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Jewell County Record
Mankato, Kansas
August 25, 1966     Jewell County Record
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August 25, 1966

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v A CONSOLIDATION OF THE WESTERN ADVOCATE, JEWELL COUNTY MONITOR, AND THE FORMOSa NEW ERA. _ - I 1 V?I. 76,. No. 11. TWELVE PAGES - 2 SECTIONS _ MANKATO, KANSAS Thursday, August 25, 1966 IF IT'S FOR ,I]EWRH. COUNTY, ..... WE'P,J~ : I lumx.new--that wheat and [ ,uu ILl.illS iecen[l C|ll l o.31tlll LUll Ul.llL.t:: IOlllll(;I,l loanof $1.25ree , II [[[] I , V /,il ! ,onI:;:,u,: Nc,,v' Ioo 'eAssurance To I D,rect "i ix (ost:5. ro a u . . n ,, . IManntannWheat Prnces I h u r l/ n e. A Ihas expressed concern thatihas been admitted that a[ ~l .~, [the recent increase in wheat[ short supply of wheat at this [ 1967 Wheat Allot-lwork and enables us to com-.like an oat-rye base for the[allotments may depress t time may force curtailment/ With few, if any, exceP-loperations, the state will re-[mills, and will i i ment has been increased bylplete payments'~lue you substitution of wheat if re-[prices, and has called uponlof this program, and the aD- Lions, Jewe[l county taxpay- quire the same.as last year, total levy in' I1 another 15%, and new not-I 1967 Programs " quested at the county office/Secretary of Agriculture rogration of treaties aireaay ters are in lor a ruue shocK[ l.ao millS, and the school 94.73, compared 9 will be sent to all pro-[ In 1967 the wheat allot-lby the producer having a]Freeman to give positive as-lmade with other countries, when they visit the county[district levy will be up from year---an increase' uucers in this county in theiment can be placed in CAP[barley base /surance that no effort will[ "For cooperators next treasurers office to pays24.92 mills to 40.21 mills, mills, or nearly double the near future An r duc r[ be made b the USDA to ear Dole continued the their 1966 taxes thin fall Randall tax a ~r w" ' " Y p o e ,at the non-allotment rate] For 1967"there will be no[ Y [Y ' ," ' , ' " ' ] p ye s will total for 1965 mmng to know what the] only. The non-allotment rate [wheat diversion and certifi- [hold down market prices lPrice support loan wil! be ,, The county itself has I catch it both ways. At Jewell, the school levy allotment will be maylaveraged about $5 00 in Jew- Jcates will be available on/next year. l$1.25 per bushel and wheat held the line" in fine snape, I Tne s=wer bond require- Iwill increase from* 19.07 multiply 115% times the or- ] ell county in 1966". [ 35% of the wheat allotment. / "Most Kansas wheat pro- ] marketing certificates will according to figures in the [ ments, a new levy this year, I mills to 31.58 mills fog '1966; xgmal allotment mailed to[ In 1967, barley will no/Substitution between wheat/ducers feel that the recentlbe issued on some 520 mill[- offie, e of Alvin C. Fall, Jr.,lwill require 19.89 mills, lat Burr Oak, the levy 'will you in June 1966 longer be considerod -s a/and feed grains will be [32% increase in wheat acre- on bushels, or about one- county clerk. The mill levy iThere has been no previous[be 23.11 mills; and aLl,boa, _ Paymenis [feed grain it can be'ham[led ]available in 1967 late for 1967 is no,guarantee third of total anticipated last year was 29.81 ($29.81 [ history, and the high levy is[ 19 84 mills. To date a total of $1 094-1 .... ..................... [ ................... of greater profits, he said.