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September 22, 2016     Jewell County Record
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September 22, 2016

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3A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, September 22, 2016 .,,, Odessa Homemakers diecentersOf skinforCancerDiseaseeVerYcontrolYear andreportsthe vlr'~-n~'rP-r-Hnn ......... Opal McEIroy visited Wednesday use a pry emergence herbicide before. ; DPAA hosts regular Burr Oak Weather hold meeting that Kansas has higher than average The grant-writing workshop on afternoon with Ila McElroy. Sunday the sandbur comes up: However~not rates of skin cancer in the U.S. Sunday will be held at the Mankato family member Larry Gillett, NOAA observerBefore Sept. 13 plans were made . . I-, ...... a ~mib, Julie BoRe and five. the mree proaucts mat can nelp update meetings Precipitation for the Odessa Homemakers group to "Diagnosing potential problems City OffiCe,rteO~?etOwmee~?mty center, visitors for Ila were Jackie and Katie all p~__emergence nermct.aes.are circe- This month ................................ 4.11 go to Golden Living Center at Downs early on can make a big difference in as was repo glr"ls,t'~I(ell"y'~ Je''lul;~md Jaren Flavin mini.mizegra.ssy s andb~ are! oryzalin, - - In addition to providing detailed Year todate .............................. 28.11 so they could be with member Nola successfultreatment," said dermatolo- written responses to questions from Temperatures Bess Atwood, where she now makes gist Ryan Fischer N W l'l'lt~tlall They mowed the Randall Cemetery pen.anne.re.ann ann promamme. . e seam nro...... and took care of Ila s yard as well. uryzal^in is sole unoer me ~aae family members about their missing V=~y highsand| .... her home But plans were changed as "We're proud of the Masons m,, ~ Elaine Peters drove to the Kansas names ot ~urnan ana weea lmpeae. It loved ones, Defense Prisoner of War Sept. 7 ................................... 88 67 the day before Nola Bess was entered Cloud County and all across the state Kree compul~er grate Pair Friday evening and staved can beusedon all warm season grasses and Missing in Action Accounting Sept. 8 ................................... 82 64 into the hospital, so the l0 members all whoareofferingthisimpo,,r,,t,_an_____thealth Don]acobs, Jewell County sheriff, Satm'd'av-wi-~Ro~sieBosseinherotrod- as well as tall fescue. It should not be -'~^^~ ~'= retumed Sunda~ in time used on cool season grasses othe~ than Agency (DPAA) personneltraveleach Sept. 9 ................................... 79 64 came to their usual meeting place, the servicetortheircommunity,' saidRob- has been advised of yet another seam ~.-~.~-~"~r"'-'*~l'],'Women's Guil:d meet tall fescue, such as Kentucky blue- year to seven cities across the country Sept. 10 ................................. 77 49 " Village Cite. ert Shively, Director of KMF.hitting Jewell County to, ~,~,~ ....... - . . -.~ .... to host one day meetings with families Sept. 11 ................................. 71 49 The members repeated the flag sa- In addition to funding screenings at Th]sscamadviseatheelderlyresi- inginBeloit grass. ApplyoryzahnarounuAp.ru 13 ofmissingpersonnel from World War Sept. 12 ................................. 80 53 lute before answering the roll call with local lodges for more than l5 years, the dents they are to be presented with a Philand i~xisti Vetter and girls and whenred, budtre~,.sapproachfullbl.oom, i: Il to the present. Setp. 13 .... . ........................... -78. 56 a school memory or showing some-. . KMFcreatedtheKansasMasonicCan-freecomputer. The scammers go on to her parents, MerlinandCarolynDixon, renmmemaun]ssomCvm~e elr:l~., These meetings are a way for fami- Sept. 14 ................................. 56 53 thing from their school days. Each cer Institute and developed health ini- seek financial information from the attended the Kansas StateFasrover the as renuumm as well as se ~J..... lies to learn about the overall account- Se t 15 66 53 person told about their summer acfivi- tiatives like the Bob Dole Prostate yes!dents, weekend names. On the homeowner slde ~t ts ~: ing community mission and more im- P .................................. ........ 7 .... Fawns Barrett attended card club at sold as Scotts Halts. Pendnnetlaatin ~s , Sept. 16 ................................. 