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August 25, 1966     Jewell County Record
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August 25, 1966

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'~'~.~ - i iI 4~11,CO. Westerniers ] The Cadette Girl ScOuts[ Georgia Tice, former pop-[ DAILY LINCOLN STAR [ Miss Jerry Sue Modlin of! ~ION CHAPEL J OLIVE H ILLrm , ..... I with the 6th grade scouts as liar music eacher ,in the I By Mail I Burr Oak, who is attendingl E.U.B. CHURCH [ R.R. I - Supq I am starting this article|guests enjoyed a hike, cook-lMaffkato schools, was in] 4 Weeks $1 [the Brown-Mackie School of] J '.Rev. iem. ! ~off.~by ap'diogizing to Letalout and sleep-out at the LY-lMankato last Thursday. Mrs.] Special press wires direct|Busines~ of Salina, Kansas, I " ~t., Vaden Davis, Jr. [ 1Wiml~ l~vice. She won the reininglte Rightmeiers on Fri~lay, |Tice had arrived from Denverlto The Star assure you oflwas initiated into Nu Tau[ ~iss!e A~hre~1 :fi[lass,andl failed to put that|Aug. 19. ' |and planned to visit here|complete, reliable news from]Sigma, national social soror-I Y~l .. 10:00 a.m.| ~i| ,In,the paper. I hope I did not[ The ~zirls, with three]Overnight. She was enroute]all the world. You also getJity of business girls on Aug-] JSunday School ;forg 'anyone else The|leaders, Libbv Crinkle Col- [to her home at LeMurs, Iowa.|news of your locality phls lust 15, 1966, at a formal] ~y: iChurch Service .~ '~W~sterniers attend a lot of |leon l~,ehrling and ~qrginia [Mrs. Tie.e hadbeen v!siting/State Capital and Nebraska]dinner initiation ceremonyI ~1 I Mid:Week Pray.~ ~orse shows and I try to re- |Rightruoier ,,athered at 4"00 |her daughter, tJmrla 1me: re|news with plenty of pic- ]at the Ramada Inn, Salina,[ northwest corner of said [ 11:00 A.M. Mnrning [ Meeting, wea.~ 'me.bar everyone that wins[p, m. "rlaey went on a 3 mile]"Denver" ~loria isa memoer|tures" |Kansas. [ Block 2; thenre north-I Worship [ dr laces, but it is very easy]hike t/o gather wild flowers/dr . m.e ~enver .~Ympnny, [ Sports fans like getting/ [ westerly 518 feet at a[ 6:00 P.M. Senior Youth [ CATHOLIC .~ tofotget ~meone. Again, lIand observe nature The[aln~i,llstatt iprfSpenAt~st~~Inng[fiv:al scores, pictures and[ Mr. and Mrs. Dick Judy] rlghtangletosald, west[ 7:30P.M. Even!n.g ] MANgJk! "am sorry. [flowers were used as a cen-]~,'..~"~"~':...~'~C~" ~i~'~= S_~:~:~']special Nebraska sports col-/and children Alex Caroline [ line; thence northeast- [ worship I ---'7"d ' , , I~UU|I 1 Ill tll~7 11 ILU|I I. IUI.~I, Cn~ Now to the news The terplece for the ewnmg Met "rieo'q son Dr Terrence/umnS" [Stephenand Margaret of[ erly, about 403 feet, at /Tuesday. ]. . Mass S .................. , a right an le to said last 2"00 P M Gleaners 2rid unoays .. " Westernmrs went to Phil- [ meal. Roasting WelDers, [~ Tice has been Theological [ You 11 enjoy the famous |Toronto Canada are here [ g . . [ " " " - - , [ ...... "S, ]/$mbUrg to ride in the par-]marshmallows and enjoying[s'ecretarv to the Vqorld[comics Dic~k~Tracv Poke [visiting at the home of his| course, to t.~e soum / and 4th.wecKs | .... - ' s ( " .... right-or-way nne of At- ot monm l1/-ItlNIt~d~lO q..,~ ade,, and they won first m. ~res constituted the. ev- Council of Churches. Geneva. Mary Worth, Donald Duck. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brad- ' ~" .... | ..... C| ~p4ace~,For those of you whoJenlngmeal. TheevenlngwaslSwitzerland for the oasttand twelve others Column- ~ley Judy, and at the home of [ cnlson,.lopeKa~:~anta [Weanesuay. .... [ .... CHUR_ ' r~ " , d s " ' , " - ' "" r r n Rr " r H re Kanlway ~ompany; 1"00 P M Year 1, Nmnnln. michael rnne~, ,do not know, you a e judge |.p.nt singing stings around]three years. He is now at/~sts include, Drew Pearson,]he pa e ts, . and M s. . [ ...... [ .. ..... [ on.how the riders are dress-|the open fire playing games lAnn Arbor, Mich., obtaininglAbi~,ail Van Buren MarauisIB. Stauffer, in Jefferson | mence in a normwest- / ger mole ~lass1 --"-- ed, the way you ride and the [and learning a few dancelhis Ph. D. Mrs. Tice has[Considine and Becker'~On[City, Mo. Dick is a professor / erly,direction along t.he [ 3:45P.M. Primary Youth]Sunday: . ar lined u are s n " " ' E , . . . ) soum right-or-way line 4"uo l-' iVl Junior xoutn 151Die bcnool .... .way the horses e p .... p~ a d telling storms and taught four years in the Brld e lus F,ctnon, Adven- In the Unlvers~ty of Tort nto. . ...... .^^ .. ........ V~/e are real proud of thell~qble reading The girls bed-[IU. B. church-related college tureganp Romance Stories [ [ of.saia rauroaa, .about [ "1:3o v.M. ~'ear~.l,~v, ennIn-[Worshlp Hour .,] "i~esterniers for there were|ted down beneath the starslat LeMars, Iowa, and next There's a prize-winning[ Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fer- ~. feet, to_a point, au | . ger t~lDle t~lass /xoum r~our ...... ,a lot Of saddle clubs there, land awoke to hot chocolate year teach voice in the grade State Women's Club Page [gerson of Hardy, Nebr. were rods .ea~ of west line Saturday" ...... [B~'blenSrtU?n"'an~l* Some of the Westerniersland donuts furnished by the and high schools at Marcus, something, for everyone inlSunday dinner and supper or sam ~ecnon; thence 10:00 A.M. YOUth t.molr lolea e s, z a went ,to Haddam to a horse'/V. F. W. Auxiliary, the speD- ]Iowa. She is also a cellist in your fam~'lv ~ Iguests of Mr. and Mrs. Steve south, about 1788 feet, Practice [ 4th Tuesdays., ,ih~ and nlno,~,~ h.t ~ dnn',|soring ~zrouo Those in at-/the Sioux City Symphony, ~ The r~,~,~;~,, ~ ..... ; .... IArnoldv to a point 50 rods east |Primary Endeavor, ~, ......... v .............~ "" -" ~ and this will be her fifth sea .............. ~" .............. " of west line of said See rl n s Church [ Wednesday ,, ~know just who. Also, I un-[ tendance were Gayl Berry, ~__ - in time for mail delivery on .,~ ~ ....... .~ .......... ,~.~No_r_thbraneh F "e d . I~., c~n.,. "" " ~t~,4 some went to Os-.IAnora and Lynn Newell, Ri- son. nublication date either ~n Allrdu ~OSS was taken to t,o,, m~u uue we~t ot t.eWenaen uamett, pastor i o~=L ,..auc~, ~meand won and nlaced I ta and Cathy Anderson, -- ~own or on the rural route the Belleville hospital Tues- southwest corner of LaJaunta Winsiow, S.S.[ Wednesday ..., ~htO some are ~,oin~, t.~)[Brenda Huntsinger Barbara The Mankato Women's t~ .... a .~~..~ :.. ,,r. ~...o1~. day for observation. Block.1 of said Addle- Supt. [ ..~ ashtnoton I will'try au'd land Curdle Blair, Linda Softball Team, coached by tieD; thence east, aDout Sunday School at .... 10 001 a ." Cran le Di n Grout P ~ u t~ rx~a ~-uut~nue r, 632 feet, to said last 11"00 LUTHERAN t,'l~ find out the names of tho~;e[g , a e , aula Clara Hancock, has been un- ,~ ~ ,n,.,~,~ c ..... ~,, a ..... t,~ Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. .... Worship at .......... [ . . ,~ .............................. ~ ....... mentioned southwest Pastor Jones, ,~td~r~ and ~et them in t:he Rightmeier, Adrianne An- defeated this season The , on .~..~ ......... ,. r,.:Hamilton, Paul Roberts and . Friends Youth at 7:15 p. m. [ ....... O " ~l .U%J I~O-lly, I./II~U IIIUIILll lJgll" " " 1 corner thence north Sandra Wilson, next write-uv derson, Angela Meyer, Lyn- ladies have played three lv .~nd gunaav .~200 ....... AI Kale atended a Program . , ...... '- Evening Worship at 8:00I ,b,o ..... ~,,~-,,h~r Au,, 27 ette Lehrling and Tag-a- games with Burr Oak, three $12-.00 Daii'v"~ ~,"~i~h"''~,~',~, Preview Conference for the west, .aoout .,z~o feet, Prayer Meeting Wednc~dayl . .