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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
October 20, 1966     Jewell County Record
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October 20, 1966

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J( ./ .... >, / , i : '4 ' with and t : ..... were guests of Mr. ~iltilntdink anti of Salilui L.witb his grand Mrs. Mauri('(, RollsI)iel.z rs. Walt ev(q| and Mrs. l,ynn Clay Center a birth- 192ti t.o restore these pictures Ilarold lies|n, t'hls:; of 1925, ,;t+l)nt III/'llly hotlr,'q iill(I II'HVt'I Pd +L ,ff, ood inarly mile:; Nt'('lll' ;mF, representalJiW's o1' lhv dif ferent class(,s tO ('.Ollta('t Lhtqr : fellow ('J~iSSlII:ItON. AS Hll HI|IItl ni of E.It,tI.S, on I)elmlf or iIw chl:;s of 1931 w(' tha||k all ol those who helped it| any w:|.,, with this worthwhile proje('t. Mr. and Mrs. l)on Sin))/., !ink and family, My'. t|))(l Mrs. Ed Sin|reel|nit and f:unily, Mr'. : ;rod MI's. Main'ice Simme, linl of Den-:m(I S(.oU. Sirnm(,lirfi~ were Sat- Labuck u,'cluy M'ter||oon callers u! lh:' ) Wednesday I'enrfing';ens. I of Mr. and Many from here attended tim I The ladies Coru Show ~II..lowell this week- the funeral on(I. P dgh ~1 :Mr, and Mrs. Rolla Dietz aml Mankato. ~,emperamre Friday. Saturday The meeting opened with all iyoungsters between the ages with the ctass of 19,~ ~]/erri. At~ch'ea Wilson of SaIim: iCwas quite cold but with sun. singing the Praycr'So~L~4 and tot 8 and 21. The organiza- on display in portfolio style in Mrs. Rex ltenningsen wax spen~ the wt,(.kencl at. I,)~L~v ~hir|c st, hy Sund;ay afternoon repeating the i'i;~,, salute, tio'n would provide hobbies the high school buihling. '/'his gun, st of honor at a I,;Lyt'll.(' v~ilh her [)Hrt'ht.~;, !VI). ,ll;'l M|':q. (mnbines resumed the mile Roll call was answc~red byand activities for rural was a project begun months :;hewer Saturday. OHt of Iown Vv'ahlo \.VH~.;ul at)d I;~Hlit3. itarvt,.~t, giving a fall hem;.' ('l,.:mi)~, y'oHn?, people which would ago by the ch.|sst,s of 1925 ':'.|t,sts il|chl(h'd h('r mother. M)'. au(] MI'~;. ('!.,'d,, vVih.,x: Mr. arid Mrs. Bun l)oyleand hinl. Mixs Fh:;tie " ,,: i):' h(Hh fun and beneficial [larold r ;rod Mrs. I,'|'t'tl i,]~pl)in el interesling ]osscql ()r| "[y';:;- f~ l!r2ir development into a mart with the germ ent' For One thing, ...... arid ~'$orme~'mbmbers attend: dr's, Miss Flentie an idea. The idea was to not all farm kids, and d~ugh- ing. . ' and 9 members from the form an organization on a expanded and added Sunday'gt ters and a lady t'riend from A light rain and much Colder' Highlanders Unit present, nation-wide scale for less projects from MP,'lhtlS(ql. :Hid Wt,t'v ~',t II(]HV HIIII~'I' :it,:tlb I)J ';Ill ,IIHI I0JI'N ~',1' ;~;;~ i.;,,;';~tl, ;ii](:!(,r. N(,I)I'. W(q'O ~tl|l(t~l)' !\'JR,. I~oll ]~('('i:,~'v ~1~;~ P',vi~ ;i;J~'l'll)Oll (';l/I(!l'~ el' ~VII'. ~llltJ ]\.ir~;. I,ivl(Ic'tr :';;|)nph,. The Ent) ,,f BehM, MrrL I'lHitit, tb':~(,it ''iitll HIV( .IIIIIC OI :'+Hlili;I, iV!it; I,P:,D2I' ~;I.il(':~ ;ilHI ;Vii' :ltl(~ Sir'; J.;iw;'Pn('(, 'rh(uhH:;(hl d" IViHII ] ,P~() ~;~)~';~t ,%lii!{l;i ~ II('I*iI(HHi wilh ?d|",. I',':~::iv Y, ti:"; ahI', I~ ,i< ! ] )el'el tN';I] )iilll(' 1)i~r] I'~l~'!'I};~ Aih'll(' Iq~iHiH~; ot !'