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September 1, 1966     Jewell County Record
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September 1, 1966

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Jewell County R~oM, Mmm~to, K~ edf, ~ would appear that one o: both of the drivers involve are in violation of a traffi( ~law. Many intersection acci dents are caused by improp :er turns This week I wi] cover some of the laws guy 'erning turning at intersec tions. Kansas law states that i signal of intention to turf right or left shall be giv;: than the last one hundre( [feet traveled by the vehieh before turning. Either a haud [or mechanical signal is fii~e Ilf using your mechanicai Isignals, be sure to check I them often to see that the~ ]are working properly. Tl{e [statute covering signaling goes on to say that, no per- son shall stop or suddenly decrease the speed of a re- hicle without giving an ap propriate signa! to the drivel of any vehicle [mmed)atelv to the rear when there i}; i opportunity to give such si~ nal. Stopping suddenly at an !intersection causes many of :top in Belleville to !:ave weak fast with his sister here. She had been on va- :at[on and had not visited .vith them before. Hope they lad a safe journey home. We are st) sorry to have i~ard of ttle sclious illness ~1' Mrs. Floyd l tooten, who nlderwent major surgery at 3eloit v.:ry recently. Bof Roe arm falnily of D~- roll, Mich. are visiting his )arents Mr. and Mrs. Ever- tt Roe. Also, his sister and ulnily, the Lh)yd Hollerns, ds uncle, Glen Roe and amily Came down from AastilW, S, Nebr. Sunday to se,.- them. Mrs. Joan Hawkins and =hildren came up Thursday "d'ternoon from Denmark, Xans. to get corn for 'their deep freeze. Mrs, Susie Lake is here 'rod stays at the Beloit hos- pital with her mother a part of th ~ time. tlermother, Mrs. Frances Hooten, had her operation on her under the Authority of K. S. A. Article 12 of Chapter 10, and all Amendments thereto. WHEREAS, Pursuant to the provisions of K. S. A. Article 12 of Chapter 10, and amendments thereto, the Governing Body of the City of Esbon, Jewell County, Kansas, heretofore, on tile 21st day of July, 1966, caus- ed to be published in the of* ficial paper of said City a notice of the intention of the City of Esbon, Kansas, to make enlargements, exten- sions and improvements to the existing Waterworks Plant and System of said City by drilling and equip- ping an additional water well, repairing the present standpipe, and doing all things necessai'y and inciden- tal thereto, and to issue Waterworks Plant and Sys- tem Revenue Bonds of said City in the principal amount of $9,500.00, for the purpose of paying the cost of said en- largement, extension and ira- 7 Sept. 1, 1972 1,000.00 Sept. 1, 1973 1,000.00 8 Sept l, 1974 1,000.00 9 Sept. 1, 1975 1,t)00.09 10 Sept. 1, 1976 1,000.1)0 hereunder, in addition to the said Waterworks current year's principal and System, and to interest, ment of the Section 9. That the City of issued Esbon, Jewell County, Kan- maturing interes sas, hereby agrees that it THE CITY will, by appropriate enact- JEWELL sent of its Governing Body, SAS, EURTHER make provision for the pay- That at all times $9,500 O0 All of said honds beariny, interest at the talc of o;o] per annum - payable March lment of said Waterworks life of said 1, 1967, and semi-annuqIlylPlan! and System Revenue it will keep and thereal'ter on the fh'st eavs[BopAs, and all interest there- properties of , of September and Ma~ch ~ff[on, by fixing