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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
September 29, 1966     Jewell County Record
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September 29, 1966

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i / : i : :i- : :i! ' ::-:" % " :' v: ...... > ::: ;:: ~!'i'~/! ;::! f),~, r, SEPTEMBER 29, 1966 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS I~'~ -- t JIII I IUL ~',. ~ ] F. W. BOYD, JR., Editor and in hay". The Keelers[Cards, a large business in[student, Mike Schaffer, of neth, Ronnie and Gerald | II " ~ 5~ [Mrs. Frank Boyd, Associate have two other children, IKansas City. He has made a INorton, has a Jewell County Hutchinson, Kans.; Ralpl , ~ I Editor Gregg, who is five and at-[big success with his com-]connection. His parents are Quick and wife, Mildred, La- m 1 ~,.-~/~"- [ "Any good thing that I tending kindergarten at For- ] pany They print all types of ] both Jewell natives When a Junta, Colo ; Lila Smiley and n J Aa.~i . * .... ". ~&'lt~~'/ Ican do, or any khadness that moso, and Toni, who spends [cards (birthday, hospital, [youngster, Mike visited reg- husband, Joe, Belen, N.M.; I I / [I can show to any human much of her time with her lanniversary, Christmas, etc.).] ularly with his grandparents, Jo Burright and husband, / I [~ "--u ....-. - i/being, let me do it now and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. ICarl does the designing. In IMrs. A. F. Schaffer and the Hutchinson, Kans.; Leona ' = |~ K.atJon.~av.,ou..,w np,...,t, tl,. []not defer it for I shall not Tony Grelinger, at Beloit. - ]reminiscing, Carl remembers ] late A. F. Schaffer, and the McNichols and husband, n ~ L;'l ,NSA$ PRESS SERVICE, INC. [[pass this way again." Elesa Susanne Dunstan, a[in the late 20's when he Elate Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spokane, Wash.; The des- In ~lll~ 701 Jmckson, Topeka,,,, Ken., 66601~1[~/~.ua ,L,...~,o~"~ ,~,~D,.ot~-o,,~. ..... Paid inVerYc mattractive 4-year old, ]would draw cartoons of lo-I Gallagher., Mike is a brilliant cendants of Mrs. Ross are: / ~t tha P,~t ('ff|ie,, 1~.O pany with her mother, ]cal business men and LeRoylstudent and a fine young Vera and Herald Thompson; A .............. "~' ..... "M " " . .... ' ,A.~JTIONAL EDITOIIAIIb.~. ~rn.~nc rs. Edwin Dunstan. Mrs.]Raynolds would sell the[man in every way. He was Pauhne, Debra, Harlen and Mankato :: I ACf~'~,,h'~,,~k,] ..... unstan subscribed for the/ads They were making mon-Im college with Dmk, Fran- Tamara Noble, all of Man- ffi~r~-~l I ~e-M".t~H/:~IF/~unsertpuns: Record to be sent to their Icy to nay college expenses I,"es and Betty and stopped to kato Karts Carl Dee, I inda FRIDAY- SATURDAY- SUND&Y : ,-1 ~ --1- $3 00 per year in Jewell . " Y ~ .... [ ' ~ , ..... :'2-~~~ [.~.. . . son, Eddie, at Kansas State [A series of thus t e was see me ever day. and Ruth Ross of Burr Oak, t.ount anasurroun in ....... YP Y , , , ,, ....... ] . y ........ u g Umversuty. I visited wuth ]printed un the Mankato pa-/ ~ Kans; Don, Barbara and Jon SEI TEMBER 30 - ocrOIIER I,t: Jeweu uounty Keeora /count|es (L~mitn, usoorn, e, Elesa Susanne and she told |per around 1928. After work-12 Babies Die In Ross, Van Nuys, Calif.; Ella ....... .... Mankato, Kansas 66956 ltcn.e|l, .~toua, J~epuonc me that her little friend, Pa- ling several years for Hall- [Boating Tragedy Hayes, Red Cloud, Nebr.; Starnng at ~:ao p. m, :i: i ---. counties in Kansas, ano ..... ]" k ...... ", " tricia Reece, was ahead of lmark, Carl started a corn-[ ~-- Raymond, Doris, Teresa, Da- . INHC OILS ana weoster coun / ...... [ ..... - her, for Patricia was in kin- |pany of his own. He has~ Two Sauk Village children vid and Janet Ross, Golden, ::' -the r~ew~p_a_p_er ,,or Jewell [ties2n l~eorasKa. - dergarten. - Dale and Don, ]made a fine success and re-]drowned and six other mem- Carolyn Strader, daughter, ~ , t..ounty |~4.uo a year elsewnere. 