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October 1, 1970     Jewell County Record
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October 1, 1970

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Packing Plant Will Re-0pen Soon National Advertising Representative gANSAS PRESS SERVICE, INC. Iox 1773, To pek,, Kinng 66601 "Any good thing that I |n'i do, or any kindness that I cin' ahow to say humon being, lot me da It now end not doter it for I shall not pill this Wly 1970 again," k/~tJ' Class Postage Paid et INIT the Post Office, Manketo, Kansas i~llSi. ;tl@nll ,l~med week. $5.00' per year In Jeweli 'Ken.s ~,e~. County nd surrounding ,counties (Smith, Osborne, of Jawoll 'Mitchell, Cloud and Republ/o ,, . tn Kansas, Nuckolla and Webster counties in Hospital News XAMILY- Nebraska). $6.00 yer elsewhere. .Publishers Kansas residents dd 3% JR., Editor for sales tax. Subscribers are sked to ' - Associate notify this office at once Manka~ Paeld~g Co. ,Plm~ of the board of directors of the Sioux City, Iowa. This when they have a change Leased To Sial Raskin Mankato l~acking Co., met the has been in the same fa~rri~y of address. ~lane at ,Bel~eville and brought since Sid's ~ather and un~le The Mar~kato Packing Co. the Sioux City men to Mankato. started the plant in ~91'4. Proctor, blank~a~o. ~ffi~a,ls h~ve announced that Mr. ~Raskin was a,oc,o,mpan~ed T~e picture above shows, left " D/SMZSSALS the pa,oldng plant, noct~hea*st of by Ernest Ma,ier, who will be CHATTER ,Manka to, ,has been leased to s~perintendent of the local to right: Ernest Maier, Sid Sept. 22: Miss Lynn,r Newel], Sid ~askin o,~ Sioux Ci'~, I~wa. plea't; Orville C'am~bell, his l'taskin, and Ralph Wa~gh. .Y~mlca,to; Mrs. Mice Oemaray. Mr. Raskin and three e;f hJs hide s uperin, tendent; and Witb,ur Mr. Raskin end hds key eva- Mankato; Mr. Earl Murray, FOR HOME FOLKS emp,lo~ees were in Manka to Col,lette, his constru~ction super- p}oyees spent the day looking Man.to. R~'esday, September 29. They intendent, o~er the local p~lan~. ,They plan Sept. 22: Mrs. Nora Gleason, M. A. B" "flew .to Belleville from Sioux Sid ~Raskin owns and opera.its to make some minor adjust- Burr Oak. City. Ralph Wa~zgh, a member the Raskin Packing ,P~ant in ments arid get the plant cleaned Sept. 26: Mrs. R'helma Proc- ' ~ and rea+d~" to fro. Mr. Raskin tar, Mania:to; Mrs. Bernice Scott, Mankato. because. Hew about equality of sexes? were served by *Mrs. Kier and she had heard them eal, l~ ~ants to go into operation as m'aart-- ~ .~id you ever bear o~ a hates- her daughter, Susan. The fo,1- ed G,ay Feathers. Someone else soon as passible..When Mr. ,, , l~askin knows definitely what Centenlal Parade and reason? w~e retie? lowing @uests enj~D'ed the eve- called them ~an~es iro~ ,.~ t~g: Ada Hi, sis, L~dia Beam. Heaven", ~md another ~ da~ he will be able to open the ~arbee~ In JeweU could build True, we cnn'~ t~ke money Neitn Jones, Bulah Folsom, ~ay them "Indian paint brushes." pratt, it wi,ll be announced in he used with ~-. ~ttt we can't travel Rea~er, and Ye Scribe. -- ~Wed- ~[ asked Wins Smith (~o this paper. 