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October 5, 2016     Jewell County Record
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October 5, 2016

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, October 6, 2016 First Addition to the City of Randall, Block Nine (9) of Brigham, Crill and interest, lien, estate, or equity of re- =, ...... Kansas, thence South to the North line Randall s First Addition extended demption in or to the above described (a) It shall be unlawful for any per- Possessionofthefarm willbeonMarch n 11 1 "1, "r = of the Missouri Pacific Railroad right- southerly; thence northerly along said real estate, or any part thereof, son to serve CMB at a special event 1, 2017. i - 1"1 IDI112 IN OtlC( of way, thence in a Northwesterly di- West Line on adeflection angle to the You are hereby required to pleadto without first applying for a local spy- To be considered, bids must be in rection along the North Line of said right of 69 degrees 33 .ft.49 in.a said Petition on or before the 7t-h dayof cial event permit at least 10 days be- writing SoUbmitt D ta Oe eE? C lOf. (First Published September 22, 2016 Addition; thence easterly along the figh hfway: hea 3int:n e etfing e distanceof257.66feettotlae:sou east November, 2016, at 9:30 o'clock a.m. fore theevent. Written applicatlonfor the oaro art . y, .A.: 7; ' ComerofLotTwelve(12),BlockNmeCST in said court, at Mankato. Jewell the local special event permit shall be N ommercl h;t i OXJu? o in the Jewell County Record) South Line of said Block Eight (8) on doom ................... Notice of Suit a deflection angle to the right of 89 (lz),m, ulCK. lgant(( o)' no n ee :et (9)m Br!gham, Cull and Randalls County, Kansas. Should you fad made to the city clerk on the form used Karor oovao. . . . " . therein, jud ,ment an ............. .v ..... . " ble In the District Court of Jewell degrees51ft.25in.adistanceof136.00 atone, me oum . e ........ first Aoumon, mince easterly along ,, ,t a,,,.,=,, wm h,, f,,r ann,,-I ,',=real malt beveraee sales a stated amount per acre tr grassmna County, Kansas feet to the Point of Beginning, contain- !12),m tlae oresala. amc mglat ( )to the Somh Line of said Block Nine(9) entered in due course upon said Peti- as directed by the city clerk. In a.ddl- and crop land. Ren! be_Ph a _ No. 2016-CV-000005 ing 0.5 acres, more or less. me placeor.oegtnnmg. ...... onauenectionang,etomengntoravlion tion to any other information reqmred, one-nalionMarcn l anUOnre u re " The Randall Farmers Co-operative Formerly described as: ..... tC:oASa&to ,a2, mtst o t ; degrees 51ft. 14in.adistanceof136.6 JamesM Johnson ,,..)l, .... ,-evlioantshallnrvidethefllw-.- , r ovemt)er L lenant win oe quJ co. " r' Union, A Kansas Cooperative, a/k/a A triangular tract between Lot :Six .... ";77 feetto thePointofBeg'.mning, contain- Frasier, Johnson and Martin, LLC in 1) the name of the applicant; (2) to control noxmus weeds in acco - The Randall Farmers Co-op a/k/a The (6) and the Missouri Pacific Rail Road E/4oftlae. E/4)ot e ,onuneu), 0.9 acres, mor :rsleSs, l16N. Hersey Ave., P.O. Box369g'(2......., ..... ai,.h dance with aoolicable Kansas law and aandall Farmers Cooperative Union a/ Right-of-Way known as Tract No. 24 l ownsn p we oum, L anget uneven rormeny describe : Beloit, KS 67420-0369 planned; (3) the location of the event; to maintain fences. " uarter SE/4 of See west tiaa- /w), o ^m Beginning at a point Eleven Feet (785) 738-5723 (4) the date and time of the event; (5) The hunting rights will be retained k/a Randall Farmers Coop Union a/k/ m the Southeast Q( ) - .., .................. a Randall Farmers Cooperative