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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
October 6, 1966     Jewell County Record
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October 6, 1966

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, :4 JEWELL COUNTY KAN'SA ..... i URSDAY, !: ~: Martin of Hardy, Nebr., and can which was. to read a FINAL SETTLEMENT ,' ~rd F. Hischke, no F~ling of Republic, Kanls.; joke furnished by our host- The State of Kansas to ,.~t~:O~' log I~ok. Paid $5.00 five s~ters, Mrs. Anna Da- ess. Lorer~ l~te act~ as All Persons Concerned: vi$, Mrs. Olga Knapp, Nora president because our presi- You are hereby notified tj, ejnd cotgt cost~, that a petition has been ill- Patr|cM Simmer, speeding: DaM an~ Agnes Dahl, all of dent was not there. After Paid"$25.00 fine and court To'peka, Khns., and Mrs. AI- the business meeting the ed in said court by L. E. ! COsts. . fild Merrill of St. Joseph, guess box was passed and Weltmer as administrator Murry L. Wahlert, speed- Mo.; also six grandchildren, won by Agnes Zadina. The Naylor,f the deceased,estate of askingMary forV" The 1967 Pontiacs and i~,~ Paid $I0.00 fine and six great grandchildren, and next meeting will be in two f~al settlement of said es- Oldsmobiles were on dis- play Thursday and Friday, C~. ~t~. many nephews and nieces, weeks, Oct. 13, with Ethel : u,~ 7;,:. t.te, for settlement and al- Sept. 29-30 at Waugh Oil & 'IAY~I4 A. ~rcett, speed- Funeral services were con- Hanson in MankaZo. Margar-. . ' ~ , ling. Paid $10.00 fine and ducted in the Formoso Corn- et served a very delicious : ~ i ~ ~..', ,~ ~, lowance of his account as Gas Co. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. ~. e0egs, munity Church under tha lunch and then we looked at : ., ...... : ~ . ~ administrator thereof, for Waugh are shown above in charge of Kramer Funeral her flowers ,:~.~.,,, :'~:')'-, .(8 approval of all acts and pro- front of a new 1967 Pontiac, ' ,l[~ml~ M..~ta~mith, fa~l-'Home, with Rev. Paul Tern- Past President Parley of ceedings of such administra- Coffee and cookies were I~re to yield right-of-way, tor, for compensation for served to the large crowd, $10~00 fine and court pie officiating. Burial was in Eshon Legion AuxiLiary will The showing of the 1967 The kids received candy, him and his attorneys, for a Webber Cemetery. have a card party Saturday, Chevrolets was held at Lehr- Balloons, pencils, can open- determination of the heirs, Oct. 8, at 8:00. Admission ling Chevrolet in Mankato ors, and telephone pads devisees and legatees of the L, lh~son, speed- Mr. and Mrs. Arden Hate, will be 50 a person andSept. 29. A large crowd was were given away. 0 and court costs, decedent, for assignment of H. Slate, passing Connie, Maria and Kim of lunch will be served. Prize present to see the new ran- The following won toy the assets and property of Iffict~ clearance, Atwo~t spent the weekend for Pitch, Pinochle and dels. Corvettes at the drawings said estate to those entitled $10.00 and court at the home of his mother, Bridge & Doore jrize at the Chet Moran, Emmett held Thursday: Belinda Dis- thereto and for all other Mrs. Glenn Hale. They and Esbon Legion Hall. Hoyt, Tom Lehrling, and mond, Mrs. Cleo Hiltgen, proper relief; and you are Mr. and Mrs. John Hale of sok~l i~pila lie .~ma 1~- . ..... ...... i lb. A. R. To Meet Monday [sas; and bids received after positing with them a check fail therein, judgment and [corporations . C!,m~, Wayne McCI~e, jilter|11~II4[' MI [ ~ ]closing time will, not be con- for .