[ production per $1,000 valuation) andl necessary to assure suffi- Final figures for (:it 000.00 has been paid on] [Questionnaires recently cir-I "Therefore, on the other the new mill levy will be[ cient funds to cover bond[levies at Jewell and Rn~ wheat certificates, and $95,- _ culated. . in. his. congressional two-thirds~.of the 1967 crop, ,30..60 mills, up only .79 of' and. interest needs. . Coupled[. Oak are" In' ...... the process'" ..... 0 ~. 000:00 prod toward the feedI D~ll~Lllrlg'l Dl:slll, l~l' R~liFm, llnl~n~l, dmtnct mdncate that most farmers will get only what a mill despite 2.47 mills for[wnth other cxty needs, thns completion, but sonic zu~ gram program. We are hope-[ I I, ili, llllllt,~ llallil, lJU', l ;llll ;lll, I farmers now feel (1) that[the market offers, or the hospital bonds and mainten-lwill bring the Randall city areas will find maol,Jot feed[ Ithe larger allotment willlgovernment ance, a new levy added for[total to 39.04. Fall believes creases in the schv(/l' !t ,gram. payments will be sub-[ Ill[ I ILl ~ l m [cause lower prices, and (2)[ per bushel. It could mean a the first time. [ some reduction there will be I evies.... : ~:,~ ; anna!Ly paid by themiddle[ VVi rll I[Ul . rq[ /nmnl 'rlnn /many farmers will not in-[loss for many farmers to But school district l vies[possible next year. [ For example, diat:ric, ~epLember." . [ Vlll I11wlalllP~mVlllIJl~lkl1~/I 1 crease their plantings, produce.addmonai wheat ana and city levies, as far as the~1 A good carryover in the[now in the Burr Oak di~ .,, apot t:hecKing | Work is continu" ...... _t. ,: ....... t.^ ^:,^ "If the price drops, they[many of tllem may. prom on- computations have be enlRandall School last year had no levy last,year,,~t zne, t;ounty ASCS Office ]con .........mg (,. tne an ~-ln~,,. ..c .to mc ~. say it will be the wheat pro-] ly a portion ot their mint- completed will be substan-]made it possible~ to go[ school requiremer~ts ~:.~:~ ....... nas started soot check[n- I sLrucuon el tne new wmcn nas oeen mane ducer who t-ke~ tlaa r;clzl ment " ti~lhz r,~c~ra I thrt~uoh lq(4r~ uHthtmt ~ I P~ll f~r a 1 ' " 25% of the *" "' ' ~ packing plant northeast of through the Farmers Home ~..~ ......... . . . . ..... a ........ . ...... ~. ....................... .~ ,cry of 23,ii~al~21j~, f .... partscnpatmg[M ................ .... ;.... ....... and plants addmonal acreage[ Since the crop Is now m In Mankato, the total mxll[ grade school levy of any[a total increase. Distriet,l ; eeu ral ~mnatoine oasement nas~omlnl~u,at,v. .as ueen ap s ana farmers , g n tarms A s ot at reat ex ense wh short u 1 check is als b ' " been dug (and pumped outproved at the state office in - - , p ' wtll[ .... p y" .......... X .. levy next year w!ll be 102;031 kind, and the hig.h sch?,ol [O9, now in the l sl n; n ..... o emg made on/s ..... , ....................... : stano to lose money, Uolelare uemg enCuu~ag,,vu mum, comparea to m,uo rorlmvY was omy rams. rlct, will go Ironl no tO on arucl cvmm LIIII~S lOllO~,Vlrl tne lopena, anu is now in trte l , ] ,__ "P _ pating producers[ .............. g ...... ,... ,:..., told the House of Represent-!plant more wheat, D.oLe_ree s 1965 Of this amount, 29.22 For 1966 however, the 19.84; and District NO, 78, in as tlaa.t.have an interestlpart of the baseme ) walls action s at[yes Monday. l that it is only fair mat v - mills is necessary for city[school levy will be 23.79/in the Mankato distria, ., participating farm. AIII. _ _ Dole declared that there[man "assure farmers here /po from no lew to.ha i me assl nave oeen ourea o ..