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August 4, 2016     Jewell County Record
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August 4, 2016

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5A JEWELL.COUNTY RECORD Thurs /U~ust 4. ~Z0t6 Public Notices f Flrsr pu~ished /.ty 2t. 20t6, be #=e A, weii Coua~ Record/ In the District Corm of Jewell Couaty, Kans~ Cam No. 201 f~CV.4"/ Jewell County Counlmuse, 307 N Cm'nmer ial, Manlmw, Kan. 669~6 The Bom-d of Cotmty Commission- era of the County of Jewel| in the State of Kansas, plaintiff, vs: Roger D. Gang, Demand No. 1 Dawn D. Garret't, Demand No, I Liquidation Properties, [~ D~ me.rid No. I Trim ty Fm ancial Sa-vi~ LI~, D~ rearm No, l Brio Ventarea LLC. De~ma~ No. 1 Clifford E. Vogler, Demand No. 2 Ckristy J.Timnmns, Dcmaml No, 5 Robert Grm-nberg, I)emand No, 6 Pan LaRae. Demm-,d No. 7 Hudson & KeySe L .C, Demand No. 7 Ronald G. W~ Sr, ~ De- mand No. 8 Dorathy West, DemMd No. 8 " Rosa Michael, Demmul No. 9 Banjo.tin A. Black, Demand No. li State Bank of Downs, Demand No. 11 Mich lle M. Thurston, Demand No, 13 Michel le M, Thm'~ton, ~mnd No. 14 Arizona Group Ventm- s, Demand No. 16 Sid Goddard, Demand NO. 17 Kansas Department of Revenue, Demand No. 17 Michael Sowter. Demand No. 115 Clayton Belyea. Demalt0 No. 19 Amanda Belyea, Demand No. 19 Ma,k E. Whitlaw. Trustee of the Mark E. Whitlaw 1996 Living Trura, 4ruled February 29. 1996. Demand No. 20 Dm~in W. Cook, Demand No. 21 CathyJo I~ . MeDon,tld. Demand N~. 21 Kansas Department of Revenue, Demand No, 2] Wii.~ IL Crain. deceased, D~mmKl No. 22 Jane E. Lave. Demand No. 24 Kansas Department of Revenue, Demand No. 24 Atliliated Gmap LTD, Demand No. 24 Jastin Mcnh~r.o, Dema.rid No. 26 Belly L. Crihfidd. Deled No. 27 Charles Cntin. Demand No. 28 Mo'lyn R, M~ht~en, aka Medlm Menhmen. aka Medyn Re~ Menhu~em, Demand No. 29 Guaranty State Bank and Trust IIoL. McCrac]0m, Demtmd No. 31 I.m iJ]e M 'Cracke, Demamt No. 31 Harriet I ~cille McCrneken. ~ased, Demand No- 31 Dtmin Au]t, Demami No, 32 Valeric Standley, Demand No. 32 Andrew Rohleder, Denumd No, 33 Mk:be]le Roldedet, Demand No. :33 Amhew Rolfleder, Demand No, 35 Mich ll Rohleder, Dema~ No. 35 Rana, L Jacobs, Demand No, 36 Derek M. Aulc Demand No. 36 Miehae 1 Lr Wildcn, aim Michael Layae Wilder, Demand No, 37 Tina M, Wilden, ~ Tina Marie Wildcn, dece&,zd, Demmd No. 37 C, nlmi Natior~ Bank, Dema~ NO. 3"/ Thonms M. ~,Demand No. 38 Glemt H. Puekett, Demand No. 38 Ned Stribling, Denumd NO, 38 Robert A. V~m, Demand No. 38 Wmren Mtmm11, I:~md No, 40 Sharon Mon li, Demand No, 40 The ~tter Corporation. Dr- mmd Nu.40 Anita Adams, Dema~ No. 41 ImC, Layton, Trusu: under the lm C, Layt0n Revocable Trust Indentnm, dated May 2, 1988, Demand No. 43 Robert Lovewell, Deled No. 44 I-~le~ Mac Briggs" deceased, De- mend No. 45 Bobble Dean Briggs, deetmscd,De- mand Ho, 45 luneL, Lans~,deceased, Do mal~ No. 48 June L.