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August 23, 1962
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research associate at West- sented to Superintendent Westin.&apos; most of the summer at .the sk ington State College at A hearing was held and Mr. Westin Dunstan home, and with other rash., will be one of 49 denied the request that the Jewell relatives, here, left Saturday for his . students to receive the county land in question be attach- home at E1 Paso, Texas. Jeff Gar- of Education degree during ed to the Glen Elder high school,man, Jr., who has been a visitor nt ceremon,iesAug. 16 district, l in the Dunstan home and with State College. An appeal was taken to the relatives in Courtland for several addition to the doctoral can- State Superineendent of Public In- weeks, returned Monday to his there will be 420 seeking struction and Mr. Westin's decision home in Los Angeles, Calif. of Arts degree, 225 the was upheld. of Arts degree in teacher While the above decision merely I Mr. and Mrs. Kelth Shepherd and family of Polk, Iowa, and his a • ' • • .nd. 13 the Bachelor of demes the transfer of the 20, Mrs. Llzzm Shepherd of in hberal arts. tions of land to the Glen Elder dlst-. Mankato, are spending this week a'- - a exercises will be rict, it is understood here that the at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo t 'P.M. in Garden Theatre land will be attached shortly to the Blanding. Alfred Briggs was among ! ' campus. Dr. Chester Jewell Rural High School district. I the group for Sunday dinner at tr chancellor of th " ell Re ublican 1 ndin home .... e Urn- -- Jew P • I the B a g • u uenver will give the  I Mr Glen Kier of California was :l.cement adclress. August 21 Is Anniversary of Sousia caller Saturday afternoon at the as. a native of Jewell and Daughters of the Saddles, Inc., home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brew- .Kansas, received his B.S. , the seventh er. 2sa educatmn from Fort Tuesday, Aug. 21, "s . Out of town callers and visitors i  s tate College in 1941 anniversary of the Sons andlthe past week at the home of Mrs ;_lVl.A. degree from Cola- Daughters of the Saddles, Inc., theiMary C. Johnson were: Mr. and te Uollege in 1949. national prairie pioneer societY tMrs. Harold Johnson of Lamar, tug_ht at the Atwood Corn- with a membership composeaIcol o Mr and Mrs Max Berry V l'i' " "' " " ' f lgh School m Atwood, entirely of persons who have had lwad e and Joel, of Scandia Mr. rora 1947 to 1950 and from some experience in Sod Houses or land Mrs Leonard E. Johnson and ) 1955 served as principal Dugouts. Sod Town, located 2 miles IDebra o; Mankato, and Mrs. L. J. s.caool. In 1955, he was ap- east of Colby, has been declaredEmigh, o Lean of the McCook Jun-l"The Prairie Homestead Capitol oI I Mrs Paul Imler and children ox uege at McCook, Nebr., a North America." This is Visit Sadist. Paul, Nebr., were Saturday al- l e held until 1961. While Town Week. The society has 341ternoon callers of Mrs. Jack Hig- __e: served as a Fellow in members in Jewell county. I bee and Michael. yauonal Planning Service. I . ..... I Mrs. Marshall Bishop, from north a, served in the Air Force Neighbor on Soum . rngntof Mankato, spent several days last world War II. Street met at the Alvah Mennuseniwee k at the home o ner mater, home Saturday evening for a wa-]Mrs Ella Patterson. 1746 Emerson ! termelon party in honor of Mr. and :d,. -J .... ........... n,,,b,, .......... tnk hi lath- _ Denver 16 Cola I Mrs Jan Menhusen, who have been .... u .... t-;n,  ,h, v,, oyds: wsltmg Jons parents this past i ..... ,nlt,1 in Grand Island , h d Is $3.00 for another week, since returmng from Ft. ]Nebr on Tuesday, where he will ne Record. Bliss with the lational uaro. l,,,a,r,o tests and observation re free here having nice l They left Sunday even.rag for i Mr and Mrs David Peterson and -atner now G sum where mey Will VlSH: *'t" " • • lells " YP . , family of Hays are spending ths are here on a visit Rosahe s parents and commute to[ .... ,_ ^, ., , .... v k. ,o,n,¢ • as Cty Mother s back Sahna each day where they have ............... ,-,,.