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October 27, 2016     Jewell County Record
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October 27, 2016

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10B THE SUPERZOR EXPRESS Northbranch By Erma Mm~ II Auending the funeral Monday for their uncle, Jay Gillert, and dinner af- terwan:ls wen= Job.~, Mayeia Hutson and boys, Jim and Kim Gillelt and b~ys. Sasa~ and Sophia Otson, ion and Carrie Bonebrake amt boys. David and Autumn Gillett, Log, an and Addyson. Scott and Victoria L Ecuyer and fatu- ity, and Brett ~ Beth Walker and family, Marilyn Jeffery, bless her, does a goodjob of visiting the sick and shot- ins. One day last week she had hutch with Beth ]effery at the Vestey Center, and then they went to rite hospital in Superior to visit Helen Millet, Another day she visited Marthta I-Ien'man and Cheryl Hillman at the hospital in Mankato. Thl~rml~y the Higl'danders Club met at a cage in Red Cloud with Loreen Bird as hostess, Atlending were Skeri Beam, Irma Fogo. A]yce Gillmt, Judy McCarmey, lone Shipley, leri ShaLe, Patty Snow, Temia Utaderwood, Beth Walker and children, plus the hostess Apparently harvest is moving right along in this part of the country. The weather has certainly cooperated the big tracks j ust keep the roads husyL And dusty! Since the Dil]ons were not feeling up to attending chumh Sunday wedon't have the normal church news. How- ever, I do know that Pastor Ion played his guilar for the offertory and Marily n JeffeW had a reading for the special. We ko~ you have m~ked your calendars and set aside time to come lo the Northbranch Fellowship Hall oo Sa:urday e~.~ening,/qov. 5. for the lace bar supper at 6 pJn+ followed hy pmek- ing xhc~boxes for Operation Chris[. mas Child. one t,f Franklin Graham's ministries. We are ,catting a IoRy go,el of put'king 1(30 boxes ~ if yet cannot utlend, b~t[ wish to donate items you may d~ ~, Invite a rriend and come enjoy laces, brownies arm ice cream, plus l~lp (or ~atch) pack the boxes. Trivia" Did you know the saying, "God wi]lir, g and the Creek don't rise." wa~ in reference to the Creek Indians a~l not a I~dy of water? It was written by Benjamin Hawkins in the late 18th Century. He was a politician and In- diali diploma1. While in the south, Hawkins was requested by the presi- dent M the U.S. to return to Washing- ton. In response, he was ,;aid to write. 'God willing and theCreek don' t rise." Because he capitalized the word "Creek" it is deduced that he was refer- ring to the Ct'eek Indian lribe and nol a ht'~y of water. 1"1~ ~ L "]L uzspatcn .y Greeters Sunday were George and Sherri Eakin Da~e add Jennife[ Herred~berg fam ik. Passage Sunday snooting ~ ;~ PlO'~ - orbs 5. Passage Sunday evening wa~ Philcntan. Theme Sunday e van ing was "'F~nt Bondage to Brulherlaw, d." Happy birthday to Carson Kt~tps, Oct. iS; Eli Keeps, Oct. 19, 1 . Jewell By Hollo Marcia Slate and Cindy Wonhing t'l~t|y went by airplane lO Ari;, ona where they stayed a ,~eek visiting with Ran and Brenda Goodwin al Florenee, Ariz. They report having had a great time visiting and catching up The weather was beautiful and each day they did dill-trent things in that area. They also visiled Run and Maggie Mc Millan and Bill and Diane F, dw ai'ds whtle there. This ha-'~ been hiahday week tier the morning coffee drinkers, l.asl -l-u -~- day we helped Marilyn G riestcclcbra[e Mrs and Friday we hciptxl Shirley Doxon oelebrate her birlhda). Friday eve~ing ~ oral from Jan.ell and Maniato allettd~dd the Ci~nnnHni[y concert at Beloit. "l'ra~ L~ 1.edoyl ~[he world's best ytmng ['Ix is) ,a~, Ihctn- [ermin mcnt forll~ee~ enmg. 