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August 18, 2016     Jewell County Record
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August 18, 2016

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8B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thur~l~r, Augus118, 2018 Northbranch ~.y Erma Dillon Tim and Wa.ada went to Wichita to a Warner family reunion on Saturday and Suv.day of last week. Glenn and Patsy Warneralso atteeded thereunion. Edith Ayres just retnmed from a bus mp that took 42 people to the Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Nmthwest. Some of the highlights were driving through Colorado. Wyoming, North Dakota, Alberta. Canada. Brit- i.sh Col umbia~ Wa d~gton, O~egon and Idaho. They visited s~es along the way including Lake Louise, Banff National P',ak. Ja.~per Natio hal Perk,Mt.Robse~, HelPs Gate, Buehart Gardens, Vancouver Aquarinm, Space Needle. Pike Place Market, Lake W~hin~on and Me. Ruiner. Patty Bird has heeJ1 moved from St. Franc is Hospital to the ski lied care unit of the hospital in Grand Island. Here she is being cared for as she recovers from a bad reaction to medicat~o-~s she was given for the shingles which she has been sufl'ering from. Robin Rose is also seaffering from a severe case of the shingles. ]can Davis joined the quilters who meet on Wednesdays in Lebanon. Recent'% Brett, Beth. Lily, Claim am] Wyatt Walker lOOk a five day vacation from the farm. On their vaca- lima, they traveled to Oma~ta to see the Henry Dourly Zoo and visit with Beth's Annt Diane and Uncle Mike. While at the 7.oo they saw Beth's cousin, Kylie Combe. training lemurs. Next ore their vacation the Walkers h'aveted to To- peka to see Jon, Carrie. Andrew and Jacob Bonebrake. While they were in t he eastern part of the state ~heW alker.~ went to rural Oskaloo~ to visit their college friends. With three little ones. Brett and Beth are glad to be back home a~d on a better outin,e. Throughout the summer Marilyn leffery, her daughter-in-law, Belinda. and Belinda'sdaughter, Bethany.h ave enjoyed what ~ called (h ir Friday Fqing -- a time to have lunch together in Mankato. This week, that came to a c].o~' a:, Bethany left on Sunday for cotlege at Colby and Belinda will .soon starl her teaching job at Rock Hills Kamemn Shute was seEedu$ed to g- home to San Jose on Tuesday, how- e~cr his flighl w~s postponed toThurs- day. He was happy to stay another day o~ two! He is heading toTucson tostart college on Wednesday of this week He had a good two w~ kS with Uncle Iota andA,J Stin. Aostin is leaving this week a].~o for KSU. .John and Errna Dillon were Sunday dinner guests of Joyce MeNichols in Red ClowJ, celebrating a belated birth- day dinner for F.xma. Jean Davis was a Tharsday morn- mg caller at the Dillon home, bringing a bag of'quilting scoops so Errna box a winter supply for making some chiltl~n's quills. Jean is an accom- plisl',ed quilt maker. Ruin start ItS- I|n- ish. |1 is with Jcan's permission that l tell this little tidbit of history. M~ny years ago when she was just beginning herquil| maki ng hobby she had lenn ie McEIroy quilt one for her and Jennie charged 517, which seemed a big aJr, Ountofcash[ SoJeandetermined to learn to do her ow~ quilting. F~m lay observalions she has become an excel- lent quid, tar! There is a lot of lime consuming work to quilting and it just may well be something this ~'ribe will never accomplishI. Littk: one year old Selene Davis eatertaim d her great-grandmother. Jean Davi~, on Satarday and Sunday while her mother was at work. The five people from Superior who attend ch.ttr 'h at Northhr, Lqch(,k) a geXgl job trl making logistics for each of them work as they sometimes have diH rent plans for the rest of the day. Such was the case Sunday when Mat,n ce and Earlene Jeffery were hav- ing lime al daeir daughter's, SusaJ~ and Sieve J'anda, Joyce