'i~e Jewe~l Centennial p,arade Imvled very tf~r ~vithou$ it. nesd~y, our mece and nephow, brought the fl~vers) and he Ernest MaSer and Mr. Rat. SaCurda7 h'as graven in entr~es Georg/a and Frank Egans of ga~,e the scientific name, but I erin's son, Steve ,Ras~n, oi to one of the ~,argest parades Portland, Oregon, stc~ped ~or a can't remember tha~.-- John Sioux City will be the co, held ,in the area ,[or some time. the Before S~tar~ay visR. They had been visiting Love raises fine sr~termelons-- ~anagers ctf the Manka~o planl Seven area band~, twenty floats ~0me irora My sister, Wine, red' Stoics, of their son, Mike, ~ho h~as i[inlsh- ( know, ~or he bro~.ght one to and ~,ill ~ive here. They will and some ~;ixty registered t~ar- tam~. Cotw~and, .accompanied by ~.rs. ed his medioa,I course and is Ye Scribe. one for ~'ary's fa.m. bring same af the departmer#t ade pieces of ~ntiq~e cars, an-. heads wi~ them from Sioux ~mal drawn entries and other Jk~hnson a~d Nine ~fl, kkin~ his interne work in Men- ely, and one ~for Dirck B~'d at City. All the other employees parade ~tems b~ve been enter- two sides came after me ~n.~ ~1'~ nespolls, ~V~inneso#a.-- We a'l'l Norton. -- Mrs. Jim M~rray ends. Sunday, September '27, and we ~te ~n~ Thursday noon with eel, led me and told me that their will be selected from applic~ ed. ~arade workers said today drove ~o Beiott and h,ad dinner Jo'nn, ~lizabo~ and Kirk Jo- son, Jack, ~,Lth the ~B~, s~ation- teens tram personnel in th~ flu;t irons were g.ill camir~g in area Wrnen the c0~pany you r, vha~ *at the Mainliner ~heve Mrs. hanson, Yvonne CoRSe, and Mrs. ed .at Co~by, had been ordered .. ..... . .. and Chat 'all ,were we}come up tO Manh,a~anL la,~t w~s~le t~ h.~ teeny to a,c~'el~ :oca~ app,~1ca- Gerald J~mes waited on us. N~, a medical records con- ~ard ~e-:I;r-esiden~af'~'~e .U:~. Siena, the in,~ormation will be to parade ~me, ~ is 10 Went to the home o[ Roy and m~ttant from ~tin@s. Georgia -- The w'esid~nt'~ tr~r~ to ~n" prin~ted in, the Je~etl County a.m. Saturd~t.v. Gates. ~here we made and ~ank ']eft Thursd,ay ~,fter- " ................... n ,'l~e ~ree bee~f be~eeue will ,- , ~ . . ..... Record Er est Maier Land Steve plans ~or the annual retmion of noon ~or Philllpsrm~r~. -- Fri- haman has ca,used ra=,,~ ~vvz- _ .. ......... be se~cl about noon. There t~at every, the 1910 ~ass ~ .K}a~s:s State d~ty, ;[ had a visit with Bess able press noti'ces-- frhe Widely ~aszm Wrll ~e m ~an~m. to ~,-fll be several contests held Ln -- r~d "/T~ ~m,,a ~ ",xre,.1,1 l n.~ePvleW prospe~o~tve ernpl~- the ~Rernoon. ~1 antique di~- Contro~-~ University. -- ~Ve~t to the home and Fern ~Pair. ~ bare a.... LU ........ ~ ........ ~-"'rt ....... vm.~ .... ,~_.., ees. Please do not call or wr~te prays and many ner, v items su~l~. debt end og [Mrs. Ger~d Kier Sunday, botRuet of wild Eo~vem in our ..~,, ..... ~' ~""~"'~""~R~In' ~' , ~'' " ~" " 20, tO help ~:elebrate o~tt, e, w~ieh has caused corn- ~rv about the behavior ~,~ -,,. ~, ~+acamg ,.~,. a~ ~,oux as 1~ cam, boa.~, trai~era ann the bLrt~ of Mrs. ~.rr~ men~. They .re lon~ pu.r~Me ~t~',!asti,e resp~se'to--the-pr~i-City~ ~ndW~!! Op:y ~dr~.