82 5 ues. The questmn was asked, Do you Cancer Research Fund and the Oncol- If a resident receives one of these portantly to discuss their loved one s Sept. 17 ................................. 74 52 remember where you were at the time ogv Nurse Navigator and Psychoso- such calls, tell the scammer to contact theTwilaMeanshomeinJewellThurs- best applied as a split applicationwi~ : .... "- ' " the " day evening thefirsthalfappliedaboutAprl115ann " " case with the DPAA analyst directly Sept. 18 ................................. 78 51 ofthelxaged~esof9-11? Athankyou cialOncologyEndowmentsatUniver- Jewell County Sheriff's Depart- responsibleforcoordinatingitoverthe Sept. 19 ................................. 81 56 was read from Abby Schleifer fort he s~tv" ofKansas Medzcal" Centeroverthe ment, as that is where the computer Jewell County Readers will meet the s.econd about June 1. Ano~erway yearz. Equally important these peri- Sept, 20 ................................. 84 60 visual arts and crafts award she re- past- few decades, will be. picked up. and the.office will Monday at the Randall Library The ot mmmng aoout me appncauon um- odic meetings provide a forum for the ceived and it was furnished by this "The screenings are free, quick and provide all the mformatmn that is All-GirlFillingStation'sLastReunion, in g is to make the first, app~fication , families of our missing and unac- I, Iarlnolly U'~C holds club. , ,. , can save lives," s~id Nelson.'"In fact, needed," Jacobs said. by Fannie Flagg will be discussed, wnenreuoudtreesapproacnruuo~oom, : counted to meet one another and share _ o __ A discussion was nero on doing they may just be the best 20 minute and the second application six weeks " experienceswiththosethatbestunder- l~llar ~r~ce Tuesday Happenings for Long Term investment in your health that you can ]['~lrl/-~ _11 --- later. . ~ stand their loss. The Department of HarmonvUnitedMethodistChurch Care at the Jewell County Hospital make." -~tLtquti;lll YcIJrltoroJlrga Prodiamine is sold under tl~c0m-. ? Defense has conducted these family service beg'an Sunday morninz with Sept.27.Theclubmemberswhohelped To learn more about the screening By Fawna Barrett By Fawns Barrett mercial name of Barricade. It is'ale6 .... The past two mornings would have the active ingredient in a number of - member update meetings since 1995, welcome and announcements by Nikki at the Jewell County Fair were men- event call 785-243-0876 For informs- and each year the number of families Ost. Acolytes were brothers, Evanand tion ed. . ....... ,,,,*i .... .... ~....th," ..-.....~r*n~:= .....o....tM,~nn',. .... Thursday. night another. .55 of an beenperfectforromanficmoviescenes, homeownerproducts.Itcanbeusedon ? that attend increases significantly. Nlalan ~.rn,,t pat (~.rn,,t -ro--i~t ,~r- v~rgima reaa an amc=e aoout Ellis .......... " inch of ram was recetved in this area Fog hugged the ground rising only allofourcommonlawn grasses. Apply . .................... , -- =,----~, r--- . rounuauon s diner tree cancer sere==,- . Finally, DPAA meets and provides formed a vrelude. Autunm Reverie Island, the place where. ~mmigrants : ........ :.. ,~n,,: ........ ~'o Mid Sunshine and warmer weather returned four or five feet. You could almost see as is done for oryzalin, about April 15 updates to families of personnel miss- Children's time was nresented bv entering the United States in the early ...... a .... 588 4719 ~aturuay attemoon Gene Kelly, trailing a long scarf, run- or when redbud trees approach full west t~ancer Autance tv ~ a- - " ...... "" " ning across the way to meet a beautiful bloom. Only one application is needed ing from the Vietnam War at the an- PastorGerry Sharp..whoac'knowledg~ days were detained for examination, or the Kansas Masomc" Foundatmn' at .......... umteu t~nurcn women met last nualmeetingoftheNationalLeagueof weshouldlooktoseewhatothersneed The facility was closed in 1954 for that 7~ ~7 7~t~ weunesuay ror a any or quilting ann girl. They would rush into each other s per year. " : ~ . , ~ ~i POW-MIA Families and at the annual and help them out when we can. Each purpose and was turned over to the "~"-""-- ..... first fall meeting. It was good to have arms and dance with only their heads Quinciorac (Drive) can -provide , -- Korean~Cold War meeting held in Cathy Ekerberg and Nevada Vetter and shoulders above the fog. some post emergence control, espy- child was given a back scratcher as a Natmnal Park Service. _ ....... join us. Cathy reads short piece for roll Or it could have been the setting for cially if the sandbur is in the seedling : DPAAWashingtn'to shareD'C'targetedBth forumSinformationallow remembranceThe chanceltchoir,ken" directed by Pat servedLUCillechocolateClark'cake.the day's hostess, .IVlflIIKal;O i.ADra~ call on Thoughts for the Day which a mystery as the villain slinks into the stage. Quinclorac is also found, in ~/ specifictothoseconflictstolargegath- Grout and accompanied by Lyle ~.