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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
October 13, 1966     Jewell County Record
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October 13, 1966

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~ ,:U . :. OCTOBER 1988 SEWELL COUNTY' KANSAS ! i :rs Bob Kansas Ctt were visitors , no postage needed cards $2525, and 26 Whiteface !i and her sister, Mrs. F. J. l of Courtland. , [Lincoln, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. get the ZIP Codes missing land I'm sure we can satisfy Tulsa, Okla.: Leslie Wall-IFrost and Mrs. Aubrey Janousek, and family of [ Do you know what it s [ Park Campbell, Union Star, from your lists, Postn ,ster ] you best. See you in the auc- aces; [ are sisters of Fred. : II Belleville. [like to have a birthday on [Mo.; Ricky Steiner, Union! Lyle Rafferty noted. This I tion Friday. Albuquerque, N. Mex.:~ Mr. and Mrs. Glen $oa~l' tA Well" Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tobias[Halloween? "Danny s Luck"lStar, Mo.; Juel Ann Jeffery, Christmas, ZIP Code will beI VAIL McCLINTOCK Sherman Wallace, Della] attended a birthday d" were Sunday dinner guests]is the story of just such a]Burr Oak; and Helen McNi-, as important as shopping] Simpson, Kans, Jones and Sheila; l at the Vernon Quy homo ta Mrs. Lewis Duns- of Mr. and Mrs. John Mag-lboy. Mrs. Beverly James will[chols, Burr Oak.]and mailing early for the el-[BOB ISAAC Jewell: John Menhusens,[Superior, Sunday~ ,ho~~' va~ home on Mon- nusson. |read this Saturday, Oct. 15, l~ ficient and on-time delivery[ Mankato, Kans. Warren Oplingers, Dick]Mrs. Oro Frye, ": ~ st week after spend-I Howard Ross was a Sun-[at the Formoso Community]The Christian's Calling: i of the record-breaking ava-[ ~ Wolfes, Birt Saints, Margar-| Mr. and Mrs. Charles v days visiting with day afternoon visitor at thel Library Children s StorylTo Leadership lanche of mail expected in[ ....... et Frasier, Loren Dawdys,[ fey of Good[and and Mr, ~ Aunt, Mrs. Frankie home of his brother, Mr. andlHour. She will alsoread[ ----- the pre-holiday wee.ks." .Iwauace Keumon ?,uyt Nlxons, Howard Ed-Mrs. Robert Jenkmeon o[ 0fNevada, Mo. ]Mrs. Dale Ross and family[ 'The Diferent Dog , a[ The Oct. 5th meeting of After filling in the streetl .... ----- ._ ive --a d~', Ray Bu nha , Mrs.lBellevllle were Sunday ~- l nd Mrs. Murne Kib-of Concordia. [story about a French Poodle[the Women s Society of number, city and state, the]..f'.t,ter ,m years me i ,. Jerry Kane, Lee Mallorys,[ ternoon and lurmheon gua~tm .~ Brenda of Lincoln, Mrs. Edna Appleby of Pea-]whose bark was different]World Sevice was held at cards are to be mailed back[Wauace oromers o[ Jeweu Fred McDaniels, Ilene Doo-~ at the Claude FrOst 'home, were weekend guests body, Kans. and her son,]from other dogs, and "Th,e,[9:00 o'clock in the morning, to the postmaster. Post Off-[~unty were~ogemer ior a Icy, George Haggarts, Ralph]They came to visit with, Mr, ,And Mrs. Cecil Clark. Gordon of Oklahoma City]Best House in the World [With Mrs. Paul Life at the ice personnel will add the[mmuY reumo . .. ...... E. Arasmith, Clifford Matter, land Mrs. Henry ,F~ckel;. and Mrs. Harry Hig- were visitors Thursday of[ which is about a boy who]piano, the seven