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Jewell County Record
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October 13, 1966     Jewell County Record
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October 13, 1966

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OCTOBER 13, 1966 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD MANKATO, KANSAS Vi:! PAGE IB :~ ] F. W. BOYD, JR., Editor Balch were assisting. Wed- . Mrs. Frank Boyd, Associate nesday afternoon, my daugh- Editor ter, Marie, came from Phil- "Any good thing that I lipsburg and took me to To- can do, or any kindness that peka, where we attended the I can show to any human board meeting of the We- being, let me do it now and men's Kansas Day club. We lean minimize their taxes. Others operators think know these, and still others have no idea about their situations. Yet, all far- mers need this type of in- formation. Adequate and ac- Kansas City. Craft Day: Jewell County citizens may learn new crafts and new ideas at County Craft Day at the Mankato Armory from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. on [,[n| Repre~ntat[vo not defer it for I shall not are both past-presidents of curate records are the only Oct. 19. A 25,,' charge will PRESS SERVlCl, iNC. pass this way again." the organization. While in sure way to acquire this vi-allow each visitor to browse en, Topeka, Ksn. 66605 ~econa ...... tAass rustic.co ram" .- Tol)eka 1, . visited_ at the home, tal farm m magement~ infor-I at will. at the Post Office Man o! "reggy ot the Flint Hills ruction. , Aluminum tray etching am ..a,v~-., ..... ' " (Mrs. Willard Greene, who One type of farm recordlwith a tool, toothbrush rug Mankato i"l'- _t~,.,~m~* Ka[o, ~ansas gave some valuable s)uuues-, book approved by Kansas] braiding, and webbing tote [ ~.~..~[h~ll~l~ Subscnptmns. . ,, tions about the publication IPrusMo Aold Pni.a.lno. State UmwwsHy, IS avallable l bag making will be taught FRIDAY- SATURI)AY- SUNDAY I ~ ~J .-T $3.00 per year in Jeweu of tlne book I am writing, AI- lrn~"='.~.~-~'-'7-'~"~",.~..~ n the Cou lty Extcnsi m off-I throughout the day Exten-[ J- .~ County anti. surrounding so renewed my acquain~ance[there~'is' al'w'ay"'s'somep~ss~i~_ ice. ]sion Homemaker Units will[ OCTOIH ]R 11- 15-16 ~Well County Kecord counties(~m~m, usoorne, with her granddaughter Me- Ibilit., ,L.., ~..r..~. ..... ~ ..... ~ have tables showing their I ........ |ankato, Kansas 66956 M|tch.ell, Cloud, Repubhc lissa Hanger, a delightful 13- [as they annroacb maturity ,-- ........ ] own crafts and some of them [ btarung at ~.,~u p. m. ~____. countms m. Kansas, ann year old girl I have known [may con~'in enou~,h orus~i'c ,JL~r~L~ ....... [will be selling homemade] ........ e~UCKOl.manoweoster coun- for the past ten years or[acidto cause rmisonin~ tinct ........ iProducts. This will be a good l T ," ........................................................::::,~:'.~.',~:~.~a~ ewspaper .fit Jewell tiesin eorasK, a.. more-- Melissa (We called [can kill cattle or mtge. place to pick up ideas for, rmrDer is > oun "- uu a ear elsewhere . + . : .::::::: ..... ty ~ Y her Missy ) which she call-] In mos areas of he .......... : ~[Chnstmas gilts. I , 1. ~ ............. ~ ................. : .... ........... .................. t t coun- .... . :> .......... ............. ~----.