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Mankato, Kansas
September 29, 1966     Jewell County Record
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September 29, 1966

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!; i SEPTEMBER 29, 1966 JEWEIJ. COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS PAGE IC | I bert Underwood and Mrs. Mrs. I. L. Bender were Sun- Mrs. Ona Williamson attend-in the home of 'heir daugh-Pspent the weekend v;s;ting da;. Buffalo, ;iekSb;'rg Town :,: K||rr | I llW verry Kier of Mankato were day dinner guests of Mr. and ed the funeral services for ltcr, Mr. and Mrs Paul relatives in Missouri Mrs Lloyd Falk and Lee ship(s), Jeweil County. ~!: ~uml ~UI~ callers on Mrs. Ph llip Un- 'Mrs. Perry. England. . Jack Ed Messier at Glasco on Sat- I Barnes~. and family in Hut- Mrs. Agnes Simmons and Ray were Wednesday even- PUBLIC NOTICE is here- ~ klh's. Forrest Howard derwood the past week. Balty of Wnchlta was a call- urday. J chinson. While there they at- sons, Kennsington, were ing supper guests of Mr. and by given in accordance with ,, ......... Little She|In Reincrt was er in the morning. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Un- Itended the State Fair. Sunday visitors of Mrs. Rose Mrs. Andy Hoard in Jewell. section 4, Chapter 8, session gr2n~lrsro bu.soy of Mankato a Wednesday visitor in the Mr. and Mrs. Harold John-' derwood and boys attendedI Oren Underwood of Man- Schoonover. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fall laws of 1951, State of Karl- Claron~ff ,~,~,.~,~Aa~u~w,]s- Fred Sanderson home. ~son were Sunday afternoon the wedding of Neva Sloan[hattan spent the weekend Sunday dinner guests of attended the funeral of Mrs. sis, that on the date and at $iloL~. .... . ~"?*~ Z"'~ '2-~. ~.~a Mrs. Elmer Alexander wasI visitors of Mr. and Mrs. John to Eddie Lewis on Saturday in the Delbert Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Edwin ttoldren Una Thomas at Mankato on !the time and place merttion- hos~t:! lsi~n ~ne,.~ouper~r hos~,ss to the Liberty Club' Gates. evening at the Methodist l home. were Mr. and Mrs. Guy ttol- Sunday afternoon, led below, the citizens of vof tin~ ............. ~" ...... - on lnursaay. Ten members Mr and Mrs C E Stock- Church in Mankato I ~ dren and Paul Mrs l:lorence John Love was a Wednes- in- a~e of the townshil~i .............. , were present and Eleanor ton of Lubock, Tex., Mr. and Rev. and Mrs. G.'R. Also- CARD OF THANKS Holdren, Morgie Suthmrland, day night supper guest mentio ned shall meet for th'e ~er-- -._UUUo[ "" ~wr~.. franK. ~ug- Moyer was -Drog'ram leader Mrs Leo Parsons of Man brooks, Mr and Mrs Stun Mr and Mrs Walt~ Hol Mr and Mrs Hugh Cumc purpose of electing three ~,~.. _ ~ucson, Arsz. were Mr. and Mrs David Dem- kato and Mr. and Mrs Loyde Icy Johnson and Mr and I wish to thmk 'm eli- dren of Munden Bert and Mrs Cleo Dem ~se's call- members one each for A ri- --ursaay even|n, visitors (n , , , . ...... . ,, . ,. , ".', , Y , , . Y I Y , g Mr ..... ng., ~. aray were Sunday evenly Gmman and family were Mrs. Elmer Alexander at- tires and ln~cnds who sent Mary Ifoldrcn of Concordm, mrs and wstors the past culture Home Eeonomlc$~ ray" ,t,u Mrs. uavla