Shouldn't /ou.~ Call today. ~ ~ 1 .~sue..,, W. R. "IIap" Wilson Phone FR 8-3298 308 S. Center - Mankato, Ks. I||1~[~ iL001illlQT011, ILL|01I decree ordering final distribu- tion; for construction of the will of said decedent; for final discharge of the executor from her trust; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before November 25, 1966 at 1:30 o'clock p. m., of said day, in l said court, in the city o/ Man- kate, Kansas, at which time and place aaid cause will be heard. 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