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September 1, 2016     Jewell County Record
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September 1, 2016

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7A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD l"~umOay, Sopten'~r 1,2016 I Northbranch By ~ Dillon Joyce McNichols was a last Tzzes- day afternoon vi slier at the home of her brother. John and Erma Dillon. Patty Bird still mmains Lathe skilled care facility at St Francis Hospita! in Grand island. Friday e,~zzing, Sam and Alyce Gilleu took Lily and Claire Walker m Ihe Rock Hills Booster CInb supper and 1hen to the junior high and ~nior high football scrimmage. Not feeling well enough to attend church Sunday murrting. John and F.rma watched the early service at the Cent]at. Christian Church in Wichita via the t~h~ology of streaming. Their granddaughter, Jane1 Harms. is a me bet of the church orchestra and played a violin solo as the special for the service. [1 ig always good to me LaVae Glover whcnheisahletoattend eh arch. Severat of our membe~ were missing from the Sunday service. ~me be- can~ 0f illness era fall+ For tho~ who are interested in to ;al history, a good source is the micro- film newspapers at the Mankato City Library Here are a cnuple of tieLbits 1 I ',mg-~l recently: rn Ma.n:h I gg3L .k+- seph Kllight purcha~d at auctkn, Ihe limber~ front Ihe dugout church Io- cate.d in Lhe Nonhhranch Cemetc~ The ~ chureh north of B-~ Oak (acrosg the toed sonth of Union (?eli]I cqery) known as "'Je~alem" w ~s n,en- tit+ned in the 2une I'L lgX~. tim+ (~ l/erutd St?rq,' folks. this i', :ill The news thai hat ~n~ned ~o ate S,+ r~.lhvr Ih;l|l make up statics I will F~m. OUt lot ,hi, Llfll ! Apll|+r, sm. What ,s ql" A ~,lp=rl. I"~;',IHed :'~t]l i'lC~.' ~],~t e ~ [to. ,~.~,t. ~. a x'. ,~L" orc[c~ erobsc~'ati;m ~br a ~ tleral tnffh [:or i ~Ianc : A ;~,~ time Io keep )o=~r m,-lh ~lt=,= i, =h~n you .',re in dt~'~ .me, 'i" h~re ;.uc ,I0 new ,in~. The old ~ +l~.-~ j~tht ~el mop : pLth|iCd ~- I've re~ ~'d the age at whLr: h l'mppy hour" i~ a nap Always be yourgdl, het.'au~' Ihe wople whu matterdlm'l mind. and the onc~ whc~ mLad don't mailer. i%l,lidans and diaper~ ~Jux, ld Ix. C~La|I~-'t;I ol'letl~ altLi l~ r lhc" siu,~e r ~ ~,t JU, Lile i%n't tied ~ith a I'~+~. hul li',~ ull,gift. Burr Anne Oliver weal [, Wicl,ta ]a~'t wee"~nd and visited with Car~,ly,1 Bah'ell Sheena. Dt,~Ie|L and M-rgan l'~ralher, l-3ler a,~d Kcnd~aJames.T ~ let anti Kcndra anmmnct:xi thai the) arc CX~ 'Ctlit~" :i h:ihy 12irl ,r, Ji,~.l,ar~. Ariel " ier~rlcd I'~l,in~, gillLtC ~,~.'ncd . l~tll lilt' I I~K't 11~.] I n~ E~ L.'t (i,I]'~ gild Cart+l (;;,fflnan do.t', It= .%= -.;.|:ilt[|a arzd ate dinnvr lit gg.lebr,lte L'amr', b=nhda3. Atlerwanl~, t|, ~ had a ice ~l~Jt ~",th "l'ezr) an.d ('an,1 ( ; anila|]l Nat.'tiie. Rile) and l-van B~L~ ~ stayed Friday t~ight v, tth Sic,re and "rummy (~,sand. Sunday Stew aml Tan',t]Lv ~,CI1[ tO thv Melon I~=~asl ('at" Sh~l' ,' ,n Ha',thig~ l.)a'~ V~.qlitl+ Ma~.kal~.L and Mu~ Fide5 ~,myed Frida~ m.ld Sitttffdd} Ul Hmchm,tnt :mr! Y~aler. []~ ~ anended Am,J1 Herhag I)a','~ Ihcre. -lh 't arull.~ t~l hd and( ;~ildys ] ucker II"fl~, ,T, ~]'lt" I:~}~ I (.'t,ntl"iiLd|'~{|~ Cente, SatLLkld~ lit! a IiauthLlr~.'r. html d~J,~ ;tnd t-i~h ll) t i~'r~,nm" hrot,~2h.t ~ l:id~ and de ~ rl~ Io ~, '.'.1'1' iht" Iltt++{~- ~--~ilsrs we, Lynn and Judy Hall, Regi and Dave Conaway. John and Sue Tucker, Dave ~:ooked the hambnrgers and Ix~t dogs while Lynn and John fried the fish. Theze were 51 family members present with most coming from Kan- sas and Colorado~ Attend,n8 were Carolyn and Ed Adams, Wellsville; Chailyn and Cameron Adcoa, Cole,: Tom Tucker. Law,ace; Mary Fiene, Bud Hall. both of Lebanon: Eddie and Opal Hall, R~gi and Dave Conaway. Lynn and Judy Hall. Sharon. Amber. L~la and Nita Conaway, all of Smilh Center: Sta.