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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
September 29, 1966     Jewell County Record
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September 29, 1966

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# JEWELL COUNTY RECORD, KANSAS 29, We can furnish invite-] See us for ygur Hydraulic I fill {tMfiDll I I AI1/-VI?D{ Ufll h I Cub Scouts- I ' ii tions, announcements, thank [ Hose needs. We will make UIWLIPOIIII glIILtlkJ I IMf ! gil ]J l[llUflhlJ . . .. yous. shower gift notes, in-]hoses to your specifications l..=t Mnv, We haa our l$1 eung formals, bride s book, etc. lwith Couplmatic fittings. ]V||N|I~|'~ ~Nl| l[~l~'~"lIN|~ IMnday night with~t&r~ Igud In fact. we have a complete[We also have in stock Oxy-j~zlazxavIj z-tAlU ]~M&UmltlilU I Elkins and Mrs, Preti'A$1l- line of wedding Supl~lies, lgen, Acetylene, Carbide, lhl l l~lOl~[ IV ]llIl@l l flllll l Imam Stephen Elkins served Many designs and styles of lVictor Welding and cuttinglUl VlOI'L/'I,I i /lllgdlt llgl/ I the lunch. Tho e ,,present type to choose from. We can ITorches, Lincoln Welding I " [ "~'~" [were Ro~er Rig'fitmem,r, Do- furnish them engraved, [Machines, Welding Rod and / I ~ I vid Warne, Ward Cqhman, nri-t-n, -," th, rmo,,ranhed|Welding Accessories. Steel/ The first showing of thel Forty-two Kansas lawyersl Martin Neeper,.Je 'ry ,Hard- ' . . ' Loading" Chutes and Horse oil one oas. Lo..m manKato baturaay at me . mratolLaw of the raCK aria _playeu For Sale: Smmese kmen. lTrailers Mankato Weld- Thursday and Friday, Sept.]Roam Steakhouse m Man-lCircle ball tag. 1- 16tf | Introducingi' Charlotte tWaugh s. In addition, there[ciation, and attracted law-]of Representatives, has re- .ka o, phone FR 83785. LET I a? I 1966 --" here ' ' . li I MANKATO GREENHOUSE REFRIGERATION write Hastm s vmno t=o, - Vivian Moon - Sales & Service ,*~r-vin~ t- ---/l ars orioles channels and[1967 Oldsmobiles and Pen-lattended an institute on wa-ler, and Stephen Elkins. We Flowers for all Ocasl011s Phone HA 8-3252 Jewell County ~ecord 38tflplate. Steel Stock Racks,[~acs wdlbeheld, atWaugh/tcr law and co)nO mnat, nlstud ed our Prom,~e,~ndThe. We Telegraph Flowers Phone HA 8-3252 JEWELL PLUMBING & - house brokerne CO~toasCt ling & "Machine, Mankato 129.30. [kit. ] - ' ,'"- ..... Phone FR 8-3972 38tf HEATING John or K ~r1971 "/Phone FRontier 8-3949. eow [ During the two days, re- [ The institute was sponsor- [ Ralph R. Roberts, Clerk - FR 83708 - FR 83 . | ' [freshments will be served at/ed by the Kaqsas Bar Asso-lof the United State .H6use Cesspool and Septic Tank Apartment for rent. --- F. -r~,,~o ~o**o~i,~ ~, pletcher, new Tupper ware lwill be faw)rs, etc. for every-/ycrs from all over Kansas. [leased, for the se~o0d time Cleaning. Jewell . Plumb- ing & Heating, HA 8-3252, R. Fair. 38tf ..................... [dealer m .Marrkato. Ph ne/one who stops to see thel Local aranzements were|thts year, the officialAtten- series r~o uuw. l~ynt~t~, ~.- 3 16t2" o "" a n n s and Jewell, Kansas. 38tf For a good trade allow-monms';'" to .... pay. ---oe-""sIFRrry t .... 8-. flY8. .... "', lnew m del cars. ,Ihandled by L M. Weltmer,/d. nce a d V )ti g r cords of once on Atlas tires and bat- Standard Service, 38tfl v,~,;Re-;. -2 bedroom l Three fine door prizes land the hmcheon was cour-[House members for the se- For a good trade allow- teries, see Jerry's Standard . " '." . I_ """ -. 38tflare being given away. You ltesy of F. R. Fair, president/cond session of the 89th once on Atlas tires and bat- Service, Mankato. 