~ngwortby,~,De- mead No, 49 Ciiffo~t E Voglcr, Demaud No. 50 William C. McNeice, Demand No, 51 Bernlee McNci c, Demaml No, 5 I American Slate Bank& TrustCom- pany, Demand No- 51 Corttcrst~m Bank, Dema 'KlNo. 51 D. Michael Me~r, Demand No. 55 If i~ above defendants are living, and if dead, then their unknown spouses, heirs, executors, adminima- tot's, devlsee~, trustees, cttdito~, sac- co,sots and assigns: and The unknown executors, guardians and ~ ofstmh of the abo,~ nanted defendants who ave minors of ~ in anywise umler legal disability; and The unknown executors, adminis- trator, trms~ n=dilor~ sucte$5o~ all assigns of stw.b defoliants ~ ave or we~ pn.rt~ ~ in parserS]p; and TI~ unknown executors, adminis- trators, trustees, creditors, successms, receivers oral as.signs oE any of the Sla.rill's Netk~ ell Public notice is her l~ giv~ that under ~d by virtae of an Order of Sale issuedto me out of the Disuict Coart of Jewe|i Co(rely, Kaluas, in d~ above entitled action, I will, on 23~ day of August. 20L6 at I 0:00 o'ck~ck a.m. on said day. at the frontdoor of tim Clare- house i~ the City of Ma~kato, Jewell County, Kansas, offer at public tie, and s 11 to Ibe high~t and best bider for cask in hand, ~1! of the following de~Til:md ea~ estate situated in Jewel] County. K,I].DSI~, D-wit: LoL~ Six (6), Seven (7), and Eight (8), in Block F,o~y~two (42), in the Origlnal Townsite of the City of Mankato, Kansas. Total taxes and in- terese:$6,401.57. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment: ~5,651.57. Undivided oa~-sbtt~nth (1/16) in- terest in and to all of the oil, gas and minemh in and under the staface of: Noxth Half of the So,athe~ Qmmer (NI/2 SE t14) and the Southeasl Quar- ter of the Sontheast Quatler (SE114 SE l/4)ofSectionNm (19),Town. ship Five (5) Soulh, Rm~e Six (6) West of the 6th P.M Jet~ell County, Kansas, Total taxes and interest: $84.16.Costs taxed at $250.00: $~230.00. Total amount of judgn-~nt; $334.16, Lot Six (6) and the undivided one- half(tO) intenmin thesouth 18 i.n~lt~ of the East ~0 feet ofLot ~, (5), al| in Block Thirty-seven (37), Original Townsil, of City of Mankato, Jewel) County, Kansas. Total taxes and inter- est: $,51,9"/3.56. Costs taxed at $250.00: $'250.0D.Tota] a,mum of judgment; $52,223.56. Lot Thirteen (13) and Twenty Feet offthe East Side of Lo~ Twelve (L2), in Block Five (5), in Bishop's Addition to the City of Mankato, Kansas. Total taxes and intcmst: $156,'/0.Crees taxed at $~.50.00: .fO 50.00.Total amoum of judgm, nt: $,406.'~. Lot Nine (9) in BIm:k Fo~ty-nine (49) in the Original Townsite in th= City of Mtmkato. Kansas, ~ctj~ tim ~outh seven (7) feet thereof, sub.[eel to a penmnent easemem of the Seetetar~ ofTmm~ortation f~the State of Kan- ms. in Case No. 20i4-CV.07. District Court of Jewell County. Kansas, Torsi taxes and inter .st: $158.49.Costs taxud at S&50,1X): $250.00. Tmal amount of judgment: $40g.49, North HaLf(Ni/2)ofLo~ Nine (9) all of Lot Ten 4lO~, in Block "rwenty-mm (2 l), original towasite of City of Ma~kam. Kansas. Total taxes and interest: $ i .255.g7. Costs taxed at $250.oo: $250.00. Total amoum of inclEment: $ i,505,87. Lot I0, Block 26. Original Townsite of Ike City of Mankato, Kansas.Total ta~es and interest: $836.78.Costs rated at $250.00; $230,00. To4al amount of judgmem: $1,086,78, Los One (j). Two (2). and 11tree (31,fit Brock RYe (:~), Ik'.~gl~tm, Crill, amt aim~l"s ~.~idilio~ to me City of ]~m~lali; 1 atnsas, Total taxes and imemst: $3.857.l l. Costs ~xed-at $~.~.00:. $250.00, Tt~l .amo~t of ,i~ mem: s4d~.t i, Lot= Five (5)' and Six (6), i. Block Five (57, Bngluun, Crill and Ramdall's l~t Addition to ~ City of Randall, Jewell Coon(y. Kansas, Total taxes and interest: $117.44. