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September 1, 2016     Jewell County Record
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September 1, 2016

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lOB TH E SUPERiOR EXPRESS Th~nm~y. ~p,eptembef 1,2016 I I II I I Jewell County Memories August 31, Two retch| Jew ll High Scht,ol grad|rotes gained national ~gnition. Kelly Gdffith on the foolball field and Heat~r (Barrelt} McDonald for writ- ing a eews sto~/about Griffith Mark and L~u/~ Ul'~lerwt~ we~ renovating the former Sinclair last.r- line sta[io, located west of Mac's Kwik Shop, near rite center of M~kato, Gov, Kathl~n Schelius was "mis- lakenly'" pm~nted a extremely la~e T-shirt by Chad Mtxllin H~mdi Jcnscn, e:~ch~ne.etl this mi~e for the correct shin all while the governor visitcd 1he Rock Hills High .%hool+ The annual U1 Theatre Benefit raised $3,3(X'I Jan 8oyles was the new Jewell C~nty Coltm.-rvalion I)isttit,'t secre- t&ry and off' e manager. Site rcplaca.~J Sheila Diamvnd h u.~usl 2,4, Two s~,sters. Veda Rt~ and Jeanie Blair, ,nadc ice c~am for the Ute The- alre Benefil. I1 was sumethinl~ they hurl dufte every year .~iace the I~acfit tradition started, Dewey =KI Ruth Uade rw ~t were harvesting grapes from their vineyard and the grapes w ic av~lilable I~r pur- chase at h~cal SUl~nna-rkct,s, The annual Governor'~ Fall l".m" hronfhl Oov. Kathleen S ~,~|ias to Jewcil Ct~mLy, Bc%.'an~va 0~' th~ day's ~]igh tenll'~ra- tare. ~c water slide was termed the " nlO~il JKlpul~' ~' attlf~ at rite animal L~wewc|l Stale P.trk l:~n Day. AuRu~ 7, 'l'~.aJ ~.nd "l'odd M ad ~en were prcl~r- tn~ the ii.=~ter While Rt~.'k Middle Sch~xd bni|ding at F.sbon.alld plamlcd tt~ rcol~n it as 1111: Wlli;e R~LIk Acad- erlty. ]~cvcdy P,~.l~r was lhe lice, r~n- oil's[ of the Wllite R ~u'k Middle Sci~ ml located a! l~i.lrr Oak. The f(mllCr Ma~11k:lht ~cil,~d i~u,ld- il|~S ~'c~I slxlctJn~ IteWTM ,:l~2tl.", .l ~,'~.'t atcd with the ~h~d " ~',~ R k lhll. n,2]~tL Alter ~h.tirJ~lil~ al tht, [~l.|;.tllkalt, :" I hilt Shift'. Mlk;tvla Khan M~dch-' ~6, ,nr~h2. Jes~k~ I h,ncork ~md Ky ('o~nd Ir.lx. 'U11~ ~. "" OUI I~l'. At0p.u~t I.% i~ Ih ~.t~lnllntlli]~. (~ll I. [Wdion ~t'. IH~|l alk~ul a ~, Ct.'k pl~.-pltrin~ |,~- tth." It~ v two:~th:a',t. iltlo :ihx.' tl r;ll]!, e~l ,Mal~:l Smc~'L -s Ihwtexer~ Shcrltl l:d ()',~,Cl'~ '~.td ~-I~ tral) Io rttll'~ ~r.~ L i~ td.