~ ~,~'~':,'~'"~,'~'~,;~,%,.oa Long, Roger Rightmeier. games with Lebanon, one ~:22"4a : .......... : 1966-1967 Cub Scout and a~ngt.nesum.w.estline at S:00p. m. IWrsnipbervice'' ,-- .......... ~ ........... ~" ...... oI said Addition to Sunda School.,~ ~m~ , with Downs, one with the n,,t~ r~;~,~o~ ,~ +h ..... ~, Boy Scout P~conda Dmtrlct . ._ . . [ Y .~ irA', "-" .............. ~ ..... "~" . , southwest corner oI .i~,~,'~ .t^,~, ,t ~ ~r~.,,.,, Camp Pendleton, Calif. Mankato High School girls our office Scouting Program Tuesday .,;~ nt,~,~t. ,~. ,h .... NAZARENE BURR OAK vv~ -,~ .... , ............... ~muw~,~r~x ~..;.~,, n.'-~,.. ~,~,~ ,,.,~ ,,,ith th" M~nkato " evenino in Beloit The An- ~,, ........, ~ ....... ~,,,~ ~m ...... ,.. ,,,.o~ -,,---~ .v.,~ q. o ~,,.~, oood ,-i,~er ~-'.-'.'--)--~v~a..c r,lvatc --.,~ - ......... t-, --.....1......,~. ..1 ...... .1.. a..~ au,.v.y, pa~.u. ~r~t~v~nP~' ..... , ............ Denms G Hockett, son of men. The following are Mr and Mrs wn u.;,,~, ual Preview Conference ................ ,, . . ~ . ... Lg.l OililY- ! U aria emserves cremt mr ' wi q west sloe or Silo 15,OCK Rev. l1111s ~" ' .... il to/ "~ut Mr and Mrs G E Hockettmembers of the team. Sheha worth of Lawrence spent the 11be h~ld in Mankato ....... Morning Worship .... 11:00 ~rn~e'st ~m~:mle 'in, p,lease, p[cR~tnfdalul~l Kan~?a:f CnO~i- jSho~m~k~mTO?n~onJOhc'~Sl~(n: Wgekhe:? inthMra, n~,~itiThV~istt] nextAugust. letsO p~ce prul~iglnr~Ln:d~ Sunday S~gOlip. ....10:.00 Sunday School.. telYfl~Ba~tevl~tra Junker Re- vidual combat training here. go, Joyce Bradrick, Linda and his mother, Beulah Carl Hamilton, son of Mr. alndng ~ecStthtomdesa?d Youth Service .......7:15 Worship '~'rn'i,~n" ", ~' l'~Nrino the trainin~J Defied OweD, Kay Kennedy, Donna n,;nkworth and Mrs. Vernon L. Hamil- ., .J ..... Wednesday Evening ......... ~ ,~ v -- .... ~, ..... ~, ~- .... - .... soum right-or-wayline " ~" .............. he received more than 200 Berland Betty Murray, Gila ton, celebrated hm seventh ...... Prayer Meeting ....8:00 , _ Mr. and ~rs. w.lnt ,~mlm hours of instruction in -uer Peterson Linda Milstead and Miss ~ was a birthday with a party Aug- or sala,ral~.roao, . Mr. and Mrs. l~n t~vo days in ~.ansas ~ - ' "~ . " us 1 m w r I e and or au omer property, and famil vaca~ ""-- --:-:': ..... :'~-~-"k rilla warfare the use of in- Faith Stroup Sunday dinner guest of Mrs t 9. Ga es e e pay d realand n~r~ana| and in IONIA EVANGELICAL . Y . ~1 wntt,-s w,t,, ,a,. ..... _~_. ~- ...., " week in StLouiS, Edith Oat and ice cream and chocolate ........... UNITED BRETHREN 1 ium fantry weapons, combat pa- ~;~l~e. Jack IS the Be g , " " h terests therein owned by ~rho was brouuht to Col trois, and squad tactics. Clair Beecher was a p~ea- -- chip cake were .served to t e ea~'h ,~ the abo,,,~ ,~m,~,~ CHURCH ..... --., ---- ., ~ " ' "~ ................. Mr no MrS ~tn,,~,'~*h's head-uarters His next assionment is sant caller at the Record of- Mrs Alton Kale was a guests M~tcneh be]rer, d,~,~,~,~.~,o at th"~ "-~'~ "~; ~;o DAVID TI~OTT, Minister .... ., a . . . ~:, ,,,.~ ,~.,-~ '.t - ~' Curtis" Rathbun Ben Lunge ~,.~.:~,,.~ ~ c,,,,~ ~. ,,,o iNlCnOlS visited Du f k lC e lal rice Tuesday Mr Beecher is staff nurse and counselor at or her death and skin the ,aGerman spy during our wee s of bus" sp c' - " ' . a ' g "---- " is r II Jack= oroved ist training to oreoare him one of our new school teach- Camp Lakeside near Scott and Jon Rehmert. r-,,r~ to assion th,~ ~me *,~ Worship Service . 11:00 a.m. Mrs. Jessie Lant ,W Itl Wa . _ . . _ ..... . , , .... ....... reha ee and for a s ecific lob in the Mar era, and will teach science C~ty and there a Chris inn ,~. ........... :,,_.~ ,~. ..... Sunday School .. 10:00 a m. .. ,~ tO be a Belgium g p ~ - . . .... " ;" " .~ .. .~ . - " : t.c l.,C~u-~ .uueu t.e~eto .I-I... ,.v.. w~..