rates, fees or works Plant and each year until said pr~-cip:d/charges for the use of or ser- a good repair, and vice rendered by such Water- times operate works Plant and System, works Plant a which rates, fees or charges an approved shall be sufficient to pay the manner. cost of operation, improve- Section 12. sent, and maintenance of all funds of anY such utility, provide an ade- nature wt atsoev quate depreciation fund, and hand, and which pay the principal of and the tofore been ,set interest on said bonds as the payment of same respectively become' cipal on due, and the principal and revenue bonds, interest of any prior existing mediately tran: Revenue and General Obli-I "Water Utility gation Bonds issued against vided for under said utility, as provided by hereof, and shall law. therein for the Section 10. That so long as principal and any of the Waterworks Plant these bonds, sum shall have been paid. Section 3. Said bOl,.:ls and coupons shall cnnluin recit- als, and be in the form and of the size as provided by the statutes of the State of Kan- sas. Section 4. Said bonds shall be signed by the Mayor and attested by the Clerk" of said City, and shall have the c'n- porat.e seal affixed, and 1he interest coupons shall be signed with the facsmaile si;p natures of said Mayor and City Clerk, and said facsim- ,lie signatures ar,~ hereby con- firmed and ralified a'~ t!le signatures of said officers. Said bonds shall be rr',' :;,,'r- our rear end collisions, provement; and, . and sp._~edy recovery. (15) days after the publica-,ed by the City Clef;: r! ih' of the City of Esbon, Jewell 8 hereof. I Turns can be mad~ safely birthday, Aug. 25. We are only when they arc mad}' all hoping for her a good WHEREAS, Within fifteen and System Revenue Bonds, provisions of following is the slatute gov- :from the proper lane. The ' " " Section 13 Th Mrs. Ehna Morrow had a tion of the notice aforesaid, ~City of Esbon, Jeweii (',~ r, County, Kansas, hereinbefore card from h:w relatives, the no protest was filed with the ne Audi- authorized, remain outstand- of Esbon, i erning turning at an inter- Don Sheard family, and City Clerk of the City ]{Y'r Kansas, and by of the State of Kans:~,q , of ing, the City of Esbon, Jew- Kansas, agrees to ...................... :=,.2 ................ .................................... section:. ,hi e in mey" were y."qh,wst ,.me Esbon, Kansas, against such .!arid both princip'll, and inter- 11t County, Kansas shall per records of The driver of a ve cl - , , . .. proposed enlargement, ex-'est shall be p:ly:lble at the " , and said City 'hereby disbursements of , n intelnaV nga ~ ()ou vacation . I II I tendmg to turn at a "- ,. ~; ..... " tension and unprovement, or office of the St'lle Treasurer agrees that it will not, mort- erworks Plant aJ as follm~s ~m" aim wu's t~iarence . " ' ." ~ mB-~ ~ section shall do. '. .. " . ',. .. , agamst the msuance of such :of the State ot Kansas m gage, pledge or otherwise en- distinct from all ' i ,hitvmore were at uurr ua .... . m J| l||~ ~[]~i~ ~(a) The approach for a r g ,~ ...... bonds; and, [the City of lepers, .4ansas. cumber the Waterworks counts of said I. 11I1 II I1 I I1W'~ , ,'~tlnc./a at [lie ~larence r. turn shall be made as close " ' Y ' " WHEREAS Plans, snecifi- Section a "Fh'tt said bonds Plant and System of said accounts shall be~ ' ' ' ;" an Maag home and called here ' " .... ) ~' __. ,as practical to the rlghth d , . - , . cations and estimates of the lare to be sold ala.l tim or.)