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Jewell County Record
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October 1, 1970     Jewell County Record
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October 1, 1970

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COUNTY RECORD T~urs~ay, October 1, 1970 Page 9. Section I Home Town by Home Towner Mrs. Pa,t~l IEackstone h'ad din- ner ~ a ca're in Superior Wed- nesd, ay evening. The remainder af the evening was spent at the hoane of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Mr. an~ Mrs. Bill Ward were C ::~.r gv.ests o~f Mr. and Mrs. ":. r" F, arson d Superior Wed- (Thursday, September 17) ;: ." .:, evening. {Monday morrnin, g, Sept. ~Ist -- Another month ~os~c gone. rroda, y s sunny and calm. The temperature has reached the 70 degree mark at 9 a.m. fol- iowh'tg a very warm and windy day on Stmch~'. The rain the past week and a hal~ has to~caled acaund 5 inhes with same few q~ite chilly days and fogginess. M.r. and Mrs. Quer~tin Leece and Mrs. D~ia Heldt arrived home o~ schedule ~ast Wednes- day and have been b~sy people since then, catching up on the usu'al tasks of l,aavn mo~v~r~g and ever~thir~g that sort d l~as a ~ay af not getting done during vacations. fPhe Leece Cousin Picnic was held in the city ~ark in C'~n~cor- din yesterday at the shelter ., ,'. and Mrs. Ral~l~ Dye spent ' ,~:;:'cay night wit~ Mr. and :~.~.. Sam Willett of Suyerior ~ visited with thegn and their I, ~e g,msts, Mr. and Mrs. Les- t Hayes M Burling~ton, Kans., . Mr. and Mrs. Darl Willett G Yichita, Kans. , ~ and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson a, ~:nded the .Hutchinson, Kans. F~'dr Monday'. {Mrs. Oail Hudi.burgh and Mrs Dix Hansen visited Lindsborg. Ks., Tuesday with the Superior A~ G~ttild, w~here they visited e ~irger San~Jzen Memorial, the 0td Mill Muset~m. This used to be a flour mill and was cm~- verted into a museu~m. They al- so toured Bethany Collvge and the new library. The E.~I.U. wifl meet with Mrs. Kenneth S~httster Thurs- day Mternoon at 2 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Gaff H, udiburgh a~tended the fair at Hutchinson, I~ans., Saturday. The remainfler of the weekend was spent with his sister, Miss Fa.y~he Hu:di- burgh of Wichita, Kan. They returned h~me on Monday. Mr. as, d Mrs. Ralvh Dye at- tended the fair a't ~t~chins~n, K~ans. on MondaT. Mr. and Mrs. Mitehie Woer- ner and Miehell accam?anied Mr. and Mrs. Arth,ur Cockro~t or Burr Oak, to Coacordia, Th,ursday to visit Mr. and Mrs. ~Dwayne C~ckra~t. Mrs. Teri Fogo and 'Josi el Harg[ord Chty, Ind., have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ken- ne~h SchuSter tiffs week. 