~,. ~r,; ...... Mr and Mrs t~ Wifft "a~d Jack became fast ine Corps. Marines to be as- lvir. and. mira. ~eecner nave ~ervlce bemlnar was held (First Published in lowell as of the date of death of ./-~ .~ /~-,,_~ .... r, .... ~ ..a ~;.mn .... ::-t b, as been Sl ned to lnfantr units will an eight mourns om son, from Au 15 19 The semi omer ~unoay atternoon at ...... : v .. frti~nds, and Jack . ~ .'g ' y ' " .~ ....... g. -.. , "-County Record, Thursday,each decedent, subject to~n ..-- " end at'the h~ome tl~;" st in the Smfth home be taught sub-specialities, t~rao)ey, and mey live ln,.Oneat nar was sponsored oy me. Aug. 11 1966) 3t any lawful disposition there- ~:,,v v ..... ................... aa,o ~ .... ;, Se~l years ago. such as the technical opera- o.r the new apartment. W.S.C.S. of the Methodist IN THE PROBATE COURT of heretofore made; and you Doric tieD of the machine un re/la r~ormwest Street Church of the Central Km OF JEWELL NTY ESBON E U B CHURCH ' " g , g ..... ~ - COU , are hereby required to file " KANSAS your written defenses there- DeWitt T. Miller, Pastor nude launcher, or mortar. Those entering highly skill- ed occupational fields will receive advanced training at resident technical schools. Mrs. Nettle Phillipson is moving from the apartment house to one of the Senior Citizen's homes. CROSSWORD 'Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lamb James spent the week- rld Chapman, Nebr. vis- l~h~ Mr. and Mrs. Leland/ ~reVing and family. Aiiwe~' ilT NEVER FAILS' sis Conference Around 50 teenagers attended. Rev. Marshall Stinted of salina. formerly of Jewell, was the director. Miss Faye Also- brooks of Burr Oak was also a counselor. Clay W. Brown, superin- tendent of the Unified Dis- trict No. 276, Esbon, and Jimmie Downing, principal of the district, were business visitors in Mankato Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ted White and four children of Pasa- dena, Calif. visited last week at the home of his sister, Mrs. Bradley Judy, and his mother, Mrs. Will White. Alvin Binggeli visited last week at the home of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Arden Clegg and family. He had spent his vacation visiting relatives and friends in South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Arkansas and was re- turning to his home in Lem- on Grove, Calif. Coach Larry Dreiling was admitted to the Belleville hospital Monday afternoon. He is undergoing treatment and receiving blood trans- fusions. Anyone wishing to donate blood may do so at the Belleville hospital. At this time visitors are not permitted and Mrs. Dreiling ~will be happy to take any messages. Leotis Gates, who had major surgery about two weeks at St, Joseph hospital in Concordia, is making some improvement. I I In the Matter of the Es- tate of William Frank Love- well, also known as William F. Lovewell. and as W. F. Lovewell, and as Frank Lovewell, deceased, and In the Matter of the Es. rate of Lulu Mae Lovewell also known as Lulu M. Lovewell, and as Lulu Love- well, and as Lula Lovewell deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by James F. Lovewell, William G. Love- well, Wayne F. Lovewell, Daisy Lovewell Keeney, also known as Daisy F. Keeney, and Wilma Lovewell Smith, also known as Wilma F. Smith, children of the dece- dents and owners of the real property herein described, asking the court to deter- mine the heirs of each dece- dent and to determine the descent of the following de- scribed real property in Jew- ell County, Kansas: Parts of North Half (N) of Section Twen- ty-two (22), Township Two (2) South, Range Six (6) West, described as follows: (1) Beginning at north- east corner of North- west Quarter of North- east Quarter (NW A of NEI/~) of said Section; thence west along the north line of said