~_~" at~'~|~ ~'~om'ltla ~,~-~aa~,~ ,~,~,v~,lK~llra listed.. .Sept'. . 14 .as..Hly Cross. ,,--Day" fog and his victim lies smothered from number of combination produ'ctg that ' ,~ cringe, as well as conduct individual ..... r~arenivmttesonnaoaevotmns, what sightuntilthesunmeltsawaythemurky controlbothbroadleafweedsand'crab- ~ Dauner, presented the anthem, "This is ..... ~--" ." .... "" I~isMm~nk~iO~vL~bOarreba~,,,OOekw~i~l i~ilieDv!!: ~ isr evVr~db~ ~arthwt he;BS?at;:tt, f" family updates as done at the regular MyStory, This is My Song." Scripture added to Cloud dewarL ............ grass such as one of the following: 'i family member updates across the reading was from Luke 16:1-13, wi~ County Heal~l Fall" s v, uetner reanty or nnagmauon, OrthoWeed-a-Gon Max +Crabgrass . : country. September mornings fill the mind with Control; BayerAll-in-OneLawn Weed ~ QuotefromPresidentAbrahamLin- Jesus telling the parable of the rich man's manager and how he gained Local Masons will host a free can- low," "The War at Home" a,, Jcason Good progress was made on thebeauty as well as memories, and Crabgrass Killer; Drive in ! :~ coln, November1984: "I pray that our favorwithall-byreducing_theirdebtsto cer screening on Saturday, Oct. 15, oneof"RoyalPains" installationofsheetrockthispastweek Tt for on--olli J Monterey Lawn and Garden Fertilome ; Heavenly Father may assuage the the rich man. In the sermon, Buttering from 10a.m.tol p.m. during the Cloud For X-13ox 360 we now have the at the community building. The volun- ps C ~ ~ Weed Out with Q; Trimec Crabgrass ~ ; anquish of your bereavement, and leave,, g . y g . . YourBread, Pastor Gerry pointedout County Health Fair. The screening is video amy, "Minecraft" In dun teers worked long hours grassy sandbttr Plus Lawn Weed Killer; Bonide Weed 3 : you only the cherished memory of the we are to build u God'skin demand oneof26freecancerpreventionevents adultfictionthereisnowHarryPotter The rotating book van was in B -enae R an Beater Plus Crabgrass and Broadleaf ' .* loved one lost, and the solemn pride P g to not focus on self-satisifying and the Kansas Masomc Foundatmn and the Cursed Child, United as One Randall Friday. A new selection of by Pittacus Lore, and The Game of mysteries, romance and novels are on that must be yours to have laid so self-gratifying acts that result in divi- (KMF) is sponsoring across the statein 1.fives by James Dashner the shelves. One book is a new one by costly a sacrifice upon the altar of sions. When we help one another, it 2016. The screening is open to the freedom." results in unity, public. Iniuvenile fiction, Junie B. Jones is Jan Karon about the fictional town of Thisweek scalendarincludes:Sun- KMF conducts the screenings in Nota'CrookbyBarbaraParkandWar-Mitford. There are some Wii programs Harraony day, Sept 25, 65th annual Buffalo BBQ partnership with the Midwest Cancer riors: Power of Three: Outcast by Erin ,or the younger people to use. atCamp Comeca, contact Parish office Alliance (MCA), the outreach division Hunter. Juvenile nonfiction now has Leota Clawson's daughter, Marcia elects officers for more information, of the University of Kansas Cancer Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt/ by Koch, had serious throat surgery Tues- Jean Fritz , day. Marcia s children and her two On Sept. 7, Harmony United Myth- Have a blessed weekand remember Center and KU Medical Center staff. In We'stem adult fiction we ve sisters are with her. She may be able to odist Women elected officers for 2017. to look for persons who need help and According to Brooke Groneman, out- ElaineHeskettwillbepresident, Elaine help one anothert, reach director for MCA, more than added The First Fast Draw by Louis go home this week. Susan Hinkhouse Smithvicepresident.CoralynKaufman 6,000 Kansas residents have attended L'Amour. In adult fiction, The Good stayed Tuesday with Leota as tlaey was elected secretary, Rosalie .