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August 18, 2016     Jewell County Record
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August 18, 2016

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Price 50 Office located at 111 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66956 Established 1890, Volume 127, Issue No. 33 USPS, NO. 274-940 Thursday, August 16, 2016 A portal~e shade helps keep the sun from healing down on the men as they dug during the Woeqly Mammoth dig h~d Aug. 14 in noOhwest jewe[l Counly. Pictured are (from te~) Everett Penner, Gale JeffeP,Mall Christopher, John Johnson and Sonny Johnson. Woolly mammoth bone unearthed in county On March 29, the John Johnson fam,ly was shed huming (looking for nailers) m the nmth w~.~tcrn pan of the OLlflly. Sonttv J[]hl:i~Oli. I~, who will he a seventh grader at Rock Hills3r-Sr High this year, stumbled across a large bone sticking out of tl~ side of an tmbimkmenL He called to his dad to come over and hx~k at what he had found. John said he knew right away it was a g~ea find. The two. along with family friend D~tin Bvede~n. began diggi.g and pulled some of the hme othl, +'Afle= digging ah0!,ll $1 I'~'tl. We stopped diggisg and ux~k the I~>~ to show Ga~eJcff ~, who leases the land v.e fmmd the Ix~lle on Iron1 landowner lE.vcrett t'~.-=,'mer."" J,~hn ~ zM. "'Jelh.-i.~ ~,~%e 1.1,~ r~2rnll.~iO~l it) COtllHlUe dl~- ging. Rettit"t'li11~ tU Ill(" ~ ile, it ,*as a shorl time |aler we cotfld sue lift,m-as more than just a site of a big bone and stopped d igging compI,etely, not want- ing to destroy or di~hxlge day mere of the bone. Afler ~m photos were mke~. we cove~l th~ ~.ite back up.'" Pictures were submitto.J to Ktvin P'n.illil",~ in Mankato. who set~t them to KU to see il-fl~e bone~ cnttld be ideal- fled, A week late~- informalion was received from KU thai the lind was of a mastadon, vr Woolly Mammoth. It dated hack to the Ice Age, approxi- mately 15.IXX) years ago. Phillips sug- gester1 the Johnsorts find a paleontolo- gist. Many htm~ were devoted to ~eareh- ing nn the computer to finffa knowt- t.~gca'nle individnal to take peel At the end ~f their ~areh, the John~ns Ihund Matt Christopher, who had v, orkcd at KU in the paieontldogy tltr- parttncnt tttr eigizl years. He was .n ler- esled, hut al~a~ extremely busy, He told the ]olm~ns it weald be the middle~f Atzgu~,t hehlre he would be able to come to J'ewell County. On Saturday. Chnslophet. aMng with .tohn and Sunny John.son. Gale I ffery and l'Ncrett Penner. began the unco',edng tff the wtmlly mammoth banes with the use of a paint bnLdt and a very small,hovel. The groupdug for tire hours where the creature was un- der approximately t(] feet of earth. Unforttm ately, only one back leg of the w<~lly mammoth was di.~covered. "'But Matt taught t,s a lot. From the si?.e of the bone he could tell it was a male. From the ground he told what happened. 15.0(XI years ago there was a river running where the mammoth lay. His leg became stuck i0 a a'md b~rgc and the river t~k the rest ot htl Ix,ly up stream," said Betty The took ahmg the sides of the bone told whic~ way the river w&~ running. While digging at this site,also four~ was a vertebrae ol'a fishthat had washed up there. Malt eslimated the scrtebrae to be more than a million years <,Id "'l have ttt say that Aug. 13 was one of the most exciting days in any of our lives. 