~ .~..,,. t'-- 'stance you can give] .., P Senator Frank Carlson should be no dumping of[ and now that there will be I mills ' ne reporter when he visits mumbm' g whmh' must be and Congressman Bob Dole, wheat held by the CCC or[ no eftorts' by the USDA to - - m = m [ The ..... new part of the uni- your farm speeds up his[laid beneath the basement both of whom were contac- any arbitrary cutback in the J control market prices." I-la l I [- r llrl/1 Ified district will not pay [floor is well along, and as ted Tuesday morning, have I Ilk 3 ll, l:lll %IIII]WIIII. 11 IUIII~ /the bonds of the old 1~ _ /soon as it is completed, the agreed to seek final approval . / kate district and ,s,l" H!LL_S- BUILDING ]basement floor can be pour- at the earliest possible date. ,. , _ I VETERANS' SERVICE =, . .,,. /,...r_ ,... ^ Z MOVING SWIFTLY led, and then covered with The grant would provide bad 5tory I M=llt,nn I'q t ieltl Drrlnr, a esVY [the all-concrete main floor, funds necessary to build a ......... [ A representative of the IllUlNIIII ,Jl llVl,tlJ I nr~,n,~rt,, in ~l~n~-~*,~" toe new shop buildinuibefore work on the suner- non tmo ...,, .... , ...... .-..t. wir. ana Mrs. Amos t a.a- IKansas V qor-ns' Commis- -- " I : .......... ; o " .... Ivla or iLelns 111 t e now under construction on ]structure can be started, north of Mankato, as well as hart of.Burr Oak were. killed[sinn will be in Mankato on ,..-,-_, (,._., ........ i. .... u ..... n ......... ....... :,u t,=,, ]~.,,n,,~ ..,, ,,, ~' ,~i.t.SL U~-3~ fn*" ~-I.,.~ u:,.. / ,,r~ .,, ........ In a neaa-on COlliSion al. / Tt. i e , o ~ atlllttell /4~au,tg, wolf, t,n tin= I m~tu~ LU Cumutm wine to,t- / uu,-,e;~ ~.a,, .,~. ~. Construction "Co rrogress tnen De tne money for toe fine to tne Ayr, Nebr., early Tuesday Lursa ,y, oept. o, ,rcm. o new Jewell county hospital lBurton requirements based lfor bond and in .e Completed w;,*';: _oeimore nouc,eao.te, sam mpn pmnt.. ...... morning Mr and Mrs Cal-/.t a.m. at me AtY[is underway at the site, and,on the population of the] 8.69 mills forS . ,u,m tuu nexc/waugn, cnalrman ot the lne ivlanKal;() ~acKing t~o . . ~, " ... . /llall tOassist veterans anol,t.^ ^_,:... ,.,,.., ,,,;11hal~,,.,a, ~,, i~r~ ~rvo~ ' ' " . ' two week ' "lanan w re on mew wa, . cue cau, w,,, 0,. ..... d,,tion purposes. T s or so,Glenn Mankato Development Asso-would expect to employ be- 5 thexr d, pendcnts or survey- , " , far 1 ' ~' ophff said T .... / ................. Hastings and unon roundinvt .7. . . [ brought down to the approx-I "Ihe group present also ' e evy will m .-c~uay. clal;lon, wmcn is bulletin tween 60 ann la eo ie as "- ors wlm veteransservice ..... He said they - , ..... [ ............. g . , P. P . the curve in the hiuhwav at l , [xmate level of the hospital[ dmcussed the road which lower, down fr , S -- ,., .