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September 8, 1966     Jewell County Record
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September 8, 1966

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I :4 A CONSOLIDATION OF THE WESTERN ADVOCATE, JEWELL COUNTY MONITOR, AND THE FORMOSO NEW ERA. Vol. 76; No. 13. TWELVE PAGES - 2 SECTIONS MANKATO, KANSAS Thursday, Sept. 8, 1966 IF IT'S FOR JEWELL CO~Y, t Increase Although the final official and does not take into ac- reporting date for school ca- count further growth pros- Word was received here, rollments will not be reached pects. Tuesday that a Federal grant until Sept. 15, it i~ apparent Burr Oak has 85 in high of $158,000 to the City of that the nnmber of students school this year compared to Mankato through the Farm- m Jewell county will be 72 a year ago, and 171 in ors Home Administration has higher this year :haq last. grade school compared to been approved. The grant is The Mankato total will last year's 172. to match city funds for sew- apparently be 576 --- with The high school at Jewell er and water extensions to 147 in high school and 429 is up from 83 a year ago to serve thepackingplant, high 20 port For in the grade school. This is 108, with students from Ran- School, hospital and senior an increase of 12 in the dall helping swell the total. citizens housing project, as ~rmen high school, and the system The grade school total has Well as other improvements as a whole is up from 508 increased from 108 to 120. in the water system in town, two years ago. Randall has 66 grade repair work on the city wells, Attendance centers within school students this year, and to help build a million the unified district show 45 compared to 64 in 1965, and enrollment re- gallon water storage tank for at Formoso, 33 at Montrose, the Athens ta t ouC!ty"f .Bb nd(]0 fore thle Twenty lettermen, along Dodd, junior tackle, fell and and 12 at Lovewell. mains the same at 13. r -- t o :1, ~ , . ...." with 17 other candidates for broke his wrist It was the Of the Mankato total, 101 Esbon high school shows P~ear0tYposeDeenapp'rVeaana wm oe for ~m~ places on the football team, third broken bone in the are in Junior high, and the an increase of nine --- up eighth grade has the largest from 53 to 62 --- and the enrollment in the system --- grade school is expected to " broiling at Mankatohigh and broke his wrist in almost 59. be slightly less than last This leads Supt. Bill Con- year's 125, although the fin- ners to believe that the hi :h al figure was not available school enrollment next year Tuesday morning. Ionia has could well reach 170, based 26 grade students this year on the number of young compared to 28 a year ago. people already in the area, Vv~, w m,v I " n " " ' matCnted contlnUatlonO! or meWOO!.wooll manager and part owner of ,, b ..... are hard at work under the same family within about a y tins grant ...... " "" Assis tutelage of Coach Larry week. A brother, Steve, fell lVllltOn Raven, me -- --" school this week. 'an identical manner, and . The first game will be Mrs. Rachel Dodd broke a played at Osborne Friday, I toe. ~a,I Ll~t, dJ.V Sept. 16, and full sessions of Last year, Mike Dodd f,~., ~ ./ work for the entire squad are] broke a wrist in football W ( scheduled prior to the open-IPractice, and that break, too, / or. i was very similar to that suf- T ......... ncil One experienced hnema I fered by his brothers Its raetneNlanKato t~]~y t~O~e t was lost to the squad before]just the way they happened NOTICE KANSAS-BOSTWlCK xuesaay even ng, p ..... IRRIGATION TOUR WereG' at Mavorthe CitYGavleHallcristman,Present practme started when Robert [ to fall, satd the doctor. Dist.PatrnSNo. of278Unifiedare cordiallySChl AND FIELD DAY Runcilmen.Cle~Hiltg~eni'rA', 1966 WOOL PROGRAM I DEAN BUSTER NEW invited by the Churches of Th.. annual Kansas-Best- weavernng, uam ~ie ,[ ............. I MANKATO LUMBER Mankato to join in an even- wick Irrigation Tour and the Doyle Aleorn and Eugene lrtr~rr~m~U~u COMPANY MANAGER ing of fellowship to get ac- Scandia Irrigation Experi- lVleeker, City Clerk Finlav ] quainted with the Ur:ifie, ~f~nt Field Day will be held Munro, and Citv Superinter[- The referendum is being .. ---7 _ ........ ~ - '--'-' "hrow'h the count"'l uean t~uster nas oeen ap- School Dist. No. 278 per- .12, 1966. uent ~lltI l-lancoeK. He~u t ~ Y I, ..:_,...4 ........ .t,,~ urol~,~, r'omnr, oH ~nd ASCS offico from Sentem-IPv'"Lcu ,.a.,~t v~,,~sonnel at the Mankato Ar- ,..: following is an out- Dul e' ' eltm r' rought "[he ber 12, "'1966, "to clos of aMn tnka nLh mbeliCsmp ny' mory S?.'pt. 21 at 7:00 p. m. line of the stops and the Council official word of the, business on September 23, .g ...... P "_2; Bring your family, covered topics to be covered at each $..158,000 FHA grant to thei 1966, to determine producert can rn n l amuy3Vre dish and table service. Drink stop: for sewage and. water approval of a new agree- settled in their own home, will be furnished. Morning--ToUrirrigation Distrietf provement, lney atso e.- ment to continue oeauctmns, Sr~Hth nf ~tarlit,~ Motel Plained requirements and from wool payments for the] NOTICE 9:30 a.m. Stop No. 1, Procedures necessary toward advertising-and sales pro-I Pumping Station, 11 miles sea nanmousw De m - SsUSe'uAireslutm-n-rWaS motmn lamb and A representative of the t:orth and4 west of Court- t' " Y.P _ Anyone may vote WhO nasI the Mankato Feed & Seed Social Security Administra- l nd; No. 2, Control of Cane _!ng the proper omcers to owned sheep 6 month oldI in Mankato. tion will next visit Maakato in Ridge-Planted Corn, s gn grant papers, or older for at least 30 con- on Thursday, Sept. 15. Pc(- Quentin Leece farm,mile County Engineer Ed Walk: secutive days since January Urom.., sons desiring information northeast of Lovewell; No. l~ ~ J~/K4 BJ 1 i %,,, I~Jl I lflf q~ll ZVJL~L~ S, r discussed tlae proposea .... ,i oil-I are requested to call at the 3, Handling and Utilization LeBow onve ..... lne t.,i-ty is to .......................... ed to all known sheep pro-I , Courthouse between 8:00of Corn, Bill Roe farm, 10 Construct the entrance off , ,~ , ? _ o The Jewell C~.unty Feder-a.m. and 12:00 noon. miles north, 1~ miles west ' thLhiR~. ~a~lfaO~tist~icSsSte~le~e ~iiii!Sg:a :r~P~otSh~aAaj;::rS~]~nfg/R~p~bl~a~epWt??e~ It was just ten years al~, of Courtland. closing of some ungraded .......... J Lovewell Lake. These areas on August 1, 1956, the Soc- Noon ial Security Law was broad-: Lunch, Irrigation Experi- Ab a ounty uirlee Streets adioinine his proper- .... . " ,, ... . ~were represented: Formoso, ened to provide monthly ment Field, 3 miles cyst, 3 ty. It was dec 'ded to close l, ne outcome .oI me re er-,Randall, Jewell, Mankato, cash benefits to disabled miles north of Courtland. th fi enuum Will not artect me ese streets to traf c .......... [Burr Oak and Webber. Workers. If you are severely 1:30 p.m. "Research Gear- Dwight Murray prose I Mrs. Charles Russell, pros- tlisahled, and have VJo ked ed to Local Needs , Dr. a he payment program financial statement on t J id~nt of the Webber Club hnder social security for 5 Flo'yd Smith, Director, Kan- Summer's operation at the - -- I gave the Invocation, Mrs. Of the 10 years before you sas Apricultural Experiment ~wimmtng Pool. NOTICE ]Harold Bothwell led the Flag became disabled, but have Stations. M M Ma se and the .. . . y I Salute and