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October 27, 2016     Jewell County Record
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October 27, 2016

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Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 43 JeweH County Cinema, Inc board holds regular monthly meeting advertisers and the projected income from adwrtismg. Tl-,e storage cabinet has been pIaced in the women's restroom and will be tts~l for ff, e starage of supplies. The Guaranty State Bank employ- ees worked at a ~owin8 of"Sully" at the ticket office, concession stand, and clean~l up aft~ the movie, During the ~w I~siness portion of die meeting the following was dis tit+sad. Selection of future nmvies included "Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children,'" ~Deep Water Horizon,+' "'~ing up With the .Foneses," "Jack Reacher." "Trolls" and "'Dr. Strange." Chris will contact Cunningham Cable to find out what the cost of installing interact i to aid with diagnos- tics from Sonic during times of con- acclivity lxoubl l in the theater will Osl. There are still old el'lairs left. Those who had an interest in purchasing them will be contacted to ~ if they still wish to havethem. Kr'istin will contact the historical society to ask them to pick their's up. After contacting those who have eXlmessed an inlerest, the remaining rows and chairs will be put ap for ~le again. It was suggested that we promote our ftyer that outlines rental of theater for parties (i.e. birthdays or other occasions,) ']'he movies that wou/d be shown would be the ones already in house hut could be d'mwn during a matinee time Saturday or Sunday. l~y- era are available at the theater. Judy recommended that a short rail of ~rts be installed on the west sideof the stairs leading in to the concession a.lx:a, Belinda replied tl'mt during hershifi at the movie she had concems front patrons about the cost of the new candy being offered. Jeanne recomn~ nded that we leave things as they are for now and re-evaluate at a later date. leanne called Kristi at the city of- rice to find ot, t what. if anything, in the theater is covered by insuranee. At this time, the building and the new digital projector are the only things covered. She will get back in touch with the city after the new administra- tor is in place to eta.ate a rider to in- clude the other new items recently in- stalled. The time warping light for the cur= rent lamp bulb on the projector can~ on. Thadd called and ordered a new one from Sonic at the co, st ofS750. "The new lamp h~ a lasting time of 3,t'X)0 hours (approximately six years for The Ute). The curt~ut one will be stored safe|y in a metaI box as it sdll has rime on it and we tan use if need be. Thadd wilt install the new lamp. The next regular meeting will be Monday, Nov, 28. 5:30 p.m at the Christina Chu~h in Man kalo. Items to be di~usscd will be future bingo ideas and changes to bylaws. Jewdl County Cinema, Ire, met Monday at the Christian Church, Mankato. Chris Klos, president, called tl~ meeting to oMer. Members present were Jill Kips, Kristin Underwood, Lisa Goodhean, Judy Dunn. Janis McDill, Thadd Hinkle, Phy llis Christie. .Teanne Bleecker, Sarah Ortolan and Belinda JeffcJ'y, During old Imsinexs of the me.cl- ing, .