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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
October 6, 1966     Jewell County Record
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October 6, 1966

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loved ones A plaque bear , .... , OCTOBER 1966 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, KANSAS ...............: ........... ,i ...... :' ' lest|on in the University ofI ) to 17 , Friends of Olin K. Fearinglmel are the proud parents oflfamlly, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thte Cawker Band ,l ff | e.*mlina His wife l Rev id LaShant -,us Iwill be glad to know that,s baby son, J.ame Alan, whoI Simmelink and family, Mr. I that and [South .... =:, " . - .'1 "- - '.-V lhe returned home Wednes-larrived at the Smith Cent:erland Mrs. Dick White andlgeristheCawkermumMa' ] II I [ i ,Wi ] Mrs. Steve mair, teacnes m / )r of t[ e Long. eac [ day from the Concordia hos- [ hosnital Friday evening and I family of Fairbury, Mr and I jor. . ] _ IBenedict College which is an[ dends C torchat Longl_..[J_............... __.I_.~:L .... " 14lz ozs IMrs Bob Rose and famil,,,I Mrs Anna- Schu murl. H Sutliff ' pitat where ne unuerwent wtngmng / lo~. 79. [ .7 arty all negro college Shea each ]s t( be guest speak .... ............ I . [ I ....... a; ........ r-lGrand, rents are Mrs Ver-,Mr and Mrs. Floyd S]mmel-]Calvm were ..Sua . vml- | h r her tin at .... v ............... e-- . . ...... . r. and Mrs. Everett Ter-I Phys. Ed. teac e. t , e and/ ".at.the_. early Mee g [atino satisfactoril,,. Ida Alcorn and Mr. and Mrs. link and boys, the Dan De-/ing vmttors of'Ell i~ltde luad i received a call from/says he.r_wrK s,p easant/ . lshi, ta O(!:11"16"_ _ .| ............:" IGreg Thummel. This fineIBeys, Mr. andMrs. Sherman/Mrs. Emma Brinkworth. l Son, Vernon, and Wil-[ana enJoyame. DoL, n :v ar.lOl_ , ..... I mer !s rare DU[/Mrs E M Tyler, Mrs I l young man has an older bro-lLoomis, Mr. and Mrs. Chris| Bridge Club. met ,Thutl .... i trora ann breve are graouates oi home wnne mey were gone not mucn moisture yet. " .... " " r ..... . Cahfornm and/_ 11 Hi h School | ....... ] ............ rtlL. Lutz, Mrs. Joe R. Beeler, lther, Trey, to welcome h lm[Elnff(, Mr. and M s. Rex./day, Sept. Wltl]..Mrs,. / er, Betty, and family/Ll ierTand lgs ivan /arren|t uKmnoma. Io i tuWne i?c : eaf|Miss Helen Stafford and|home. [Henn,ngsen ann ramuy and/Flossie Sample o1: neloit,, / y, / . " " ) -'--'----------" I P " /Mrs F W Bo,,d, Jr attend-/ -nn Mrs Gordon AI-/Mr. and Mrs. Victor Tullar./ Past Noble..Grand. Club ..... e Ratcliff brothers and/were hosts to a family|Mrs. Bruce Corrick Icoloring is beautiful, ted a ia E O Reciprocity/corn"an l"Mrs" Mac Terrill|Mrs. Emma Brinkworth waslmet Wednesday afternoon / Were din ..... es ,s at| group of relatives Sunday as] Delegate To Convention [ /lunoheon a] Lincoln Kans l, a/ an afternot,n visitor. Iwith Mrs. Emma, Brjnkworthi | al~.,l ~ I , ~ I Vl~lt~.,IA[ 11/O.* ,ILd~U St ~kl..l/K:]lll., --i r " S Care in ~m~i~h c..,~r/a farewell for Mrs. Douglas| -"--- [ Mr and Mrs. Clyde Deck-[Th.rs,~a,, Mrs Ross Beach| ..... ;,,,,t ,,~,;,~,,+ ~) )ho ~., | Mr and Mrs. Fred Remus l Fhere were 7 ~.embers and ] ay and celebrated their|Warren-wh will leave the| Mrs. Bruce Cornck, Esbon,ter, of Whitefish, Montana,/of Havs ave a talk and|],, o,h H,, nita i, Concord-]were Sunday droner guestslone guest, Mrs. JerlT,Pattot% | uct 1 .... ' " ( t ........... ....... .......... . ~'S, Frances Phelps,lSta}e_s ,___ 0.,by way oflwas elected the o_ffl~al_v__(n [spent Monday .vm mg re}a-lshowed slides of her recentlia Saturday afternoon. Iof Mrs. Verdi A/ct rn... [present. .