Mc Niclud s h(=sting John and Erma al Red CluutL beth Jeftery and Marilyn Jefrery dining in ~up:riur and Earl Buckley traveling with Kermit and I x)yce Jeffrry to Mankmo for tun~:~ and a visit with Lonnie Bt:cklcy at ETC. You have to give them a gold slat- for making all of m this work from week m week. Sunday morning worship ser- vice at Nonhbranch Fdnmds opened with Pastor ,ton Harkne~s giving an- nouncemen~ and noting the numerous prayer ~s with a gpecial time of prayer for each one. Musicitms were Rosetta Jeffexy, Liz Jet'~l'~ and Col- leen Jeffery. Serving ~ ushers were G lenn War, net, Tod d Jeff~"d a~ Becky McNichols. The pianooffeJ~ty played by Liz was"Ag~us Dei," which refers to the Christi~ theological concept of the LambofGod. PastorJon'ssermtm text was taken from Jtldge~ 14:[,-9; 16:4, 5 and 15-20, This sCfil~Um re- lares the story of Samsem who from birth was set apart as a Nazarite by his parents. He was a judge for Israel for 20 years, often with no regard for God or the Nazarite vows he had taken. He is often thought of because of the strength he believed came from his long hair. Even though he was not always a faithful judge God used him to fulfil His purpose. A time of open worship was given when as Friends v.~ believe that lhe Holy Spirit speaks through each of God' s people and thus time is given to share as He leads. I Esbon ll By Gk~na Fogo Never have l seen more beautiful crops then what we have this year. Them axe ears on those giant corn stalks, big heads filling on the milo. The soybeans look great and have grown so big and I presume there are hearts h~ging undern~th arm the al- falfa looks like its ready to cut again after having already cut at least two good clops. As usual though there some fields that youean't see the crops bc~au.~ of the tall weeds along the roadsides. Why doesn't that farmer rr~w those weeds? They have been mowed arou=td my farm thanks to my ~ nants, Good job. Monday evening ! met Chug and Carol Fogo at a restaurant in Beloit to catch upon the latest family news. The youn~er Fogos were on their way Same to Manhaltan having completed, a I0 day vacation in Keystone, Colo with part of their family. Before they left that s~ate they d~ove to Central City to look mound, This was not their first visit to that tourist town, but itdid mark the 5Oth annivezsa~ of ff~c summer Chug worked in the famous Teller House Hotel there. That s-miner be- tween semesters at K-Stme hedeeided be wanted to dr) something different am] did. Something that doesn't often happen any place happened to Chug white them. He was working late one night, shout 2 am. The owner of the motel saw him and the next day he was nodfied his salary would Ix doubled h)a lhc r '~,t o[ the eason~ taler in the ).tar her~'eiwd aletter from Ihatowner offering himajob forthe next summer. ('hug had to decline as he knew Uncle Sam would be his employer hy then as he wonld beon active duty with the Air Force. "[-~.;it StOry brings to naiad another" Chttf slO1"3'. |:'or prubahiy three sont- tner~aftergr~duating fronthigh~hool he worked as an engineer aide for the r, tate h,g h v, aydepartment. One year he had 1~ anetld ROTC sunamercampand to I inibh off that sunamer he was with the J ewdl County bridge ere w. But the story I ant recalling is about the time ke was working for the state he worked under Don Hamilton of Mankatu and he thought that whatever Don did was righl and no doubt lm was eorrecl. N~ doubt Carol has heard many times- "'Well, Don Hamilton did ant hulk this road." His reasoning was th~l the ' wagon a rough road and Don did nol build rough, roads. The Willitt family clo~ed the caie Friday do, ugh M~oday and vacationed in Colorado. They were in the moun- tain area of Westcliffe. They visited the Daryl Frost family at Cotopaxi, Perhaps cupid was their guide. Larry McNahb arrived home Wednc:s~t~ morning after