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September 1, 2016     Jewell County Record
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September 1, 2016

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3A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday. September 1,2016 ancestor~ did in the desert. in he sermon, "Listen rathe Dord' s Word: Why don't we?" Rose slyake of Adam and Eve and how by disobeying God we are destined to sin. We are to remember this and strive to act on opportunities of presenting the Lord to others, Anyone who weald like to present special mufic during chinch should contact the parish orate. AII are welcome! This week, reraember to be aware ofopp0rtunities to spread the word of the Lord! Correction A eaJler this week belie ~es the Aug. ] I issue of this newspaper iacorreclly listed the name of one of the home- stead~ts revolved wiUz the HunLsinger I~rk located w*.~t of Mankato. He ad- vised the woman's nalt~ was Mat~ and not Margaret a~ tile slory indi- cated. Ja~t Ellen JeweU Publ/c Lmrary displaying jar collection Jewell Public Lihtmy's Sep ember display is a decorative jar collection OWned by Jada Eilert. fade makes all ki~s of crah~ Size uses jars of all shape~ and sizes decorating them with yam. rihl'xms, flowers, etc. She aim decorates jars specifically t-or certain holidays and ~a ,mns. She frequently givesthem as gifts. Jada is a4th grader at R~.'k Hills Elementary. She lives in Jewet~ whh h.er parents l'a ,am and Jess'~c Eilert. and older brother, Jensen~ Jewell Public Library will ho~,d Fall Slory Hour~ Sepl. IO anti Sept. 24. New dvds iq the Library i.cl~de: Heaven is for Real. Cl~,a:rlone's Web, A I.title Chaos, CaVe, icier Girls. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. St),nethi,tg the ~rtl M~t:. ~d Eye in the Sky. New I~},ks include The Cowlx~y's Christ- ,na~ Baby by Carolync Aarscn. The Ranger's Texas Prol~al by Jessk'a KetI*.'t. ~ Amish Chnstn~a~ Bles.~- io$~ by lu Ann Brown. Harmony UMC holds regukt service Harmony Un iled Meth~xtist Church seP,-Kx, s be~a,t Sunday montin~ with ~eh.-om 2 and .'nlooltnegt'~cnls pD2- scatted by R,~I Rose a~:ciatc past,r. Ac,d~tt" ~ tt,t.x k~e I-Ldlcr. Corahtl ~,11,:1~'i11.1ll. dCt'OWJp,li'l~I IVLIlIJI~'d lilt." v, or~hlp v, Ith ~ org;.Ln p=v]B~.iv ( "hihhci~'~ I]1~.",*M15c, pTev.'nted hy Rt,~=.'. Illad ctffB,'~atlon to a ~li*.'k. a Jl n3:Me r l', .ltcd ~-et.oJttliOl|S ill ~ ~-[0t.'al?l ot c;,Inl X~aler,L re ttlr~zient w~te~: di- rt~,t*.~ back m eMnt bank edge water~ and ha*.-k t, Sis original place, the sait|t' "l~ we experience in life. Many I,rn ~ peopk' ~et 'a ught t,p i=~ lifi.",~ geqeral ~:~'u.~', and ntis~, t,p~,r- llanitius preselitg,J lo |kern in whi ~'l they c~mld have ial.Mvced other, m the love and the hoe of elemal hle iu the I.t~,ctl. l'~.'h child wits ~i't't.'lt a Je~- elq,' relnindcT I-r renle tH hr-=r~ e S~'ri[t. lure ~a~ tntnl lcmnnah 2:-1-13. wi~h the I and iK'klll,'d, fl,~IgiIl[2 hil111,inil'~ ", ~eI-E,JLl'~L't," t't" ilia1 av.d Ih,ll ~e art.