~vi~_ I~-t~lllrl~ mtl~lfit the Masonic screenings over the past Husband ofZebra Drive by Alexander hstened forupdates on the surgery. McCall Smith Dtshonor - y " " ....... ~'---~ ....... few years Theevent will provide free " . " able lnten ~evaua vetter and Vickie renner MenhusenMissionWaScoordinatorselected treasurer.will be: spiri- Jeweli American Legion and Aux .... s~m an'a "prostate" cancer screenmgs," ti,ms., bv~ Stuart Woods .... and Rhettattended a birthday coffee honoring good, thick lawn. Over seeding a thin ,, ~ iliary Post 72 met last Wednesday tual growth, Shirley Snider; member- factal sun damage assessments, bone Butler's People by Donald McCaig. Bo nn.le Vetter Thursday morning in lawn this fall can prevent grassy sand- | ' See Us Fo~ - ~ evening CommanderLeon Boden con- " " Adul! nonfiction includes Jesus the ~eto~t. ship, nurture and outreach, Bethany " density tests and health education ms- bur next year as it must come from | .... ] : ductedtheLegionmeetmgwhileKaren ^-:^,~ Peo,_len sCho,ce" by_ Greg Chris. Harvey, Florida, visited his Seed. If over seeding yourlawn, usea | ~F~|~,E llpPLI[$I ! Roe; social action, Marie Logan; edu-, tc.,u~. : alk w~th God grandparents, Barbara and Alan Boden, prestdent, conducted the Aux- "Our l ~ ember.~ felt that offer Asimakoupoulos, Girl T, " , .... glyphosate product to kill the grassy | - "-- .[ cation and interpretation, Lynette ...... od,~e m ..................... - ....... ell Cam bell sMcMdlan, Sunday H~s s~ster, Jam~e flmry meetmg Alexander. ing the free cancer screenings at this by Susie Sh enberger, p ." . .. sandbur. Wait two weeks after spray- i._ $ .l;0 rt tC0ttl i I R s and Wet ht Harvey, popped m for a httle v~s~t Devotions were givenby VerlaRoe year's county health fair wnnld ha ~ Quick and Easy ecipe ~g ing to allow the grassy sandbur to die I "~ a,~a~ ' I- Other officers willbe: secretary of . ~- ....... ~ ................... on leadershtp standards A good report Watchers Annual Recipes for Success Saturday, David McMillan came for a before over seedin" I ] ] 1 E Me n St, Monkoto Ken. | program resources, Lila Smith; pub- ." . great way to help out our friends and /85 378 3191 from the Poppy Day droner was gwen ,, If the lawn is still thin next spring, L~ ;i licity secretary, Shannon Rogers; sec- neighbors, said Brad Nelson, local 2003 snort visit with his parents. ~;" ~ " and it was the consensus to continue .... The audiobooks section will now Braelyn Peters stayed the weekend retary of youth activities, Phyllis M,t~u.. servmg the dtuner Memorial Saturday Accnrdinp tntheRk'in Oan,',~r 17c,,, include Hitchhiker s Guide to the Gal- with her grandparents, Cliff and Ne- Christie; historian, Tessie .......... ,, ..................... " 2017 Bartholomew. _ , dation, 5,600Americans arediagnosed axy by Douglas Adams, The Girl with vada Vetter. Donations were approved to banta s -" ......... the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson Saturday, Marti McElroy and a Th%~gn~ers als0 .approved the Workshop, Mankato, andto theChrist" wmt some iorm ot SKIn cancer every andSquirrelSeeksChipmunkbyDavid friend, Diane Peters, Beloit, took a nation~[o:nidn ~alley Transpor-Prps~ wh~da~claded do- mas .... Sampler in Jewell.... Snacks were- w~thday" andm,qUn205o__,m, aOf.thethOse~h~i ~rm.r:r..r.r.are diagnosednf !Seflatis; ~-~: :-~ i ~ ~ :: ~,~.' ,~ = ,~ ;:~ r;*:' ~ .~ Foa~ trip oKt~e by .w~ays ofaottheehRal '~! snares aunng socmi tnne , ..... .,, ,.. ............... gaosas. They had ~t~gch in Abilene. tation, ~ills Ele~rit~ School, skin cancer. Close td 9~,00ffAmericans youth camp scholarships and vacation Bible school. The program was material from ng Show Your Grizzly Pride . "Mission U, presented by Coralyn FFA Homecomi Tailgate ef es ments were r are gB by Tessie Bartholomew, assisted by Friday, Sept. 23 5-8 p,m. |omecomln onfin Phyllis "=" in the Rock Hills High School' Ag Shop 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept 22 ,i Menu: Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Free Hot Dogs and Water (until gone) 'Gold Star' families Baked Beans, Pasta Salad, Dessert, e Story" ....' Tea or Water at the Rock Hills Junior-Senior High School 74th Annual Corn Show "Th