'Mr. and Mrs. L~well Liedtke of ~hsco, Kans., were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schuster, ~ednes,c~a.y noon. {Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Hansen a~ttended the Fair at Hutchinson, were especially interested in Eans., Friday. house. A good rep~resentation ,the group was there to enjoy a fine POt l,uck dinner and a clay af rehashing o~d memories and the current happenings o~ the present day. ,Those who s~ared this pleasure were Mr. and {Mrs. Clark Dudley, Aurora. ~ans., Mr. and Mrs. Harold J~hnson and daughter, K e~ti, Dw, i~h~t, Kans., Mr. and Mrs. Agnel ~be~beck, Superior, ',Mr, and ~rs. Noel Swih,art who are m~ing back to Wichit~a from Everett, Wash. and arrived h~rne las~ Fri'day, their grand- dangh~er, Tan~my S~ihart, Mr. M~ur~.e Swihart and friend. Miss Vatlerie Nelson all o~f Wich- ita, Mr. and Mrs. Cu,r~tis Mart, Superior, Mr. and Mrs. Lau- refine B,o,ura~' and sons, Junio,r, VeNe, Myron and Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Quenlin Leece, L~ve- well, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bagley and baby girl, Sickle, f~u~or, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ayers, ~undva and Lance, Mr. and Mrs. 'I)wigh Mart, S,ara. ~P~mrrry, Jerr~ and Peggy, Love- wetl, Miss R~th Mart, Manh,at- tan, I~ans., Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Pdchard Court, Salina, Mr. and Mrs. I~an Warren, Lave, well. ~ango Warren, ~eloit, David ~aird, On~aha, .Wit. and Mxs. ,R~dney Warren, Craig and Mon- ~J', Mr. and M~rs. E~win Mart. Welsher Kans., ,..Mr. and Mrs. C. G. ~tark, Lon~ord. Kans., Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leece, Wel~ber, Kans., Mr. and Mrs. Do~gl~s Warren, Tony and Troy. Cottrtland, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Warren, Lovewe{l.1. Y~rs..Delia Held was a v,d- come caller at the C. V. W,arren home Sunday evening. '.Mr. and IMrs. Henry Top~iSf ac~an,ied Mr. and Mrs. Charley ~wanson to Je~vel'l, Kans., F, rida,y evening where Mr. and Mrs. Tap~i~f visited with her eeusins, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Bi.rdsetl, while the Swan- sons aRea, tied the b'all game be- tween Cau~tland and Jewd~l. Mrs. Donna Marie ~ark and sons, John and Ja,ck, visited her parents, LMr. aad Mrs. Henry Top~f, S~nday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Leece STATEMENT OF Bo~d, Jr., Manka,to, Kansas: Unaccounted, Spa)led OWNERSHIP, Mrs. F.r~nk W. Boyd, Mankato, a.~ter P, rmting 7~ MANAGEMENT Kansas; ~VfdDill ,Boyd, Phillips- AND CIRCULATION burg, Kansas; WIrs. M'cDill g" Total 2800 ~ctt~al Number ef Orpies o~ 1. Date of .Filing: Oclober 1, ~ayd, ~Ph'fllipsburg, Kansas. Single I~sue Pu, hlished Nearest 1970. ~. Known Bondholders, Meet- to Filing Date.' 2. Title of ' Publication: gagees, and ~3~ther Sec,urit a. TOtal No. Copies Jawell County .Record. t-Io'lders Owning o.r tto:Iding 1 Printed 3. ,Frequency' o'~ Issue: Percent or 3lore of Totai b. Paid Circulation Weekly. ~mount of Bonds," ~lortgagcs or 1. Sables through 4. ,Location of Kn~n Olffice Other Securities: None. off ~Pc0blieation: Boyd Publishing ~verage No. Copies 13o., Ir~c., Mankato, Kansas Issue During Preceding 6g~6. Months: 5. Location o,f the fteadquar- a. T~tal ,No. Copies ters of General Business Offices Printed of the P~h~ishers: ~3o7d Pub- b. ,Paid Circulation lishing Co., Inc., Man,kate, l. Sales through Kansas 66956. dealers and 6. 