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August 18, 1966     Jewell County Record
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August 18, 1966

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.... " :/!;? : i :i J AUGUST 18, 1966 Recora, l ankato, Kanu- *:' I F. W. BOYD, JR., Editor [ 3rder was issued, to the end Walker and fine boys, and several advantages of handl-]ation. ,, ,, [ [Mrs. Frank Boyd, Associate[ ?f the fiscal year, June 30, Mr. and MrS. Delbert Stev- ing manure as a liquid and[ One way is to paint [ |9 [ Editor [1966, 96,321 new federa: nson, also Miss Zentz of describes the facilities need-[Santas whiskers on a mir-[ [ "Any good tiling that I | arorkers have been added. Is Jewell. She was accompan- ed to handle manure in this [ ror, then let each child stand i i |can do, or any kindness that | this economy? led by two attractive grand way. [ before the mirror and fit his [ i ..__ [I can show to any humar[ -MAB- fieces, Dena Lee and Carol One of the tables in thelown !ace into the frame ofI ........ [being, let me do it now and [Health Conscious Ann Kahle of Topeka.- They publication lists the amount l Santa s whiskers. Kids will l K'ff ?n t, dvertl|lnll Repre,ent, tlvo [not defer it for I shall not [ Dr William Evans noted the daughters of Mr and of manure from various an[- [ find it convulsingly funny![ / riM)AS PRESS SERVICE, INC ,, " ' " , , .... |pass tins way again. |aeart specmhst m a Londor. Mrs. Henry Kahle, Jr. - Last reals that mu.:t be handled| Fhey can also use toy| i ,re JmcKton, Topeke, Ken. 66608 /.qoet nd Pn ta- Paid | ]ospital said" "To be to( place I stopped was at Dreil-i and disp()scd of e ch day [houses, animals and carts to [ "-. : ................. b ..... " - ~ ] ~ .u,~ n..~, ~l'fi"" Man |malth conscious is to bt] .ng's Department Store I Also mc tdud are descrp-lset up a winter scene. When] ~A[ [DITOIIIIAI/t~ .......... |~ick in rand" He on~ose.] l'here I found Merl and KayJtions o d Terent k nds ol[drifted with the dense suds [ Mankato [ ..... [,'outine exercises, diet[w, J Reager and Mrs. Emmett|pun,ps that can be used for|the toys will look cool and[ [ [ uoscnptmns: .... |:tc. In readinu about thT, [ doyt busy waiting on trade liquid manure disposal. |pretty--and once "suds- | FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY .'-~ - " _"~ . ~ ..~, [~6.ou per year m Jewel[ [doctor's o"inion I woul~ll visited with Dorothy Ilal-[Brown Spiders: |snuw" dries, it will last for l it.ounty and surroundm |iud-e he v meant ,,D,,n,l]stead (and her husband[ qhe brown spider has|days' A great advantage of] August 19- 20- 21 JeW . - , J t. , v , , . ell Count Record counhes (Smith,Osborne y i' ' I orr,, abo,,t ....... honlth ~, I Keith, came in later) A soJco,v ( t ~ )t ) c attent on ro- [such sudsy olav is that both | Mankato, Kansas 66956 [ Mitchell, Cloud, RepublKI [as you please eat what vou]Helen Russell and Mrs. Carl[cently bvcause of the fre-[the toys and the chtldrcn get [ Startmg at 7:30 p.m. , ii -- ]C~)Untmsm..~a, nsas, and [want, uo where vou wan(to I McElroy. - Others 1 noticed lquency with which persons [so nice and clean!'n ~ ' ]l:. i: : : q INHCKOIIS anti weDster court- ~. ~ ' ~ " ( , .........paper o| Jewe,[!t]es ...... m r eorasKa land. If dron,_ dead|m, MS dunng the evemng are bern., b tten. At least |Face, Up To Fall rl lrU--- m i [] |m .... I1 " |what .... [,,ere Ray Ellsworth, Pall one t>'. rson in Jewell county| Its none too soon to] I r" l II .ounty $4 00 a year elsewhere ...... t -- -----_ ]: " " ' " [ Personally., I work at be-[..zwr,~' " Dorothea Wcltmer Phons b,~r, bitten this past Jcheck up on what summer-J Oe~mJnlnue_ / 1 : I1 __ | Subscribers are asked to[ing healthy" I take -hvsical[ V rs. Larry Diamond, Eddie ]monlh. This spider is plain |time living has done to your|,,_ .-- "! -- ,, l 1 : :.* I1 ....._ [notify this office at once|exercises each morning, ob-IOwen, DI:. Merwin Peterson light brown in colt,r, slender, iface, your figure, and your[ uromer Jortrt / I II |H . , ' . . . ~z~ ~ .. E BOYD FAMILY [when they have a change ot |serve regular habits of eat-[Melwn LaRue, and Stanley w,lh legs and oval ab-[ham Actwe sports can usu-I nt4 $ln.