Sec- tion, about 586 feet, to the main travelled road running into the Town of Lovewell; thence southwesterly along said road, about 1331 feet, to the townsite of said Town; thence southeast 50 feet along said lownsite: thence east, about 1200 feet. to the quarter section line; thence north along said quarter section line, about 1107 feet, to place of beginning; and (2) Beginning at a point 50 feet northeast of northeast corner of Block 6 in said Town; thence in a northeaster- ly direction, about 1266 feet, to the north line of said Section; thence west 1767 feet along the north line of said Sec- tion; thence south '115 feet; thence west 96 feet; thence southwest, about 236 feet, to the railroad stockyards grounds; thence south- east 605 feet; thence southwest 150 feet; thence southeast about 491 feet, to said town- site; thence northeast, about 350 feet, along said townsite to the !! tedl, ,comer of .said to on or before September Earl Silsby, S. S. Supt. 2, 1966, at 10:00 A.M, of said day in said court in the Morning Worship 9:45 a.m. City of Mankato, Kansas, at Sunday School .. 10:45 a.m. which time and place said cause will be heard. Should BURR OAK CHRISTIAN you fail therein, judgment CHURCH and decree will be entered Richard K. Brook, minister in due course upon said peti- tion. Sunday School ... 9:30 a.m. JAMES F. LOVEWELL, Morning Worship 10:30 a.m WILLIAM G. LOVE- Jr. - Hi Youth ... 6:30 p.m. WELL, WAYNE F. Jet Cadets, LOVEWELL, DAISY Saturday ..... 10:00 a.m. LOVEWELL KEENEY, Phone JU 7-2293 also known as Daisy F. Keeney, and WILMA MONTROSE METHODIST LOVEWELL SMITH, CHURCH also known as Wilma Rev. Dean Rose F. Smith, Petitioners.Verne Dempsey, Supt. ATTEST: Byron Rogers, (Seal) Probate Judge. Worship Service . 9:30 a.m. Weltmer, Weltmer & Welt- Church School .. 10:30 a.m. mer Attorneys for Petitioners. ASSE~---~'~-~-GOD of said day, in said court, CHURCH in the city of ManKato, in Mankato Jewell County, Kansas, at George M. Bingham, which time and place said Minister cause will be heard. Should S.S. Supt. - Myrtle Ault you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered Sunday School .. 10:00 a.m. in due course upon said peti- Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. tieD. Witness my hand in Evening Worship. 7:30 p.m. the City of Mankato in said Prayer Hour, county and state this 9th Wednesday ....7:30 p.m. day of August, 1966. DALE E. KINYOLrN, CATHOLIC CHURCH Petitioner. ESBON By: Robert H. Meyer, His Attorney. Winter Schedule: ATTEST: Byron Rogers, 8:30 a.m. at Esbon 1 , (Seal) Probate Judge. d0.90 a,m. at Smith Center ' ~1 :!~ tI I''l ,~ ~';" ~l, ', FORMOSO COMMUNITY CHURCH Paul Temple, Minister Summer Schedule Sunday School ... 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship 10:00 a.m. Youth Fellowship 6:30 p.m. Evening Service .. 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting and Bible Study (Wed.) ....... 7:30 p.m. HARMONY METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Dean E. Rose world LADIES NEW FALL HATS and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Have 12-2 Romex Electric Wire 3:30 a.m. Worship Service 9:45 a.m, Church School 11:00 a.m. Worship Service Clyde Reed, Supt. Choir - 8 p.m. Wednesday ESBON, KANSAS ASH CREEK CHURCH OF THE UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST Esbon - Route 2 Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Evening Service .. 8:00 p.m. I will have in stock the 1st of WEBBER METHODIST CHURCH Webber, K msas Loren J. SIlsby, Minister Keith McKeown, S. S. Supt. Wership Service . 9:30 a.m. Sunday School .. 10:30 a.m. Choir Rehearsal, * Wed ........... 7:30p.m. WSCS---lst and 3rd Wednesdays ... 2 00 p. m. 1966, one truck load of number one BRAND Wire (barb and electric) Posts. BURR OAK, KANSAS :,~.~ ~ '~;, ;...;