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October 27, 2016     Jewell County Record
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October 27, 2016

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6B TPTE ~UPERIOR EXPRESS Public' lotices (First published October 13. 2016 in the Jewel/Co,tory Record) No ic~ to Cre~Iors In the District Court of 1ewe0 County, Kansas In the Matter of the Estate of Nola lkss AtwolxL ~. Case No. 21116-PR-21 The State of Kansas to all lg'rsons cmaeem~+' You an: hereby notified that on Oclobet,I, 2016, a Petition foe Issu- ara~ of Letters of Testamentary was filed in this Cmu't by Roy Nell Atwood and Robert DeaJae Atw~x,d, heirs, de- viscus and [egaloe~ and Co-F +x cutors named in the Last Will and Testameu{ of No]a Bess Atwood, deceas <:l, dated March 1:51 ~0t I,+ and thcy wP.J'c ap,- pointed Co-Exeo,mrs the~oa, All creditors of the decedent are zmdfied to rJddbii t~ir de [ruu-,ds again st the Estate within the lal~er of four months from the date of Fast publica- lion of notice under K.S.A, 59-2236 and amendments thereto, or if the iden- lily of the creditor is known or reason- ably ascertainable. 30 days after actual notice was given as provided by law, and if their demands are nm thus e~+- hibited, they shall be forever barred. Roy Neil Atwood Robert Duane AlwoOd Co-Eaecutors Darrell E, Miller PO Box 344 Murrain, Ks. 66956 785--378-3128 Attomeny for PL,:tiliorttrs ~41-3,= (Pu~disked Ocraber 2Z 2016 in the/ewell Cota~O' Record) Le~ noti~ In compliance with the provisions of KSA 25.441 l, them will be a test of the ES&S iVc~3nic touch screen vof ins machines u.~ by Jewell County ChiefEle 6on Offto~r to assist incount- ing 0~e voles of ~ general l cLiOn hekl on November g. 2016. This test is opened to ~ public. It will begin at 8:30 a.m. on November I, 2016 in the Counhous meeting room.307 N Com- mercial, MaJtkato KS. Z.N +EZ 43- Ic Helpful pulley actions that benefit rural progremi By Surrey Russell, Jewe[I County Coramunity lk, velopment coordinator In January 2016, I spoke at a"Let's Talk" event at Blue Valley Communi- cations in Home Kansas. Thi.~ e~n! was put on in conjunction with USDA Rural Development. After t spoke, di- rector Pally Clark asked me, '*If then: is a message that y4m would like legis- lators ~ urb~ connterTmfl.g to k~nw, what would ~hat he?" I couldn't think atthe time what to ay, but now I have gathered my thoughts. Rural is not a h~t cau't SIopdolrig things lhal put rural at a flq./rn|;|rlent disadt'anlage "lhere arc gnat th,1;~, going un in rural areas a~d L v, ouldn'l he surprised if you seen LX'Iup]e Or'rural counties h~ve no population Io.~ ~ or population gain.~ in the near tutus. Sure. it will take ma~y stars to align for this to happen, including many put,pie to gi~e ~ra| a chance again and have confidence to bri~tg or start bnsines.~s in rural areas. Rt~ral is not the enemy. U~han is valuable, but rural is also valuable. If for no other rea~n, your f~x~ at the snp~m)arkct is direc|ly r~latccl In us. Mo.st raral people can ~e why I~)ple warn tv live in aa urban a~a and rural people just ask that urban people also respetl that ,some want to live in rural area~ '~t~. There is a relatively new mrs ement of people who are "rural hy cht~ic .'" ]1".~ young people wl~o want to live in a rural area and do so on p-llrpo%~2. "['heLr'C h.eelnh tO ~J ~bis Llnsr~3- ken stignta that I~ople/,'el -~tutk ]~;x'in g in a rural area and living in a rural ;,re~ i~ sub par to living in ;in [iT~',i2il area l~t~ple like me ~~uid lend Io di.~.tgrt',e. We think that you cart get a dot:rot and be just as succc'ssti, I. just as happy, a+ld just as innovative I~ing rural. If the Kan~a.~ Pop~lalion Forecasl from the ('fitter Ibr Ecortomic Devel- opment anti Buxines.