'l'ra v,s ~, as bum in 1977, the year l,;h'is died. Though he never .~aw l't~t~, he is able to capture the esselw'e of Elvi, m h,s prime. l.an7 and SueFJnit f~, i~ated Rol~rt~t Holdren Salurday morning. "lh ~ imd been to Colorado to attend the fuqctal for She's brother and ~cre rett,mmg [o Kansas City. Arlan and Eiva Folsom Icfl Satur- day morning for their wimer homc in Arizona. Buck Roge~ died last 'l'hmsday at his home in Jewell. His funeral was held Monday at the Jcwel l Comnmnity Cantor. Darlene Thoml~on hosK'd 1he La- dies Card Club Thursday evening. Steve/vlclntyre lost a combine as it ca~tghl on fi~. A special number at the Trinity United Methodist Church was Ruth Ea~tin singing a ~1o. She waz ac om- partied by her sister Mary Ann Kihbe Butch and Annette Barks enter- lain~ fmmily meml~rs Sunday to hom)r Annette's mother, Theresa Baxa, for her 87th birthday. Six of Theresa's eighlehildren were there to hunor her including Kathieen, Jerry, A, J Mark, Becky and A~netle. Marilyn Griest. Shmon Tultar. and Don Simmelink attended the wedding of Corey and Jaelyen Shaw at Colby Saturday. Corey is the grandson of Ma~lyn m~t the late Reed Griest. The wedding was held in the "Big Barn." Thursday evening friends of Arian and Blva Folsom, Rue and BRnda Goodwin, went out to eat and wish them farewell as they head back to Arizorm. Later they had. desserl and visited at the Butch and Anne+ere Burks home, "In art the hand can never execute anything high~ than tl~ heart can in- spire," Ralph Waldo Emerson "rhurs6ay, October ~7, 2016 T hnology's influences on mmmml parts of ganm By Jenny Ru.q~ll, Jewell County Community I~~ vmmrd~tor Taking away ~me of the 'urban ~van~age' Things have ehauged since I grew upin a fund alvin I,~ 1980s. Som~ thins that those of my cotmterpam who didn't retm-n to a rural area after college and ha~n't lived here full- time since the 1980s or ~990s might not unde~tan~. ~ tlungs include: Transportation efficiency. When I was little, we used to#an fore week to go to Saline on a tw~lane highway at 55 miles ~ hour. Now we go on the spurofthe moment at an averageofT0 miles per hoar and we can be there in basically an hour. About the sometime it takes you to drive armmd Kansas City to different places. Internal. The Internal has not onty changed the way people live in metro- poll[an areas, don't forget it also changed how we live in ntrai azeas too. Shopping. One of the advantages to living in an urban area is the shopping. You can get ptxtty much ever/thing you want from ethnic food to specialty clothing items, Now these items am also available in rural areas through one- to twt,~day shipping and our great local stores. That just tuck some of the "urban adva.mage" away, Working. Asl talked alxmt in Don't Assume About Rural, Interact is chang- ing Ibe way people work and where they can work from. It's no longer as necessary [o be in an office but*dang in an urban area. In fact, earlier this ye~, I saw on the news 1hal Cargill was consi k-ring a r~ew plate for il's head- quarters, abandoning and possibly moving oul tff downtown Wichita. Why? 