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October 6, 1966     Jewell County Record
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October 6, 1966

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7, OCTOBER 6, 1966 RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS PAOP.. IC '; rags for rugs to the Auxil-[ments we spent the evening]State Style Review and Ber-[Pack 36 MeetingRafferty; and Den 5, Mrs. SaUsfmd" " " and a fall poem individuals, partner- iary as they are filled up. [visiting. [nard in State Best Groomed l ------ Marlene Nelson and Mrs. was read. The program was shos and corpora- However used clothing isI .... I Boy Contest. He won a red] Cub Scout Pack Meeting Jan Beougher. Den chief for by Beulah Wilson. She had ltions ......... 665,942.65 still welcome. Ill |l am, ]ribbon. ]was held Thursday evening Den 4 is Danny Hunter several contests and they]Deposits of U. S. l Several from this com-IV~llat/ VI ~%A/ I [at the Mankato Community The Pack Leaders Meet- were won by Bernice AhrensiGov't ......... 1,222.84 I munity and area attended the [ WUll~y WlI, VV [Fullerton Reunion ]Building. The opening, Sa- ing will be Oct. 3, 1966, andJaniceHansen. Everyone t Deposits of States Mrs. Wilbur Obert wedding of Neva Sloan and l -- [ ----- I lute to the American flag 7:30 p. m. at the Mankato received gifts from theirland political sub- Edward Lewis at the Meth-[ Mrs. C. Summers [ "When do we eat, I'm land the Cub Scout Promise Community Building. Round-!mystery sisters. The club is ldivisions ...... 113,984.47 (Thursday, Sept. 29) odist Church at Mankato on [Th,,r~,l-,, ~-, ~ Ihungry!" was the remark of ]was led by Den 2--John table meeting is Tuesday, I planning an annual supperz Total Deposits . $781,149.96 _ Mr. and Mrs. Harry Saturday evening. The t.e- We" receiv 'd ' om -'nice/the relatives at the FullertonlHuntsinger, Duane Beougher Sept. 20 at ConcordJa in the for the club members and (a) Total demand C ~ ........... . ..... "= handler of Osborne are ob- land Bartley and W lbur/ , i v [Reunion held Sept. 25, 1966]and Richard Bartholomew. First Baptnst Church at 7:30J their famlhes at the Wyhel depomts .. 745,149.96 erring their 50th anniver- Obert families, Mr. and Mrs./ .... v--; ~ ',,~ -,~ o-ff~ [at the Montrose auditorium. / The program Indian Sign lp. m. ]Blair home Oct. 23, Sunday [(b)Total time and sary Sunday, Oct. 9 from 2 Loren Weeks and Mr. and[ aa ..... ,~ an.o v-~.~n,~ r~o~,;.~ [Lots of food was arnwng]Language was presented by l l evening.Bernice served sawngs de- . , ~w~. ClllU lvatl~, iJ~tl%. %.~llolJltl ' . . t0.5 p.m. Mrs. Jerry Voboril. qhere [were dinner guests Tuesday [and each got more hungry]Den 4--Wes Alexander,[ With Series E and Series [love!y refreshments and ot r ... , points .... 36,0 .00 t~uite a few from this ar- were others from Esbon and I.~t John F ........ ~ [by the minufe. After eachlMarty Rafferty, Billy Con-IH Savinas Bonds sales total-Imeeting Will ne uct. zutn lotto Lianifities ~;nt,l=m.uo ea attended the Hutchinson on north of there. Neva and[-~r an'c~'r'~r'~"O'Ravmnncllone stuffed himself with]net, Richard Blair, Mark in~ $421,654 throueh Au~-with Evelyn Blair. CAPITAL ACCOUNTS tair Monday. Eddie have the very beS!