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August 25, 2016     Jewell County Record
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August 25, 2016

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3A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday, August 25, 2016 . . i " take a qualifying test. A 3.50 GPA is ...... 14 " " " ~" healing the woman did not meet his not necessary to apply for this scholar- New uagnway Burr Oak Weather Next stop was the corn plot. This may lead to blindness and Possibly " Burr OakBy Gl ys Bamos definition of work on a Sabbath. It is ship. Recipients may enroll in any ca- Continued from page 1 . Larry Gillett, NOAA observer year Darrell and Damon Bolmert were even deathdue to starvation, thirst, and the spirit of God' s law that counts, not neer?dtan sahasiCsfhoedcucatlonprogr.am, continuefourmilesnonhtotheBohnert Temperatures themselves part ofthe tour as their land accidents because to loss of sight ....... the letter of the law. Instead of accus- .. y .... ol, as long as it is Comer, making 11 miles from the High for the week ........................ 89 west of Jewell hosted the corn plot. Causes Last Monday, Mary Foley went to ingJesusofbreakingthelaw, thesyna-notilneTd;igtitoOtorot re_Ye ro lesgrh esof Mitchell County line without a crook Low for the week ......................... 49 Again apresentationwasgivenon Pink eye is caused by several fac- Saline for the day with Mindy Kilgore gogue leader should have been prais- and the two great-granddaughters, ing God just as the woman who was ............ P - or turn. From the Bohnert Comer the Predpitation multiplecom varieties by Brenn. Gabe tors working together, Tarpoff said. our n i gnnSCi a[Senzrs' ,tne arisen road ran west half a mile thence along This week .................................. 0.56 Hardman, account manager, also spoke The main cause is the ever-changing Emma'and Kinley Kilgore. They had healed did. Christian life is meant to be munit orTec~uaisaw'ara z o ~..om- the east side ofthe railroad cutting out Yeartodate .............................. 22.13 about fungus that is cu~ently attack- bacteria, moraxella boris. Manysub- lunch together at a Salina restaurant, joyful not heavy. Jesus gave us abun- SchoiYarshi nn..[cal .~onege ,t r ans~r two creek and two railroad crossings For August ................................ 4.21 ing corn both in our area~md even more types of that bacteria can be" found - Steve and Tummy Cosand went to dent life, don't put up barriers to that ps wlm snpenas ot 4,ot , .,a ;, *he Manka*, r, oa -- Dai y SO in areas to the south even within one infected animal, which BelleviUe to help their grandson, Riley abundance, e ................... J ............. Buyer, celebrate his seventh birthday. Cliff and Glenny Barnes took acn. lnese SCholarships are avauanJe which it continued to the northeast Aug. 17 .................................. 86 61 Hardmandiscussedtwo funguscon- contributes to difficulty in treating it. ; Also attending were his uncles, Eric Keller, Patsy, Olivia, Thomas and for Kansas Community or Technical comeroftheoldfairgroundsonemile Aug.18 .................................. 88 61 ditions.One, common fungus, is, liter- Other factors include, UV light, College students. Community college east of Mankato. At the fairgrounds Aug. 19 ................................. 89 65 ally, more common in this area. While which irritates theeye, tall foliage such Williams, Travis and David Buyer; Kooper Ord out for lunch at a Red students must have completed a mini- comer itjoined the Rock lsland High- Aug. 20 ................................. 80 56 aconcern, it is not the threat that s0uth- asgrassorweedswhichcanscratchthe Aug. 21 ................................. 73 49 em fungus poses. Hardman found and eye, and dust which acts as a direct Aug. 22 ................................. 80 49 displayedanexampleofcommonrust. lrn,,t t.. . Aug. 23 ................................. 