-. ., .... | Man- called at the/prone. Lmm umcago / mg oe}egate to me u )nven-[ tives in Mankato. tam mum-/ trip behind The Iron Cur-[ ,, ^r.) ...... n I Mr ana mrs.. , reuueI Mr. and Mrs: Lytt ." ,Diet / 10r r,,,, ..... /Franxrort, Germany to join/tion ot the National ASSOCi-i ....... tho former Clara Me-I.-..'- ............... I ...... ...... " '""iwere Thursday eveningland bovs " Were Stltaday ! iNeal nome m me . . wt vve~o ~ Lain. 11I5. ~li~,[eHce LUOIIIIb ' "lina - - , .... - noon ....... u^ t,_, ]her husband. ]atmn tor Retarded Chlldren]Nabb who praduated from] ....... ,..;;.'.~ .~'~...;n.-., ..~ **..~]W]lson, . both of ba :'1 ouests of l:d Fedde and Mrs Iouests of Ml"aUd Mi~ P~uk ] . [ Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilcox[to be held m Kansas C~ty,l)h,. Mankato Hi~,h School] ...... ,,.:..' ,u .... : ........ Ispent the wee~enu .. ]Emma Brinkworth ]Van Wev and'famllv'of'CbI, ' | . " ...... O ~IUIAp IUI. btl~ ~UIIIIII~ .ygat ' r " . .~ . ,,v I" " ' fame| ....... : .... Maquokcta, la. were ws-| Oct. 19 to 22. She will re-[with th- class of 1910 ,' = ...... ]thetr parents, 1vlr ana S;] Fred Robcrtson of Enmgn,]bv The-were sunr r m dStl l ~-aat~t~ I~UIIIUIIUI till:::; .... t.a~. ~ " i~ll~ IYll~. F.~. IN~IbUII) bE:F- " " ant/ " -. ~ .... , ,,v~-:',.~- , lift hmh ..... a o;o,..,[ ~tmg friends and relaUves] present the North Central] h.,a h,~en 32 years since[-^,,-. V_~. z. ........ u....[ John Ahlvers and Mr. ] Kans was a weekend guest lit the Rolla Dlgtz ho'~- ......... ..,,u o,.t .......... . ~ecaty t c',5~.et, mc.,oc.~ Mrs Waldo" Wils'on and fam- "- ........ --" Uther relatives is beinz|here ,the past week. They/ Kansas Assoc,aUon for Re-/clyde had visited relativesI from Os )orne. Downs, Be-I,. " ! of Ed Fedde and Mrs. Emmal Mr. and Mrs,'D iru /rlen, at th, *. ..... +uo /ca.ca on me Albert Billing,/ tarded Children. I in Mankato / l,lt Mi,,oa, ,di i,onb, ........ I Brinkworth. Mr. Robertson I ningsen of Manka to :w re Mrs Van Meter, Chat| Mrs. Hubert Humphrey,| -- '-mil,; ,,atherin,, wasl Ma" a ';"to' ere nres'ent'-I. .e(noers,ot me r, s0on,analhad cabbage for sale and ] Sunday afternoon callers 'of ......... arren an ' . r " " "'~ a b e~ , .. ~ t~ deweil l-ngn :~CflOOl Da.u~ . . , ~ , ..... ts been ......since|W d Edd Stansbu Y/wffe of the Vine Premdent,/h, u T .... Ca,, -venino at thel I ......... .Ithm coming weekend will be/Ed Fedde. ....... ...., .... families on Thursda and .... '"" ..... " " I were in lvlannattan aturuaa , ' a les, foI sale' ' ' ' " " Were all to--)hor Those[ Y ] will deliver the major ad-l ,,h, oNabb home in Su:[ - . ' ' ~ .. . ,2 .. I h(re ruth" pp " .'" ..[ ,,,, " '- = .... s ent the ni h t he Edd ............ tor t ana uay mere " , , , Mr and Mrs Enos[ p g t a t | dress at the Convention ban-[,,rior Nebr honor|n,, Mr[ l .... I ..... ".. I George Fedde, who has heen/ ur, )r xrr r " v'- -. , e, Mr antiMrs ivlaurlcet yv ttul~t~ ,l~JU I~f, Denair Calif" Mr]Stansbury hnme in Fnrmos,).lquet. Mrs. Humphrey has de-| and Mrs Decker Earl- in] lOllld l_ , . .. ......." here visiting, returned home] !rs. Carl York of"Win-|hosMt;Sss tEdith.. Bflhng wT| voted a great deal of her| the evening a pot luck din:l _ | ;mye na or V ran nUGe rge with him. _ , ... / Ldvk tet . I Iowa; Mr Lester Rat-| ..... on .1 time and energy during the/ner was enioved The re-] Mrs. Lovona Bartley .. .. , .... Mr. and Mrs. Car tabout ..... i .... p.~,. ....... ,.....] . ...... Mrs. Radford is an aunt of - ..." ..... ' MANKATO GRADE SCHOOL BLDG. ! ililmai, I, ~u~;n, tur, turn. 1.y.. I : J, onn, :~lmmons ot lvlanKa- I ~n.. )..^...,.nu.. ..~...=.. the ~lrl ;bcou~. ;llid:llTo~ms, ,) ,. ) : ,): ): ~ I l] i II ii I~'" r ~;t:' i " " " nt]~a1'1 ,.on, "~::eed " 'work~ ~r~ ..... o.....y .,,. ou,... ...... "== : ~i''*' -a te o . John was " who a ....... +t. .... them. After discussing, the ................. _ ................ :. C ~UatlPat 'tt c~ ~*~a~l ~,WU 4 '~ r~ ...... ailed Tuesday ev- ing some on his house In[ ........ uniforms, we started gecttlng a,, n_ .......a A)t,-..,a k'ttUNI5 lC1 8941 * . ,- I me service lne seven ~a[- 2"1.11 ~vleml~rs lt~e uu=,~ a=tu zx~=tu ," I;~;" ~ and Mrs, Ray-Lo ,ewell which he is pre- ^lift ^hil' r2n " -r ...... in-lunch ready Soon we were q ' : ' t; U U t~ WU 13 ellJUy I~ : I ' "~ : r " ~ Lad Mr. aP.d M.rs. paring for sale. I a famil" r union as the" had through eating and we had of NarKa Mr. and Mrs Chester Vanl m the closing where we get in DOOR PRIZES OPEN SATURDAY & SUNDAY Mrs. Harold Fran- visited with their daughter, and her mother, Mollie Da- Ind. arrived Monday evening '. Mrs. Grace Mrs. Barbara Bouray, her vis, at Burr Oak last Friday. for a visit at the home of Casper came husband and the two grand- Grace is planning to take Mrs. Wafters cousin, Mrs. to visit her her mother home with her to Frank Kissinger. They plan and Mrs. Geo. and other rela- Mrs. Bert Saint of Jewell were of Mrs. Lettie day. Mrs. Claron Fran- Wyo. came evening to visit Mrs. Grace Ha- friends and Mrs. Claron Fran- Wyo., Mrs were dinner Madeline Mill- at Pete's Cafe in and called on in Lebanon Mrs. Claron Fran- Madeline Miller guests at the in Mankato of Haworbh Wed- evening Towner Oct. 3--Sunny, rather strong weather report of snow in northwest and Nebraska Get- be that time of year. moisture The reading here is Wilma Blair was a Caller at the C. V. Monday a. m. husband, Ber- spent the day Cloud visiting iter, Mrs. Marjo d, who are their house. Lrs received a Sunday evening con, Steve, who :graduate courses physical odu- sons. Mr. and Mrs. Renken spent the .weekend at the home of their son, Richard Renken. They returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Jep- son of Formoso are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ches- ter Van Meter this evening at a fish fry. Mr. Van Meter caught a nice 6 lb. fish at the lake recently. Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Leece and sons, Richard and Ricky, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ayers, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Leece and children were Sun- day evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Pur- cell in Superior. Mr. and. Mrs. Bert Dia- mond and Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Leece attended the football game in Mankato Friday night. Mankato and Lebanon were playing." Mr. and Mrs. C. V. War- ren spent Friday p. m. in Belleville where they were consulting an optometrist, Dr. Jon Thayer. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Marr and Mrs. Marr's father, Tom Myers, drove to Pawhuska Monday morning to attend the funeral of Mr. Cal My- ers, Tom's brother, which will be held Tuesday. Mrs. Effie Alter and Mr.' and Mrs. Curt Marr visited Sunday afternoon and even- ing at the C. V. Warren' home. Mrs. Alter, who for- merly lived at Lovewell and Formoso, is now living in Denver. She and her daugh- Intercession, Fla. starting l Oct. 10. Lena Harris of Red Cloud plans to go with them. The Women's Missionary Society plan to meet with Dora Warner at Burr Oak Thursday, Oct. 6 with Mabel Warner as co-bus,tess. This is a week early as Yearly Meeting is next week, Oct. to leave for home Tuesday Gertrude Fiero, who suf- fered a broken hip last Wed- nesday in a fall at the Man- kato Apartment house where she lives, was taken to the Belier|lie hospital to have it set. "WE KNOW YOUR CAR INSIDE OUT !" Our servicemen know your car's ser- vice needs best They're trained, skilled experts.., using modern tools and the newest techniques. So, let them give your car or truck quality Guardian Maintenance service at (Dealership Name). 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