1 stood back and watched as Gale, E, emll. lohn. Sonny and Matt were digging+ anxitmsly ~x:aiting tu what may come. They wen: like a bunch of boys in a candy ~hop! t c~'t say any of us were disaplxrinted be- ca~ even just being part of it ,*,'as a once in a lifetime chance." .said Betty. This is the .qecond time while shed hunting the $ohnsons have stumbled unto ~ find, with the last find inanother state+ They never |earned how that find caJIl O~.t. As i tr the wtadj)' mammoth I~me. Matt it~k the bones with him. He will put the,'rt hack together, have DNA rim on them at KU, and the rest he will try to sell. Rock Hills ready for new school year Facilities for USD ~(17, the Rock Hills Sclttad District -- all teacher.~. adminislration, aide~, custodian~. cooks and ~ls driver -- are in p~.uoe and ready fur the 2016-201.7 school year to beg;in. And begin i~ will. a-~ the first day I:or this scht~ol year will be Tuesday. E Icnlcnta ~" schtx*l lcather~ will he: I~altna L;rl,jcrw<~xJ, pre- kindergarlen: lalnc Mc.Miilan, kindergarten: Cathy Datmv[. ~ n~.lcrg anon: DoeAn n t~,:'a nt, I~,t glade: Ar, hlon Cales. I.~t grade: Belinda JelleD'. 2nd grade; Megan Badger. 3rd ~r;~de: Sundt Warn,:. 4th grade; Nikki Psi, K-5 grade tech 5dr grade language arts and social studies: Barb Elhracht. K-12 vocal. 5-12 ba,vJ: Gina letter,/. K-5 ~Ixad physical edu- cation. ~-]enL.e 5lh grade:Janet Kriley, PreK-Sth grade conmi lur: @espied Shu~da+ readmg 3o.[ ~d 4th grade: Katie Whelchel. 5th lhruuglt 8th grade math 6th through 8tit grade physical educatiom Wanda Warner. Title I. Jr-sr high schtxd teachers will be; Bn~k McMillan. grades 9-12 ~v 'ial studio-, "weighls: Ctx~y Mitler, grades 7-12 chemistry: Kevin est. grades I - { 2 cahinetm~king, extended conlracl; Barbara Railshack, g.rade 7-12 l~usi- I'le~SI Malthew Raitsback. grades 8-12 s.ucuztonal agricuttt, re: Bethany Rosa grades 6-12 coun elor; Vir- ginia M,:Korw,t, K-12 an: Billie Cox. grade~, t)-12 math. 11-12 ntedia tech: "I rav,s Cox. grades 6- 12 -~ial studies, grades 6-8 physical edneation~ grades .- ~. '211~-~ "'~--'. ,-," - Jl.'I ~ ~ll{l~ . .~3i Above. piclure l a~ two of the four new Douches aZ the Webber Cell"HBtery, ~ll headng the name ot Chadolte Peckharn WalloPS, who made a charitable contribution to the Cemetery associalion. Above fight, a new home at the old bail shop being I:~ilt by BnJce Vesl~ who is moving back to the area from ~i~sourt: 8er~, a new boat slorage building built by Medyn Pohlmann o[ Deshler. 9-12 current social issues: Su,~ene Gilt. grades tO- 12 English;Jtgly Hadachek. grades6-12 life ~'ientt 'e~ ~rades I I-12 .'~" chL'~Xes: Man Hosting ~ grades 6-,2 physical education: Amy MeDill grades 6-' 1 English. Sara Grout i> theall sc hold licensed s(x'ial worker. Sam Meyers i~ the sec- ondaD' {grades .'.IX through 12) princi- pal Nadine Smith is the sul~rinten- deal atld elenkIUtary principal Bus drivers are Sh~:r~ Man', Jo Ctdson, Becky (.'ockroft. Larry McMain ~h~llllOn Kn~,~mar, a~d Elaine Fo-~tcr t pecial ed~ -~lion dri'~erl. New heati,tg and oulittg system and new ductwork has been insmited throughout the elementary, facility. I ""/'he system is in add tip aJvJ ~utn- ni~g with fine Inning going on this week, Teacher.s arc in th ircIas-,r~m I%1S. This should he~p with the comfort of that building a s well as a.~sisz with health issue~ as they ari.wY aid Bub Rou-',h. distriut facifiC.e~ di~.'vmr. A~I new at the elelnentar ~rhtxd. is acolnpletely new play~:romid for the students. A i-ib~,n eldth%g has been planned for this new facility at 5:31) p n. Monday on the playground, tee c~'am will Ix ~ervcd I~.dh~win[: the ribl'~,t cmtmg. Also t=tllt)wiH~ the rib- btm uniting will he an open h~m~e where all a~ welet~me to attend to meel aw.J greet teachers, sludent~ anti parents and take cart <,f thnse much wanted t'ir.q day of ~hc,ol pltattt~. Lots of new construction in tiny town of Webber With its cMse pmximily tt~ b,h Superior and Lovesaelt Reservoir. it ~ents the tiny town of Webbe i,~ al- waym marked hy new conslrUClion tff stHne I y r~,e. The new ~;nvcture at the old buit shop is a new home being built by Bruce Vest. v, lm mO%'k%J here from Missmt6. lit.', Iather. AI Vest, apvar- emly livt M in Webbcr years ago. A good friend of Gary and l,yndell C~d~mneau. Bruce re Ix,rledly reli red and wanted Io ntn~ e back to this area. "He wanted to find u place in the ct~untry, hut Wchber is the e, ext best thing tn country living." -~ald 1.L,a Boyles, iellvv, Webber resident. Another nov. str~cture is a lX,ul storage building built by Medyn Pohl,nann of I) shler. Pohtmann al~ owns the t r, fi le r Ix ru.