'ff~het~geof what your morn and dad worked in as art office is diffemn[ than the new [ype of work environ- ment." Rigby said. Entertainmem. I cou~d almost in- clude this topic in with the Internal topic above. Living in a rural area no longer nee6s to mean lack orenterlain- mont, Movies and television shows are now jest a short clickaway on Amazon Prime. Youtnhe, or from some of our gram rural telecommunications or tele- vision providers~ Gaming systemscan in every living room. Many of our movie theaters have now been ~- vamd and omfitted with the ta~.st in digital projection. Renovation h,ap- pened often antes after 30 years of neglect followi~tg the "agricultural revolution." No longer do you have to go to a movie with water dripping on your head and mice running a, cfo~,~ your feet while watching a movie that came out two years ago and just got to weal. Another lo~-' for the +'urban ~d- vantage." For nto~ information on Jew ll C't~ant)' Communily Development, go In ~ v. ~ l 2WCllcol0nl ykansas/ -ol10 "'All authority belongs to the people." Thom~s/efferson Randall By Fawna Barrett - -P'astorThadd Hinkte will be lead- ing worship at Randall Community Church next Sum.lay, Mild hatwe~t is shtw this fall as the grain remains too high ia nvaisture. Mary Ann Kibbe met her sis[ers, Mafilyn Teimeyer. Gayle Tackett and Ruth Eastin, in Wichita Thursday t~ .see the stage play, "Wicked." All re- fumed to Beloil a.s the sisters" gel to- gelher continued through Sunday, Becky Novak's dad, Lawrem:e Schleude~, suffered a light blroke ear- lier this monthand is takingrehab at S lt~ph's nursing bonte. Becky visited him Sunday affenr~.~m and he is doing well. Friday evening Jc~lyn and Ruelyn BoRe brought Kinley and Andy Coo- per and Jaren Ravin for the eve,ring with Ila MeF, Imy- Dabble and Dennis Galoway stayed Friday [hrough Sunday with her mother. Lenin C law~m. Saturday they, Jay and Vicky Mahin, met Tara Mahin in Co:~ ordia for lunch. Elwln and Janie Dunslan and tl~ree children visited Nevada and Cliff Ve[ter. Vickie and Barrett Fenner t~l the Vetter home S~turday aftemmm. Debbie Semi stayed the weekend with her palm.% Alan and Barham McMillan. Rhonda Minis, Florida. is al~ visiting family here flw several dayg. Fawna Barrelt stayed Tear-.day thrtmgh Friday at the Natalie ant* Da~'id Wood home caring for the children while Natatie was helping with hurves[ and keeping other appoinlments. Seleise Barrett stayed Friday evening to Sunday with her mother. Fawna B;trrell, She wz.~ a vender at the Beloi~ Craft Fair Saturday. Fawna and her cousin, Shirley Remus. *,-isi[ed for pan of the day. Gadtering Sunday noon at Bruce and Ckta nie McMilhm's,~c0e Alan and Barbara McMillan, David McMillan, Dabble and Gary Scott. Jessic~ Richard~t)n and Jt~y Jay and tv,x= chil- dren. Rhonda and K,yh Moils. Ironic Harvey. Ryan Nonl~,y, I.ee and lng6d MtMillan and family, Jcrod and Samantha McMillan and tamily. Billy and Elesa MtMillan. Matthew and Mitchell. They were celebrating Ahm and Burb~ra" s weddingannivtrsaryand t"k+ ~ d'~er biahday.+. Panorali'la By Fawns B~t~t Gusty wind ~ gr~bed the leaves off t~e trees and sen[ them lnam'ing and dancing across the lawn~ and n~Ms. TI~ patients they canaled made the .~treets appear to be writhing with the wimt. Though 11~e air ~'~. wann, hams of fall were strong a~; the trees were ~;tripped of their sun[mar and fall heanly. Many had n,~t I'aken ~n nomtal fall .r 'olor s I'v ~aU.'~-' t~t the abundance o f T~.