Union tion one (1), Township Five (5) South, t.lty ot tanaan, Jewe les& e asfof and Eight Inches (11 ft. 8 in.) South of (785) 738-5725 (fax) any anticipated need for police, fire or by the landlord and the real estate Will Plaintiffs Range (7) West sas, more parncmarff - the Northeast comer of Lot Six (6), in jmjohnson@fjmlawllc.com other municipal services be enrolled in the Kansas Department vs And lows; Beginning at the Southeast Cor- . Block Nine (9) of Brigham, Crill and Attorneys for Plaintiff ZNEZ 38-3c i (b) Upon meeting the requirements of Wildlife Walk-in Hunting Program. Jewell County Commissioners, Buf- Part of the Southeast Quarter (SE/ nerfLt SiXl}6 'Bl kn hts(8]:s Randall's lstAddition to the City of to obtain a special event permit, the 21 l 6ma S ob ':?C:kVedbYoOctber city clerk shall issue a local special ..... P, - falo Valley Grain Company, apartner- 4) of Section One (1), Township Five ngnam, % ......... Randall, Jewell C6unty, Kansas, ship; Mildred L. King and Jordan C. (5) South, Range Seven (7) West, de- Addl n :s YteRsoa hael id: oe thence South Seventy-Five Feet (75 (First published September 29, 2016 event permit to the applicant if there s,dered;B ds will be opened at e King, wife and husband; James H. scribedasfollows:Beginningatapoint '; i" "" k Eight ft.), thence West One Hundred Forty in theJe(wel! County Record) ,. are no conflicts with any zoning or ovemaer meeung tneuo>arLot Hart and Carolyn A. Hart, husbandand 44feetsouthofthesoutheastcomerof metmst,t'me,t.saqis t C eofg87! Feet (140 ft ), thence North Seventy- m tne o smct t.ourt otJeweu other ordinances of the city lrusteeson uctooerzo, zolo. lne wife; Kenneth S. Hart and Helen E. Block E!ght (8) in Brigham, Crilland extenaTsutenya outherlvriohiof five Feet (75 ft.) to a point Eleven Feet County, Kansas . .. (c) The city clerk shall notify the B? cda Tir :teesreserve Nth ght Hart, husband and wife; Gaylord B. Randall s First Addition to the City ot .... and Eight lnches (l l ft. 8in.)Southof Notie eof.ltea ngonPet tlon chiefofpolicewheneveraspecialevent "J . .., . ..................... '- "- the Missouri way tn ,tu,u uu- - ................ the Northwest comer of said Lot Six aettlement permit has been issued and forward a Hart anu lvlargaret tJ. Hart, nusoana Kanoall, mince ooum to ....... , and wife; Lincoln Grain, Inc; Minnie Pacific Railroad-right-of-way, thence su eastertYnal 2geS ilgn a gtnt (6), thence East One Hundred Forty . In the Ma. er of the Estate of Erma copy of the permit and application to lnellTl /|nd o -tl. the claiet ot ponce. , "-%" , .... Lula Vestal, A.D. Fullerton and June in a northwesterly direction along the rlgnrot wayo ..... go .....Feet (140 ft.) to place of beginning, all L. uunstan, uecea _ ,,, _ ................ m Fullerton, husband and wife; Ed Flinn; north side of said right-of way ton in Jewell County, Kansas and begin a .... _t ase,z.u.ta'rK'x '.. Section4. Permit Regulations. arst pmee team : S.C. Friend and Hazel J. Friend, hus- point due west of place of beginning, of Bri-ham part of said Lot Six (6) and SE/4 SE/4 ehe t te r ansas to au persons (a) No special event permit holder Micheala Simmelink t.raveled to band and wife; E.F. Zimmer and Effie thence east to place of beginning. =!ey m. =oc ..... t ) ...... g , Sic. One (1), Township Five (5) South, coney : , shall allow the serving of CMB be- Australia as part of The Kansas State tween the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6 University Crop Judging Team There Range Seven (7) West of the 6th P.M.. Iou are ner y o fieddth2totartPe l,- Zimmer, husband and wife; Elmer And t.rtn ann Kanaau s r rst &aomon