~-~.- Subscribers are asked to ed herself when I first met/tv we have had at least one ' t[ If there are questions lncrealble! ~.._ notify thin office at once her. We also ws~ted at her[light frost. On warm days !/: ~' [[about the day, contact the] TT _ "11 ~i~i~ ,~tlE BOYD FAMILY when they have a change of home, out on the edge of~rthe sorghum plants make I~ : ~ " :[]Extension Office. [ namer is reauy +i: ~'ners and Publishers address town They have a brand lsome re~rowth and the dan !:: " 'll ~ I ".~.. | --~~i!ii;~~ - ....... new "ranch-type house over-]ger of prussic acid po son~ ~ '][Cub Scouts--Den 4 / somemlng: looking Lake Shawnee. -ling is much greater if ani- !::~ ~ ~[ ---- . - /(:~ ~-1"n~v~a,, From Topeka I hitchhiked tolmals ,,raze on the reorowth ! ::~ll~" ~ ~[ O.n S.ept. 6 De.n q met tor/ xxotJ. iii:: Itla|ll l V IIIATTrrl I Manhattan, via bus, to at-lof plants that have~' been : ~ ~ ~ i[thel,r ,first meeting at ,,ur/].~t~ rltlp/IrLl ,rlR//i:K i tend the annual board meet-lstunted by frost or drought ::~ ":~ :i . '][Ieauers nousc, wffs. aean/ m in- of th" Kansas State Uni-I .......... , ' l ,.~.. ~Jf !/Hamilton. uanny launter is~ ,-,.~,.a ~-,-, nt~l.~.~llT,~ FOR HOME FOLKS I v~sity Endowment Associa-[ bee~rgn;h~lyrl~UoSstt3atshna~3 !:: ~)~llllk~~'~r ]]the Den Chief. Mark Blew is I i:UlU. ItJ~ /~t:l.lly ~!~;:i: Donner and Wes Alexander M.A.B. i tion. There I heard Steve]not be pastured. About a i "~IK'~':~,, It--" ...... .'/something'. Ahrens son of Mr and Mrs i Assistant ~ept 1,5 we maoe .... ~ ,,a..~::: ...... , ~ , .[week after there has been a :!:: . ~ [. ,. ' . . /r'~ TT ~i~,:: h~ Harold Ahrens, give his re-lhard killing freeze, prevent- " ~~~lno!an costumes t(!r our ee harper. ~._._ e fellow on the sidelines roses in the garden. As we port as assistant director oflin~, any re~,rowth, the sor- !~[pacK meeting S~lt anu learn- | ~[~ 1 ae one who says a bark- near the house we hear the the association. We Jewelll,,hums ~ ma~,, be nastured ! ~ fed some sign language. On ] I r"al . ~ J P' " ' ,~ "~m~ og never b~tes, bawl of a calf, the squeal of County folks are very proud]safely ! ~[Sept. 20 we wslted Mrs./ :lMk li ........ -MAB- a pig, or a windmill squeak-iof our native son. In addition [ Harvested sorohums that i |Cran.gle's house. She showed [ iI)~7/~'~ RI wmllll ~ ernember the good old ing. to being assistant director of[may have been in ,,rus- i [us many old and interesting[ iR i [] []a ~, v thin ,s Thank ou, Mrs * ........ When charity was a We know that in a few the Endowment, Steve helps ]sic acid at harvest time can ~ | g ' Y " ]~J~ .... re, not an industry? days Old Mother Nature will broadcast the athletic games/be safely fed Sila,,e that ~[Crangle. Sept. 27 we talked/ ;.~ ~ ~1 U ~ m~lwa~ ~m~.~ -MAB- be painting the woodlands and is equally proficient in]has star~ed t~') ferment or ........ [about our flag. | If i~l~ i'l lllll il' ll;mi )riSc Jewell t~o Home ~concmlcs Mart Raffer . ience is that still in even more brilliant colors, that work.- Saturday, I at-lbundle feed that has been "--en | -- y ty, [ I1~ l~qll~ 1 i~R~~[ 1 voice that tells you We know that heavier frosts tended the football game be- i cut for a few days, has lost ~ ~tg t .I Keeper of Buckskin. 