members proper ZIP Codes and return[ Mr: a.nu.ivirs. ~n| lvtc~lrorYs Dora Bailey, Emma Roberts,[ Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey GuS ere Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. Howard Apple-[ wondered what it would be]present sang the third and the cards to the sender. [entert.alnta t.ne nve~romde s Leonard Treffers, R. L. Pal-land Mr. and Mrs.,, At the home of Mr. by. ]like to live in the homes of[!!fth stanzas of the hymn, President Johnson has pro-land thel wives wit a am- mers, Lester Ayers, Everett! Frost went to Nebraska rs. Clarence Green- The Formoso Library club] his animal friends. Mrs. Con-] Lord, Speak to Me, That I claimed October ,10-15 as[ ner. on .~unaay, uct. z p e- Palmers, R. D. Sloans; [ last Friday to be wl4~l~ F~'~ t Jewell. resumed their regular meet-[ nie Smith of Montrose has]May Speak". Mrs. Elmin 'ZIP Code Week to pro-[ce~ng me upen riouse:_ . Palco, Kans.: Gus Samuel-]Johanek. Leland and AUbr~y :~ _Don Howland and ings at the Legion Hall Fri-[placed several new pictures[Peterson read the first verse mote greater usage of ZiP[._pen tiousewas neia at sons; Medford, Okla, Argyle lretumed home Saturday ~rents, Mr. and Mrs. day, Sept. 30, with a pot]on display in the library.[of the third chapter of St.,Code. [me,nome ot Koy and r_,lta Jonzen; Colorado "Springs [ening and the ladiesxeturn-' ~ler, drove to Wash- luck dinner at noon. Follow-]These are for sale and any-[John's Gospel. Mrs. Melvinl ~ [wauace; ...... Dixie Burden; Fort Carsoni[ed home Sunday evening, ,a~ns. on Friday and ing the regular business ses-] one interested may call her.[ Jensen, the leader, stated[MANKATO LIVESTOCK [ rroDap.ly me pest .Known Renate Tatum and Totianal Mr. and Mrs. Bert .lvlr. and Mrs. 'Al,bert sion, the ladies enjoyed a] ~ ] that the subject of the lesson ] COMMISSION.CO. REPORT] ot the. wa[Jace ooys !S Koy, Tatum; Loveland, Col() [)ar-[ spem Sunday at the 10n at the Homestead social afternoon. [Arma-ost Reunion [was "Leadership". She call- [ ____ ]a native or m ls .county wn.o lene Worner; San Rafael,[ Florell home in Formo$o. :: i g Home. Mrs. Ander- The Ladies Aid of the For-/ s _____ led attention to the ideas[ Friday, Sept. 30 [w.as. oor.n ann !!vea.au ms Calif: John Reysteads; ] Mr. and Mrs. ~1~. sister of Mrs Soder. moso Community Church] De~,md--nts -th,~r~,qa-lwhich had been written on[ We had a large run of live-] ~re in mls V!clnny. his wire, Burr Oak" Lettie Korb:] Frost visited the Henry Flck, ,~ ~d Mrs Jerry Ryan held their social day Wed-I tires onn friend- of James[the blackboard Everyone!stock and the barn was full]rata, was ainu Irom a.plo. Mankato" Chester Hansons[ els at the Claude Frost home: ~aita are" the rents n s " , .... . " " . neer ramily, me Jonn ~taut- .... ' .. . . ~._~ pa e day afternoon. Following] Miles Arma,,ost the flrst/took part ]n the general dis-[of buyers. We had between[ ............ Grant Berrvs, Tommy Saturday evening. Mr, u~oy girl, Katherine the business meeting, the]of the Arma~ost famil" to[cussion. 600 and 700 head of Steerslrers'.troy and ~lta wauace s Thomosons O(is Saint" Hays:] Mrs. Paul Frost wore Wed-': ~' :~ t!.born Oct. 5 The committee presented a nice/.,..tl- ;n .... e il m ..n/ Mrs Jenscn gave each]weighing from 650 lbs "o/aaug ters, lvtrs.ot ]eo r ey- Beulah" Fis'her" Parshall l, ']nesday morning callers i ~rl has a brother and program. Refreshments were[.qont ~.