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September 1, 2016     Jewell County Record
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September 1, 2016

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Price 50 Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 35 USPS, NO. 274-940 Thursday, September 1, 2016 Mankato Council votes to terminate city administrator The Mankato City Ctluncil met in special session last Monday wilh Ibur members pr ~nt. Council meraher John Tyler was absem. During the meeXillg a me:tin| was p~x~ed by a vine of 4-(1 to terminale Ihe ernploy|t~eUl t~l' 'font Roane ~,ith file City of Mankato. The council thanked Roane [or his elfiwts tu ~,'~rk v,nth theai in making Mankaro a holler plaee to live and wished him all the besl going fnrwanl. The next regular meeting of the Mankato City Cmmcil will be held Tuesday. Filling the city adn .ni.~trator position created by the termination of Roane will be diseusse,J. Local weather H~gk and low Icrnp~ratur~ Aug. 21 76 52 Atng. 22 80 50 Aug. 23 88 60 Ann. 24 90 68 Aug. 25 75 58 Aug, 26 78 6(1 Aug. 27 73 60 Betty Becket, weather n~.~er~r for Mankato. reported 1.33 elf pre ipita- tmn fi=r the v,eek. Ken Gar~t. ~,- ather ~b~erver for Jewell. rely>ned 1 97 of precipitatitln for the wq.:k. Board approves proclamation for Mental Health Recovery Month lowell Cuunty Board met Mnnd.ay the opera|ikms training nlectlng 1.n L,k'- Dwight Fmxl ~ui6 he attended the with eumniissioners Steve Greene. tuber, He said they witl s~an digging Nt~rthCeatral Regkmal Planning meet. Dwighe l:r,st and Mark Fleming the new pk i~a a ca|pie months, inn at Minnealx*tis. pre~ent. Carh Waugh, county clerk. Anna Standley plans to attend the Mark Fleming said he has ~,en. was al~ present. KOCA conference in September. She assisting with 1he Dane HallxC~ ~ral~.l Minutesvl'theA~g.22 ountyctrnrt- will also attend the Noah Ccl~tra| Di~- application. nli~skmerx meeting were appUXlVe(t, tncl Tegi~ter ~,f deed fall meeting in Steve Greenesaid the ~.~lnlnli.~.~[tm- The tbllowing were present for al'- Cha~e Cotnaty. ors cam,'as~d ~h~.' bathrI~ t'nmI Ih Au- rice hea4 meeling: J~l Elkins. get,oral Angola Murray said Ihcy have been ~zw, t l~-ima~ and ftmnd nu cl~anges, , slnperinlendertt: Travis Garst, solid, busyu ithimmunizatit~.Mtlt~y~td passedlhecountybud~etat~dattended wastedirector.'ShannonMe[er, ambu- theyv i~Ibeattendi~tgthen,ationalWlC the multi-county meeting al Osl~rne -lancedirec~onAnn;~Standley,re~.i~ler exlnl-erence next week ,and she will Colnntylast~eck,Gn.'vneallendedthe ofdeeds:An~ehMurray, heahhnurse; have ntnmert~us nlt.',etings in Seplem- JevenileD |entionCetltcrl~leelingal~d I~m Iacoh .