1..'~ .=._.. -- ................ ave it alone--somebody will follow. We know that tween Missouri and K-State. [ most of its nrussi'c acid con- [ ..... 7--2--7. i / I AI IU12111 i/AF/II I. II II 112 UAUUIP aking. Old Man Winter will soon While Missouri won, we l tent. [ Ulxte onert un no.me [ Cub Scouts---Den 5 ] Id UIIkl| U/'I0/ LL JUUL II/'1111 10 . Improvement lour . -MAB- be sticking his nose around thought Kansas State show- It is not advisable to use] "I -- i II'V~qllll~ IIII I II[]II'P m P'm~m I I~ilIPI .l.ll~iqa. IllDayln Kansas the corner. While we have edagoodbrandofball.-Atlgreen chin feed that is sus-I DixieObert of theOdessa[ We had our weekly m.eet-/~lH][~ HIH'/II[III'[ IPIHH 1411UIHII [IH-lnl ~,,, ..... -nio,,ed the cattle the crons the Endowment assocation I ..... ., ~t E^:.... ,.:..,. :.." ..... I4-H club was chosen to at-ling and our Den lllLa- dllllL-I I,d lhlll I IIIlllmlbll IIII1'|tli ,,~ wlm me ano we ~ J ,,* ' v, , , pc%teu UI U~III HI II Ill IU~- , , take a drive. It is early and the hillside, we will we had a good visit with Mr.[sic acid. g P [ nd a Home Improvemen lMrs. Kenneth. Nelson called [ DNI I I ' IMAI ,I I[ D IMI[ m D ; .... ~Ovember There is a soon be giving our thoughts and Mrs. Max Beam fiSeedin , Rates Fnr [~ot~r,!n ~,ansas uty, uct.. !me meeu, ng to orfler, manslllUIJLIII HrlUI|I_IIUIII.LLLI iilllllLlltj4 lkl llt: in the air, but the stim- to snow tires and chains. Washington, Kans. Mrs. I Late /) anted Wffeat I ann Ju. She was one ot tmr- l were maoe cur me program / n ....... Absorbing interest end- Beam is the former Geral-I .... : . I ty 4-H'ers thoughout the lit the pack meeting to be/ I III Iii'1il ; SusWarn~eteli#t'- to~e $3~1 less variety, there is no mon- dine McCall, and they asked ] thlencgoentrallotolale_W:x~aetotiv3r [ state attending. The tour in-[held Oct. 20. [ . , ......:~;i,i ;. Th,~-,~ ~,~ r,,~,~n ~ otony in Kansas. We love about his parents, Mr. andlo. ..... ,~,~ .t,~ .... ]eludedViSitS to furniture] ---~--- .... "r.,;~; .............. t,,rant,,H t~,~ no,,ho,,,, ,~ e,,~: Ira-+ e.ansas any time oI me year Mrs Jonn t eam - we VlS t-1 , . ~ . , .~, ~ , i ~tUtg.-~, IlL.tilt .o,~tu.~.. ,~.uI VV ILII U O UUIIILJO-L ~11 /ta ' ~. m."r~ I f, ,,. l,, r ,~ ;n .~l=....i..~,... ---~t. - . - . . ers ptanteo quite a little lit- ) " U f rni r ' lr ,,e is a mem~,er o, ,,a ,_,c,- e,,ce ucg,e~ ,. ~,..,~,,,~,$, ,p. ..... --the dead of winter, theed w~th Ole Smith at the[ ....... ]homes t( st dy u tu elForces, Vmtnam--U. S. A / .... I ............ -e rlgnt ot us we see i iertnls year man last year . [ o, ira ineta euuc;.tll()l'l a[ the o~]~rlt r the awak- Stu en nion We failed styles home designs etc Force Capt.m Gerald A " ' ..... tll heat of summe d t U . - ............ , , . . ,( P of cottonwood trees ........ ...... , ............ land themolsturesltuatlonlsl ............ H, H;,.ICashman son of Mr and/ Captain Cashmans wife. nual c,mmetcement !.s Waving and gleaming enlng (~ ilre)n, early /.[,n .ong,, tO see ~nery~ ~umen war- [ fairly good in most areas. I.."'.~',~:. na.~ ,.e~., e .......... '.'1 Mr~ Clarence A Cashman/Joyce, is the daughter ofIci~es of Phillips University In-,, ~- ..... ,...