~ man ,t ~t,, a small card with a[900 lbs along with the oth-lsteaa, ..~an ~araet, ~auL, Dak" Gay,, Steele" / Mr and Mrs. Ben A~.' to Welcome her. The served by Sarah Baird, Ethel/r : f" new Lincoln penny taped toler cattle. I believe the qual-/ . rs- v.larea lwc roy, Beioir Mowers Clem-/Mr. and Mrs. Benny Rotn rt::i:': Arents are Mr. and Clark and Isis Bowles. [12th ":nn'u:i' re' ,nion -' ll[it. This coin was used to ill-[ity all the way through was[aall, Karts., ann, wirs. vlaa ford Ku'l s Marv H,;d-son [and Mrs. Joe Reinert did':: Ss T bamueison, ~'alco ~ans .~_ acha of Greeley, Mrs. Etta Young went to/were saddened b,z the ab-[ ustrate the two sides of lead-[the best we had ever had[ .... , . " Ew, ene Shambu'~,s; Perkins [ some papering and l~ilalltl;i i~ ~na Mrs. Aline Ryan Wichita Saturday on busi-[ ned ...... of L,,tis and Lillian[ ership. As all looked at the l for this large a sale. ]w~e anle to de,present. (Jkl%a" God Saint~', Republic:.] for Mrs Pete Reinert atTi ~. ._vAn, Ill. Mrs. Ryan is hess and was a houseguest[, Gates" LeWis bein,, seriouslv/" face' on the penny, Mrs. I Light" Steer Calves sold to/ ........... next wauace brother Lawrence Searletts" / ton last Wednesday. .... : ..... mer Joyce Tacha Ap- for a few days of Mr. and]ill in'a C~)ncordia bospita]'.[Charles Kramer, the Presi-[$33.70. 500 lb. Steers soldlatntden~lingw~:, J~ndnnaTaf~ra~r~ Belleville" Meda and Fh,r-/ Mr. and Mrs. Melvln:~!S~i=!l~ ~:i:; i Mrs. Ivan Stansbury. /For ~everal -ears Lillianldent of the Society, defined]from $26.00 to $29.00. We[ ............. once Lowei Formoso" John[ Icy and boys drove to:No't-,i:!!::i la D ~ , ureeley, L.oio Jonn iett this .Y dinner guests of r. and Mrs. Emery Gert-[and ~er mother Emma/the three styles of leader- sold 67 head of Whiteface/ .... ".. ...... Novaks; and Courtlan~l" Mrs [ton Saturday to attendS..~:: (1 " ' .... vicinity in ID/-~ DUt ntis , x ' .... ~Mrs. Walter Grlmm~ son of Atwood were callers[ Thornbure. have been re-] ship worn by the designated] Steers welghmg 604 lbs. for[ ...... ~.:^_.,. i. ..... .~ ..... Gus Samuelson /State Hampshire Hog Show ~: .... flu'. and Mrs Lewis! Saturday at the home of Mrs./~non~;blo'~f ........ ; .... a/leader. When the coins were IHills Construction Co. furlS/'"",y ,,,c,,u~..=,= 5,, ,,,,,,,y ~ ] and Sa e. They drove.0!l )[ " I ov ...............~, ..... lona memories Attenaln - ............ _ Junction City; Mr. Emma Joerg. Mrs. Joerg and]decorating the hall In Lill-[turned over, Mrs. Jonson]S28.10. We sold 22 White-[ ..... .... g [Atchinson and spear! rs , ~ With him were two or nls Bud Hallgren, Pat-; Mrs. Margaret Gertson join-/Jan s absence Mrs Ada Hill~/passed a magnifying glass l face Steers weighing 680 lbs ] ....... lt l~l *. I [ night with Kenneth .AntioCh: i:/~ P .. , ~ " uaugnters, Mrs Darlene .atncm of Courtland;I ed them for dinner at the], .a an o n,,a u;,al,/SO that the ladies could see]for Wlnt Smith for $26.35,1 ...... . .~ , Vl hl'[[' mJ lll1111 ]sen. Melva Dawn spent: , .-o. ""o J worner did i I~t Mrs. Lee Boehmer Bel Villa in Belleville, then/.~is~,~a E,~m~ Tho ,,rdo~]Lincoln seated between the]and 21 Whiteface Steers[ .... or.