/Leec~ and-Ber"n'ard and'E)e'n=[gdies,and v!sited, a pro-/Blew and Keith Hamilton. lus-t' Jewell County has now ~ Con}mon stock-- ..... t:st~on band played Mon- wishes or us au. ~ney wilt [.-is Reed -ttenA-d the K~n /gram or special music, read-/Larry Peck, Piconda Dis-lreached 116o/^ of the $362,-ICall No 459 total par vame . ~ z~,uuouu ~Y at the Fair arid down- make their home in Salinals;;s Stale ~nir .'~tcH,,tehin~,nIings and solos were given]trict Commissioner talked to 000 ouota~assiuned the ' Charter No 8596 No. shares authorized 250 ~0wn Hutchinson. Dwight where Ed ~s employed by ]Saturday and Sunday [before saying good-bye. /the Cub Scouts about care of lcounty for 1966, Glenn [ REPORT OF CONDITION No. shares outstand- rost the Bell Tele hone Co " "" ' tance n" M rv'n ," _ , one of the bus drtv- P , / Mr. and Mrs. MvronIn- [ Those. from a dts ..... at-!the u fform. Also, a I Grout Countv ..... Say nes of The F rst Natmnal Bank mg 250 ers, grabbed his lunch early We attended Guy Ball s [termill Mar-, nncl 1Vlark ~t-[tending were: Mrs. Carohne Orsborn, assistant dmtrlct Bonds Chairman said last of Formoso in the State of Surplus ....... 25,000.00 Monday morning and was 50th anniversary at the l~e-/tcnded'a di/mer-Sunday-at[Kapus, and Steve Kapus,[commissioner from Beloit, lweek. ]Kansas, at the close of busi-lUnd!v~ed, prfits 98,352.10 all set to eat a nice juicy gio.n Hall in Esbon Sunday./the Hugh Gill[an home The [Fort Laramie, Wy_o.; Mrs. land Alton Kale, ne hoor-] Glenn Grout also reported,ness on Sept. 20, 1966. Pub- totm t ap taL ac- ,am sandwich at noon and A large crown attenued and I occasion wn~ th~ W'arr~n [Lou Ella Ross, Cheyenne,[hood commissioner or Man-lthat statewide Series E and llished in resnonse to Call counts ...... $148,352.10 all he had was four dried up it was a nice day for such an [ cousins ,,et"-t-(~,,ether ...... ]Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert [ kato, visited the pack meet- I Series H sales for Aueust [ made bv ComPtroller of The Total Liabilities and r0astin, ears event o L Klase, L ons, Nebr Mrs in Awa ds were presented o r " " ! n Capital Ac - g , I Diane Heitman attended a | Y ." .] g. " ]totaled $4,572,149 to give [Cu reney, under Sect'o " - The band did a fine job While there, Kenneth I Y-Teen Fall Conference at/Beulah Heaston, Phillips, I to the following cub scouts: I the state an eioht-month to- 15211. U S Revised Statutes counts ...... $929,502.06 and the school and commun- Dodd introduced us to Mr [|oomis ~,l,~t,~"~-t-ra-,, -'[Nebr; Mr and Mrs Hiram]Richard Bartholomew, bearltal of 140373 8'87 or 69 1~ I " " ASSETS " MEMORANDA ~Y can be proud of them. A Clyde Mlchler and daughter, [ Mrs Elsie Hilyard of Tul- |Fullerton, Wava Ward, and ]badge and silver arrow; Billy I of the $58 400,000 state quo- I Cash, balances with Loans as shown ~i~i~f~eFta~nK'~(i'~mllsledfvr~e i~nth!L ?~iYi~na~])I ~]itlMds II ~a/isOnk~a" ?~eeddayt gglt [Mn~, :NdrMc!urrAFF~:Fuld~lei ] bCWa~d~ir'. a~nl~Vxerndia~,i~:we~!~ [ iaIfnr luM9;61 ato trade~terri-I i)!!ii)~oon~!! i)i!- 8 ~tl ~!~ii~r(!favftle:atdien _ ' y " . e ." "' :':. and Thursday. [ ,l , . [ o y co ties, Jewell C)unty .... : ,'t $199,664.6 "~.!" .... 