83 62 Both fungus infestations arrive as Flies work to cause pink'eye ifl : snorres earned" the wind and Settle two different ways, Tarpoff said. -" down on the com. Rusts are ,,enerall ..... DP/S provides, v "First, they can irritate the eyes di- " t f th ants first and rectly by flying around and lrntatmg closure for families found on the op o e pl then o r thecomea Secondly, flies directly feed .... n the lowe_ leaves. The rusts . . Of l Ws 811d "" " .,,:a .... ; ..... i, ....... on the secretions from the eye Once rains h arm v" they feed off of those secret|ons, they : ........ ave created an Orr-rtune en l- . . . The mission of the Defense Pris- ronment for their development pick up the bacterza and take tt over to oner of War and Missing in Action It is thnu ht both kinds o "s ,another animal and infect that animal, " Accounting Agency (DPAA) is to pro- _ ...... ,, .............. f ru_ts are. ,, vide the fullest possible accounting for inJewellCounty. Producers hope their too. . . - - " Detection and treatment our missing personnel from our nation' s crOpSsprayingare aClSefungicideenughwillt notmaturitybe neces-that Tarpoff suggests producers think" i past conflicts to their families and our The threat of southern rust 11 . nation, arv wi of early detection as if they themselves were poked m the eye and had the continue to grow as it is moving north. : DPAAtoday is comprised of moreThe final tour stop was east of associated side effects. An infected ". The Hansen Foundation is in its through Kansas was to become known than 600 highly skilled and talented animal will often show the same symp- civilians and military personnel from Jewell. There the group found the mflo ..... toms &scomfort, tears, stramm to each of our services (Army, Navy, testplotofSteveGreene.Thegamutof: . . g . . open the eye and possibly the eye stay Marines and Air Force) and include milo varieties were compared and dis- rag" shut -" cussed. Several experimental varieties historians, research analysts, policy - One guaranteed sign is increased were on display m the continual effort .... :. tearing, he said Often dirt will get experts, anthropologists, archivists, ar- to breed better seeds for producers. - chaeologists, odontologists, linquists, A t,,w,-"";" ,,,"c ......... dt .....wa attached ..... to the tear stains. This is espe- . :; logisticimas, communication experts, --,,--sugar _anec a~hid.n " Hardman emnha- ciaily visible m hght colored ,cattle. :,., fieldoperators, material evidence ex- sized that these pests are a ser'ious There is no set time period from "" perts, strategists and planners, as well at and llke nntharn nlet arP may once the disease is evident until it is a " thre ...... . .......................... - ....... - tttreat to the health or the eye begin in September. The road was as numerous additional support per- ing ever farther north. Agronomists sonnel.Theseprofessionalswithawide have recently confirmed their pres- "As the disease progresses it devel- - variety of backgrounds and speciali- ence in Ford and Russell counties, ups an ulcer typically in the center of i Four railroad crossings and two ties are integral to the successful day- This pest can cause tremendous the eye," Tarpoff said. "Either one or !- to-day operations of the DPAA mis- damage to crops and its presence in two things happen--it starts to heal or : ; Monday- Swiss steak, gardenblend rerouting of the road. Ninety years sion. Jewell County looms on the horizon, itbuiids up pressure on the inside of the .-" grandparents, John and Linda Buyer; CloudrestaurantonSunday.Theywere great granacnuuren province me spy parents, Ryan and Erin Buyer; sister celebrating Keller and Patsy's 1 lth mum of 32 hours of college credit by way. the Spring of 2017 and technical col- The agreement between the county and brother, Natalie and Even Buyer. wedding anniversary and Thomas' 8th lege students must have completed an commissioners and representatives of A picnic was held followed by cake birthday.JeffandDianaOrdalsojoined associate of applied science degree the highway commission was that the and ice cream, the group. Saturday evening, Bob Hines, Cliff Keller and Patsy Ord, rural Guide before transferring to an accredited road should branch, one branch going and Glenny Barnes went to Fairbury