~LoveianaA t~.., II IIILI;;;IIIgUIIIJI [weekend with Mrs. HiI~L~ aUghter of Lincoln, I went on to Concordia to vis-lwere~a'~ll beau't]fuli=v decor _lcolumns of the Memorial. ]just under 800 lbs. for[an,ct Lel9 ,r_ulmr o ,tJreeley, "Frost-" [Shipley and Maxine. ~:, lv~r J ~OiO Jonn s wlIe, r.ana, was -, s Earl Shearer Mr lit Glenwood Gertson at the[.,.a ..,,~ ........, ........ a[Mrs Ruth Colson described[S25 15 Russell Walker sold{ , ' Mr and Mrs B CO ~ / . Joe Bauman, Carol[hospital. /eertain v our Pennsylvanian[a number of things to be[ll Black Whiteface Steers l ..... - _ ~ . g (T u sday, Oct. 6).. ] a o well known here, bern h r drove to Munden Friday, e'~ and Alfred; and Mr. Miss Delia Joerg of Beloit ~ Dutch ~orebearers would not [ done by persons who are [ weighing 450 lbs. for $29.80. ] ,2n2 , lnzer oetore marrying ~. The Past P.res,dents ot the l ening to attend the footb&q i:. ~. Will Yarpie and l visited her uncle, J. B. Joerg|have been ashamed of the]good member leaders. Foil-iMilton Underwood sold a setl~U~'/ . .... . --, l=snon American Legion Le-[ game. Miltonvale's team ~ i:~ Burchard, Nebr. I in Superior Saturday. En- ]delicious and abundant food/owing the responsive reading ]of Whiteface Steers weigh- ~nerman walmee or At- glon Auxiliary is having a[ playing which is coached bI i~i: t d Mrs. Hans Nelson l route home she called on[tiaat everyone enjoyed [entitled "What Kind Of ling a little over 400 lbs. for]OUquerque;.~" ~wex., ace ore- cara party next Saturday ev-lMarvin Dodd. By the w~ i;" .... ,, . pamea Dy nls aaugnter, t~e~- enin Oct 8 at the Esbon ' Oak, Mr Arch YorklMrs Emma Joer~, and Mrs [ T ........a a .... h~ .... ~ / Leaders Are We9 , there was ] $30 20. Ronald Seamans sold] ..... .:. g, , ]Mlltonvale won. ..... ndo . o ~h .............. ~, ..... ~ '-'" ..... ta Jones, and granuaaugnter, Le,ion Hall Prizes for/ .... , tte, Mmh, and lMaraaret.~ Gertson. ........................ ~iloo ...... o. ia period of silent, reflection [28. Black Steers weighing[ .......... . .g . . Daryl Frost spent th erne Fringer were Mr and Mrs Joe Kin~slev[d,c,a~,d ~ -~r,~ .u ,h,[before a prayer m umson.[750 Ibs for $2520 and 29[~.neua" it naa oeen zi .years Bridge, Pitch and Pinochle]weekend at home. Mill evening visitors of]were'Sunday ciinner oues(s[dau~h~ters-in-~aw and"sons[|The leader then read Mark]Whiteface Steers weighing]Since,Sherman had via!ted will be given as well as a lCheryI Hancock was a Fd ~, t, nero having come home men doorrlze .Mrs. Fred Zimmer. of Mr. and Mrs. Wint SmithJin-law with the exception of]10:42-45 and Mrs. Sue Green[700 lbs. for $25.30. Ike So-[k ........ /:,~....~.~,~. ^, ~.;. P" day evening supper gue~ a Mrs. Larry Keeler in Mankato. Other guests/R J Korb Sr husband of/read the Scripture, Romanslash sold 38 Whiteface Steers[f~,~ ~ ~~.~" ~'~ "'~ Our sincere sympathy goes Mr. and Mrs. Leland a " . " ' "' . " " ' l~tl/K,t 1 IL~. V OLlla~.*~.,. " . nd Mrs. Larrylwere Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cort-]Alta Arma~ost, the voun~-[12.3-10. After the monthlYlwelghlng a httle under 9001 , .~v.. ,,,., .... t .r...