~e to the cast of the nov, sh=ragebuilding. Wcbberis =sum- iner aml ~,eeke~nd llrqne for F'~thllttann and his lumil~, Am~ther ct,nstru~li=>n pn)jL" t ttx~,k pla*.'e ut the ('larcncc and Shirley Dove home. vtltere rocml~,rs of the *~ bher Meth~Klis! ('hut%'lt Ithcir neighbo~ to the Ittwth)haiti a new handicap nllnp m thei r front d~x,~. (' h~rcm.-e relx~ctedly had a I',11 ~.l~mt tv,o mtmths a~ o and broke his hip. The new ramp hcl~ him gelling in and out t|f his ht,qle. Vhitors to the Weblx.r Centetefy may aI,~ notice tt,ur new I'~lt he~;. two at the india entrance (norlh). along with a cemetery direr:tory, and IwO at the south end. All I't'~'Ut benches bear the name of ('harlt~tre Peekhont Walter~. ~ Itt~ rn;~l a charitable ~.xtnt ri- hulion to Ihc Wehber Cemelery Asso- Mankato Chamber reports on Community Garden project The regular mtmthly meeting of the M~kato Chamber of Commerce was held Aug. 10at BoWs [rm within m,em- "l~rs present. {a~,n Orl man, president, called the meeting to order. Treasurer Paul Wilstm gave his report. The eras- bet spent $385 in July to assist with Comntunity Garden imptovenzents. During previous business di~us- sion. it was reported that Santa's Wu~- shop i~ well underway. Th committee leading the pi~ijet't has al ready had two mtmtin gs and a suhicom ntRte has had one meetingthem~l 'es s in '~ t~ glKlUp formed less than two months ago. The Rock Hills old junior b.igh gym has been approved for the locatiort of Santa's Workslvap this coming De= ceraber. "l'he conmfittee has already collected donations from .some of the local busir~s~s and a number of gifts have h~.'n donated hy local residents. The chamber wilt be making up the gtxxty bags forSantds Workshop this year and Central National Bank will be donming the bags for the treats. Guar- anty State Bank will aho be making a donation to help the children who at- tend Santa's Workshop. The chamber once agai~ partici- pat~ a~ the Threshing Bee. Members .sold barons at the wesl gak~ for the Th.reshing B~e. sf,0n.'~tred a free swim d.uring the aherra>on Saturday and helped sponsor LM band t't~- the dance Saturday evening. Brian Shulda. ~,iee president, informed members that the M~kato Fire Depau-tnlent was donat- ing $250 to the chamber to assist with the cost of the band, The Community Garden is continu- ing Io IX: a groat success. ~ individu- als who ha~e their own plots have had a plent iful harvcs L o[ vegetables and con- 4"= Gale Je|fery. Matt Christopher, and John Johnson search lot Woolly Mammolh ~n~ in a hole aug ~r lhe purpose of |indLng fossils. Jewell County implements new 911 System On Th m'~,ay. Jewe]L County I~gan using a ~v. 91 I syslem. Ncs GelS. c.-) I ] reportedly boost~ S~I~. s tffits and retiabili|y between 9~ I operators and first responders. N~-Gen ~1 ! i a,~ mtemet proto= cot ha-,~,d sy.~tem de~igned ~tr provide accesslo emergency .~r~~.ceb I11:'11"= viT- tually all cunnL%qcd t, umlnunlcation sources. ]1 at~t provides mulllmedia data capabilitie~ for 911 call centers and other emergency sere'ice ordain za- lions. The former 911 equipment was more than 4{) years old and almvst impossihhe ~o repair or lind parts for replacemeat. It wus huili whcn calls were made on lanfiline based ph