Mrs. Dallas Dia- not appliedfor disability Field Stops ~:ouncil discussed the new [ No. 1, Narrow-Row Corn water improvements. It is Stt dies, Robert Raney, Sup- hoped contracts can be let in erintendcnt, Scandia Expert- November. mer, t Field; No. 2, Studies of City Marshall Thompson Corn Hybrids Maturity reported on complaints about Groups, Dr. Richard Vander- CYcle riding and disturbing so~ people's sleefl. Hewas irn- Lawrence is visiting a fewiCounty and candidate for Merle Chilcott and son ~P'ADecpt'aAgI~~ KSUk~J:" tructea m emorce laws - ~ " ' " e " i n r .... n ..... ~ov days m the homes of Lew]slelectlon m the new Repro- Paul of Pittsbur~,h Pa re- c .nt-Row Irngat o , Gee ge gardm wolatm ..... ~.ou g .......... " Bechtold and Elmer Alex-[ sentative District 98 and Mr. turned home last week after TenEyck, Irrigation Engin- ........... ander She iuet returned]Arden Dierdorff, State Re- 1, .... e ,uest of his eer; No 4, Corn Planting lVl.lnutes OI me last meet- . . . . - . ,o,o . in nd annroved from San 1;ranc~sco Cahf.]presentatwe from Smith brother Marvin-and family Methods, George TenEyck, g were read a__ _,-,-- ........ '" " " n in er 5 Dmcussmn" ' ....... was held on after a two months wstt wlthlCounty aid a candidate for and visitin , , his aunt, Della, Irrigat on E g e ; No.. , sec ' ui ment for sew- her son, Doyle, and family [elect on m the new Repro- and uncle. Clovd Mverlv Soybeans -- An Irr g.tted urm e p . . -., _. . r eq.lg~wq ~,,nt Hancock Doyle has a fine positionlsentative Dmtrmt No 112, 1--I~ h.Hn't ~oon ~'h. 1VI'~,, lie Crop?, Howard Wflkms, Ex- Was instructed to obtain in- v~th a large constructmn[who discussed Leglslatwe since 1941, so it was a hap- tensmn Ag.ronomlst, KSU; formation on this and report company which he has held(matters and answered ques- py time for all. Merle also No. 6, Nutrient Needs of Ir- it for 16 ears He award tmns S xteen oewell County ngated Crbps, Dr Larry at the next meeting, y. -[ " ' called on other relatives, i., , . . .... Th~ August bills were ed a .oold pin at a banquet ~ Townships are in District ' Murphy, uept. Agron., r~tJ. read and aooroved held in his honor for his JNo. 98 and twelve Jewell Mr and Mrs Don Ward There wdl be some pec- _ -- outstanding work. I County Townships are m of Kansas CiW Kans Miss ]al d~spl,.ys at the ~rngatmn NOTICE -- [District No. 112. Arleta Seamans of Emporia, field which will include: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth]. Miss Howard presented.." ..R'an~ .............. and Mr and Mrs Ron- Ridge. Planters,. . Furrowing. Make plans to attend the Smock of Lawrence camel former Congressman Wmt aid Seamans enjoyed dinnerEq.mpment, and a Typical Annual Osborne Reunion at Thursday niaht to spend the[Smnh who dmcussed some Sunday at the Buffalo Roam Soft Profile, as well as free ..... ~ " of the City Park in Supermr, I.ahnr Day weekend visitin [of the Natmnal Issues. __ watermelon at the close Nebr. S'unday noon, Sept. Jan's mo'ther, Mrs. A. Mrs. Arden Dierdorff, Mrs. Miss Syrena Hanson en- the field day. 18th. Menhusen and her brother, lAme Windscheffel,Smith tertained-a few friends __ -- Jon Menhusen, and family, lCenter, and Mrs. Janice Thursday in honor of her NOTICE UARD OF THANKS They left for Salina Sunday[Beougher and Mrs. Twila mother, Mrs. Magnus Han- evening to visit Mr. Smock's ] Boyles, Mankato, ~ere son, who celebrated her 78th A teacher-minister rccep- We wish to express our lnarents and on Monday, the lguests, birthday that day. [tion will be held Friday, thanks to our family and all't ~l(.nhusen~ were dinner[ Candidates for three coun-" " [ S,~pt. 9 at 7:00 p. m, at the Our friends and relatives who euests in the Merle Smock[ ty offices were present: Mrs. CARD OF THANKS [ Burr Oak ltigh School. Tne made our Silver Anniver- home'in Salina. [Emma Kibbe, Mrs. Edith [teachers and ministers will sary such a happy day for Hoffer and Mrs. Carol Ross. The family of Mrs Bertha] be guests and are asked to us. For all the nice cards, CARD OF THANKS Three m~n candidates, Alvin Greenberg of Formoso, who bring their service for their gifts and flowers which we Fall, Jock Murray and Re- passed away August 16, families. appreciated very much. May Many, many thanks to all bert Meyer, were represent- gratefully thank all friends the Lord bless each one. that made my birthday of ed by their wives, Maxine who expressed their respect ---Edna and Ulric Mohler. 94 years such a pleasant oc- Betty Murray and Ger- for her and their sympathy casion and for the Spiritual aldine Meyer. County Trea- for the family through flow- Many Thanks to all our Mark B. Kinsey, owner of Bouquets, phone calls, [gifts, surer, Faye Ander on, was ors, cards, letters, food, calls relatives and friends who the Mark B. Kinsey Com- letters and cards so beautio nt. and in other thoughtful helped to make our Fortieth Party, the Oliver farm equip- fully worded. May God The Randall ladies will be ways. Wedding Anniversary Open naent dealer in Montrose grant you His many bless- aostess to a coffee, the date House such a memorable oc- Kans., and his son, Jerry, ings., to be announced later. Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Proe- casion. Thank you for the attended Oliver Corpora- --Anne Regan.All thanked the Wcbber tor and daughter, Alica Re- gifts, cards, letters, and tion's 1966 Growing "O" Club for a most enjoyable nee, left for their home in calls. A special thanks to the Program at Mason City and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Moon morning at the lake. Houston, Tex. Saturday af: C.W.F. ladies who helped at Charles City, Iowa, August left Tuesday on a trip to .--Pub. Rep. ter spending their vacation the reception. Your thought- 29-31. Europe. They went by plane here with Max's parents, Mr. New agricultural machin- from Kansas City to Frank- Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Grout and Mrs. Clarence Proctor Cry for the coming fall, win- furt, Germany. Their son, and Mrs. W. G. Hills re- and brother, Douglas Proc- ter, and spring seasons was Jack, will meet them there turned from a trip west Sun- tot, Syracuse N. Y. and al- introduced and demonstrat- and they plan to spend three day night. The Grouts have so with Mrs. Proctor's par- ed under competitive field weeks touring with Jack, been visiting relatives at ents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Operating conditions. Oliver who has a car. Beverly Pocatallo, Idaho and Mrs. Smith in Fairbury, Nebr. dealers from throughout the Clegg will have. charge of Hills, with her daughter, United States were flown the greenhouse during their Mrs. Richard Long, and faro- Mr, and Mrs. Dean Cline by ehartc-xed airliners into absence. Vicki is staying fly. and Rodney spent the week- Central Iowa in groups of with Mrs. Thompson during end in Lawton, Okla. visit- 400 to witness each of the her parents' absence. Miss Dolly Fitch of Jewell ing their daughter, Mrs. Ri- pro- , Spent last Tuesday after-chard Wattenbarger, and Postmaster General Law- efficient handling of the handling a volum fence F. O Brien announced mail, in accord with Pr~si- ion pi,.ces of today that a contract has dent Johnson's directive to By 1970 it is, been awarded to Kenneth provide the best possible rise to 90 billion, ..... Van Tilborg, Cawker City, postal service at the least Our em Kansas 67430 to build the possible cost. a great job of