-" I~| lintel1 It~ the' ~t,t,ld JIlL] 11|]~ do a~ tttlr i Haleigh Shadduck & R van W~ugh Shadduck, Waugh plan nuptials Randy and Kim Shadduck, Mankato. announce ~he e.tga, ement and UlXXmt inL~ marriage o[tlm ir daugh- ter. Haleigh Nichole. to Ryan Dean Waugh. Ryan is the ~m of Gerry Waugh. Mankam. and 1he late Lorie Waugh. Hah:igll is a graduate of R K'k Hill, High Schist. She attended Washburn University and graduated front Salina Technical College. She is employed by Gil Spu' hl, DDS, Bc Ioit and Downy. Ryan ~rad~tated From R~'k Hilh High School and Saline IechnicM College. He is employed by F~m'~way Co-op. Beloit. The c~mple will exchange vu~s in rural Mankalo on Sept. 24. Agency IDs 21 MIA Americans in the past two weeks The ~arch h~r ua~-counted POW- MJA Americans starts with in-6eplh research by l~'fert~ Pri.~mer of War- .M~-. i n g |ii Act itm Ac'~ountin~ Age,v.:y c |)i'A ~. ~ hi*,tt)rian~, and analys~s. ('qten ~lte ~e;Lrcil ft~r a iui~.~in~ per- ",O11 ili~.t,lx,Js cuEh:cting iIfformatio,~ Ire m t>tttsidL" n.~. earchcr~, arch i yes. and ~'t~'ord depusitoties in ~th the U.S- and in foreign natfion~ Veterans. hism- r~a.zs. I~a vutc c tritons, fi.~reig,~ wimes~es U] the e~,clril~ [illd I:a nllltes t,f Ihe nlis.~- *li~ al~o roL,th,el) pr,~ ide Pi1n~lati.n c.rli'h:,ll h~ l-ca Lll~'.tl Ir llli~,Mn~ r&~l~,tln. ILt*l E{t.'~L',[| u [K'i", c~lllpI]C IhN i~'lfOl I|'i;I- ll~i= Lrlht ,l ~.'a~c fik- f.r ,:ach mb~,my Indl ~. ,du, J i hi', ;ine tile i,wlude~ Jli',- ~lld ]x'r,olt;lh:[ 13CCt~,D,]~. tLnit hi~,lu~ ~ , ytapl~ and olher ,-'sid*.'ne*.'. lhi, We will be closed ALL DAY Saturday, Sept. 3 BOB'S INN AND Mankato, Ken. HUNT BROTHERS PIZZA 785-37B-3201 We will not be open Monday, S pt. 5 for Labor Dmy Please have a safe and enloyab/e hohday! central National Bank ~] "i II Interested in becoming an MT? Them will be an upcoming EMT class October-March Classes will be held two night a week from $ to 10 p.m. with an occasional all day Saturday tmssion also An lntonmlkm meeting will be I'~ld Wednesday, Aug 31 at 7 p.m. 510 E North ST. Msnkato, Kans, (Jewefl County EMS Office) If interested, please attend the meeting or contact Yincenl with any questions at 785-378.-3,069 Registration deadline is Monday, Sept. 12 grtmndwork lays the t'oun~aiiun tn determine po~ible sites where miss- inn Americans may be located. DPAA re ~archers then analyze all available information to form 1he next steps to be taken in advancing a par- ticular case to a t~semch conclusion, a d/sintt~'ment of unknown remains, or further work in a field setting. Fox" those cases that reqaim follow UD in the field. DPAA assigns and depI0ys investigation teams to inter- view wimesses and ~m'vey potential recovery sites so that recover teams have the most up-to-Oale in,emotion. F.a~h in ~e.stigation team consists of four to nine people, inclading a team leader, analyse linguisl, communica- tion t chniei~ and medic, In some instances, a forensic ant ffmpolcgist or archaeologist, and ex plosive ordn ante disposal l~hnician.a f~mnsie photog- rapher, and/ors life support technician may augmem the team. The analysis and iavestigmion sec- tionsals~provide hislodcaI analysis to help with the identification of t~='ov- ered remains. At any [iv~n time them are more tha~ l,flO0 active ea.