|l;,ll~ nl II~ OIlllt~. l~|*'n S'It, t' I+~ duath ~,P, I1,~1 I~ill~ til s, ~(i~ ',l|~.'tJ ,is *1 Ite~a,x~,k" I,k'j:-lt'~.L llldtl~,C's ~'k L~l~ ~d.llk,11,' ( ] ~. ,Jd,q~lt' xliVlidtxj Ihk' ~, .l:,j~,HWl.:ll I ~d ci nlnP ( 'ollj~lk'lh. t " I) lWlls l~,d',~trl, ";,7. Ill~." ~klJl~-qb, I~, ,'~tl i iJM~.'l" dict.| A t=Rust~32, l~ Mattha t| ~l.lulln "t~. ,i,- ]q ~;~; iln'' I, ,11 1 'k1.~1i %l~' ~.'IIL'~I 11h." %t'L]%" ~i I~3. ]{l~'lS K=. I"L~.'k ~P' |~ lit,' ~';', ll.1"kt.'l:l, ~ h,I- j,q .~.t't~o'tl ~,l,q, lu~14 %J.t|i I ~,liit, It,'l,tlt,'t~ I=~ ,l lllpI IIHIP,k L ql %.IJDLI i k ['~l' ~,lt1~,il ~t IJ;l'. " I J, i Ill ,~,1 ~1 -'l.a, .h=~,~l h ]! ~ .',~q~ I~, ~.'~tl, I ',1 ! '% I l~ .I lu,f I~'~, LI I,tl ri~-' 4i~" sii ~ t4.r, 1~,l~J .i h.~lid ~li %.li- N'kt.~.'.t! l~'.lll, It,k I,~t'~,~.i=~l~ ,~a, 1,tr, I in,ill, t b~a-.'l ,~ -1 thc ~,r tI~,-~, tLz,t I K.~d "~' ,',~ I,l.n~ ,n~ulnldcqllnl~ tu l l,d.1 It''. ~il, I~OluHI~ ''I Ill~- Iq ~.'1.HLs n k ;,:, h,14,t Iwc'~n lq ~ d it l~It,' 'k.~.~l li,1,l :s s:Idl'. ~q~$. ll ilI,"-S. ,I {q~ Ilk' IuV-~ i" -. I;,','i ( ~11 I', lls I'-:I .~ ,i- (llli'.~il~'l~,~ l~. '11 .r lh'~~. hl i i~i~; '. ',i~ ~-ihlvR,; h 4 =P[ i'~tllP I ~'.tls I ~1 ~ Mrs LeRoy Mohler wer~ pJanoin8 1o observe their 5~h w~ di~g anniversary, Chandra Burgess was the new But- tc~s & Bows prc-~hool teacher. 11u~ ~hool was owned by Cynthia Ault supervi.~d by Alice Thoml~on. Walt Hamillon opened a servit'~ station at Formt~o. "l~e t'msiness was ['n-evioet~ly known as Jaekie's SlallO~l. Augusl IZ 1976 Winners of the Best Dressed Award at the Jewel[ County Faw were Bmcc DieM. Judy Spiegel, Nancy Veuer and Brian Calgren. Deni w DaM and Trey AwJersoa ~'~w~.~ as Style Revue mas Le~ of ceremonies. Shirley Novak a~ Nancy Rail ikuc k were new em ptoyces at the K-K Shop- i-~r. Mayor Cart Westi~ appointed He~/'1 atdThomi~on, Mrs. F.W.BoydJr J. F. Nickel. }hrl SkahBI and Doyle AIc'~m Io the acwly ['offned Mankato Housing Cumin|lice, Marriage stories poblis~xl, in The Record included I.hose of Chanllaine Lambrecht and William Chaslain, Charlotte Haskins aa,] Calvin Sey~td. Diane Dilkm and Gmgg Fenster. at'+O Jane Hol~on and Steve Headrick. 11- /e~ell Cuunty Co-up with ~er- vice stalions at Fornto~a), Jew |l. Randall aJ|d M,mkam was offering frc~ attton-mbile lube jul~i. Mr, ",rod Mrs. Sherman L~ntis, Randall wev~ r~paring ttr ~.~lehrale lheir 5tP w ~ding allaivc~, rv. Aug 19. I~r'/6 l h officers of Dr', W. t~ Schlotlerhack and Richard Kimball w ~ reln4,xl~lcd al~ a .'