to Rock, hosted a birthday party for Tho- four-year public, private or church re- through Mankato, Burr Oak and on to watch the Jayhusker races at Jefferson mas Ord Sunday aftemoon at their luted Kansas college or university. Hastings, using the Rock Island High- County Speedway. It was fan appre- home. Thomas opened his gifts and the Each may be renewed for one year way until south of Burr Oak. The other clarion night and during the intermis- guests were served ice cream, cookies upon completion of satisfactory work branch was to traverse the Rock Island sion between heat races and feature and punch. Attending were Andrew as evaluated by the scholarship com- Highway east five miles, thence north races 19 bicycles were given away to and Rite Golka, Minden; Tom and mittee. Students may obtain applica- into Superior. children lucky enough to have their Maxine Golka, Jeff, Diana and Kasey tion forms at the office of the dean of This arrangement, while very satis- namedrawn.KooperOrd, great-grand- Ord, Olivia and Kooper Ord. Thud studentservicesatthecommunitycol- factory to the some sections, was up- son of Cliff and Gleuny, was one of Kierl, all of rural Guide Rock; Kyle, lege or technical college student ser- posed by others and the highway com- vice or it can be downloaded from the mission held up the north end of road those lucky children. Kyle Ord, Red Katie, Paisley, Jerzie and Remi Ord, website at www.danehansenfoun- on the grounds it could not give Jewell Cloud, placed third in the first heat and Darin, Amanda and Lillian Barnes, second in the second heat. In the fen- Wendy and Judy Ord, Brad, Andrea, dation.org. County that much mileage. The road ture race, Kyle started on the inside in Sterling, Wyatt, Titus, andCadenFrey, 42nd year of service to the young as state highway No. 14. It was to the second row. He was driving well ChrisandSueMeline, allofRedCloud; people of Northwest Kansas through continue north with approved high- and vying for second place when with Jill and Meggie Coffey, Blue Hill; Cliff the insight and generosity of the late ways to the Canadian line and south to two and a half laps left, one of the race and Glenny Barnes. Dane G. Hansen of Logan, Kansas. the Gulf of Mexico. It was expected to cars cut in front and he had no time to Jessica Barnes, Brynlee Manning avoid hitting the other car. Kyle's car and Cheryl Hillman attended the rib- The book DANE GRAY HANSEN: be much used by summer and winter went up over the back tire of the car in bun cutting ceremony for the new play TITAN OF NORTHWEST KANSAS tourists, front and flipped several times coming ground equipment at Rock Hills El- by Billy M. Jones (1962) describes By the time the route was an- to rest off the track on its side. Luckily ementary SchoolMonday evening.The Dane G. Hansen and his contributions nounced, the markers had arrived and neither Kyle nor his car were damaged students at the school will most likely to Northwest Kansas. work on the approved section was to badly. Kyle walked away with some enjoy the equipment as they started 17_= .,,1,.1. patrolled and maintained by the gaso- bruising and sore ribs and the race car back to school Tuesday. JUllt~lItglL~lIll.l J.YJI.t~ILJL~ line tax. sustained a bent front bumper and hav- Foundation announces ing the curbs knocked off. Kyle ex- pects to be racing again in Washington alrlnual D Hallfen Aug. 29-Sept. 2 creek crossings were eliminated by the Saturday and Sunday nights of Labor scholarship prograln rice, green beans with onion, tomato later many of the place names used to Personnel from DPAA, along with Producers need to monitor their crops eye from the inflammation and'p0ss'i- Day weekend. Also attending the races were Jeff, Diana, and Kasey Ord, The Dane G. Hansen Foundationwedges, pears, define the new route have become other U.S. and foreign specialists, re- Keller, Patsy, Olivia, Thomas and will make 280 scholarships available Tuesday - chicken tetrazzini, peas nearly meaningless to area residents, search, investigate, recover and idea- and report suspected infestations. Both bly ruptures" . - - - " Kooper Ord, Thud Kierl, Tom and in