~Ra, t~r ~ ~ be .a~la~. ,or Kier-- ~ refr~Mm~mts spikes. ~ ~)yd said ~t den~s address--Some indiv~d- 0~o . . * m ~lewin$ thr0u~ho~t the a~R~'- ua~ l~a~ ~|~ ~o~ tJ~.~ ,~, ,~ wants the applications for era- noon, l~Ir~al peesen~on of the tion~l broadcastimt ~m~=,~,, P~ yznent in the Mankalto plartt c~mtennial pa,gean ~vil,l be gtv- .......... to be made ,here to rebroadcast the entire s alreadv have what Amendment offers VAN HORN~ a time, when the world Place, women were men'er House of hal I confess I'm similarly unmoved by the bill Mayor John Lindsay of New York dgned into law last week forbidding dis- ,erlmlnatlon for reasons of sex In all public places, Now, glory be, we girls can drop in st any corner saloon, Joss.house, Turldsh bath or ~mnes/um. And once having done so -- if I read the women's I/beratlon movement correctly -- we'll be ever so much more equal. "What do women want?" Freud once asked in desperation. Well, I expect we want many of the things men want. We want to be loved and admired and respected. We want the right to become lawyers,, physicians, veterinarians, golf caddies, jockeys or symphony conductors without being thought odd, aggressive or unfeminine. If there are women who also want to whoop it up with the boys at McSor]ey's Saloon -- a men-only tavern for the past century -- well, it takes all klnd~. Though in my view any women who shoves net way into this murky, dank, sawdust-filled dog hole deserves not an egg in her beer but a mickey. I By devoting so much time to de- feminizing women, denouncing cosmetics, pretty clothes and female compliance in sexual relations, the militents are dis- playing a rather pathetic resentment of the "girly girls" -- their phrase -- who have made out quite nicely by accepting their traditional roles in life. It is no accident, says a ~ports writer of my acquaintance, that most of the leaders in Women's Lib, the sturdy lasses up on the barricades in their hobnail boots, are "about as feminine as a bull moose," amend. And this,, years Harriet Van Harm acts with eqt~al grace this sublime amendment be in the early rat/flcation, the entire coun- our right to ~qual and immunities and intent, our will be exactly like in theory, freed the shackles and sent him on- Justice and prosperity. mean to be cynical. Women have been granted only in special societies times. For two million in general have been and sexuat conveniences. !N MODERN TIMES we are in equal status in far too I doubt that a constitu- is going to do anything when it comes, will education. And education homes, sounder THIS IS A POPULAR VIEW among men, Women's Lib. they say, is not aim- ing so much at equalizmg the sexes but at equalizing all women, demeaning the charm and sex appeal of the girls who've got it. We need parents who will encourage girls to study and achieve, to understand that a rich full life is one that combines a happy home with a place in the world. The answer ~o women's unhappiness must come through cultural change that begins in the home. Tbere'c no answer at all, that I can detect, In a ~th Ammdment or a wUd a good case can be made the. 14th Amendment is to protecting women's ver mind burdening the a 26th. It would protect we are citizens, Isn't No state shall make or abridging the rights of e~ in the ~i,~h ~hoel a~ditorium speech. So Kansas receh, ed a 'I~he re.