~1~32 addition addcvJ lc~ the ~.ulh. Shirley Minear ~,as chief o113cu nnts~.' alV,] l.ena (k'ring was Ilte la.~:el~ioltis(. Bob Standerwick. ,~.er ~,f [l~lb ~, ltll~ rctin:d after 45 ~r'ea~ il, t tile ,~un~ M~llkHtt) lr~x'lllJtlg. '[]tc htlSi, lle~ ~'~x ~ohl ~o [.Jnda a~td "l" rr~ ('runt, ,%lal~der~, J-'k c~.lilllal,zd he served moo tl i:31t .'~ II'li~lliiHt halnlsurgc~s I,It ilc 1 ifpt~r- altll.~d ~llc btl~ill St.; C01','in Jamcn pet ircd :l> elm im~ au of 11~ Jewel1 ('~nly Re[v.tb',~n orEzani- /ali~tn and J~k Bycn lltirr Oak. ~a-, c h.~Icd ctlairJnan. Othur ot'1] cr.~ were Mcm~ Keelcr. l:ormo~t>, vttx chair- |flail (~leltna [~.~gt), ]'~l~m. ~'cmt~.l-). and Carl SapD. li~,l~t. Irca~urer, All blt~ 7 xt ol ~hc 4 3 x~ d,dlilr~ nc~h d to fulld ctql.drn llon o' to-nut*. lkliialh~llx ~crt' I~,'in.e a -ccl",led al ll~" (; i.dd KIvr .llV.I U[lark:~ K;,n~'~ m|ll-tl,C~'d dlc .~lk'O I Ihe R. K .%il~q~f~.'r ,'K,cl [:,acrpri~e~ ~,t ',Va~hhlel~m. K~tlt I hc lu ~ ,~, ItCl~ ~ pr~x llted. t[I : I, it'Hlll "l~II h.'l ~II i,qt I =t lilt.* Kp.'I taluI4~ I~i lop, q'Icd l~,ul Kt l ~lhl ht'~ :hiIt~tl~ ~ ould 13t i]~i'~.lli~ ~t~ ~l,ulk,d ~ to ll%,lll~.l~t" lliL' ,I, ,re ,~,lid thll I{,nl/. ~, ~,~ o!.lLd 'q;.C, ~ m ~.1~. I ql%i:i" iD, b.'l ~I lit'. L4,11~.hrl$~i K;l|ii1%k[1. IL'lllrl'IC | Izl ",]i,/,llkJ%t li'tqt1~ J ",I~ ,zHiqt |lip. l lc ~, lJvd ( ~[~"-" .iiid l |, 'HIFj i }~.ilH~'nd +4,1 llWll IhIL'I~I,I ~*~,C-! II,'l~'b. .t:l~[ l't,tqk ~:ttjt'l ~,111,1=~ hq Ilk' i~ "~' 7J~.'l~'ttlqk'JH -~,~ lib|ida(,ql',-~.Iil[i'Ll,'ll 111-1M*il ~,1]".%i',t. U~ t'l ~ld ,i t ', ~ ht I .ad .uhi i~r- nln Ira, ' ,t.dc. i~.~l~ ~)~,k q,cncd ll)~' Rt" p4d~tl~.tii la~" I,q lil iq~'~hlvli~ .'J =,l|11pJl~n %,11 .ll|d ,~11 '. i. I,dvil~.t." J jlOnl, ~ I, I| kJ ;~.l Ihc j~,r~.~v ~,1 hVl d.l!a. 'Jl1~,'r,Llld Ile~ ill|,l'JH~]. ~k]~ lld.Ml- I)~, i'2hl SJt.aIICLIIL ~k'[OI,~,t~] JlpJ h|'- 1 .|ilHh, .dl I P,~.'d I~'l Ihc ~. ~ii L ~'ltl t. I|i tltl~.~l 30. Iq.~ plil~,d Ic~ all { 'l ~rll~ I'llX.'m:d in April and was making 4llelL 4. b) bu~ Io tl nlord. Cvn.t It~ vNt It~l ln~ath,:r acid iWt) r :l ~X.% M~,s ~ Rcl'v ' 'ua tk'~.'h.'r k'ft on the Rt~'k I dand Rt'~.'kct Io vi ~l her ~ral~,d- pa0:nis. Mr. and Mrs. l.md Ik'clcr. aLLeI~,L' ] tnll~i,k" .t.'altlp al [ la~"- Augu:d i6, 19.-% .Mort.' III;m 511.i~K) ~aliou~ t)i 1F.atk-r ~x ~tn dul~.lr~d tll 1he ]~vell (',1) P;.~rk nl ,i end ;l~,r Io ~l~e the p~rk% shade lrc~:.~. 'tlw Five ~;~lne ~as n~'d kl p|t,np ~;Ller J-n|11 IJ1~ Cli r~.