*hl ht lale sunl[ncr ;ll~J curly fall. Tl~'y'~,-e passc'd f~tmt $reclt to irate- lieNS, Rcz ly or m.iL fall is fading rapidly. Belolt to host Medlcare Part D en --ollment event The Be[oiL Staler C~nter will bathe site of a Medicare Part D enrollment event from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. em Tues- day. The event is spo~ by the North Central-Flint Hilts AmaAgeney on Aging as,velt as the Mitchell County Council on Aging and the Beloit Se- nior Center. The program will high- light the Medicare Part D drug plans which will be available in the anneal enrollment sign up period scheduled for Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. Tim pro- gram is open lo anyone either currently emoll~ in Medicare, or dmse who will be going on Medicare in the next four months. There is no cost for the event, and advanced enrollment is not necessary, although the .scheduling of an appointment is advised. Appoint- merits can be made by ea~ling the NC- at 800-432+2703, or by call- ing the Beloit Senior Center at 785- 738-5 8/,22. The ertrollment event will be con- dueled by staff members from NC- FHAAA who specialize in Medicare i~ue~ for the Manhattan based Area Agency. Also in attendanoe will be some of the Ioca~ SHIC K (Senior Health lnsurs.ace Counselors for Kansans) re~esentatives, including John High- land. Each individual whoparticipates in the enrollment will wo~ with a SHICK enameler, and will be given as much time as needed in order to amve at the Medicare Part D drug plan that works best for them, All SIUCK vo[- un~ers undergo th~-e in[erase days of training for that position as they strive to help Kansas Seniors nrd~e at Medi- care decisions that are best for that individual. The local pharmacies al~ have a ".'ested interest in helping their customers achieve a beneficial rel~. tionship with the Medicare program, both in terms of c~mffolling costs as well as providing necessary coverage for their individual drug needs. They provide yet another option for the citi- zens orthis ~ in wisely ~lecting the plan that works in their best inter+st+ An added feature this year will be the atter~danee of a health insurance navigator, whose role is to help people who are under the age of 65 attain an affordable he.alth care pM. Many will even qualify for kelp with the health plan premium, and the navigator is trair, ed lo find those assistance op- tions, Any individual who does rml carremly have health insinuate through theiremployer is invited to work with the navigator to find a plan thin wodcs for them. Again, this seg~,ice is fi~e. and you ~-e not required to pick any particular plan, Let the navigator help you achieve health insurance security. Participation is open Io anyone in Mitchell Counly or .my o[ the sur- round ing ounlies. Everyone w~.o par- ticipates in the Medicare program is highly advised to re- valuate their Part D pLan each year. Plat1, change t'runl one year ~o the next, so what worked well for you thi-~ year might no[ be the best plan for you this coming year. [a addition, a person's individual drug Saturday, November 5, 2016 Starting promptly at 10:00 a.m. * Doors open at 8:00 a.m. Auction wail be held inside at the Stastny Community Center in Hebron, NE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE CnerrywGocl Im,sh M(.o,~n S l i'g. 5 pl: sol fl dr~]w~, ar~-t wtwOII r'n~rro,r ~ - lwtrt ,e hlC~l, ot i%1 I1~ Dt'~ K.e.I bulff~'c i~r~l ~r~ thin.B, ~ OwOiti~ Dr~p Iror~'~ oak .5.~r018~ ~sk w~adlu~tal~ s,~Ove s 5,~'.-1.1~tr walr~ut gon|lflfftao'$ .t:lr~ I~:se ~ourml oa~ ~mp ~lola v~2m,s.