38tf Chain Saws. -- Jerrys Stan-] Clean"up E] rooms carpet plete details are printed in Iof Mankato. /.Ion. It), 1966. The Voting teries, see Jerry's Standard For Sale: New H_omelite]nuse" "- K. ram [will want to register, corn-lee the First National Bank / Congress which commenced Service, Mankato. 38tf dard Service. 38tf156 95 includes electric rugl Waugh s large ad in this I Speakers at the institute [and Attendance records are Used T. V. Sets from ARMCO PIPE Ishampooer rent. - R. K. Iweek's Record. Iwere Arno Windscheffel,|recorded through Aug. 11, $45.00to$80.00. Guaranteed For Pond Dams and Roads A~~d~e~t02~u~ Cff ttV lShopper Inc Mankato 16tlI [Smith Center; Prof. Earl,1966. Since Jan. 10, there 90 days.- Dick's T. V. and KEN LANCASTER Mt [ I 0 sZch(U~lv~)~Sl~aw'f ~::w hTh:):~ffi:i5alrl~c::~s Ontd~" Radio, Mankato, Kansas. Phone EX 2-3080 - Box 262 ..... I SEE I |rence; Earl E. McCleave, lcate that Congressman Dole Phone FR 8-3123. 38tf Minneapolis, Kansas 32tf Present For Brides" If you l OUR LARGE DISPLAY I Pltlt lllllUP [chief' of the condemnation lmissed only 1 of the 95 roll GIFTS, LUGGAGE, ~ order 100 or more wedding[ OF IOIIUWII1U /section, U. S. Army Corpslcalls. Percentage wise, he RADIOS, FURNITURE, For Sale: See the new gas invitations, you will receive[ 1967 FORDS [ ........... [of Engineers, Kansas City;|has been present and voting SMALL APPLIANCES, ranges, water heaters. -- Free 50 Thank You Shower I FRIDAY AND SATURDAY]'I'I.I|i~|]~v [Clarence Malone, assistantlnearly 99% of the time. i. nrl Ilaill~ltO~,t'~ IU. S. attorney, Topeka; and[ Dole commented: Con- WALL PAPER, PAINT, Waugh Oil & Gas Co. 38tf w ..... o c'n,,tv[ -- I [Jerry Hannah, Topeka. [stituents rightfully expect LINOLEUM, UNFINISHED .............. I~,BO~0 14~, Belleville, FURNITURE For Sale: Fryers on foot ~,,,ut. ............ ~ Record. 4tfl FOR SALE ] The first showing of the] I thetr Congressman to be on "~ r call JA 7-5095 KORB'S THRIFT or dressed. - FR 83506. "1 11967 Chevrolets will be held [Cadette Girl ScoutsI the job unless illness or ab- & E HOME FURNITURE 16t2" For Rent: Apartment. - J.[ 19611 Fairlane 500 Fordor - lot L,~rli-o C'h'wrolet Man- [ I sences on "official" business A. Carpenter. 15tf I NEWt Ikato." K' n s, Thursday,] The Cadette Girl Scoutlprevent it. Many may not II IPROVEMENT Burr Oak 50 original and 50 dup- For Rent" Four room[ V8. Automatic. ISept 29 Tom Lehrling and[meeting was held Monday, lagree with a particular vote, 38tf licate statements with car- house, with ~araoeMrs 11966 Bronco Wagon- Demo.lhis staff will have several[Sept. 26 at the Community[ but more people appreciate ben, 65c per pad at Jewell ..... " "l 1500 miles. I ..... ...... ruck /Building. Election of officerslthe fact their Congressman U 19 NOller ID["~ Hs. vv ,~,v ~,t~.o ..... County Record. A real buy u. 19. r olmr, tat-."/1965 Fairlane Sports Coupe. Ion hand * /was held. R ta' Andcrsonlwas present and,,voting on ~ragood trade allow-' have more money available for some firm which needs HAMPSHIRE BOAR I - . ........... $249Sl There" will be balloons,|ccmducted the meeting. The / important issues. ,o., ettias tires and bat- .!.?, ~ee Jerrys Standard for real estate loans now. only a small number of a~r,~'vo I V8 Automatic Powerlnonril~ randv me for thelnew officers are: Patrol[ The average attendance n rToS Stan?8 d Nice l-stow 2-bedroom statements. 38tf I anti air Low miles I ..... il' ]Leader, Barbara Blair; I record on roll call votes for ,, house, close in real good For Sale: Honda - H. CERTIFICATIOS ! Factory"warranty:l s'erv"e al? ay' r" e"hr:/Scribe, Carrie Ann Weltmer;/all Congressmen, according Mattress Rebuilding location. Our Herd Boar is the [ Sharp. ]ling has 12 miniature cor-|Treasurer, Debra Noble. The/to the'Congressional Quar- . FURNITURE House and 5 lots with all R. Tyrell. 