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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
September 15, 1966     Jewell County Record
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September 15, 1966

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',"F P H4A .... JE~rELL COUNTY RECORD, MANKATO, KANSAS a HOR~D,,~Y, NOTICE The County Commission- em will be out of the office at the courthouse Sept. 19- ~1. I~kDACCIDENT "Frosty" A most pleasant time was bell of Norton visited his aunt, Mrs. Viola'J0~aes Sun- day afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wagner and family of Mankato spent Sunday evening at the Ben spent at the home of Mrs. Adams home. Doyle Lorence when ten Benny Kemper and Mr. Mrs. R. Avlson Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. John McCleery were Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Karin Young home. Vern Brittain came horde Fridav after spending sever- al weeks at the R. J. Korb, Sr, home at Burr Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Jeff- ers and Mrs. Letitia Baylor spent from f riday a. m. un- Mrs. Wilbur Obert New officers are Meschner, 1: Obert. garet Countryman, and treasurer. Esbon ~rade ed Randall in day. My co,q,liments By Clyde C. Reed members of the Happy Hour] and Mrs. Harold Beam at- Thronson and family ( ~ tI hm- til Sunday evemng with rel- Steven Obort returned principal, Mr Trooper Laynard Shearer Club met on Sept. 7. The[tended a district Lions Club ia and Mr. and Mrs. Warren atives at Granu Island. from the Beloit Hospital on doesn't allow f,is reports the following acci- The heavy rains have meeting was called to order[ meeting at Salina Sunday McCleery and family of Rev. and Mrs. hnyeart and Friday and is reo~vering sat- heckle or be mouthy dent Monday, Sept. 12, at caused a lot of soil damage ] by singing the club song, ledl afternoon. Smith Center. Mrs. Court- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Obert isfactorily from his broken opposing team. Sl,orts in wheat fields. Thousands lby Iona Shipley. Roll callI The Esbon Lions Club is ney Debay and children vis- of Lebanon were :sunday shoulder. Mr. and Mrs Sam made for fun and toul 5:05 P. M., 9 miles north and of tons of soil have bezn Iwas taken and minutes read[ taking orders for the Birth- ited her parents Monday af- dinner guests of Mr. and Obert visited him Wednes- treatment of opponent 1.2 miles east of Mankato at lost in the county.. , land approved. A thank you[day C~lendars now. Order l ternoon. a county road intersection. Mrs. Sam Obert. day and Ronnie Whelcnel, he enforces the rule. A 1,6 Chevrolet pickup!!!2kSnrin~" toothing, over terr-Inote from Paul Wayne Beam ,must go in by Sept ,- OCe~Uli!d~rT/e~aL~y~, ~/ ~eshnee h 'wii~i !i -'" dwn~--tt P(~i~I " " " " " ~th her parents ~'~" ~i(r'-18 e~[I Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Dodd Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Me-Wednesday evening, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Leland driven by Orpha Fogo, Rte. e_ r s:[M~stSon L~ ~at were in Hastings and Cormick of Red Cloud spent Mrs. Henry Keller, Thursday ley and family attende 1, Mankato, collided with a , ] k brought their granddaughter Sunday evening at the Max afternoon, and Mrs. Ed races at Colby SundaY. 