~. out to Mr. Fred Johanek andI Mrs. Leland Frost or Wichita werelner of Los Angeles, Calif.]eat daughter We were ~/ad/offering had been received,|lbs, for $24.15. Forrest family in the death of his Mrs. Fred Shook and TIImell ue ..... " o . " s nd t r 1 " '-'~''" ~"~" '"~ ~"'~' ~'~'~' " ..... : .g sts of Mr. andlwho are visiting relatives m lhe was able to attend, hay-[the ladies sang the fir t a [ e so d 9 Whiteface Steers l ............. ,....,.~.o wife. Three small children [to Cawker City Monday ~ Keeler, JuheiKansas. Mrs. Cortner andi ing undertone serious illness [fourth verses of the hym , ] eigh g 650 lbs. for $26.401,.,,.k.., .,.. ,~, ...... ;,,.. r ,o are left without a mother to [return to their home . IMrs Smith are sisters oflrecentl-Losses b,, death/ O, Master, Let Me Walk/and 10 Whiteface Heifers/ ............ care for them. Mrs. Leland sas City. Mr . i j- J ,, lle IS reurea aria has urea in ...... . . s. George Shed-{Mr Kingsley laurin- the ---s ........... [With Thee The program[weighing 692 lbs. for $23.30 [ ...... ~ :. t~nc" y luisa for many years. ~lS rod, Cahf. werel Mr and Mrs. G E Shue[ Elsie Matthews G or ,e Dar- [ended ruth a prayer by Mrs. [Don Johnson sold 29 White- 1. ;.. ....... .... =.... . ng droner guests lof Bellevllle called on frmndslwin and Nora Diehl Miller.]Jensen. |face Steers weighing over|end ..... t t,, os.,a so, Ch, :, Mrs John Ma in Formoso Sunda after Mrs Elmm Peterson was 600 lbs for $25 50 and 20 g-[ Y - Five members attending the]. , " ....... ] ...... ' " - I was Ruby Lowe before join-I it p ]noon reunion for the first time/the nostess ~ne inviteu me/wnitetace ~teers weignmgl .......... 1A.a=~tS tt .L .L_~.,.~ L~o=~--.~.~: t.d Mrs. John Both-[ Mrs. Isis Bowles drove tolwereMr andMrs BudHills, lladies to sit around the table ]ver 700 lbs. for $25.25.[mgl~ne ya'umg%st~ml~Yr'other, i ,lleWell rdrm his sister, Ella, andlSmith Center Friday andIMr, and'Mrs. Dick Allington|and, after Mrs. Paul Life]John Hannaburg sold a set]clifford, came from Ana I " ~!i~ !nd, WayneConkey,]was an overnight guest ofland Diane, Following the]had said Grace, she. servedlof Whiteface Steers v~'eigh-lheim, Calif Clifford lefil I IIIIII I mlnl~/l~mnt.m~i WOOd, Calif. werelDr, and Mrs. Chas. Gibsonldinner hour, Gay Darwin]tasty retresnmems, these in-ling duo ms. for ~zo.zu. Joelhere in 1921 He has anenti ~]~ Illli I I I Ill [rTll|: : evenin,g callers at[and Jill On Saturday shelwho snends much of her va /eluded a delicious salad, Ritz]LeBow sold 22 Black Steersl.~.~o~ .a ,~o ;;... ;.. c..,;~,.. ~ gllllllli&l Inlll'r/l/11 e of M~. and Mrs /accompanied other relatives [ calionVtime in ancestral re [crackers and excellent cof- [weighing just under 800 lbs. I":u~.Y" ~..,~ ~, ....... ,Ta,2v,,- ~ l I I~l lllll ~' .... - , nla tie IS at present ~'arK ,. . ~ ,,,,~:~ :h and also visited[to Atwood to attend.mem-[search, shared with the rest[fee. ' [for $24.70 Vernon McChn-]~.ao.,,,,,.,,~o., ,,.. ,~,o ,.,,,, , , ;, :~;: -rills in the Formo-/orlal services for Mr. E. C. isome of her findings. One/ ~ /tuc~ ~o~u ~ wntte~=n:elof ~,,nwo'~a Ho "-lon~ * .... ~=~=~'~=~ ~ ,.A! " ' ' i nts ..... h 7 -~ .... e ......