ema- visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. tended an educational work- cards, fh,wers and gifts[ and-Robert Folsom of Ran-iweek were Mrs. Fred l--tie- and 4-it Represematives tO ;;, . . t~eitn LVmb, eown and family and Mrs. Bob Parsons and shop meeting at the Metho- while~ 1 was ira the hospital, dill. gcrt Mrs. Verne Dempsey the Jewell County Agrieul- sn~arren Unae.rwoc)d, left near Superior. family. They helped Lorrie dist Church in Beloit on Sun- and since returning; home. Mrs. Jennie Briggs receiv- !and her mother, Mrs. Minnie rural Extension'Council. ~;-,;~ay evenly mr ms home Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Me- celebrate her 2rid birthday dav afternoon These kin(nesses I will Ion, ed a bad fall Frida ew, nin, Romin,er Grace Cole and October 10 - Hi bland i,,"' r ansas C ty' after spend' " Mfllan" and Rev. Rmhard" It was also m" honor of Sher--" Mr" and Mrs" Bud PlattrememberS' g and is confined toYher "bedg Mrs Ag R' Jacobson Mr and townshi - meetg at ""s me past week hel in . . . . , . . .. .. - I ..... - ~- . P at t . . , P g Brook were Sunday droner .... r l Parsons birthday Mr. spent Sunday m Sahna vzs- --LoAn Underwood. !Her callers~ Sunday were. Mrs. Chfton Buckles of Hlg, hland Center, 7'30. hn,, he Phflhp Underwood guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ball l Stockton took them for a xtLng Cheryl Platt I Mrs Art Kissinger o1' Su )mr- Manhattan Mrs Harry Bud m ..... I r . , p. Mr" Yetter and Wfllena. i plane ride in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond I - - |or, Mr. and Mrs. Howard of Great Bend, Mr. and Mrs., October 11 - Riehland vw__ " and Mrs: Floyd Me- Mr. and Mrs. Gene John- Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Spen-Balty of Scottsbluff, Nebr. r AA~RII'--AB~'L Bucknells of Hardy Mr. and Gerald Dempsey and Mike township - Wmhlta and Mr. son and boys and Mrs. Alma. .ccr of Englewood, Colo: were' were Saturday overn ,htI I]iUII I, IUII Mrs. Earl. Tobias of l:,,rmo- of Mankato, and Mr. and Washington township - w ..... s; rorres.t taocKett Gird were Sunday droner thursday afternoon visitors guests and Sunday guests of l .... so, and Mrs. Bertha Bantu- Mrs. George Robert Demp-,meet at Montrose rrmay evening vnmtors guests of Mrs. Netie John- of Mr and Mrs Roy Bran- her narents, Mr and Mrs I I .,uyu ,,artner sev of Salina Church Anne,, Tan mr ann Mrs fred San- son " " '- ' "', '1 " , '" "" """ d~,~-- " " don. They spent the evenly L. Bender. They were hereD'. and Mrs.. Oren Eastop Mr ........ and Mrs Earl Moore Mms Nelhe I utz of Man- p. m. ~, .......... Mrs. Boyd Korb, Brag and in Hastmgs, Nebr. to attend the gravestde ser-llrom Oklahoma called on and Grace Cole wstted Mr. kato and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Grant townshxp , on. ~. , ...... ann lv!,rs, uemert un- Heather were Sunday dinner I Mrs. Earl Garman spent vices for his father, Lon IMrs. Jennie Briggs Tuesday and Mrs. Fred Kanpe at Nor- Falk visited Mr. and Mrs. October 13 - Ionia towa- -~ten~" uoo , c anea on LYONS guests of.Mr, and Mrs.. ...... Clark Wednesday.. in Franklin, Neb ..... Balty M'ter'n ~on ton Sunday. Hug, h Cusic Saturd'~ , y and shil~ " the sanq t~larence N.ebe, l at Caliban m honor ol Brag s Iv s ttng m the Emerald Ost Mr. and Mrs. Vern Blcw/ Community Chtb met on Mrs. LaVerne Dempseynhelped Agnes celebrate her Athens township- Joseph no, sp ta m 13th birthday, home while Earl and Gary of Logan, Kans. spent Sun-JThursday afternoon with and her mother, Mrs. Rom- birthday. meet at Westbraneh a0onUrma on lvmnoay niter-Mr. and Mrs. David Dem- Garman attended an Inter- day and Monday in the honm[Charh~tte Murray. 