$40.00 for each set re, decree will be entered ~nIDepo~1;s of U. S. .Wi,~keL ~ B kdaell)t ;[~- 4"1 ;lll ! rl [ Desire Tobey Sears Chap- sid~red, quested, all of which will be due course upon said peti- Gov't ....... arme Wir, kt, ~ev~ ,~ kilm, ~ I[. Ig.' Rmtmm [ ter o~, the D. A. R. will meet [ Contractors may submit a returned if a bid is submit- tion, [ De~aits of St ~te Ra~' Wicket, J~$y B~r( $eK, [Monday Oct. 12 at 7:30 P. [bid on all departments of ted and the plans and speci- L.E. WELTMER, land political sub- Jimmy Birdaell, 'Sh:lleyA commtmity miscellaa,,,[~L~,.at the Buffalo Roamlworkcombined'orseparately fications are retur~aed a~ administrator of]division~ .... Woodazd an~ Kelley ~ led- ( us bridal shower will lief~,,~ak 'House. The Jewelllon the (1) GENER~AL CON- promptly and in good condi- the estate of Mary ITotal Deposits $1 ard. I given for Phyllis (Harmon) [ members will be hostesses, lSTRUCTiON; or (2) ELEC- tion. If a bid is not submit- V. Naylor, deceasedI(a) Total demand __ _. ~ .... Carl A. Westin has been] Th~psan at the Lamb]Mrs. Alfred Ross of Man-[TRICAL WORK;" (3) ME- ted and the plans and speci- Weltmer, Weltmer & [ deposits . I .g.~Ol~..~g .to dr, a ft^b.oara appointed member of the]Schoo! Community Center]kato will show slides of her[CHANICAL WORK' or (4) fications returned promptly, Weltmer I(b) Total time ,and ~,, :~$m ~e~, t-ere ~ all Kansas S~ate Reading, Circle!Saturday, Oct. 8, at 2:00 p. [recent trip to Jordan. [KITCHEN EQUIPMENT" then $20.00 of the deposit Attorneys f(n adminis-I savings de ' ~l]~'~tlon call for one man Committee for 19~'/-~8 Te~- m. Anyone who would like] /and on all or snecificlon each set will be retained trator ! posits .. 3 ~gt~: 18, 1.q66. There is phy- chers, admir~is.trators" and[to attend are invited andIGirl Scouts [groups of furnishings and]bY the Architects for repro- ATTEST: Byron R~,gers, ~Total Liabil- ,~Ar~ff,,~minat!on fall Oct. librarians make up the 15[welcome [ [e~uinment within (5?'FUR-Iduction and handling. Mater- (Seal) Probate ,ludge titles ........ $1,8 X~, t~o IOt me ronowing: members of the committee] Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Men- I The Girl Scouts met at the/NITtARE and E~Ui'~"MENT lial companies, requesting / Capital Accot W~ Donald Joerg, Boyd which will make final se-|denhatl of Hays, Kans. were]City Park Monday, Oct. 3. [Bids for r.on,~r~'~ ronstruc" [part of all of the plans and -- /Common stock--- ~_.y..mlScarrow, Robert G~nt lections in mid-January. ~weekend visitors of the VerlIWe had. a short meeting. [tion Elect'~r'ical-'Work and J, specifications for their in- Call No. 459 [total par value $ ~,41BC0tt, Dennis Hay A harried college student[Mendenhalt family and the]Following the meeting, we|Mec'hanicaI Work shall beIdividual use shall submit re- Charter No. 6817[Surplus ..... ~gh~ck, Philip Roland Wil- sent this urgent telegram to]George Bell family of Ash-Ihiked to the golf course and [for all work in that denart-[quests to the Architects at REPORT OF CONDITION /Undivided pro- R hard Mont. ark, parents: Am w tho [evwlle were Sunday d|nner[enjoyed a sack lunch. Kool|ment. ]the above address stating of The F rst National Bank]fits ........ 1 g~l~r~m .e.ugene ~ali, x~n- funds or friends.PMase [guests also. laid was,umjshed. | Unified School District [drawing sheets and specifi- of Mankato in the State of/Total Capftal I~:~lrn~:L?n~hgen~uS hetpY . Mr.Salv~a M~r Joe L~teMOrf. [ ~,+--Dehbie Munsey ]No. 278 reserves the right [cations required for prep ara- K:::a~ ~te th:clos%~f b~{~ ] Accounts.. $ 2 ,,r-~ ._ ... - His father immediately near y n ~ ore l [to reject any or all bids and[ti n of quotation to Con- P , [Total Liabilities l~verson, mckey. Lee ,wired back: "Make friends." a~d Mrs. Calvin Hawkins J Mr. and'MrS:-D. M. Sadler [to waive any informaiities tractors. Requested sheets of Published in response to Call [ and Capital ~0g~, ~tepnen uam binK, . The following called in and family of Denmark and] of Kansas