-- t h--rl I I LI II Owners and Publishers [address ling and sleenin- 1 eat what/Ozmun. - See you next Sat- domt n. The th n'ax is a little |ally be depended on to keep l .,,,.. v.,,..,/ I !!! El li please. However I don't/urdaymghr. hghler than the abdomen, lawomansf,gureundercon-ISinging Nun /| I -Iplease to eat anvth no that/ ~ There s a dark brown or ltrol But the very circum-| . .... / [ (~ ~,:}~ I m ...,-, .,, ....,-,-R II Jisagrees with st(7'mach [Before Saturday Night black tri:mFuh:w spot on the [stances in which she enjoys ] mrS on me 1 [ I HI IUF'I Y llano nothing between meals / We start right after last top of the thorax coveringlher outdoor life can createI Mf M I eenrar i I I IVIIIJlnlm/ ~l nJ'lt/iL-i~, Ill don't havo tn diot for 1 ~aturdnv'~ Mgl - ~,,nd,v thu eye replOll and r~)mtmnlother oroblems. Sun and[ ~ : :: ~:i:~:i I HOME FOLKS IInever became acquainted morning, Darus Henningsen,back. lhts spot ,s somet mes[wmd are not always the bestI |,4, ! ' ": I M A B I lwith calories or vitamins driving "Pepper", took me describedas 'violin-shaP-lbeauty treatments, idOl .:' L " " " ll](we had none when I was to Phillipsburg to eat dinner ed". . . [much of them can parch the] .. ,. , : [growing up). So I guess I with my son and daughtGr ttcavy.spraymg m base-]skm, make hay out of ba)r.t ~1~/~.~. ..;.~::~ J/ A brid~e uame and the adults (19-25~ will number|am "health conscious". But McDill and Marie. I also vis- ments, h~,.httu" spraying orI If you are a victim ot the ~.,~v~,~ } i II game of lifo .~o .]iu,, i,~ 9~ ram;:,., ;,~ r, ............. n.. 1I do not believe I am sick [ted with Dick and Mary brt sl mA around baseboards|elements, get busy ann ao ~ /Id ~~ I11 sore .... " .%" ..... ,'7. ":" "" (',' ...... ': ........ ~ ........ / n my mind" If I am I'm Beth Bovd and Larry "andand in closets with 2%/something about it. You can ",~K'~jII~(~[//~A Am :iil l~ respects ~ou can t al- anotn, er ten years women ~ , ., ~ ". -. ...... .~,, ...v ...-...,- ,:--.~ ~,,,~.~ w h" chlordane msecttc~des ;s re- recondntlon your hair with : ~:;, ays denen, ,,- h-Ira ....... ;,, .... * ...... k,.. .... .,,ltoo appy to know it. Rebecca. We attended the ........ [ i $ good ha---U "" "; ..... .... t., - .;,,, . - .... 7::,., .......... ~'/ annual Rodeo It has grown commended for control oflproper shampooing --- at .._/9 _ ~ ~.~,~1tt ~ a Poor aXan'ds ll arn to play at)out o muujm:./ a lot since i" attended the the brown spider. ]'his ma-[least two sudsings and three 2,, '~ec" " e., ~[you ex- .. -MAB- All I1 1 first one held in the b-llterial should not be used aslrinsings -- once or more ~~~ ~ii~:~ v to succeea. eonomy " a s a s r od .'r'7 ~.o .oo, .... .... ..... ; Main 3lreei park. i rode a horse, on a .p ee pay. leach week. Soap and a b y _ | I ... ~ i:~ii~. A bunch nonnio m;, os : a..,, ,,e tho ,T.i, a sLdesaddle, on that occas,on /brush can brmg aglow bac a lot of iin,'ie 'l ut'don"t "d"cl ann, uncecl't hathc wasisst' Fine weather greeted all and for several years after- GLANCES [to yo.ur skin, and st[mutate ........ Up to nluc"h 'Sired rnzv ha [no in tr,etion tn nil .or- coming to Mankato Main wards Mr. and Mrs. Leo WITH /the eweat[on so that your said of a -- Street on Saturday night. - Parsons sat just behind MARY FRANCES fall-over complexion im- ........ ,, ,.,. ,, ters all th, ,im, -- ...... Ye Scribe stopped at Roy's at the show Others fr )m ......... 1 ]proves. . . i)lPhl41111 5AIISllhl R/Ii I G ft Shop first. Roy was ex- Mankato mcluded Mr. and Fall clothes are more a - i II3/'II I.JU IllUII IYII..I.//'ll! -MAB- ployment by at least 25,000. manding than summer According to Kipplinger's In seven months, from De- plaining the new "zippers" Mrs. Clyde Suchsland and Washington letter, young cember 1, 1965, when the PRICED RIGHT 1965 Chevelle - V-8 powerglide, 14,000 miles 1964 Chevy - 4 door, 6 cyl., powerglide, with air, real clean 1963 Chevy 11 - 4 door, 6 eyl., standard trans. 1963 Chevy II - 2 door hardtop, real nice, with new tires 1963 Plymouth - V8, automatic steering and air 1963 Ford - 6 cyl., standard trans. 3. 