~heriff; GaB Bartley, nox- bee, will attend the hospitat ~*ard meeting ides weed direclor, emergency pro- Shannon Meiersaidthedeparumeat this week. This coacludt.M the vffice paredne.~ direr'mr and 911 coordina- ha.sstarled with fimtball standby. Meier he~ nm.'etin~z. tor. Tile followinlg were absent: Chris is working with principal Saul Meyers Don ~acobs. sheriff, di~ussed on- Peter. custodtaR: Matilda Becket. IoprovideCPRtraining for stlndenl~ in orations and pectin|el. deputy cotmly appraiver: .l'enae Ryan, the 6th through 12th grade. Mel Brt)wn.Pawncv Memal Health district cxtmision agent: and Brenda I~m lacohs ~,aid he ha~, trainir~g in Bvard,lladapr~lamatiou for Septem- Eakias, treasurer, Seplelnber. He di~lnssed teslinlg the beras MemalHealth Re~.xwerv Monlh. Gaik Bardey plan ; to .~ttend file alarm system. Tileconnmi,~si~ncr~apprt~vcdtheprN - emergency manager ton ferencc Sept, Carla Watngh said ~b,;tl she hits b~.%.n l u m at ion. 13-15. He said the new 91 ! system is re kving compleled Budget v, ork- Joel Elkins.genera].~upcrmtendcnt. inslalled and, trainin~ has been corn- ir~g on special ~ax and prepar=ng fi,r re~,ed nn rt~ad an,3 bridge nlainte- p[eletl, the November general e'[n ~'lin;l|l, (.'arl~ Ililnce ~n'qd tlisr~tss~.~.l per~,nueL Tile l~mlElkinssaidtheyarebusypatch- provided information erlt Oplktilz,d ct,luln,~nor~'r,rel~lnedroadconcerns. inn washed out rtu.'k, halnling reck and Group Life [n.~uranlce'~ opett enroll- Da.rrel] Mnlle~,ct~unty atln~ey, dis. workingon lobes, tttentasSeptember ist~pr|lcn~rolln~ertl ct~ -tl Ihe Ins s~le ~k~;,t ,a,~.s Ineld ]a~t 'rravixGar~t said he plait| toattend tr~mth. ~,eck. 'Home on the Range' cabin is subject of new television movie public auction Au~. 16 HiLII.~n A~.lCtLon ;and Rg- ahv. Flelnil. held a public anclkm at By Kerma Cvouse The t nay '[ tome on the rang~e"ca hi n m,rlh ,1 Atllol is making a mark in Ille ~,~rttl ,ff lilnn. Btfilt in 1~72 b> Dr Bre W,le; Higfe). nl was his home w-hc|l hc poniard the peril. "'The W~:~ten~ Htm~e.'" "l'hal ~|ll became the fann{t- tar ti~Ik .~lng. "Home un the Range." Thai dk .~mg i~ the xubjecl of a |~.c ~ 51 ) nti.nul ~!.la;Ic- fi~r-TV film. ttte prqlc~-t in d{rc lr,:d, by Ken'= ~pL~rge,tl t'II:l|illl.~ h~'Kin.ih] I'~ c,:npleted a,~ otttnn, "ntl'i'Jin ';LI [~'tt. ~tCll,L' t~.[ Ihe Iilnnin~ w.n~, [tl I~L" I~.~'L l'klr. '.Lt'[ti.~,l'k ,l'[ 'L]I.L" ."rlikiIt| ('~qt~lll'~ cabin. I*renll,L, re:, ot Ilia tllm ;.tre',uhc, L ided. in Snlilh C 'nler. Ka ~.~u' r-.'rt) and Wiehila in N.cn Clllber. The cabin in ~>n Ihe Natiol~ul H|, klrlc Register. ]t is o~ncd and n):tn- aged b'~ the Porkpies Heaull',nnd Tru, t. which recei~'ed tile pr~T~rty I ro|n the Ellen Rn~.~f l.iving 'lYtnst. Mapr re~In. ration id' the Cabnit ~; tx iltUn;ntL~ inl 2111 I and tqllpleted. Lrl .20]3. "lhe ril- l-oft was Iialded b v i|~dividtn:th, con.