honored Sunday The term, "Gold Star" family, is a modem reference that comes from the service flag. These flags and banners were first flown by families during World War I. The flag included a blue star for every immediate family mem- ber serving in the armed forces of the United States, during any period of war or hostilities in which the armed forces of the United States were en- gag .yd. If that loved one died, the blue star was replaced by a gold star. This allowed members of the community to know the price that the family had paid in tl~e cause of freedom. q~he United States began observing Gold Star Mother's Day on the last Sunday of September in 1936. Today, the nation recognizes the sacrifice all Gold Star family members make when a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or other loved one dies in service to the nation. Gold Star mother' s and family day is the last Sunday of September. The strength of our nation is those who serve to protect our free- doms, and we recognize that no one hasgiven more for their nation than the families of those fallen. carry out 785-378-8600 Friday, Saturday, Sunday Sept. 23, 24 and 25 7:30 p,m. Jason Bourne The CIA's most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to un- cover more explosive truths about his past. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action and brief strong language. Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3172 3816 All Free IV///Donation Senior Citizens welcome to park ..... in fenced lot south of the ag shop ...... ,, proceeds will go towards the members attending National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana 38.16 Sponsored by FFA Alumni Early Childhood Screening The staff of the KIDS FIRST Program will be conducting afree screening for children birth to 5 years of age living in Jewell, Mitchell, Lincoln counties and parts ofOsbor~ county that are in Waconda School District. The screening will be conducted in Cawker City during the morning of Fdday, October 7, 2016. If your ch!ld is experiencing difficulty in the developmental areas of hearing and vision, communication, gross and fine motor, self-help, social-emotional, and cognitive skills, please call to schedule'an appointment Parents having any questions concerning their child ages birth through 5 may call the Beloit Special Education Cooperative at 1-785-738-5275, ext. 1 before noon on Fddey, September 30, 2016 to make an appointment for your child. Approximately 30 minutes will be required to complete the screening. The screening will be held at the USD 272 Board Office located at 708 Locust in Cawker City, Kansas. 92nd Birthday Charlie Jacobson [ North Parking Lot Sponsored by the Mankato Chamber of Commerce Sunday, Oct. 2 2-5 p.m. at his home at 1575 230 Rd., Montrose, Kan. I Hunt Brothers is now serving fresh baked Mega S'mores ,! BOB'S INN 119 E Jefferson, Mankato, Kan. or We Will be Closed All Day Saturday, Sept. Mankato Professional Pharmacy 125 N. Commercial, Mankato 785-378-3183 /# -, House Come visit and have coffee // and goodies with Charlie Cards may be sent to 1575 230 Rd., Mankato, KS 66956 The firemen will be serving Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Chips 5 to 11 p.m. If The Old Jewell High School Jewell, Kan. Come dance to Tim Anthony Beer Garden and The Animals 4 p.m. to Midnight. 8 p.m. to Midnight .7 Sponsored by the Jewell Volunteer Fire Department \ .7 1 Mile Run-Walk. 5K Bike -100 Meter Corn Haul SaturdaY,startOCt. 8 8 a.m. ~~ at: Guaranty State Bank 120 N Washington St., Jewell, Kan. Registration Fee: $25 by Sept. 21 to insuret-shirt size For more information contact: ",i Darica Bohnert: Shelby Bohnert: 785-545-6753 or 785-545-6838 or daricabohnert @ hotmail.com shelbybohnert1692 @ gmail.com Visit our FacebookPage: Jewell Corn Show Triathlon 2016 , .,=.i | for more information and to register or through mail .)"| i I ~v'ntsp'"r"~bY'"Je""chamb'r'crnr'e'c , ~":,:l'* BENEFIT Starting at 5:00 p.m. Burr Oak Community Center Burr Oak, Kin. Serving Sloppy Joes, . Baked Beans, Chips, Drinks and Desserts Free Will P nation Donations will help Silent Auction * from 6 -7 p.m. Accepting handmade, new and gently used ems Drop off locations are in Burr Oak at towards medical The Guaranty State and travel expenses Bank, Country Cite, Chris is the son ofCosand Automotive or i Joseph Herz of call Tammy Cosand d