1961 Chevys - V8, automatic, 4 door 1961 Ford - V8, automatic steering i957 Ford, 6 cyl., stick 1960 Mercury - Parklane, V8, automatic steering and brakes, real nice 1960 Pontiac V8, automatic steering and brakes 1956 Chevy 2 door 1957 Buick 2 door 1964 Chevy - ton, powerglide, 6 cyl., real clean 1964 Ford - ton, 4 speed, 6 cyl. 1961 Chevy - 6 cyl., 3 speed 1961 Ford - 1 ton, VS, 4 speed, dual wheels, stock racks 1953 Chev. - ton, good 1954 IHC ton with stock racks 1952 I. H. C. - ton, 3 speed 1955 Chevy - 2 ton truck, with 9.00x2{} tires and completely reconditionedthroughout. Can handle 15% or 16 ft. box d MANKATO, KANSAS GMAC and Bank Financing Phone FR 8-3471 ~L%I to Miss Deanne CotIman, and he waited on some strangers. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Vestal came in as I was leaving. - Found Mike How- ell sweeping at Gamble's. Betty Frink was pressing some new dresses that had just come in. - At the Ben Franklin store we found Hershel Rhea waiting on a group of boys, while Mrs. Rhea was showing some little boy's clothes tO Mrs. George Schaefer of Wayne, Nebr. Grhndmother Vera Seirer rescued baby Troy from one of these baby car- riers, and he snuggled down against her shoulder very contentedly. Visited with Mrs. Walter Railsback and! Ruby Brokaw who were sit- ting in the car waiting for Walter. I asked about Max, who I remembered when he was a small boy wanting a [typewriter because his sis- [ ter had one. His mother told ] that Max will be a senior l in high school this year and was larger than his dad, and rode a big motorcycle. Raymond Nichols was sit- ting in his car waiting for his wife and his two grand- daughters, Cynthia and Dar- bi Jo. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nichols of Ells- worth, are taking a vacation in Colorado, and the boys arc in camp at Colorado Springs. It was such a pleasant evening that' many people were on the streets and sitting in cars. - Bob Coffman was with Kenneth Lynch, who drives a truck fur the Abbott Construction Co. - Merle Blew and Boyd Silsby don't seem to know about the 40-hour week, for both of them were working at the Mankato Welding Shop long after six-thirty. - At Boogart's we saw Louise Motes, Lucy Wiley and Mrs. Evan Hanson. Larry Dia- nond and Stanley Mahaffy were checkers, and Louise Powell was getting ready to go home. Mike Stout and Walter Basel were at the meat counter, and on the side they were trying to straighten out a reel. - Mrs. Keith Anderson must "hide out" for Saturday night was the first time 1 have seen her since the club year was over this spring. - At the Correll Coffee Shop I found quite a few old friends: the Nichols' and their grandchil- dren, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Loomis and Marvin, and Glen Stephens. - At the R-K Shopper I found Joyce Gum and Bob Goodeyon checking out. J. C. Clegg and Ralph Ozmun were busy carrying out groceries. (J. C. and Ralph were start- ing early Sunday mornmg for Estes Park, Colo., to at- tend the Christian Athlete Camp.) Went downstairs and found Betty Tyrell and Mrs. Chet Moran. This was the first time I have had a hance to visit with Mrs. Moran. Mrs. Herman Myers was happy to have her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Nor- man Myers of Horton, with her. Rollicking 2 year old Kenneth was with them. Two daughters, Teresa and Pamela, were in the car. Saw Mr, and Mrs. Russell Mr, and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walk- er and Ray Ellsworth. - Fri- day we had a little visit with two old friends, Mrs. Brad- ley Keeler of Formoso and Mrs. Perry Roe of Hardy,! Nebr. Also with Mrs. E. E. ! Ransom, who writes Lime- stone news. Mrs. Ransom re- newed the subscriptions for Mrs. Nell Pate and Joe Pate at Sylvan Grove. - Tuesday night I was a guest of Media Whitley at dinner, and af- terwards a group of friends played bridge at her apart- ment. A very happy occa- sion. - The Boyds enjoyed a real treat this week. Mrs. .George Carter brought us a quantity of fresh, crisp "Gar- den Sass"---green b :ans, to- matoes and cucumbers, pick- ed from her own garden. The granddaughter, Pamela Jones, helped with the pick- ng. Alfalfa Diseases: Several fields of alfalfa in the county are dying out in