~ a llttl tDe DUll(ling Ior lease to tne soon as the plant is reaoy - WOrK ~ , ( hart-handed- r.,:;~,t- ....... ,~1 ......... ..... Avr. he was a~parcntlvl " litself, according to Harryl will be built from the high- t) 2.42 mills .-, toe wur lvlanKato t-'acKmg mant to operate lnis ooes not in- - - , , , Was ~oin~, ri~r,~ ..1...... r,...~/ .........". - " blinded bv the sun Their[ ................ I Swope, secretary of the has-=way to the hosl)ntal and the greater federal v o -.~,,,~ ,,,~,,,~. DUU~t ~S hoped that the plant elude truck drivers, buyers, J " U~JK~ ~r~OW ~ . '. .' , , Hills was in De ............. [ .......... car collided head-on with a l ............... Ipital board. The county road l county wsll deflmtely re- Actual expends! uve~ uie tHst Will De compmtea in March alia others doln DUslness ,..~/~.l-ll~[/'~. ~UU ~g &/ , of the Week / ..... " " g " truck I " i crew is do[no this dirt work I serve sufficient space for the pected to inc ---. WelL In aavance ot the 320- with and for the new in- " -- " " " ,26 The new building, u, iH ho/~ .... , ......... Funeral serwces for Mr[ .............. I A meeting of the board l constructmn of a chmc aL a $ ,000. Other 60x80, to house'"~'he"~ho~/~ay o eaonne, sam waugn: oust ry., ........ and Mrs Callahan will be[ ,Qm)ut.:~ao n eao,(n oatrY[was held with county com-llater date little change, d, p, ~ooott ~onstrucuon t~o or lne ouimin itself WiLL De " cattle, ant owneo oy some . [ " . plus an ........ ectton memO", /..,b . . ." . . ".. , , , g . . held. Saturdav , Au,,o. 27 2-00]. " ........... " - mmmoners Monda ,y and the Those. present, at the ally higher he highway I# o *; .... 1- - g n m at the Christian Church I ....... [ blueprints were examined inl meeting Monday included things the court t g anna, is the major contzac 121 x 169, not lncludm 200 Kansas a ta ana r . , , , dition. -, ....... ,,U-ltO ,..... the holding pens or the la- [n i3urr __...Oak- [YOungsters, w L e n..a, s-Idetail, The building will be[ Vic Tullar and Ray Dietz, Totfil cot,t0,kV , __ [ xne applmatmn tar . a teen system tar sewage dis- r i pm.y at.an same size as that plan-[commissioners; Bob Meyer, $24,278,79Sj :: grant of $150,000 for the ]n osal umry snow m anna rrmay / County Outl--U ~o~--.- [ , " " p " NOTICE [ - "~ - .,~ ,., ~,,, I ")a 9"7 ned by Carl Ossman, arch[-[county attorney; Ed Walker, In the .... creaseo water ca aClt and ann atth, -,, " /" p. "y . ~ ['., a ~. "i" wiil'e tect, but in order to meetlcounty engineer; Kenneth get, bond ~tia(t ; . Casn ann tropn es e ain ' " " Because Kan.~a~ ~ ...... / A representative of the[ ...... ~..~ ,,. ,~,,~ ,.,., a .... 'rt new Hill-Burton re-[Wheat, chairman of the has- qmrements me are maki,,- ; .......... | ............................. ;Seem[ Security Admml tra-[ ........... llulrements, some mtermr/p~tal board, Harry Swope 15.44 to 1~7.75 m "*1~ *lutll'~/ILiltllL clecl- ,ll~llU I . o emrles orrerm * to llOtcn . -. ' ' , S....... I IN I~UYU ~ULP IUUKNN1~N'L" I 1-. ........... / , g P t:han,,es hove been made Isocretar,," Charles Fo-o and m,, for th,~ ~,,,~ ,u,,s atmut theirf non will nexl; ViSl[ lvlanKato , . . . . ~, .......... j, . ~, ~, .... ~,t~' programs at **';~ -a-a-rmmgllN HOSPITAL HERE AUGUST 28 [ ansas on Thursday, Sept l',/c()mpet t,on fo, r thin _group [ The structure will now be ITem Miles board members, crease: The get, "" '""~ 'l l or young p'ople /A.umlsston o uv, "u rior dow ' year, Ka ' 966 Persons desirin, infer- 7, . ' . ~lanned for 30 rooms. S me Roy Bin elt, of S pe , n ,24 of sxt ecnnmi~ ........ I. --'(") Y ............ ~ation are renuested to call/ ~ . ~," ..... are double rooms, andsome the other board member, and hbraryftgldl~. . nsas State Unlver- Frank W Bus Be d, ed- The Mankato Golf Club g to Saturday s judging event .... __Y .o ......... wm again liter the Jewell County nOlCllng mezr rail upen lour- . .... ;'1 .. /is [ree to me puollC tne _:_.., .......... ,,, U_rris 3rd district mill ' present a " ' I - at me L, ourmouse between[ " ul tile ~111[~1~:~ UUIIIS Will. U~ l~lCCtl IlO, , . ' ':~.I."Y series of agncul- Record is a atient in the nament on the local course show will be held at Ken- . tural . , P , re lar e enou h to acccommo- commmsloner, were unable the budget COunties ..... I_ " - " " " " ceivin" benefits because you outlook meetm ' A ood 8.00 and 12.00. If you are - g g . gs m 83 K U Medical Center at Sunday, Aug 28 g wood Park I ~x date additional beds if they to be present e pendttu['~s Of ,~,l..tg me next KansasClt' , Kansas for ob turnout IS expecteo 6 ' a ~ ~ " * ' ' .... three weeks ] ........ Y- ..... " Also, the Golf Club will started getting them before are needed. The change was i of.which $15.1,4 T;,,,, ~ ." .-. n~e[vutlon ann treatment tam ...... _ .. ,~ ..... :,, .... : ...... ~ .... I tSA~D UI' II-l~Nh;~ __ ted to come Irol .~,,- uunter, county A~r;-loa~ .... :~ ..~ ~, ,7 ,, ~,~.~ hold a WOrK t~iuht mis on, yuu wm re~c~ve ~uu,,,,~,-I . _ : ~. CUlt ' - u, ix. u. v eu- . ..... ] water ancl et ural Extension A ent i rhursday evening, Aug25.txc notlfxcatmn, about mgn- ,, . , ; indicates **. ........ I__ ter,Kansas City,~, m=,~a ........ koh ~n in~" un for medical insurancel I want to thank .;veryone RHEA ATTENDS JEWELL COUNTY oty s valuation t g , cal Cen ' . ' Co,,,~ ....... ~,l.a~ .me, public, [ Kansas. [.~L. "-"..'%-~'~'~..~.'~.. =:.'~.': ~.': ..~.~,..~,;.... ;., ,~,~ a m,~nth~ [ who remembered me with SHORT COURSE REACHES BOND Total ex ndi -,-:,-w,ue ouuooK m, -f-I H~lp ~==~::~L Lll.l~. I..,UUi.~I~ 1,~(~1,~ I.UL I~IULK:7~,I-IUII, 111 LIIG o ~t.a ....... I J 1~. ...... :.e...,....A i~....,~,-.~. .~.,-~n ,trmln *,.. * Lp~ [ng for Jewell County w"i]l I the tournament, before the month of your ] carus, g,ff. [ ..... It)UUI/' . JPUIK unmea, scnoo! ,: oe held at M--'--" : .- ....... 65th birthday You will havel mncneons on my olrmuay. [ Phil Rhea at courtLana is -- are esumatea al au i.ttLO inme - ....... .... .......... ." ......... IThese kindnesses will never attendinv a retail fieldman s Glenn Grout Jewell coun- ;()r the next 12 "--uurmousemeetin . . nt, ptt u m ul.a[t [ o ..... . on Friday,Sentm ,g. .. The Mankato Swimming -- tion automatically thelbe forgotten., .. , , r short course at Kansas C ty ty U. S. Savings Bond chair- includes J ,~ ~,. v ~,~- ~ ,tt rOOt WiLt close rrio v Au~' ........... ...... I --Mrs ~iiey icnarason Au 22 26 It is s onsored man, has re orted that local bond re uir a*l -ou p m ..... " %' ~' A ~'lano-urgan INecttal IS monm ou reacn oa g. - P P . q . Larr,. ......... zo mr me summer, m he ,ivPn at the North Y ' I -- I bv CCA, a wholesme coop- purchases of E and H bonds months, r arlay, x en;n:na2:o al: Y" I ranch riends Church, Aug- .. - I CARD OF THANKS erative which serves over the first seven months of as well as a L will summariz ....... tmzanem ,rnene nell ust 25, 1966, at 7"30 in the Ulric Momers I . , . 