~ Re,arch Mud)' in format ion hecomex reality, there l u~,l might be more and ~mtr peopl thai are "rural by choice." People don'1 want to he stacked on top of each other with .5() percent of the entire popula- tion living in Kan~s Cily. They also don't love the crime and other ~cial pomblems that tend to come with this rmula. All of these th ings a:e another win for rural living. Assisting with infrasm.~mre rtd~ velopm~t and housing redevelopment will benefit rural co0nties a Lot. Any programs that help to get workfo~'e housing i~m rural communities and help ~epair iafrastructu~ ~ha~. has zmt been addressed since the '*ag~cn|turaI revolution" will be invaluable to rural tumawtmd. Local control of money. Some of the most effecti','e programs that I have seen for rural Kan~s involve local participation and money that is given then distributed with ?Real oversight. Rural programs and urban programs often operate under the same require- meat~ "and parameters tie.job require- mtnts, resident ]~qairemeats, and to- come requirements}, but these areas w~o~ differently from each other. The most effective programs for rural Kan- sas that I have see~, keep this fact in mind and allow for rural centered goals. Introduce these p ograms widt as little pape~ork and topdown interfc~e~e as possible and watch rural thrive. So in closing, stop assuming about Rural Kansas. Many things have changed in the 30 years since you've livedoulhtreor visited. Rural is rmta lost cause. Fo~ more information on Jewell County Community Development, go to ww w+jtwellcotmtykansas.oom. They, Ott0ber 27, 201(I II ( P.bti~hed Th,ezday. Oct. 27, 2016 in the Jewell Count Record) N~dflcillma for CTD Adv ~mtM (~II) Public Notice Solomon Valley Tran~porlaliOn, Inc. iS submitting an application for capital openalag assistance for vans. p~la[ioa smd~r t~ U.S.C. 531 l(n[ml public a~a~sponation) of U~ Federal TransRAcL The applicalion will be for capital Emd~ to ~pracc a whicle in oax currtm rio:tarO for ogera6,ng funds to help provid~ Irarmporta~on ,~'vi~es in the am& WtiRen comments and q~s- liras in regals to this application a.r encouraged and will be accepted until Nowmbnal Satur- day evening. Sunday visitors of Leroy a~;id Madlyn Eaton were grmxklaughler, Co~ey Garwood, and her chilth-en, Satina; grawJdaughter, Iaci F-truer. and boys. Topeka; greaL.granddaeghler, Rylee, stayed a few ~ys with the Eatons. Jeaniae Hihgen and Ieanette Howard, Edmond, Okla.; telebraled a twin sifter birthday togedg'r playing c:.rds at their mother's house. Geneva Hiltgen. Monday. Al '-.hia Loomis hosted the neighbo]hood coffee girls. Sunday morning, Freddie Murphy atteaded church at Superior with Steve, Misty and Parker Murphy, Superior. After ch~treh they visited I~ test ol'the day. ' Saturday, Twana Seirer's sister, Karol Bonk,-amp, husband, Pat, and daughter, Nicky, Whtatridge. Co~:; stopped by on their wayxback from Br~on, Mo, They s~ayed 1]'~ night and left Sunday. Twana's daughter, Tummy Holliday, and childnm. Tasha and Quentin, Kearney, celebrated Tammy's hinhday Saturday afternoon. Judy Miller stayed the w~kend in Coaco~ia with Danny and Dehhie Keam+ Concordia" and Jim and Doris Hake, Wichita, A benefit for Cody Murray is planned for Saturday at llac Mankato Community C~m. ~ will be a free barbecue stastiag st 5 p.m fol- lowed by a bea~t atmtio+, Cody has undergone oral surgery and is mk.ing radiation weatments with mum sur- ge~ in the futm'~, With Halloween Monday nigh1, we need to remember to t~exl~a atttmtiv as we uavel o~ slxe~. Those ghosts and goblins will be exera e, xcited about geuing to the next I'gam fo~ Trick or Treat. Ifrm home I always have my outside lightoa and th= camly is wait- ins by the front door. It's so much fun to see all the different costttmem and excitement of the children. All children have be~n invited W aatad the Downtown Mankato Trick or Treat Monday aRemoon, 3:30 to 5:30 p,m, a~the businesses that choose ~o pa.rtieipa~, Tbe're willbe un orange sign posted {rn the business door if they are participating in die chamber of eomn'~m-ce encouraged evenL i i Many Zadina had the misfortune of breaking abone in his leg while ke was at the farm checking a cow. As luck would have it Mike and Alma were at the farm at the same dme. Eldon and Pare Dunstan, Baylie and Kasrigan were in Onaga Friday night to watch tile fo~balL game, Son- in-law, Travis Callaway, is the coach. Saturday they all attended the sub state volleyball game to watch the Rock Hills Caizzlics. Char "liztte buddy," Levi Clark. has reason to eeLebr'~e with everyone he meets. According to his motker, Ashley, the last three years and four months have come down tffthis week+ Levi took his "last" IV chemo Mon- day. At t~ end of this week he will finisk his"last" steroid pulse and take his*'last" oral chemo. Ashley said they still have ~t completely wrapped the ir minds around it all. There art so many e motions being felt right now, allofus. The Clacks are sure ever/ca~cersurvi- nor or camm~r u-ade~ands this feel- ing, The good Lord has gotten the Clazks ~is far and they have faith He will continue to glide them and hokl them close, Jenaife= Thomas, Clafl.i,a, was a weekend vision of her mother, Elaine Thomas. Alice lrdnsey joiaedthem for Satu.r~y lurch, Others stopping by to chat warn Jean Ann Whitala:r, Sarah lar RusseU an~ Kanm GL~iageC S~m- day guests were Pare, Baylie and Kan'igan Dumtan; Brooke and B ~ Callaway+ In the afternoon some of them atlcaded Quartermania in Jewell. .Mice Kiasey accompamied Gale e,n~ Kalhlee~ Jeffefy to Manhattan where they met Arma Swank and joined other family members to ceJebrate the 7Dth wedding anniversary of Jim and Cla.rice P~e,c~. Hays. They also celebrated Jim's 96th bin~ay. All of the I~ children were present as well as other family. Nancy Hill]gas, Blue Hill. was a Monday overnight gue~ of her mother, Mary ~11. Jewell Co. Memories Continued f~m page i " Church. Current officers were Mrs. Nita Dtmstan, Mrs. Vivian Payne and lVLrs. Emily Duan+ G|eaadean Tenill was a candidate for cour, ty t~asurtr and Harry Swope HOUSE CONCU~ RETO~U'I'ION NO, ~iOOB A Pr~'0P~SI-TII2~I Icr a.rm~l the)~11 [ s~IhE; O[ ll"~ F,~nsli|Ui'i0r, OI |ii~ ~lalo ,ot' X am~Pe ~ I~ ~K~hng a ~o J[ Pg.T.~3~v,Pd bg fil~ ,L L=gr.~liN't.~L= of ~'P~ Stere 0t ~ ~vo.t~0s or r~ raE~b~s ek~ m ~L/iTnrl'l,L~l ;~ rl',e ".lF.tll :,r~L~l 1 c~r~; tP :he '~ate for 1Me, r ~3,10r rele~,~ The I~I Of r~lhls oi [he +orr~du'~ ~! the glare ot' m an'= as + I'~el~l~" amee~e~ by ~a@ a new .'~K'l~oq II:. r~a-.~ llSk:~. I' 21. I~IM of ~MJbllc 11m hum. hh ~ tnlp tdidli~, rns ~o~k~ ]cain ~e r~hl lo ,'~n~m9 6nd conlTDII ~I ~lc~e Th~ e ~|~ "~X~ll n~ be ~n~rued ~- m~lIJy ~ny pr~,~'~ ~' ia~ rL:,~al~0 |~ 1~J ,a'~ I~001~ t,Qhls o ~e r(~3ueo~." S.ect,c~ 2 TP~ ~illowm~ g;+lem~l ~-Jkull h~ I~ml~ ;m Ihe baUolwd~ Ih~- ;amo.r~nl ~ ,~ ,Wo .h~ ",~tl~t~p ~M1~ag ~ th~ ;i]frnl]~tnlhw~ ~. 1O W~"d$ ,tmo"~hl~r~lt~ll~ 11", r~lhll or 1:1"~ g ~g Io hgad. hr~h .~0 hrap ~i~e ~ II0 r~;N~e ~ ~r~t r~ul-,~pa~. The r~jht of 1118 ~ II~ hunl, PIP, h ~ k~lp ~'klli ~ tn~h'y afly p~l:tyw+gtl'l Of cm~mon ~ ~t "A v le Ior ~ ~oj:~o~a~ 'mc,uld con,~b/Uham411 pmSer~ llhe r~at ol' Ihe pof~ ~o hunt I~ Ir~ ,~l~l,-fe ~ ~ llr,~kl~mal~ be~ le~rent br h~efs Irapl:mes ~ anl~he~ TIt,~ ~ ~ ~ 1o s~als ~ aa~ ruk ar~ rl~lu[al~,r~3afdmg I~ r~nag<~er~ ~n~n9 hu~ml,~ r~ a~ Ir~ng~ was a cazglida~ for s~ate sen~or, Raymond Joimsoa had raised and sold 7+000 turkeys irt 1956. The Kansas Turnpike was sel to open on net, 25, The new road was expected Io cut 34 miles and t,5 hottm off a 1rip between Topeka end Wichita+ Oelober 18, 19S6 The Kansas Highway Commission let contracts for 8.8 miles of grading ~lnng the north si~ of 14ighway 36 between thejunctionsof Highways 28 and 128,The plans called forbuilding a 64-feet wide roadbed, 18 