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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
October 1, 1970     Jewell County Record
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October 1, 1970

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the liberty o,f ~rom Mr. and the d Syrs- "Sail is l~fe, the Arkansas fort ~o get action on a major water resou~ce project on the Arkans, as ,R~ver. In ta~king ~ith J~m ~ng~a.~ls, Regiona'l ,DireCtor o~[ the ~ur- eau. and C~I. {Richard ~est, dis,tri, ct engineer $or ~e ,Corps, I ~feel our p:rospects are good. I ,u:ndeVlined the basic f#,a~ter needs ~or ~iot~ttnwes,t Kansas, po~ ~sslon. In spRe elf partS'san p~lltJ~cs and the d~tlon, we were @ettlng dow~ to work on many reactors: We shouts get this ~vork done and a&JouTn for year ~a.te ~n October. Dear ~oyds: Gar~ h,a's been ~nan~erred back .to ,~anbattan. Ore" new address there is: 2830 James St., ~anh~attan, Kansas 66505. Thank yau, Sharon J. Diflon (IMYs. Gary . Offion). vxedttor~ and ass~ of O. E. ~ec~er, Or~ E. ~eevher, and J~i~ M. ~e~her, aft de~; .unknow~ heirs, execs, ~dministrators, devisees, t~t~stees, creditors and as- sigrm o~f suc~ 0f the de- eendan~s as way be deceas- ed; the. ~n, known spouses Of the delfendan~s; the un- known offi~cers, su,ccessora, 4xustees, erode,tore and ca- signs v~ strch ~ the de. fendan~s as are existing, dissolved or dorman cor- ,porations; the tmknown heirs, execu,tors, edminis- ,trat0rs, d~visees, trustees, .creditors, successors, and assigns of such of the de- ,fendan~ts as are or were par~tners or in par~,,nership; the ~rrknown 'g~ardi~rm, con. set,re:tore and trustees of each ~ the above named ddfendan~ as are minors or are in ar~'~ise under ~egai disabi~l~,; end, etl other poisons coffee,ned, Oefendan~s. NOTICE OF S/SIT The State of Kansas to the Defendants Above Named end Deslgmtted and Atl Other Persons Who Are ~ May Be Concerned: You :are hereby nettled thet t, h a~ a petition ~as been ~1ed in the District Court ~ JeweB Town~,te o~ the CltF a~ ~ankato, described ~s ~- lows: Commencing at ~e North- west 4~orner of #aid ~Iock 8, in ~tld City, theme ,North I~V~ lest, ~en~'e E~tst :140 ~eet, thence South ~P# eeet, thrace West ~on,g the ,North line of ~ot ,12 i~ said City, tdO ~eet to the pla~e of beginnir~g, ~ainst ell the de, endears, and you ,are hereby req,ulrect to olead to said ~etRion on or be- .fore the 12t~ day d November, ~970, in said Court in Mankato, K~-~.sas. Should yea Sat there- in, ~ttd,$me~t and decree will be e~tered in due course upon said .petition. and ~B~rY L. T~OMPSON, as Join~ tensa~ ~vi, th the re#hi ~ survivors'hip and not a~ tenants in e0w~on, p~aintiffs. ,b'UP~ST: Leonore Go,sneer. (Se~l) C~erk d D~triet Court. ~an~rd Holl~,, ~.ankato, Kansas ~, A~orn~ for .l~tin. tt~a. , I m,, (@'~r~t ~u~shed in Jewe~l Co, P~cord, Thursday, Oct. ~, 1970) 3t Ca~ No. ~ Couaty, ~K~ansas, by Rtvhar,d L. 1N ~ ~:"l~(IBAfl~ L~U@J~ Th~npson ,and ~e~by L. ~ OF O]~ COL~, son, as Solar tenan~ with the right of sur~tvor~i~ and n~ as tenants in cmnmon, prayln~ tar ~n order ~tdi deceee quiet. ing ~mir title in and. to the f~ll~lrtg described res| estate located in Je~ell ~, ~,an- sas, to-~vit: Lot ~welve (:12) and the ~Novt~ Ha~ (N%) oil Lot ,E,~even (H) In ~31aak F-hg~t ,~8), Origin, M ~Tomns~t~ o~ the Cty of ~anka~, ANO " A 'tract ~ ~a~ ad~oinl~ said Lot ]hve~ve ,('1~) In ~lock ~Etgh~ (8), Or~girmi ~ANSAS In the M~tter O! the ~stato o,f ROY E. ,I~BADL~A"t', Deceased. NOTICE OF REARING ON P~N FOR FINAL mrJTTLE~ The 9~tte of KIT tO All Per~m~ Co,seemed: Yo~ ,are her, eby notified that petition ha~ been tl~si ~ said coeWt by ,~g~n H. Abel as e~- tor at ,the wffi and d the estates at Roy ~. Head{~, de~e~sed, askln~ ~or /thai se~lernent of asid e~tto, ~r ~ernent and ~Iowar~c~ d hl~ ~mn~ as ex- ecutor, ~br ~p~prov~l d at1 a,~ts PUBLIC CLEAN.UP FARM SALE Color Portable Compact, easily portable Color TV st i budgst- pleaelnQ price, RCAI computer-designed picture tube delivers bright, true-to-life color. Color TV ,id T~m 8ENMtJOA H~w elite Mg~ot IP.4411 ~ftsd E[ Portable Co/or TV-- I) compeer design-- I QohorouI screen iho. And II Computer-de|toned II picture tube, powsrfuI ~J New VistacheMIs, kho PleKWlO( Vll~ M~ltl |P.47I s TV & Radio As we have sold our farm and are movinI to Mankato, we will sell the following located at the farm 4 miles South of the Esbon-36 Junction, % mile East, then the" first house South, on-- MEN., OCT. Commencing at 1 O'clock MACHINERY 2-row Roll-over Stalk Cutter 1 Dearborn Drill with fertilizer and seeder attachments, on rubber, 12x6 Ford Tandem Disc Old Drill for iron 8-section Harrow 300-gallon Tank on steel stand, complete Several old Steel Barrels 1 Blade for 8-point tractor 2-bottom Ford Plow Ford Scoop, for Ford Tractor 8 rolls of Slat Cribbing 4-wheel rubber tired Wagon 1958 Ford Tractor with new tires, good shape Belt Pulley for Ford Tractor Grinder Belt Cultivator for Ford Tractor Set of Sweeps for Ford 'Praetor ....... , , nnl I I I and proceeiin~s o~ stY, execu. ~or. ~or cow.creation for bim and his a{f~eys, for a. deter- ~1nation o~ ~be heirs, devisees and ,legat, ees of the d~edeat, for ass~ o~ the assets and lm)pevty of said e,st~ate to those entitled thereto; ~nd $or a~l oth. er proper relief; and you are ~, etrn teg~'~m.to zmem, ~ t~ ~t~to of, ~T~IV~ffr: ~t D. ~'~, (se~) P~te J~ge. Weltmer, WeRm~r & Wel~ner, A~tome~ for Adm~mtor de b(mis mo~, ~lm t~mmato ~ hereby rectaired to fro yaur ,' ,,, w~tten deSen.ses thereto on or (~Irst Puhllzhed /n Jeweil C~. before ,Ovt0,ber 2~, 1970, at .10:00 R~c-ord, '1~ursday, ScOt. 17, MM. of said day, in said ccurt, 1970) ~t in line City c~ Manketo, [~ansas, LN THE P~OBA~ (X)~ at ~vhi, ch time ,and pl~,ce"said OF JtBWtE~L ~, cause wBl ~be heard. Shoulfl yo~ [~ANSA~ fail therein, Judgement and de- cree wlll be entered in due ~ ,the Matter ~ the F.