1,750 local cooperatives, in- this year amount to $382,029 to pay Off for*"- -- what s aneaa ..... ;... "r'~ r olt 'l Celebrate 25th Anniversary I I wish to say thank you to eluding the Farmers Union - 106% of the quota estab- Fall belie [t s entermajrrisesCrps .... and live- Mr and Mrs Raymond. givenCVC'm'/ 'Dy ........ - -- ' / my relatives and friends for Grain & Supply. lished for the entire year. district budl r'tl ....... P . !n Kansas. Holl are the proud parents of ..... ,.,~ ....... a ~, .... r,u,, The children of Mr and the flowers and the letters The course stresses the This compares with a back a bit ne t " ~tUUll;lOn t ~t~Lta ~lUl.I'~|3p ~I~/~|U IMLI[~d ~/l'&l-/'l'%~ " -- -. o the general a daughter born Aug 22 at : ..... ,.. Mrs Ulnc Mohler will hold/and lovely cards. Also for imnortance of bein well in- statewide average of only "start-un" I ~IUUI~, O, ISC ' ~ * tb ~U[UIalL /llVl L~t LU ~1110 , r ~ g ter arou,.. uss!on will c.en- the Bellevlllc hospital. Ehz-,wen[n- of Sniano and or an Open House m honor of[the many prayers for me formed on all phases of co- 61.3% of quota. Reports the new ucn.. specmc abeth Arlene will be wel- ..... *" their Silver Wedding Ann[- during my stay in me t.om- operative work. from other nearby counties: hi h, as livestock, corned by two brothers, Le-uuet . versary, Sunday, Sept. 4,[munity Hospital at Beloit. __ Rc:Dtublic6"8 Mitchell used to me dai '_ ee,agrams, soybeans, on and Lawrence, and one 2"00p m- 4:30p. m.[n the'May God bless each one of 316/;,,; Smitfi 7i% of 1966 oenses ofun ricu ,,,p ou_ try and eggs, at- sister, Cheryl. Mrs. Paul Lange Dies C'hristian'Church basement, you. NOTICE , quo"tas, have been ri i,,- poncy, toed retail- - -- -- Burr Oak, Kansas. All Mrs. Martin Johnson. . Fall is ,s, =no consumer bu in re m To all members of the "" T~.:- Y g. NOTICE ' Mrs Paul Lange passed friends and relatives a " - " . *)f workin~ ._ a county-wide ........ " this Wednesda,, riled to call. THANK YOU F.F.A. There will" be a wa- Lions" Club Notes "., ....... Z vi e t g,a t:n Veryone in- Jewell County Repubhcanmarrying. Funeral serwc s termelon feed following a The last o t- the bi-monthly Notice We wish to express our dip in the pool There will when it thanks and appreciation to also be a chapter meeting, meetin~so for August,~was. ,oral ...... atrect The Mankato City Library Mr. and Mrs. Darus Henning- Meet at the City Pool on held at the shelterhous~ m l will be closed for three sen, Clarence Blaylock, Lyle August 29, 6:30 p. m. wea- the park on Monday night [ 2 ;W;re inl weeks beginning Monday, Swinton, Jim Murray, Dean ther permitting, this week The occasion was I" .;, , Ladies Night. Guests includ-I W~s~:esmi~ Aug. 22 to Sept. 10, inclu- Smith, Lawrence Sanders, sire. It will re-open Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Carl DeHaven Fete Reunion ed Mrs F W. Boyd, Sr,I . ' , -, m dewell ( Mrs Lend-ql Granam ana~ Sept. 12, 1966. Paul Hackathorne, and Vera daughter, Teresa, Mrs Glenn lwere a~ Marietta for helping us to The Fete Reunion will be Hale, Mrs. Glenn Kuiken,I ! Mrs. George Warnen