five categories to students in 26 and carrots, tossed salad, peaches. It was anticipated another state road tifyremainsofAmericansunaccounted Texas A&M and Kansas State Univer- "The biggest treatment option l rec- Wednesday - biscuits and gravy, from Concordia via Jamestown and for from World War II, the Korean sity are working to monitor the spread ommend is to work with your veteri- i i, of the pests and to help producers de- narian as they are familiar with what is ' Maxine Golka, allofruralGuideRock; Northwest Kansas counties for the scrambled eggs, tomatoes, fruit muf- Randall would form a junction with War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, termine appropriate action, happening in the area as wel!as what is Katie Ord, Red Cloud; Don Nelson, 2016-2017 academic year. Students fins. No l4atJewellbuttheplanwasnotyet and the Iraq and Persian Gulf wars. After the tour the group, othercus- andisnotworking,"hesaid. Working Powell; Jessica Barnes, Greg and from an accredited high school, regis- Thursday - no meals assured in the summer of 1926. When recovery operations are unsuc- turners and friends of the Bohnerts with your veterinarian also gives pro- Brynlee Manning. tered independent, private or home Friday - no meals cessful, DPAA professionals work gathered for the annual customer up- ducers a chance to establish a veteri- / RecentnewsfromtheGrateExpec-school in Jewell, Republic and Smith Meals delivered by the Lutheran ~'~.I~IIlII'II~'~P' httt]~# hand-in-hand with service casualty rations BBQ team of Nick and Kelley counties may apply. Church. "- ....,I officials (SCOs) to provide answers to preciation dinner, planned and urge- narian-client patient relationship, :: nized by Debra, Shelby and Darica which is extremely important when Bunting, Billings, Mont., and Jerry Scholarships available for students Continued frompage 1 family members on the fate of their Bohnert. The women were helped by a treating animals with antibiotics'." ,7 Barnes, Powell, Wyo., includes results who will graduate in the current ace- of their last two competitions. Two demic year are: Ten leaders of Tumor- ll 'h'il'll l'i g Steven Melby, Melhy Mortuary, say- loved ones. host of family and friends. "The mainstay treatment that has As stated by the President Barack been used for years is injectable ox- ,;' weeks ago they participated in the Best row Scholarships with annual stipends "1"1 ........ ing that effective Sept. I the mortuary Obama in September 2015, "America Beef veter l 'iall ytetracycline," Tarpoff said. "It still of the West BBQ Fest in Sheridan, of $10,000 renewable for three addi- wilt be using another answering ser- remains steadfast in our determine- ,, .... has a very good level of effectiveness Wyo. They received a 5th place in tional years if criteria established by Patsy Groves vice. '" chicken, and 10th place in pork with an the scholarship committee are met .......... ThecommissionersapprovedReso- tions to recover our missing patriots. GLISCUSSeS eal -lfltenl;, however, by working through aveteri-" ? ratsy Groves, m, ainu unaay lution 16 06 " rtainin" to the -'ro- rt" Our work is not finished until our he- narian he or she may be able to take. overall finish of 10th out of 26 teams Fifty Hansen Scholar Scholarships . - - - v y rues areretumed safely toour shores or causes of rank eve . . : participating. This last weekend they with stipends of $6,500 renewable for at M tchell County Hospital, Belolt. tax policy with respect to financing the a full accounting is provided to their in-- dgnemeS em:ramnt l e wma- large outbreak. There may be different Services will be at a later date. W ..... ,r , " . , samplesifaproducerzsexpermnelnga " were in Worland, Wyo., for the Wyo- three additional years if criteria estab- Kleppinger Funeral Home, Jewell, is _ . _ , loved ones." ming State BBQ and Blue Grass Festi- lished by the scholarship committee .... esoaru memoers revleweo ann up- g , , oe a cony bugs in the eye that may need a differ- i nananng arrangements cem for came proaucers. A.j. larporr, eat t" -e of treatment .... val. They placed 8th in ribs and 2nd in are