ex- Hoffer and Pearl Hoffer, husband and An irregular tract of land adjoining ndeddt u e: ithen:: 2t{ hctrly whiChsouth adjoins said Lot Six on the Ellistln nasj.DunstanOee andElesa S. McMillan,Y a.m. at any event for which a special she placed first in acronr no ,,con- wife; B L Folsom and Elnora Folsom, said Block Eight (8), described as fol- P ' " r ' " " " husban i and wife; Winnie Hockett; lows: Commencing at the Southeast nn.glae s edeft llOd gr eSe26ft'dale Commencing at a point 32.33 feet executors of the will and of the estate event ermit has been issued test Micheala is the dau hter of Dale (b) No CMB shall be gwen, sold o S=mmehnk,lofim,and RhondaAtwood, Dallas F. Hockett and Theima L. comer of Block Eight (8), Brigham, ,.. ..... . ...... South of the Southeast comer of Lot of Erma L. Dunstan, deceased, asking traded to any person under 21 years of Downs. ' ' iti n to aoumeastt.omerorLOtTWelveuz),6, Block 9, Brigham, Crill and for fmal settlement of said estate; for age. Hockett, James S. Hart; and the un- Cull and Randall s First Add o ,,^^,. ,a:_^ ,m :.. n.:.a...., r,. n Randall's 1st Addition to the City of settlement and allowance of their ac- (c) No more than four special event I, .... .... " rice DIU~E XNIIII~ ~] 111 lt~ll~llO.lll, ~..llil lilt known helrs, executors, admnnstra- the City of Randall, Kansas, the ................. tors, devisees, trustees, creditors, and running south Forty-four (44), feet; K,an. aalao S S 2uat lin;2 en:fB es - Randall, KS; thence South 4267 feet; count as executors; for approval of all permits may be issued inn calendar tonla assigns of any deceased defendants; thenceWestOnehundredtwenty(120) eny a..,g ....... thence West 140 feet; thence North acts and proceedings of such execu- year to the same applicant the unknown spouses of any defen- feet;thenceNorthForty-four(44)feet; ne t )naeea: 8e ' iang isttantne 42.67 feet; thence East140 feet to the tors; for compensation for them and (d) No special event permit issued PastorGerrySharpbroughttheSun-. dants; the unknown officers, succes- thence running parallel along the south le t o vuoeg . . .. place of beginning, being a part of the their attorneys; for a determination of hereunder may be transferred or as- day morning message at Ionia United sors, trustees, creditors, and assigns of line of Lot Six (6) in said Block Eight nl86c00tf?e t Pa lrntsfBegmr SE/4 of Section l, Township 5 South, theheirs, devisees and legatees of the signed to any other vendor. Methodist Church. Themessage Was any defendants which areexisting, dis- (8) one hundred twenty (120) feet to , s, . , Range 7 West of the 6th P.M. And decedent; for assignment of the assets (e) All local ordinances and state titled How Much Does God Have To ........... and property of said estate to those statutes for the sale and consumption Do?" Scriptures read were Luke 17:1 l- solved, or dormant corporations; the the place of beginning; excepting ss. . .... ran ot tlae aoumeast t2uarter or . .................. entitled thereto; and for all other proper rormerly oescrlnea as unknown executors, administrators, therein the Missouri pacific railroad ..... :_ o .... t. .... "n ...... :eWa oumeast t2uarter r-a'U or ........ of CMB apply to holders of special 19: Greeter and usher was Brad Kohn. devisees, trustees, creditors, succes- right-of-way which crosses the south- of Secilton'bn;t tl . ow ns i o F ve(5) ............... remit; ann you are nereny reqmred to , ecu.on _one townsntp lste file your written defenses thereto on or event permits Linda Kohn was the pianist Marcy sors, and assigns of any defendants west comer of said irregular tract. .. . _ :, .... ;e . , aoutla, Kange aeven w) , - Passed b the Govemin Bod ofSimmelink lit the altar candles: Holy SCrlDeO as iOllOWS" ~egmnlng ~4z It. a .... . .. " " " me L.lty or Jeweil r-.ansas ann slgneu ......... rou ht who are or were partners or in partner- TractB:AtractoflandintheSouth-sSrU e taRs}ngew se nitmat nWat ou [ .............. before October 21, 2016 at l0"00 a m ...... ff ,,, g, .Y, Communion was observed. " ..... ;; " " mer of or said nay, in sam court, in the C,ty or ...... - ...... &ssoclate rastor Kose n g ship; the unknown guardians, conser- east Quarter of the Southeast Quarter . ":. P,... ..... m outla ot tlae outneast co .......... oy me mayor tins nay o) uctoner, )h,, q,,nrl.... nrnlno rnP~c,o at tho "; .......... rill n" anKatO, hanSas, at which time and 2016 ......... .......... {' ....... =' ....... vators, and trustees of any defendants (SE/4 of the SE/4)of Section One (1), ;as~l~nmer;uS~~v~i~;onuSampl~l~cK DIOCK i llne ~y), tmgnam, t. a u . ................. place sa d cause wdl be heard Should Bruce Barrett Esbon and Burr Oak United Methodist who are minors or are under any legal Township Five South, Range Seven , " "" " ........ feet to the you rau merem, juagment ann uecree . churches disability; and the unknown heirs, ex- West (T5S-R7W), of the Sixth P.M., RaisltR?:d ognht-t te:ydlae cenfr1?d Kanoau srlrstAdditiontomeutyot ........ ",, Kanoall, mince west 140 .......... Mayor .... ecutors, administrators, devisees, trust- City of Randall, Jewel l County, Kan- s . . . " ...... h WlU ne entereu in uue course upon said rSeaD The admmlstratwe council meet- yes, creditors, and assigns of any per- sas, moreparticularly described as fol- rlfghto_Ot~w2yt tOoapOln~ ds~C~YSc~U~h center line ot tile aueyway, t ence ,,,,,m,,,, South to the North boundary of the n .... ing was held at Ionia United Metfiodist ttest: ....... i ht ......... thenc t msJ, u sumanamesaS McMillan ......... t.nurcn last weunesoay n g , son alleged to be deceased, lows; Beginning at the Southeast Cor- . . tvussourl raclnc riglat-ot-way, e ........ - amaue J. rasm tn .... Dick and Gloria Defendants her of Lot Twelve (12), Block Eight tlaence north to soutlawest comer ot ........ h bound executors ot me wm ann ot the estate Cit Clerk ........ aunaay evening, ............. ot t rma L. uunstan, ueceaseo Y 40-1c Schlaefli visited Garold and Bai'bara The Stai'e of Kansas to the above (8)in Brigham, Crill and Randalrs idB2ick 9es ht na ee tSto}aPi egfarySUtlaeastenYot tlae vussounmng meracmcr Ort right-Or-- .......... ...... ........ , ttesr onn L t mgnam OhmstedeattheirhomeinGuideRock. way to a point directly soum ot me .... " .... " ....... named defendants, and all other per- First Addition to the City of Randa!l, ~h~.,,. d,.~'rlh.d trat'telvin , east of the ....... lock Nine beau u strlct vlaglstrate Judge (First published October 6, 2016 in Friday, Karen Boden went to sons who are on may be concerned: Jewell County, Kansas; thence soutla- -- - soumeast comer or sam ............... You are hereby notified that a peti- erly alongthe West Line of the alley in mmaa thnne naes;';;YWeaYo l e .... fbe inweltmer.rmmps Law umce (9),thenceNortl totlaepomto g - P O Box 303 the Jewell County Record)Andover and visited her father, Ivar lion has been filed in the District Court said Block Eight (8) extended south- ning Invitation for Bids Johnston. Karen stayed at the home of of Jewell County, Kansas, by The erly a distance of136.86 feet to a point above described property. " Mankato, Kansas 66956-0303 TheBoardofTrusteesoftheJewell Scott and Rachel Boden and family, And (785) 378-3172 County Hospital is accepting bids for