nd our new home and to Mrs. held Sunday, September 4, Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Sp .nCerI WEATHER Mrs. Lyle Swinton atteMed Laurence Stedman, Mrs. Leo 1966 in the Mankato Ar- and wives of the activeI a birthday party for rs. Parsons and Mabel Yapp for mary. members Dean Leece at the home of getting dinner for our help- I Clyde Re~ her daughter, Mrs. Edwin ers and us. Quick Family Reunion The outdoor meetings fo,I ther observe the summer are now con- ! inches of. Ross at Webber, Monday. --Ed and Ethel Loomis. ings will be held m the base-lature for.t~ ~ The Quick Family Reun- eluded Forthcoming meet- ni ht, AU ~ i Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ost, Recent visitors in the Ce- ion will be held in the Su- ment of the City Hall. /on Thurs~yi Kirk and Kim returned home cit Korb home were Mrs. per[or City Park Sunday, ! after an eight day v'acatmn . Bau sch and D..an. Aug. 28. Friends of the faro- | the low was They first visited the Darrell Dean is home on furlough ily are welcome Celebrates 90th Birthday /Aug. 222._ Osts at Riverside, Iowa. from the Navy He has been Then they traveled up to stationed at San Diego but Mrs. Bill Peugh and A few friends from the[NOTICE , Mankato, Minnesota, on to will report back to Memphis daughters, Tamera and Sus- Mankato Apartment ttouse[ .... South Dakota to the Corn Also visiting were Mrs. an, of Dodge City, Kan. gathered in the afternoon,| There ~i!ii:'~ ,t.^~gi~r~ ~ __ velnsave hm hfe' !~g~stl,aalt~e~i~mk~iY~!i dayfVa~n~s~:~vesat the Palace, Black Hills, Bad Ruth Wilson, who is leaving spent' the weekend at the Monday, Aug. 22, in honor[of the CIi ' . . " ' '" - . . i Lands and Mount Rushmore. to be a college housemother home of her parents, Mr. of the 90th birthday of Mrs 1 o . the hc me ! , i "'i. . relation, the Blaine Blac ers, daughter, Donna, who lives fee were served Mr. and day - In Colorado, the Osts visited and Mr. and Mrs. Korb's and Mrs. Lester Broyles. Stella Lamb. Cake and cof- Waugh at at 2402 L. St. in Belier[lie. Mr. and Mrs Alfred Ross Mrs. Paul W. Lamb also call- - very tightly to a rescuer, home and then went on to of Hacienda Heights, Calif., Jack Wakefields, Glenn Most drownings occur with- Glasco with an old model visited the first of this week Rockwells and Argil Ren- returned Friday morning ed in the afternoon. NOTICE in 45 feet of the edge of the Massey Harris tractor they at the home of her sister, zenlmans. Kendell Ost stay- Milton Rafferty visited the form a trip to Jordan where --- -------- shore, had borrowed during the Mrs. Russell Hooker. They ed home and did the chores. Record office Thursday. Mil- they visited three weeks Mr. and Mrs. Roderick The ; .Miss Adelaide Regnier, fair at Salina. also plan to visit their --- ------ ton has been working on his with their daughter and hus- Weltmer, Patti, John and will ha daughter, Mrs. Gerald Pres- Mr. and Mrs. Donald asters degree at the Ne- band, Dr. and Mrs. B. I. Carrie returned Tuesday if- the the Mr. and Mrs. cott at Lamed, his Swinton and braska University. He will Naddih and son, Sam[, Aside :ter a trip in the east; They rs. Ted Grove . at, teach science at the South from some i were through Kentucky and and Missoari :State ~lsIlcoming ! Virginia to Washington, D. .....f i, ,={' , I ]~' I C.; I