4,769,33 laird programs at the Kan- Mmhler hved where BillI Rev. and Mrs. Dean Rose IClyde, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. [badge. New members attend- [with Glenn Grout as County l U. S. Gov't. obliga-I, A. R. Kingsley, Cashier, ~s Farmer arena. Sloan later hved in urland family of Mankato were [J. E. Rankin, Almena, Kans.;]ing the pack meeting were[chairman, 1966 sales now ltions, direct arid of the above-named bank do Sunday evening. Sep.t 18,[ neighborhood. He lived there[ Sunday dinner guests at][Mr .... and Mrs S M Garri-[ Roger Rightmeier, Martin]total $421,654. [ guaranteed .... 4~''a2 736.20' " hereby declare that thin" re- Neva Sloan was compli-[from 1911 to ,1916 and at-]Wayne Tiptons. [gue, Great Bend, Kans.i, Mr. lNeep.er and .Stephen Elkins. [ ~ [Obligations of States' port of condition is true and mente tenaea scnoolat West and Mrs James Funnart, Closing of the meeting was C W C and ohtlcal sub c n rect to the best of d with a bridal show-[ " -[ Mr. and Mrs.Erick Heit-[ . / ~ [ [ P "" " - : " "" , my er S branch They were ver m ~ Emporia, Kans, Ml and by D n 2 Den 4 won the dlwsmns 24 75 00knowled,e and bell ~f . he received many love- I ' Y " - ]man and Kenneth attended / ' "" "" / - I ,---- ] " ' ' ~ ...... " , 0. g e . l y gifts and I'd like to add lteresting people to visit/the wedding of Patricia [Mrs. Roger McElroy and]attendance lantern for 100%[ C.W. C s held their first]Securities of Federal A.R. KINGSLEY just as lovely a young/with and I enjoyed making lGrauerholz to Don Gersten- [family, Menlo, Kans.; Mr.]attendance of cubs and 66% [meeting on Sept. 15, after a]agencies and torpor- We, the undersigned dir- !ady. Neva was born shortly[their acquaintance. But as korn at Athol Saturday. land Mrs. Harold Wllten and/of their parents . p summer vacation All mere-]ations not guaran- errors, attest the correetn m rter we moved here and it's It my impressing them. Ken- Mrs. Tom McKeown ac- ISteve, Superior, Nebr.; Mr. [ The pack committee mem-/bets were present. Our pres- Iteed by U. S... 100,000.00 of this report of condition een fun watching her grow [neth dug up my past and [companied Mr. and Mrs. [and Mrs. George Robert ]bers are chmrman, Jock :[dent, Ethel Demaray read ILoans and dis- and declare that it has been aP into a young lady. /reaJly deflatedme. Just lclJff McKeown to Hastings IDempsey, Salina, Kans. ]Murray; secretary, J..Blmr; Book 4, Chapter 90, of I counts ....... 150 851.18 examined by us and to the , Odesa Aid met with Mrs. walt, Kenneth!!! Monday where they visited/ Those near attending: Mr./and treasurer, Rod Weltmer. i Psalms, The prayer of Mos-l Other assets - Federal best of our knowledge and henry Keller Thursday af-[ A news item of interest]Miss Helen Lewis. [and Mrs. Gerald Dempse](lPack ann aen maaers arches" Roll call was answered I Reserve Bank belief is true and correct. ternoon. |to this area I intended to get tMr. and Mrs. Keith Mc- [and Michael, Mankato; Mr, |cubmaster, Vernon Ham fl- by "School Day Memories,,. IStock ........ 