..,t,~it w(,rv 'A:'('b;('II} ~tl(':;!!; (d 'VI:'. ;ll~d Mr.~. (Lirr(.It Iqli!ilI):. ']'h('l(' w;is ,I ~,[)~/!;, dml('(, ;il IN)II3 l~:i> i:;(.(,r, Mrs. Ed Simm(,linfl~. ;;,d.h ()l' Sa[i;1H. Mr. and Mrs. ltarohl Men hu:;en of gnlina were };IILHI'IJHV ,n'ernight guc,~;ls at the lb..: Ihmniv|gaen home. Mr'. and Mrs. Ed Si|n|uelink ;rod fam nlv' and Mr. and Mrm MatH'it'(, :immelink joined lhmn fm" ",u),d:Lv dim'.ev'. Mrs. Ih't,~y Wil~;ul|, 'rvrr/, ('(HtlliO, .lorry lind V3'(ti)ll;I ()1' Beileville i.i]~tt L\,Ir. nntt ','vlrX. I I-lud Zadilm and fa|nily or Ih, loll wel,~, NHntlay (lin||vc p~ ,~,;I,, II II II I Brown E:;bon band members and ~UTTER-N[YI" Lhe.ir in dr| ('tnr, l,av;ry Mr:, Knight Kinni~ attended lgand Day anti overnight Ihmwcon|ing nt Fort flays ~a!id Mrs. Rolh| State College Saturday. i~:/tx~x Henning- Mr. and Mrs. Rogcr Gr~,g~, ~sday" dinner Theron ar|d Thadean w(,re I Mrs. Itarold gaturday overnight and Stm .... day guests at the Glenn l'lnrt- S.W.S. mot inh,y home. Mr. and Mrs. Dar- home Oct. v't,II Thayer and Ronnie and lesson on Lester Barnett joined them' for ). Janice %|today dinner. Afternoon and order the ewming callers at the Bartley from the home were Mr'. anti Mrs. Ed giv- 5imvnelinl, Teresa and Brian, committee Mr. and Mrs. l~olhr T)iotz, I.e Margaret Roy Barnett and Mr. and Mr.';, llsback. Oct. for cleaning I I II h. M. with noon. David or a Courier for su. TR-23S .the only service. to pay 6 solid-state with money CB rig with a coming Ba- Ross, A 23 channel, .~lid-state CB rig-- guaiant~d for 10 years! With the bisSest features ever built into a CB rig And at an unprecedented $1690 complete Come in and see for ourselfl Wey is now S. tlersh- ssumed her 2:00 p.m. ' Mankato, Kansas was tlome- Esbon and Esbon Jewell Esbon )held follow- i the tligh because of Janice ~g was Haviee, Linda Rei- were Whelchel / p Phone Burr Oak JU 7-~5~0 I III I I II llllll School District No. 277 School a public auction of the Triumph on Saturday, October 22, will be at the school house lo. mile South of the Olive IIill miles East and five miles North Kansas. 'ING ITEMS WILL BE SOLD: (frame), 28'x32', wired for hool ground (District qmt claim deed to property) : merry-go-round, swing slide Pi'opane Tank Furnace, 75,000 BTU Aue neer BANK,' Clerk .... Bell (collector's item) laekboard (slate) (old type) 3-lb. Can Chairs (iron) (oak) Items i it;n,; hol)V Io if|o\,(~ illh) tIl('ir ,~,,\~!y huilt hem(. in (',|liner .:,' Nov. 1. iHghlanders E, It, U, The E:Igt Walnut E. /-t. U. nnd W(".',l Wahnll E. H. U. .w",'re /;~lesls of the lliyh- Pmders I(. II. Ll. at lhe com- atb,n ;nunity (',onter OCt. 4. There I :H,hL,. were 7 m(,mbecs from each (lit:; I() t.~L!I ;?lTlb, f' :";;" ;,':": v,m{,rl',)w's cilizens. Evi- Hs so)my t':){)cl id:,'~; ~)~ !: Y... :I':~I)3,' lh(' ith'a was a g()(')(I It) rllllke (HIF JC~-;,( :~", t,,m ~)v, rt)r today, over 65 inleleslinl; It~ D|t~ ::lul]:'I:~:". './,a)'.q laler, |]tat org.-niza- Afler lhe le:;:;dn ('acl: uni', !i,)n, 4.-1I, is str()nl;er than hud l:hc'ir ()wn I)Hxi,m~.','.; ,H:':'I ':' ('r. int:', t:()lh)wi,~!~, ll)e [)I!-;irl(u;% 4-I1 specializes in the ~nccliru':~, r:,fr,,,:;h,,,', '~,: ()f l,ui!(linL, r)l" clear-thinking, cot)l