^_ ansas  -" ; - ' " " "- "" ...... Wes-lvlr. ana Mrs. .na. u.. u., ,  ano. Ieehng real ,,oo¢t I employmen on me xxmtas t ..... • ...... ,.- ....b -. were" cos f_arnily s hwng here t leyan, car_pus .artin_g M_onday] Mr and Mrs. Everette Doxon of v- =,u Joan is ena.ed to I morning. Tney wlu Join oe semu'} o..;,,o ,,t- r,,¢ ,a Mr and ned, no date set vt ° l at KWU his year and will move ".''...*", "'-'_"P_ZT,_:"_- iZ;.- teery hello to all of our into one of the married students[ s_n uoxon ano amny ua xvx CO " ' yllt:fUll unty friends. We enjoy apartments on the campus Sept. ,. "Rnra IRvnokina .r t e(h ourmUr.Ch; _keeps us, in] 1st.  ] Stn'l'y atle home-o'{'ir.-d nend in Kansas • - I Mrs Gerald Bassford and family The Byron Grouts " Cheryl Halstead was guest solo-I .  . .. " list at the Presbyterian church in] at/er°aie r court has been made Petition To Smith Center Sunday morning • _ Attach Jewell .... ........ ieilavailable by the City recently on ml To 1 ,august 1 ne was accompan G en Eider .... • ..... u n. ]the lots where the stand ppe --____ on me piano oy jan lwenn se r ................. n ..... hia ] stands to accommodate construc- __=L t ecision State Supt m. eam nammact arc, .y**__ I tion workers and their families. arockmort " • ",anti mrs ,lvan lwennusen were • • _ _ on demed a pc- . . • ................ i-e]Chas Doxon m making the neces- =questin tha . also m attenaance. nery v c " " " s ,. _ g t 20 sectmns of .......... , .... :. I mary convemences for trailer house - school lan " , eacner mrs am wanea, * . _ d m Athens and l • ..' ........ b--_Ion hs .lots south of the Dewey [ree townsh;- To,,oliImlnlser oI music a me rres y ],_, ..... ..e .attached to Rural High Itermn church. Edwin Balch and Maye Balch of tnct No. 2 (Glen Elder) l _,.,.,,,,.--...-..., ]Mankato and Mr. and Mrs. Jim _ unty. The land in ques-]" I Balch drove to Lincoln, Nebr., on otwo tiers just north of] F(]/['}S NEW ] Sunday morning of last week, and T'L'aitchell county line I ......... I anent the day at me name of their ma.tter of such a transfer i BY WAUI[TA WEI sister, Mrs Alta Randall. tt  last March when a pc-I__:-- ..... -- : .... -- ] Mr. and'Mrs. Harold Elyea and tm such action was pre-I NIr.-and Mrs. Richard Worley] son of Palmdale, Calif., and Brad 0^ tounty Supt. Carl A. ] c]ro, e un from He,in,ton, Kans., Ritter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar tly _ oewe!l county. Sub-] o-n-iVionday of last week to get his! Ritter of Arlington, Calif., arrived counter petition con-I mother Mrs Millie Worley who here Sunday for a visit at the name !had snt the uast two weeks at of Mrs. Elyea's parents, Mr. and US FOR JET PUMP the hoe of Ms. Emma Joerg. Mrs. Elias R!tter, and with rela- ---- Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Keeler and rives at Jewen. :RVICE .on and Garry Keeler of Montrose Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stafford re- were callers the past week at the turned home Saturday after an e - home of their grandparents, Mr. tended visit with relatives and and Mrs. Roy Keeler. friends in Oregon an.W.ashington. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oman and Dale Spiegel orougnt ms sons to daughter, who were enroute home Formosa, Saturday afternoon, to from a visit with their daughter spend the week at the home ox and family in Texas, and at the their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Blackwood home in Enid, J. A. Spiegel. Dale retu.rned home Okla., were house guests Friday that evening to Emporia, ann on night of Mrs. Clara Breckencamp. On Saturday morning the Omans and Mrs. Arne Oman, who had KANSAS L&B been visiting her mother, returned to their home in Dawson, Minn. Mrs. Olive Dunstan, age 81, passed away suddenly on Wednes- day at the Senior Citizens Rest Home in Cawker City. Funeral ser- vices were held here Saturday morning. All of Mr Dunstan's children and all the grandchildren except one were here for the fun- eral. Sunday morning delivered the ser- mons at the Methodist churches at Staffordville and Cottonwood Falls. %, Lifeblood of the Community TYur dollars are what make our home town click. :IY .support our churches and schools, provide s that attract and hold young people, make our cOmmunity a better place in which to live and raise family. Think tWlca before you let your dollars leave home. one for good, they help no one. Spent at home everyone banefits and that is good for you. Bry at home and save at home. That's the sure Vay to keep our future as it should be.. • bright. First National Bank MANKATO, KANSAS  5:- Money 0vdes. Personal Loans lastallraent Loam - Insurance of all Fiddtt00 md-Sure00 Western Unioa Money msfers Ameriean Express Teelers Cheeks of Federal Deposit-Insuranoe n OLD]EMT RANK IN  Ul '. ' ' ..:<" Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Johnson left for their home at Lamar, Colo. Saturday morning, after being called here on account of the death of Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Olive Dunstaru Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Nelson drove to Topeka on Tuesday where they attended a meeting of the Moorman Feed Co. Mrs. Nelson's parents, Mr. and Mrs• Earl Tobias accompanied them on the trip and spent the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barber. Mason Joerg of St. Charles, Mo., spent the week-end at the home of his mother, Mrs. Emma Joerg, and called at the home of his uncle, J. B. Joerg. Mr. Joerg, who returned home in Sunday morn- hag, was accompanied as far as Kansas City by Mrs. Margaret Gertson. Bill Joerg arrived here from Merced, Calif., Thursday to spend several weeks with his brother, J. B. Joerg, and with other rela- tives. Johnny Florell of Manhattan was also a recent visitor in the J. B. Joerg home. Mrs. Vida Inge of Concordia was in Formoso on business Monday. Howard Ross drove to Scott City on Sunday to get his wife, Gladys, who had been visiting at the home of her aunt. Mr. and Mrs. l%oss will go from Scott City to Pueblo, Colo., for a visit at the home of thier cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Clair Lib- hart and family. Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Gibson and Jill of Smith Center were Sunday dinner guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Field. Mrs. W. F. Logan received wurd Friday of the death of her sister, Mrs. Chas. Kruskopp of Ft. Smith. Ark. Mrs. Kruskopp had been a Tim Marble, and Elaine and Diane The July lesson was given at the little Pammy Jo Callaway. 11 Black Whiteface Steers weigh- ]trilr l home of Mary Smies on Aug. 15. Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Dicta and ing 770 ls. sold for $25.75; 22 Rosalea Dunigan and her sister, 'The Laundry lesson was gve by Sherri spent Saturday at the Glenn Whiteface Heifers weighg 630 Mrs. Robert Ewing, came up from i Mary. Each member had ta {en Bartley home while baling hay Ibs. sold for $24.55; a set of Short. Kansas City on Saturday. After a samples o water .mm melr wels there, horn Steers weighing a little under few days visit, Mrs. Ewing and and Mai'y testea  m see now Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bartley, Vel- 800 Is. sold fur $24.90; a set of three daughters will