~nin, g o~ the pckin~ at 7:~0 p.m. great an~tmt o~ Savorable pub- p~ant is ~e best economic news li~.ity. -- Mrs. L, H. S~ this ~rea has received for some was in our office Frktay with tlyn~. The pack~g plant pro- her niece m~d ne~phew, Mr. and video Lnvonm t[or en~loFees and Mrs. Harold ~atson. I asked businees firms in this whole SOCIETY about her ,son,. Gerald, s~ho is or.. Too. R ~ve. the .ttlo. and CLUBS an e~ce~{lerA bttsl~'na~l in .l~ a g~ ~ocal market, . Dem'er, @he repor~ th,~t be and hb tastily are fine, ~ guests thk past ~eek Bal~ D~mm~Club Mm~r ,Post Script: Had a nice v~d~ at the home of Mr. and Mrs: The h'b~y Dozen C~b met with Mrs. Gus Bernard o~ Fair- MI'~o~t O#t and Lamlly ha~e ~onday ~ml~g, S~pt. ~, to~ bury Th~sday. Mrs, Bernard been Mr, and M~, Emerson 6:30 SUpl~r a~ ~ home of ~as a,occ~panied* by Mrs. Ethel ISlam,on of ~rre~t Grove, Ore. ,Mrs, W. G. ~ ~Ith Mrs. Siebe~t o~ Burr Oak. Mrs, Bar- ~beY vl~dted his sl~t~, Gertrude E~ther ~hnvorth oo~o~t4m. nard Is making l~lans to oOm~ ~be~berd, and brother, ~verett Cards were played ~vRh Mns, back to J~wel, l County end ts Siemon, and many old frlen& Cl,vde ~kmh~lnd and ~enn looking for a home in B,urr Oak. ~md ~te~ .wh~le here. On Grout, St. r~oetv~ng the h t~h Stmday a dinner was hem at ~.orm, rJ~e new mee~g wfli --,Was I~sppy to i~t U visit t~ Oat home. (}u~Mtc wore: bo et t~e ~td~a~o 1Roan ff~eak with :YSary Rsm~rth ona day ,Mr, and ~Mra. Emerson Slem~m, ~ Oz~. ~, test ~eek. Mrs. Haworth w~ ~lth her n~hew and w,~ get- Mr, and Mrs. J. R. Shepherd, Don S~emon, Mr, and Mrs. I~win tlng.~t~o~g real wetl on a walker, f~+ll~'nen and ~ of EI~- Birthday stud Annlvenmry Party -- V, lsited with sweet Jan 8~, d~r Frid~, Jan wa~ with her werth, and Mr. and Mrs. BIU m,~the~ Mrs. Duane Snyder. l,~lwis and ~an'd.l~" o~ L~o~. A ~mlty party was held at R~sell Lang~ and Pat David- the home of Mr. end Mrs. Bob son were cations L~ t~e after. Parsons S~mdey. ~he occasion Main Street- was incelebratlonofthewed- di,g a.nniversary d Mr. and Mrs. M~e ~ystead is in St. Mrs. Bah P, ar~vns and the birth- Saturday on ~ar.k~to MS pro- Joseph's Hosplta,i at B~dmnk. days o~ Mrs. ~o~ Parsons and sensed ideal we~a,ther, Ye ~.ribe Ca~is, where she recently Lorie Parsons. T~e present rnv~ h,m~e beta lew that ~te~- under~ven~ su~ge~'. She ~uld were fMr. and Mrs. L~0,yde Got- noon tar I los~e~ ~t home ,tmtii a~te hearin~ ~x~ friends man and Henw Go.nan of ~ate. 8to~ a~t ~oogaarts and and re~a~. Btrrr Oak. Mr. end Mrs. Leo /~arry Ddazr~nd w,aRed on, me. Parsons. and the hosts and their Martha Herrmarm ~ ~t the l~ato C~mtry Club ~tmJ~l~'. checkstaad and Leon ~ car. Fall Tournament ried ~ groceries. Ss~v Eva The Mankato Cotmtry @l~b $m~lle Lelgh Itaildmd~ and .l~a~ph .V~a~h and ORie Pall Tournament for members P, eeger and ,1#aura SWitzer were enly ~vHl be held Sunday, Oc- Mr. and Me. ~ %a~Isback together-- ~a.~ Halstead was teber 4. lS70. The s~ar~ing time of Jewe~ a~-nounce .the birth ol gettir~g groceries, so ~as Dollie is 8:00 a.m. and i't is expected their daughter, @a~eile Leigh, Zimmern~an.