~veral items were reported, TI~ new glass door cooler is working well. The lights will be left on from now on to a,mid people forgetting to turn them on. The ttrtal cost to ]CCI was $1,800. With regard m the Dane H~n Grant to be used for the bathroom, if the need arises we will request an ex- tension on the finish date. The aisie lights have now been ir stalled trod are workinl~ nicely. Screen advertisement from local businesses have begun to come in. Thadd presented a table of current Mankato Council discusses takes effect Tuesday addition of stage at park help Kaasans who are behind on their ut/iity pa)'ment~ ~void di~onneclion dunng the w i nter months, begins Tuck- questions the council has about the new lift station. No at:lion was taken. Discussion wa~ 1~14 al~Jul a I'K~| hate i~ front of Ed Hood's properly on South -Eaxt Street. Kristi Westgate W~L~ advised to talk to Jt~el Elkins at the courtly about this matter awl no I'u~her agtio~ was taken. Dis,el,salon was held about the' city employees" health insurance. No ac- tion was laken. An executive .',;e~ion was held to discu.~ non-elected personnel Di.mu.~km w&~ held alum II~ ~wer rate analysis performed by Ransom Financial. Council approved effective Inn.I, the sewer rates will inc~ase as listed by Ransom Firmacial. Discussinn was held as to where to place the grill in lhe park. [t will be pklced on the aorthea.st corner of the north shelter hour. Dionysian was held aleut repairs Io the restn~)m at tM Thrift Shop. The Thtsft Shop was ad1,ised tO apply tot a Dane ('-. Hau.~n grant. Di~cu~smn v.a, held alcott the cub vert on Ea t N~:rth St.on Chad Fogo% property. Motion was made by Coun- cilman I amnti~ to allow the prop~y owlet to fill in the culvert. Ctamcil- man Dauner seconded the nmlkm. MOlitm passed 4-0. Councilman I)a~mer and council- man Ross ~conded the motion to enter inlo executive ~ssinn ~o di~uss rmn- elected pe~mnel. Afterw'ard+ Coun- cilman Kips moved and Iammis .~.t:- omled the motiolt m give Matthew Badger a $].50 pay increase ffeczi,~e the Nov, l paycheck. Motion carried .4-(I. The Mankato City Council meeting w~Ls held Oct. 4 with Don KOCMeL mayor, presiding. Council members pre~m were Marvin L~mis. Chris Kip';. Lyle Dat,ner and lira Ross. Coun- cilman John Tyler was ahem Darrell Miller. oil, atzmrtey, wa~ present Kt~,ler read the ininute~, from fl~c September mt~etint: anti Ih-ey were ap- proved Tommy Fianell w.a~ present m dis- Ctu.'is the addition ,rt a MaCe at the park. She had talked to the jewel] CalmLy Historical Stx'iety and received a leltet of sttplmrt from tl~em+ Tmltmy will bring back to the counciladpawing a~d list of ntalerials needed for approval from the council Tamnly i~ flying to get a Dane G. Hansen grant t~+ pay for the singe No acti,m '~'as taken. Jc~hnTiihnan was pr,:~nt t,~annp, er Mankato Chamber gearing up for 'Trick or Treat the Businesses' the hvernbt+r+ The ch.'uul~r'~ hem ntectntg ~dl I~: heM ,N'm. 9 al the I.hflf-'th~ Roam. The Mankato Chanlber of Cure- metre meeting was hem Oct. 12 at "BoWs lnn. wilh I I memher~ pre ~nt. loam Ortman. president, ca~h 'fi the meeting m trlxler. The treasttrer's re- port wz ,; given attd mintltes td' tasl momh's meeting wen + read and ,all wen: appmv, .d Thr 'e telldo~, tt~tk ad~,atllag ~I the Highway 3re g',lr;l~ xalc mall tin', )'car "fhn~.t2s that c,mld I~ throe t,~ I'd a ke it ntot t " LI~.k.'C~, : ~ [I [ I I' 'N t y qdT "o, Vie t] I ',(U',~'d. 