15 mere- lager, called on Lulu Jacobs[ ~ School, 7:30 p. m ~;'" aray were Tuesday evening ~national Machinery Show at of his brother, Mr. and Mrs./bers and 1 visitor, Mrs. Guy Friday afternoon. I Mr. and Mrs. l)arus Hen- Odessa township '- W ;e. and _Mrs. Edgar Glover supper guests of Mr. and Kearney, Neb. Clarence B ew. /n,,ldrmn, were present. Next The Fullerton annual re-'ningsen were callers on Ed Erring township - 0r, .. ounuay e, venmg vnmt, Mrs. Frank Dugger at a cafe Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mrs. Larry Wicker of Ed- |meeting will be Oct. 6 with: union was held Sunday in Fedde at Ionia Sunday after- October 17 - Limestone Mrs. cem t~mon ann in Beloit. Short were Sunday afternoon gar, Nebr. spent Thursday in/Phyllis Purcell as hostess, the Mcmtmse gym. There noon. Mr. Fedde hasn't been township - meet at ~';"=" Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Cald- visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ray the Phillip Underwood home / Callers the past week of were 50 present. , feeling well lately, l,amb School, 7:30 p. m. 0n Tioand Mrs_Roy Brand.- well and Jim Bell attended Paul of Jamestown. helping with the work. ]Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haegert Mr. and Mrs. Guy Holdren October 18- Calvin town, ~',~sr~" o,~=UB ':~ mulet, ~vus. the Kansas. State Fair in Mr. and. Mrs.. W. E. Ben- . Mr ...... and Mrs Darus Hen- were" Mr and Mrs Guy Hol- left earl. y Monda. y mornin,g (First Published .... in lewell ship - ResrtY~fanO..n;,at!he_Jones Hutchmson on Sunday and bow, M,ss Lome Benbow of nmgsen of Mankato were [dren and Paul, Stockton, for their home m Stockton, County Record, Thursday, Buffalo township-meet tiny ,,u,,e m Dci t on un- Monaay. i Greenleaf, Ida. and Mr. and Sunday evening visitors of|Calif.; Mrs. Florence Hol- Calif. Sept. 29, 1966) It at Jewell High Sehoot, ~; Mrs. Lela Dillon and Wil-j Mrs. Jake McDonnel were Mr. and Mrs. Reeve Haw-/dren, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mrs. O. E. Ross. Cheyenne, PUBLIC NOTICE 7:30 p. m. burv r...a.nd Mrs.Dow Stans ma attended the Armogost Thursday supper guests of kins. |Fermw, Concord|a; Mrs. Wyo., Mrs. Frank Kapus TOWNSHIP ELECTIONS Vicksburg township., were ~unaay evening , ,,:_.. " reunion at Mankato on Sun- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sander- Mr. and Mrs. Gary Foster/Hugh Cusie, LaVerne Hay- and sons, Fort Larmie, Wyo. JEWELL COUNTY Consideration shall be giv- ~'~:lrs of. Mr. and Mrs. |day" son. , and girls of Phillipsburg |gert and Mrs. Lulu Jacobs. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert AGRICULTURAL EX- en Io the Extension Program ~g~as ~uett. ,~. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Foster Mrs. May Boitnott return- :were Sunday evening lunch- | Mrs. t.yman Rightmeier Kase, Lyons, Nebr. spentTENSION COUNCIL for these townshil:m and the ann. Mrs. cLarence and girlsof Phillipsburg ed home Monday from the yon guests of Mr and Mrs land Mr and Mrs Charles Sunday eveningwith Mr To" The Voters of Highland, Count attenoea me gravesi e ..... | , ., . ._ Y ~er , were Sunday_ dinner guests Superior hospital after Russell Lewis. R~ghtmemr, Waldo, left Fn and Mrs. Frank Dempsey. Rnehland, Washmgton, P, ODNEY MeCAMMON a~races for Mrs. Una Thorn- ' of lvir aria Mrs Forest Fos- spending the past week Mr and Mrs Glenn Ben-/d~y for California They were, all here to attend Grant, Ionia, Athens, Odessa,Chairman ' a ,at Mankato on Sunday ter. " ' there forobservation and nett spent the past weekend| 'Mr and Mrs R,;y Thomas the Fullerton reunion Sun- Erring, Limestone, Calvin, Exl, cutive Board ~moon. Mr. and Mrs. ,lames Me- treatment. Sell~ecentL . callers at the Rus- Cormick left Thursday to w- Mrs.. Mam~e Mullah was a : ewls home were Mrs. sit their son r - " b0 ............. , M . and Mrs.Sunday droner guest of Mrs. ,,,~'uLmY" tlawKlnS lv!rs ver , , . ~ . , - Jim McCormick and girls in Edna Jones and Mrs Goldie ewes, Mrs. Ohve Me- Indianna and her sister, Miss Johnson. 01marnnsu . and Mrs. Bozeman Rada Stanton, in Kenlecky' _. Mrs ..... J A Bozeman and : perlor and Mr and Mrs , AV~ ~ l~-- ' Mr. and Mrs. Halsey Pang-Mrs. Lyle McCammon of Su- ill 1 1 I Inl Jib ~ 1 I ~1 ~ IllIll~ ll I~ I II I ~0..Throup and Larry of born of Mankato were Sun- perior were Thursday after- -II [] [] [] [] ~" i ~ ~ I I~l~ ~ '~ 'n~lt~Center..~ ^,, day evening luncheon guests noon callers on Mrs. Reeve " "d" .L,--.. n -- . [[111 1 r ann lvlrs uuy unver l nUl~~Ul~/ I ~ r~klll~ l~i/ . of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mod- Hawkins. q and Guy Ohver, Jr of Man I - fin Mr. and Mrs. Luther Wil- kll on were Saturday after Mr. and Mrs. Raymond son spent Sunday at the Ger- iii a overmght guests -~-- " Balty of Scottsbluff Nebr rv Wilson home in Grand ~t Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fuller- M "n ' ' "' - ' _ . . r. a d Mrs. Lo de Beccher Island, Nebr. t0nand family of Supermr. of Belier|lie a~ Mr. and Mrs. V. L Oldfield and --__ mr. anaivirs, verlinPau,' ~F 'T II E,EI,[ ,"] ,0 alld Sahara of Red Cloud II ) N P ") ..... Were Sunday supper guests i 0f Mr. and Mrs. Glen Paul. [ I . 1 Mr and Mrs Cleo Morris ' ~ .... -.. Condensed Off,elal Statement of The dlll 1 II ,,,1 [] ,aaa family were Sunday din- V I I II I ! / ~ .... : ~er guests of Mr. and Mrs. ~. ,,, , _. , ceil Figgens and girls. ~lr~ t,yrs. Don Bird and daugh- ,ll.~I~ ....tonal Bank ' were Tuesday morning ~ n & ~ I 1 1 1 *-- II Mrs Clarence in Mankato, Kansas YOU Are ordially Invited tQlll'~'n3nTn~.~l~_, ,-- -.-,--.--~, R?Ys[;llrer at the close of business on September 20, 1966 i arid Mr. and Mrs. Richard !i - _. _ _ liver and girls were Sum i "r -r| e/ "V'l ~Y.dinnerogU:::Srs, Guy of Mr. and RESOUI{CES ' /O /n e n ow i n q IOT /n e ew mMr.a-nd Mrs Douglas Gill- Lo' ns --' r'is '-rP' el nnA o~ool ~" attt visited Mrs. Nellie Gillett Fu;n]ttal;'u .................... ~ ~ ' " : : ' 0 ~ ~ " ~ : l = 8uthe Red Cloud hospital on " e a I x u 'es ................... ll,bOT.bl ~ ~ i ~ 'i: nday afternoon. Other Real Lst.ate Owned ............ 