-- Didn't tarry the tournameat witl be over by a ~e ~ C~ Hes~itai, Smith Cor~ter. She mmounCeci lane .for I was i~vited to a party 2:30 p.m. - her arriv~l Frk]~j'. sept. ~th, tha~ night. Aria Hil~ came after The ,fees will be: me at 6:.30 and we drove to the Men's tS h~e flights, SZ.00, at ,10:07 a~., and weighed 9 She ~as w. 2 'year old ~@artment of O~ie Reager. ,Ladies 9 hole ~ERghts, $1.00. ~Ister, :$oLtnn Mzrie. M.r. and Tbere we were sewed with e deli~'z;us two - course lomb. "' ,M.~s. Ceoll ~oehner, Glen Elder. Guests ,tcl~ded Ruth Kier, Kay The tender tbo~f~ness of mad ~r. a~d Mrs. Joe F~a','~hack Reager, P~th Colson, Luc~" Mc- t~at st~ Of ~ comlbrted ~ Jewel.l ~re her grandpar- Bride, Ra,chel BMes. Giadys Noah, and R ~s con~orted en~. ~rs. ~k, ira ~ari@k, Love- Fordlmm, Efle~ Nailer, Syl,ia thoosande sin~e. R w~s in a l~.nd, 0o~o., Is her great-grend. Eoyt, Nettle Johnson, Vtvi~n btm~ma way, too, ~t God spoke m~tlm~. Oat, Ads. Hills, and M~nie of R: 'r~/~en | bring a ,.. Bey& Prizes were won b~' c~oud over the ear~h, the born Rachel ,Bales, Vivi~m Oat, and sila~l be seen in ~be cloud; and Mamio ~oyd. -- Hope to see I wl~ look upon it, tlmt I reJa7 you ne~t Saturdm~. rerrm~ber the ev~as~g cov- enant between God and every ~N~T~ON ltvin~ creatm'e of aR flesh Sluts , By: ~ is upon the ettr~_" "O bea~ul rainbo~v: all C~od's eyes and am" eyes look- woven of ",~ig~t -ing on th~ same thing at the 'Fho~'s not in shy tissue one same tinm. T~a~ is a b~ shadow of n~," ~s~t; Im~ there Is a more The ral~x~ is mm of the confort~ one gt~l -- He sees most bea~ul things GOd ever the haw When o~ weak and ~eted, and His vaturtng it to blind eyes do not ace it ~t ML o~ to Noah J~t wh~m '~dae 'r~ou am. eyes above his appr~endon ~t ~ 2b +me a F~her'a love. ~ent was i~ta~ him w~th Beam Uke.tlm bow of 26th Amendment might a belated recognition that last, worthy of voting and car- passports and holding good many years now. passes in the i nlaht at McSorley's Saloon, #f Cotwtland were er~joying a cup of ec*,Tee and leaking at the 1971 Oldsmob~e. The personnel at Leh~'llng's]lhttah Fvlso~n, Tom Lehrling, Chwr0~let are looking a.t 'a 19'~I [routine Wilsman, and Mrs. car. They are, left t,o righ.t: iTom Lehr~.ing. 8/xtb Dhde/et Kammm Courthouse Happenings ,The Probate Judaea's o~fi~# issued ~ marriage license t~ e ~olIawing cot~ple on Sept. ~: Johnny ,Eugene Sohriner, P~verton, Nebr., 24, and Jan Kay ~rg, ~e, Ki~wton. N~r. Judicial Case: Mi'chael J. Lo~orto and Doug- las Nell Harfft. chartged, ~I~ p~ssessi.an Of a narcotic drug 6marijuanaL The d~ten~an~J were fined $250.0~) ea:ch and c~urt costs and setteneed to '1~0 days in jail. The defendaats &re in the county Jail. The J~e~l Oou~tv F~le~aU~ o+f ~Rept~b~loan W~men will ~on- ~or a meeting to wbie..h both men and women are In.ted on T.uesday evenirrg, Oot. 20, a4 8 ~,m,, in the Legion ~ at ,Jewell. 2?n.e Je~vel{ memberl are in charge ~ ar~an,gements, program and r~treshmenLts. The guest speakers w,ltl ba R~pre. ser~tative ~ex Borgen and Omm. ty Cha/,r, man OaN/n James, Ev. eryone ~elcome. Come meet your candidates 2~,eed~y n~ing, Oct. 20th~ in Jmvefl.