1965 Honda 300 motorcycle ( I I stances "The s tin teeth r ght now to starithem Mrs Ernesi "Bl~ttner and home with them. Ball home. Clark, Denis and Debbie, ger Nitsch and his t driven by Douglas H. May, ~ . ~ p g . , ......... Mr. and Mrs. Fred PaxsonMrs. Weibe had a shower Thursday evening. Thanks drove in the races. Ruth were in Smith Center Tues- Mankato, age 16. Mrs. Fogo m'rku s carried the erodinu,~ During recreation perMd, i " for Mrs. Gary Smith and for all the calls, cards, etc. Congratulations tO was uninjured and May was soil all the way into the Thelma and Nina Beam won, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Rand-Iday for Mrs. Paxson to see daughter Sunday afternoon. It was very thoughtful and Havice for being Quq taken to the Belleville hos- channel of the terrace below the guess boxes and Edith ell of Greenshurg were Wed-/the doctor. Mr. and Mrs. R. Griffith very much appreciated. Mrs. the Apaloosas at the pital where he was treated Continually crossing terr- Reinert won the game. The day dinner guests of Mrs. I The R. Avisons visited Mr. and family spent Sunday in Lorena Pate and boys visited ka State Fair at for a broken ankle, bruises aces with farming tools will rest ot the afternoon was Glenn Jones. They drove to land Mrs. S. W. Favinger at SaUna. Steve Friday evening. and lacerations. Damage to eventually fill terrace chan., spent, visiting, and looking at Superior.. m the. afternoon to Smith Center Tuesday. . after- M,.- ~,u^--' ~v,~.~-~ n~,,tyu ..... J.,~,,'z~" .... Mr and M~ s the truck was $200 and da- nels and cause them to over pmtures; Refreshments of ws~t Mrs. Ora brye.noon. Mr. Favmger.lell fn.nn Jack Waugh, A 3/c, son er attended graveside ser- lohnson, Julia and . to m hear rams sanawlcnes salad and unch Mr and Mrs Will Wa a oox car anu cmppea ms a h Burr Oak and Mr ana mage to the motorcycle, p ' y " . , " " P .' .. "':gg- ,. " of Mr. and Mrs. R lp vices at Glen Elder Thurs- , $450. The pickup was going Farmers are correcting were served. Wanda inform- ner of Washington, Karts. em.ow. . . Waugh, has been flying day for Mrs Kd'ler's cousin C. M. Myerly were co" south and the motorcycle this by plowing the terrace ed us that the meeting had and Mrs. Viola Jones were Mr; anu ~v!rs. Fred Paxson from Stewart Air Force Bonnie Marguerites. ' to a picnic Friday evett! oeen taped rhe meeting ad hmcheon guestsoJ Mrs attenuea a mrmuay supper N Y s ~ the Mankato Clt ParJ made a right turn onto the up. This brings soil out of . " ; " . . . ~ .. : ~ Base, . . to air base. "n Mrs. Mildred Kattenberg ' Y Itou~bound road when the the channel and places it on journed, tomeet on Sept. 28 .(~Jenn Jones last Thursday. !Vl.ondaymght at the Wayne Alaska, Greenland and Ice- was hostess for Odessa Aid their niece and l'amily, Wlm L la Ivnzncr lne ~v~a, ,hers had s ~c nt tim bKelly nome ,, Collision occurred, top of the ridge When this , '. " ' g .... " , ~ ~ ' _ , ;:, ,~ land recently with classi- Thursda,J afternoon land Mrs. C. Joe King, is done the back" side of the ,, _--TL. F.,, Reporter. l)ast mo n,th in Colorado. .,R'cv: anu. mrs. rTnyeart at.- fled" materials. He was one Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heit-Ina and Kathy. Otherfl, T~r:dea~ydl~niSndgiEsftdra:L~ea:l! ~ejia~edci~t@iiiSaa:n:db~alrda~d ~g~al!:9!nl:!'~wdeMren@iif~d~v P:? ~wh~:i~i'~i~P~!ii!YV;K!U~. ~:r?ii~!Pty;C!i~ti! ~n~j'!IBY itieth~aef~:!rh~:o~rd~vWhee~w ~Cohum2';t~a~dwTE~i~oYbfisNarlWC~n~tMran~dndhsMNd~, 2:" ....... w~'-r 2 ................. dinner guests of Mr and U at lawrence wqs held at minister ff Imia. weeks a-o Jack" will be .......... ";, Icott of Pittsbur-h Pa' nle~ee, Nlrs. rmrry Llnaers, ~te ia.llU llli.tl~ku LIle larmer ". .... . " ,'' . .. ~ Mr. aria Mrs. iVllliOn un- P, ' and Mr. Linders of Hood Ri- more money to spring tooth M~, Leo Mizner; .... ~he Wh~te!