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250 0. Tom[ amount of jud~m: $367,44. Lois Three (3) and Foar (4), in Block Fi~e iS). Brigham, Cn]] and Raml~I's ]st Addition to the City of Rlmdall, Jewell County, Kausa&To~l la ms a~ incrust: $ 117.44.Costs taxed at $250.00: ~O,~,flO.Totni amount of ~t: $367A4. Lot Otto ill in Block Nine (9), in Brigham, Crill and Randall's First Addition to City of Randall, Kansas. Toed taxes ned inmrcst: $294.53. Costs taxed at g?,50.00: $250.00. Total amount ofjmlgment: $544.53. Lots ~ C/), Eight (8) m~d Ni~e (9), in Block Four (4), Brigham, Crill and Randa]l"s Second Addition to Randall, Kimms. Tot~ taxesmd inter- est: $ l A05.53. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00.Tout],mount of judgment; $1,655.53. Lots Seven i7), Eight (8), Nine (9), T~t (10), Ele',~m (i I), and Twelve (127, in Block Two (2), Brigham, Call] and Randalrs Second Addition, Randall, Kamsas.Tmal taxes end imer- eat: $8~6,76. Costs taxed at $2.~.C0: $"250.00. Total amount of judgment: $1,1.36.76. Lot Ten (10) in Block Two (2) in OdgiulTowt~te of RemdM], Kansas, TOtal taxes andinlexest: $373.50, Costs taxed al $250.00: $250.00. Total amount ofjudgatent: $623.50. An undivMed omm- foarth interem in mJneml~, in; SWI/4 NW I t4 of Section 24-. Township 3 So~th, Range 9 West of the 65 P.M Jewell County, Kansas Total (axe, and interest: $50.74, Cosls taxed at $250.00: $250,00. Total amount ofjudgmem: $300.74. A part of the Southeast Quarter, (SE1t4) of,~:6on TWe.nty-fi~e (25)' Township Four (4) SOulh, Range Eight (8)Wen ofthe6th P.M Jewell Cmmty, Kanms. described as follows: Begin- ning at a point on the. section 1me 196.08 feet North of the Southeast comer of said Section 25; Ihenc~ West t~arallet |o the south ,ectimt line a ishm~ of 162 feet: thence South par- allel to the east section line. a disuut of 88,08 fe~ thence East parallel to the so~Lh ~tion Line a dist,m of 162 feet:thereto North 88.08feet todmplace of beginning. Total rages andintemsl: $265.5 i. Casts taxed at $250,~: $250.00, Total amount of judgment: $515,51. l.ols I and2, Block25.inthe Origi- nal Town of lowell1 Kansas. Total taxes and interest: $1A39A0, Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount or judgment: $J,689,40. Beginning at a point 23 feel east of Btenorthwest omerof L,ol Eigh! (8) ia Block Fihy-nin (59). in the .Original Town.site ofJewellChy, JcweqCoumy. Kansas. al the center of the wall nnw there s~auding, thence running east twenty-six (26)feet, them:e South ~v. only (70) feet, thence West one (I) foot. d~enoe Sotah fi fly (50) feet. thence West twenty-six (26) feet,theace North sixty (60) feet, thence East one (i) foot, thence North sixt~ (60) feet darougb fire center of said wail to the place of beginumg. Total taxes and znterest: $4 389.44. Costs taxed at $250,00: $250.00. Total anm~t of Beginning at a poim 20 feet Eas~ of Ibe Northwest comer of Lot Four (4), in B~ock Fifty-nine (59), in tl~ Origi- re] Towasite of City of Jewell City, Kamats; tbeac, e running South ] 20 feet to the Sonth 1irate of taM Lot 4; @mm;e East 24 feet; thence NOrth L20 feet to the North line of Lot 3; thence West 24 feet to tlml~a ofbegirming; being 13 feet off the Fast side of Lot Four (4) and I I feet off the We tt ride of Lot Three (3), ia Block Fifly-nh'~ (59). Total taxesargl interest: $693.61L Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment: $943,68. Lots l, 2, all 3, in Block 24, in~e