return to. hard it was. Everyone was sur- da, Charlene and Marlene, were Shorthorn Steers weighing 700 l'hs. Kansas City• ! prised at the hardness of their well Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. sold for $25.55; a ringfull of White- Dinner guests Friday of Mr. and, water. They were glad to know Allie Tucker. face Steers weighing 870 Ills. sold Mrs. Earl Tobias were: Mrs. John "chat, by following the instructions Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bockhall for $25.50; a string of Holstein Rogers and Mrs. Carroll Logue and Ion detergents given by Mrs. Self, of Sterling were Sunday evening Steers weighing 760 115s. sold for son, Glen of Wichita Bill Corm of they could have better luck with callers of Mr. and Mrs. Art Rooker $19 80 ennox," "mwa, ann" "'mrs. Marvin' their laundry, ann mrs. veroa Alcorn. The Block-. A few of the larger cons' a Nelson and family --Lauree Mettler, Reporter. halls were former teachers, in the were: Dale Mahaffy; Kelviny- Mrs Merle Woocls and children  .  onla SChOOlS ann were enroute er; Andrew Stafford; Clark Op- - _nda her" sster' and her famil, y nar ........ I -""'"-=" home from their vacation trip to linger; Roscoe. Wrench;. . Bob Tve; rawly escaped fatal injuries one /'TTA NEWS SvS aKivIrs Bob .... _Don .Johnson, Bill Th.iessen;.L B: day last week when their car stall-  tJ. zz' , : .... .. nose ann oa- Jennmgs; rugene wise; cnat ea ...... on me rmmoaa crossin-g west of , t Iy t ............ xa..vNA BARTLEY ney let. aturaay. . morning for a Gardner; Raymond McDill & Sons; ormoso ann- was sruc" k by- a' ,--...-,.,-.--" vacatmnhl .traP to. the Ozarks. Judy Morris Hipolite; Wayne White; ......... .... the I ...... . .. .. , A vers s caring for Tammy and Don Shou Ervin Thom n" Ivan rregnt tram. The Iron enu m  rs Ella Alcorn ann Mrs. helen ,,h, r ...... - . .... pso , car was comnletelv demolished,} V" • __,.•^.., , n.,,. "'.ri" "'"." .... warren; tgsear wrote. ,_ .......... YC_ _'____., were tos'on are ,,puy-u  ., ,,- Gerry ann Jack Looms and Gall Cattle are selling on a real uu xune u u,e uccu,,, Cafe in ManKato inured " "'onda Bartley enjoyed swimming Sunday strong market at the present time. r, , ,,o r^. .... , ,ri.hital Nell Manchester was a (vx  y afternoon at the Mankato Pool. If you have cattle to sell, get in __Y2".",::. Y.Yt_"'_.K^ .L:' hie ! over-night guest or ms cousin, uau Mrs. Dorothy Stetler of Glen touch with us; we have lenty of pcnt la w:cr a n **u*** v ..... Bartle • P • ....... rs Ed Y" . .... Elder plans to have the recital of buyers for your stock See you 11% gannsCtpary?thiVelr'hi:n;arents' Mr l Jay Wierenga nas nOen eqnUtearl her music students, Friday, Aug. ithe auction Friday. " and Mrs I_mMoyne Johnson, 'were the tasttw: WwletKsd slicer, drs 24, at 2:00 P. M., at the Christian DEAN JONES •  " .... tansbu . • nurch there. Curtis Shoemaker, I Nora, Nebr. m 19enver, to!o. renaa t ..UerITo m Miles, and Mr. Miles. _ Carol Baden, Sherri Dicta and Gail i VAIL McCLINTOCK ithw%mtarddO sp?t me we= Mr. and Mrs. Wenaen lwoyer anct Bartley are among those from herei Simpson, Kans. -" ,.v,vn ,:nnm a,u g. rmpare '" --' on I girls_.__.,____oo,,.,returned laome w eunesaay who have been taking lessons this[ BOB ISAAC Bele, of-?rlchi'e-spendingara! eVrnand'Mrs:'rrol"tRose and suimearnd Mrs Harold Menhusen Mankato, Karts. few days this week with her p -ITim enjoyed a vacation trip to the ^ o.q, ...... :. :::^_C ^-^ ?:_._.. I .............. S .... ,,.. -, ,.. ., .......  .... *'.-'L".