'Names and Addresses o~ carriers, stree~ Pu!blisher, Editor, and ~nag- vendors and h~g Editor: coun~ter sales Pt~blisher: ,Boyd P~ub~ishing 2. Mail Subscriptions Co., Inc., WIankato, Kansas e. Total Paid 6{}956. Circulation Editor: ,F. W. Boyd, Jr., d. Free Distribu'tion M.ankato, Kansas. (ineludin,g samp~les) 7. Owner: ~c~yd' {Pub.,lishing by Mail, Carrier or Co., Irm., ~Iankato, Kansas: Other Means Stoekh.olders: F. W. Boyd, Jr., e. Total Distribution Markka,to, 'Kansas; Mrs. F. W. f. O~fice ,Use, Left,0ver, Why Pa~ More Shop Our Store I[~ GET THE FACTS TODAY ~" WEIGH THEEVIDENCE AHO yO(rtt cam ~O THE RIGHT DECISION Co'PrAGE CHEESE Large or Small Curd 2 49 eLm. C Yes, our stores are on trial any day of the year. We wa~t you to come in and examine the evid- ence so ably presented in the fine quality foods and low prices found tl~roughout our stores. And when the gavel drops there can be but one deci- sion, "GUILT~" . GUILTY of gh, ing you MO~E FOR YOUR MON~Y." DEL MONTE SLICED - CItUNK . CRUSHED PINEAPPLE 4 CATSUP 3 dealers ,and E.ach carriers, street 12 vendors and eoun~ter sa~es 100 2. Mail S,ub~criptions 2,~oo c. Total Paid Circflation N d. Free Distribution (in.eluding s avaNes) ,by Marl, Carrier or Other Means I~ leo e. Total Distribution 2483 f. (}~f~'ce Use, Left-Over, Unaccounted, Spoiled ~5~ a i~ter Pri~tiRg 7'2 g. Total 2800 certify Cha.t the statements made ,by me above are correct 145 and compete. 2728 F.W. ~yd, Jr. Wilbeck's callediS :~unningat m,roning: Visiting Hours: I0:00-II:00 son family a.m.; 2:00-4:00 and 7:00-8:0@ Mr. and Mrs. p.m. one time. ?rhone cNling on [Mrs. Edith IMr. J, o hn Clark last week were Mrs. Tay- his re.other, lot Clark and Mr. and Mrs. S,unday Eugene Du~nstan, Crai~g, Eric ~Rev. and ~Angela, a~ll ef ~ormoso. Of the Mrs. ~arshall Bishop c~ Burr ~ormoso, took Oak, an~d Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sept. ~?t.h Dunstan Of Go*odland.the Home. Mrs. Miss Lucy ~'iley made her comlpanied hi'n~ usu'al Thumday morning visit piano. The in .our I-Io~me and entertained us message and ~e by r eadin~g ~ variety o~ inter- F]c~vers were esting ,things. This was mu,ch the l:taymond enjoyed. NOTIC~" 'Mr. GeLorge Cordel of Burr .,~ Oak oalled on his Sister, Miss Tho~e M,yrtle Cordel, Friday after- Man Scratch noon. 'Mrs. Grace Jacobson c*~ For- and sign up, Ranch Bowl. mesa visited Mrs. ~,rtta Ra.thhu,n starting is Saturday. 1, 8:00 p.m. The Eugene ~unstan ~a.mJly o,f Form,one atten'ded the chruch service here Sunday afternoon. Record Billy ID. Jellison oil U, ays. who fast results. Why Pay More, Shop Our Store IIJ TRU-GOLD BEAN SALE RED BEANS - KIDNEy ~h,N$ PORK & BEANS Mexican Style Chili Beans 300 ~tns MYSTERY ?~ PANCAKE HUNGRY 2 '~" blM1TIIA BREAD DOUGH :iiI39' BANQUET 3 Pkgs. DINNERS 89 IPS Bestyet o,.,o "-,., 59' ',,. SALMON DelMonte ::lnl 99c Red Sliced White or Wheat L ~-o~. Oil JUICE ::r 3 Jars 88C O laves o~'C FOLGER-- PICKLES Del Monte quart Polish or Dill Jar39c POPCORNo., ..,n, White or Yellow4 ~a~)7 3 COFFEE Pound 89 ~.