~n Ann logs Ornate m.c'.racgutar ,t~-n'Ler mbm- Ornate ,~t, ck em:l bal~ t,rpl~tnma r~knr Llphol~ ,P:l ~,]~| IL ~ke sollt~ Wm~::te~k ug:~'~olslerecl ar~ ~haws 2 A,P*TI C-flairs u ~olslem~ ISII~B CI't~,IP~] Bl~t~k 0,am|Rd ~l'~ ,~tl~Om c~3&tt "['1~o ntm ~,dllt~ gA r,~ 4 Mateh,n~l e ~r~ tmaom etm,rs M~le lop lame :s~nd. oma~, Wa.lr~ t ha,signal m~lanoular qaBle S~veral u, rrmilar ~nd Orr~le gem esl~n~ls plus,01h~.r un,clUe 1,mOO~n slands Walton ~ BIr~l c.ullee lal~es ban~r~ t~lht Kcms,B~n lamps HOUSEHOLD Aman 1 ek~lni ~er, t-year 0~10nd mm, Oel wa ~o ~rl~ll KenrnOe r~n.ge.r-al~r ~,meeral olhev s.rrmE kitchen appl*ances DVD player ~ r~d~o BoCa and colMe ~l]t ILflatl'mr bound r'm:liner i+n01 ~'[tm',~n X L Omck vacuum 2 - ~,~,181 ,~.~ ftbing e abin~qs Lar~p~ soup k~ll~- #~ other k~tcl'~n pots and pa~s Many l~r, mmr a~d w0~ 91asses .~epinad.r 3 - Card r.ab~s arm e:l~aa'~ PRIMITIVE, COLLECTIBLES AND GLASSWARE 2 c,-a~, a~ s oar 8~ w,~ uoc~s Sm0tl o~ c.~n$ Franciscan ~ dmnerwme, .T~rv,Ce ol 9 Uowbell Ou~n ROyal .lap,an ch,~ ~,~1 2 C~ir~onn~ verbs No,rq~%l~ Chltnla 5,Ol. ~mS~r 1 2 .Ts4]iiltqg'~ I~]lJ:.'.'~ weir ~l]ln,~z ,~ 1 fa.CeJ4'hD~S ,sarong i:aeoe~ 4 - Meg, cow mtrm tm09~ ct.~lm Czee.Jm~ovakian I~rd pilche~ Hav~ad cttue~t t~'x~ Pink cl~.t~z, sion pintos i~.a~le Uea. ~ rM.~t I~31 C, oO~ bade= Sdv~-l:~,l~ c.r ~ml~ r.a~dm- h~dePs LBrga b, ass ~ s~ks Shavmg mu9 S.%er-p~|e. +Is. baby amp eanala I-~d,M~, cr~n~ 1~izys. cx~t~ztr~, orn01e ,nO*o~o0 .~rs Fir~ 3~r~ f'~l~ri~$ Lladm I~ ,nes Leaded cry51al 5,ot-ver w~'6 .se~er arta~r g~.~ 5 - Hal'~l dt,lehed I~UlIL~i." ~ubl<~ "i~,~a'.z~ ta'~ Lad,es hats ~r~. S~r,n~ pros. rolan/. Masomc LOOge. Hu~ey Boxer dog do0 s~oo 1~J43 World,rig Iol:~t~r. m,l,t=~ Ihenm. SaCk of marr~ Gamas, ~x~,r cPHps ~r',cl cards, fLu'pray LAWN, GARDEN AND TOOLS HUNTING AND E~.k: ,~,n, ~,~ ~.u ~e ~ ~, F[SHIN G SUPPLIES 4 - Make1 lawn C.h~rs L'0,01~. I~. ~lS-Ctt~: flbll~. ~ ~qo~les. "mrrmll Huntt~l aenmuntlKm - 4 lt"l a~l 22 C~11. :.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'~Is WC~I ~ hold ~B.rd~rL IO4315, tIC. Ic~ tt~l~----~, fl~hll~ p0kB:g ~11~ ~qtlq~q~i See photos and sa/e ~nforma~on on a~e web @ elangauetion.com mHel~l~l'~. Gone 3e<+P.a~ ~ilt~O~. t'iom~ ea~,en early on .~Ev~':,'~ mon'm9 A~ator- ~t i~'*l~g a:m.a',~aJ~B~ Susan Mussman for Maxine Borley Estate Real Es'~do Blot, mr, Auctioneer & General Certified Appraiser W 145 North 4th Street, Hebron, Neb. 4(]2-768-7270 View this auction on the web at www.ett ngauctian, com needs also change front year to year, so again it is beSl tO iouk at alt th-e options available co you. Every SH[CK vohtr~ leer can si~e many examples of indi- viduals who saved hundreds of dollars a year, lost hy choosing the most ben- eficial plan for their needs. Don't miss out on this opl~wlunity to save money on your Medicare Part D plan, by i~r- ticil~tingin the yearly enrollment event on Tuesday at the Bdoit Senior Cen- ter. Call Jay Rowh at785-738-0241 for further details. 1 Burr Oakey ct, r. Cliff atrd Glenny-Barnes went to Red Cloud last T~sday morning so Cliff could keep an appointment with his pulmonologist. His checkup was good and another medication has been removed. lane Lewis was admitted to Brods[one Memu~ial Hospital in Su- perior last ~z, ek for an i~Iness. H~ family visits her daily. David and Lori Barnes, Smith Can- tel-, Cliff and G~enny Barnes were in Gland island T~ursday. They cmjoyed hmeh at a seaf<~d restaurant and shop- ping aftervtard.s. Dave Duncan, Az[e. Texas, is hav- ing ~me time at his Burr Oak home. Cheryl HiLIman was able to come home fromthe Jewell County HospRa I F~day aflemoon. She is recuperating well from her stroke. Cub Scout Pack No. 4 camped a[ Lovewell Lake over the weekend. The weather was perfect and because of leaders and volunteers ~a~; helped all weekend it wasahuge hit. The