-" "nd 1JmCK milS. ±hey. axenu.. to visit their daughter Mrs. Rex National Alumni Fund Camga, ign ivxr. ann vxrs. jonn Moore a i Passion Play ann am some nsnmg Henninasen and famil Tuesday o+ TZonoos Wesle,,an Unive ,'i fam!l.y of Salma and Helen Moor while there. ..... they attended the property sale of chairman Earl C. Wyatt commenl TleleWrTPnraOueVhnm g f%Gen a :Br afa- r trehran:hdhmmu°te:je ewlval!; nTMhry  asn:utMrsiiAgV,hmMTa.nah  from a vacation trip to.Oregon anditheir cousin, Mrs. Elsie Bradshaw, Mr and Mrs Dal;YHe00n0000Zenl00eaderde0000rtCa000000fi -00tia-00Zi ] W ashington. ....... and I at Franklin, Nebr., Wednesday af- and NIr. and Mrs. Rex Henningsen I among e Kansas Weeyan t' ] . Mr. anq lvirs, uavenar e va-ltern°°n" • "  i ...... nd and family attended a family l ni here. ] Ivlr ann 19ermy D Mr ann mrs tee I nluman a n i mc Inner Sun w • : " ' ;:; ......... ks I_ • . . ." ...... breakfast a d pc d "l More than 165 voluneeers  ] Helens, Ore. Guests w _ • .. , li • Y supper. I tributing' to the fund Thi nour Mrs. Frank Dempsey, Mr ana mrs. wee-ena. Mrs Grace Memhusen of Law " " Marr Dem s , Mr and Mrs La- We had a nice rain here Tues- • .... '. .  . "]to 40.7% participation, a high l. p ey. . .. •.. t ........ rence wste trom unay until centage according to national av- verne Dempsey and famny, mrs. day mgnt ana are hoping tor more: Thursday of last week at the home ; er,e Dennis Murray and the nonor t The corn ann milo IOOK nice, ou , ,o ,anddau.+^_ _ ,.. I 7. ." .... ,_ ,__ _,..__..  u, , I . * ^.**.^. ^... ; +l. Ioc÷ ,  "' * ' r*=, vx*.  "tOtal glvlng oy ule aUlma ,ul- • . ........ Hennmgsen and family. I current expenses for the flsoal year Mrs. 2%nnaaelle V.msonnaler arm the weeK.  ..... Denise Brokaw celebrated her i o,n;,,, X,,n= 30 was 26 011 84 This dau hters sent Monday with her I Mr and Mrs. cloral bpe ann first birthda,, Frida-. t ÷-^ -^--^! "-"-' ' h ...... r , "r:-., g P " " " nin c 11  j ,a va,€ **u,,,= incluaea IU,O'll iU colll;rlDUe father, Walter Gutscher. i Rlchard were Fmday eve g a - of her parents Mr and Mrs Orlo -- ..... " ....... Mr. and Mrs• Forrest Dempsey l ers of Mr. and Mrs. Eth!e Wilson. Brokaw Dale' and" Della Guests I $?4g?7n%2:t°guatyPm-t and family were guests Sunday of[ Jewell Pee Wees ann UOOKleS were Mr and Mrs Orren Brokaw Z .,o :. - .. _ . .... her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer played ball here .Friday. evening Her other grandparents Mr and l ]eVem.ghn s ?:&'lncn°T e i .4; Alexander of Mamkato I with Jewell winning ooth games. Mrs Walter Railsback and uncle ' " "-- ' ..... "-' ' • ' Pe " ,. . , over las year s contriBuons. Hawthorne Club met Thursday ] Sammy Colsort p,tched for the e Max were gone on thexr vacation, t with Murna Keeler as hostess xen wees Gordon Alcorn lanned to re ' " " " er P "i SARASOTA, Fla--Mis Varena., members were oresent and one[ Mr. and Mrs.. Bud Zadma w e turn to his work at Mankato with' ,-**-- ^* -^ "v .... --. guest, Mrs. Deveey BemthaghfslYndedIeSdoSUPae%g:;sinfy Mdc i the Jewell County Highway De-av;sl;:oUSaasot'a ' Jtg; ¢:rd Hutchinson. The next g _, .. Y . • .... partment today (Monday) after a during her recent vacation on been postponed until Aug 30, and lVicki Zaama remrnect name wire two weeks illness ' Florida's Lower West Coast "- will be at the home of Alma Kin-ltheir parents. " ]visitors min-led with fle :'u- - • ' i melink  ""q Foun In Superior, Nebr.. I Mr; and M. Maurxce Sire .... MANKATO .LIVESTOCK J and other rare wildfowl from e Kenneth Howell ann two osns[ ann Jane ana mr. ann v, rs. rm .................... I continent roamin , freely in of Sylvia, Karts were recent visit-IVan Wey returned Friday from umuuat,,.n' ,.. --rv. ]. ,.n:€ ...... ao h, ors at the home"of his brother, Mr. l their trip through the Western .....  .... 1 Dn'ts of"m'eresn-,lZle r_-,:- ............ -' famil-- '°'-t-s The-- sent the first week we naa a real gooa run ot nve-i ` - . - , ,a- ann vlrs JlQOn l--loweu llU y i ou e.   -- ....... aens were nunareas o • f re with the Glen StuCK again las weeK. Tnere are . . Mr. and Mrs. Ca_rl Florell oI]at, O .., ........ = lot nf cattl movin at the ares-Icolorful .tropical plantings, huge Courtland and R J l:'loren ana/tmmennK ramuy, rlnmng ,,,, -i-;..Z-_ _-=. .... -----,---':---- ,,1 Palms borderinu iulle David of Lincoln Nebr, spent Fn-, Agnes and Charles free. They a _,__: ..... .._: .... ,_ ....... • ^_ t r-ils and brflhant macaws and ,4 ..... ; * '.1 o n¢ M r Ir rlrae n¢ interest includinu uecueu Upl/liUl* a te pevztc u,J" -_, ........ r--- uay =,=,,,,, a me ,,t, ...... i*,*t,.j. . ....... -- ., , .. - . o ...dh ,.,o,r 4ho .; € l;,,=llCOCKatoos wnlen loose WIWI V1.$01 . .. .. . -- :-,_ -A t._ - "'"^ "" ';" BUilt wnlen nas w,,. ,,- .. ,...o . --o.-..t __ . . ano virs nowam l"atl-lt;K ¢*u *,*.* a llue UCUL* uu, s -, .... ' ,,,ill an llif@ S low notn]o think I for plctures ily. Mr. and Mrs Elmer Patrick brought many famlues to Mantas. -?.-. -..,,----7 7---- *---*- .... --i - " were visitors on Ionday evening. [ The visitors left Madras and drove catle wnl get cneaper as, we wor.z I ..  Voc h ., ""  ...... '----- 'lub ' "- o^_,-,^ ""^h to attend the mm me Iall run. Wnlle omers mrm  ivlr ann vxrs. awm  .... " ' ' h m the ,,ey ,l, ,  ....  ..... , , , ........... ..., ---., --.- and their famlhes enjoyed a pmmclWorld s Fair. They came. o e .  ÷,^,, ..... t-o ,, ,,,,,÷ , a, ,h,, :-iken of Glen supper Sunday evening in the north route, v,a 'Grana oume ":" o-.e,; ....... "7 ."-.-.r. -" , : ........  .... ¢_.-- .. _ "" nk "o  - ' Dam Yellowstone, and many other or me aDunaance oi eea. lme rlaer were rnursaay evenmg am- ma a r'arK. • ' o ........... ook- will certainly tell, but there is one I ner guests .at the home of Mr and  places ol mmres u,a ,, - .. . e " re seems to be" Glenn Kuiken. " Bridal Shower Honoring real good 0o them as they returned tlalrl, mr sur,, me., . i mrs. Susan Hu,,h home plenty o came m me country. ] .... '  Mrl and Mrs. Frank Dicker and Andrew Stafford sold the top l Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kuike ardl Miss Susan Hughes was guest of family of Boulder brought his par- hogs last week for $18.15 per hund- Cheryl and Dennis Schrock had honor at a miscellaneous bridal red. The pig market has been run- ! dinner Sunday in Belleville shower at the John Magnusson home, with Mrs. Magnusson as the hostess, on Tuesday evening. The gift table was covered wth a cu linen cloth, centered with a bou- quet of pink and white carnations and huckleberry, flanked by pink tapers in crystal holders. After several con0ests the bride-to-be, assisted by Miriam Hughes and Sandra Gillett, opened her many lovely gifts, with a gracious, thanks afterwards for her shower• Re- freshments of fruit ice, wafers and punch were served. Those presen were the bride- to-be, her mother, Echa Hughes, and sister, Miriam; Mrs. Ora Frye of Esbon and Mrs. Ida Livigood, aunts of the bride; Mrs. Louise GiN lett and Sandra of Burr Oak, coUs- ins of the groom--be; Mrs. Alma Kinyoun of Supemor; Mrs. Norma Cortner of Mantmto; Mrs. Etta Joerg of Courtland; Mesdames Maude Howland, Emma Joerg, Florence Westin, Margaret Gert- son, Mabel Haskins, June Haskins, Opal Watson, Alice Dexon, Mary Hughes, Edna Ruth Clark, Ella Patterson, Bertha Bishop, Zelma Johnson, Maxine Keeler, Argie Appleby, Etta Young and Helen Hi-bee Misses Frances and Sara McCune Sarah Baird and Florence !, Nelson, 'and the hostess. Live and  E K IJ. ] The evening of Aug. 2, the club members and their families met at the home of Clarabelle Hajny for home made ice cream and cake. Some members took ice cream and others took cake. All but two mem- bers and their families were pres- ent. All had a race time visiting, but had to rush home a little early on account of a rain storm. The meeting for July was post- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dicker, home Sunday after a ten day visit there. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Colson and Sammy took Mr. and Mrs. Dicker to Boulder, and the Colson family also visited Forrest's sister, Mrs. Blacker, at Yuma, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Trubey visited Thursday evening at the Roy Van Wey home. They had been atterading the World's Fair. Connie Van Wey went to Mankato with them and returned to her home in Belleville. Mr. and Mrs. Elden Johanek and family visited Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Van Wey. Mr. and Mrs. John Loomis and boys returned home last week from their vacation• They visited their dau.hter, Mrs. Eldon Hollern and farmly, and their son, Larry, in Manhattan; John's sister, Mrs. Gene Payer, who is a patient at the K. U. Medical Cener; Mrs. Loomis' sister, Mrs. Orien Burns, at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.; and other scenic places in the Ozarks. Mr. and Mrs. Art Rooker and Mrs. Nellie Ault were Salina shop- pers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Van Wey were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Zadina and girls of Be- lair. The Zadinas came up Sunday evening and joined her parents for a fishing trip. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knoffloch and Orren of Wichita spent the week-end with her sister, Miss Vera Marietta. Don Kennedy of Tabor, Iowa, was a Saturday afternoon caller of his cousin, Mrs. Glenn Bartley and family. Ilene Rooker and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schmitz and Shirley of Be- lair visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Art Rooker. Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Van Wey visited Friday evening at the Doyle Alcorn and ning about steady for several viisted a friend, Lewis Jeardoe, t weeks. I the Bellevlle hospital. Mr. Seard The cow market was steady was injured in an automobile I e- again last week, selling mostly cident Sunday morning on his WaF from $13.50 to $15.60. Not enough to Mankato. bed patient for over 2 years. Ray Libhart of Caney, Kans., Friday on his sister. Mrs. Ross, and other relatives while Mrs. Libhart called on rela- in Courtland. The Libharts to return later for a longer with relatives, here. American Legion Auxiliary met at the Legion Hail on Friday after- noon with 12 members present and one guest, Mrs. Arne Oman of Dawson, Mtnn, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Appleby family of McPherson and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Appleby were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mr.. Bert Diamond and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Marble and family of Wichita spent tle week- end with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Patrick and Mr. and Mrs. Tim Marble. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Porter were Stm<lav dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Porter in Jewel]. Guests Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pat- rick for ice cream and cake were: Mn and :Ms..,Dale: Marble nd family of Wichita _ndMrs. Flgar Isaacson BI ,xn, ©o,., poned on account of muddy roads, Ronnie Callaway homes in Man- @ Home Grown Melons, Black Diamond or Long Grey ....................................... per lb. 2c Cantaloupe .............................................. per lb. 6c Potatoes, large no. 1, not washed for storage ............................................ 100 lbs. $8.00 Potatoes, No. 2 ............................. 100 lbs. $1.75 Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash FR00'S ro2J00 SCANDIA, KANSAS KATE GREENWAY DRESSES from Don't Forget To Vote for the Bicycle to be Given Away September 29th. 00ING'S DEPT. STORE