met. - proved abatement numbers 2239 and Corn, soybean and yp K-State Research and Extension beef He also recommends"luiw" a-:arch sauce and finished in the middle of the One hundred Hansen Student Schol- 2240. biiola ,riffeth feted Shannon Meier, ambulance direc- Inilo plot tom held veterinarian, has tips to help minimize , .... ,,,#L teams competing. This coming week- arships with stipends of $4,000 renew- - ......... O ttzc inIe .tcu eye. llllllZllll/ C ' . the errects ot tills ulsease m cattle ..... - ..... : tor, had a grant application for ad- , . . sotarraumuonexposureanaomerirri, ., end, they will be in Keamey compet- able for on additional year, providing for 9Oth birthdav . . . By Kerma Crouse __r=ne;n~hC;~vesmayiseuptlO tants so the eye is more comfortable, ln ~.: ing in the Barbecue on the Bricks. the recipients have achieved at least a " vanced level training. The commls- Guaranty State Bank and Trust 3.00GPA at thecollege level ,-..The family of Mz, ola !Shane) sinners approved the memorandum Last Wednesday, around 50 area pe oouyweigntasaresuit ' .. farmers participated in an opportunity of the disease, according to Victoria Continued to -a'-e 4 spoz sored a bus trila to Kansas City All recipients must attend an ac- , .mrem n.eipefl her ceteorate her rum agreement for the education incentive to learn about and compare various Agriculture, {Austmti b Oisease!-, ...... .... ......... : mrmaay last 5unuay. a-- r Sat~day to ita~oa, seball ~ame between credited community, public, private or .......... gr ~ p. 9gr,.m~!~..: . ~- TheextendedfamflyftrS'tgathered nedthe20i7.Piorieercoru, soybchhandmilo:variet- ; ............... ..... ..... ........... .......... - ...... ........ " the Kansas ity Royats and the Minne- church related college or university in for servtces .... attheTn t ltt ted Myth ............... ' pe ies. The program was sponsored by sota Twins. Among those attending Kansas ................ ouuget nearing at lo a.m. wan z-xmom Pioneer Seed and local dealers, Darrell were Lane and Ashley Underwood, To qualify for the above scholar- oolstLnurcn, J.ewett.ManyozMmm s RossandBillSchumacherpresent.No andDamonBohnert.Thiswasthe36th Kendra Kriley, Eula Silsby, all of ships, a student must have taken the . , - ...... - objections were voiced so Mark year the Bohnerts have been involved Esbon;GloriaandDickSchlaefli, Ionia; ACT test and have a composite score cla .musica pzano solo, an(/ a Fleming moved and Dwight Frost sec- in a plot tour. " '" Walt and Peggy Wilson; Bob and of 21or higher and have at least a 3.50 renamonor Jesus LovesMe. onded to approve the budget for 2017 In today s farm economy, farmers Marilyn Johnson; Dave and Alice GPA (un-weighted.) The student ,-, amneratthe ewe lLommunlty asprinted.Motionpassedunanimously, want the best seedfor their particular Lenter was nostea ny her tour cnu- - . ! Belden; and Pat Anderson. They saw a should be an active participant in ex- , .............. JoelEIkms, general superintendent, need and farm soils. Not just any seed area, l.moa ann nusoanu, MIKe Kith- r -- " " "" " - greatgamewiththeRoyalscomingout' tracurricular school and community_ .. . eporteu on roan aria onuge mature- willdo. A plot tour gives the producer ard, Mfltonvale; Peg and husband, nance The commissioner r - " winning by a score ofl0-0. Peggysaid activities, display good citizenship, . . . s eporteu an opportunity to see for themseh;es Calvin Bohnert, Robin and wife, Deb roadconcems ErmaDill n .... t. .... it was about 3 a.m. when they arrived leadership and moral integrity ........ o tetcp.u.cuhow various varieties compare and how home. Studentsplanningtoenterthecom- Gr!ffeth, Bdl and wife, Melanre to inquire when the road sides will be they perform in Jewell County condi- omretn, au or jeweli, lvliola has been mowed Mason, Max and Morgan McMains petition must register at their school blessed with nine grandchildren and Carla Wau h resen .... tions. joined Ricliard Cox for children's and take the qualifying test. Tentative ....... g p tea me IBM The group began the tour with the I v great-granucll mren.., , one year hardware and software agree- church Sunday at the Burr Oak Chris- soybean plot. Roger Underwood and tle;t dates have been set for Sept. 13 and tian Church. Richard talked with there .... crown ,or tamuy m. cravers meat, which was approved by the corn- Lane Underwood hosted the group on about the real reason we have rules to One hundred Hansen Career and netpeu her ceteorate tins speciat occa- missioners '! follow. After the lesson, each child Technical Education Scholarships of sion. their farm near Esbon. After a presen- tation by Brooks Brenn, product received an activity page to do and a $4,000 renewable for one additional agronomist, the group was free to ask Miola Griffeth .... sucker. For the adults Richard chose year, providing the recipients have Luke 13:10-17 for the basis of his achieved at least a 3.00 GPA at the message entitled "Following the Spirit college level are available to encour- of the Law." In this passage, there was age high school seniors who seek com- a woman who had been crippled, bent petence through career training. An at the waist and unableto stand straight, applicant lor the Career and Technical Jesus healed her at the synagogue on a Education Scholarship must complete Sunday. The head of the synagogue an application form that is available chastised Jesus for working on the from the high school counselor or it Lord,'s day. The woman went away can be downloaded from the website at praisingGodforherhealing.Theleader www.danehansenfoundation.org. The of the~synagogue was just as much a scholarship committee is interested in cripple as the woman was but his dis- the student's character, activities and abilitywas not as obvious. His disabil- goals. Applicants are not required to ity was in being offended in that Jesus Thank you Thank you for the cards, visits, calls and flowers I received during my recent hospital stay and since returning home. Gratefully, Mary Lou Griffith Hosted by Ruth Fleming Mark, Karla, Amanda, Levi & Kyle Paul, Shanda, Reese & Ty ills rizzlies Fall Sports Ki , Friday, Aug. 26 Towel Scrimmages 4 p.m. Junior Hlgh Volleyball 5 p.m. -Senior High Volleyball 6 p.m. JUnior High Football 7 p.m, Senior High Football All fall athletes and coaches will be introduced including dance team, cheerleaders and sports teams. Come Join Us for a Free hotdog meal Serving from 5:30 - 7 p.m. - RHJSHS Commons Courtesy of Jewell County Farm Bureau, Central National Bank and the Rock Hills Booster Club Grizzly Store-will be open! 34,16 II .... I II in ing There will be an upcoming EMT class OctobevMarch Classes will be held two night a week from 6 to 10 p.m. with an If 30.16 occasional all day Saturday session also An information meeting will be held Wednesday, Aug 31 at 7 p.m. 510 E North ST. Mankato, Kans. (Jewc County EMS Office) interested, please attend the meeting or contact Vincent with any questions at 785-378-3069 Registration deadline is Monday, Sept. 12 questions or take a closer look for themselves at the various varieties of soybeans. carry out To celebrate 90th Birthday: September 2, 2016 Please help fill her mailbox with birthday wishes. Cards may be sent to Miola Griffeth PO Box 317 Jewell, KS 66949. O Board Certified Health Care Providers ADA Certified 29.16 Andy Walker, M.D. Marilyn Dunstan, A.P.R.N. Bryan Houchens, P.A.C. Nolan Beavers, M.D. Dianne Kramer, A.P.R.N. Services Acute inpatient care. Swing beds. Outpatient care, Pediatrics, Hospice, Crestvue Cottage Apartments. 24 Hour Emergency Room Diagnostic Laboratory, Digital Radiology, EKGs, CT Scans, MRIs, Hoiter Monitoring, Stress Testing, Venous and Carotid Doppler Studies, Echocardiograms, Annual Health Fair Participant, Women's Health Clinic and Kan Be Healthy Clinic Rehabilitation Diabetic Eductafion. Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy Jewell County Hospital - Providing a friendly, cadng environment Serving our patients and community JEWELL COUNTY RURAL HEALTH CLINIC 102 South Center, Mankato, Kan, 06956 785-378-3511 HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Wedne hursday 8 a.m. - Noon, I - 5 p.m. Friday - 8 a.rn. - Noon 100 JEWELL COUNTY HOSPITAL Crestvue, Mankato, Kan. 66956 785-378-3137