97.47 j q tai : " Ellis Senbow enter- Federal Reserve Bank Stocl 3,000 00 1 I ! Ig' eu with a coffee in hon- ,-, .... - ....... ,,,,,,',L, . 1 0 o utnerAssets .,! f Miss Louie Benbow on 'd s ....................... 1 I I ' | aUrsday morning. Other U.S. Bonds ........ $37e, e8.48 1 Jr ests included Mrs Loren Bonds & Seem] r-0 1% " . ' "t'cs _ 24,o 0.00 F,, :,r ti ,: 01, tsm, :,l,il,) C~,rs a " " " LIABILITIES ........ ~cl Newell Dunn of 3ewell, , ::: T~ak. Dunn and Mrs. Opal Capital Stock ........................................ $ 50,000.00 ! I I lll [] :::: ,: unable were Sunday call- ers a Surplus ...................................... 50,000.001 horne.t the Barbara Howell Undlvrded" " t roflts'' O ................................ 10o,120.32r" ' [IRt [,I,I | / [[ 1 IPlll J r ~ ' .... ~.Mrs. KennethMaagofJe- DEPOSITS ......................... 1,874,340.47 Illl JI I1 rll[ll, HHUl ,.li ii l .... r ellwasaWednesdayafter_ - ................... ~. ~ Ill l "~I II /' I1~ Ill |I'll ~Oon caller at the Clarence ,1,,-, ................ o. 079 4"" " ' .... m~g home. iuA~ LIAblLIIILb ............. N~ ~ DU.i~ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bliss of . . ~Veland, Colo. were Thurs- P r~ | ~ ~ ~ ' * 5 afternoon callers on Mr. ant,Mrs Guy Oliver rvervone KeqlsTer for tree urawln ..... ./Ir. and Mrs. Jake McDon .... spent the weekend in II lllll l I lldmqPlAIII s~Xie, Kans. visiting their * * * ,eill~olJ~lmes, who teaches PIJISLIt AULIIU I We wnll have the Drawnng at 5 n.m., Frndav, the 30th : ' = .... ! : here. m m ' :: , Ir and Mrs Glen Paul On October 6, 1966, at 10:00 A.M. at the Burr tencied the Smith Center- . . . Cloud football game in Oak Bm Site m Burr Oak, Kansas, the Jewell . ll III 1 1 le ~? Cloud on Friday even- ASC County Committee acting as Agents for I 1[ rrlze = l al)l MOrtal Kaal0 g, After the ball game they Commodity Cr c i ' . " ill offer .... I"!"1"" .ati c ......... e 1 t (,orporatmn w for : i'r;! : oiree at me verlln . . :: ,! l~aul home Other -nests sale the following described property at pub- _ ..... ~CColey, Roma -j~ereMr'andM?ndJ~r~vIe lie auction: ~ 1 Il~* i" 1 , ~ ~IlI O II~O1 1 f smithCenter "" ,.. .,,,.,,.,. o,,,o zna rrlze oT lasses rlicner Mrs" Ira PoweH lq r.Uff UIYliI UlYl DIR ~ere Sunday afternoon vis- , ~ tors 32a0 bu capacity ofMrs. Martin Johnson " / * II II &n i ear Formoso. They also vis- i , p ' ~edtheGenePowellsatthe I-CAPITOL P~E-rA~ wcmDEN ~v~ . ra rrlze I U ~allOH$ O! I~nllil $ ~as enior Citizens anartmens ltt it gltU vw __ , nkato and at the Francis 3200 bu. canacity l r.ye home. - 1 / g' ..... ::: !:!;: a rs, Reeve Hawkins wasGates, Posts, and Barb Wire surround- It nnltn nnrl th riday afternoon caller at, ing the bin site will be sold providing qmVVl i% UiiU qmvim~ DSho , hmei3el, all bins are first sold. ': The terms of the sale are cash on day of sale 1 I i | 1 [] [] [] m [] [] i m for |.terns except bins which may be financ. 1,11 I I 1 IF" U E l I 1 P I i ed under the arm Storage Facility Loan Pro- Illl I[I I Ill inI1 III I llI ",li , 11 11 gram. Contact your local ASCS county office If I / I iI I [I I I I lr I I m,,ml I for this mformatmn prmr to the ,t,me of the Ul I I iF q II i i i Ii q I -I1| I sale to determine your eligibility. '2' ': / ;: ' )