~oupd C,anmut.a,tyI Mrs. Betty Jo Banks of home on a leave in October derwood and family attend-[is Mrs. King's (Wan~. lne P.LSDOII ~ U 15 ~IqHFCFI t~enter ?~UlqO i(ve 1 n, Downs Mrs Maude K 1 ver, Ore. This was the first on the contour with the ter- . .,, " " ".. ~" i ~." : .' , ,: Y, .(.~ ' g; I . . , !'.. . el ar af(er .which he will be as- ed a family reunion at Nor- [ Brown) first visit to ,~ tlmv ~ been in touch with races ~.nl sponsor a recep~um forI t, uests mCltlOOO ~vn'. and land x~rs. ~uurey Attwood signed to. an air base in Viet ton Sunday [since her marriage:*W thegn in years Wheat fields that were the teachers of .the Esbon Mrs. Bill,t~offtfine, Mrs:. Ma- and daughter visited Mrs. Nam. The West'branch Card Par-ILee also has a son at'l " "stubHe mulchi-~" ":'~ _ I scnoots and mew mmilies I oe~ r~ n( mr, Key ix no er ~ Lona McCleery Wednesda,, ..... L_,~ .... ~ ......land a married dauohte*' u ug ulu u ... - - ~ ~ 'i " - .7 ty wan [l~lCi ~.~LLIFOHy ~VCll-I ~ : ilOBERT E. MOUNKES good job in stopping water] gextt 2~eubn:2i~aYn. e~vei':t~nf~] ~r~l!~nd ~rs'F~lc;'li~lil~'by(arntdlafternn; ....... Roderick E. Weltmer and ing. Wilma Diebert and]one grandson __ in the heavy rains. Terraces, o~ iuck' s ~ r ~ t u I t'i "; ~' ~ " " "';' ~ "," " I Mrs lxatte lvlenuennall L M Weltmer attended the Pearl Sloan were hostesses ] Robert Eugene Mounkes stubble mulching, and con-]p, _ up.pe, at 6:30 p.] tutmt,.I~:x and Alan, r lr. lwas i~.a Mankato Thursday annual convention of the There were six tables of] Sunday dinner gue[ m t~veryone m the commun and Mrs 1)t m Busttt 1 ldon on business , 1 Mr dp~i o~ c-ncer at the St tour farming are manage-1.." . , -[ .... ~ ' ~' ~ [ - ~, Kansas Title Association in latch. Wilbur Obert and, the Diamonds were , -'-,, ~'. . ' lty m welcome to come and and Barbara, Mr. ,rod Mrs. , ' ' ~ " 1~ U.,m s Hosmtal at Emnorta ment factors when used to- I .... I ........... . , [ Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dou- Topeka last Friday and Sat- Georg_ne Bossen won H~ght Mrs. Loyd Wauhob, . -,..--~ ~ v , get acqualmeo lade-,no~ m,d.(1 ~n( II,mo aL 4,0,,,, ~7 ~ar~ r4o w,, gether make the farmer l ~ I : .... ~, ~ " ]brawa and Mrs. Hazel Ship- urday. Roderick is District and Myrtle Moore and Ted l Karts. Mrs. Edna Ne "'-~' ..... ~ ........... The Un" Dennis all (d M'mkatoMr born Nnvember 15 1938 at money, ion and Esbon ] , , " " I ley and Maxinc were in chairman of the Association Seems won Low and Mikel lina, Kans. and Mr. and "-'-'-r~nr'a('* ~h~i~tl, ....... To~.'n~ ...*n r:'.-.- Stubble mulchimz tends to [Yuth.. the rall FellowshiPat Ionia sunattended ] anda ~vtr anoMrS/'NtrsMerh'YM,qvinK)@!er' ] Bellevilles,~s;t)y . Thursday. at the for this area. ] Meschner, the door prize. I Dan. Leonard. veto E Mounkes and Milly make wheat get a slow start [. y . . d y if- ],~ L. , ; .. ,. ,. ,. ' [ A Mn~r,, Mn,,nkoc in spring and in the fall The ] ternoon anti evening. Darrell I I'U|l[IS anu /.~tnll.~t Ol l=M)on,, .......... r,~sidue on the surf ..... ,./Marr was elected nrestdent I Mr. and M~s. Jayd.an Mc- l ....................................................... :. -- tie mrmea m me,~,eaolng ,~ .... ~. - ....t.'.."LL~Y2~/and Ruth Blattner was elect" [lndoo and Mary of Red I) LI l~:~ W~tL~I I[ILU LIIU ~lU~lllg.i t;~'rtmumw wnere ne spent . ..... a , ed s Ch|ud Mr and Mrs ttuold --o"of his life until he be and that is what we cant[ ecretary of the group[ .... [t ~ m~ r . --= LII ll l ' r __ I~tlltm I ~ m " buv and nut on the field [for the coming year. Install-[Thompson and Claude ~[ d~ ~ I~ II ~ I~I'l rII ~lmlll t~. '~Rtob;rt graduated from Nitrogen "fertilizer w'l;lich/atlon of officers will .be held ]Thio?,~s';~i ~ugujd~t!