time with family and friends in Pinedale, Wyo. loved one STRUGGLE 0nthe staks? have the AFFORDABLE solution] MENT/ION TNI$ AD FOR' $250 OFF* m This week's report from Mankato Livestock, Inc. Friday, Aug. 12 7 M~x Heifers 271 575,00 6 Mix S~ers 414 180.00 7 M~x Hull'era 587 157,00 14 BIk Sleets 627 165,0D "~8 MIX Heifers 706 145.50 8 BIR Steers 632 160.00 61 M~x Heifers 743 144.75 6 BIk Steers 769 152.00 ~3 Mix Heifees 71t 142,00 29 BIk Steers 822 144.50 52 M~ Heifers 815 138.50 7 M~x Cows ~ ,185 70.00 7 Char SteePs 252 575.00 7Co~CalfPaim'~,450 1.850.00 7 Mix steam 328 190.00 BARN PHONE 785-378-3283 Consigned for Friday, Aug. 19 6 Young Fall Cows; 12 Older Pairs to split: 38 BIk Red Fall Calvin9 Cows. 3-5 ye~ns old. bm~. blk', 45 BIk Sleem and Heifers, 700-850; 20 BIk Steers and Heifers. 850-850 Jon Russell, 785-374-4577, Call 785~B ~ 9-6 I I5 N~I Bouray. 402-879-5566 ScoR Greene. 785-54~8612 Kelly Boar'S, 40~-879-3051. Ca//402.879.5567 .~ repor~d 1hal there was cool weather, even frost there. He didn't realize that he mis ~'d last wedmnd's heantifn[ cool weather fight here m JeweIl Cotmty. Lila and John Frost stayed three days this past week r, eeing the sights. like Cabalas. in the Wichha and Kan- sas City areas. While in nonheasu~m Kansas they drove to Gardner to see Scott Marihoglk in the ~hab facility there. On the way home tlx*y stopped in Believille and grandson Colin White came home with them, Garrett and Leah Silsby. Anion, joined their grandmother. Eula. and they all stayed in Denver. Coin visit- ing their aunt, Anita Silsby. Part of Garmtt's time in the car wa.m't too pleasant as he was car sick. tfyou read my last week's column you r~ doubt noticed a big mix-up. The Esbon Fire Depamnent meeting was cut short and after taking offsome of the Esbon UM Chtweh lines they then were hooked onto the RFD 3 lines, making a very goofy paragraph. Several other items we~ printed in with the Randall ~tems or left out cont. plainly. I will now give you the items. Sorry for the mix.-up. The firs~ Tuesday evening of each month is when the volun~ers for RFD 3 of Esbon meet to take care of any necessary problems and IO have a meal together. Thai aneeting for August was last l'ue 'sday night. Those present were Dwight Frost. Mike Pate. Dave Hastings. Randy Fogo, Ray Mizaer. Charley Fischer, J.D. Pucntes, Danny Simmelink and Bill Alien. Bill pre- pared the meal which was oriental food with rice,noodles,egg mils.cherry pie and ice cream. Rod Rose was the associate pasto~ Sunday at the United Methodist Chumh, He talkrs:] tothe large group of children by first saying toth~m'~thin gs am r~t always what they seem to be," Say liken zebra. When that animal is in its native habitat they are very hard to see. Also yo~ can't alwaysjudge people by what they look like. Rod ~ from Lake 12 mad titled his ~nnon, "'there wilt be divisions." C.xl the Prince, may cattse a division, hut we humans can al~ cause a division if we do#l live right or don't believe. Maybe you can see the clouds, but not the coming of thestorm, the same with the coming ol" Christ, Roger Underwood assisted in the ~rving oftl~ communion ele- ments to the congregation, which in- ciuded guc-st-s Logan Gillett. Scott. Victoda~ Mal~ylaandCade L'F, cuyers. The candles were extinguished by lerrod and Loga ~.Gillett. Lily and Clair Walker. Ioys mentioned were from Wanda Tl~um~cl that she has a new g mat-granddaughter, the announce- meat oftheCatlmli~ wom~'siee crearn social this evening, and that Scot~ Marihughis maldag progress,although very s|owly. Fellowship follow~. I believe I ha~ now repeated all thai was left om now we'll go back to what has happened j u.st this past week. Rhys Marihugh is staying with his grandmother in Downs and his plans an: todrive -back and forth ashe intends high school at Rock Hills. Thursday night, the Esbea City Council met at the community