-,~,tit[ Illlr,~ ;I IIqvk ~.qt ~hich %-'i% Illti%ll$1L'd ;1 I.Illi| c,t[]~on lank ~ hich ('liar- l I~dtln.'n ti~,ed h~ Jl;u;l~. Lilt ~,~;,l[~ r rnttl Itl~' n. 'J'l)c I;Ink ~,r, Illk'tl I|l Iour nullUIc% t'I~L" I~,ad Ieadin~ a,~ die Joy, 11 ~tale I.akc I~.m IIv.' ea I ~a Ix-mE relmill Vcnrm I),l~ ~'c~-pIcd 1he Jcv,:ll ( "L',i$111~.~ I'~l~ HIL%'.[I' ', l~."qi p,s'll. Lighlning slnJek 1he home uf Mrs. Gladys Trcffer about 5 aAIL A ya:d- lighl pole was hil and thnlage done m the holne's bathroom. Light fu ,i~s w~'~ blow0 o~tt leaving tl~ home ia 1~ dark. Mrs. Treffer had gone trot ttz. put 1mr car in the gm~.e ~d war; nd.I [af l'~m thc pole wben the l'x~l t s.ffuL'k. S]lg escaped injury 5ut her IlerYes were jott~.xl. August 20, 1936 The county c~n mi~sionc-rs as~i~l~'d 3SO farl~r~ who need job:, to work building I~mds. Forty new r - r'0iis al Ihe BUlT Oak CCC cmnp hnmght tke ttaal them tt~ 14~. They were assigl~'tl, to work on paacls in I1~ White R~L'k Valley. ]:onffter ~siden[s uffewell Ctmnl~ living in the lals Ang le.~ area got together For a pk'nic, (t was said the Ringlin~ circus had pu;chascd 20 l~rrcl:i of flour and pl~u'~-~l I~ use I.~ flour t > make pa-~iC ~t) be u~-d tt~ I~t flyers ;J~vcni ~ing 1he Co]'K:ordia apr~eardnce. Jcwcll Sch~ds planned kl open for lh fall I ml ~nl S 1~, 7. September & 1936 A whect tlew t~l'l' a rating carat the Bellevill'e Ihi~ and nlrim.'k a ~'on'=un i-~la(or in the ~.land.~, ]':arlicr ili the u,'t.",2k. L11cre ',','ere se rk.l s i njuTie ;, as,~- ciatcd wilh the in,~hlrcvclc rau~'~, Milk prices hadjnn~pcd 1~ I" cc, nls a quazl bec'ao~ tffhlgh teed pnc~s. J. l.Zip~ wa,g 111ug abig W,JLA, ptmd in Ih e~sl ~.~ge tlf Btuttfa]t~ %own- ship. It always rains nile, a dnmght. Larry 1-'~rl~ tnovod to Montn~,e Io be rcady G~r the ol~nhl$ hi' 111e .~,h~xd Ihere ba[ after gelling a betzer oll' r tmln Scundia he Int~,ed io lhal ~.'t~m. nmmty- 'l'tze Ea,itern Slarcntcrlamcd with u picnic ,tin lh~2 gott g~>itl'Id.4 tl) ht.lor ~fiss [: ll~le:,-;tme l'(Ov, tI, [.l ))'d Mot~n~'s htulte on Ihe Au[t I:~ml nOrlll~a,;1 id Itmia bnrncd. Mf. Mt~l'~.' hatJ just been di:,a:hargcd from the Beloit ht~pilal and h~d ~t~r~d 0t the I~mc of h,s pavenls Mrs. Mta~rc and the ,:hildrel| were kOalC alone a( the titne of the fire. l.iLIJe co,ld he :-;aved l~om II'v,: I'ntr~ing building $c~,cll Court1)' pn~D-~Y uv,uc ~ pa id '~(~-.J,- i~1%%-1n oflhclr taxes ht 1936. L M. S'am:r OlX'neda letter |lxqn hi~ duughlcr alld lIilli cat~ a h~,nhd.tly c-,trd and $7(), A dolta.r firr eacli )'car of hi', AURUSt 27, 192k~ '1'1 le sc ~ er lira: w ~L~ pix ~,'ced ing ~lt,lh Ih[l~ugh Ihe ~tl~l~;I I'~rL td- ,~|;IHkak~. i)ax m.