~a__,L _ or me DeautltUl COlOrtUl iall. yen in me past we usually l . ......... ~._._ . Ime ,~-ta tmme improvement,a. . . ...................... , "+z u[eeze ~uuuemy a . . m some cases bulllClent . . Doctor Rum ~plegel Ol r~an- in P, nlCI, okla. last t11:)1,111 , of ,.;..a ...,: .... ~. .... But to me the fall ~s the best saw Cheryl.- We met Frank, l,~.a ......... , ,~h,.H,.a .~.H[prolect for five years andlof 521 W. Fourth St., Hol-lAql r-n !tter h,,sb-na cl.~.,,,~,~,, ,,.u ,~,,uaca +,,=., to ............................... ~ . ton Kans has been award ua , ................. .,, :er no .... ..... a .~....a time of year. Bornlece and Don Kisslnger [ ;+ ,,,al .... r, ........... has made several mprove-[ , ., - [ I Warn~ t i assis" n" -- 1" : + : .~,.~,. ~,,~ o.. " - ....... - ~ f ' '" s " "" ta t orole[]s- s uoo ~,,~ ..~,.,~.,,~..,~ who were to take me home, ' ...... v ~ ." ..... z ments in her home in her ed the rtrst oak leaf ClUster . " ' .... ,- ; reaching toward the ........... I to replant a few fields ........ [ "- " .....~o- M"dal "~t [ Enid, Okla.-- Ona Oldfield [,,r of chemistry at ~)hlllips; anu bOl anu Mrs l~alUwln[ project uurnlg me pastl to t-~ ~,-~,,,~= o... ~ " Warner th " " " ~ '( U ~ ' nt sumac acrossthe . Late planted wheat does lXle" ' made her bed Bran' Hun AB, Vietnam" for , e daughter of Mr. Fhe c ) pie have a three year ' ~,,,.,,,, CII, uA~,~, }md daughter,. Carol,, at the!not tiller as much as wheat year, ,D. "'- - "helmeritorious service while and Mrs V. L. Oldfield of old daughter, Catharirt~ Lyn,: "~ur" ~mm'=a'"~"i I 1 "~m~----~,ae~llt,~ Ib Oall game. - Aiter tne gamel plantea .......... at me opumum time room her mare interest. ~ i ~Burr Oak Kansas, was ~ ette .... :' ~.ve up over the brow IllU mS we went to the apartment of[ ...................... e, selected a bedspread, drip-[engaged in military opera-[ ' ' [ , ~ hill and the wind ........ Don and Robin Chilcott The l ...... - eries lamoshade and rug for l tions against Viet Cong forc-I ....... across the ridge and aturaay nlgnt on ....... I idle tO increase seeolng _ r urn'fast ear She hadl es I I I -- through the tall grasses Main Street this week. Hope ooys uvetogemer m a very[ rates by 20 to 25 per cent if ner. a ,iw and added] "Cantain Cashman, an F-I +i ,hollow. The hollow is to. ,see you next Saturday wn lr a; eabPa; r enat,gan llwheatm planted after Octo-s'to; a;e s;ace In the three[100 Super Sabre pilot was],,, i " " " .... u~ cool green shadows, mgnt. lob of~ousekeenin~, -I rode ler.., o ...... years before "she had nlan-I decorated for his actions l ..... l-....... 1 Ill--__,-.. arker s ots under the ' " where reruuty is a pro ' * P m~...o eoh.-~'7~., ~;.hf home with Frank and ....... .... ned and made small im-[while serving as a forward, t[| ll ]Hr run _ral . ,-,~-,,-,- ~,,, ..... ~ ---~,-- _.___,, ..... .~ _, ,--, .... ,..=, ...... , .... vv ............ - ......... +~ ;,, h,,, ,~,~,,~ ~)air contro~)er He was Ctte(/I-" " .----, .... !.----,-.------.,,--- -----w-,mmw:,m.~ ...... " Etta Alter of Denver tlhzer at seeding t~me will Wn the slope we see Mrs. . ..... ' supper. - Rather late .... , .......1. ...... a result of these five years]for his thorough planning in[ ~ . [] m~ l o her aau n -=,r, ,at= w*-t~,~ ,.