'I he hot dog Iced ~a.= held dtllUtg Jewell High School alumnus publishes her first book Second book is written and on its way Ro~se Eilett Bosso, author of How Clickae the Dog Eamt~l His N~tr~, tends to three of her gtandehitdren--.Jaiton, Kagden an~ Oscar Bozse. Bos ~e grew upon a farm west 0ldowell, the daughter of Kathtyn an~ the late II~ Eilorl. She graduale~l from Jekyll High School with tl~ Class of ~974 and lives with her husband, J.R in Onaga. batik in the series will be about a moun- tain fitw, ~ni~d Knat]ey T~)th. Ror, ie Bus~ grew uptm it I'aml west of Jewell. tile daughter of the Katllryra and the late lke Eilert. She graduated from USD 279 Jewel.l High Schot,! wilhtheClassof 1974. Now she lives with her husband, I.R in Onaga. day and remains in effect through March 3 I. "'The Kansa q Corporation Commis- sionencourages Kanxans wht~ar past- due on their utility hills and at risk far dl s .'t zn nettit'm to prepare for the colder weather hy contacting their ut i lily cam- pan) to make the n~,es~ry payment an-angements.'" said comm issitm chair- man Jay Sctr~t Emler. Thecold weather Pale, first enacted by the commissiun in 1983. prevent~ or Emits utility cnmpanies from dis- connecting acuslomer+s nalur~l gasor el~-tric service during periods of x- frame cold. Utitity companies are pro+ hihited from disconnecting a custo mer's service when lempcratt,re s ale forecast to he al or behm 35 de. grees over the nest 24 hours. In mldi- lion. the rule tequh'~s utilily compa- nies to offer a 12 mtmth i'myincnt plan te allow eunsumers to maimai.n or re- es~ahli ,h ulility service. Any residenfia! customer with a paSl due balance will qualify for pay- menl ar'cangements trader tl~ rule. However. it is the customers restxm- sibility to contact the gas or electric company to make those arrange,tie nts. Payment pi~ ~-'ondit[ot~s to main- lain tar r,e~tum service require that us- tcmet'~ agr~' to pay 1/12thor the tolal amount owed. 1/12th of the turreut bill. the fidl amonnl of any di~connec- ti0n or rec~mm ~cthm fee. plus an) ;tl~ plicaMe dcixssit tu the tailit}. The re- ;lIlai|illl~/hal;met nttt~.t bc paid in equal pa)c~.l~ |lf~, t~. r Ihc ~lt'Xl 1 I II1~t1111" ill ;ItklitlOU It: tile c-t:rrcnt nlonthl.~ bJ[e. The c= 4d ~xevthcr rLdc apphe~ pal) t~ le',idul it i;i] err, to !1 IU.L"', t~i eleLt r,c al it[ natatal gas util,t2. contp;m p ~, tinder Ihe KCC' jurisdiction. Nl~re ,nt~mnatm n ahatll 111,2 rk~,] I'Cta', I'~ found at http:// kc .ks.go~/pi&'v, r c%~lisl, him+ K.'lq a/Ih Ilia}/JlM1 contact their Io- ta| utility compan~ or the KCC's OF+ hoe of Public Aftai~ and C0n~unter Protectkm al cg{X)l 662-IXk27. Law enforcement officials in Kan. will enforce seat liar law Monday through Friday. ~he Iewell County SherifFs Department will j0Jn ~ther Kansas law enforcement agen. tits 1o stop what has been tikened to an epidemic in Kanxa.s. |n 20!4, 2g chil- dren younger than 17 It~t their live in car crashes in Kuns3s+ Sadly. halt-or those children were not wearing their seat heirs, and eight of them were ejected from the x'efticle. In the health field, they talk ab~mt making sure children have received their hum unizat ions [t~ preven! dead ly disea ~es hut v,'hal nta qy parents dtnl+l think about i,thai wearing is .seal bell propedy is the he.Xl prtveu|ion of seri- ous injuD' nr death in a vehicle. Acc|+rding to the 2016 Kau~s ab- errational seatlx.lt sarvey, childre,~ are mt,eh nmre tiketv to be buckled up ifthedriver is wearing their sea~ ix.h If the driver is huckMd, al-,out 96 pe~em of fl|e children an: restrained. If the driver is ,l~+l buckled, only about 27 I'tercenl tffthe observed chilthen were htitk~t.