7 and 5 year olds, stopped[cently purchased some land[bers of their family were and Denise Tabor great .:'!, "-- _ / Subscribers are asked to here Friday with their fath-/in Johnson County, which lrescuedMondaywhena 125-granddaughter of Will Quick J:;:i [notify this office at once er, Richard Frasier, of Burr/will be the location of his]foot barge being pushed by a of Harling~.n and Houston,! THE BOY9 FAMILY ]when they have a change of Oak. These boys are live- [new plant. At present, his]tugboat ran over their motor- Tex. Clifford, Ruth and Pa-l ~nnl~ ~11oo|~ ~,o|n|l~ | ~~n i ~; ,i:~ Owners and Publishers [address. wire, interesting lads./company is operating in]boat. The accident occurred mela Owens, descendants of[ESUuS ssuou~a~uu~au~ ~t~uU]~ ~fa _~ ~ 1Kansas City, Mo. /in the Calumer River near Julia Norland, Clay Center, n m rt um dl~)A News of Jewell County ] Vivian and J. E. Moonll30th and May Streets in Kans.; Dallas Quick, Bend, n0ma ann IJ'VI]jO81"t1.-,t'e ~lt--~ [ HOMI:IY CHATTi:R I and Frmer Jewellcwn~eP~%ltor was a I!icalled t V~Slt with me n/Calumet Parkhi~eldGi~rPhhN~%!igT~Ywffn~dr~:~def~!:r[PT~ri2pT!gi~at ~riYsl C!!th~alnS~l~!!k~,ea~i!~Pb!ii!iOre; Ardath, Paula, Bobby, with llll/EJ iliJiSl I .... - :OR--ff0ME'F()LkS..... i patient at the University ofl[amily in Raytown, Mo.[ Other boatersontheriverlSherry, Alan and Lra Men- I Ee~ ......... h,,~,~ ,.__ M.A.B. ! Kansas Medical Center, he [They were leaving the next[rushed to the scene and yes-] denhall, Hutchinson, Kans., [ ~! ~. y.uu ~,,~,t.; visited with several Jewell[mornin" b'"--lane for Frank-/cued the parents and their descendants of Roy Quick; '~@,~ "b[K, spl(3S I Countv nersons Irma Nixon[furt ~er~n~nv to snend]they children The parents]Ronnie Bay, grandson of[ ~;~"S ;tp~ A .... .t r- ' , j at- . "' .'~'~,~s "~ ~, ' -- dvlce to fishermen. Get,she is a good driver, good of Jewell a natient was a]ihree weeks visitin,, with l are Eugene and Martha Pope Ralph Quick, La Junta Colo. [ ;. :.~.- x ~9ere yesterday while the ]company and looked after regular visitor in mS room [[heir son Jack 1Vloon [of 1828 222nd Place; theirlVernon, Joyee, Gaff Ann,' / ......... -. ~$ ~'~ ~k nstl were biting. ]my comfort and convenience M~. and Mrs Rex ~)ivel of ] Mr Jud S,'ott the'form-r[ four other children arel Charlotte and Sheila Burr- I :: >;'-:" \ ~",. . ~:.~' ~..~ ~ . -MA.B- .. ]all the time. We were glad Jewell stopped to see me [AnnetSe Ault,s,topped at the]christine, 6; Elizabeth, 9;light, Tuttle, Okla., and Jo' /~:::;i:: : N~,~ ~ .. ~ ~:::~. ~reat thouglats like greatlto have Ralph and Mike s-veral times Rex was a|hos"ital and had a nice visitI John, 5; and Paul, 4 IAnn, Larry and Kimberly ~ ~(~" ': ....>~ ~;::!~J~l .~.~ ~:ldeas, need no noise.[with us. I do not get a patient when "I first arrived lwitl~ Mar- Bett,, and me [ --(Taken from the Sauk[Mesker of Hutchinson, Kans, ~~ ~,~ ~~'1 ~(f~:!~:'~ -MAB ch nc " ~" - ' J' ~' " " ' ', ..... "~ : :" ~" " ~"~'~'~":' ._ " [ a e to get acquainted at Kansas City Visited with I She is -oin~ to attend the lVdlage Review.) I descendents of Jo Burnght. "~i~"[?~ .~ :.(.~'~ ~ m.:,..~.~ D ' . .,," .t~ ~ " . .... "~ ;.::::,,'L~,~,, ~ ~ v _ ont throw mud. Even if]with the boys as much as Lvle Hoffer of Jewell and]University of Kansas this[ Grandparents of the chd-IJumor, Bonnie, Bonme Day- ~~. ';: ~ .,~m,,,,,.~ You hit your target, your lthe girls. But both boys were iV[rs Porter Lovseth of Ran-|fall where she is a senior:ldren are Mr. and Mrs. Jackllene, Barry, Pamela and ..... I~/~l/~fllllil/IL~[ Own hands will be dirty. [quiet, courteous gentlemen. ] d~ ll" Th,w were in Kansas ]Her husband has a real gooci/Pope, Sauk Village, and the[ Paula McNichols of Boise, ~:~!