=,t ~u of White Face and accompanea y . g,; make MS and enjoyed visit-I ........ in the project, Dixie has a|coordinating fire support[ ~ I~mk,|.~,A ~l~Jll~lllllSIA, ,~ +;J::! Angus cattle, con-ter, Ernestine (Mrs. t3ar! m ing with Mary's sister, Edithlgatr r l :r mcKerstart" nice, attractive room and]with ground tactical plans. [ lllUUIClllllkl= Jl lVIl, , i:! !ii ii i!i lii iil ~(h~'~h;rHi~!~i41iil;ii/~iil!i~i!l I)h~:~tl;::dy ;':::' L+ f inois Iowa. Nebraska and l iod,but for a period of - " , ;- ' ' " u on corn lytton" I I'll illll ul harvest next sum- - : ........... ..... k w th ir as sne relives me experxmce/mlSsloneo p P / ...... II; : lhee: bdg ynhtahre::tnP; KwayS ando 3reve?.n_r. h ro?t Uewl;tl Svi;[?e thUnrlYeaa cillprYo; Sss m( h ye3r; of this tour and weekend in[of the Air Force Reservej l I I Ii crop of milo, another Bruce Howland of Formoso ni.ce, Miss Grace Jenkins[they can show their net ' / .... of Nature's bounty A stopped at our office Wed- Saturday I worth increases, and they of dead leaves nesday and subscribed for e ground under the c[ et. t before we realize SUn hangs low in the ~e wind has gone except for an irritable :hat picked up a p'le)i and scattered it The sun goes down the rim of the earth road is narrowing as until the horizon the skyline just be- the North Star, while SOlid moon wa, tches AI its the growing dt s , [ tg the skyline until it! Ilowed up in darkness. : reflies are busy seed- the landscape in toward home and the air is nippy. frost has begun to bones and turn the the Record to be sent to her daughters, Mrs Don Flem- ing at Columbus, Ga. and Mrs. Run Koehn at Law- rence. - Betty May was here :Monday, accompanied by :three interesting girls, Mar- tina, 9 years old, Susan, 6, and Janie, 2. - Alta Lovewell of Formoso came to our off- ice Monday to have her name added to our subscrip- :ion list. Mary Dahl of Web- ber accompanied Mrs. Love- well. - Friday I stopped at the V.F,W. Hall where a group of W.S.C.S. ladies were holding a rummage and bake sale. Vera Walker Dor-! othy Munro, Irene Walker, i Ada Hills, Cecil Michael, Mildred Grout and Beulah toward unpleasant s of storm windows, -~ze and fuel bills. It H['~FNdOYED A LA~K] 'ady knocked the gai- 'J',-.~7 ~,~\~ : of the mums and I " N, SUPerior, Nebr. WATE M'MELONS ...in the country with his trusty portable radio~ PUMPKINS Dick s TV & Radio repair service put it into shape SQUASH for his Summer excur- sions...at an economical EGG PLANT price. Let us put your radio into top shape... PEPPERS bring it in this week. TOMATOES [ WEET POTATOES Later East of Superior 1 South I 71 II I I I MR. AND MRS. J. C. SMITH have sold their farm and will have a Clean-up Public Sale on MONDAY, OCT. 24th They will have a good herd of Black Angus Cattle and a full line of Machinery. The "complete sale bill will be published next week. I IHI FISH FRY THURSDAY EVENING, OCT. 20 At the Club Hall in Ionia For All Members and Their Family SOLOMON VALLEY COON HUNTER & SPORTSMAN CLUB JEWELL COUNTY FARMERS UNION QUARTERLY MEETING Lamb Community Center WEDNESDAY, OCT. 19 - 7:30 p.m. Pot Luck R freshments Every Member Welcome WEBBER METHODIST CHURCH ANNUAL CH CKEN & HAM SUPPER Served Family Style WEDNESDAY, OCT. 19th Serving to start at 5:30 p.m. Adults $1.25 and Children 75c I I Ill Ill I Ill l '2iving Sound" HEARING AIDS+ .. have brought happiness to thousands. We have a hearing aid of pleasing style and reasonable price for any electronically correctable hearing loss, EGULAR LOCAL SERVICE by competent Zenith trained petsonn WEI)NESI)AY, OCT()I}ER 19, at the CORRELL ttOTEL, MANKATO, KANS., from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. y the Manufacturers of World Famous 2enlth Radlo, "1"7, and HI Fidelity ~et ,+! BONDED FOR YOUR PROTECTION -- OPERATI[~Q::: ; UNDER FEDERAL SUPERVISION With a real good run of cattle on hand at ~: Thursday, the market looked fully steady on sill, with the exception of lighter cattle which sold at er prices. These good and choice steer calves soldl $29.00 to $32.50 with these lighter calves high as $34.00. Heifer calves are bringing less per hundred lhan these steer calves. string of 99 yearling steers consigned to us Bros. at Northbranch. These cattle weighed MEMBER: KANSAS HEARING AID DEALERS ASSN., INC. sold straight away to one buyer for $20.06,: market was about steady with the prevtous the better cows selling in a range from $16,00 What is your investment objectiver low grades bringing from $13.50 to $15.7fl. ' We have listed a lot of calves and two weeks which will be consigned for our and Yearling Sale this coming Monday, ( cto| one bringing cattle to this auction and would'. them advertised, please let us know by this TI we may get your cattle advertised in this eO day's Omaha World Herald. We have many lye ing cattle that we have contacted in the p~st tl that will be on hand here at our special aUctR and we will assure any of you folks of goods There is a Value Line Fund for you, ing power for your cattle at this sale. Chp and mad th s ad for pros. Not many feeder pigs moving at this tinle is a broad demand for these pigs. Dectus and other information on Anyone consigning cattle to any of our Cc ri THE VALUE LiNE SPECIAL SITUATIONS FUNb, tions, feel free to call us collect. For mote/~ INC. offering diverslflea investment In securl,about prices, get in touch with us and we wj t es where n the opinion of menagement, spe- ~ Jr cific developments creete speciel posslbllltle to look at your livestock. ~]'~[Ti'~al~ for ca._~.~a.I a~ In ralatlon to rlSK. I~'1 _+~lll~#! >i~" .17 THE VALUE LINE INCOME FUND, INC., where Forhighest prices for your livestock, bill Elir__V~WLU~ t~m~ the primary Investment objectlv lecurrant consignment to the McKee Sales Co. at V Income. you will find good buying power, a v ! [7 THE VALUE LINE FUND, INC., Inveating In le- curries with possibilities for ~ and income market, and clean and modern facilities. ( selected by special formma$ for determlnlns rll- ative atock veluas, WALTER CAMPBELL, MANKATO, KANS. Res. Phone FR 8-3452 Registered Representative - Columbian Securities Corp. Topeka, Kansas Please send me. without o=,gation, the prospctu| of th Fund checked shove: NAME ...... ............--..-.-..-.--o--.-'-'-"- ....... -.-*-..-..--..-....-.- ADDRII~ "1" .................................... -- I )( SUPERIOR, N EBR. Gordon McKee, Owner, Superior, Nebr. phtme H. M, Jensen, Manager and auetione Tune into KRFS at 7:15 or to KMMJ at 7:30 on morning for consignment information for