~"~nkj ; ,,~ ha ~*din~, Hioh School we can buy, will take care of ItmC. a at me r~any m con- I.. "" ,. " .. a,, ' . " , ) ~ ~ ~ ~ -- ~ --, ] [ ~i~iiii'YilY [ ~~ll/~~ ?~~i~~~lI~III. "" ' " " '"" h'swif later spring makes the diff [ ell and Mr and Mrs [mens Democratic Club met [ l l~ I I~~~ l ll He IS survlveo oy ~ e " /How r " ' "~ ~ 'M~,- ...... .....,-'^-- v' eronce A combination of! a d Patrick of Formoso,/Sept. 6 at the home of Mrs. ~ / ~ l ~~ l=iii=lI..==.== ^ t....-^ ~..~ ,~,t. .... .~ mrraces stubble mulch, con-iMr, and Mrs Paul Pleteher/Lester Broyles and the meet- ~ ll / ~~r~~~ ....... ...a tour farming, nitrogen and/ a lamuy ot r'ortls, lvlr ling was cauea to orue oy e atel:mlotner, oi ureat ~.u" ha. o,~..~,h .... a ,.~ ,,h,~r' phosphate is resulting in tre-/and Mrs. Clarence Lambert|Mrs. Lagergren. Roll call ~ ~,~r. ~'Mr"s".'Ch"arle'y"~I~Ien-' mendous yields for many]f Smith C.ent~ andMr, andlwas answered by mem- Jr] sen,- "'Lawrence;""....... ~u|u" twu'- ~ rarmers, on a or,,a av'mv .... /lvlrs. Harold .bcnrooer anu~oers, lvnnutes oI me last ~ r .~I I~~mt.~ ~~ ~,~,~ ~ ........... IT S THE WATER YOU ]girls of Osborne ]meeting were read and ap- I~-i~ I'I'III'II'I II I I'I I"III'III1 Dromers, tJary w oI ~oa ' " "" " nd KEEP THAT COUNTS ] Mr and Mrs Aubrey Gass ]proved A letter from Robert III~i~ II~I,IMIM IIIIM M IM IMII ~ence, vmporla, a on .... " " " ~l~"it ,,4 ~,~,-Va/'lk' Ci[4" ;' ...................... [$ nee and Helene attended/Duskm was received and ~~~ r EEIEEELEi~E UlI~I~E ~.;".~" ,.,'~,,~'.,~,'~,,';~--'~n,, x/'~' -~a~Ju" v~vt [a school reunion at the Hope/read. The ladies will have a ..... ~ 'I I ~ ~ I I , ooa,.. ~. / ar Johnson School south of bake sale Frtday morn,, g ~~ Premium Ouah v Nylon r * ,,., ................. ...... -- :,, _. . _ Co d hre test ........................ u'-' 'ik ........... /Inavale Sunday. 51 personslSept. 16. Cookies and coffee ~ _ ._ Jv|rs. 1. W. /VI(/OF{$ (Jl I WU lU I e to extenu my W ~ ' .............. rou- sincere "hank- and -ra'i .... / ere present for the basket lwere served as refreshments ~.. BY A. I. Fort )r 500 miles at 120 nm Lawrence; anu nume ~i L S g t tuue . " . ' " :::!~':, d~ ~,~" . _^,^,: ..... .~ ~ u .... f for the flowers card" "n"~|dmner and afternoon pro-JNext meetmg will be with I~),. f~l~nda vi~it~ I rocoiwd durino mv/gram" I~rs. Leta Dletz on oct. 4 mI~::~.~:~:;~ ~ . "~"; ........ ,~,~ O,~oa o'~7~,,-:, ,~.- -~,,,~:;;~F ""~/ Mrs. Jim Gunter of Man-[at 8:00 P. M. at 512 N West A.~. Foyt, past winner ~ I / I I ~L wq.,~ w~t~ at, u*~ ,~a~- ou.y ,,, ~,,~ ,,vop,,..,. /I,,,~^ ..:..:*,.A ~.^ ~s..t I o* ~n,,-I.^*~. of Indianapolis "500' #'~ !~ T ~TI1 f I ! I~ l~lantlet (~hvtroh at '~.ntq wnuld Men lik~ tn thnnk/r,a~u vl~lLgld lVllb, lVlUlVlnlot...twat~r,.aLo, and manyotherraces ~.~lO I / I 2~- ...... -m ,,de , -',. ,u ....u..^,~.,~n t.,..^a/Shtpley Saturday afternoon I --Pubhmty Chatrman. teste.d th,s t,re on. a IF -! IIlht A~LI~t ~U, 1OUU, W|Ul tllU;~c w~u utluz~u Uituuu/ Mr ,,,~A ~ff..~ ~,/#^1..:-- ok:--'l STOCK race. car unqer M . 11~ T I 1if' 'D ,~;,~; ,-I,~rt,~t|~o / . I;illLl lVltl~. I1UIVIII Olllp-| race conaittons for IJl'l~'~f,U i,,,~,~ ~,~ , =ev. Loya, ,~. Drown ulllk, l- Utt]llO.LIUll~ | .......... I .......... 500 miles at 120 ml.~h 41IIw I V V V ......... ael,~ I~ta~,.r~ont '~tzac at the In n,~,m armr,~oi~tio. /ley and ramuy attenoeo tne llvir. anu Mrs. l