= p~s%'tl Lhrt~,ngti Ihc cou,"{hotl~c Id~wk .'|lid r,2:i :hln~ .-i, I~l l',ffth ia~ J ~i. l:alr'~, r~Nitlell~'C on ] ll~2h :~trtt'l. The I.J ilt-r( }~i,; ('Ilallt:,li,q i~;i ~ ~r~,t 51W~,llg, [I %;.i', lilt)B~lli ilnporLed corrt .~'ldom did v.cIL Ft,t,r Jc~cll b,), caughl 14 li'~e jack ral~biln il) ~illC .l~lgllt- The rabhit~. :rlU ildt 1v,1~. hy ~a[r, V;~lt l~ old t,~m ntr-, of z-acine hotlnds Ior ~ I ikIacll, O$t Furniture & Oablnetry, LLC * ** Labor Day Sale*** Monday, Aug. 29- Saturday, Sept. 10 Save 15% on a///n-stock fum/ture and bedd/ng IWe will be open LabOr Day ) 9am 5p.m 106 N. Commercial St Mankat0, Kan. g,L ~!~ ra~:eb'<~, (785) 3/8.8133 kevinscreations@gmaiLcom ~i+Iiii,k,~k %IItlr' ~.' i- II~'l-liii H.' ,I I].kI'.~ LI~'IL'I' .IIhl |,IiiIIlli'.I ~L" I~c. 'II~ ,ell III.'-" t. ~II|~%iI - ii~ I'I%Ik ~ LI~2t*M 2']I lqgh l'llq.[k.'tl IJW Lit i~IIIII~. "~.hi~.kll ,lll~i l)Tr[.~ l~L,~ ~. I I~L|i'.-" *" [ k,'~ ( Ihl~lllllll~ hdh~lh.I, ,Ind %lvL',I" I r~".L. ~ IC ph li!.r ~l pJa~ % r|lk.Jc13q ,tlh till 1~C~ I-I'~m C.t~ I'Jrk pI.a~ uIM cq|.P ttl 'lll L'~ h|Lt.' n,q " |IF.it1 I~l i~-,~l~lk .d tc'-]cd Ih I~b:a I|t'a I~c.l~,mlc~- s*t.~fi~, qlt '~ I .gr H l ~I Vl't." ~-;llX~.'d'Ill IIic I' 'lu' [i~alr lk'a [ ;[ ~,rJani .md Rc~ I k.llt~h~g~c n. J~ic had rccenll.V I, c,] d;;,~ll~,~,d ~llll h:| kl.'l)) In. . I -NOTICE Upcoming auction in October Appmx/male/y [.000Acres N Jewel/ County and Smilh Courtly Land Seller - Scott Madhugh For details contact AI- 785-282-0538 Frieling Realty and Auction, Inc. ~I.'L I I II Andy Wolket, M.D. Nolan Beavers, Marilyn Dunstan. A.P.R.N. D|onne Kramer, A.P R N. Bryon Houchens, P.AC. Services ACute inDCl?ienl core, Swin~ beds, OufDQfienl corer PeOic:]tric$. Hospice. Crestvue Co|tone Apo~menl~ 24 Hour Emergency I~oocn Diognostic Lobo,olc~'y, Digitol l"k~iotogy, EKGs, CT ScQr~ MRI~ Holler Montlod.~9. Stress Tesfl~ Venous oncl Caro~d Do~pDr Studies. Echocc~diogrorT~, Annu~ He~tl~ FQi~ Por/iciponl, Women's ~olth CIIn'~ ond Kcr~ Be Heolthy Clinic Rehabilitofion Diobefic Eductolion, Physh3ol TherQpy. Speech Thereby, OccupOtionol Tlqeropy Jew~ll County Hospltol - Pm~ding o fdenclly, codng environmenl Serving our Ooltents and commu~ty JEWELL COUNTY IKIP, AL HEALTH CLINIC 10'2 South Center, Morro|o. Kon. 66956 7~5~378-3511 ItOURS: Mor~oy, Tueu~. Wednesday, Tt~Jr~lo~ Bo.m.