~s under a~lys is In the last two weeks tke DPAA has identified 21 Americans who had been missing in action. One from "J',e Viet- nam War+ three from the Korean War and 17 from World War It. 4-H News The Mankato Eager Beaver 4.H Club met Sunday at the Mankate City Park. This model meeting was led by presiding officer. Taneile Peroutek. Hannah and Bethany Simmelink open ~d the meet lug with the flag salute and4-H pledge. Rofl call w~ answeced with "What is yt~ar I'avurite ht~akf,~st ft~d'Y" by 12 members, three leaders, eight parents and two g,~ests. The leaders d'mn kw.I c ve~'one for a great 2016 *.'~mnty fair i~l]tt I'h >s who i~ni ipated arm t(~k pr,jects and rih- h,t+ns to the Long Tern', Care to share with tile residents. Emily Cox wil$ ~Oillg to allend nat,real 4-H ,2(ml't r. en*.x' in Al]anBi, (ia in Noveml~r. l'~:~e i le tk'rtmtek g a ve a Parlia mca- Iu-D re~rl al'~u.t ho~ many ways )r<~L.~ caq ,hake a m-tion l'akc Spi~el gave a ~r ~.~.1 ~,ht~p salel~ I~lk. Wh~Ik, y I:ro~,L d~fll,L',l'iMralt'd how Lo [rl,ak,L' u r~ml beer th~at. Hannait Shnme[ink lalked about her c'ruchel pr'oj~%rl ~,tle IO~.~ k tO t he t'a ir, Ahbcy ~ hluiller ~n~ "'M ~ Paddle Keen and Bright." FollowinL~ tilt' meet- Jn~ Wax a ~lt[ttt.'k % all Ilte ~'~lre,ql~. Veterans to receive free flu shots at several pharmacies From now thn~gh March 3 I. all veteransenmlled in the VA h~ealth care system *.'an ~'ceeiv,: fr~ flu shots at any W sl~roe as,r D uatxe Rode pkamzaey. The joint outreach health initiative is desifned to help .~er.ve ~ clel"ans *.'loser Io whuw II~)' reside. Veterans m~si bring their VA idea. tification cards with them. as well as another photo ID, and coniplete ashen four queslion application, which will bc used to attmma, ically update their VA electronic health records, No art- ixfintnlents ar~ nec-t:s~ I would Jevoa Longer {center)was crowned the 201E Miss Oregon Tratil Rodeo in Haslings ~eeenliy. She is pictu~l Lindsey Hinrichs (left) - ~O15 Miss Oregon Trail Rodeo and Emily Taylor, 2016 Miss Rodeo Nebmsk& (right). Retired optometrist converts ranch into activities center B~," Run Wilson W .~1 oFAIma a few miles is a ~em: not a IRera IjeweL hut a beautifu [ place. h is a historic farmmead with t'ahut=ms buildings which have been paii~slak- ingl y restore0 attd repUtlX ~.~ed. and no, are open to the public tbr h~gME and eve,its. Veme and Manlyn Claus-sen are ownersofanewly opened t'~ d ily tailed Mitl Creek Lodge at Volland Point. This is cn a ~nch which belonged k~ Veme's paretttn, Verne ~cnt m K- State and then HoLtstOi$ College of Optonlelry. I~ o]ning an eye d ~'tor. After a feHuwship at Yale. he came hack to Kan.',as and ~'q.l~2hl ant~ther place near ALma. He ~tved a~, an t~p. tomctrist in the regkm for 43 )'t .ar~, before r~titinL~. Meanwhile. he v,'a~ pn/zllng over ~hat Io do with his parcels' tartzt "I h~s pIacehasa nch hismD. J.R. f:l~. and hls wife, Reht:c*.'u. home~teaderJ the piece ,n 18fi~ after Fi~ had ~er~ed m Ihc ('~ il War. "[he ctutJple [|ac~ t311r~ ~OIZ ~,~ ~'Lc~ |hod nt il'dUnc~. lheu the} hat1 a daughter. and then anot|u:r dau~2hter, i~11d then another and anoli~er All zokl. there were elghl daughters htwn t, the Fix Iam~ly Thi,~ nleanl Ih v necek~l a .