center to conduct Aug eat business. All ntem- bars of the council were present. They are Daphne Manning. mayor; Ken Marihngh. Tim bemdt. LD. Pennies, Eldon Pate and Barb Mi~ rter, council members: brian Vo'r, oril. cle~: L~a Frost. treasurer Oiscassiuns included the city budget and care management replacement At a recent Kindler family reunion wh ch w0 s held at the Friendship Cen- ter in Salina, Eula Silsby, Gary mui Kns Kindler. were antong the large crowd of descendents of George and Mabel Kindler. The lucky person m the altar society ice cream social was Bernice Bergman as her ticket was drawn and made her the winner of the homemade quilt that was to be given away that night. D lila.h Pate made this year's quill. Have you all Ixen in Rio this week: At [east you probably have been by sitling in froatof yo~rTV walching the various activities. The USA has cer- tain ly done theraselves proud and have gathered in lots of gold. Alberta Ump]tenour, Baldwin,Park City, Calif flew into Kansas City and was nmt there by her93 a~d t)4 year old brother and sister-in-law, She stayed a couple of days with them and last Wednesday they brought her to Betleville, whe'~ she will visit her brother, Burdette, and his wife, Janie Callaway.Thursday, she ca~ne to Esbon with the Callaways and visited Lucille Clark. Alberta p~ans a two to three week stay in Kansas. Satu xlay lone Shipley was in Min- neapolis where at their United Meth- od~ Chm'ch she attended memorial services for bet sister.in.taw, Dalle June Anderson, Cameron Shipley was the vocalist, Burial was in the Den- mark Cemetery. Als~ attending were Kay and Greg Tilton, Cadisie, Iowa. Jay ar, d Judy A~;k"rson,Shawnee, Gary and Teresa Shipley. Thursday evening rain came to this community. Amounts received were mostly in the 1,50 to 2 inches area but it was accompanied byabout six inches of wind. It's erabapple picking time for all Lhose wanting to make the li,te critters into jelly. "'Since Jesus came int~) my heart." Gale Burgesswa.s at thedoors greet- ing everyone as they arrived at the Estmn United Mell'xalist Church for worship Sunday morning. Wanda Thunlmel and Janet Kriley were at the o~gan an~tbe piano. Dermckand Jertod Git[ett tile the altar candles and Jerrod extinguished them at the end of the services. The Gitlett hrothers were the ushers and Lane Ur~dcrwood assisted in serving *he communion elements which had Ixen prepared by Deanna Underwood. Pastor Gerry Sharp brought the mornings message. He chose "where is your hear~" for his sermon lille and read ~criptures from Luke 12. Pastor annotmced that as of Aug. I ROd Rose is a licensed Inca1 pastor and wouId be serving the Jrwell County Parish quarter time, As Pastor w~at into his morni~ags message he said '~there should b nootber God bul God d0 s come firsl, personal family s~cond, Your church family can be next We m ust pled~ o0r alleg iance to our C,-od not only on Sunday but on every day a)f the week as you remem- ber God is supposed to be first in out lives. Following church all wenl Io Ibe basement where they hosted fellow- ship with the Catholic congregation as their guests. "1 know whom I have believed." Tht~, pa~,t week the Tkununel, Wanda and Ted. look a trip tn RapiO City, S.D and the Black Hills, They saw thousands of mmorc~les, but did not rake in the activities at Stargis. Making the trip special was the fact that they had two young drivers, Regina and Joel. The two towns to our we.~t were busy Saturday. Smith Center had. i~ "'cmise,"L,'ba~von ils "'hash,'" but Eshon had "Smn's Fest." Featured were 1he poker pan in the morning with a horse shoe pitching toamey in the afternoon in lh evening they hod homemade woful fired pizza available and the music until midnight washy Kill Creek Crossing. Once again Farmway has test plots, mostly uf corn and soybeans on oar local farms, At Jim Perouleks south of Oatbinetqf, LLC Kevin & Nikki Oat Kevin and Nikki must return to school, therefore the store will have new bouts, We took forward I0 continuin~ to serve you during our new hours: Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 4 p.m - 6 p.m. Wednesday, ll a.m.