Sedums fished, shot BB guns, prac[iced ar- chery, carved pumpkins, did crafts. cook~ over an open fire ~ played ganms. Among [hose who made it a weekend to remember for the scouts were Tcdd Bradrick, Weston Wagner. Ty let Cu rant tugs,Curt, Caden and [,off Slate, ]ants McDilL Souya Gardner, Nickki. Cole and Stuarl Vance, Amy and London McDill, Paul [,indber~, Tessa and Note McMains. Jeff and Megan Cheek, Matthew Badger, Aundrea Gardner and Broaden and Pamela Wirth. Ctiff and Gtenny Barnes accompa- nied Diana and Kasey O,'d to Franklin Salurday morning to watch the third through sixth grade girls from Red Ckmd compel~ in +,~lleybal] game~, Later they had lunch Iogethex at a Red Cloud testannmL Brynlee Manning joined Richard Cox for hischi]dren's chuleh message at the Christian Cltth, v,h Stmday. Rich- and Bt'ynl,talked about ]tow we not to boast about ours lzes. For lhe adults, Rickard's message was en- tid~d"Humble Pie.'" His selected ~-i~ tare reading was Luke 18:9-14. Tkis portion of mriptur is a parable ]esm told about ~ Pharisee and a tax collec- tor who were at the temple+ T'ne Phad- f thanked God that he was nm like the tax collector, w]~o in those times w~re sometimes dishone st in ~ke'~r c~l- letting. The tax colkn.'[or, on the other hand. asked for Gt~+s mercy because he knew ke was a starer, Jesus finished his ~rable hy stating that the tax ~1- "l'hut~lay, October 27, 2016 lectm went home justified and the Pharisee did nm, Everyoae w~oexalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself wilt be exalted. We can also be thankful that we re:rye a God who is full of grace and mercy, because we all a~ s turrets.The consre- gatio~ mis.s~ Wa.nda Frasier's piano playing Sunday as Wanda arm Doug were in Bransort, Mo celebrating their anaivm'sary. Lt also was good, to have Cheryl Hit]man in arteada.nce after a two week absence because of an i]I- RL*'SS. Curie and Steffelt Barnes joined Cliffandi Glermy Barnes for Ltmch at a Red C|ond restaurant Sun6ay. Ashley and Mallory Underwood, Eslmn, visited Cheryl Hill man Sunday afternoon.Sandy Billenw ill ms has al so visited her. Becky McNichols is anew member of the slaff at the Burr Oak branc~ of Guaranty State Bank and Trusl. Becky began working Monday. Sunday evening, the Bun-Oak Com- munity Club wilL ~ponsor i[s annual Halloween party for the community. Hot dogs, chips, cookies awJ drinks will be served+ Following Lhal. t~ere will be a costume parade and judging. Prizes will be given in three catego- ries: five and younger, six through nine. and 10 and older. Games with prizes will be available for the chitdren as wall. Esbon By Glenna Fege Monday, Dwight Frost, Doo Fogo, John Beam andCharley Fischer, mem- bers of the Perry A. Lamb Post of the Ameman Legion at E~bon, worked with members of the Cowles Ameri- ca Legion as lltey perfm'med the mili- tary rites for Jay Git]ett, memtmofthe American Legion of Esbon who w~ ~ buried in the Red Cloud cemetery. The funeral w~ at 1M funeral home in Red Cloud Mary and Clair Sioan. Hurl, Mml~ and ~so of F~boe+ arrived in Esbon Sunday night, They plan to stay here for a short time hut wanl lo be back to Michigan in time to vote. La.