~pacJt~.mn place to live. "I'l~ey als,~ t~cdcd a ;large b~.nl tO hou>;e 1he workhor~cx itccd,t,'*J f<~r the t,lnnnng, plm a #ace Cot eh*." farmh,;.mb, to live.-ilia Fix family cx. ri~it l .~ Ih ~l~itdin~ I hrouglt! he )ears. "[he place remains a ~o~ing lallch. no~- kJtov.n as Ihc ('[aBSS l!~ Ranvh. But what al~ut the hLiikiirlg~. (in the t'ar~te;td',' By 201 ;I. the hat, ~t'a~. no k~nE:e~ suitabl,: forrx~ryda.v f,r,tl u~e. lnr e ~,ai11pl . 'I wantL',d tu ntake it ,n~o nmllclllln~ ~ hL'~e p~ople could L't~liZe UILI and el~,- j~y Ihe rmal Iit'eszyle.'" Veme ~akl. |te I{~lk o. a v,'tn%tlerl'lfl B."~lO~,nltll) tll' lilt" house and huildings st} as to creut,: a plac~ the hxlgin~, meetingn and ~pt:- cial events. "1 hat wa ~ 1he I~'~lnnltl~ t>l Mill Creek [.xKlge at Volland Palm. The gmupinL~ uf hLmilding,~ has I'w en designated a historic dialect by the Nal~m:l[ Regis~cr of Historic Places. Thank You like to thank everyone for the Since J.R. Fix a~d hi wife h,'td all those daughters, eac h daughter needed a bedn.~m ~ the Fix fanlily built a maje~li ihrqc-stood ]lalianate home. q'he house was i~ real food shaFm-~ Veme ~aid. In 2(11.5. Veme ~smrcd the house wilh healing, air conditkming and modem plunlhint~ and elecrncily. He also brought in perkvJ chandelier~ and anliq0 ftilgllli%Ufe. Vernc named, each line ol-the guest R~on] s for the da u ghler who li~ed there. Su. ~tleSl~-gait. ~,tay in the Pearl I~,dnmm or the Mabel hed- rtxHl|, lb~ example. There is uo OHuht ah, mt which r~=m is whEch -- tho.~ tw. daugh] rs actua[t~ carved their Bame~ ntto the w't~ ll.tx~r. "]he nearby t~nent htm~ fi~r Ihe I'isrnlhamis ~ ax restored and expanded ah, c Th 'n came the baru. which re- eeixt~ a trial makeover. The exterior h~ok '~a~ largely p~e.~rved, but win- d~+~s, h~al and at; condilioniag, Waler and hallm~nns were installed. --Ihc barn had N.x,n hi, ill lit tP,'t~ phanc~.'" Vente ',aid. "'The lirst part ~a, to hold the h~,r~es, hay and waS- t,I1% and the '~t'co|ld paFI v.as a corn :rib t ~ the ~,t e';t." V cl-I+~ rcnlelnb ~s ~ttLLmg hay m Ihls banl as a child Now Ihe ham ]tan be* 'n c|~.tP,er~ed inlo a th~ar- OLt~ltl) i'Hodern bUl rtlSliC-It~;~king ntL',~t i, L~ ;flea ~ ith ntuhipte rempmm~s. The Ila) IoR aTCa can hold up to 250 IX, npk" a,~tl the ht~r-~e stall area call hold am~ther I{X I "['he noah side of the td.d corn crib i~ How a receiving kit llen Ibr k-ii'~ere~, and lhe ~,tW[l~]l side ix a bwlk- t~nl c. A ,~priltg-Ivtl~ hand-dr,L2 v,cll ~.s inside a ca~ c IIL'ai'~y, Mill ('~eek I ~lee at Volland POnll famil~ re=.lT~i~n', and huntiu~: in ~ea- ~m. (;p ;o 29 IX'~plc ca. stay ihcrc nv~migi~t. "l'iz iod~c i~ h~:aied 7 l~ miles wesl of the rtzral c,=znr~nniLy of Alma. populalion 78.5 I-~p'~e. Rncp W//.~m i.~' dirt'('tor ~]f lhc thr 'l~ t l~oyd P, oti~m.l [ ~.~lfrrrt . lr~r Ret?t*t i)v. Ve'~o,t:r,'lrf$tt at Ka#K~-a~ .