Original TownsimofJewel] City, Kan- ms. Total taxes and interest: $'2,983,16, Costs taxe0 at $250.00: $250.00. Tot~ arao~nt of judgment: $3233.16, Lot Three (3), in Block Twenty- five (257, Original Townsit: of City of Jewell, Kansas. Total tax ~ and inttr- cat: $112ff2. Costs taxed at $250+00: T~.50.00. Total ttr~0mnt 0f judgment: $362.92. Lot Five (5) and the West twenty (20) f~et of Lot Four (4t, in Block Fifty-nine (59), in the Original Townsite ofJewell Cily, Kans~.Tolal loxes and interest: $943.09. Co,IS tailed at $.?.50.00: $250.00, Total amount of judgment: $1 ,193,tY). North H, alf (N1/2) of Lot Wen (7) mu:] ~ EastTwenty-eiglM (28) f tof the North Half(N IR) of Lot FAght (8), in Block FoRy-four (44), Original Townsiee ofJewell City, Kansas, Total taxes mK1 interest: $1,085.22. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount ofjudgn~nt: $1,335,22. Lots O~ (I), Two (2), ~ (3). Four (4) and Hvc (5), and the East 27 feet of Lot Six (6), all in Block Eight (8) in the City of lowell, Kansas.To~lal taxes mxl interest: $] 42.50. Costs taxed at $250,00: $250.00. Tom] amount of judgment: $392.50. Part of Tract 22 in NE tt4 of 3~3-10 described as followS: Commencing at a point 60 feet Nonh and 60 feat West of the NW ~ of Block 2, Esbom Jewell Count,/, Kansas; thcn~ West | 80 feet;thrace North 170 feet mm'e or less to the South line of the North Haft of I~ Nollheast Qmm[er, .~tion 3-3- 10;thence ~ 180 feet; thenoe South 170 feet to theplaceoH~cginning.Totai taxe~ and interest: $1.193.i6. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250,00. l'Olal amount ofjtulgmem: $1,443.16. Lots Twenty-two (22L Twenty- three i23~ ~d Twenty-fore. (24). in Block Ten ~10L ongmal towns[to of Cit~ of Eslxm, Kan ~. Tclal taxes and nearest: $675.73Cost~ taxed at $2501W~: S250.~]0 Tola! annum ,ff ~y, ~t.mt 4, ~a judgment: $925,73. Lots Nineteen (19), Twenty (20) and Twenty-one (21), in Block Ten (10). Original Townsile of City of Esbon, Kansas, Total tnxes and inter- est: S166.43, Costs taxed at $250.00: $2 ~.O~. Toni amount of judgment: $416.43. Lots One ( I ) and Two (2}, in Block Five (5),ori$inalTownsite oflhe City of Burr Oak, Kemas. Total taxes and interest: $],933.31, Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.fl0, Total amount of judgnamt: $2,183:3 I. Lo %~en (7) and Nort~ I-~f (N 1t 2) of Lol Six (6). in Block One (I), McCormick's ~ Addition to the City of Bun" Oak, K,x~sas. Total ma, e~ and intta'e~: $11952.41. Coals taxed at $250.00: $2.50.00. Total amount ~f judge: $2 2ff2 A I, Lots 12 and 13, in Block l, ~ick's 2rid AdditiontolkeCity of Burr Oak, K~m~s, Total taxes and interest: $1,166.59. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of judgment $1+4L6,59 Lots Eight (8). Nine (9), Ten (i0), Clever, (il). TWelve (12L end Thir- teea( L3L in BlockTwo(2), inHawley' s Addition to C'ity of Fonmmo, Ke.nsas~ Total taxes am] interest: $980,81, Costs taxed at $250,00: $250.00. Total arnoent of judgment: $1,230.8]. LotsThirteen ( ] 3) thmeghTwemy. four(247, both imflusivc, in Block El#l- teen (18), in Orriginal Towns]to of City of Formoso. Kansas. Tom} taxes and interest: $820.63. Costs taxed at $250.00: $250.00. Total amoan! of judgment: $ 1,070.63. An undivid~l one-half (I/2) inmr- eat in andto all ofth oil. gas, andolher minerals and mineral righls in, upon and trader: Weal Half of Norlheast