~-*; LM-~/iU I~lll/l~lj ,~ -MAB-. . I- Vivian Ost had invited me City to ~Ge with Mrs. Lyle l job with an advertising firmlgreat grandparents are Mr:Ides?end.ants of Leona McNi: .~ .,;)"{~, ...~..R~p, flJ~l~ []f]pj] :,t. ane, cure toy crum.e is n, ot [ to a dessert-bridge at the l Hoffer, who was a patient at [in Mission, Kansas. He grad- [ and Mrs. E. M. Tyler m lcnoLs; Other rela, tlV~ ana ~]~ -.:'~u'J~L~ ~iZ~ ........... "" "~ tote electric cnalr, out me ~Mankato trienus" Mrs ~aoie lurnD :~f~ ~ ~; *~q ~t1~ 'gh chair J Edgar Hour Buffalo Roam. that, . evenln~ g, the hospital. Mrs Lovseth. uated from the University of tiwartne- " , "-CentralC~t" Y :~ :~':s ~:~ ......... ~::,: ~ ........ ~' ..... ~ r~NA\a,o.~r~ !~ --" -land Adelaide Regnuer came and Mrs. Hoffer are smters. ]~ansas last year. They will] [ Y Y :'~ < ~i~ ~:~, :~ i ^~r-~rm~,~ J .... ]after me and we enjoyed a[ Evelyn Clanin Freeman ofliive in Lawrence and JudlQuiek Family Reunion!Nebr.; Mr., and Mrs. Sam ~" ii~:~?#~i~ i~i{! ~i@i~ii:i~i~i ~ m~o wyman bllver t~reeK, _~eDr, ~ ~,,~~ i ~ I~ ~, .-: . . -, /delightful dessert and bridge l Kansas City, in the company lwill drive back and forth to l ~ 1 , ." .,:(;4~ iJ::~:~':'~ ~'~::~:ki!~i ~ aomep.Ollncians.dont putlwith Vivian and friends. -[of Irma Nixon, stopped to I Mission each day. Mrs. Scott[ The ten sons and daugh-[Mrs. Etta Young, Formoso, :~, ~i '~,~:~i~:~fliiii~i ~ ;nough.nre.m their speech-[Mr and Mrs Forrest Hock-]see me. She is married to a ]is the daughter of Mr. and]ters of the late John W. and lKans.; Mr. and Mrs. Mar- ~ ~----ano mey aon t put / " ~ .~ _ " - .... dentist and the.. have three [Mrs r~uentin Ault I Julia E Quick, along withlshall Bishop, Superior Nebr ; ~ { ~'i ~i~ ::~i~ ~~~ ell " ett or t~soon stoppeo at tne~ y -. ,,e . ' :s : ' : ~: ,~::}f~:,.,'~:: a, Ough of thmr speeches m [D .... a ..~;.. c ...... a....;..t., fine children Before f, oin~, [' Mr and Mrs Ivan Pat-[ many other relatives andfMr, and Mrs. Irvln Osborn, ~. ~ { ~: ~i:;!~:{i~!l ~ ; me fire. ---Snipped. / ...... ,: to Kans-~ r,p,, Evelyn [nod= -r,~,~-h, of Burr Oor- { frmnds, met in the park atI Webber, Kans ; Mr and Mrs ~ ~ ~: ; ~ :i~;;~! ~7~[-*z~ : ann reneweo melr SHDSCFI - aa ,-, ~y, --- ,1-- ,-, -,* ,,,,--,j ,-,- . . " " ..::..:. ::' !{ , :ii~},i~!..?F &n Expensive School -]tion - Gerald Bo,,les atnPd worked at the James Drug[andMankato, stopped to see[Curtland, Kansas on Satur-lSl!ly Bishop and son and d~,.;..~,a~{~aa~t,l. ne.Nmghborhood Youth[dau~,hter, Gavla w~ho* is in Store in Jewell in the late [me twice. Ivan owns his[day, Aug. 27, and the park |Miss Ruth Peterson of */i!::;,i! ,orps is a part of the r'over-/,L^ ...... ~f~' '- .......... 30's [own barber shun a fewlat Superior Nebr. on Sun- ICourtland, Kans.; Mr. and ">'l:!:id [ the ~tll gf~tLl~, VISlt(:':'l.l tile " 11 ' '' ..... Program. We note that|~ .... a ..ee;.. ~ ..... a...... Mr and Mrs granklinlblocks from the Medical]day Aug. 28, for a family[Mrs. Ernest Hyde, Formoso, '~~~~11 ~, 7 mflhon dollars has been [ening Gerald had finished Ross and Marilyn of Jewell [Center. My doctor, Dr. Delp, [ reumon and vzslt with old |Kans.; Guy and Ruby Math- t ' :~ ~pent by the Youth Corps. ]nu~.,~"n .... ~,~., ,~., .~ .... a and Mrs and Mrs Bill [regularly gets his hair cut at land new friends. The bro- [is, Norton Kans.; Edwin and Nebr. erans' CommisN~:{' CCordmg to facts reported/ ....... Hutchcraft of Plainville for [Ivan's short and that is how lthers and sisters who range[Avis Ross, Hardy, Nebr.; This was a very memor- m Mankato on 't~ reportea me wneatgrounu , - ~- ..... - :: ,..tbe House of Representa-1; .... ~ ,,,,a ~,.,~'~ merlv of Jewell, stont)ed to I[ae learned I was in the hos-[in age from 77 to 57 years]Calhe Bradnck, Supenor, lable occamon. The ten bro- Oct. la, 1966 fro ! ores, the Youth Corps has/ ........ s ...... -----av~" ~o"~ ,,,,~.'~" -,,