~l(Zll[" U!th-vr~ir~ S5 carry out Th, umday, Seplembor 1, 2016 II Jewell ro ,o l,o,d . ! Las~ Tuesday Rac'he:~ arm Karma Cmu~ h~]d their nv.mthly parly al the Scoop wilh a back Iv ~hool theme, Ttmse altend lag Iold where they slatted Io w.'~01 and oUmr tolerating fu*.'(s aboutstarting teach, in. Some brougkl pictures and one woman brought a Mouse that she had emh~'oid while in [he sev~lh grade. D~)ris St,i th is a palicnl in Ihe Jewcl l County Hty~pilal ul Mankam. Miola Griffcth und Sharon "rullar rr~l with their camping group on Fri- day, Rachel and Kem~a Crou~ left Sat- urday to attcw,:l a ca mp in New M~:x ice. Dan Dani ls is reculx'ruting after surgery on Thursday. On Friday wan1 wus n0ceivcd t>f lhe death of Dick Hunter. 88. of Colx" Canaveral. Fla. Dick graduat*.'d w,lh the Class of 1946 from Jcwcll Rt!ral High ~'h~ol. On Ttmr.~ay 13 of the "l~d Hot Jewells"weni to Norton. Sonic Ixmrd*.xl LheSalalon Va~My Bu-~ ai:td ntlvets went hy IX:rsoqal ','ehk4cs. They ale lunch at the Dcst inalion Kitchen and Inter tot,~ [he We l]ic Ctnl~tnllaS al~ the Wc Bc i{alIt~-wL~.n warel~n.~' owned by Ncii Willmelh. Cindy "rraump and'l-hchna Shclton planned the ,nonthIF Irip. AI this time Ihe plans for Seplemher oBI- ing arc im.xmlplele. Saturday Ihe Jcwcll [.ihrary sl~nt- ~:t)l~d ~"l|ax~l Quilt I1~.111 in~.'" Wot~vn tlnill blt~'k.~ were painted and will I~" I1)U-I,/.lltewJ Oil a ban1 [1~ olher Itnihhng. All Heritage Park displays 'classic' farm equipment By Ron Wilson "Herilage.'" ]t'.~ defin~ as "~hv Ira. ditions, achieveme his. belief.s. t,that am pat1 Of the history u[ a ~ro!.lp ,~I tmtitm " Here'~ a fann family celL'brat- in~ the histuP:" of agriculture b~ d~'~, pla) inn them equlpme.lt thai ha Ix'c. nsed tllrough the decades. Haze] Zimmerm~ is ~o-fimndcr of Ag t4er i- lane Park which di~play~ gene~alion, in" fatal equipment Hazel grew up ,m a Ianl~ near Aha Vi,~ta, She met and nlamcd Everell who @few up on a nearby t'an~- "[lzey fanned toge/her and rai~'d theee chib dren:Connie.Catvin arm Kirby Calvin and Kirby fam~ nearby', and C~mn,e lives near OIsl~trg. E ~erett ~mi-retin.vJ in 1'495 At 1'~ a~,tCLhms, he nol~' d fi~at some td the oid~l equipment ~.a~ |~.'in~ ~oid for junk. He ~aw h!~tOl Ic" hor~.-dr~wn equipmcnl, fH*' example, which was being .~dd ~.imply t-oi ~lvage. Everett and Hazel realized Ihal such equiplnenl was a part of lhe legacy oi agri.culture. They mcogn Wed th at ~t!ch hi.~ory could he h=sl if no et'fbrl ~a~, mat~ Io capInl'e and I~cwr~ c it. ,~k E~,er~n und t{a~ct -1ailed ~ol THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3B ] cling classic farm equipment. Of course, they Wmqlcd to share it with otl'mt~. '+We were teymg IO firMa ptace to pul it," Hazel said. In 1999. Everett and H~el bought four acres on the ~uth ~i6e of ARe Vista, a rural t~m- mumty of 434people, They buillbuild- Jngs. mow in equipment and pre- pared to display it. On Oct, 3. 