new post office building in "This proje ct is in accor- mail. But it Mankato, Kansas, and lease dance with our policy of:we are to meet to the Post Office Depart- building new post offices on- of our mont. ly where they are urgently we must make. The announcement of the needed," Mr. O'Brien said best mech award to the successful bid- "We are constantly re-as- available in der advances the new build- sessing our construction pro- is economically ing closer to the construction gram to determine whether The new bull stage When fully ( peration- present buildings can be at- South al, the Postmaster General tered or remodeled to take present an said, the additional space care of our expanding mail investment of ' a~ and more modern equipment volume." the successful i]~*l will, .in the long run, more We have about be leashed to the l than offset the extra cost 40,000 postal loeations~for ten'years wt !~ involved in producing more. throughout the country o tions unnin : I P r g twenty years at ]rental of $5,035.40 t "/" I" / ILl 1 Ibasic term. i t.ocle llmDers Are re::isr''presentstl~ Lip iinsive bid O~i ~ _ _ ._ . I ceived by.the De!mr~ Needed For Ma l,ng Ltst a competltwebasi, qflects what Del~, I studies have deterrai be a reasonable The Record is in the pro- between 1 and 99 East Col- m'c 1 ren eess of arranging ..... mailing fax, your mp number* intthisa areatal for beast: .... list by zip code numbers, and] 80202; if you are between] The new if you live outside the coun-I 100 and 777, it is 80203 I_ " - " : n 've an interior sl ty, we cannot mail your From 1900 to 3999, you are ,, :.~ ~ o = paper to you after Jan. 1 in 80206 except between lZ'/ut~squar~.Ieet',~! I area Ior parking a~ unless your zip code number, 3001 and 3256 and then you l .... . f . . . ment o postal ve,li is part of the addressl are in zip code area 80218.1 ,,. .... !, lS 1 tamng 'Ltuo squar~ Th" br'ngs us to the sub- From 4000 to 8999, your zip ", . '. i~ ject of changes [code area is 80220. . Mr: 2 Bnen e xpli[t! We are looking up your] The postoffice department [ the t),.partment.s ~ he has ask vestment ~s umtt~l ! numbers now --- most of t I ed us to bundle ' work has been done---but itlpapers by zip code areas so tially to postal i eI~ will save us a great deal of(you may live in Denver, 'butlThe building willv!m time if you give us both(as far as this office is con-[dt;r private owner h! your old and new numbers, lcerned, your address could lthe own,=r paying:: as well as your street ad-(be any one of some 40 zip!estate taxes. ' dresses, when you move. [code areas. I Mr. Van Tilborg It is not enough to tell us[ Failure to give us corn- Rafferty, our ! IX that you are moving to lplete information when you that he expectedt ..., ...... street in Denver,I move will delay your copy of footings run byOe from Loveland, for example.[ the Record and cause the There are five zip code[f~rce here a lot more work. DONNA }liLI~:i i numbers along East Colfax[ We will sincerely appre- RECEIVES ~IE-R( alone. If you receive maillciate your cooperation. ...__ ........... Donna I-/ilIS;: a new 1966 F-850 WILSON GIVES NEW [WEATHER in a nationwidL ~ 4-H AWARD FOR ---- , , Shopping Spree BEST SHEEP PROJECT ' Clyde Reed, official wea- had the lea .... ----- [thor 0bserver,! reports .38 ........ ;op Sheep projects are on,,Iof an inch of rain Thursday, ! ........... , , - m an appropr more area of hvestock pro- ] Sept. 1 and .85 on Saturday, at the R K S grams set up on a statewide[Sept. 3. High temperature at 11"60 A, h~ and national scale for 4-H I for the week was 89 on ,"' Club members. The state lThursday, Sept. 1 and the no..",t~ ,k~'~ sponsorship was assumed low was 53 on Thursday ........ ,_a this year by Wilson & Co.,ISept. 1. ,~, l~l,,nrla Inc., which previously had[ ------'------- ~.'~,.t;'F",,"~'~ offered scholarships only on lHome From Tour ~.'~.~.~"~.'~' a national selection basis. (Behind Iron Curtain sen't' were manager of Co., and Jess manager. Ken Jenttl~ manager of :tfl station, intervil guidelines for the 4-HIUnited States and the mid- up and broadoest'.t program, selects both state~,~[wcst. Herb Remie~ii al~d national award winners. I Fair, president of the First represen~'~m~:~, The 4-Ht:r, in the courselNational Bank of Mankato, of working on the project, l joined The Kansas Bankers i was there~" ~ tures wore take not only learns the respon-ldelegation which toured ]and her new sibility of animal care, feed- J Russia, Poland, Hungary and Donna with ~ ing and health, but also lGermany. He was impressed land Mrs. V,~k~ learns to appreciate the im- I by the Kremlin which is me- i grandparent~ portance of lamb as a food[ dern in every way but found and sheep products for hum- ]life for the ordinary citlzen ] George He~ an comfort such as' wool. [ lacking in many respects, ham, Nob. ~ Skill in readying the ani-[ Consumer goods are scarce Mrs. Verla J real for the show ring is an-[ and housing is inadequate Waugh, Old~ other challenge for the|according to Mr. Fair. The Sharon young sheep raisers. Br,:,ed-/oroun visit d Lenin,,rld Miss Nor h, " ~ i~ . ~ ~-~ ~ , ing, marketing and manage-] Warsaw, fludapest and Ber- and won the ment practices are part of[ lin, as well as London, Brus- sponsored b the project. Local leadersl~ells, Frankfurt and New last spring, Donna w~ and county extension agents[ York enroute, when,she tt work with the youngst.~rs. / ~ t~ekiug her *1: The six 1966 national win-[ Last we :k, on Wednesday, ners will be announced dur-[ Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Cripe of grandparents ing the National 4-H ClublLos Angeles, Calif. were NOTICI~ Congress held in Chicago !uncheon guests of his aunt right after Thanksgiv'.ng' :rod uncle, Mr. and Mrs. The Each will receivea $500 Eloyd Myerly. Another one Club will CARD OF THANKS scholarship, ff Lyle's aunts, Mrs. V,21ma Friday Eripe Stephenson of Salina starting at NOTICE brought them and was also ion /-/all. a luncheon guest. It had beeq food early. To all F.F,.A. members of some 20 years since Lyle the Mankato Chapter: There had been here. MANY will be a trash cleanup Sat- urday, Sept.10, at 7:00 A.M. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wil- Thanks to Meet at the Vo Ag building son took their daughter, San- friends first, dra,' to Lindsborg Sunday good wish, !where she has enrolled as a visited me CARD OF THANKS at Bethany Coll- St. fulness will never be for- e. Their daught~:r, Linda cordia. We gotten. ; ' I wish to thank my friends is teaching art the ---Mr. and Mrs. Mert Means for the cards, letters, visits this year in the El- the lawn and and flowers I received ~;hilc High School after ered to. Mrs. Robert C. Turner of I was in the hospital at ~pending a summer teaching bless Portland, Ore. and her sister, Belleville for surgery. Your in a camp at Granby, Colo. Many Mrs. Julian LePage of West kindnesses will long be re- Her husband, David, is at- --Mr. Point, N. Y. visited over the membered, tending the University of weekend at the home of Mrs. ---George C. Bechtold. Wichita and driving back R. B. Turner and the' Jack and forth from EIDorado.Myerly Turner family. They have Mrs. Vernon Ripley and been sp, ,nding some time bon is moving to Mrs. E. B. Beam returned Nathan G. with their mother, Mrs. John and has rented an aqmrtment home last week after a visit at the home of Mr, and Mrs. ,,:' Jean at N 0n, , at the ?'