- :City, or any part thereof, nor all reasonable tirt .......... C'L ..... I curb or edge of the roadway, a few minutes on mew way enlargement, extension and [ceeds therefrom to be tised ,will it sell, lease or other- inspection of b' ' ~U~[ ~|l~[~[ i(b) Approach for a left turn home. . improvement aforesaid have[only to pay the cost of th': ~wise dispose of said plant and agrees to ann r shall be made in that portion Mrs. Sarah Walker arnv- been duly prepared and filed ienlargemm{t, extension and land system, or any substan-an audit of said "~ _ _ [of the right half of the road- cd home in Mankato Friday in the office of the City l improvement: hereinbet'ore i tial part thereof, and agrees 'be made by a co~ Many times drivers find it main traveled portion of a wa nearest the center line from her recent visit With o n racts have[ n ion d . . . ~ ...... I Y . CLrk, and co t me t e . that any bonds hereafter is-Iof independent ao n ecssary to stop or parK Imgnway m sucn manner anoJthereof' and after entermg her two sons and their ram- been let for the making off Seetio:J 6. That the Water-Isued for or on behalf, of said to cause a copy ot along the roadway to..check to such extent that it zs !re-!the intersection the left turn flies in southern Kansas AI- such enlargement, extension lworks Plant and System utility shall be junior and~to be filed witll the cargo.on their trailer, tolposmble to 3vmd stopplnglshall be made so as to leave so at a ni:,cc s home, Mrs. and improvement; and, I i~e,.'eln,.~e Bonds. of the City !inferior to the bonds herein Clerk, said copy t tighten the straps, on the[and temporarily leawng such [the intersection to the right Don Pederson and family. WHEREAS, The actual lot' Esbon, Jewell County, authorized, able at all reasor cargo rack on top or the cm msabled vehicle in SUCK posl in of the ossen t ~ _ ...... ". ",] .. " "]of the center 1" e . Mrs. Georgene B , cost of said extension, en- Karmas, in the principal sum Section 11. That the City ,for inspection by tO cnec~ me roaa map, etc uon , ....... " .."[" [roadway being entered. (c) Mrs Judy Hillman and Rcn- largement and improvement lof $9,500.00, dated Septem- of Esbon, Jewel! County, !holder or his reprl It ~s Important to Know me[ Whenever any police offic-]Approach for a left turn ae were visitors in the Her- does not exceed the sum of[ber 1, 1966, hereinbefore de- Kansas, further agrees that it~ Section 14. Th rows governing stopping, m Jer finds a vehicle standing I from a two-way street shall man Hake home in James- $9,500.00; and, ]scribed and authorized, are will, at all times during' the dinance shall take~ your ve~}cle on our hlgh-lupon a highway in violationlbe made in that portion of town Sunday and they and WHEREAS, It is necessary[hereby made a lien on the life of said Revenue Bonds;. be in force from at ways. l ne touowlng aea!slof any of the foregoing pro-]the right half of the roadway Mr and Mrs. H:'rman Hake at this time that said City[revenue produced by the keep all property of the War-[passage and p u~]I . w~tn parmng on the open lvisions, such officer is auth-[nearest the center line there- an1 three little daughters i of Esbon, Jewell County,[Waterworks Plant and Sys- erworks Plant and System of i the JEWELL COO. ': .na;TuanYeshd liiXredu i r i?;!vUi o r ' vl rlr ih!:d by !;e , .." .... ' , ' -said City insured against [OFD, the official ghTaYei~l~{de ~ { ~r , a~tr~noS;:nllna vlmtors In the i n ?P :; a etalhV rt2/tsOs [ [iTto] ii; dn i dn l inCvctlO(! inlSSanf amounteVery insurableequal tokind'the I