=- panics and charities. One fin4~ the cabin by traveling the HoI|IC Oil Ihe Range Memorial High- way, kmlwn t~ area residents as Kan- sa~, Hi.gltway 8, hut given the sp~'ml du ignation in 2015 by the Ka|isa I.eginla~r .', Driving eight miles n~lrth t-r, lm Athol im the hi1~llwa>' and then one mile west r~n a gravel road will take you to Ihe small parking area beside the cabin. The cabin is furnished v,t~h replica~, ~,f I~ntit nru of the s(~rt hacllelnr Hi~le) n|iMit Ii~,ve tl,~a.~d as he pnwed un at 7Ill E. Mail~. S~ltl were L~ts 'rl'=n ,t,and Ftmr ~n Block |:ifty. in ur~giua[ to ~,nl~iue {frUity of lowell Cil). Peolx'ny I(y,'ated at log Amity. Sold Lol~, Five ate4 ,qix and Ihe v,'~t half of I.l~i i:i~ur inl lSEoek Fifty, original town- site of Jewell ity. Pr, lperty t~ 'ated at Main and Am- ily- t tn q'cn. Fleven anti Twelve in Bh~k Ft~ny Scvenl, uriginal to~'llnite of Jewell City. All three propeulies s,uld Iogether as tree nnil t~l Ihe h~ghest bidder. Warren Heinlen. Kansas cattle on feed up 9 percent The Natitata] Agrit'tnluiral Static- tics Service recently releas-~ t the rid- It+wing n nt,rnla't h'm. Kan~a,~ fi.'edh~tn wilh capacitie~ of [,IH~O nr nlu~w head+ ctlnltahned =.2 11 Ullilh.tm vault t~t lt 't'd Aug I. nip ~]i~].e I~rccnt Jlonl] lar, t )ear. Plaql ee at the Home on 1he F;ange Cabin. I The "qatch string is always out* on Ihe Home on Ihe Range Cabin This is Ihe ~atch s|ring. Because il is out someone on Ihe outside can puJI it lhus pullin9 t~e wooden board up and out of ~,he latch on I~ae inside and gain entry into Ihe cabin, 11 nhe lalch siring is not oul, those on the outside can't open 1he door ar~5 gel in the cabin, Jessica S~blda Shelby Callaway Rock Hills welcomes new faces, as well as old faces in new roles Several teaclletS al R~.'k Hi]], ~ill be in different r~le~, thi~ ~;ht~l > ~r- W l ~ll~||ng s~mk'rlI~ it:l a diflL'rent ro11. Ih.J~, vean is Jes,inca .%hulda. vt ho will b ' teTd.chnng thnrd a.nd h~u~h ~r,ndc readin[:. ~l-iill~.~ d[:l~ n|l.|k[~ ",k~]l',- Jc' ica has h n a t,llllll]aZ Iac-c in the Ilall~ ~t Rt~k Hlff. | lemenntan I~t" the pasl eigttl .~ uar~ a~, 4he ~,~rkt'~i a', a special educatioti te~tcher Ihu~+ugh U St) No. 273. "flus in the I~e~nmnng Itrr J,'.~,ica IO be cn]:lpli~,yt'q.t b~, Rtxk J4il]x cxchisively. 3essiea gre~ I|p on a t;n~n armnnd Athol and ~r:tdn;itcd n.lm W .'M Suliih County High Sci~ntd inz Kenr, intghm. Her c~rllege edncathm Ila~ heel~ will.= 14~rt Hays, State Uni~ersit) where .she earn.led, a hachek~r" s degree in elemenl- tary educalion wL~h early childlt~rl endorsen~enlt. She als~ received ma~ler+s (k-grt~ tnlmll |:HSU in spe- cial educatkon and c~mn~l inn. ]essica has been a leach fi~r 15 year~ total. Bethrecoming It+ Manlkato she taught for five years al Renll C~mnt y Head Start, four year~ as |t-risk par~. educator at Phinville: one year Title I at Linc<~Ln. "'All ch|ldr~'n ar,: capable ,t le;.t/n- ing, we j,a~t ha~e t ', lind tln ke~ .