-8 p~rn, ,Thursday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. i ( Home Furnishings Custom Wood 1 ,Mattress Sets Furniture & Cabinetry 1L~ Chairs Oesigned & Buill l%.i-Lome Accents In-House 106 N, Commercial St Mankato, Kan. I~ Ir~ r,~,1 Facebook (785) 378-8133 kevinscreatMns@gmaiLcom F-om'~ O/eVa rv, ~:t.'n,~re ~a ~anee) ATTENTION FARMERS TEST YOUR CROP ACRES NEB-KAN Consultant Service offers Independent GPS soil sampling and grid sampling so you can know how much fertilizer to be applying to your acres this year. With margins being so tight, checking your soil fertility is more hnporta.t than ever. *** 785-569-1128 11~ rcates28@gmaiLcom p~,% for information ~ ) Or reach us at the office 1115 E, Third St Superior, Neb. =, CONSULTANT SERVICE 402-879~755 town. F~rm way has phnted three vari- etics of soybeans. They are Asgrow, Croplan and L.G. North of town on Ken Marihwh's farm there arearotmd 18 different varieties of the corn teSt p]ms planted by Farmway, Bohnerl We Id ing l'ewell, has a Pkv near test plot of ~oybeatts south of town along Highway 128 on Lane and Roger Underwood land. Bohnerts will have their tour A~g. 17 starting at 4 p.m, at the Und, etwooa plo~s. are other signs indicating the variety of Pioneer beans #anted on Ted Thornton1 ground. There is also e Pioneer sign next to Benoit's com. Sunday evening lone Shipley met her sister. Kay, arid husband. Greg Triton+ in Be|nit at a restaurant where they had time together before the Tihons beaded to their homeiaCadtsle. Iowa. ionia m Rod'l~ose brought the-Sunday morn- lag message al hmia United Methodist Church. The message w as titled 'q'here Will Be Division~.'" Scripture read was Luke t2:49-56. Rita Ro~ was the greeter and lit [he altar candles+ Brad Kohn wa~ tee usher, Ann Coison was the pianist and Linda Koho was the organist, Guests were Jean Rose and Ro~ Porter. Following the service, ROd Rose we)it to Mankato andtmmght tee message at the Harmony United Methodist Ckurclt. A~tg. I. Rod Ro~ was officially appointed Lo the Jewell County Pari~ as an a.~sociate pastor. Friday supper guests of Dick and GIc~ria Schlaefli ~oere Kenley and Linda Hull-man Tipton, Lt~m and Karen Bo.Ien attended an Archer OiI m~ting Friday in Grand Island. Afire the meeting they left on vacalhm Io Jo]iel. Ill. Stmday they weal lo Elkhart. Ind and visito5 die Quilt Garden an4 celebrated their 45th wed- ding anniversary. T'n Bodens visited Ireta Greg, a fitted of Korea's father. Other points of inlrrests visited, on the trip we~ the Grissom Air Museum in Peru. Ind.: a glass factory: m'M se,~ral covered bridges in Parka Cm~nty, Indi- ana. They aurnded the In,diana State Fair and st~ved in Rockville. On the way home, the)' stopped in Men%m and stayed w i~h/a~n Boden.and went on IO Lawzence and vialled Shone Boden and family. Frank Dieman's daughter. ,Shan- non Diemart+ El Dorado. stayed the weekend with Frank and Pat Diemart. I~1.~.1 Monday, Many Rose and Jes- sica Shaffer. Lin~mln. visited Rod and Rita Rose. Mon0ay I~ighl, Rod and Riga. Many and J e~sica were]oined by Michcala Simmelink and they all had supper together in Beloit. Last Tues- day. Marly, Jessica ~d Rod rode their moton.'ycles to Colorado and stayed a couple of days there before returning to their homes. A week ago, Dick and Gloria Schla,efli vacalion~ at Estes Park, Colo.