15t* first Hampshire Boar in 11963 Fairlane 500 Fordor -Ivettes which will be -iven|dUeS and refreshments were lterly Magazine", is approx- ' WOrkUl~l'lOLSTERINGguaranteed like utilities available. Price, For Sale: Scout seed Jewell County to certify. I .... $1245[away' durin,, the da~ A[discused. The dues will beI imately 87%. w p $900.00. wheat, grown on summer Following is the cutout [ V8 Automatic. |drawinc, will'be held anorox-|ten cents each meeting. Re-] e'~^[I'IONE NOW for 3 Bedroom House with 3 fallow ground, cleaned and information on his pigs [1962 Galaxie 500 Fordor -llm,,,d~7 ....... a~ m[n~t~ |freshments will be brought] Don Howard was released )ltS'~uP and delivery, that certffted" " him."I $11451 ',.. ....... .~.~;~;....~ .... ~." ...... .............. ~o~. ]by the gwls. The four chill-I from the Bellevdle hospttal ~TI~}EST MATFRESS lots, nice trees and garden treated. - High germination spaee, well located, in Burr test.- $2.25 per bushel.- We have cut 11 pigs with I V8"'/kutom'a'tic.'" I~ng'~som'enice'~loor~ p~zes ]enges were reviewed. Re-[Saturday and is back home, t,.' ltOLSTERING Oak. an average: 164. ~da. y.s ^..t [1960 Falcon Fordor $495[~u ..... h .... t, ~n ;~ r,,ois'|freshments were served. [working on his farm. Don 8-3246. Jewell, Ks. Nice 2-stow 3 Bedroom Jacobsen Grain and Supply 200 lbs. - Back tat, i Deluxe Stick sh'ift Carrie Ann Weltmer |has an ankle in a cast and ~iHouse, la~ baths, all redee- Co., Montrose. 16tf 29.9 in for length - loin- I . . ..... iter. xuu uu.~ ,ave to OCl .~ .. ', * . - eye, 504 11960 Fatrmne ooo ]uoor -_lpresent at the drawings tel :~cnoe. I some m,ghty sore spots, at- t~n~ess cards (raised orated. Quick possession and WoEWA~h~)RILI~L~E~I~NAJE I :~::[:~h:hfl ~1 M; wand g:lcef .~ar [ tcow girl_ f ,, ",,one color $5.50 per reasonably prieed. Close in. YAMAHA SPORTS MgruSes *r~de ma Im a :; two color (red and: 2-bedroom house, good CYCLES 19V;'FArU/:ma oCrdor. or2ndt ?ilir gn ha . ~;r~ and blue, etc.) location, real close to school. = .........===at ~xr I V8 Automatic I, .... r. ..... ;,.~a ~,a th=/and Mrs. tAarence t~iayiock [ Mr. and Mrs. t,a Loomis -PW 1,000. Have sev- Priced for quick sale. Sales & Service I t, 7 Fairlane Tudor - $245} . .... h .... o ned |Sunday at the Buffalo Roamland M ss Mabel Yapp were s anaPles and styles of Improved 200 acre farm, Esbon, sos I V8 Automatie 1. ...... i-land spent the remainder of]Sunday droner guests of " to choose from about ]/~ cropland, balance Jewell, Kansas 4t17~ 12~:6eowl i~-~y ........ ~ .... a .., ........ , 'ell -- I ]shipshape for the opening itne nay With tne mayzocKs.[Miss Vera Marietta [n Ionia. pasture, Located in Formoso Band Instruments: Leading[ I I .... area. , ,. anted: At the Wil-Improved 40{I ~cre farm, For Sale: Brome grass, el- makes such as Conn, Olds, [ SCHUETTE MTR. CO. [MANKATO JUNIOR HIGH [I Lebla c New and "n~t .Home. Day shift Bundy and n . ] Exclusively FORD I DEFEATS OSBORNE 13-7 I Shift Experience about 220 acres cropland, falfa, and clover seed. -- used all available on our lib-I - I I Oq llr l ll r eral rental urchase Ion We Lebanon, Kansas 3j:~,veidl: Coil FR 8-3917. gOOdNieeallotmentS.one story 2-bedroom Jacobsen Grain & Supply, P P .. ] [ The Mankato Junior Highl 31UUl~DAkl',ll t All3 tors and rental returqs at bigl "l Don Anderson and Jim el I .... :use, Full basement. Close Montrose. 41tf also have several domonstra-I ...... ISchool team, coached by ag , Potatoes for winter Disc and One-Way Shar- discount Come in and see us' .... ., PriceI ........ /are the most dcoendable and reliaMe evermade. ... .~ iv*/. otiu lvtta. ~,v~ Ison, fleleatect osborne l,~'ll.