a Goessel. On Saturday momifig Karen Randall Farmers Co-operative Union, on the southerly right of way of the Tracts E and F: Commencingatapointeightyseven A" " (87) and one half (1/2) feet south and ....... Plaintiff, praying for an order quieting abandoned railroad; thence northwest- Atract in BlockNine (9) in Brigham, ttorneys tor xecutors three year lease on the following de- went to Lindsborg to watch Eli Boden the title to certain property, located in erly along said abandoned rightofway Criil and Randall s First Addition to onehundredeightyfive(185)feetWest scribed farm real estate: play in a flag football game Saturday Jewell County, Kansas The legal de- onadeflectionangletotherightof 110 the City of Randall, Jewell County, of the initial point to Randall Kansas, West Half of the West Half(Wl/2 afternoon, Karen attended a bridal scription of the property is as follows: degrees26ft.22 in. adistanceof128.10 Kansas, more particularly described as said initial point is located six (6) and (First published October 6, 2016 in WI/2) of Section Four (4), Township shower in Concordia for Melissa TractA:AtractoflandintheSouth- feettoapointontheWestLineofsaid follows; The South Thirty-two feet sixty five (65) hundredths chains north the Jewell County Record) Four(4) South, Range Eight (8) West Kieffer, a niece of Leon and Karen east Quarter of the Southeast Quarter Block Eight (8) extended southerly; four inches (32 ft.-4 in.) of Lot Six (6), from the southeast corner of Section Ordinance No. 639 of the 6th P.M. Boden. Saturday night, Karen took one (1), township five (5), range seven An ordinance providing for license (SE/4 of the SE/4) of Section One (I), thence northerly along said West Line Block Nine (9) in Brigham, Crill and WestHalfoftheNorthwestQuarterLeonout forsupperatacafeinMankato Township Five South, Range Seven on a deflection angle to the right of Randall s First Addition to the City of (7) west, thence north seventy seven and regulationsofacereal malt bever- (WI/2 NW 1/4) of Section Five (5), incelebrationofLeon'sbirthday.While West (T5S-R7W), of the Sixth P.M., 6933'38" a distance of 106.72 feet to Randall, Kansas (77) degrees fifty (50) minutes west special event permit within the Township Four (4) South, RangeEight atthecafe, tlaey visited with Roger and City of Randall. Jewell County, Kan- the intersection with the northerly right And one hundred four (104) feet, thence C ty of Jeweli, Kansas (8) West of the 6th P.M. Arrilla Fedde who were celebrating sas, more particularly described as fol- of way of the abandoned railroad; A tract of land in the Southeast south eleven (11) feet and four inches, Be it ordained by the Governing Southeast Quarter (SE1/4) of Sic- Roger's birthday. ows; Begi ruing at the Southeast Cor- thence southeaster|y along said aban- Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE/ thence west sixty (66) feet, thence Body of the City of Jewell, Kansas: tionFive(5),TownshipFour(4)South, Last Monday, Frank Diemart vis- nor of Lot Six '(6)' BlOCk 'Eight (8) i ff domed right of Wii.y o e'cti a of:d!e. El4) of:Section One (1), southMx (6) fe fi x (6) inches to Secti0n 1. Permit Require0 Range Eight (8) West of the 6th P.M.