1,500.00 Lewis H. Dun tan, m before W rec~ ve and Mrs James Fullerton ton, asmstant cubmaster v ~ ~ , ~- H Mrs. Fred Johanek of Ne-]' " . e "' 'd an IKeown and family and Mr. / " . ,. Each one had her own ver- I Total Assets .. $, 2,),o02.06 . L. Appleby, braska City, Nebr oassed]announcement of the arriv-[and Mrs. Tom McKeown at-IMr. and Mrs. Bill Fuller_toq~gil Beougher; and msUtu- sion. Velma Wilson had thel LIABILITIES Taylor H. Clark, away unexoectedlv'W'ednes- /al of a new baby boy to Bob [ tended the Harkins picnic [and family, Mr. andMrs. La, [ t!onal representative rom Special--one poem, "Never I Demand deposils of Directom, tin - ~ and Carol Ha es The nam ' ' Verse uempsey, and the Lions Club, Wayne may LY of an acute infection / y ". y -[held m the Lincoln Park in]' [ " , ..... - ~lae i~ ~ ~,,~_i, v ....... ~;/ed him David Wallace He [Sunerior Sunday [Mrs. Frank Dempsey and Mr,[lock. Den mothers are as ~ary ~Gass ~an~t" ':l'os"ephine ]is a grandson of Mabel Rora-[ iVIr. and Mrs:Harold Hal- ]and.Mrs. Aaron Murray and] follows:for Den 2, Mrs; L e!a " ' , rost She leave~ three[baugh of Smith Center andlvard of Lincoln were Thurs-lramny oI ~ontrose ann tvir. hnuntsmger anu mrs. lVlaole I ~nla the rear randson of M r t P and Mrs Forrest Dempsey Wakefield Den 4, Mrs Jean 11children under seven/ g g . y- ~cay . M. callers at Dale |~ " - [ . " --" ,-. 1 Yearsof age Fred was ]tie Healey of Smith Center.[Crispins. land family of l, ormoso. |Hamilton and Mrs. Ella rcae I raised where Glen Voborils [Bb and Carol live at Hays, I Mr. and Mrs. Dean Han-I- ..... ~ | I T I now live Mrs Johanek was/Kans, now. [sen left Thursday for Min-I U 1 J I1 I about 35" years of age and / Lisa Johanek celebrated[neapolis, Minn. to visit their [ _ _ E1 [] I1 I oeing so voun,~ and leaving /her 5th birthday Tuesday]son Ed Hansen, and family.][~_.___J.~.___ r II e t'___t_ ll I II three small children makes]with a party. There were 121 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rath-/ [ Qlnl[]l[lOt [ I [ l it quite tragis and sad. /children and 8 mothers. Lisalbun, Patricia and Tom at-| The Community relatives [thought it a very happy oc-I tended the fair at Hutch[n-/ [ ,-,, ,~,,~ W. well c,..... ,, Finan. .. .... ...... arid friends of the former casion and enjoyed it to the lson Saturday and Sunday. [ ~ ,~ a~, ~,,,~ ,. ~,uu.~, . -,~ ~.,,;;,,.,=;, == , ~ ] OUdy Countryman are giving fullest. I Marilyn Rathbun attended ] Ior J. rioya t~reemng s campaign xor me unit. [] r [ a money tree shower for Mr. and Mrs. Ted Thum-[a shower for Judy Cavano at [ ed States Senate from Kansas. I lease send me L I ~Udy and her husband at mel are the proud parents]the home of Cathy Kile Sun-] ......... ,..m,,~.ns -- [] ~ ] the of a ba " .v~ui IbUIILLIUIklI, IU l .... ,, Westbranch Schoolhouse by son born Friday]day p.m. [ II 1 ~t uet 2 at 7"30 p m Entire at the Smith Center hospital. I Mike and Jeff Webber[ Thank you. i Ill I family" is " inviied " Bring He weighed 7 lb., 14 oz and ]spent from Thursday to Sun- | , ..... . --,-- COokies and your own ser- will answer to the name of]day with their grandparents, l r rank IAlss~nger I vice. Drink will be furnish- David Allen. Mr. and Mrs. ]Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Web-l ~M'ankato, Kansas 66956 -- ~ t ,etlby hostess Muriel Mesch- Greg Thummel are the pa- lbet'. They took them home [ I I IIIII I _ .. llcr, Pearl Sfoan and Ruth ternal grandparents andlto Beloit Sunday evening[ ...... -- l& r ~t1~ 0bert. Mrs. Verda Alcorn of Ionia land ate supper with the Don[ ~11~ . ] Mrs Otis Marihu-h visit- the maternal grandmother. I Webber family. ] ~1 M ~I II etl the'Walter Marihu hs the Odessa Homemakers Un-[ Mrs. Myron Intermill, [ / i~re~art ............. nf I~t w~ek .qhe it met with Ruth Obert on[Mrs. Darrell Reed and Mrs. [ " giving, money to Odessa Tuesday evening, Sept. 201Marvin Webber attended a [ 1" ......... ] ~hurch fora -memorial to with 6 members present. No- Sunday School Teacher's [ increase t ] ll~r husband la Bess gave a very inter-[Clinic in Concordia Monday.