~, .,. ,t.t .. ..... ,.'. '" no. l $3.00 100 lbs., 'Good small home with pening at your farm. -- or " " g " of Osborne were visitinglo . Thursdav ewn-/lYor. . rifling anti flrivlng, mey go year alter year Hastings, Nebr 1 It6 ,us't ~.~-{L4.00, no. 2 .$2.00 large lot. Suitable for rental Doyle Jeffers, Esbon, Phone " . with Mankato friends Satur-I ing, Sept 22. [ w thout repair. ] . ttoes" :$3sacks25 ' $9.00", sweet or with addition would make RA 5-3472 Collect. 30t52 For Sale" 17 head of day evening. Lyle is the[ Mankato scored first in[ . ................... "-" aish ^_.' oasKet; sweet family home. fi,~mons bu. $1.80; Several building sites. Wanted to buy: Cane or Hemp cross breed pigs, principal for the. Osbor.neJthe first quarter on a 50/Studebaker was our first ear maker and is still 15 00 nigh scnool tJary ~s a semor ar a at~ TM meLons 2c per Ib ; 13 Unit Motel plus Big hay or sorghum for silage or weight 50 lhs. Price $ . . ! .. - .... ]y d p ss play from Mike[ producing a perfect ear It is one you sh6iild'6wn es, Squash, rmmnkins Home, all remodeled and re- mile to cut for hay. - Don - Minnie Loomis, Jewell, a] r ansas t?.mversny, major-| Simon to l ooney riancocK./ "" .... i'" if ',it" ,,avin s i oil ' nd s, ,.. ' Kansas, phone HA 8-3452 ing in anthropomgy. ,reg,lSimon ran for the extralaSl lliSOOn pay Ior tse. n g, n. a eetl', urmps and apples, deeorated. Sell on contract Howard. 16tf. 16 tl* who is a sophomore at FortI point. Osborne scored in the| gas. " na s State Louege, pmns to r andia. 15tl to reliable party. Price re- If Dr. says ulcers, get new Y 1: d qua ter and the extra/ ' ' : For Sale Gas range, corn be a coach Greg just became omt was ood to tm the Sale: 1964 Chevrolet dueed. : . " " P " g " We have some used ears at very low "larie6S; See Very clean - A A Other Homes, Lots, andOnlyPh-5 tablets.98 atFaStR-Kasshopperliquids" plete, good condition. -- In- a pledge at Sigma Phi Epsi-/score 7-7 In the fourth/ .... ', US now, , ,, Oh elp019 E. "10th,'Be" Acreage Properties. Drug. 51tI2" quireofW. L. Zade. 13t2'. Ion fraternity. Gary is alquarterWayneCoffmantall-| . ..... v,,. oaorn 6 room graduate of Mankato high/led on a 2 yard phlnge to/ ....... -. 6t4" Could use more listings. For Sale: Nationally ac- ,,, ....... : ..... - _^~^~, ...a Gre" attended/ ............ : ...... ,~/"l'nese COOl mornings ptl all ]n mmn ot,. aea mg ~,,,..~o ~r~ c'.lo.. ~ ",xtii. ~UIIUUI ~tlltA ~ | provlue tHt~ WlIIIIIII~ pUlt|ta./ , MELVIN BLECHA credited SPF purebred York- ~v 14t4" three years of h~gh school/ The try for extra point fail- stoves. Our line of Temco gas heaters m known Real Estate Agency shire Boars. Serviceable age -- led. for good heating with less expease th h ttlid t. om and younger. Guaranteed. John Dewey the top FOR SALE FR 8-3107 Eligible for registration, lit 1 ill wm for Mankato liCtOr|re lint. Buy a Temco and save. ,Tbe ,e,, are J ..... - Floyd Myer, Phone Collect r ~ I~ IV[ the ..................... hosp~t y ] ............... .......... . ~.. r. . , ,, For complete Radioand 308, Palmer, Kans. 14t3 " ai at Alban , New/ pmced for $49.95, and$10 to $17 .00. These I RANK's PHILLIPS TV sales and service, call READY-MIXED ASTE York for3 months. He Mr. and Mrs. Raymond low price and quahty heaters will save you',a lot woUld be glad to hear from] Nichols and Mrs. RusSell ~ h~fin~r ~-znon~o .............. Serviee Station Dick s TV & Radio Service, ' ' old. friends. His address is:| Hooker called on Mrs. " ......... ...... Mankato, Kansas, Phone FR' CONCRETE , . , -- ............ ,~ nr~lr~ltro Don Bradrlck, 807 D, V. A./ ers aunt, Mrs. Juha M0Y.e , Jewell, Kansas 8-3123. 38tf Delivered o r't, JL.It.