Quarter (W]/2 NEt/4) of Section Twenty-slx i26), Township F~r (4) South, Range Ten ( I 0) Wes! orthe 6th P,M, $ wcl] County. Kansas. ToTal taxesand interest: $105.27Coststaxed m $250.00: $250.00. q'ma] ammmt of judgment: $355.27. Lots 9 and 10, Bka:k 3. Original TownofLovew t|, Kansas,Tolal taxes and inter, st: $I 19.24. Cos~ taxed at $250.00: $250.00, Total amount of judgment: $369,24. Comnlencing at tt poim 9S 2/11 rods West and 230 feet North or the Southeast confer of Section Fifteen ( 15),Township~ i3)South. Range Seven (7) Weft of the 6elk P.M thence Fast L4Q feel, thence North |00 feel, lhctK~c West 140 feet. thence SOtllh 1U0 feet to the pho~ ofbeginni ng. Th is 1race having alto Ixcn doseribed as follows: Commencing at the North- wvat cm'aer of Block Eighteen (I g). in MtmLro~, KanmL~; ~ East 140 feet, theme Somh 100-fee~, "-"I'HE~:I~-4PERIOL~ EXPRESS ~B - ~ . An.uadivldM ItS mineral mt ~s( m ~to: ~~ma~r of Som.h- we~t Quaxter {SE1/4 SW 1/47, of =% - ti(m Om~ (1), Towra, hipTw~0 (2) Sooth, Range Nine (9) West of the 641h P.M, /ew lJ County, Kansas, ToUd taxes and interest: $234.90. Costs taxed al $250.00: $250.00. Total amount of jndgmem: $494.90. An undivided I/8 mineral interest in and to'. Nord~tst Qtmrter of North- west Quartet (NEll4 NWI/4); West Fiat for Notlbeast Quaxlea-(W' 1/2 NEl/ 4): South Half of Northwest Qtm,-ted (Sit'2 NW]/4); Sonthwest Qnatter (~VI/4); all h't Section Twelve (12), TOwnship Two (2) Soulh, Range Nine (9) Weal o[the 6th P,M Jewetl County, Kansas,Total taxes and interest: $274.$2. Costs taxed al $250.00: $250.~0, Total $'nounl of judgment: $524,52, Undivided one-half(I/2) interest in all of the oil gas, aid other minerals and min ~ rights inamJ uud~: No.- cast t~hmamle~ (NEJ/4); South Half of the Nmthw~t Qwtrt~ {SI/2 NWL/4): SouthwcsIQuarter (SW l/4}:andWest Half of the Soud~e~t Quarter (Wi/2 SEI/4): all in Section Thirty (30), Township One ( i ) South, Range EigM (8) West of the 6th P,M in Jewell County, Kangas.Total taxes and ialer- e.~: $150,78 Costs taxed at $250,00: $250.110. Total amount of judgment: $400.78. Ammdivided on -ka.lf( I/2)ofmin- oral tights during the joint lives of William C. McNei and Bernice McNeice in and to: Weft Half IW I/2) of Section Thirty (30), Township One (I) Sarah. 'Range Ten (10)West of the 6th P.M, Jew~ll County, Kansas, 1'o- ral taxes "and inter: $75.t,~. Costs taxed at $250,00: $250.(K~. Tolal amonnt of judgn~mt: $325.09. J 5.45% of an undivkled ned'-hair of all oit. 8as, and mineral rights in Lnts 3 and 4 in S clion Tlkr~, ~ (3), Township One (I) South, Range Six (6) We.st of the 6th P.M Jevocll County. Kan ~, Total 1axes and interest: $50.~), Cosls taxed at $2~0.00: $250.00. Total amount ofj~n~t: $3tD.90. 'I'M above d~scnl~d m~al estate is taken as properly of the respective de- femtants designated herein as the owner thin,of and is to be s~ld and will be SO~ wilhoul al'4'~if. menl Io satisfy said Ot~ler of Sale and [hc ~espeetive adjudged liens thereon. Wiu~ss my hand al Mankmo. Kan- sas. this iglh day of July. 2016. Donald J, Jacobs Sheriffof Jewell County, Kansas A|(csl: Dixie Detb]off Clerk of the District Coart )eva:ll County, Kansas Dan~ll K Miller II I- IJ111, tllillll PLATTE VALLEY 0u, r h, L e a na Medical G n rou, Cambridge, NE htxington, NE Card u r Mar Team, :. Franklin, NE ~burg, NE Holdrege, NE Imperial, NE