| "1 ~;i ! o,Mr. and" Mrs. Wilbur esting lesson on heart dis-I Patricia Rathbun and Ber-] [ i toeft ................ ~ ....... a vo~mAte, ease. The unit dec ded to, nard Leece took 4-H parts/_ IIUI I[]L l' gltllli l ! ,,0k Dixie to the Buffalo have a display for Craft Day at the State Fair Sunday in| ' | ! 0arn Steak House Thurs- at Mankato. After refresh-lHutchinson. Patricia in[ Ote1 r1= tl- r l,1 " " evening for supper for . [ [ltU U, glL, ,itUll ixie s birthday. [_,Mrs. Ina Shively memor- / I. qMc l [ : .fund purchased two fans . ~!i~ii!i~i~;ii ii;i;i;~?i;~i~:~ ~ [ .. JuaU~ VI a[,,IL p| ~ coff..emaker for the .... ............................... : ............................... . OdeSsa Church iiiiiiii: i;i i: ;i!/i!!il [ 0' ...... ,, : s. Cora Black sent a Jf H l . tion of $10.00 to the tV, I VW" I l I,, . "uessa Church the past * ! | , II I ... , . ;::: : ::::::::::::::::::::::: ::~:',: ~ taN4ysa l a tla N rin%y nYe ii i .2, Pal Lamb and Ruth Obert $ i!ii I --.-- . --,.-- ~lea v, ~::: :: : i ~;::::::::: ":;: :: ::i::: :!::! :: .... ? ~ u, ned the Legmn Hall on ....... e" I i ;ii: i[i [ IIJla' ll 41 ] i,, 4r1&lAY(& w ~f." ~i!ii::': ~'i: .' i.ii ~:.i;i!~!!" ~ : h~,ednesday for the Guy ~%.~ ~!!i~ :~:~ ~I ] .1,,ll,~:;;,1,~; ~ I~.~VVo | j 50th Anmversary. [ ",ease don't send any more i l q I | | ,VIechanlzel And the place to get the answers .... ! [ . Salina, Kansas, October 26-'27. It's the :]to of . . :i / he Second Annual Materials Handling Exposi- , KMMJ is"I ...... ,... .- /" :ion. Profitable ideas willbe yours for the looking. \~ ~/ lie lOOKS like a cantaloate Ior SlCK room / . . , , ,. t.;_ ..r o.. | Learn methods to reCtuce your manpower neetls. supp|les, ity ice packs, fever thermometers and | Save time and space on your farm. Efficient, - sedahves available at Wagner s. / low-cost methods of handling farm matermls Interested in l| a must m" farming today. The machines and sys. FUNDS? ] tems youll see displayed can pump profits into your operation. * 'To find out about MANKATO, KANSAS MUTUAL, IHC. II - I I FREEllll !his la a balanced fund with a Ivarslfled portfolio of more C E NTE R arl 650 common and pre- rred ttocks and Investment Fo all hotring add users---you're cordially invked to attend ~.dO illlb/bonds Objectives: rea- ~ amrvico consultation on hearing aids. Sponsored by BELTON]~ tonabla reservation _. return, p . HI]La.RING AID SERVICE---KANSAS' Largest and Most ~l~pendabk ~[apital, long-term apprecla- ;q[ar/ng Aid Organization. If you now wear a hearing eid, or " you raft,', ~u~n PoSsibllitieso ~ hearing problem, have your instrument checked or have an audio, Wtric hearing anal)sis by a qualified consultant without c~t or obligation. L | lrl prospectus.booklet or writs t ALBERT WAUGH N. 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