+ and then 1raveled to Cheyrnlve, Wyo a~d attended a 50th wedding ThurS0~y, August 18, 2016 JEWELL COUNTY RECORD anniversary celebration for their friends, Dennis and Donna SpaLY . Thursday. Frank Dicman visited Harold Shoemaker Coke Wright remains in Lincoln, Neh undergoing rehabilitation therapy. Saturday, Rod Rose t~aducted the wedding ceremony for Harold and Patsy Topliffthat was held at theJewell Community Center. Friday night, Rod and Rita attended theweddiag rebel and later a supper held at a cage in B-eloit. Why are Kansas wheat futures and cash prices so far apart? This year's abandant hard red win- ter wheat crop, slow expurl demand and ample sapp|ies of low-priced feed grains available m compete w ilh wheat for livestock feedit,g have combined to pull Kansas wheat prices lower this summer. Anticipated large harvests of corn, grain sorghum, soybeans and other crops this fall are likely to further clog the state's grain storage and han- dling systems, according to Kan~s Stale University associate pn)fes~r Dan O'Brien. Oneapparem resdtofthetight grain storage siLuation is that the Chicago Mereanlile Exchange July Kansa~ hard red winter where futures contract did nm converge with t heact~l ca.~h pace being paid for wheal at designak'd de- livery elevator tot-aliens in cemral Kansasand KansasCity, Missouri as it rmrmally would. The disconneel bc.- tween futures and cash prices eouM have implications for crop insurance programs, O' Brien said. F~r example, on July 1. at the be- ginning nftbe delivery period for Chi- cago Mercantile Exchange July 2016 Kansas hard red winter wheat futures. the contract dosed at $3.94 a htL,;h l. down from $4.61 on May 2 ~ the price ufMay 2016 wlg'at futures at the be- ginning of its delivery period. Al~ on July l,cash prices tbr wheat ~uek Mds in Kansas City. Mo were $3.66 per bushel O~ Aug. 8, cash basis levels had fallen further to S0.5 8 perhushel under Sept. 2016 CME Kansas HRW wheal futures. Basis ~evels had fallen $0.80 to SI).85 per bushel reader designated delivery Lt~.-ations in Salina. Abilene. Hutchi,t~m and Wichita. "Tile current wide wheal basis silu- ation in Kan,~s seems Io he the result of [a~e inventories of wheat in combi- ,~tion with other grains accumulating in Kan.'~s grain elevator a n)ss the s~te in g.enrral, and al desi~ttated de- livery elevators in parlicular," said O'Bden. an agricultural economL~t with K-State Rer~a.~h and Exlension. Ba- sis is Ihe diff~ene~ hetween a local cash price fur a commodity and the price of a SFmCific futures contmcl of the same commodity and any given point in time. "These large inventories have re~ulted in greater demal~] for grain storage, and raised the 1]'ue value of physical grain storage space abov~ the rates of storage wtStten into ~he CME Kan~ hard red winter wheat contract for delivered wheat. As a re- stth, a posidve 'wedge' has formed between the true value or 'price' of physical grain storage space ~ the futures contract storage rate on de]iv- et'ed hard red winter wheat." Because of this, tong futures posi- tion holders who have been delivered upon by short position holder,s have an incentive to ctmtinn to pay storage and"stor "the warehott,~e receipts they have been forced to take rather than to "load out" or actually sell the wheal in the cash market, he ~id This incen- tive to hold and SlUm the deliveTe,d wheat rather than move il into the cash market isa majorcontributing t'aelor in the widening of wheat basis levels dar- ing delivery periods for CME Kansas HRW wheat at delivery locations in Kansas and at Kansas City, Missouri, T~ impact on wheat basis levels al Ibese key k~.