- :,atd Je ~,ic a. J ~sica and, h~z~bu|id. Brla|=. In~c onhide Mankah~ ,xlth Ihrll d~,u~tnteP [=,reckon, Keiran antd [-nlels n Sarah Wame in IlIe ile~x 4T]| ~:T,uLc Ilti', ~ 'li~t,| year- Sarah grew |lp .tt MLmden g[:~tlk~- :|~ed fnml Belleville High Schwa|4 ,~nd [hen 'g,cnl IN Eml'~ria State Url~ t'~n[) graduating with a bachch+rn dcprcc int elenlenla~' t~tntatncm ~inh a Fnnddl .~h[ml iI~ath t~[|dor~.'znent. S[~4 ' al,t~ holds a ma tcr's degrce m ttmituhan and in.st ruction. Sarah I:|ugllt 51h ~crz~tle m~i~h Iol the Hugoltm Scll~+l I)i~tn~t h~T nhtcc ~ rats arid 11~1 41il grade al Rel~tlh] LC ('Otnlty High School inl Belle~il[e ti,~r the nexn Ihree years belhr c~+Ul~ing t~t R~.~'k Hill~ [0r this ~ell,ol year "1'hi excited k.= he a pan of |he u'ommnnity and teach here inl town." said Sarah. Sarah i~ |1an-tell hy ('lian,c Wanie ~nd thcv have a~t ] I |~h,llth old .t 'hi].tl n:inl]ed Graytiy. .KheLIL~ {'.tll,l~,|~ ~nll Ix'nllc,pv |al I- cmphL~ d b~, {:SI) N~. 2"~3. Itelon. ,nrl~I ~ dl t' " I|i tJzc Xlal|kat, I:lellle|thi~ ~tlV ~l.l.-~A it~ Ill Tt~." ~&C~LLll~.ciand J[C,I azl.tL }.'[,LdLJ,~IL'.LL IHqH RkllLk {'i'lk'~.'k mh~,h .~ lni~t,I Io .~tcd lI.L'.i| T,t|nh,tltan. S]'~ - [ta, Ina~.L ",r '", 1" Xl tln~r~ H1 her ]de Jr1 1he I.;1~1 e~ ehl r~lol~.l]| ~ht . 'r~6tl.m.' L hn|l| ~-'il"~[lhL~[ll I ']|I%L'I~L]~, II] ~)t%,12111, t~.'r. [n ~'ct~ it?. t~-~-,~mc Clui~L,?cd ,n H.ck,Lf ;it ~]lc ~%.ii't'l I n,l| n' C I .c,[l|hITl~ ~'en- ter. Thi, fall I' hut Inr~T te,l, hnlt~ ~e,- %i~l~.lllell'k, ~t!.~ ;t[',L~ 'O, #>, ln.~l~Icn, I JLJI~4." 4. IO htlXh;uutd, [{r;lltdu.ut. "l'h (all,n~:L~~, are pn,'xcml.~, li~ Llnp in P, ehm. "'What ilJ laL['.q. )h II1) d.~|rltll~, whal J( yl~tJ fl~ '" i', a qtl, ne It'~ll~, |.ll|ily r)i,l.'k~ n% ei~:il Sh [h~. liken. An Ihe pr ~,L'ltl lime. Shcllw i,~ wt+rk- in~ C.i$ her nta~ter'n de~fL"e it] .~l'~ ia!. edlle;itRH1 [roln |;t~,n H;|y~ State Ull[- verxily. ""l'hrt}~h Iaih, ru-, 'we cat; learlt Io ~,~sar "J ltn~u#h t~uea[it)n.= tryitl[z Mn?le- tiitlr~S &l-entl"l "work b'tlt we l~.'-lnl it~ h '-'lrn p,h;ll v,4 t'~ln q.]t~. Im veO' exulted hi ]%, ]lqr.n,%'" r.4ild Si~ lhy -I,~z Lasl Tuesday, Don Jacobs, Jewe[I County sheriff, arid Kim Ost, undersh- ehtf, greeted ihe Rock Hills Elementary sludents on Iheir first day I~ack to school The otlncem prose|to0 each student with pencils in red and black schoor co~ors. The pholo sh~ws Jacobs handing oul the pencils to Ihe allemo0 n pre-ki~ergarlen slutrtsnts. Sept. designated as National Emergency ~relmt'edl~ess Month Make your emergency plan tt~ay. l-'~ a.=" t wa[t.c~r0nllunicalc [:alll|li 2xa~ el.