~lGO Hospital, Albany, New at the home of Mrs. Florence WHEN |~ ]!' York. [Noller in Esbon Sunday. For Sale: 1962 Honda, PhOne HA 8-3421 ;100.00. - Chilcott Motors. 16 tf 16t1" Wanted: Front end align- 12 Registered meat. -- Jensen's Texaco mated to extra Service, Mankato, Kansas. ered ANGUS 38tf You Want It WHERE You Want It Iohn H. Alsop Sand Co. FR 8-3977 - Mankato 12tf For Sale: Certified Scout blood of " rd. These NOTICE: I have for sale, wheat, germination 94, weight 62, recleaned. Semi cows and the tract of land equal to 2 load or less. - F. B. Kyker, uced the top lots in Mankato, Phone Reynolds, Nebr. 15t2" central Kansas 8-3493. -Office in Block hree years, as East of Mankato Welding. PIANO IN STORAGE )s in 4-H steers John W. Ross, atty., Man- [Beautiful spinet-console stor- All vaccinated kato, Kansas. 16t2" |ed locally. Reported like and just tested new. Responsible party can clean. Stanley For Sale Or Lease: 50x90 take at big saving on low Kans. 14tf Store Building. Will remodel payment balance. Write Jop- to suit permanent tenant lin Piano Co., Joplin, Mis- Gage seed wheat, within reason. Sell on con- souri. 15t2" certification. -- tract or cash. -- Lester Sim- egel, Formoso, Ks. mons, 216 W. 4th, Topeka, POTATOES - Pick your Kans., CE 4-9347. 13tf potatoes starting Sept. 21st for $3.00 per hundred, 80 on blacktop nty. 5 miles South of Kearney. NO CHECKS. Mark E. Mc- CONNELL, Kearney, Neb- raska. 15tf REAL ESTATE For Sale: 1964 % ton pickup with Red-dale l0 ft. first mortgaget We have several cash buy- cab over camper, self con- nS available at[ers interested in some unim- tained. - John R. Ross rest. I )roved land; also have a call FR 83708 - FR 83971. 16tf for an improved irrigated farm. large improved Sted. 160 on in Mitchell ew modern house. lay Munro one- house on 317 Refrigerator, dryer included. FRANK & Possession. 160 in Ionia Cash or liberal The Henry Simmons es- tote, improved 240 in High- land Township, pasture. Unimproved 160 in Sin- clair Township. Good bases, The Morgenson S-room, one-story, modem hous~ at 320 North Lincoln. Paving tax paid Possession. Have an excellent busi- ness opportunity in Man- Wry liberal t xn . does this for you: , protecfs home and out- bu;Id;ngs aga;nst fire, theft, w;nd, ha;I ,n l vandalism . . . insures housel old con. Cens and farm personal properly . . , provMes I;abiliy pro. +ectlon for you and your fami[y HILTGI , .-- .Agency Manager' i Mankato, Kansas FR 8-3611 or - REAL ESTATE - 2.bedroom House with furnace and full base- ment in Burr Oak. Immediate possession. 3-bedroom House, fully modem, one stow, with 3 lots, priced for quick sale and immediatepus- - session. Have real good business In Burr Oak for sakb showlng nice income. Nice home or a good rental in Mankato, mod- ern, basement, and forced air furnace. OST AGRI-SERVICE CO. See us for Real Estate and Al ti ARDEN H. OST ANNUAL SMORGASBORD SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 -- 5:00 to 7:30 p. m, Esbon Catholic Dining Room $1.25/ dult -- 60c children under 10 Pre-Schoo] Children Free -- Games Following- L RUMMAGE AND FOOD SALE V. F. W. Building Friday and Saturday, Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 -- 9 a. m. Faith Circle - W. S. C.S. ALL BRANDS & ALL TYPES 1 MANKATO, KANSAS It/ JeweH County's Oldest Store - Since 1880 . I I ......... IL [ _i 11 II FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS iF]gEE DRAWINGS - PRIZES UNDER SCHOOL AGE , SCHOOL CHILDREN 6-l~ TEEN AGERS 13-19 ADULTS BALLOONS FAVORS FOR ALL 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. COME IN TO SEE THE ALL NEW CHEVROLETS AI ID TORNADO INSPIRED OLDSMOBILES 751.4 1|1 crrv, mwmm LI,, H] 1