City,:Kans. visited in the bidding, nrocedure drawings and specifications made by Comptroller of The | Accounts .. $2,0 K e~eth.. Wayne Abrdam, our office last week: Mrs. Mrs. Sarah Walker of Man-Ilast week wit.h his mother, Copies of ~tl~e plans and will be mailed directly along Currency, under Section Memoranda ~_ar~ ~uen ooerc, t~raamy Marie Everson, Burr Oak; kato were Sunday visi~orsIMrs. Lottie Sadler, and his specifications will be on file with invoice for cost of re- 5211, U. S. Revised Statutes. Loans as shown ~u:a xuair, James Ed- Mrs. George Wilson, Jewel|; in the Mrs. Lorena Pate lsister, Mrs. A. T. Menhusen, and available for nublic in- production and mailing. (Not ASSETS above are after Weffd bow. Mrs. Gary Wilson, Cawker homo. Mrs. Ransom and Joe lat the home of the latter, soection at the foll~winu off- a deposit - No refunds.) Cash, balances with deduction of valua- City; Ava Cramer, Mankato Moore were there also. " ] ices on or about 10 Oct'ober The bid form must be ac- other banks, and tion reserves of 1,09 -- F~e Anderson,, .Cunty Schools; Mrs. Ethel Sander- Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland [ 1966 companied by bidder's bond cash items in pro- Securities as shown Treq~uXer, reports the )i~al son and Terry, Chambers, Mendenhall and Mrs Svlvia l(First Published in Jewell .~-_,.^ r-~.~..~._... r-...~, n the amount of at least cess of collec- above are after l~tr~b~tton of 1965 taxes Nebr.; Barry Isaac, Mankato. Morrow drove out west of J Co. Record, Thursday, Oct.~'oreo Tnneka Kansas five per cent (5%) of the tmn ........ $ 072,239.02 deduction of valua- D~m masc. --~ Norton Sunday for a visit] 6, 1966) lrt ~n~n'",':,,~'~' r=~,~%'~'~;,~ ~ amount bid, or a certified U. S. Gov't. obliga- Uon reserves of ,_,: _ ~ . . HAROLD DAHL wrtb Mr. and Mrs. Elhs R~t- INo. 1549 Madison, Kansas City check payable to the Trea-t o s, d~rect and 1, Lowell O. zsyron l~ogers ~ssu~o ter. Mr. Ritter has recently 1 ADVERTISEMENT 4~ Missouri " surer of Unified School Dis- guaranteed .. 372,128.48 Cashier, of the e:llar~tage |icense sept. z/ Harold Dahi was the son beer) released from the Con- / FOR BIDS Dodge-' Reports, 230 Lau- trict No. 278, Mankato, Kan- Obligations of States bank do hereby ]Pjdli~ Wilson, Mankato, of Martin and Alma Dahl. cordia hospital where he Sealed bids will be re- ra, Wichita 11, Kansas sas, in the amount of not and political sub- this report of .Wands B. Trehilcock, He was born on a farm on,was a room mate of Mr. eeived hy Mr. Billy G. Con- Dodge Reports, 1804 less than five per cent (5~) divisions .... 24,500.00 true and correct ][~l~d.: ! of the amount bid, drawn on Loans and of my knowledg( White Ro(:k Creek, near Clarence Nobel of Esbon, nor, Superintendent of Broadway, Kansas City ;~ ~i~ YaU, Jr., county Webber, Kansas, on Nov. [ wh~, we are v~ty sorry to Schools, Unified School Dis-8, Missouri a bank which is a member of discour)ts .... 1,094,878.81 LOWELL O. 26, 1881.. Following a long]hear, has been seriously ill trict No. 278, Mankato, Kin-I Builders Association ofthe Feredal Reserve System. Fixed Assets. 11,905.28 We, the undo ~b ;says he is now ac- illness, he died on Oct. t~[and we hope to hear will be sis, until 2:00 P. M. o'clock, Kansas City, 906 The check or bond will be Other Assets. 3,809.20 ectors attest the Ci ~]t!g' aplNica, tions for ab- retained by Unified School Total Assets . $2.079,460.79 of this report, of' Home of Nelson, Nebraska. I We were surprised and vember 1966, at the Office[ City, Missouri District No. 278 as liquidat- LIABILITIES and declare that it g~. l~l,lots. 1986 at the Good Samaritan[bette~ soon. C.S.T., Wednesday, 2 No-[ Grand Avenue, Kansas , . Mr. Dahl's early life was[pleased to have as callers >:f ,Superintendent of[ Chamber of Commerce, ed damages if a successful Demand deposits of examined by us an~: ~'aa K~bbe returned on bidder refuses or fails to en- individuals, partner- best of our knovle~ from a 2 weeks vi- spent on the farm on which[and evening visitors Mrs. Schools, for the construction[ Hutchinson, Kansas .