spots, particularly in the fields of Kansas Common. While dry weather is pro- bably responsible for some of the thinning of stands, several fields are infested with Bacterial wilt. Plants that are affected with this disease are short ' and bunchy with yellowish leaves that tend to cup up- ward. In the early stages of the disease the crowns and taproots have a yellowish to light brown discoloration in the vascular area, making a ring inside the crown or root. Eventually, the whole root becomes rotted and the plants die, resulting in thin- ner stands. The control is to plant a recommended resis- tant variety such as Cody or Buffalo. Handling Liquid Manure: Handling and disposal of liquid manure is a problem several Jewell county live- stock producers using slat- ted floor-type housings face. A new publication that can help answer many of the questions on liquid manure handling is available in the county Extension office. Prepared by Agricultural Engineers in the 13 north- central states, including Kansas, the publication lists Jewell Co. Home Econcmics Agent "Christmas In August" Is Clean Fun! Here's a timely tip for mothers. Mothers find that a "Christmas" party in hot weather revives everybody's spirits. Start by having the children invite their friends over on a really hot day. Then let them prepare "Christmassnow" using packaged soap or detergent and a little water. Pour a generous "dOse" of or deteq, ent into bowls, and add a little water at a time. The. youngsters can use your rolary beater or elec- tric mixer to whip up oodles of w mderfully cool-looking "suds-snow" timt resembles meringue. Once prepared, there are many ways to use it for amusement and decor- GHE MAD A WAGGINO TONGUE ...but she put it to good use. She told everyone about Dick's TV & Radio repair service. If you have not heard, call FR 8-3123 for fast service. t0 O0 I Phone Night or Day: FR 8-3211 Mankato, Kansas clothes, both in styling and in color, so you won't be able to enjoy your new sea- son's wardrobe unless you can live up to it. Take your beauty homework seriously from now on. And remem- ber that the basic formula for beauty has always been, and still is, soap and watert Wardrobe Tops For Pre-Schoolers If you're sending your little darling off to kinder- garten for the first time this fall, do be smart about the sort of clothes you choose. Any teacher will tell you that learning to button and unbutton his clothes is a matter of pride with the pre- schooler, so see to it that any buttons are large enough for little fingers to find and handle. Make good .use of elasticized waistbands, and otton knit shirts that are :omfortably unetuttervl. The less fuss, the better. i A child should feel free easy in his clothes, and A6NES MOOREHEAD. CHAD EVERETT KATHARINE ROSS ED SULEIVAN., not have to worry over where the paint may splash or the mud splatter. Of course, mother shouldn't have to worry, either -- and she won't have to if she chooses only those fabrics known to wash satisfactor- ily. The more no-iron wash- ables the better, because it takes a tot of fresh changes to keep a pre-schooler clean and neat. The crinkle cottons, the nylon and Orlon sweaters, the knit cottons, and the no- iron corduroys are all pure bliss as far as easy launder- ing is concerned. And so are the nylon stretchable socks! Just a few pairs will do, be- cause they dry ~/o quickly. And you don't have to won- der whethcr little feet are outgrowing their coverings from week to week,: Mr. and Mrs, ningsen atten anniversary of Ira Powcll in Burr day afternoon anniversary of Mr; |)ale Hennin Also, they Wayne Underwoc I see Wayne, who ing well fronl air last week. EVAN( BRE]IIRZN Paul Sunday School, Mrs. Clarence BI~ intendent. ' Morning 10:30 a.m. With My Soul";.: Am yur le|ephne Color Me He|plul I run your errands. I carry your voice to friends--around town or around the world--quickly and easily. I bring you the familiar volce of your loved ones. I let you shop from your easy chair. Nothing else compares with me. In a thousand and two ways, I save steps, time money for you. I am your telephone. Color me helpful. Color me a And color me b,tter today than ever before.