1999, Everetl's birthday. they opened Ag Heritsg~ Park in Alia Visla. "me pmlxx-~ of Ag Heritage Park is to pre~r-,'e Lhe Eistory of old farm cq,qpment and rural lifestyles, it has been described as "the ullimate collection of memorahiiia commemo- raling all life in rural America." Muck of the col~ctian is found it, two la~e museum buildingx, s~trrounded by many more pieces of equipmenl. Ad- ditional period b~ildings h~ve al,~ [~ n brought in. The c'o]]ection expandoJ through the years. Everett died in 201 O, haL his work is being carried on hy Hazel and tD.e olhcr family memher~ whn r~nte on the board~ The Council Grove Area Foundalion has provided suplx~nive ~ranlS. Sl~mSors ate ~'L'-cognized with signs on the ler=ee. At2 Herila e Pal k is a nt'mrprotit 5()1(c)3 orL~ani?atzoq whirh depend.~ on donalions fi~r Ol'~r- alinE sltp[x~Fl. Atlmi~,~i=m 1- Ag Heritage PJrk i~ ['~" volk~.n(al), dtH~.a/ion. The park i~ t J.r~fl hy app.Oinlmenl. [he enn.l|lCc sign lists three phone !tumh.~t ~ E,~e ~.~r~- ons ['al]D]y n]enltl*.-'r~, ',~ ti~ L ~. Lthnl I!.]]1!: ~fl .~, C~n I~. '11 Ihc p:irk tot' ~ P.ilor'~ ('/it tile lhird SatLJIXla~ ffl .%pr,1. the palk I'~t~ls Sprin~: ('rank I'p ~ |,~ file hq,~h S;~lurday nl XL'vtL'u,}~t. lhc p,k h,*.l~ sr~cial c~, itl~. nL~.'ollBJli~. ItLq~ % ilh ,X,l!d Vista',', Old ,% 'ttler~ l)a? Ag H,:rfl~q2,: ~ r k h',d utc. l~ur Ir~-d. of pi~.'~.'~. ~ ot [,Ur~| i.'ql|li~tl1 r0 11'.d h,L.- hr.'ell tDd.~t] Ilu',~t4~]i t[1~' d ~ adL'~ :,l~ Itltl I1'~ a I,!11 lille o[ ht~]-.v dl,l~.~ I1 ,qtlH- n'lelll mid ',Oit1 ~I 1]i 1" II '.d 1"!,t~ l,r. dt]LL ptdlqYl~ ~:i~'l]l|bil~L~'* [hat ~x i,leJ I~'~ ~I~" ~elt - prol-~'lled c,m~b|!~'-, r~w uir H,v N .'arl.~ F~!) ll',l~.'liff". ,ll&.- |I|| [h'L" "I t~ll!l.~l-~. ti~.e -~!1', ~.r,|ihl ['~.' ]q.l ,:d ,u~ k'.J,~l~. pl,r 't"&.' ~."~ ~'t]Hlp|n :lfl ~,n1~.' -].';111 i~:i|~ 'welt- nla d,k." "]'llcrc a.: I~, h~ ch,d,l :',I, ,p, ,~eil ,is qdd-hil|e e[ !lic~fl'. 114'ili -~tk h k'lephonc c x~li,tl)~V~. ,i qL I 11 lq '[.L" .'% [ ~& |>B the ~:rou|P-]~ arc J ~]|t- I~.WH '.~. It ];- h('llLl.'d~, 115~ LLi~ln, l",tO-l~,~lIIl~, ttL|U~, chicke, I~u ~t'. hlack~nulh -h~p. lxtm. and ct~r~ crib and l~mna~ Ir~!~! IIw 18~5 era, Hazel's 6au~hter. ('onnlc 1.ax',~!l, i~; a leader in 1he ham qui~.t !l~vemem m Kansa ~. Three ham quilts a~ dis- Pl.~yed on huilding~ at the park. Schoolclasses and 4-H ~ro,ps have visited the [')ark aS well as guesl~ fr~m all over. |1 is especiully ~,warding lO Hazel when .hler pe,~p~e wix~ kn.w lhb, equipn'~ent COllte tO Ihe rmrk alld ~ha~e 1his hi tory with their children and grandchildren. "'You ~c'e Iho~e ~ dtk~ f eiia~ iighl upv:hen Ihc) '~c th!~ VClU,P- nltt'nt,-" HB/ I sate]. Thanks to all, who hcltx.d us cclcbmw our 7Olh ~ eddil~.~ anniversary with card~, telephon0 call mc~sage on thu compLtter, or telling us in person. We al.~o wanl to thank oLtr Family ft~r planning a day of ceJebrathm For us. I lake every card to the Hospilal Long Term Cit]'~1 in Beloil, read il LO Har-ld. and alloy, him who sent il He .~eems to acknowledge il at the time. God has Ix.