~tsto of course u~ou said petition. . O~ B. i~, Deccan. JOHN H. A~EL, as executor of the wit and of the estate c~ Roy E. Healey, de,ceased. AlimEnT: Jack D. ~vadrid, (Seal) Probate J~dge. Wettmer, ~ettmer & Wehtzner. Attorneys ~or {Exe~r. File No. N O triCE Oar HI~,RING The ~a~e ~ ~amm~ te All Perwl Concerned: You are hereby natffled that a Petition baz bees ll~d in said Court by ~ande J. Frost, herr. at4mv, ~f ~u.nw~rd, B. Frost, (~lr~t Pt~z~ed in 3eweg Oo. d~, and 'the ned petition. lte~, 'I~, Sept. N, er prays the C~urt ?.or the ap- 1970) ~t po~tme~t ~ said petRi~ner as C~e No. ~ the administrator of the I~ ~ P~0~AT~ ~ at the ~mld ~)u~va,rd ~. Frost. OF ~ 0Ot.W1~, You are hereby rectui.red' to l~ file you~ wri'Cten de~ there- the M~tor at the Estate ~ to an or before the ~h day of ]~YM~RY ~, Deosas. October, 1970, ~t ~o:0o A.M. in ed. said Cougt in the CI:~ af ~n- NOTICE Or ON PETIT~O~ FOR FINAL ~TT/2Z~ The sate ~ ~ t~ All Perks Coneee~ed: You are hereby notified ti~at t petition has been fried in said oou~ by Burde~te L. ~0' as a,dmini~rator de heals non, oum t~ta~twrtto amwxo of the estate of Emery C~a~v~, de. ceased, asking for flr~a~ setfle- rnen~ of said estate, for s~tfle- sent and a~low~rme #/ hi~ ec. ceun, for a@~'ov~l of a~ his eets and proceedings, for com- pen~tion for him and h~ at- torneys, ~or s determina~ion of the heirs, devisees, legatees and hene~tci~ries of the decedent, /or censtraetlon at will, for assignment d the assets and proper~ o~ said es~s~e to t~e e~titled thereto, and, Sot all other ~ reld~; and you are her~y required to tile yoOz, wt~itten defeasu thereto on or before 0~to~er 16, 1970 at 10:00 A.M. of as~ ~W, in said oourt, In the City ~ Mankato, I~nsae, at which /n~ and ~ said THE 1900 AUTO C01N BANK OOIN BANK HOUSEHOLD GOODS The above are " 9x12 Wool Rug; Studio Couch and Chair, matched Ht; Big Chair; Rocking Chair; 2 Bedsteads, complete with springs and mattresses; th I testi th shape; 4-burner Frigidaire Cook Stove, good, combination; General e a, fl e Electric Refrigerator, 2-door, good; Several High Back Chairs; 1 Drop Leaf Table; Old Kitchen Cabinet, antique; Old Square Table with round center leg and four brace legs, antique; Old Steel Cot; metal co!lecto.r's Sev /t ,o beO ea, j.g:,I ... sex..; CO n n bank ser ies. ' MISCELL;"NF.,OUS ' Forty of each 2 small Step Ladders; Small Bench; 10-foot Ladder; Surveying Transit; Cattle Dehorner and Saw; Scythe; Shovel; Wire Stretch- ere; Rake; H0e; Hay Knife; Posthole Diggen; Fork; Spade; Spark Plug Air Pump; Steel Traps; Old Pump Jack, antique; Steel Wagon Wheel Boiling Vat; Electric Chick Brooder; F2eetric Motor with Grinder; Hand Post Drill and Bits; Old Blacksmith Forge with Blower; Forge Tongs; Pile of Old Iron. " I li ill] I ........ i i i i i - i i ii ..... ' TERMS-- CASH. Not responsible for a~identL Lunch served by West Branch Ladies Club. Mr. and Mrs. Dyrel Burde AARON MURRAY, Mankato, Auctioneer STATE BANK OF F_,SBON, Clerk model will be sold at '2" each TE CHANGE BANK COUPE /!i ~ iII!