- ited Harold and Neva Shoemaker at-, Brigham, Ctill and Randalrs First angle to the rightofq a dis- ,,Township Five South. i R ge Seven railroadrightofWay, d encefollowing shall be unlawful forany person East Half of the Southwest Quarter the Mitchell County Hospital. Last AdditiontotheCityofRandalI,Jewell lance of 4235 feet to a point on the west (T5S-R7W), ottlae Mxm ravL, said right of way in a southeasterly to sell or serve any CMB at any special (E1/2 SWl/4) of Section Five (5), Wednesday, FrankvisitedCokeWright County, Kansas;thence southerly along South Line of Lot Twelve (12), Block City of Randall, Jewell County, Kan- direction to a point fifty nine (59) feet event within the city without first ob- TownshipFour (4) South, Range Eight at the Golden Living Center, Downs the East Line of said Block Eight (8) Eight (8) in Brigham, Crill and sas, more particularly described as fol- south and.one (1) and one half (1/2) raining a local special event permit (8) West of the 6th P.M. Friday night Rod and Rita Rose lows, Be mum at the Southeast Cor extended southerly adistance of ! 8789 Randall s First Addition; thence east- " g" " g - feet east from place of beginning, from the city clerk Northeast Quarter (NEI/4) of Sic- went to the movie theatre in Beloit thence north fifty nine (59) feet to Section 2. Permit Fee. tionFive(5),TownshipFour(4)South, with Dick and Gloria Schlaefli. They feet to a point on the southerly right of erly along said South Line on a deflec- way of the abandoned railroad; thence lion angle to the left of 20 degrees 34 ft. northwesterly along said abandoned 57 in. a distance of 80.35 feet to the rightofwayonadeflectionangletothe Point of Beginning, containing 0.3 rightof11026'22"adistanceof145.14 acres, more or less. feet to a point on the West Line of the Formerly described as: Alley in said BIock Eight (8) extended A tract of land in the Southeast southerly;thence northerly along said Quarter (SE/4) of Section One (1), West Line on a deflection angle to the TownshipFive(5),South, RangeSeven right o1"6933'38" a distance of 136.86 (7) West of the 6th P.M. described as feet to the Southeast Comer of Lot follows:CommencingattheSoutheast' Twelve (12), Block Eight (8) in comerofLotTwelve(12),BlockEight Brigham. Crill and Randalrs First (8), of Brigham, Crill and Randall's Commercial Truck Driving Get your CDL; it's affordable & fast! Call 785.670.3500 www.WashburnTech.edu ..................................... L JOHN DEERE her of Lot Six (6), Block Nine (9) in Brigham, Crill and Randall's First Addition to the City of Randall, Jewell County, Kansas; thence southerly along the East Line of said Block Nine (9) The petition further seeks an order extended southerly a distance of 309.36 holding the Plaintiff to be the owner in feet to a point on the southerly right of fee simple title to the above-described way of the abandoned railroad right Of real estate, free of all right, title, and way; thence northwesterly along said interest of the above named defen- abandoned right of way on a deflection dants, and all other persons who are or angle to the right of 110 degrees 39 ft. may be concerned, and that they and 37 in. a distance of 14707 feet to a each of them be forever barred and point on the West Line of the Alley in foreclosed of and from all right, title, place of beginning This tract is a part (a) There is hereby levied a special of section one (1), township fi e (5), eventpermitfeeintheamountof$25.00 range seven (7) west. on each group or individual, which fee KANSAS TURNPIKE AUTHORITY INTERNET AUCTION OCTOBER 1 1 Bidding starts to dose at 10 a.m. CDT purple wa ve auction All items =el| witheut reservel Including: tractors, pickup trucks, SUVs, vehicles, dump trucks and more. 866.~05.9283 I learance 5 year warranty New '15 JD 5065E MFWD, Cab (B) #J31699 msrp $47,256 $39,500 $59,500 .... New '15 JD 5085E/H240 loader (H) #J32o2s msrp $68,140 New '15 JD 5100E/H260 Loader (E) #m69s msrp $79,088 $64,500 New'15 JD 5100M/H310 Loader (B) #j31733 msrp $92,765 $77,500 Plus 200 Off Frontier tractor attachments Lonnie Wilson's UPCOMING AUCTION,. 