- ~,k~ll, ] -5p,i1"1, Fr~k~- 6 ~Lm,-Noon JEW~LL COUNTY HO~Pff,~ 100 Cre~twe, Monkolo, Kon. 66950 785-378-3137 2' . Hk. l-hors~, ,~eml~r 1.20~e JEWELL COUNTY RECORO IOA Dave Smith. Scotlsville. had his John Deeee R ir'l the Jewell County Threshing E.ee Parade. Meyer Miles was re-elected chair. man tff the Jewe|l Courlly Repoblican Central -.-'Otlllllit~L~I al Ihe <)l~al|iZd- l it.la[ inu'~tin~ held :it Mankalo. Wail~.~r |till of ltulln~ot~l l'nWl~.~i~ip was nUlncd vl~, chairman. J. P. Stream. Ral)thll, Ircasl~'r. ant[ J. O. Roht, ns. Mailkah~. ~'cr lar.~, A tit,: il) thc ~R:ale n~ll~ of l)utch W llth', More al~d p05| oLflC'C at lAY'. e~ el.]' .ca[i,v .d ',|>tile e~, ~.'il'L.'llielll ]JtLIL il w~. hnn~ghl ull k'r conlr~|l J~l'ore ~iII} tIMtV-ig~." ~-a~, dtpnu. M~torc',~-Ic anJ anl,LI ra~.~s v,'tHdd I'~ [CalLift"t.~ ~,hcl) ~.|IA.' Nt)rth (~[llr;IJ K~lt~ l"r~x' Fair,p lled al P, ellcville t|n AI,~. 31 lllC Ilalf-nttle t|~a] dirl chlnrl~" I~| k~-cp d~,~ It the dust. [l&~ i%t.~ II~t~lll~ IIl cltl~.'Idav. high r.clr.d and ctdlcgc "Jtld ~II~ ~t)lild Ill.if- clia~c o~ ,k'l%llrd,L.'l d ~lg'~ R~21ilil~.gtU, II lyl~.*~rllcr Iroln tit,: J. A. J)ellion AgcllC3 ~l J~-~ ell I)cnton ad~ rli~J Ihc ncLtl~l. ~tllOr~.' rJl~d ~ ~yk t~'[llle % IIh ~1 II~='~ I,~l~.'wIIl 'r ~|llcn nlcanl I~IICT ~2rLLtlc~ wllh Illtff~" lill|~ Ior tHllY.l~ic ,'tL'- ti:ili,ot r~ll-lt~llt j|1~l~. ()11 11 II'P.' 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Je~scll ('ils P-'lrk ~ 'ih ttlu' h|~l"~." the c lelvallOll ~lartetl We w=J[ offer Ior s~le Io the ht!;hest 0~dde~ at ~Jblrc ~.CtlOn [he foll0w, ng real estate and pe~s0nal p~operty 10Caled at 101 West 3rd Skeet Lawrence. NE Beginning at 6 p.m. Real Estate will sell first followed by personal property Wednesday, September 14, 2016 ANNOUNCEMENTS DAY OF AUCTION TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ADVERTISING i II I I i I II ~ ~ ~ i i I i I~ = ', i, * I I V I : ~ I . ~" ." rl~ r r 1 * I" " ~;''1 Ir l[= ~',--i --i I II II,jl* --~ i " d(~ . ~n"a" I -.~ q r" r" ~$;'~'- " ~ i i -*1 " :l*'~" ''.I ' "i'l AUCTtONEEWS NOTE: Th,5 $ a ver~ c~oan a:,cl,0~ it you b~ve any quesbO0-S glVeO~'eol us;/ ~ll al (402) a79-$~S (Nel=) O~ (785| 64.8-0226 I"MaI|.L Seller: Herman Mertens Estate Wayne Garrison, Personal Representative ' I,- :, ,1 i Becker and B0uray Auction Service Matt Becker, Auctioneer and Nell Bouray, Auctioneer (785) 648-0226 (402) 879-5566 ~, Ass~s~ng Auctioneers - Gale and Corey Mikke~sen All