~l. We want adtl|t~ Io mtale[~ood driving beh,lvior~, I:or chi[dre|t. Monda3. < Halloweelt.~ (hmugh Frl+ day. hw enfun:emcnt officials arran, Kansas will I-,eexlris-vigi [ant W[lell ]%3- trt+lling ~trgo. 2{}3 E North: Jeremy Nolan. 603 W M,~t~r~ No. ~; Jacob Nonce. 71~ N. We.q No. 3; Chri~,tin~ Rob, to+ 215 S. Lincoln: Dn.~lin Hemandc, 6I)3 W Mo|wca: No. 4. Dist mnct'ts: Aurora Pfrlmmtr. 223 S-Clinton:-l'erry Slick. 525 N. Clinton No. 17: Tiarra E~ki~ls. 716 N. West No. 3: Jerry Richter, 1 I0 S. Water: Mark and Kelly Stevens. 621 N. Commer. ciah Tiarra Ryba. 420 5. Lincoln; Danny and Kylee t'ilerl. 220 S. Com- mercial; Terry and Irene Ortmisn. 504 N. Center: Mankato Plunlhing. 2t|3 E. Norlh: Sama atha Hilpipre. 215 5. Lin- coln: Daniel T. Sleelc. 716 N. West No. I; Kay E.akins.525 N.Clint~m N~. 3" Jerry Col|l|. fiIM W, Monroe No. 4. Members ol'tlm Jack llrudr,c k tam- iiy gathered for awoxk weekend rcju. venaling the Ute Theatre. Plans were tmder~ay to rm~ve the Burr Oak librar~ inlo II1 middle ~'|l(.x~l building. For many year~ the library had been located in ~he limestone schoot building. However. the library had outgrown space availisbtc in the old building. Ot'h,ber 19+ 24KIO Tile NislKqlal "~c:ilhe r Scrv icx' rcc- ,~aizcd Kirk Wfl~m for ~er~i,tg [0 t ~r.~ ;us li, Iornia ,+bser~er. Dick aud J'oaH W~u|.~h ~,~.ele ",e- lec ted tt~ ~,er, t'~ Ih .~ r,lld Ill~ar,hals,d tJIc Mankalo F;dl i:c'd. .-~tk.r'eulet~2qfl ) tit ;|t-t ,urger) kepl i },~u Mrl,~ Nov. 3 through N<,v. 7 di~'losing any COllttibtllions it)axle to the colnmittee alld iltdepentlenl txpentlilnre ~ made by Ihc L',~ I lauc~cL opened a ucw :tlld u,eJ f~.lrltltLl~2 store hl :~la, lk'-ito-They ph, ultd 1- o['~'~tic Ihe r~ ~ >tt~t%= it1 c~qUu,tcli~m V, illl Ill ir uphointry l~u~in ,~s. Swine Flu zlinJcs were Ix'lug held throughuL~f Jewetl (. runty. M;u~k;|'a+ I'Rll)I~ ot'titer~ selected rt,r |l~c co|up~|g ~ ~r s~ cm Kc|ih. 5-nydcr. ch::r|UmL I~|| Snyder+,icechaim~,u. -%,|udv .Mahnke. se~.'retaD'+ attd Bar- h,+~| S|tydtr. Ir,:a.',ulx*r. J L'IT~ I larder ~vasthc new M;,|tkalt~ .IP1d I~HIT Oak rtmtc ntau for Bcttis Di~al Service. I-lla ~Un~ll:lCr~, the Valley View c~ ~rrt-sp~u-ldtt0 ~r I It is newsp;I W r, wa~ rccogn ized fi wctn npltting the quihi ng of h,'r 20flth quill All th," work was draw over a period of 20 )~'ars. Oetol~n" 25, 1956 /cwe]l Courtly was in the path cff I:. 8,4 jet fighter planes making simulated bombi ag az~ac ks on Cantp Phillips near Salina. Five ~luudmns of 36 planes ea~'h w re tarrying out the exerci.~. Members of the Chesebro Ch, h observed the club's 4Cth anniversary. Two of the founders, Mrs. C. A. Crawford and Mrs.M.H. Kissinger. were still active c[nb rncmts r~. Since the school which was the f~'al ixmll t,f the chtb when founded had clo ;ed and naey a trace of the building rcmismcd. the anniversary party was held in g~e basement of the F~wmo.~+ Comnu|nn)- Conlinued IO page 6