Countyf the CitYKansas.Of Esg district, no person shall stop,[hicle to move the same, to altion A left turn from a one- ~ tem Revenue Bonds in theland Generai ' Ohli~ation unpaid principal and interest PASSED by tN .: park, or leave standing any position off the paved or im-lway" street into a two-way Mr. and Mrs. Vernon principal sum of $9 500.00, [ Bonds against Said utili'W of said bonds, in recognized ing Body and apt I vehicle, whether attended or~proved or main traveled part,street shall be made by pass- Mcchsner were Sunday ev- for the purpose of paying theI Section 7. That so long as insurance companies author-I the Mayor this 29 unattended, upon the paved I of[ such highway. Whenever[ling to the right of the center eking visitors at Clarence cost of making said enlarge- [ any of said bonds remain ized to transact business in August, 1966. A1 .... : Or improved or main traveled any police officer finds a ve- line of the street being eta- Shooks and Mrs Wayne merit extension and improve-[outstanding the revenues d,,- the State of Kansas; CARL L. S . l~rt of the. highway when it]hic~e unattended upon any] tered upon leaving the inter- Shelly was a caller Thurs- sent; - [rived from-the operation of AND FURTHER AGREES Acting MaY ~s practical to stop, parl~, or[or[age or causeway or in lsection, day NOW THEREFORE, BE[the Waterworks Plant and that, in the event of loss, City of EsN so leave such vehicle off such [any tunnel or on the main] "= ':: ~" IT ORiJAINED BY THE ISvstem of said City of Fs- moneys received on said in-,[ County, K~I : . part of said highway, but in[traveled part of such high-[ For any questions or corn- ~. ; -- L,. ; ...... ~, GOVERNING BODY OF[be'n, Jewell County[KansaS's, surance policies will be used ATTEST: T R. 5~ every event a clear and un-/way where such vehicle con-[ments' contact Troo,~er La,,- ~e~r~ eu~.n~ea m aeweu THE CITY OF ESBON, land any additional improve- only to repair, the dan~ge to (Seal) City G r a %0 rtecora, tnursuay, ~ept ~ . . . obstructed width of at least{stitutes an obstruction tO~nard Shearer, Mankato " ....... " JEWELL COUNTY, KAN-lments or extensions thereof' ' .~ ' ' r' fi . " ~ ~oo) ,t ' ' twenty feet of such part of[t af .c such.offmer ~s author [ ~ ORDINANC~ ~a 115 SAS: _ [shall be prod mto the trea- Izea to rovtae for me remov "- [I~ tiiahwa,, on'~site such~ P "! .... ""-: .- Section 1 That for thelsury of said C ty aid be ,, ., ~, : vv.- - f . ~n urainance autnorlzlng " . " ......... ..... standtnevehicle shall be left[al such" " ne res , .vehicle' to the li .... 1 .................. anu u,ret'tmg tllet'-',..u.m:e......... o.*purpse of promdmg funds[kept m a separate fund Io1 MIIcKee lal'i'e$ ILl1" " "' for thefree nassaoe of other l a t garage or other place//Im~[lnn~a .... , ...... to pay the cost of enlarging,[be designated as the "Wu c v ~, 'of safet mmllllN~Olvin~ waterworks giant ann ~ys- . , . ' ' v,~hicles and a clear view of Y" ] ............ extending and xmprowng thelUtfl~ty Fund , and stud lund } ' tvlrs, t,. ansom tern rtevenue ~onfls, or tile such" s*on'~edvehicle be[ You can see that parkmg/ i ........... munlmpally owned Water-[shall not be used except for ,' ~ rp" - ' / u[ty ol usnon, aewell uoun- I Market [ par[Re .... aCallable from a distance ot[dlegally could result m an Our beautiful fall weather ,. i.- ..... ;. ,,,o ..~.,,.~,.~l works Plant and System of lthe purpose of paying the ' ,~ "" " L , 1'1~11o~;~, all L~a~ l[J~ala~,ay~a ' .... I , '. : : ~o~iindred feet in each dir-[expenmve tow bill as well as continues but a rain would I ~..