-aUons filter out 1o other grain elevators across the state. One solution to the formation of such positive "'wedge/' ~lWeen the value of physical s~orage spate and h~wer futures conlractual s,orage rates on delivered wheat. O'Brien said, would he to raise the conlra lual stor- age rates IO a level as high asthe value of physical storage space is likely' ~o ever be in tee t'o~eseeable tilt,ire. Sttch action hy theCMEo~ tl~e Kansa~ HRW wheat futures contract would help In solve I he prvbtem of non-con ~'ergence between cash wheat prices and wltc~t futures in Kansas whe:n markets that occurs at designated grain elevator delivery locations.and that oleo:is grain elevak~rs aeros,~ the state "lf IheSe periods of no,t-co,war- grace for CME Kansas HRW wheat were eliminated, it would benefit Ka~- sa ~ fam)ers in terms of more el]:ucUvu and efftcienl crop revenue insurance programs and wheat marketing strate- gies." he said, "It wouM also help Kim- sos faralers and agribusiner~se~ m'zke more accurate and profitable decisions in regards to crop enlerprise ~lecLion, as in making profit m~ximizing deci- sions in regals to use of farm a.~ets?' Notice of Vote - Jev,~l County Pumuant of K.S.A. 79-2925b, as amended by 2014 Heuse 8ill 2047 Total Prq~erty Tax Levied 2016 Budget $ 5.726264 2017 Budget $ 6.108.757 Approved (vote) ~ I0 .0. pps.itions Available Now.! . I)~,Ckw of I [uman Rcstmt~ ~ , Asst leda I)ircctur - I[igh S,'ht)td Math teachers - ] {igh Schot)l I-nglish/I .auguag Ans . l~lcntrnt,~O Ic:act~ rs - SPED teachers - Middle I.cv l E,";1. teacher - Middle l.evel Math tc;tcker 64,000 lb. Excavalor Size does make FOR HIRE Wheel Loader Dump Truck Belly Dump Trailer Available for Tree Removal Farm Clean Up DemolRion Rock and Dirt Pond Cleaning Hauling For more information ca// ~ s To Apply Greg Wilson 785-648-0555 www.usd480.net /s ,uc,o U aturday, Aug. 20 10:00 a Auction will be held in the Community Center on the soul~ side efthe square in Jewetl, Kan. FURNITURE 2- Mission stands; 2-door cuplx~rd; I and 2.door c~nets; Wesldox dismay cabinel; bookr~ses; 1 and 2-door wardrd0es; 3 - cedar ~ests. buffet: ~r dresser, 3-fourdmwer dressers; side taste; small drop leaf ~bh~s; coffee table', large wall mirror, 2 Jol6infl shelves; 2-rockin9 chairs; 2 and 4-drawer metallilmg co, nets: metal cabinets: assorknent 0that furniture. COLLECTABLES 6 - q~ilts: 2 - qu~lt lops; u'azy qui~ Golden Dawn blanket; blankets: comforters: afghans; linens: vinlage clothing; furs: tablectolhs and aprons: hats: needle case; CM Russell pictures; 011~er #cluras; Tramp Art boxes; collar boxes; B Square John Deere B adverHsing; adverltsing calendars (Jewefl City. Ion~a, Beloit, Cawker City. Esben, Humboldt Browne, 0tibet); E C Ri~y and other lhennuneters; collecli0n of p~pet and books; magazines fi'om 1960 and 70s (Life Co-ed, Post, Time, Sport, Look. Hobbies); railroad ~mets~les', almanacs: road maps;gun magazines: automobik~ books; ConcoKlia Coco Co~a soda waler botUe; mantle clock; wall dock; Aladdin lamp: Sandsrson Art Co. lamp; brass and wooden lamp; brass lamps; lamp s~ades: Glass inc.: 45 pc. set Nodlake (Joa~t~ pattem), candleslicks, black ~ass, dfin~dng glasses~ #ichor and glasses: g~ss shoes; Empe~'ial looted bowl; tish bottle: Hoosier jars; rolling pin, balls; wall pockets: Bake and Serve set; Ishams bottle; salland pepper ~lecl~; glassinsulalors; ~iewer and cards; Lema~n mnduptoys; ~nted doll',chi~'s stove'~ model cars: T~otsie toys; watch fobs; bell buckles some Hesston; Mo Pac RR kX:kl Pittsl~h Steel nail; sleam whistle', Ixess grain probe; Army he[rrmt and inserts; brass bell; piano ml~; PoP rn~al dog and horses: Onekh tea and coffee set', thimble colLeclion some steril~g: stealing slx~ns; ~ck banks; brass o011ect~; talcum tins; wood wo~ng planes; wooden rna;lels; wooden handled toots: ice longs: kildlen colleclables; grid dm 91asses; lanlems; Inns', wel slones; pocket hones: cam Ash shove[; cast eagle; newer p0~i~ical ~ns; 1ok:ling roles; folding draw knife; h0~e bit; wooden ice skales: pipe ~ches; Irivets: k~e c~eam scoops; cheese box; lins; tHe tool boxes; asso~enl of oth~ col~:tables; yard ~ols Note: Rex and Belly o~-'ted lot many years, ll~ere are many ~leetables. CHECK OUR WEB SITE AT I~W~/.'rHUMMELAUCTION.COM. Rex and Betty Sumpter Estate Auction Conducted By Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC. 785-738-0067 II II II I