=txltnra~L~ tt~ I;llk ul~;atl a plan liar them|oh'oh. Lx|:iinniziil%, and Wtr, |u cin~.e ol-dis;.l~l~T. [)0~.'~ yG-t Lr i";.ii|il]~ hdx C pi~|l in C;P. ~fl '~.|li 'r~l.~lnt.'} .' ,'~O~, i'~ tni ti ~L~ d~=n't ha~,L" ont'. ~VheD in~li~|il~ an e|ll i[2~ it~"i i~i,l ||tch|de all ~.iliLI I~nlHIb" nle~lit'~2r~ ih~' plan ~,holnkJ I|Wfude a ilit*~ll|lg ~']'ll|~,'~,', ~.'t1"I).l.~lt 'l inlntlxl-h, an~ pilling,' HIIHIbl.'r ' Sill{.'~/.t t-ztmlly ttlay lltr| IW :Ill IO~.'t]lC] when cln a~tcr hiix. ii Ih [rnl~,~rtan{ Ihal :ell fan~|]~ nle||n~'P, h,l~e ph~me nn,ml I' 'r~ ;Lmi ~'nan~Cl tl,nlt~'r', H,l~e ,in L" n n~.'r~=.21lc.~ k:Ollt.'l{H % ) 1~ Jr .~ ~l|r t,l[nt I.% Yint iiliEi 9. Lill[ a Ii a] and dil ~tJI ,~| .",[~,[I.~ ei1Ml~[i 'l ,1% il [% %odlI,L'l iJll,i "-, L'L!.%i 'I n) ~4'qtlaCI I,t~n.~ dl'~r;Jllq. ~2 I]n, tnl i|e,irh.% ill with ICl- ittlnt~.("n l,~ I:lll c-u.nt." |~t ~.'q1 1 ~enc~. L J):lh,i.'H~.~ tl~.Ul~ levi iine L:-L Its Ihc', ~ tl[ %~llLi.'[lll'=t~% ~1 ~.l|r~.li~Jl ~,~.IL IL cell oath ~,~l't. Talk ;11~1H|t d In~'etiJ]~ place U[ L,I".C )'(+U ;nrr in thl tcrent h)k.~ HOll, v, hen dlL t'nt~'~k,: ~n ~ h,ffq~cu' You nn~.~ ;tl ~ " ,~0.=t h, k.nt~ ~ hat I~l.tn .~ i~.ltr ',L ht~t II. ~'~'~lLr 1"~2i~I11~q~ ;n~"Hqll t'lL~%" ",','FLI ~ In ~.'ork IL~b'clJh2i It'| ~d~,L" I~t'd]%.:L,Ic't'. Talk al'~liLI ~ []:it ivr.lq (~1 .t.lL~a'-,Ini Ll, f'Ktlh IIt;IH nladt' ;uld T1:LIIIrJL~ ;Ire Itl{ln~ [ikel> !~ ~w ,r m y~mr.nn:a .Mo~| ,~lten we ~c alenrd hy wee|her dlxasit'r hy radio ~r TV Monf L'l[le~. Ila~ c sirens l~ar wam[11~. R~i ,'~ Ihc IllCarlill~d~ IIJ xsca|hk'r alerls A "w~ttdt- ntlr2:111 ~ C~.~n.=dll L~ ~ r~ % ;3 ~'* " i'aV~ ~ra hie I~ r a pa t-t tc LI hLr weal iteTev n l. I'~ -W;il"lliHg'" l|iea|l~ iIrl eVelll i~, Jnln.=l- non1 't~'r .tlqCnTTJn~2. Mt~nl t |ll'kC~ v,'L~I(. ILl'r, artd %al3~.ul~n ;lie Ior ~e2% ere lhnti.t~.d.r 'r- 'q~.~nll~, tOnlad~s, and ~[]ii~]l t']o(~L|lg. l~aclice where In go and v,hal In do Jn :~xc ~d we~tther eve|Its, Whal to do inl ca~' of a fire ll~mld also he intruded in VOllr phm. Dex elop an esc al%" plan end have a practiccdnll wilh your fat~lily Make in plan, |l~ake a kit. he inn- formed, alld be in~,'oh,'ed. Go tu, read).~l~ for mitre information and htulp It~ make vnur plai~, and kit. Ku, ep a copy of ~-tl~.lr'plan in your enlergeltL') supply kH where yt,u can access it in ca.s~ of eT|lt:rge~tcy. En1 rpellC v IVe p~redne~.s pamph I lr, ar~ wailable tqxm rcquesl a~ Ihe Jewell C.a|lty E|!lcr[:c,uey Management tit- rice in Ihc.tcwed Cot|nty C!~urtllm~. Suite N0- 8. Early copy needed With the Labor Day ht~[iday lall. inn onournurnlal pn'Klnction day and ntanyrexidcnts and busines,cs ha Xlllg s~x:ial plans for the day. ~aff mem- bers are req|le~ting lhe ea;[y ~.tlhn'~ - sin| o[ c<~py fi*r the next |s,ue.