~ ..~ 0 ~nana ~,~ ,ha the C~ty of Esbon, Jewellicost of operatmn and maln- ecfion unon such hiuhwav la summons into court. [be accentable ,~."...~" ..~'~'~..~.~h"~. ~.'~,a2"~: County, Kansas, by drillingltenance and improvement of i. ~X'is section shall not a.)'-I,,I ...... [ The Orn-obe~ f....ih, ~.m Iv v ......... and eqmppmg an addmonallsuch utlhty, prowdlng an , *"* ~'~ "~ -~ "-'y '~'~ !pay me cost o[ r~nlargmg, .... tO the driver of an vehicle er~ water well, repairing the adequate deprecmtlon fund y ' [ Most two vehicle acci-[he last Wexlnesday morn-'E tendingandtmprovingthe ..... ] ....... : wblch is disabled while on[dents occur at or near inter-ling for their home in Arling- Waterworks Plant and Sys- present stanap~pe, ana,ooln.g[anu ror paying me pr!nclpa~ ' : = aved or im roved r" se ..... ' I all tmngs necesary ana ms- ot ana mterest on sala war- Bonded for your Proteetlouu Operating under I : .... , tile p p o ctions. Lookmg at thm ]titan, Va. They mtende~i to tem by drilling and equipping .... h r -11 "e[ ..... [' ':~"~ .... , [~n ~ldltl~l tst~*~v ur~n r~ aental thereto, t e e sna o lerworKs Flant ana ~ystem : ' :~ ,, ........ msued, and hereby a e ssu-IRevenue Bonds and any .... , , pamng me present ~[ana- '. : I Supervision : ~'" ' i e n-"oin all thin she ed, Waterworks Plant and]prior ex~stmg General Obh- i'[,idl~Ilil~--.._.___ ~ cP~sara;a:J ingidental gt~ere" System Revenue Bonds, of[gation mid Revenue Bonds ll I,o ,,roscribino aP of the de: the City of Esbon, Jewell[against ~aid utility, as pro- At our sale Thursday, Aug. 25, the ma~ - , v .- ~ * " l ' - I steady to strong on all classes of cattle with id 1 ~ I! ~Ta,~- .....~ I,~,~ . ~.;a n...a~ ~--,~;ain~ County, Kansas, m the tota ]vMed by law. '~ . Illl i ~|~'~ ~| i~ ] Irr ~'~."~h,~"~'~ll=o~' ~,~,,re~,a- principal sum of $9.500.00. I Section 8. That the City of idemand and a lot of buyers on hand. We d .... I ~ | LIr ..... a m,,..m,,,;,,. , ,ha Sectmn 2. That sam Wat-]Esbon, Jewell County, Kan- too many stacker and feeder cattle, most of o[ ....... .' ~ ~i~' ~ [ ~.~G~E~ rHA-r ~ut~,, ,~ ........ ~ ,h,~ ~z.t ....... u~ erworks Plant and System] sas, agrees that so long as, consisted of cows and butcher cattle. This com'~ ....... 1 i~l~'. ~ ] ~S i~l:~'~'u~l: o,.......a e.,o,.... ,. .o~a Revnue Bonds, of the Oty of[any of the Revenue Bonds day we will have a much larger run of stacker 1 k~i~.. ~ [ ~~rq~'"H~n,. ; ~,~'~'fn'~"t~hon~]~'~"~ ~'~ ~:~" Esbon, Jewell County, Kan-]issued under authority of this er cattle with several good consignments alre~ ..... I ~O'N~'-" sas, shall consist of 10 bonds ordmance ate unpaid and Listed below are some sales from our last l STRUVE F.STIM ONOMER mg the cost of the operatmn, , MILLIONPLA ..... ATS THAT T~, ;.,.o;.,, ........ a /--,,r-ve numbered from 1 to 10, both]outstandmg, it will use the Auction: :~ : . I ~ GALetXy HAV ...... OUR OWN MILKY u,^~. I me,* th.... ~ nravldln~ an reclusive, all of sa~d bonds ] revenues heretofore separate- Don VonDonge, Glen Elder, Kans., 16 Hal ~reLLI .... - ............... ,~ ........ o ....... . " cows sold at an average price of $274.50 per ! 1 GNT LIF1 ~ade,,uate denreciation fund being m the denommatmn of[ly set aside m the Water . 1 ~ ther'~for andVfor na,,inc, the $100000 each except bond[Utility Fund' only for the Cady, Mankato, black steer calves, avg. wetgt i ,,,- principal of and thea[n~erest!N" 1 in the denomination oflPurpose of paying the cost of $25.90; Gilbert Schumm, Bladen, black steer C 1 l~ ]/ve]uo[)]7/~ A,,^t. ~ . on said Waterworks Plant'S50000, all of said bonds be-[operation and normal main- 't25, at $32.50; Rudolph Sasse, Hardy, Shorth~ : : 1 r , ,.,wu,~ UdC'~ [e~P.