~t Wednesday, Lila Frost accom- panied daughter, Sheita White, and Sheila's son+ Levi, on a trip to Kan~s City. where Levi had a doctor's ap- pointment with a specialist. Larry McNabb was in Concordia Monday to attend the funeral of his cousin. Pa~ Wright. Pare Hajny. Kri~ Kindler, Joy Kindler and a friend of Joy s art on a hiking trip in Peru. So far. thosedoing voLunteer break- fast dine at the Village Care are Tonya Underwood. Lila FroM. Joan Broeckelman, Laura Bandit, Daphne Manning and Barh Mizner. Thursday, Nathan Shipley. Gilbert ~ Adz flew into Grand Island, where he was met by his grandmother, lone. He will help hk dad, Gary Ship~ey. w~lh fall harv ~l for a couple ~tf days a~d will |ly home Monday. Joan aLtO Waym Broeckeln[~n are slaying a few days in BI'~'L+~On+ Me where besides relaxing and tn~oying a JEWELL COUNTY RECORD IOA different pace of their lives they will take in a few shows, Thursday Teresa Shipley drove Io Oklahoma City where she met Pennia Shipley and Mindy Newberry, both of Con|gate, Okla. The women an: enjoy- ing this time oul. The Hightende~ Club bald their October meefia~ in Red Cloud Thurs- day erecting, Theh" Fa'+t gathering place was the F~ Fox. Kshon's annual Halk+w~n party will be Mouthy at 5:30 p.m. at the F M~n City Park and ommmttnity can- tel', Tlau r~y the Jewefl County ambtt- Lance was called axed Smtee Gass wax ~ansported to the hospital. Later she w~air Ill'ted to a K~am,y f~itity. Her sister, Helena, who lives out of slate has come to be with l:mr. The new~st Esl:x~ business is row up and going and in full operation. [t is KDI a welding and repair shop, ow~ and operated by Kelly Iman. "Wonderful Words of Life," Alyce and SamGillett were the greetersat the Esbon United Metlx~is[ Church Sun- day ~ everyor, e galhered this sunny bul windy morning. Lily ~ Clair Walker assisted by grandma Alyce were the acolytes entering the chun:h as Janet Kriley ~md Wandg Th0mmel, the musicians hougt~t forth the music of the organ and piuno. Guests joining in worship were Mary and Clair S It'm~l, MarIene and Terry Walker. Pastor Getty Sharp afar reading tb.e day's announcemeu[s lalked [o the children. He fir~l asked if tlm), had any enemies. The answer b.e received was"the other team." So right. He said we disagree with others becau~ we don'[ under- stand each other. Gtd co:aled us all ~,'en the t~ppu.~ing learn mere I',ers. Pa.s- 1or C~e['t'y chose verses front Timothy 5 for hi.~-wril~ure readin~ and litt~ his ~tm[on "'Having The Inspired Word.- The Bible is Gt~l's in.spiring word. How cart we five by aLl he desires'? God's word is ~o guide u.s not control us. (kid' ~ord becomes inspired and we are blessed and can do smnething we would ordi,~a.rily never do. Dem.'k and Jtmal Gillen served as usher~ and later :,ssisltd the Walker.sisters in as- languishing the altar caadte.~. Roger Underworld assisted Pastor Gerry who 01 the comm union elements were seo,ed. Among joys and concerns mentioned were the fact that the Sharps had stopped to .gee Scott Marihugh. but were enahle to do so as he was busy. a joy of having family present, and the fact that a ehih:l's inj0ry weren't too severe. Fellowship followed. "Love Devine, All Love Excel- lingT' W~m Burgess. who has been here helping his dad with harvest+ has re- lumedhome to Milford.Gali~ now will have to wing iz alone. 0F'lCE SUPPLIES J ta I mnt :~r. 5,"~ .';]91 I I I Sunday, November t 3, 2016 Starting promptly at 11:00 a.m. * Doom open at 9:00 a,m. Auction will be held inside at the Stastny Community Center in Hebron, NE MILITARY BADGES ~mll ,er ae the P,eae, e~ Commtx~. e~mwr m i~ ml,~/e v~, ~ ~g rink oj:,oe mqt e~L See pholos and sate information on the web @ elb'ngaucb'on.com m /A Roa] Estate Broker, Auct~nee r & General Certifiod Appraiser 145 North 41h Street. Hebron, Nob. * 402-768.7270 View this auctior~ on 1he web at ~,ww, eltingauction.com