- Melhck a lon time real Res de m Mankato will Steers welg Ing over 50 , g - concerned a wealthy man - . tire at the end of the year :~: dMrs. David Peter- [dent of Atwood, and a pro-[of his time- named Pickell,[befferedanopprtumtyto~lbs. for $25.60. Larry MC-]anA will be free to viii" hi~: Ut.IUBi:K /U, son, Mike, of Hays[fessor in the Formoso Highlowner of a saw mill and]ZIP. Code !heir mailing lists]Clintock sold.19 Whiteface]bi~hplace more often" o . sts Sun School from 1919 to 1920 n fll ) during October, Postmaster Steers weighing over 700 , ~ , - day of her g "st m" He als~ owned ~ The refreshmen t ' , ' i': M .......... [ ............... [ " ..... [L,,le Raffert,, announced to /lbs for 25 40 Harold[ t able was MANKAa O GRADE SCHOOL . etnc1 Mrs u,nas 1 NIL anu w~rs. w111aro iNel-Is x sons Well namea iney/ a J "/ ,v I~,-,,~^;n~,~l |n .~11 t,,,1,~.o ~ , ,:~,~ ;~~,~i~ anday morning cof-/son and family of St. Louis,{were so wild and tough that Iday ]Thompson sold 21 Black[~n~..,~ ,h... ma ..... ,o ~.....a L ~'b.f~'~:~ s Were Mo and Mr Paul Nelson of " Letter carriers will deliver Steers weighing 763 lbs for ............... a ............ - Servin r Starts 6 30 P M hay ' [ Mrs. Golda/ . [he compelled them to dig al .... / ' "- led g ' " : . . S p .. Doxon and/ ' y " " I huge drainage carrel, to keep - - , -..- [ " , ...... ,! o [ ~,mongthose attending Jewell ~nn ~ iThursdav of Miss Florence I ....., ,.f ,,,;o,.t.;,~ w~,, I to each of the city s a~z res-/Steers weighing ~z~ IDa mrl : , ~ .i , ~ '~ .&v&t~ d LJ&UILt kal LI L ~/lt 11 L 1 *.~l..,lt II~.L. .t ,t |~ . , . " were" ~ , ,, unt and daughter [Nelson. ]young Pickells' idea of great lldenual delivery stops begin-]$24.55. Clair Pierce sold a] Randall- Mr and Mrs Ro" All Members Be Sure and Attend ans / Mrs Walter Fall and]s ., t was ar;"i"- t, ...... Ining Oct. 10, the postmaster/set of Whiteface Bull Calvesl ..... = .... ...., -: .... : ' / I ....... ......... / / Xiia'MrSare" Blllthe Lavoner nt weredaughtervisltors", frOmFrlda. Cahfornlaof her hitched to wagons down blanksSald" Thefor cardsaddressesWlll haVeused weighlngGene Hmman" 500 lbS.soldfora $2700.set of is Hendrlck," Ira Framers," DOOR PRIZE .... ............ ,~ " . pa e s . Y steep hills at top speed It . ' Cliff Vetters, Clarence .............. g~rl, Leanna Rae cousin, Mrs Atta Rathbun was a ,,()or ~e~m *~ ..... ~o;,~ most often, but for which m- crossbred Steers over 800 ........... , ~ '~ , - v ~.. u,~ ,,,,,- t~no~es, t~onaio lVlC~iroys, 3 The r Mrs Maude Abram of , dlwduals do not know the lbs for $23 O0 Eldon Dal- g andpar- ed that couldn t stay ahead " " " Ra Mc ' Mr ' ro er I y Elroys, and Frank --------- ^. and Mrs. DaletJamestown spent Sunday atlof the wagon tP P Z P Codes. [rymple sold 15 Black Helf:l,,r.... ~o. ~=oncordia. Great [the home of Mr. and Mrs. [ Prizes were awarded to[ (Postmasters in appropri-[ers weighing a little under l"~,na"l~eim, Calif" Clifford ........ .... .nts are Mr and~Joe Haskins /the oldest "~rso ........ +rate cities add: The project/500 lbs for $25.30, and al ..... '" I~AUU 11111?. , ........... , , ~ .5 r,-~:~,,~' ,, " . wanaces; , ., ,: .d Ross and Mrs. I Mrs. Joy Dunstan was land the one who came the[wIll be a feature of ZIP[set of Black Bulls weighing[ m.~,qe., ~,lo. ~.~,." ur.,, r/'][-I~l~l ~'~Lr.~ ...... 1~b ,, ~.J&~,..~.. ~t, %,~.J .. ~UII,, YV '1.1,'" ~ :? , ee of Formoso Ihostess to the Hawthorne[farth~ro~t ro..,a; ........ [Code Week .) Throughoutl600 lbs. for $24.20. Eldon] ............ ._ ....... ,.,,,,,,.,.~; ................ --~ .... aces, ..eua tuner; ,~S I am qulLHng Lne iarm ano le~vln l~{t "tha Huber is the IClub Thursday afternoon [-rounod 'nhotn~,rnnh~a h, lthe nation 95,000,000 of the/Doud sold 5 Black Heifers[ , g COlt~ tgrandmother. Mrs. Vera Demnsev~ ~ enter- [~n.,.)r ..... ........................ c'n~,u o,a o~t,,~a ,~ [cards will be delivered. In weighing about 500 Zbs. for [ will, sell at ........ pubhc auction at farm, 1,mile;s Utl I Mrs Keith Hoar tamed the M stlc Club at/ ]cities with more than onel~$25 10 Cows sold mostlyl,,=~t~/p,~ ,*.,., ( lk .-...- and 21 miles east of Jenkins hi r " d ' Y " tell items of interest about " Vz .... hng statt0t% Y of Oxford, Nebr., her home Thursday after-[their families Paper caps lZIP Code, there will be two rum $14.50 to $1680 Bulls /)[-~/IO~(:~ Center, Kansas, on--- '" ,:~i' hrs. Leland Turner noon /distributed b, "Ga- added toicards for each household;{sold from $19.50 to $20.10 [~ZJ ~ .?: " ' " a J J Y of Hastln s Mr The Fnendshl Club met one for local addresses, the Fat hogs topped at $21 80 D : g' " ' p the fun if not the looks of . poor girl , ' y d Y" [everyone Pictures of histor-] , : / . I TIJBDAY, OCTOBER 18 uane Wde an Frlda afternoon at the home other card for out of town Pigs sold from $10 75 to ~ ' :/::: mankat of Miss Mar S i ," - In rural areas and cities $2075 a neao ountt t witul .... o, and Mr. y p egel. /,c Reed s Church at Stouchs- / ......... .. i , .. .......... virgil Mohler and Mr. and Mrs. Verne Glens/bur~, Pa, where some noted/wnn one ,,.it- t~ooe assigned, [ We appreciate the supportI o;1 ,-rlet-,rl uommencmg promptly at 11:00 a. m, :ii re Sunday dinner of Bellevil/e were house- /ancestors lie in a nearb,,}nlyanut'f'twncardwill]we are receiving in Jewell[ b"~'~''E,~ followin, dL,~er|hotl nrt~narfw ~ ....... !:~:i r and Mrs Har uests over the weekend of be dehvered since all local Co, and we know the buy usa] [i ' . - g icemeterywere also given[ [' -I p bl ties .... r in honor of the her sister, Mrs. Laura Spie-[by Gay to alL Who desired]addresses will have the same[era like the good country l FARM MACItlNERY ~P~ggy Turner gel._ . [them. Mr. and Mrs..Clarence/ZI,P,T~is~ei's a -ood time to [c?ttoleu trh:~thT:kiSn~lo~C::~liUS[ 3.00 1961 No. 560 Cockshutt diesel tractor, witl i;ij . mer. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore [Fearing called in the after-/ ts [J y e g, t ~e t~g] ....~. .................... o , ........ . .... ~.rom a distance of Grand Valley, Colo. were/noon. We are always glad/---- _ ]Lt"~l~ll~. . powei, o-puree n tcn an(t power steering, l.ea the funeral of visitors Thursday at the [for our friends to come. The [ - in _ ] 1500 hrs.; 1965 Farmhand F ]1 B loader,~I{!| ~m _on Tuesday, home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl [next reunion time will be] ~ 1~~ basket with steel teeth, 5' bucket & stack ne l%rmoso Com- Tobias /the last Sunday in Septem-/ ]Jll~m ~.~ N 1fro'r. T r~ 4,,,,,1 .~,, A:.~. , ,, :~' ~h were: Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sim-iber, 1967. Plan to meet with [ I~ I I P ]l r - ]-- ~ ,, . ,~-, ,.~.~. B. W. 13 10 h t-ireeley, Colo.; mona and family and Mr. us. | 1 1 /l~ .~ / t)earmgs; 1(,)(;4 J. 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