~ro ,, .... n ~,,o,~,~ n ........ n,.a, ing dated September I, 1966, [ tenance of said Waterworks avg. weight 525, at $26.10; Ray Woods, SuperlOl :...... 1 ~M~N~)~j~.!NT~ELkI~ENT place t~tm ,,i. :Lt --".,t.t o, Yl/U .....: ...................... and said bonds becoming due [Plant and System and will faced heifer, weight 480, at $23.60; Wayne Kre~ '. ' ll -~ ~'m~N~O~Wo!u" Io~CH . ~'Ul 6"1///~7f0/'],, in ~, .... serially as follows: I make no extensions of said black wh|tefaeed steers, weight 440, at $28. 0; ; aands *" L . "/J/UU/ No. MaturityAmount[system, which are to be pa d minau, Lawrence, black whitefaeed bull calveI ~L .t, l(] ~e[p [7"leer the 1 Sept. l, 1967 $ 5oo.ooifor from said fund, without ~er head; Mervin Woods, Fairfield, l white ": 1 6//~/]e~e f~' ,/.^ r . 2 Sept. 1 1968 1.000.00[sctting aside therefrom an weight 995, at $18.30; Harry Hanson, Mankat~ i ~ UI l//~ ]'~[/J/r~ 3 Sept. l, 1969 1,00000[amount sufficient to pay one faced cow, weight 1075, at $19.30; Wayne Kre! ': ........ , ..... 'i:*l~ .......... " 45 Sept 1, 1970 1,000.00 [ year's principal" " and interest black2 whitefacedews' weightsteers,920,avg.at $20.70;welght John1085, litterlat $1 ':,', ~; ......... ~ Sept. 1, 1971 1,000.00[ant the revenue bonds issued West, Superior, 1 Guernsey cow, weight 1085, ~" Anderson & Schiermeyer, Ruskin, corn fed ::*:,'~ .... ...... II II II 1017, at $25.00; Ivan Jaeobetz, Nelson, 1 ;3 ~ : ::% ~ ~;;i~ :~ 7 i~ ;L ,:, o @ The / @ in Mankato, Kansas FIRST BANK IN MANKATO OLDEST BANK IN JEWELL COUNTY The Bank on the Corner & the Corner-Stone of "t '~ CONF IDENCE Member Kansas Development Credit Corp. Member F.D.LC. Since 1933 ' ESTABLISHED 1883 : 4" /L~ it/, i~:,,:~ L Ill mm! hNANC INDU~TNIAU PUNO in approximately 20 different basic industries for as little as $20 each month. FOR FREE PROSPECTUS write or call FINANCIAL PROGRAMS, distributor. WALTER ,l. CAMPBELL Mankato, Kansas 86956 ,, Registered Representative ; C iumbian Seeudit op ,Kan eN0a The hay fever sufferers would appreciate it. By the way, great new medicines to lessen hay fever and allergies have been develop- ed -- ask your doctor and druggist about them. weight 1390, at $19.60; Wayne Johnson, Formos~ faced cow, weight 1100, at $10.80; Miller Claire, 1 Holstein cow, weight 1395, at $18.30; ters, Belleville, 1 Holstein cow, weight 1360, Stock Hogs: Norman Sanke, Republic, 2 at $86.00 per head; James Dodd, Mankato, 26 at $20.50 per head; R. L. Badger, Mankato, 8 at $21.00 per head; John Hess, Courtland, 10 at $14.00 per head; David Peters, Formosa, 19 at $16.50 per head; Johanek Bros., Esbon, 13 at $17.00 per head. Many more sales of both cattle and hogs. est prices for your livestock, bill your next to the McKee Sales Co. at Superior where you i good buying power, a widely advertised market, and modern facilities for handling your !your livestock in advance so we may get th advertised. For more information about touch with us and we will come and look at consigning your livestock, feel free to call us Special Notice: Keep In mind our Yearling Sale which will be held the October. Feel free to talk to us at any time livestock. _ SUPERIOR, NEBR. Gordon MeKee, Owner, Superior, Nebr. phone H. M. Jensen, M .agager, md. auctioneer Tune into KRFS at :15 or to KMMJ at 7:30 on morning for cons ent haformattOn our / , >, .