~.~'"Wlt~ her son, Jim, near he was born. On June 18,1EtheI Sanderson and son, of Mankato High School, I Lincoln,Bu)lders Bureau, ter into an agreement and sb(ps and corpora- belief is true and co~ 1913, he was married to Sa-ITerry, of Chambers, Nebr. Mankato, Kansas. Bids willI 1734 R' Street, Lin- furnish performance and tio~:s ....... $1,297,595.40 F.R. Fair, i, ~lban~, N. Y., Kenneth Kib- die Reed at Beloit, Karts. [and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis San- be opened and read aloud in~ coin, Nebraska statutory bonds in accor-: Time and savings de- Miriam A. I~ be "and family at Atlanta, They were the parents of]derson of Minks,to last Fri- the Multi-Purpose room of] Office of Superintendent dance with h~s b~d when no-!posits of individuals, L.M. Wood, ~ GoWn Kibbe and twockildren, and spent theirlday evening. They Were vis- the existing ElementaryI of Schools, Mankato, tiffed of the award. No bid partnershios, and Director. fM~r..at Redwood, Calif. entire married life on their[iting relatives and friends School shortly after closing/ Kansas may be withdrawn within ..... G0td~, who works for Uni- farm northeast of Formoso, [around Mankato. time for receipt of bids. ] For the purpose of prepar- thirty (30) days after the l 'r: ~,: '~,/' Li~es, made Mrs. Karts. I~re Mr, I~h~ lived[ A very nice community All bids must be made outing and submitting a bid. closing time for receipt of 1967 P01ffIACS 0ND SPLAY l[ll~e s vacation trip by air until a month before moving I shower was held at the West the forms provided with the/ Contractors may obtain bids. ~ By order of: r' po~lble, to Nelson, having been pre-[Branch school house Sunday plans and specifications as[ plans and specificationsUNIFIED SCHOOL ~! i'.~i ~~ ceded in death by his wife]evening for Judy Country- prepared by Shaver and/ from Shaver and Company, Faye Anderson and Edith on &pril 14, 1964. He waslman Largent and husband, Company, Architects, 2051/~/Architects, 205~/~ South San- DISTRICT NO. 278, ~i~?~:: :~ o.., . .... :;~ Hoffer l tended tim District ,, .... ...... t{~,)t~li!y Treasurers Meeting preceded in death also by a sponsored by the lerry Mix- South Santa Fe, Salina, Kan_/ta Fe, Satina, Kansas, by de- Mankato, Kan~s :::i,~i,~'~:: :i '.!::::' brother, David, and two sis-let Club ladies. The club < ~.::~ :~i :: ,> ~:,~.~: ..... ~:: .... : ~ ln',~incpln,:~, Kans. Tuesday, ters, Inga Dahl and Mrs. Tre-lgave ~hem a bedspread and 19671 liVR SHOWING S!PT ""' >' ~p[. 27. lla Turner. [the other gifts were money (First Published in Jewell ~i~::,ii~:i ,: ~ :!~?!~ Harold was one who on-~on their money tree. 29 Co. Record, Thursday, Oct. .::::~.~i~'' . . ~i : ~ " ' joyed a well-rounded life, ~ We axe sniffy tax heat that 6, 1966) 3t :~!c: :: : ': IN THE PROBATE COURT ~:~:':: ' ~:~,::~:i :'* >: ;~Lfollowing were chard- and one who enjoyed keep-|Mrs. Andy Hoard is in the ................. i~ i:'" ~ ~) OF JEWELL COUNTY, ~p~eding, forfeited ing abreast of the times in[ ,hospital again, and we hope ~ : ~.~: ~:~00,,b0nd and court costs: which he lived. 1~ is aOo~ better, i~ i'.:~ .... ~ i , KANSAS ,:~': '"~ ~, ]4=~l~d.B, .Schmidt, Timothy S~xvivors include the. son',[ , Middle Branch Club met ":' " '~ ~ ~ In the Matter of the Es- ~..