~ and Bey Heating, Mcndi and Mike Twedl Colorado: Jim :rod Connie Roherson. Sandra Hager. Olath : Re~ ky and Debbie Mend ,lha tL Salina: Judy F0.1k. BurJingame: Ma qy and Janet Heating. Beloit: Karen Flint. Downs: Sarah and Alexa Myers. Man. hatLan: Shane Heating. Emr, eria; Matt and Kim Heating+ Glen Elder: Chri~ and Slaty Whelchel and family. K .a. neth Wheleh l. Ruby Besting, Ron and Tw ila Whelchel. a'q of Esbon: John and Sac Tucker. C ~ryl H ill,am Jess,ca Barnes. and B~nlee Manning drove to Kearaey Friday aft 'mooa whe~ they met J eft}, Barnes. Powell, Wyo,Nick. Kelley and Raef Bunting. Billings. Moat. Jerry. Nick ;rod Kelley make ~p the Grate Expectations BBQ team. They were in geamey to ~cti ipate in the BB~ tm Ihe Bricks competition which lO, k place Friday and Saturday. Turn In~, 'Hn the different r~at categories ~ta n~l at n ~+n Salt by Award~. were ann,t,ced begnzning at 4 p.m. Grate Exl~'Ctalion~ placed ~2th overall among the 34 tennis participating in the tn~pVlm,~n. lhezr ~atly call t~, the stage wa for the ff hri',kel v, hich placed 4th. eammg Ihen'c a plaqt,: and a , Denver. Coh~ l~} visit family in that city. +l'hu v returned |o F,hn'~ Stlnd~y e~, c.ning. Jerry and TrudL Le~b, and Ih |r ~hlldren and grandch,ldren, tile Keranen~. stayed the pasi IC] day- at tilcir E~h~'i| hOi'tle. Tllex-ha~e ,z~ rv- lurt]~l~.i Li.i Calilom,a. T~ Lc~ ix~ ;.Lntl their grar~Idau~ht ;. Ka)le xed-lt b} ~'OT. The Keraneas. ntom. dad acid Ihc ulitcr children, trax. led by plarl . .Mike Pale w~:nl (m a tttp ~ thc ~;~;tlh -- t )kiaht+n'~a. "['exa~ and .%' ~ Mexico. Mike v,a, ridmg ~ilir Da~c De,then. Mike 1;+~,! hi, billt'rd o|+ th,~ Irip. It h~-~ ix~n I',mtd and all Is ~vel] Since i'legl M~mday is a h;~llda.' next week% news ~,ill pr~habl, k" turned in earl). This is a ~tmder it- n ctmLd baxe I~en. Last week's Jewc/i C.idtr~% Rc+'on/carried a~z article ah~uI a Jeff', 1} hg'kstone. Thai m anat on~ filil=~ t;|tngit| r]IL~IC at wtial IN :l'lOW HLinllilgtOil f~lli- '+ ~.'rMi~ II~. hldlaria. AL ~[,e tll1"~e the head ,)l" Ihc L~Jut.'aln'fll tiC.~l"[llICIIt %%,1", all [{'lt, l'it { l.ippe+ Nee, what I ~=mder I~ v, u~, |hi'. l-%h~n",F.nl,~R:tz $.ippt'. ('la~*~ of V95q7 Uharlcy Yt~l~er and l~m Fogottatk parl ,n a gol$ lOt,rnament al Red ('lond I-hut'.da~. "l'hur>d;L~. Dwight I:~'t+.~t affemlcd a NorthCenlral R,:g nal Pla,ni,~ Corn- nti~sion meeting in Minneafad~% ~tsg WedJ~e~ay evening. Li[a From ~tk:.aded (he Jewel] County Hm.pi'cal board meeting We have all heard of the disastrou earthquake that occurred in halT this past week. Neva and F ,d Lewis am in ]la[y at this rime where they ate visil- ing their son+ Rus~ll, and his family Lila Frosl has ccceived word from Neva. her sister, ~at they axe fine. In F~'t tl~e earthquake hit hardesl in ~n- tral Italy and the Lewises are ia the nonh=m pa,"t of that counLry. Ne,a said they never even felt it. At this time, Lar~ Welch ;rod sims. Jeff and Mike. gen and Michell Crocker. are on a short vacation i,s Omaha. Many years ago when Larry was still ia the Air Fo~e. he was .~ia- iioned az Offm, so of L~urse the family lived nearby. They no doubt ant fiad- ing tots of changes have been made since that time, Thursday. Lila ~d .rohn From were in Salina where John consulied with a demmtalogist. Word has been received that Ma~. Lou Griffi[h is out of ilte ho ~pital and rltY~ hus retnmed to life hack ill her apartment. The family of Che~'l (Hanctwk~ McM alien ha sdonated a park I~,te h to be placed in ~he E.~b~m City Park in Cheryl's n~en~oD lohn and Me[ Harvey~ Rayitt }t~, Mc~ . Iheir son. ( 'arl. and ~s son. Conne r. slay ',d the weekend wit h Mel's m;~thcr.[oneShipley. Saturdayevcnil~g Ihey had a homemade ice cream parb to help John realize that he had added a ;ear ~o hi~ n um ~=r of birthdays, G.', ry a~d Ter,' a S hipley ab,o took pall in the celebrali~,n with "l rexa Ifi;Ikii]~2 the ice "lltib area hii~ I"4.',2n tbnunate a~ ~c tta~,e tece,xed a nL rain a~)t,t Oll~.'e J eek.lhi~, pa~t ~, ~'k v; dtwhl,:d t,p;~- T,J.III,~. Cdlrle. "Jhin-~d~y and a~ali~ turi~ ~iattnrtLt ~ ntonfing. Kr t~L1 I Pah.'l arlJ B~,c lt,;~ erk,Lnlp d.ll~.] lheJr chLLdrer| hav~- n'L,~.~',Li [:l';~gtl ~ Jg~ Lck to ~tt:ca. "~ iteeL- Brk ha, 2LL'