-en gotxi 1~) tlh, and May God hlcss all of you! llarold and Neva Shoemaker cards and best wishes since my retirement from the State Exchange Bank. I am going to miss yell. Twana K. Seirer Jewell County Conservation District Field Day Tour The Jewefl Counly Conservation Dislricl alor0 w~lh NRCS will hosling a Field Day Tour, Thursday, Sept 8 at 1 p.m. This ~:~'willbean opporlunay Iomeel lhenew NRCS DisMctC0nservalionist and to view c0nseh-ali~n practices k3~aled on 5 sites operate~ by individual DisPel Board Members. The conse~afi0n prances include pipeline, so~ar pump, tiveslock waEering Cecilia, covet cr01~, cross fe~d~g, presc~d grazing Followi~ Ihe toura meal will be served at I~e Mankato C0mmunE~ Center, RSVP by' Fdday, Sepl 2. Call 76S-37tI-3~! xt33. or email m0nte.imler@lts.na~Lnet or slop by the USDA Se~ce Center in Mankato for an agenda, Don't MISS THE DEADLINE f(o/--, for the MankatoCommunity %, j :] Wide Garage Sales in cor, junction with HIGHWAY 36 TREASURE HUNT Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 16, 17 and 18 Contact the Jewell County Rect)rd to advertise your sa]c and be part uf the City Map and Sate listings. We wil| give you a yard stake and a 40 word de,~ription [or an $8 fee. Additional words are 15 cents each, All saLe listings must be received by the Jewel] County Record office by Friday, Sepl 9, Ads paid as they are placed. Honoring Our Country "t Superiora Hardware ~!250 N Central Ave Superior, Neb. * 402-879-41 t9 will be CLOSED Sunday, Sept. 4 and Monday, Sept. 5 t so our employees can enjoy the ho/iday : with [amily and friend Thank yot~ Io all incJividuals, businesses and families who mane the UTE Theatre Ice Cream Social and Benefit a success again this year. A special ~hank you goes to the following for making the event pOSSLble' Anna Stanley Aubrey DBvis Bobs Inn Buffalo R0sm Carol Wakefield Cassia Wagoner Cenvai Nationel BBnk City 0f Mankato Darrell Miller Deanna and ~k)b Fm~man D0n f~3es~er Don Snyeer Dr, 81ee~ Dr, ~cMeen Drew Beam Elaine Lip~ld Farm Bureau Insurance Farmway Cred[I Union Fa~ Lange FloraL Stu(]io 119 Fred Eiler~ H~dr and M~'e Haley Thompsort Hidden Treasures Hemetewn Spidts I1~ Ne~s0n Irene Brainan~ Jennie Blair Jessica Shulda Jewell County Cinem~ Inc. Jewdl County Historical Society Jewell County Record Jv McCammon Joan Ost J~n Bn~ Judy Bi~ghan~ Judy 0unn Judy Ost ~lhy Tucker Ken's Body Works Kenny and Marilyn Lynch Kier's Thr~ftway Klos Kre~50ns (Chris and Jill Klos) KhMin, Er~in Sam, Jake Aaron and AIIJson Underwood Sue Wal~on Laurie Neilson Limestone ValIW Garden Center IJoyd's Sinctair LorrsLne Simon Luke BroecktdmaFt Mac's Q~rick Slop Malcolm R~g Service Mankmo Auto Parts Mankato Chamber Mankato Lumber Mankato PIt~mbin~ and Appliance Mankat0 Professior~l ~am~acy Mankato Volunteer Firemen Melby Molusry Nancy Spiegel National Farmer's Un,o~ insurance Noah Daniels Ost Furniture and Cabinetry Pare. E~rork Baylie and Kam~an Dunstan Phyllis Chn~tie Possibilities Rock Hills Booster Oub Rock Hills junior-Senior High School Rolling I-hlJs Ele~nc Sara Grout Sam Rei~r Sarah Ortman 51~te Exc~aflge BBnk Susan Diehl Tessie Bar,he,mew Thadd Hinlde T06d and Li~a Go~ad Tony's Badoer Shop T0ri Jaoobs Tracts ~nd Srooke C~l~-ay Van a~ Ph#is Smith V~a Roe V- ,~oenbenger Vonda Wakefield We[liner Ph~lil~ Law Office Willie amd Sharon Beddey .