~ i i ~'~mis, Everett J. Dean, Melvin, and the daughter, ]'Thursday afternoon, Sept .... : ~ ...... tate of Mary V. Naylor, De- ~: H~ K~le, Channh~g Mrs. Bradley Keeler (Mix'r|29, with Margaret Frasier in ceased. ine), both of the Formoso|Jewelh There were 9 mem- ~~ ~d Gotdwin E. NOTICE OF HEARING community; two b~thers, lbers l;~'esent to answer roll ON PETITION FOR which was present the new models. The following ~t door prizes: Joe .*[/~ din; Mrs.' Earllift cher and matcl ~ glasses; Don W])~' lons of gasoline.; Clyde were guests of their Co W mother for dinner Sunday, at the Buffalo Roam teak O~ is starving in Ma- ff~ ~ --b~ t for many, House. |S at the subsistence Lynn Fiero of Blythe, eat corn, California is here for a visit They with his mdther and other roll- : were Mrs. For- Formoso; Rev. Jewell; Mr. and A. Owen, Albany, George Burch, Su- McKinnis, Es- Supt. Carl O~k; Mrs. Ros- Burr Oak. We were shown made in of Unified ~E~, Jewell. A fine ~epi~ces what was dining area and relatives and friends. Lynn has a good position with the Department Of. Interior, His mother is in the Belleville Hospital recovering from a broken leg. They had to use pins to set the limb. She is making a good recovery but will be in the hospital a few more weeks. Lynn plans to be here two more weeks. Don Wirtz were present to Esther E. Ortman, Richard hereby required to file your Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fair- show the cars. Mrs. Tom Diamond, Paul M. Stout, written defenses thereto on banks and their daughter, Lehrling and Mrs. Don Wirtz Lawrence Sanders, Aubrey or before October 28, 1966, Mrs. Lance Wilson, of Wich- served cookies and coffee. Gordon, Don Howard, Ar- at 10:00 A. M. of said day, its, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Day- Tom Lehrling, Chet Moran lene Howard, Mrs. Buck Ro- in said court, in the City of id and Kim Ost were dinner and Don Wirtz are shown berts, all of Mankato; Mrs. Mankato, Kansas, at which guests Sunday of Mr. and above in front of the new Dora Pettit of Burr Oak; and time and place said cause Mrs. Howard David, Kathie and G~. 1967 Camaro. Allan Jensen of Courtland. will be heard. Should you KeR Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Kell of Sutton, Nebr. announce the birth of a daughter, Mary Lynn, Thursday, Sept. 29, who weighed 6 lbs., 6 ozs. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Myers of Mankato are the baby's grandparents. We still have a few vacancies in the rental projec :: IL g ople over 62 yeaxs. The rent is $65.00 a month and and banquets moee than ample auditorium. 3 were made from ~udy hall .... ,.: : i tudes soft water, central television antenna and all utili- ,t eept telephone. $ [x-ovided one floor and former office is ,) , {:, ',"t ". ' q~i~ '. '.?, Y#meey's h(md- I ~ Rogm and l 'ltitdl l ve the gth "'*' ! in the high l hose interested should make application to Lowell O. # m, mmm . cretary-treasurer, at the First National Bank t t ahn aids have been add- in Mankato. (l~l'~'tO,. the rural Atheee st- t~,~ue center. This unit bU always been a fi~e If you wish to look at an apartment, contact the man- "t QOl,, Its high sch | el- ager, Finla,y Munro, telephone no. Rontier 8-3916. eel id many ways. Mrs. John Love Has [carrot which he grew The All~e 'Hey, teacher, students and Mm. Virgil Slate, lunch "Green Thumb" [cucumber is lla/4 inches 4qBIN~e0~'v,m; iaiee~ lo~ ----, along,. !~ inches in circtmlfer- L.M. WELTMER, President ~Iela~iger WinkeI is .ffoh~ Love certainly has ~[ence and weighs three first grad '. Her " eu thamh". Me mi ed, alP0uad ,eaff is T% Mankato Community Ilomes, Inc. O[ fi e, thi year. lon iael in cir- -;is t~d~ ~ t~ ~e- "In the above photo J~hn i#[cumf~'ea~ce and weighs ever , v mi months work OM month. Other" fine cncum r and one ponnd'. W#ee/s SHOII FOr These are the WtIEIU,S in '66. The fast Fashioned for (Aw fast action track... and sliln. Choose from slip-on, oxford ... all with checkered flag lining. ! b. [ %'