box cul- verts and a new bridge over Limestone Creek. Four rank wildcat wells were to be drilled in Cloud County. Oil prospec- tors had leased 60.1XI0 acres in II1 Cuncordia area. Six pd~r deep well tests had ~-hettc-(,J the oil men's Jnter. e~l. Mrs. Vernon Applehee was in- stalled as treasurer of the Rebekah Assembly of Kansas, Mi~s Kiug and pupils tt.x:,k a hike al-ler school. With the wind and dust, she wasa go~x~ sport to keep her prom- ise for an outing nlade to the yo~ng- SleI~. OCh~ber 29~ I916 Mankato school officials learned the PWA had al)pro~d a graal of $49,436 fol the construction of a new high ~hno[ building. Patrons of the schno! district had previously void in favor of a bo~d iss~ 1o fund the bal- ~ of the $1 t0.000 construclion project. Z. n ith Ruder CorpOral]on .sold more six-roll farm radio~ in f935 than all other companies combined. The Buffalo Township election WoRld he corn posed of Mrs. Irma Frank, Mrs. Clifford Applebee, Howard Stapltton. Miss Amy Conlcll, T~vrs~ay, Octotx~c 27, 2016 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD ~A Mrs. Urn illeVan Flee1, Mrs. Fred Gray, Dean Kieffer, Mrs. Bmluo Palmer, Berg Belts and Mrs. Clifford Ba sye. Pdnting offices all over I1~ nation were said to ben rush to get the ballots ouI on time. Mr. A, B.Cameyof the W,P.A. was in Jewell to confer with school authori- ties about establishing It freshman co]- tege at Iewell. October 22. 1926 The Jewell fire department was ca]led to the homeofG o. B. Eyclmer, wbere a spark front the chimney s l tl~ shingles on fun. The blaze was extin- goished by neighbor women who got a ladder and climbed to the roof with a garden kose before ~ fire department amved. /eweli was morn]ling a town foot- bat] team Io play the Mankato town learn. A re~Jidcnt ofFxvingTowa.~h ip, Fred Schrcuder. at 6 f~t 9 inches and 266 pounds was said Io be Ihetailest farmcr in Kansas. October 22, 1936 The flagpole slill stood but L5 dead trees were removed tram the Jewell park. Men of the Christian church cut the trees for the woo J, "[3t Gas Scrvicc Company offered to rent gas bumc r furnace conversions for $2,75 per month with no i~talfa- lion charge, For homes without fur- hates, ~g heaters of various sizes were available tbr rent. Mrs. Jimmy Bicw drove to down- town Co~ordia Monday morning to shop. When si~ came out of the store, she could not find hercar. She called the family to her aid. notified the sber- iffand they aIl we nt oat tt~ hu nt the car. After searching all morning she went hora,found her car in the driveway but her mother's car was gone, Again i. the alarm went out. It was discoven.'d she had gone to town in her mother's car and that it was still parted in front of the store where she ~d shopped, Some 20 young Jewel[County resi- dents were to find tmployrnent with a government program co[lecting and repairing used toys for distdl~tion at Christmas. The WPA sewing room was hold- ing a~ opec] house to show oft" tk varimls types of garments being made for distribution i~) J ~vell County. Octuber 9, 19Z6 AS Mr, Beardmore was going from JeweLL to Mankato, he had an unusual experience. In glare of hi~ lights, he saw a coyote. S~pping on the gas, he struck and kilIed the wolf, which was evidently blinded by the glare t~f the lights, Jacob Miller, 67, a resident of Montrose, was struck and killed by an .auto on the Rock Island Highway be- tween 8 and 9 o'c|~k Monday mum- ins, He was walking along the high- way at the cdge of MonLrose, having taken a c'm~' to pasture when uu auto approached from ~hind, The driver said he ~unded his hum twice but Miller was no[ aware of the danger until the aulo wag upon hint. S~rlled. he stepped into the vehicle's path and hiL The uuto carded him aways before hlc fell to gromld iNK] ",vas T'On over. 'l'he ~x'ettpants of ~i~e cat picked him up and In, ok him home hut he in st c