125 GUNS AUCTION (1 owner 601 S Broadway, Salina, KS Sunday, October 9, 1 pm More information online at www.soldbxwilson.com Lonnie Wilson 785-826-7800 !,1 I Program ends Oct. 28 2016 Beloit EIIsworth Hays shall be paid before the event begins (b) Every special event permit holder shall cause the permit receipt to be placed in plain view on any pre- mises within the city where the holder of the special event permit is serving CMB for consumption on the premises. Section 3. City Special Event Per- mit. Range Eight (8) West of the 6th P.M. Tract of land in the Southwest Quar- ter (SW 1/4) of Section Thirty-two (32), Township Three (3) South, Range Eight (8) West of the 6th P.M., described as follows: Commencing at the South- west comer of said Section 32; thence North 284 feet; thence East 195 feet; thence South 284 feet; thence West 195 feet to the place of beginning This farm consists of 534.4 acres of grassland and 105.6 acres of cropland. In observance of Columbus Day we will be closed 'T. 10 TATE D xc,aNGe DANK Mankato, Kansas 66956 II II~'S'~ 107 S. Commercial Mankato, Kan. 66956 785-378-3222 ~Z~/~ne,ghborhood that feels like home. For years, your neighborhood was ful.1 of friends, tim and a sense of belonging. Then one morning you woke up and realized the neighborhood just wasn't the same anymore. With senior living at Good Samaritan Society - Wilde Ridge, we can. help you t el. right at home again. h tr ~, ,,,,~ All f ~it!'l'; ~r b~?li:3f~; f!r~ W,'~L";(:!'tle. C~~ ~(~(~od ., Tolearn more about current openings in our " 0 ,sigma[1tan li senior 1Mug community, call (402) 879-8043. Sociew 1', \M LD ; RmGl'.", Es' wr !:s I! i saw the movie, "Sully." Neva Shoemaker had a knee re- placement on Sept. 13 at Salina. She was later transferred to the Mitchell County Hospital, Beloit, where she underwent physical therapy She is now home and recovering Brad Engelbert, Lawrence, Kan., came and Stayed a few days at the Shoemaker farm and visited Neva. Curt and Maureen Shoe- maker have been doing Neva's chores on the farm. Monday, Sue Shin, Lawrence, Kan., visited Neva for the day. Neva reported she is doing well. Saturday afternoon, Rod and Rita Rose and Dick and Gloria Schlaefli rode their motorcycles through Jewell, past the Jamestown Marsh, and ended up in Belleville where they had supper. Two weeks ago, Rod and Rita stayed three days in the Estes Park, Colo., area. PatDmmart s great-granddaughter, Lilah Jean Beemer, was born on Sept. 16. She is the daughter of Stephen and Jennifer Beemer, Americus. Bob Rose had surgery last Tuesday at the Mitchell County Hospital, Beloit. He remdi a patient there as of Mon- day but rci *s are that he maY be transferred to the Golden Living Center, Downs, soon. Micheala Simmelink recently stayed two weeks in Australia. She went as a member of the Kansas State University crop judging team, along with four other team members The team participated in a crop judging contest there earning first place Dick and Gloria Schlaefl .trailer camped a few days last week at Waconda Lake with Ron and Marie Terry, Topeka, and Ron and Dianna Coad, Salina. Rod and Rita Rose became great- grandparents on Sept. 23 when Aurora Grace was born in McCook. Parents of Aurora are Sky Manley and Dakota Rose. Aurora's grandfather is Marly Rose, Lincoln, Neb. Rod, Rita and Marly were at the hospital when Au- rora was born. Fall harvest has started in this area. Corn and soybeans are being cut. Wheat is also being planted where the fields are dry enough to do so. Hay is being swathed and baled in between the show- ers. More rain is in the forecast i.-r the first of this week. 5