~ $25? ..... BALLARD- BISCUITS CRACKERS Bestyet lb. 25 Saltine box C SYRUP Bestyet W ire or qt. Waffle decanter ALUMINUJ Bestyet , ,o. ,o. 19c "e" ~ 39c SALTINES 35c Zests box Sweetmilk or Buttermilk 39cc PILL-SBURY INSTANT BREAKFAST s s. FULLY Allen's Canned ,Chickens 3 lb. $109 can r Stewa t Sandwiches Package of 2-73c LEAN BOSTON BUTT PORK STEAK 59' WHOLE 16-18 lb. Avg. lb. BUTT HALF SHANK P -. 4 SLICES ROAST lb. COLD CUTS ~~ MIRA- SPECIALTY LOAF - SALAMI CHOPPED PORK OLD FASHION 8-oz. AsS'tpkg. ~9' :BACON SLICED lb. pkg. and Mr. and Mrs. BuR Diamond ~ttended the ba'~l giame at Os- borne Friday" evenin, g be~.ween Mankato and Osborne, Osborne won the game. ,Mr. and Mrs. Dale lq~ussel~ ~Red with Quentin Leeces at the 'Roy Truex hogan in Long- view and lind a very enjo,yable time. The Levees and Mrs. De- ,fin Held.t also had a lo~ely day with old friends at the Kansas P~n~c held in tan@view on Se1~. zZth. Mrs. Lda Van Meter assisted Katherine ~arren l.as~ Wednes- day, papering her li~ing room. Mr. and Y~rs. Warren papered e tttility room on Friday. Mr. ~a,urence and Quentin Leece will finish the li~ing room by ir~tal.ling a sus~pended 'ce~lin,g ~hi~h wilt help cut the cost o~ heating considerab~ by l~- eriag the 10 foot ceiling to 8 tent high, and eLh'ninate paper- in~ it. ~r Ross o~ Webber spen~ S~nd~y afternoon with his bro- ~r, Fred, and Mrs. Ross. 'Mr. and Mrs. Justin Thomp- son and baby girl visited Sat- urday evening ,with her grand- parent, My. and Mrs. Fred ROss. Olive Hill Mrs. Paul Blackstome 'T~elilah Benjamin c~f Burr Oak was an overn~,ght guest o,~ Wen- dy M~eon Wednesday. ~Ir. and Mrs. Bil~ Kim~in,au and family were guests o~f Mr angel Mrs. Tony Kim~n'finau of Guide flock Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Chortle And- reds af ~ankato were dinner iP~sts at Mr. and Mrs. Bill A~drews and B'iI~, Tuesday ev- ening in observan, ced their flfirty4i~th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mxs. Glen R~e, Mrs. P, oger Roe and Ar~gela, and Mrs, Myrtle Roe d Su~perior visited Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth ~um o~ Daven~ort Thur~ay. ,Mr. and Mrs. llJ~f Ban~, Mr. and Mrs. Roy ~l,a~vel~, Mr. ~.~s. Christie A~rens, Mr. and Mrs. l~oyd David and Mr. and EXTRACT v= ,.Zbtl. IU-#ll"t TEA BAGS = BestyetPeke pkg" OOC48"et'qt..~ll~dr m' tl CO~[xikUPO~IU I[~N~~] ~ @UILTY.OF GIVING YOU MORE FOR YOUR MON|Y '~3 PICKLES .cumber 'Jar 47C 'H Freeze Dried Coffee. UlWlth ~ gt. "~q~Cll] ,,,Wlth This I~. ~11M~lgm TREET At::ur l~.z. 5 5 [[[Coupon 8.z.--,----I ,o~1 size ~~ III Without Coupon 79e 111 lU Without Conpon $9e III WlthoatCoul [11 Without Coupon $1.~@ Ill III Bestyet Food Stores 11[ Ill Bestyet Feed Stares I Bestyet Food ~~I~iR~DAsH m Bestyet Food Stores[[[ Coupon Expires 10-4-70]] ,5~,,z. A Ac ~lcu'pn Expires 10-4-70[[[ I~.Conpe, n Exl .... [ ~ Coupon ~qplvu o. 99' I I price I BRIGHT RED JONATHAN APPLES 40-lb. $ 69 crt. 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